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Explore the combination of yoga and Pilates in this Mat workout with Zoey Trap. She moves back and forth between the two practices keeping each one unique and distinct while finding the connections between them. She invites you to focus on the intelligence of the movements so you can really embody both practices.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm Zooey Trapp and with me are Katherine, Amy, and Christy. We're gonna enjoy a class together today called Palombo that explores combining the complimentary practices of [inaudib...


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Great practice, sometimes a little to fast to deepen.Great visuals.
Thank you!
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What's with all the yoga Pilates combo videos lately on PILATES anytime?
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Really enjoyed this but somehow I feel we get more from yoga or more from Pilates when we practice each independently. Yoga breath is different and yoga movement is more static where as Pilates is more dynamic . I practice some yoga and teach Pilates . Both are wonderful but I would prefer to keep them separate...personally .
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Lovely to watch but all too fast for me . if you are going to do yoga videos can we have some at a beginner level . Pilates will always be my first love and that is why I joined Pilates anytime .
Thank you all for your feedback. This subject has been a tough one for us as so many of our members include yoga as part of their physical practices (separate from Pilates) and have requested the inclusion of classes just like Zoey's here. We felt comfortable with having Zoey teach these classes based on the fact that she is highly experienced in both disciplines and specifically separates them in alternating each segments rather than fusing them together to create "new" exercises. Pilates classes of course are our preference on the whole here at Pilates Anytime. I believe you'll find that reflected clearly when considering the entire video library. At the same time, we will occasionally offer supplemental modalities (dance, mediation, yoga etc...) as a way of supporting the various activities our members participate in.
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HI everyone! thanks for your comments. I love both and have taught both over 20 years. I practice each independently, and that is why instead of 'fusing' them together, we go back and forth between the two. This particular format came together because at my studio the yoga students wouldn't do a full Pilates practice, nor would the Pilates folks do a full yoga practice... it was a way of exposing them to something different. I realize it is not everyone's cup of tea, and thank you for sharing your comments and thoughts! Light and love!
Thank you for your question Anne. We do have a separate website for just this purpose. It's called Yoga Anytime. Our intention with offering a class like Zoey's is not to blend two disciplines, confuse or upset anyone. Our intention is to provide a service often requested by our Pilates Anytime members, knowing that the majority of our content is geared towards the Pilates enthusiast and/or Pilates teacher seeking access to the highest quality Pilates teaching in the world.
I lik this combination!
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I love the combo of yoga and Pilates, It's fun to mix things up!!
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Loved it! Joseph was influenced by yoga. It seems natural and fitting to include it in mat work. That is how I have taught it for 16 years. Never had a complaint. In fact, students often thank me for including it Bc they were intimidated to take a whole class or found a class of all yoga not as enjoyable, there is a lid for every pot as my grandmother would say.
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