Class #2395

Reformer/Tower Workout

50 min - Class


You will definitely be smiling after this playful Reformer/Tower workout with Blossom Leilani Crawford! She breaks the rules by changing the order of some of the exercises and she adds unique variations to exercises like Horseback, Teaser, and Star. This is a great time to feel good and have fun while working out!
What You'll Need: Reformer/Tower

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Nov 23, 2015
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Wow!! Blossom that was my dream workout! Thank you so much this was so needed today.
Awesome. The three of you rock. Blossom, so much fun as usual to bring more enjoyment to a workout. Like the star variation. Can't wait for more!
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Fun class! Thank you
Love the energy! Thank you, Blossom, for risking Pilates purgatory!
I had a blast just watching this. Can't wait to try that baby star. (Looks like a crowd-pleaser!) Thank you for another joyful class!
That was nice. Thanks
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Thank you! Finland loves you Blossom!
Great workout!
Hi James!
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Enjoyed the variations and the feel good yet "work" exercises. Good flow too. Thanks
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Always challenging and lots of fun! XO
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If this is what purgatory looks like, count me in, inspiring as ever, pure Pilates joy!
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