Yoga-Mat Fusion<br>Zoey Trap<br>Class 2425

Yoga-Mat Fusion
Zoey Trap
Class 2425

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Instead of complaining about it, why not watch a pilates video instead. I think it is a great add on and the two disciplines compliment each other.
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Its PILATES Anytime.
Theres no record of Joseph being influenced by yoga.

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I love these workouts! Thank you Pilates Anytime for giving us something different to think about and practice!!
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I wanted to love this since I enjoy both Pilates and yoga. I had to press pause after a few seconds into the yoga portion and the pace went from comfortable to confused. It went too fast between each pose where I stopped to try to catch on but couldn't find the rhythm. Unfortunately gave up and just doesn't seem for me.
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Congratulations to you Zoey Trap for being a maverick and introducing Pilago to us. Purists may balk but the world of fitness, yoga and pilates is turning so fast that there is room for more especially an intelligent, well planned and presented class as this. I love the economic and lovely delivery. Lots of good work in both practices for 45 minutes. Nice to see the close up camera shot. Great class. Thank you.
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I've been practicing yoga a long time. I love love loved this combination. Great teacher! I liked the view out the window too!
Hello I did enjoy the class, however since yoga and pilates have different types o breathing it becomes tricky to alternate between both. I practice both yoga and pilates and I appreciate innovation. Thank you very much
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Sensational, outstanding, awesome! I am a lover of both Pilates and Yoga and your flow was beautiful, your words matching perfectly and holding the space to experience both worlds at once...inspiring. Namaste
I practice both separately but sometimes a fusion is just what is needed. I'm happy to hear there will be some more of these types of classes! ??
Too fast paced it feels on the yoga end...feel a bit slower allows the movement to be more fluid and effective on muscles, to me. Love having the combo of both Pilates and yoga.
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