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Yoga-Mat Fusion

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Explore the combination of Yoga and Pilates in this Mat workout with Zoey Trap. She moves back and forth between the two practices, keeping each one unique and distinct while finding the connections between them. She invites you to focus on the intelligence of the movements so you can really embody both practices.
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Jan 18, 2016
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Hi, I'm Zooey Trapp and with me are Katherine, Amy, and Christy. We're gonna enjoy a class together today called Palombo that explores combining the complimentary practices of [inaudible] and yoga, keeping each one unique and distinct. Step forward on your mat. Come into Pilati stance. Bring your heels together, toes apart, Saran wrap your hips together. Lift your abs, lift your heart, take a big breath in, and exhale. Make a box for your arms. Pull your thumbs inside your crease and pull yourself apart, bringing your ribs together. And then either cross one foot behind the other or reach the toe back and lower down on the mat. Push your head up as your hips.

Come down and wrap yourself and why on your back with your knees that let go. Let go of your spine and allow yourself to begin to imprint. Pilati chooses five parts of the mind. It first requires our intelligence we need to bring to our practice. The intelligence we have about our body, about the practice itself, about details that we're working on. It requires our memory.

So the memory of the order, the memory of those details, and invites us to use our imagination. Joe was a potties, playful guy, and so he has a lot of ideas and images for us of animals and movement. Bring your imagination to play today. Bring your intuition. No one knows your body better than you do. So if you come to an exercise today that doesn't feel right on your body, they're change it or leave it out and finally bring your will and desire.

When you think I've given everything, give a little bit more. Take a big breath in and exhale for ten nine eight abs dropping six, five deeper. Four, three, two. Hold that abdominal connection. Nod your chin to your chest. Pick your head up for the a hundred bring the knees to the chest. Stretch out to your point of controlling pump.

Inhale and exhale. Big vigorous pumps to get it going or each longer through the seat and strong. Allow the arm bones to move and hover right at the inferior tip. The shoulder blades come down a little lower. Eyes to belly pump and paddle your boats.

So right now you've created a big kayak and make it move across the floor. Big pumps, six to eight inches above the hips. Work the breath deep for every repetition. Eyes locked on the belly. Take one more breath and exhale. Shoot your arms up in your legs. Out For the roll out. Flex your feet and bring them together.

Arms right to the ceiling. Pick your head up, curl up and over yourself. Die like a wave on the beach. Tighten your seat and roll back. Pull your spine longer. Arms reach away, arms come up, head comes up. Lift your spine in a rounded shape and pull yourself back. Pull your center line together. Reach the arms, reach the head, curl up, stretch over. Make a big inner c curve and pullback.

Roll onto the mat, resisting and reaching and arms up. Had Up. Curl up and come over and again, think of lifting up and over and then rolling back, lengthening, lengthening, lengthening and one last time. Arms Up, head up, curl and dive over. Tight your seat and roll back. Pull your spine longer with your abs. Reach the arms back, arms by your side for the roll over. Bend your knees or lift them straight up.

Pilati stance and take your legs over. Open the legs, flex the feet and roll down. Keep reaching through the fingers. Bring the legs together. Bring them over. Open and flex and pull yourself into the mat. Bring the legs together, over and up. Scoop deep, open and press and roll down to reverse legs together apart. Lift up and over. Bring the legs together.

Press and push your wrists into the mat and barring them around. Lift them up and over. Close Flex and reach. Make your hips past your fingers and one more time and stretch and push your heels away. One leg circle, lower the front leg down, turn out other leg and we go cross center around. Rounded up one. Flex the base leg around two, reach through the heel. Keep the pelvis still and let the leg move one more and reverse out around lifting up. How far across can you reach?

Hold the back ribs wide and heavy on the mat. One more and says are the legs and crossed the center around and up. One, reach strong through the base leg to pelvis, still in steady. Three. Breathe into those back ribs. One more and reverse around. Cross and lift around.

Hit that mark around. Step on a dime around. Pull back and one more. Rolling like a ball. Lower the leg long. Bring the Chin to the chest. Corowa lift your hips to your feet. Wrap up in a ball shake. Make a little bracelet balance off your toes and pull your tail to your heels.

World back can come up in balance and roll back and up your abs. Take you back your abs. Bring you up. Keep your collarbones wide and open. Pull your belly deep to come up. Give me two more and up and get ready to scan. Roll down and stand up.

Take a big inhale and lower your arms. Bring your hands to your heart center. Coming into our first yoga practice. Establish an intention for your practice today. Switch your breath and come into either just yoga, breathing in and out through the nose, or Ooh, gia breath. If you know it, open your elbows up, press your fingers toward your heart and establish that intention throughout your very being. Offering your practice up for the greater good of something beyond your small self deed. Moke the salutation, a, bring the arms down.

Inhale hooks them. Sweep arms overhead and arch back. Exhale, bend, knees, swing arms, class pans, and straightened legs. Inhale, bend, knees, palms to the floor. Look forward, right lunch. Exhale, downward facing dog. Inhale to plank. Exhale. Then knees, chest, Chin to floor. Inhale, forward enough to Cobra. Exhale, pull seat to heels, downward facing dog. Inhale to plank. Exhale, try to run the vend elbows. Inhale, Urdhva. Mukha open up. Exhale, fold back, downward facing dog. Inhale, look forward, right lunge. Exhale, bring the left foot to meet right foot. Inhale, bend, knees, Hook some sweep. Arms overhead, arch back. Exhale, bend, knees, swing class pans and straightened legs. Inhale, palms to the floor. Look forward, left leg lunge back, downward facing dog. Lift. Hips.

Inhale to plank pose. Exhale. Then knees, place chest and Chin on floor. Inhale forward and up to Cobra. Exhale, push CTE heels downward facing dog. Inhale to plank again. Exhale, Chaturanga. Inhale, Urdhva Mukha. Lift the heart size off mat. Exhale, downward facing dog. Inhale, look forward. Left leg lunge. Exhale, step right foot to meet left foot. Inhale, Hook, thumbs overhead. Sweep back. Exhale, arms by the side.

Inhale, come into your Pilati stance. Make a box for your arms. Lift yourself tall as you lower to the mat for the abdominal series. As you roll onto your back, establish your Caladrius breath and bring your right knee in for single leg stretch. Other leg extends out. Head up and stretch and pull. Foot reaches same place every time.

Stretch it further adds deeper. Open the elbows wide. Hold the collarbones open. Reach and pull and stretch. Double leg. Stretch both ankles and feet in Pilati stance. Reach out and pull yourself back together. Inhale, stretch. Exhale, sweep in. Make yourself long. No, make yourself wider as you come around. Reach wide.

Touch the sides of the wall. Pull yourself in by the ABS and scissors, right leg pull, pull, pull, pull. Reach the legs like scissors. So instead of dropping the leg, stretch it out. I use to abs. Reach up higher because you can. One more and lower lifts. Hands behind. Head lower to three.

Lift up, curl over those ribs. Lift up and a one, two, three home. Work the seat to come home. Reach it long. Bring it up. One more. And Krista, me and cross and Chris and hold and change the breath. Twist. Lift up and over. Twist and hold. Stretch out. Elbows wide. Lift higher and hold.

Find your center line. Lift and lift and hold. Last time with this side. Stretch it out. Reach it up. Hold last time on this side and a one and a two and hold and hug your knees to your chest. Rock and roll your spine and come over to downward facing dog.

Plant your hands on the mat and step back. Take a few breaths here. Plant your hands into the mat, reach your fingers out and then look ahead at your thumbs and connect your thumbs so they shouldn't reach wider than your fingers. You want to kind of connect them in. That'll give the shoulders some support and then lift the hips high. Exhale, bend the knees a little bit. Now with the knees bent, see if you can bring that pelvis a little bit higher, spying higher, and then press the thigh bones back and sync the heels down.

Take a big breath here and find more length. Shake your head out and let any thoughts or worries go. And then inhale right leg forward. Warrior one back foot. Turns out about 30 degrees and lift up. Shoot the hands together from the heart.

Reach down to the outer edge and really press into both heels, some in your inner warrior to do battle for what is good. Exhale to warrior two. Turn your body, take a t stance. Daisy your front, Middle Finger and roll. Open the right knee so that it comes over. Take a big breath in and then lower the arms and sweep around to crescent lunge.

Lift the back heel. Now reach out high through the heart and as you exhale, bow forward, sweep your arms behind you, coming up into warrior three. Balance and reach your heel behind you. Lift the heart and send this back heel out. Press and lift the heart higher, higher, higher, and then very gently lower the heel down to crescent lunge.

Lift your intention back up and exhale facing dog. Step back. Take a few breaths here to reestablish a firm connection. Exhale, bend the knees a little bit, bring the pelvis a little bit higher and then straightened and press the thighs back. Sync the heels. Now look forward and move into warrior on the other side.

Left foot forward and lift up. Press the palms and lift the heart now and boy you're one. Bring this foot around more to the front toes more forward. Try to work to square off those hips. Hold your intention in your hands and let the hands express the work of the heart. And then open your hips.

Open yourself up while you're to spin the hips open. Inhaling and exhaling. Opening the hips like bookends, ruching, and drawing your sword for what is good and right. And then lower the back arms. Swing around to crescent lunge. Lift the back heel strongly and then exhale, bow forward.

Lift the back heel up. While your three reach through the back heel and lift the heart. Inhaling, exhale, push down through the grounding leg, back through the heel, and gently lowered down to crescent lunge. Lift your intention back up. Stretch your heart open. Exhale to downward facing dog. Lift your hips high. Take one final breath here, and then exhale, bend your knees, walk forward or a jump forward and take a seat coming into [inaudible] again.

So spine stretch forward and countering the AB five. Sit on your sits bones and lift your spine up. Arms out in front of you. Push down as though you're going to stand up off the legs. And then exhale, chin to chest, nose to naval, crown to mat. Fold into yourself. And then inhale, lift up. Use your ads to stack your spine. Exhale takes you down. Lift up, drape yourself into an inner c curve here.

So lifting the inner body and then come back up, up, up, curl around. C, capital c, find that in your upper body and then rule yourself back up. And one last time, exhale, come all the way over. Stay here for open my Grok or bend your arms down and take your ankles, bend your knees in and adjust on your mat if you need to. So you might want to come a little more forward there.

And then lift both legs up brightly, balancing. Open the collarbones, lift up taller more beautifully, and then bring your chin to your chest, roll back and rock forward and balance and pick your head up and chin to the chest. Rule back and pull your thighs away from you. Lift up and bring the chin down. Rule with the ABS and return him lift. And one more time. Roll all the way down. Pull yourself up, hold balance. Bring your legs together, corkscrew one teaser down like straight up in [inaudible] stance. Keep the hips grounded and take a little circle to the front inner round and scoop to Stapp and a little circle to the back around in scoop to stop. Hold the back ribs in the hole back heavy on the mat like a cookie tray full of Christmas cookies and corkscrew. To come around and lift the hips, just the lumbar spine and pull down and reverse and pull up.

Lift and try to reach up as you pull down and again and lift up. Press the feet toward the ceiling and keep them if you can. And one more time. Keep reaching up as you pull down to hold this shape. Saw Rock right up. Keep your l open, add to the front lift, twist, and exhale. Two, three sit tall and a lift. Twist. Anchor the opposite hip. Come up and twist and work the breath, the breath, the breath. Come up, ear two, knee stretch and reach. Come up, saw off your pinky toe. No lower and pull up last time.

Bring it around and reach, reach, reach, and come up. And bring your arms down. Cross your legs. Flip over to prone. Step back and come onto your belly. Setting up for Swan. Feed our in Pilati stance or parallel, big toe and little toe on the mat. Now send your tail down. Belly deep. Inhale, slide a marble with your nose, your eyes, your chin. Lift your chest, keep your hands anchored and then roll down. Find more length, more length, more length. Inhale, follow your breath up. Rise open as you scoop the belly, keep the elbows a little better and come down. Let's see if we can do one more. Keep the pubic bones on the ground.

Lift up so it's not like yoga. It's a little lower. That's it. And then come down and moving into neck roll. Come all the way up and turn your head to the front. Chin goes down around and center and to the back and chin down around. Shoulders still in center and lay all the way down on your mat and push back for rest. Inhale into your back and exhale, scoop your belly deeply.

Inhale, and as you exhale, lift your abs off your lap, fighting more conditions. And one more time. Inhale and exhale and sit up and bring your feet around to the front. Roll to your back for bridge. Lie On your back, feet, hip distance, or actually bring your feet together. Let's do full shoulder bridge. Lift up from the hips and then kick your right leg out and lifted up and lower it down and lifted up. Flex to go down and point to come up, brush the center line up and legs. Go all the way down.

Drag that foot in and roll all the way down. Bone by bone by bone to lift back up and then kick the other leg out. Kick it out and lift it up and flex it down. Keep lifting the hip higher as the leg goes lower. Press into the arms and drag that foot all the way in and roll all the way down onto your backbone by bone, by bone. Hug your knees to your chest.

Give yourself a little rock and roll on your spine and then roll over again, coming into your downward facing dog. Take a big stretch up through the hips. Reconnect to your intention and your yoga breath and inhale right foot forward while you're one hands from the heart. Exhale, Warrior two. Moving right through. Now inhale, straighten your front leg. Exhale, reach forward and come over for triangle pose. Work to open your body up, work the knee, and pull into the toe. Lift the muscles up around that leg. Leg tight.

Take one more breath here and then exhale, Chin to shin. Bumped the back foot in a little and square the front leg. Hip, back. Gaze up and exhale forward fold Shin to Shin. Inhaling and exhaling. Breathe in and breathe out.

Keep pulling this front leg up and back to get level. Take one more breath and exhale. Bend your front knee. Step back into plank pose. Exhale, knees, chest, Chin to floor. Inhale forward and up to Cobra. Exhale, push CT heels, downward facing dog and inhale left foot forward. Virabhadrasana one while your one some in your wire. Exhale, open to warrior two. Inhale, straighten your front leg and exhale, reach way out and go over to the side to open. Inhaling and exhaling work to find a nice flat spinal placement.

And if you can't get your hands to the floor, don't worry about it. Lift to your fingertips or lift up your leg a little bit higher like Christie's doing. Nice job. Take one more breath and exhale, rotate coming into Chin addition to bump back in square. Inhale, gaze up, and exhale forward fold. Bringing that left, left hip back. Inhaling and exhaling, let the spine be like a river, a river falls. So think of lengthening the spine down, lengthening, and letting the weight of your mind fall away from you. Take one more breath and exhale. Bend your front knee and inhale.

Step back into plank. Exhale, knees, chest, Chin to floor. Inhale, forward enough to Cobar. Open the heart and lifted. Exhale, push CTE heels in. Stay. Take a few breaths in. Child's pose, either arms out or down by your side. Just allow the breath to come in and allow the breath to go out. And then let's set up for sidekick series.

So lay down facing the back of the room, lie on your side and align your whole body along the mat. Reach your feet out to the corners. Take your hand and pull on your skull a little bit so you're getting length. Make this a whole body exercise. Lift the top leg and turn it out a little and then turn it in at the hip and turn it out and turn it in hip over here and turn.

And now turn it out. Keep it out. Square the hips, belly deed and kicked twice to the front and back. That big kick little kick back, back, hips level. And even now, push from the seat to go back. Front, front, back, back. Keep your hips hip over hip, long spine, nice and lovely. One more and up and down. Likes to gather up and pull them together.

Snap them up and reach them out as the leg goes longer. Pull the belly deeper. Reach and return. One more and small circles forward two, three, four and reverse. Belly deep hip over hip, inner thigh. Lift the leg up, then the top knee and step on this foot. Now reach underneath the ankle. Hold it in there. Bring this foot back and flex it and now pull both sides together.

Scoop and release and bring it up like you're cracking a nut in there. Pull those thighs together. Pull them together one more time. Pull them together. Now reach it up in big circle around one like a Ferris wheel to really clean the Gacaca of your hip. Bring it up and one more and reach it away. Reach the heel out, pull the abs deep, sweep that leg around and one more and bring the legs together.

Beats on the belly. Rule over two abdominals and beat, beat. Beat the feet. Keep them long from the seat or come out to the street clicking. Click and click those feet. Pull your abs off the Mat. Keep them deep and keep them flat and roll to the other side. Carry those feet right forward. Flex the bottom foot.

Scoop deep and reach and then turn out and turn in. Move the thigh bone in the socket and turn it out. Keep it out, toe soft and we'd go kick, kick back, back. Clean the dust under the table. So try to stay parallel to the floor. That's it. Big Kick, little kick back, back work.

The length of the waist and one more likes together and lift high and longer lift. It's like somewhere over the rainbow. Only you're making that rainbow. Reach it up and ride the rainbow down. And one more time. Small circles. One, two, three, four and reverse. Strike a match. With those feet round we go and inner thigh. Lift the leg up, step on the foot, pull it in, reach underneath the ankle, and then bring this leg back. If you can pull both eyes together and the love is at the top, so give them a little loving. That's it. Pull the ABS deeper as you reach farther. One more. And now, big circle, Ferris wheel or a coffee grinder.

Just bring the work up through the top of that circle, smiling Joya and reverse it and back and back and press round. We go where we stop. Only you know and roll over to your belly. Bring your hands underneath your head in crocodile pose. Take a deep breath in and simply bend your right knee.

Reach back for a quad stretch. Pull your right hip forward. Instead of thinking, pushing your heel to your seat, I want you to think I'm pushing away and I'm lifting the knee up. Oh, there's the juice. And then come down to change sides. Release that. If you can't reach your ankle, grab your pants leg or a yoga strap. If you have one handy and then come on down for locust.

Bring your legs together, bring your arms by your side, palms up, send your tailbone long belly deep. And then inhale, lift your shoulders off the Mag and now lift your head off the mat and pull your abs deeper and reach your hands backwards. Fly and gaze forward. Press your shins down to lift your heart ever higher. Take one more breath here and on your next exhale, come down, turn your cheek to one side and release your spine. You waggle your tail a little Beau Dhanurasana.

Bend both knees and take the outside of your ankles. Put your toes together. Your knees can be a part nose on the mat. Now inhale, push your feet away from you and rise up. Inhale, opening and exhale. Breathe in. Read out. I'm strung like a bow, opening my heart and exhale, come down and bring your hands under your forehead. Release. All right, challenging that Bo. So if that was challenging, I want you to take the same position. Taking the outside of your ankles if you want a little more for the shoulder.

And Christie has a shoulder injury, so I would say go to the outside ankle. Again, you're going to come to the inside of your ankles for a challenge and then inhale, push your feet away from you. Rise up like a bow. Keep your big toes touching and inhale open and exhale. Push those legs away and back and inhale, rise higher. Exhale and then return to the mat.

Turn your cheek to the other side and release the spine that each practice has its own challenges. For sure. Take your hands into place and push back for downward facing dog. Hold your dog and lengthen your spine to neutralize as we come into wild sand lift, either hold your dog or lift your front leg up way in the air and then Femini as though you're going to touch your opposite shoulder and rotate around. Freeing the hand in following and lifting right up through the heart. Reach to be wildest to dare and then exhale, fold back in down dog. Take a breath here and neutralize.

Lift the other leg up high on your inhale. Exhale, bend the knee, come around, lift up and reach through the heart and then full back around downward facing dog. Waggle the hips. If that feels good to you, bending one knee at a time and running your dog. Take one more breath out. And then as you exhale, walk your knees or jump and sit down on the front of your mat for teaser one. So moving back and forth between these practices, I hope you can find that important connection to the same alignment principles. The same need to work from the ABS, the center line. One leg teaser.

Take your front leg up, hold the plaintiff your knees together. Reach up for your toes, pull strong into your center line and rule down to come up. Stay up and twist to the front and center and twist to the back and center and roll down eyes. Dibeli n come up and change legs. Do a little cancan roll down through your spine and pull up with your abs and take a twist to the front and center and a twist. Lift Tall. I had rolled down again through the middle of your spine and come up and stay up and bring both legs together for teaser one and rule down reaching.

Come up and pull your tail under you to rule down and strong coming up. And one more time. Reach down, reach all the way up to the sky as though you will touch the clouds and pull yourself apart. Ruling all the way down, bone by bone, by bone. Ah, keep your right arm over your head. Bend your left knee and your left are and flip over your body onto your prone position for swimming. Reach your arms and legs out. Stretch long legs together and inhale. Lift the right arm and the left leg and look up and come down and lift up.

Hold your center line as you lift and now swim. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Lift higher. Look longer. There could be sharks out there. You got to swim away from them. Take one more big breath up and exhale. Come down leg pull front. Bring your hands underneath your shoulders. Flex your feet, tighten your seat, lift your knees, lift your ribs and press right up. Reach your heels out behind you, and then lift the right leg up, press back and come forward and down and left leg. Reach through the toe.

Give me a little soft point as you do that. And right leg press and home and return and left leg. Press and home and return. Now hold here, hold, hold, hold, hold strongly and flip over to your right hip and sit around to the front of your mat. They see coming into yoga again. So reaching. When we stand in Yoga, it's our mountain pose. That's our foundation. And when we sit, then Dossena is our foundation.

So sitting into your staff pose, reach your heels, place your hands down, really lift up your heart, create a firm foundation through everything touching the earth and try to rise out of it. And then inhale, reach your arms way up and exhale forward fold. Now if you can grab your feet and if you can't, don't worry about it. Hold onto your shins. Inhale, lift and lengthen your spine. Find a flatter position. And then fool down again and surrender the mind.

Inhale and exhale, coming into this place of surrender, grounding through the hips and lengthening the spine. Keep your head down and just release the shoulders. But yearn. Reach out through the heels, reach back through the hips. So allowing this fold to become like the bend of a river and the water moves around the rivers. Bend energy doesn't get stuck. So holding right here, reaching out, and then going ahead and coming up for bounding angle.

Sit up and bring the soles of your feet together and then hold the inside of your feet and open them like books. So holding right here and then literally spinning the edges of those books up because the feet express the hips. So when we open you feel how that opens you more. And then inhale, lift up and exhale, keeping a flat back bend over. And don't worry about how far you're going. Worry about, is my spine straight? Is My heart open? Is My breath even inconsistent?

So to learn how to ask what we need and accept what we're given as part of our journey. And if we were given tighter hips, that doesn't mean that we don't try to open them. But as part of our journey, come all the way up. Wide Angle pose. Take your legs far, far apart. Bring your hands behind you, lift your heart and boost forward more so you can kind of bring that position to open. And that makes sure that if you bow forward, you can touch your toes. That's the kind of, there you go. So inhale, reach your arms up, exhale, reach, way out. Take a bind around the big toe, pull your heart more open, and then exhale. Maybe your belly will come to the floor. Maybe it won't. I don't know what you were given. I don't know what journey you have, but I know that the farther outside of yourself you look for the truth, the farther away that truth will become.

Take one more breath here and then let it go and come all the way up for [inaudible]. Keep your legs where they are. This is tortoise pose. So you're going to bend your knees and then wiggle your hands underneath and behind you. And then once you're down there, flex your feet, work your hands behind you. You can take a in there if you can bind. Otherwise just reach through your heels and surrender. So turtles are amazing creatures cause they have everything they need on their back. They have a shell that's their house, but they have a soft tender body on. They peak their head out to make a connection with all other beings.

Gently bring your hands out of there. Bring your hands behind you for Provo to NASA. Bring your legs in a little bit, maybe just outside your mat. Fingers pointing to the feet. And then lift way up. Lift the heart. And then once you've got your shoulder blades on your back, allow your head to go backwards. Yeah. And if that doesn't feel good, then don't do it. Keep your chin to your chest. Take one more big breath here.

Get Nice and buoyant. Press into the feet and then exhale. Sit Back Down and take the risks in a little circle to just give them a release. Swing your feet to the back of the Mat to me for mermaid. So we'll start with mermaid stretch, stack the ankles one over the other and reach your left arm all the way up to your ear. So let's stretch. Ooh, I way up. Get a little higher. And then inhale over to the side stretch.

Exhale out to a tee like you're catching the sun, and then come over. Inhale, palm is up and exhale home. Use your abs. Stretch up and reach over. Exhale, open to it. T inhale, stretch out. Palm goes up. Reach. Send your tail under and pull back with your abs. Come home, take your hand behind your head. Take a little stretch here, turning your elbow toward your knee and then coming into full mermaid. Place your left hand fingers away from face. Top leg goes Justin, front and vendor's elbow. So this is your Mermaid Mirror. Look in your mirror.

What does it reflect? And then pick yourself up and shoot that mirror away. Lift the body brightly and exhale. Come down, look in your mirror and go right back up. Lift the side body and come down. And one more time. Shoot up and exhale. Come all the way down.

Bring your hands behind you, teaser to the other side, lift and bring your legs around. Stack ankle over ankle. Again, reach up, pull your tail under you slightly to ear and ear to arm. And inhale, reach out. Exhale stretches. Why does you can inhale, reach away as far as you can. And exhale. Use your abs to bring you home where each arm a year as you go over and stretch out to a t and go over again, palm up, arm to ear and year to Ironman. Pull back home and bend the elbow and take a little stretch. Wrap up, rotate and then full mermaid. Bring your right hand down, fingers away, top leg in front. And inhale. Lift the side body up brightly and exhale, come down and touch the shins. And Inhale, lift from the side waist and exhale come home. And one more time.

Pull yourself up and then bring yourself lightly down and swing your feet back to the front of your mat for seal. Boost your bottom forward. Say a little prayer cause we're almost there and dive through and catch your feet and collap your feet. One, two, three, rolled back and one, two, three. Come up. I stayed belly here. I stayed a belly here. Clap from your inner thighs. And together we go. One, two, three, roll back. One, two, three. Come up. One, two, three. Roll back. Use your abs. Come up, get ready to stand. One, two, three. Let go and stand up strong.

Lift yourself up and rotate around for the pushup series. Reach your arms up to the sky. Bring your chin to your chest, crawl over yourself like you're diving into the water over a pool. Three steps right, left, right, and bend the elbows and straight and pause and bend the elbows and straight and pause. So I'm like, Chaturanga the pushups in potties. Come straight down. That's it. And now die here. Head in, get round and walk in. Rounder rounders. Stretch and then roll up.

Anchor through the feet and reach the arms up and chin to the chest. Lift up to go over this time it's going to be a left step and not so fast. Left, right, left and bend and straighten. One. Press the thighs together. Two eyes down just in front of the fingers. Three, curl your head in. Use your abs to lift higher and rounder. Two. Three, take a stretch. Roll all the way up, up, up, up, up to a stand.

Lower your arms. Step forward with your front foot and pivot around to face the front of the Mat. Again, simply rule down and onto your back. So roll down, bend your knees and roll onto your back for a little bit of Yoga. So bend the knees. We're coming into shoulder stand.

If you want to practice shoulder stand, I'm going to talk you through. If you don't simply take your mat over to a wall and put your legs up the wall. But to do shoulder stand, you can keep your knees bent, establish your yoga breath, and then crow over. Lift your hips up, get your feet into a plow position, and then walk your hands as high up your back as you can. Bringing the thumb and fingers together and then activate the upper arm and lift one leg up. And then the other leg up. Can I give you a little adjustment here?

And then you want to snug in that shoulder blade area and come up, relax the feet and just enjoy that trickle down effect of relax your feet. There you go. So this can all let go. Holding up the seat, pressing the backs of the thighs away. I straight up and honoring the practice of the breath like a candle in a windowless room. Be still breathe in and out. Let all the love around you, all the love within you.

Come down and blanket your mind and then exhale, reach your legs over your head to the floor for plow pokes. If your feet are on the floor, then feel free to take a shoulder bind. If your feet are not the floor, you need the support of your spine, then keep your hands on your back. Lift your knees up high away from your face. Keep pressing the thighs away and lifting the hips higher away from the shoulders. And then bend your knees coming into deaf man's pose.

So both knees bend down alongside and we close off the earth, keeping the hips and the spine long. And then inhale, straighten your legs back out, reach through the heels, release your bind, open your shoulders and roll down, bringing the feet over the hips and then bending the knees. So once you're right here, bend your knees, take your feet to the floor for fish. Slide your legs away from you. Keep your legs firmly together and bring your elbows up so your fingers point straight to the sky and then lift your head up. So lift with your arms to free your head. God said, yeah, so that you don't drag it and then rotate your palms down. Inhale and exhale.

Breathe in the strength, the desire to speak the truth to mean what you say and say what you mean. And then inhale, push your arms down into the floor to free your head. Bring your chin to your chest, lie down, bend your right knee to your chest, give it a hog, extended up to the ceiling, and then take your left arm out like the wing of a bird. Twist, exhale and twist over. If this is too much, then you simply bend this knee. Otherwise you try to lift that leg up as high as you can and then leave your arm behind, look behind and let go.

Foot can be to the floor or you can hold it up and then bend the knee and roll back into center. Take the other knee into the chest and give it a hug and then stretch it up and cross the handover. Take the other handout, like the wing of a bird, and then just follow your breath down. Taking a nice final twist, bringing the foot to the floor. That fields where I letting the spine unwind and then pulling that knee bend to return. And then take yourself out to Shavasana. So take the feet apart about map distance.

Give the legs a little shake, let the hands roll open and let go. Let go of your breath. Allow yourself to be breathe. Let go of the tension that you're holding in your body. See if you can let the breath begin to be like a feather duster. So anywhere that you're holding tension in your body, simply send the breath away.

Breathe in and out when you feel ready. And no particular way. Make small movements that feel right intuitively to you. Moving maybe your hat or your fingers and your toes. Stretch any neon. Take a deep breath in and then pull your knees into your chest. I taking slow, luxurious time and roll over to your right side and use your hands to help you come up and set. Sit In an upright position, lifting your head, bringing your hands to your heart, close your eyes and come back to that intention that you set before class.

Know that you are enough just as you are, that your practice is just that. It's a practice. One breath, one movement at a time. Thank you for practicing with me today. Now I'm a stay.


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Great practice, sometimes a little to fast to deepen.Great visuals.
Thank you!
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What's with all the yoga Pilates combo videos lately on PILATES anytime?
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Really enjoyed this but somehow I feel we get more from yoga or more from Pilates when we practice each independently. Yoga breath is different and yoga movement is more static where as Pilates is more dynamic . I practice some yoga and teach Pilates . Both are wonderful but I would prefer to keep them separate...personally .
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Lovely to watch but all too fast for me . if you are going to do yoga videos can we have some at a beginner level . Pilates will always be my first love and that is why I joined Pilates anytime .
Thank you all for your feedback. This subject has been a tough one for us as so many of our members include yoga as part of their physical practices (separate from Pilates) and have requested the inclusion of classes just like Zoey's here. We felt comfortable with having Zoey teach these classes based on the fact that she is highly experienced in both disciplines and specifically separates them in alternating each segments rather than fusing them together to create "new" exercises. Pilates classes of course are our preference on the whole here at Pilates Anytime. I believe you'll find that reflected clearly when considering the entire video library. At the same time, we will occasionally offer supplemental modalities (dance, mediation, yoga etc...) as a way of supporting the various activities our members participate in.
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HI everyone! thanks for your comments. I love both and have taught both over 20 years. I practice each independently, and that is why instead of 'fusing' them together, we go back and forth between the two. This particular format came together because at my studio the yoga students wouldn't do a full Pilates practice, nor would the Pilates folks do a full yoga practice... it was a way of exposing them to something different. I realize it is not everyone's cup of tea, and thank you for sharing your comments and thoughts! Light and love!
Thank you for your question Anne. We do have a separate website for just this purpose. It's called Yoga Anytime. Our intention with offering a class like Zoey's is not to blend two disciplines, confuse or upset anyone. Our intention is to provide a service often requested by our Pilates Anytime members, knowing that the majority of our content is geared towards the Pilates enthusiast and/or Pilates teacher seeking access to the highest quality Pilates teaching in the world.
I lik this combination!
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I love the combo of yoga and Pilates, It's fun to mix things up!!
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Loved it! Joseph was influenced by yoga. It seems natural and fitting to include it in mat work. That is how I have taught it for 16 years. Never had a complaint. In fact, students often thank me for including it Bc they were intimidated to take a whole class or found a class of all yoga not as enjoyable, there is a lid for every pot as my grandmother would say.
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