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You will definitely be smiling after this playful Reformer/Tower workout with Blossom Leilani Crawford! She breaks the rules by changing the order of some of the exercises and adds unique variations to movements like Horseback, Teaser, and Star. This is a great class to feel good and have fun while working out!
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Hello, I am blossomed. Laelani Crawford. I'm here with James Crater and Carolyn Frisella. Oh yes. Um, and we're going to do, I'm going to sort of break some rules a little bit for me at least. I'm pretty classical minded where they go. I like to go down the line and there's an order, but um, I am playing around today.

I want to do a reformer and Cadillac combination that I think just feels good and is kind of fun. I'm gonna throw a few little curve balls in there and um, just play around. So we're going to start with a little Cathy grant warmup, so make sure that your head rest is down please. And we're going to do the spineless. So whatever set up that you do, the short spine with is the set up that I want. So it's usually at least two springs. So grab onto your straps and put your feet in the straps please. Yes. And the foot bar can be up or down.

It's up to you and you're going to get into the legs of the short spine and you're going to keep the heels together toes apart. And you're going to definitely be holding onto the straps where you hold onto the straps. You have to figure out for yourself. Some people can get their elbows inside of their knees, which is great, and if not, um, can I just change you? You can also have some people also do this with their hands. Way Up here, you have to kind of find your own position. So play around, inhale. And as you exhale without moving the machine, you are going to try to lift your spine up into the air. I'll take that.

That's plenty. Inhale. And as you exhale, think of chest away from the Chin as you come down with control. Two more times. Inhale, do nothing. And as you exhale, slowly lift up. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Good. Stay here. I'm going to push James A. Little bit. I'm going to close his machine a little bit more and see if he can get a little more flection. Yes, that's it. Carolyn. Stay there. Lift your bum up even higher. Inhale. And as you exhale, chest away. Yes, keep coming. And now you might not come all the way down. That's good.

You don't have to come all the way down. One more time lifting up. So it's a warm up for the spine to prepare for going up and over the head and it should feel really good in the back. And as you come down, think breasts or chest away from the Chin as you come down lengthening. And um, as Kathy would say, men have breasts too. They do. All right. When you're ready, take those off and hook them back on the, um, do Hickey, totally a word behind you. And um, add another spring on for foot work if you wish. Cause that was a bit light for the spine lift and let's get rid of, do some footwork. So toes on the bar only. I like parallel feet.

I do not want the um, legs touching cause I don't want you to brace against each other. So nice parallel legs and without pushing out, you're going to just lift the heels up. Don't push the carriage out yet and as you exhale, lower the heels down. Do that a couple more times. So I like doing this first so I can check out to see how the feet are working.

Exactly. Make sure you have all 10 toes represented. Even the little teeny baby guys and lower down. One more time. Go to full height of the heels. Come only halfway down. That's it. That's it. Good. And Go out and in 10 times. Chugga Chugga I love that Choo Choo train.

Well, okay. All right. I'll get over the train eventually. I don't know what that is. Yes. [inaudible] so, um, I love the way they're doing this right now. Nice flow. Just easy breathing. Now I'll make sure that you're down in the legs, especially that left foot. Yeah. We had a left foot issue. I think that feels like 10. Yes. After this, you're going to change to arches on.

So still stay parallel and the legs are not bracing against each other. You're going to curl the toes and yes, curl the toes. But I want you to equally lower the heels as much. Yes. Maybe bring us for that to the side a little bit more out in, in 10 times. Breathing is up to you. Yes.

And sometimes if I see the feet straying right, you can put a little ball right between there. I'm just going to put my fingers here so that James Remember says stay right there with me. And as much as you're curling heels down, that's it. So that's equal effort in the heel. Equal effort in the toes. I think that's feels like tenish. Yes. Come on in. Heels on. Only guys flexing Mfi. Now take a moment here.

Little Toe side of the foot goes up towards you. Yes. And let me talk to my friends toes here and take a peak. So as you do this, Carolyn really flex those toes up, which I know you know how to do. She is trying to dazzle me with toe movement here. That's not doing it for me. So I want her to see if she can, that's right. Release the toes, but still think of this little toe, little toe side of the foot coming up to you up to her face, which is easier said than done because she wants to Dez only with toes. That's it. Go out. And in 10 times.

I call that the distraction method. Yes. [inaudible] for [inaudible] fine. Yes, it helps. Six keep reading. Are Our legs getting warm? This feels like enough to me. After this. Come in toes on. Only get those heels nice and high. The legs are still apart. Push all the way out. As you inhale, take a nice deep breath, lower the heels and get a nice stretch in the legs and grab onto the toes.

Grab onto that foot bar, lift the heels up on your own timing. 10 Times just down and up. Try to get both legs working together at the same time. And I want you to feel the full movement of the legs. And so what I also look for is to see if I see the knees dropping down toward the floor. And when you lift up, you're going to try to not lock in the legs, right?

Yes. I feel like that's ten-ish, don't you think so? Come all the way in. When you're ready, hug your knees into your chest and give yourself a nice pull. Let's do heels in the corners just to get a nice open position of the [inaudible]. Just go out in a few times. Inhale to push out. Really keep the pelvis down, let the knees go wide and get a nice stretch. Do a few of those please. And exhale as they come in.

So they're going to do a couple more. And so the next exercise is going to be armed circles. And then I'm going to skip the hundreds. I feel like I'm cheating a little bit but I'm just, I'm just, we're doing a fun, just only the things that I really like to do. You know, sometimes you only want to do those things. That's what we're doing. Alright. Come all the way in. So when you're ready you guys, you're gonna have to uh, change down to less springs. So some arm springs.

So maybe what you did the short spine on. So two probably, but it's up to you depending on how and strong you want. And actually lets go foot bar down. Yes. Thank you. We can do it. Yup. And headrest could be up if you want. Yeah. Grab onto your straps. And so it's the same set up that you would probably do. Um, the hundreds in his these, at least that's where we're starting.

So start with your knees into the chest. Let's just, let's start with the machine home. Thank you. Inhale, do nothing. And before you go anywhere, just exhale the rib cage to the floor. On the next inhale, pull down to the hips. Open the arms out to the sides and up to the ceiling. Two more times. Down to the sides and to the ceiling again. Find the ZIP right there.

Keep it connected. That's it. I was a word. Reversed. The circles. Reach up to the ceiling. After this, reversing those circles. Keep the connection right there, especially as you reach up. And for me, I really want to feel the back of the armpit. Yes. And the back of the armpit is directly related to that Pinky side of the arm. You've got one more. Give me straight arms up to the ceiling.

Let's do a little coordination. Inhale. Stay right there. And as you exhale, you're going to lift your head, reach the arms, and reach down to the thighs. Go and extending those legs forward. Yes, you decide if you're parallel or turned out. Open close, knees bend in and the arms bend. The head stays out two more times. Inhale, reach forward. Open, close, bend and event. Again, breathing guys. Inhale, open, close, bend and Ben. Last one. Let's go forward and stay right there. Big Toes only are touching now. [inaudible] right, like only opens twice. Just the right leg.

It looks really simple. It's very difficult. And I'm sure you're feeling that. Change sides. Go left leg only. Find your belt, honey. That's good. One more. Bend the knees, bend the elbows and rest your head down. Ah, I think that's enough. So when you're ready, sit all the way up. Let's go to a single spring. I believe for your rowing, whatever you would row with. So head rest down. We're going to just do, just do one rowing. That's right. So when you're ready to turn to face your head, rest, sigh, right legs that thread through. However you can grab onto your straps.

So we're gonna do a little into the chest. So however you like to start your arms is up to you. Sit up tall is the hardest thing and in for me, when you go to start this wrong, I don't want you to pull. A lot of people like to pull. I want you to actually stay with the arms where they are and see he wants to do it. He's not going to. I know it's really hard. You're going to keep the machine home and sitting up as tall as you can and do nothing she knows. Anyway, inhale, as you exhale you, you're to start torso to lower as you pull with the arms. That's right.

Keep going. Find your low spot and you're going to stay there and breathe. I think you'd go to go lower. He's like, oh, really? Say right there. Take your head back a little bit more. Stay here. Breathe without moving machine. Open the arms out to the sides. Yes, you're going to bring your head up and over as you press your hands back. Hook the thumbs behind you.

If you can bend the elbows way up the back and bend those elbows, bend the elbows, and you're gonna put the back of the hand on the back. That's it. Rests in the hands there. And here's a little fun thing we're going to do. You're going to let the elbows droop down to the floor and get a nice stretch. Aw breathing. That's right. Somewhat of an illegal maneuver. But I said, like I said, I'm doing what I like. Inhale, do nothing. As you exhale, find that internal Curleigh tummy. Press the hands back, but try not to jam in those poor little shoulders. That's it.

Let the springs take you back. As you circle the arms around, keep your head down for now. Grab onto your ankles. Give me a big exhale, pole breathing. You guys use your tummies as you sit up nice and tall. Let's do that again. Don't move the machine. Don't move the machine. Don't move the machine till you sit up tall. Now move the machine curl. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Come back to me. Come back to without moving the machine. Open the arms up to the sides. Breathe. Lengthen up and over. Lift me up as you press good.

Hope those thumbs behind you hands. Go way up the back. I'm going to help my friend here and she's going to release the elbows. Resting in the back of the hands on and just let the elbows droop forward and stretch. Reach those hands behind you progress. Let the mis machine take you back. The springs will do it. That's it. The springs will do it. Grab onto those ankles. Exhale, pull. Exhale.

As much as you can. Belly goes back. As you are coming forward. Use Your Tummy. Sit up tall. Keep the machine home. I don't trust him apparently yet. And last time, torso to arms as you go down. Go yes. Open the arms out to the sides. Whole lengthen up and over the ice. Carolyn, keep that curl. Hook the thumbs one.

Press Ha. Now Hook the thumb the other way. Or now bend the elbows way up the back. Let the hands rest and droop those elbows. Let them go. Cause sometimes the different thumb changes it doesn't it? Yeah. And when you're ready. Inhale, find the tummy. Press back, circle the arms around, around, around, letting the springs do their work.

Grab onto the ankles, pull tight. Excellent with us. So like in use your tummy. Sit Up. Nice and tall. Tall, tall, tall, tall. Well that's enough. Don't you think drip hooked those back on and let's get our long box. Yes. And um, you know, let's do some polling straps and a couple of other things. Yahoo, Swedish, German.

It's sad. The accents certain coming out. That's what I'm getting. Anyway. So when you're ready, lie, we are, have the springs for pulling straps. Yeah. So one spring I think onto your tummy. Facing away from the foot bar. Yes. Um, grab onto your straps. So for me, I like the sh hands as far up as possible. Straps are on the outside.

Yes. Take a moment and just drop your head. Yeah. Really let the head drop. I take a look at alignment here and try to see if you can find your center position. Lift yourself up into spine alignment and just hold yes. From here. Pulling down along the sides of the machine. Inhale to pull back at the very last moment. Lift the chin, lift the chest, John Muscle smile Caroline. Yes. And dive back in release. You've got two more to go on your own timing. Get inhale to pull.

I know when you're going forward you, that's it. And exhale, lift the tummy is you release. Good. One more time. Inhale to pull. So I love to look for this moment here, but she's got to keep her telling me lifted as she releases. You got one more to go. Last one. You're going to pull, you're gonna stay here pulling but this time look down at the floor. Bend the elbows. Just do a few tricep presses. Press back five Oh yes. And a four. Lift your legs up higher. Thank you.

Anda three. Yes. And uh, look at me suddenly counting to one more. Press back and hold. And that's enough release. Hook the handlebars back on the nubbies. Yes. Good. And so you're going to let your head droop? Yes. Hold onto the nubbies. As long as you're going to hold onto the handlebars.

If you don't have hand wards, you can just hold onto the front edge of the box. May demonstrate that for a second like so anywhere we can get a nice good hold. Drop your head and let's take a moment. So you're going to bend your knees with the heels coming together and let your thighs open up to the sides ever. So slightly. Good. So, um, this is from Irene doubt as well. So when you're ready, you're gonna grab on, do a little lift of the thighs. That's it from here. Let's think of lifting the right leg up higher.

You going gonna try to lift that right? Like up, lifting the right hip up, ish off the ground, doing a little extension and twist. Yes. Pressing those heels together and on the next exhale come down and change sides. And again to the other side. Oh yes. [inaudible] and come back to center. Sometimes people want to move the whole boat to move the sale yours and take it down. I'm glad they can't hear the grunting sound and again, going to the other side. But you know, grunting is good for my book. That's it.

That's it. That's it. Let's do one more. Are we breathing? Oh yeah. One more time lifted up. So what you're trying to do is keep the rib cage nice and still as you get this beautiful spiral from the pelvis down and take it down or waistline down. I should say last one. Hi Ya. Think of keeping the opposite rib cage downish as you come on down and rest, straighten the legs when you're ready. Step off the machine.

Let's get ready for a little bit of a horseback. So this is a horseback that was taught to me by a man named Dan ignorance. So have a seat. Make sure you have your um, springs for the horseback and you're going to grab on. So not something that I learned from Kathy and I really liked this one cause I feel like it helps me find that internal lift. So get your position and let's talk position.

You're going to go to straight legs first and I want you to internally rotate the legs so that the knees face forward, which is a funky little thing. All right. And then one thing too is when you go to bend the elbows, you're going to want a bicep curl. Resist that urge. I want you instead to really pull the elbows back by your sides. Here we go. Inhale. And as you exhale, don't even go anywhere. Just tip forward. Both of you correct. Hit Four. That's it. On the next breath, you're going to pull the elbows by your sides and hold. Yes. Stay right there.

You're going to start to lift up off your bum. As you start to reach up toward the ceiling. Continue tipping forward. I like to say rib cage, back, pubic bone forward. That's good. Carolyn, you're going to lean forward even more. James. Get Out of those shoulders. Love. Yes. Lengthen the back of your head. Caroline. Lean forward more. Lower the hands down and have a seat down two more times. Bend the elbows. Yeah.

Adjust if you need to. Here we go. Bend the elbows by your side. [inaudible] tip forward from the lift up. That's it. That's it. That's it. That's it. Cause it's that rib cage. Now reach up to the ceiling. Carolyn, when you can. So James for huge arms down, shoulders down. That's it. Lift the back of the neck. Lift the Chin Up. Higher. Love. There you go. And take it down. You got one more to go.

Who says they don't sweat in Palladio's? What was that post then? The owl was back. Hold and again, feet forward. Lift up. Yes. Yes. That's a James. That's it. That's it. That's it. You got to Carolyn reaching up, honey. You can go forward. Say their butt. Reach forward. Tip forward, Carolyn. Tip forward. Forward. Forward. Yes.

Smile and take it down and rest. That was mean. All right, so that is hard enough, but if you want to make it a little bit harder, let's go for the next one. I call it stir the soup. I don't know whose this is. Here we go. When you're ready to bend the elbows back by the sides, it begins the same way. Start to lift up as you open the arms out to the sides. I imagine that I have two big pots of very delicious something. It's usually a thick liquid stew. Gumbo. Oh, doesn't that sound good? Polenta. I'm replacing my order right now. It's bad. I know. Yes. One more time.

Keep the internal cold feet four feet forward. Keep the internal curl. One more time. I live. Bend the elbows, pull back thing. Feet forward out to the sides. Yes. And release it down. Um, hi. How's it going? Okay, so you guys, um, let's sip off for a moment and um, add on another spring. And Dare I say it, we're going to just, we're just going to do a stretch.

We're going to sit on the front edge of your box as if we're going to do the backstroke. Yeah. So feet on top of the foot bar for me, pressing the legs together. You're gonna Inhale and as you exhale, think of that line where your legs meet as the center as you lower down. Exhaling when your head goes back. I'm going to really just let you go back and take a little stretch opening the arms out to the sides and just stretch. You might need to come forward. Yeah, I'm, if this is too much on your neck, you could put a little pillow back there, but just a few breaths there. Do feel arm circles, reach back toward the back of your machine any direction you wish. That's it.

And from here, keeps circling the arms. Go to both legs straight for an extra stretchy moment. Yes. And then reverse the circles please. I know just stretching. I keep hitting it like someone's going to get like someone's gonna. I'm going to be in trouble. I mean maybe I will be.

Pilati is purgatory. I'll let you know if I see, you know, I'll let you know if I get there, but that's it. That's it. That's all I need. So when you're ready, lift your head up and any way you wish you said all the way up. What made you pay for that one? Didn't I? All right. So then you guys, when you're ready, step on off. Let's go for one thing. So I want to sneak a teaser in. So take one spring off. Let's go for our teasers. And I want to play around with a little something.

So grab onto your straps and let's get ready for some teaser. So I call it a funk. We're going to do teasers with a little bit of a funky head. So as I'm don't lie down, we're actually going to just from here, just kind of keep it simple. Inhale. And as you exhale, can you come into your tease or position? Yes. Yes.

Excellent. So from here, inhale. Exhale. Lower the torso down a little bit. [inaudible] opening the arms. Ms Carolyn. Yes. And come back up. Yeah, I'll take just two. More like that. Soften those elbows. So I want you stay that work in the tummy. That's exactly. And come back up. I want you to hold onto those straps. Yes. Find those pinky connection. Yes. One more time. Inhale. Exhale. Lower down. Inhale. Exhale. Come up. Now.

Stay here. Let's both look at our right hand. That's my right hand. Yes, you're gonna lower down. Looking at your right hand. Opening the arms out to the sides. Go to where you can come up. Looking at your right hand. Yeah, to the other side. Looking at your left hand soft and those elbows. And come back up. That changes things, doesn't it? One more set of those inhale. Exhale down. Yes.

Even just the looking as hard and come back up. Forget the lowering. So I'll take whatever you can do. Last side looking. How's that left arm look and Carolyn, that ring looks good, doesn't it? Yeah, exactly. Hold it there for a moment. That's enough rest. You guys step off the machine. All right, so a set off. Take away the boxes but make them go sideways. Let's do short box.

We're going to do just another stretch. Maybe should have just called this a stretchy reformer. So yeah, and we'll go to more springs cause I don't want the machine to move and let's just do a side sit up. So James facing out. Carolyn, you're going to sit facing away and the so were flipped. So you're going to sit facing this way. Yep. So right leg is going to go in the loop and you're gonna sit on top of the box. Please. If you need padding for your hitch, grab onto some padding. Now.

And the important part of this moment is you're going to try to sit on the box with both sits bones down, which is uh, easier said than done. Yeah. And Carolyn, can you straighten right leg. [inaudible] poor girl. She wants it. She, she, she's going to actually add externally rotate her leg, which is her least favorite thing. And put your hands behind the neck. So this is work because she wants to have all our weight on one hip and not the other James follow suit if you can. Hmm. I know. Likey step off. It's too short for him.

He needs to come out farther cause I want that right leg straight or maybe we'll even put you into a different gear. Yeah, we're professionals. We can make it happen. Thank you James. Thank you. Better do you want to go back down? Yep. See we all know how we like it. Our machines. Thank you. Oh, much better. Are you okay? All right, good.

Cause you want to be able to sit on the box with the right leg straight, right. Hands behind the neck and just sit there. That's work before you go anywhere. Inhale. And as you exhale, lean your head into your hands. Lift up in the rib cage. So you're going to start to inhale as you go over the strap, we'll catch you. You have to really use that leg. [inaudible]. Exhale to go farther and stretch.

You can internally rotate that right leg. That's exactly it's in has you start to come up and as you come up, you're going to reach out of that right, like and right about here. You externally rotate. Have a seat down and breathe. Here we go again. Inhale. As you go over the strap, we'll catch you right about there. And as you go over, you're going to internally rotate, pressing that heel up toward the ceiling, right? Good. When you're ready, you're gonna start to come up. And as you exhale, externally, rotate. Have a seat and breathe. Adding on.

Inhale as you go over. Step right about here. As you exhale, twist to face the floor. No hips, no hips, no hips. Keep twisting. Keep twisting, keep twisting, keep twisting, come back out of it. Inhaling. Yes, and take your time coming up. Reach externally, rotate the leg and have a seat down. One more time. It feels like I'm doing it by just walking back here. Inhale. And as you exhale, go over stretch. Stay right there. Stay right there. And on the next exhale, twist is keep going. Keep going. Think Bell, think waistline. Take your time. Come out of it. And when you're ready, come on up. Lean your head into your hands. Reach out of that right leg. Externally rotate.

Sit. You can put your right hand down on your leg with your left arm up. And I'll take a nice counter stretch. Other side. Very exciting. So I liked this one because you don't, you're not sort of balancing on one hip the whole time. You really get to come back to sitting each time. So here we go.

Both hands behind the neck. Okay. Breathing. Yes. So I find that just that is work. I know, right? Just trying to get that hip down. Oh yeah. And also trying to get it even in the music. When you're ready, start to go over inhaling the strap, we'll catch you because it's not quite taught yet. And as you start to go over, that's when you internally rotating, pressing that heel up. Stretch. Yes. Take your time to come up externally.

Rotate as you come back up to sitting. Let's try that again. Inhale as you go over. [inaudible]. Exhale. So as you're pushing up, you're gonna press up with this leg and so your booty can go forward. Four. Yes. And then you can stretch over. Now stay here, lead guys. Let's add the twist. Now Xcel to twist or keep twisting. Keep swinging. Keep twisting. Good. Come back out of it. Reach. Reach out of that left leg. Come up, up, up, up, up.

Externally. Rotate. Sit. You got one more to go in. How to go over. It really should be two more. Don't you think? Exhale to twist. I got a yes from James. Come back out of it. He's my quality control today and slowly come back up externally. Rotate. One more to go. Inhale to go over. That's it. Exhale, twist.

Keep pressing that heel up, Carolyn. Yes. Come back out of it. Twisting, reaching. Reach up at that top leg. Left hand comes down on the thigh, right arm reaches up and some stretching. Please. Thank you very much. And come back up. Let's get rid of the boxes and elephant Shelly. Elephant time. And we're skipping the long stretch. We're just going to go to the elephant. So here we go. You have your um, two springs. Yes. Step up onto it.

And you know what, let's do headdress up. Not that you're going to push to the end, but I just feel better when it's up. So when you're ready, elephant. So you're going to stand up finding your heels all the way back. And let's go for a rounded spine please. Which is always easier said than done, right? Let me just take a peak and just that is enough. Drop the head, Carolyn, send your hips back a little bit more. Love. Keep going, keep going, keep going. Keep going. Length in this space between your spot, between your hips and your rib cage. Love. Ah, that was beautiful.

And then the next thing is, is when you lift all 10 toes, try not to lock in the knee. So in fact, bend both knees a little bit. Slowly straighten the leg. That's about it. But not all the way and easy. Push the carriage out about this much. Inhaling a little bit more. Exhale. Let them springs do the work. Do that a few more times. Inhale to push out. I love this length, but find more curl. Mm hmm. Two more times.

And as you exhale, let the machine do the work of curling it back in. Couple more. Inhale long next guys. Exhale. One more time. Just checking. Oh yeah. Inhale. And as you exhale, come back in from here. Go to a flat back, please go for a nice stretch extending the spine. Caroline, lift the chin and chest a little bit more. Carolyn, that's it. And here we go. So when you're ready, bringing the machine home, let's stand up on the shoulder stands, please. Oh yeah, Yup. Didn't forget that one. Did I? So when you're ready, lift the heels up high. Drop the head.

Push the carriage in and out. Goal. Karen, look at these feet. Get them on there yet. Let's get the whole foot on there. Yes. You need every toe you can get. Yes, curling. You can go to a flat back chains. You can go to that flap back. That's it. Yeah. I'll take the hats right. Talk to those feet. Ask them to help you out. You've got one more to go. Yes, and come back in and hold it. Drop the head ever so slightly.

Stay here without shifting in the hips. Ha. Bring one knee into the chest. I know that's it. I don't care which one it is. Extend that leg behind you. Reach it back and you're just gonna stay there for two breaths. I know. Breathe. Lift that leg up or change sides. That's it. Other side, keeping the machine home good. Bring the other knee into the chest. Extend it behind you. Breathe. Breathe. Lifting, lifting that leg, finding that great lift. One more breath and with control.

Take the leg down and step off the machine. Well then, okay, so now we're going to go to 'em some long spine straps. So adjust your machines because we're going to do long spine and frogs and things like that. Lying down on your back with the head rest down. One little situation. You're welcome. Yeah, it's really funny. That whole sweating thing. Anyway, beat in the straps please. When you get your feet in the straps do a frog position of the legs.

Arms down by your side. Let's just do a little check-in frog out. Inhaling, reaching the legs away and frog back in. Do a few of those. So we are eventually getting to long spine, but I like to just have check-in. I'll have Carolyn just a little bit lower maybe. Thank you. Good and frog back. And we're going to do a fancy frog. You're going to go all the way out to straight legs.

You're gonna come in about halfway frogging in. Stop right there without moving the machine. Open the legs out to the sides. Point the feet. Go down and together. Reaching those legs down together and frog back in. One more time. Open the legs. Don't move the machine right now. Press the legs.

Go down together. Hold it here. Reverse. Open the legs out to the size. Stop right there without moving the machine frog in and push out long in a way. Last time. Open the legs out to the side. Don't move the machine anymore. When you go to frog in yes, frog all the way in and relax for just, and we're going to go for a long spine now. Be Calm. We're not going to go crazy till the end. Frog out low with the leg straight.

Bring the legs toward you. You're gonna start to go up and over your head. Lifting up, up, up, up, up. Take a moment here and breathe. Open up the legs a little bit past the shoulders, but keep the rotation in the legs. And I want you to point those feet. You're gonna start to lower down. And as you come down, listen, I want you come down torso and then add a little bit of legs, torso, and then add a little bit of legs. That's right. Working the whole way down. That's the first way I want you to do it.

And we're gonna do that two more times. The legs go down, the legs come together and we're going to go up and over your head again. Lifting up is keep the point of the feet and the v. You're going to open the legs up. Start to roll on through. Take your time. Torso to legs. Good breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing in the legs, down and together. One more time like that sort of up and over. The beginning is the same.

Good open legs. Now this time I want you to do legs first, then add torso. That's right Carolyn. Legs and head towards us. You're actually gonna start to reach the legs away from you. Lifting the pelvis up. Keep Loo. That's it. Your [inaudible]. That's it. Legs, torso. That's it. Keep working those feet. Lifting the butt up, lifting the button until you get all the way down to the bottom. Close the legs and let's have a moment. Reversed. Open legs go up and over. Inhale, lift up. Close the legs. Torso to legs. As you come down, we worry a little smoother and faster on this. Well, that's it. Torso, torso, torso, torso, torso, torso. Two more times to open the legs up and over.

Inhaling, lift up. Close the legs. Core. So two legs as you come down. Yes. Yes. Keeping the via the feet useful. Yeah, that's exactly it. You got one more to go. Open the legs up and over. Yes. Hold it there from here. Legs. Two Torso. So you're going to lift. That's it. Legs the torso. Keep work. That's it. Working the hips. Breathing as you come down. Breathing as you come down.

Beautiful. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Frog in and rest for a little treat. You're going to seek your fingers into the loops. Yeah, those d-rings there where your straps connect. You're going to open legs out to the sides for a big stretch. Yeah. I have a name for this exercise, but I'm not going to say what it is.

Starts with a p. Ends with a star. Anyway, take those steps of stuff off when you're ready. Um, we're going to do a little stretch. Um, we're going to do just the stretchy part of an exercise, so go to v position of your feet after you hook those on the spring. Should be the same and you wanna put, get a Nice v position of your feet. We're going to do the, I'm short thought of it, the semicircle, but just the stretchy part. So get your hands there. So if you can in one motion, ideally you're going to push yourself forward, stretching those quads as you reach the machine behind you. Go. Yes, that's it. And just breathe. So hopefully you're getting a nice thigh stretch.

Ha, smile. So it looks less torturous. There you go. I'm not hurting her. I'm not hurting her. I'm not at all. And so while you're there, you're thinking of lifting the pelvis. Yes. Lowering the heels ever so slightly. Correct. Right. That's exactly it. Now just a little thing. We're going to push up halfway, girls like and come right back in two more times. I may or may not have promised that I'd only do one part of it. Yes.

And come back in last time. Inhale, push out hello booty and come back in. That's exactly it. Stay there and lift the hips up. One more inch. Lower the heels with another edge. Finito that's enough. Oh, more languages keep pouring out of me. Um, step off. Let's do our little baby star. So, um, add, go to three springs and get your foot bar up. I'm going to bring the headrest up again just because I'm old fashioned. Yes.

And let's go. Um, I call it baby star or little starts, a star variation that I really liked. Um, because stars really hard and I feel like this is a nice accessible one. So, um, let's talk about getting into it. So Carolyn, you'll do it as well. So you're going to get your right hand onto the Yadda, yet that's a flip bar, not a Yada, Yada. And then if you're using your right hand, you're gonna get your right knee to the same far away shoulder sand, and you're gonna swing your left side around and hold right there. That's it. So this is the hardest part is finding your position. So some of us have to lift our hips higher, get the shoulder down, that's it. And breathe. Top arm is resting on the top leg. Breathing. That's it. Say there, I'm going to check on my friend Carolyn here. Jess. This position is enough.

Carolyn, you can lower your hips slightly. Aha. And this is oddly enough. That's it. Now lift your rib cage, not your hips. Yeah, even more. I know. And I think what it is, you need to bring that bottom hand forward. Yeah. Cause you need it to be in line with the hips better. Yes. English. When you're ready, arm and leg lift up. Arm and leg come down. So that top leg is parallel. So the big toe is what? Going up to, that's it.

Heal leads on the way up. Big Toe comes down. One more time. Inhale, lift up. I'm gonna Check on my Pell James here. That's it. And come on down. Adding on arm and leg. Lift up and hold it right here. Arm and leg. Go forward. [inaudible] yes. And come back down. Oh and again. Arm and leg. Go forward. Breathing and come back down. Arm forward, leg back. This isn't hard.

And come back to center one more time. Arm forward, leg back from here. Step off the machine. You can step back or forward. It's up to you and we'll go for the other side. Turn around. Okay. No, no. We're just like, well they're like, we have another side to do. Here we go. Make sure you line your hand up with that knee. That's exactly it.

And find your position. Cause this is the hardest part here. We'll take a peak of James. So for James, he reached the needs to find the shoulder and he's going to actually lift his waist. Hips. That's exactly as you do that. That's it. And then my friend Carolyn, well I think this is your better side honey. So when you're ready, really get that shoulder a little bit more. Good. Arm and leg lift up two times. Inhale arm and leg up and arm and leg down.

And so what you want is just for the leg to be doing the work. Only as Kathy grant would say, when I also arm and leg forward, she would say, when I go to the butcher and I asked for a leg of lamb, I just get the leg. I don't get the butt too. So when you go arm and leg forward, no, but just leg, arm and like forward. Yes. And come back to center. Hold here. Arm forward, leg back. Some sides are easier, right James? Yep. Arm forward. Leg back. Yes. And you're going to step off the machine. Baby Stars hard. Who needs to move the machine? Okay, so let's run, shall we? Yeah. She's like, Oh yes. Ready?

So add on more rings, easy running and then pelvic lift after that. I've never seen someone so happy to run a wash. She's like, yes, I'm ready. Toes on only knife. Parallel position of the feet. Inhale to push out. And when you ready, gone a run. So in my head I always have a little song. I have really bad one in my head. There's a whip and nae nae involved.

That's right. No Superman. Okay. Anyway, serious. Totally come all the way in. Um, uh, less springs. I'm gonna make you do it yourself because that's what you're doing at home. So go to les springs were to do a pelvic lift. Take your head rest down as well. Let's do a bunch of Pelvic Lis. That center line your back. Let's just just do a simple one. Feet together. Knees together.

Big Toes are going to touch. First thing I want is the heels reaching down towards the floor, pushing down into your hands. Lift your bum up. Knees are connected, ish. Good. Come halfway down with your butt, James. Carolyn, you're good. Go out and, and five times. Inhale to push out. Exhale, heels down as you come in, right? Cause I want to see a nice flection here at the ankles, at the sweaty, sweaty ankles. And again, pushing gets it. Hey working. Two more to go. Last one.

Come all the way in. Stay here when you're ready. Exhale to come down. I think that's enough of this business. So let's transfer over and we're gonna do a little bit of Cadillac as well to get us up to standing. So transfer, you're a sheet over into a Cadillac and we'll get back together again. All right, so you have your tower set up. We have the push through bar ready to go. Um, make sure that you have two springs because we're going to eventually do something that needs to springs.

And so the hardest thing is to sit up holding onto this bar and sit up tall. We are doing the push through eventually, but we're going to start with a little Kathy gret grant prep. Sit Up as chill as you can and it's going to start really simple. You're going to just pull the elbows down for the floor out to the side, just pulling the bar down. That's about it. And let the bar go back up to the ceiling.

So I like to say don't turn the corner. You turning the corner right and again, pull down, inhale and lift up tall. Use that resistance to lift up and released a couple more times. So I like to think of really lifting up out of the top of the head and release. You got one more to go. And if you have to bend the knees a little bit, you have to bend the knee so you can really sit up. Stop right about here without changing the spine, especially in the low back.

You're going to push the bar four word than the elbows open. Inhale. And as you exhale, push forward, but still lifting up tall. Couple more times. Inhale, exhale, push forward. Last one. Don't break them a roosts. Aha, yes, right about there. And again, push forward from here. Chin to the chest. Drop your head, go forward and stretch. Go into the traditional push through breathing.

Inhale. And as you exhale, push the bar forward. Draw the tummy back. One more breath like that. Inhale, exhale. Push the bar forward. Draw the tummy back. You start to roll backwards, please. Now traditionally you're going to roll that. Keep the spine rounded. Let the arm stay straight, let the bar go up to the ceiling. Inhale, look up to the bar, lift into a little bit of extension and breathe.

Lift that chest up. Karen, look up toward that bar. If you can, smile round your spine, go down and through. Let's do that a couple more times. Round the spine rug here. You are not going to go be a turtle. You're going to lengthen the neck. Go up and over. Cause sometimes I feel like we kind of hunch backy as you go over trying to get that leverage roll back when you're ready. Round the spine. Rolling through. So up to the ceiling. Lift the chin, lift the chest. Stretching. Yes.

Bend the knees if you need to. Last time. Round your spine at the hard part. You're not going to break your wrist. You're going to think of going up and over. Lengthen, lifting up. Thank you. As you go over and stretch. Big. Exhale to breathe through that. Great. Push through. Stay here. Look side to side with the head. Easy does it?

Yes. Yes. Keep it smooth. Going through side to side. Look down at the floor after this. Search a roll on back. Let's keep that rib cage and spy moving. Come all the way up. Push up to the ceiling. Stretch. Let's go for single arm. You're gonna to remove your right hand from the bar.

Say Holding on with your left. Thread the right arm through. You're going to get the inside of the right hand on the bar. Push up and look toward the left armpit. Breathe. Stretch. When you're ready. You gonna stay holding on with the left arm. As you lean back, circle the right arm out to the side, back up and over and stretch it and go up and over going around in the other direction. So don't go forward. You have just to reach back and go up and over again.

Reach the bar up to the ceiling. Twist through. That's exactly it. So push the bar up to the ceiling. Twist through. You're going to go palm in this way. Yeah. And stretch. One more time. Leaning on back. So you're just going to circle back and lean back and reach. That's exactly.

Opening up the chest. That's it. And circle the arm around. Push the bar up to the ceiling. Palm goes in. Yes. Stretch and breathe. Yes. Change sides. Please. Hold on with the right hand. Left arm goes twisting first toward the right. That's exactly it. Breed. Opening up the chest and when you're ready to chew, I hear it.

Lean back. Where's it come there it is. I mean that really starkly around push up. That was good. That was good. I mean, you know, sometimes you have, it's like a Kidman trade moment, reach back, blah, blah. Then all the people in that train and circle around push up and push twists. Okay, that's enough. Add another. He's like, no, another one add another spring. Let's go for the parakeet please. So go to two hooks. It's a lot of weight, but it's on purpose.

And then you're going to lie down on your back and you're going to be sitting closer or lying closer to the spring than you think. And you're gonna put your feet on top of Ziba. And if you feel like it's slipping, grab a sticky thing that would help you. Yeah. She's like, yes we do. And the practice is this. So when you're ready, you're going to be, I want you to be able to have your feet on the bar yet. Lie down on your back.

You're going to bend the knees into the chest and push the bar down and forward. Actually, I'm not going to help him cause I'm not helping you. That's it. And stay right there. Breathe all the way to straight. If you can flex the feet and point the feet. Are we breathing? Flex the feet and point the feet.

Start to bend the knees in boody stays down. Keep bending those knees and let the bargo up to the sealants. Do this one more time. Here we go. Bend the knees, pull down. Push the bar forward. Hot all the way to straight. Okay, so stay here. Try not to lock in the conies. As you flex the feet don't lock. That's right.

So I don't want to see or feel your knees drop down to the floor. That's better, Carolyn. It's just not easy. And that's why you want that extra spring tension so that you can have that because it kind of, it's a little scary, right? Yeah. Bend the knees and when you bend the knees in, you're gonna find that low belly. This time. Let the bar go up to the ceiling and stay there with straight legs. You're gonna push down into the hand. Use those arms, lift up the pelvis, inhale and coming onto your shoulders and neck. That's good. Inhale.

And as you exhale, roll down breasts away from the chin. Just like we did in the short spine. Yes. Adjust. If necessary. Bend the knees, go down and through it. We're going to add the kicks in next. Pushing that bar forward. Yeah. That's the hard part. Now stay there. Inhale to point.

It's not the ankles that flex. It's the deep curl of the tomato. That's it. There is the flex of the feet. Good. Carolyn, one more time. Inhale to point and I want you to go to where you're not really pointing. You're not really flexing on your neutral foot. That's it. Now Bend your knees. Keep that neutral foot. Keep it. Keep it exactly, exactly what the bar go up to the ceiling. When you're ready, pushing down into your hands. Lift the pelvis up.

Right leg is going to go up to the ceiling. Lifting up and give me a little, yeah, the other one and a reach. Reach, change sides. Other side. When you kick, there's a tendency to want to roll to the little toe side of what you're going to think. Big Toe, big toe change sides. Let's do another set right away. When you're ready, you're going to kick that light. That's it. And you're going to keep nice parallel, especially on the one on the bar. Last side coming up. Reach it back. Huh? Kick, kick. Put the foot down. Inhale. And as you exhale, roll on down.

Roll on down. That's exactly it. After this, hug your knees into your chest and give yourself a nice little pull. Let's get rid of our push through bar and we're going to use the roll back bar next. So unhook Hook, add your roll back bar and we'll do some nice little rollbacks. Junk. Ashamed. Um, more languages. Yeah. And you can just leave it hanging in here. I should know this thing. I think we'll go up here. Yes. Okay. So have a seat.

Getting ready for your roll back. Holding on. When you're ready. Make sure you're not twisted. Exactly. So, yeah. Nice and easy. Rolling down. Articulating the spine. Easy roll. As you come down and roll as you come up. Rest your head for a moment. Lift your head. Roll back up. Nice and easy. Exactly. Again, Carol, that you can hold wider too. I feel like you're like, that's it.

And Roll on down. Yes. This time when your head touches down, you're going to pull the bar to your chest a few times. Opening the elbows one. Let's go to five and two. Yes. Keeping the back of the shoulders connected. Three. Thank you. And for one more and a five. Straighten the arms. Lift your head, let the bar pull you up. Let it happen.

Take the focus up to that bar. Take the focus to the bar. Lifting the chin. Exactly. Say sitting up as tall as you can. Let your knees bend slightly so you can really be tall. I down in one piece. Inhaling to go back just about there. Exhale to come back up. Oh yes. Let's try that again Carol. So maybe not all the way down. Inhale, leaning about halfway back just about there and come right back up.

Narrowing the waist. Let's do that two more times. Inhaling to go back. Yo Hinge. That's it. And Belt is you come up. Yes. Much better. Last time. Inhaling tool all the way back. This time too. You touch all the way down on the floor with straight arms, press down. When you press, I want you to exhale right through the rib kgs and let the bar go up.

Inhale again. Exhale. Send the breath through the sternum so you can get that Nice ribcage connection. You've got one more to go. Pressing down. And when you're ready, you're going to come up in one piece. Yeah, that's it. So arms come up, that's it. And you're gonna come up in one piece. That's exactly it, Chris. Cross your hands at the center of the bar. Right hand is going to be on the top. Inhale as you do. Nothing. That's not true. You're sitting up and as you exhale, roll on down. Yes.

Put your right hand behind your neck. Banana as Allen Herdman would say, you're gonna stretch that side. Reaching the elbow up to the side. That's exactly it. Stay right there and stretch. When you're ready. Right foot goes toward the left ankle. Crossing that leg over and now reach that right arm back. Go for a nice, huge side stretch banana. Carolyn's straighten the right arm and reached toward me. And breathe. Oh, that was nice. Circle the arm around.

Put it underneath the hand with the foot back. Lift your head up and let the bar help you up. Yep. We're like that star Trekkie to the other side. So you're going to hold on with the right hand. Left arm goes under. That's it. Okay. When you're ready. Roll on down.

Left arm on the top. That took a while, right? Yeah. So yeah. Put your left hand behind your neck. I know it's the one with the rig yesterday. And when you're ready, side bend over banana. And then when you're ready left goes across the right foot. And then reaching that orange stretch or as Carolyn's doing desperately grab onto the side of that table, circle the arm around, put it underneath the hand that's on the bar. Foot comes back.

Lift your head and let, let the spring help you up. I know. Where's that bar and when you're ready to come up to standing. Let's do some squats with this bar, Shelly. Hmm. Yeah. Come up to standing. Hold onto this bar and take a step back. I'm taking a peak. Hmm.

Okay. So when you're ready, Carol, let's step back a little bit more. Yeah. So we're going to go for a little squat, right? Yeah. Let's do this. Hold on. Underhanded? Yeah, I think that might be better. So let's maybe lift the elbows up. Bicep curl, Carolina. All right. So from your separate the feet a little bit wider. Good. So when you're ready, you're gonna go for a squat. So he'll stay connected into the floor.

As you start to come down. Yes. Stop right about there. Push it into the feet. Curl to come up. Yes. Take your focus straight ahead. Exactly. Carolyn, take another half step back. Yeah, you're right at the right at the crevice. And a couple more times go for that squat. Heels are down. Heels. You don't stop right there. Carolyn. Stay there. Both of you. Wait in the balls of your feet. Come forward. Yes, there it is.

Slowly come back up. Smile, Carolyn. Exactly. And just take your focus up a little bit higher. One more time. Come on down and just be thinking, oh, isn't it great blossoms. Not going to make us do single legs and slowly come up. But if you want to at home you can exactly turn. Is that what I want? No, go to straight arms. Let's do a little chest extension.

Walk forward if you want to cause I feel like it's a bit far away with straight arms. Press and release a couple of more times. Press stay here. Okay. Take the weight forward into the balls of the feet just to touch. Uh Huh. Take the focus up and give me a big exhale. Oh, get that booty forward honey.

Yes. More Carolyn, come on. Yes, look straight ahead and release. Let's try that again. Hands press down. Good. And can you now extend your thoracic and cervical spine up to the ceiling. That's right Carolyn. But keep the booty coming forward. I'm challenging our friend over there. Yes, look straight ahead and let the bar come up. Ooh, let's do that again cause I like it. And again, hands press. Yes.

Keeping the hips underneath. You take the extension. Go for it. That's it. That's it. Good for these polarities teachers. Look straight ahead and release the arms. Last one. Hold on behind you. Let's go for reverse. Chest expansion holding on behind you. So turn around facing in toward each other. Home stretch kids.

Yes. Holding on. Yeah. And take a night, a place where you can just feel a little bit of a stretch. That's enough. How about just suppress and release a couple more times. Soften the elbows, right? That's better. And release one more time. Pressed against a right there. Little extension again. Oh, that's different. Oh yes. Oh yeah.

Look straight ahead and release the bar. Let's see that again and again. Hands Press yes. And then go for your extension. You're not going to go in the elbows. You're not going to go in the elbows. That's it. Don't go on the shoulders either you're working them, but you're not gonna use that joint. That's it. Look straight ahead and release.

You got one more to go. Standing is hard. Yes. One last extension. How about say there, bend the elbows and press down something and that Xcel almost sounded like a swear word and release the bar. Let's do that one more time. Hands press like sh and you're going to bend the elbows. Look up to the ceiling, push back down, hush and release. You're gonna walk back. Let this, let the bar go.

Remove your hands and just take them long to breathe and stand and just breathe. So I really am wanting us to take moments to breathe cause I feel like we work so hard, but really just standing and breathing and ending there as good. So if you want to put your hands on your body, great. And just breathe. Let the body do what it does best, which is move right. One more time. One big breath and exhale.

Thanks guys.


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Wow!! Blossom that was my dream workout! Thank you so much this was so needed today.
Awesome. The three of you rock. Blossom, so much fun as usual to bring more enjoyment to a workout. Like the star variation. Can't wait for more!
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Fun class! Thank you
Love the energy! Thank you, Blossom, for risking Pilates purgatory!
I had a blast just watching this. Can't wait to try that baby star. (Looks like a crowd-pleaser!) Thank you for another joyful class!
That was nice. Thanks
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Thank you! Finland loves you Blossom!
Great workout!
Hi James!
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Enjoyed the variations and the feel good yet "work" exercises. Good flow too. Thanks
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Always challenging and lots of fun! XO
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If this is what purgatory looks like, count me in, inspiring as ever, pure Pilates joy!
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