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If your back feels stiff, this Mat workout with Nagi Takahashi will be perfect for mobilizing your thoracic spine! She works on creating space between the pelvis and the rib cage so you are free to move in all planes. She also adds extension and rotation to traditional exercises like Spine Stretch, Saw, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Jan 09, 2016
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Okay. So hello everybody. Um, it's good to be back in Santa Barbara and to be back on for ladies anytime. Uh, this is my fourth time filming and we're going to do a mat workout, uh, focusing on, uh, the mobility of the thoracic spine. So I you live at stiff. We were just at the PMA and, um, this, this is Joe and I got this from, um, uh, Chuck's Rappaport's, uh, booth. I still have it. So, um, yeah, so Joe, wherever you are, I think he'll be seeing us. Okay. So, um, San facing me, we're going to be doing, um, standing work, mobilize, uh, with mobilization of the thoracic spine. So just about your feet aren't sitting bones distance apart.

Okay. I want to start with breathing. Okay. So putting your thumb on your back rib cage and then, uh, the other fingers on the front ribcage. A, um, think of lifting your back rib cage away from your psis. Yeah. Like your twelves cage away from it. So it's a little bit going little bit towards, yeah, a little flection but not slouching. Okay. And then we take an inhale through the back replication and aside, and exhale, go a little bit.

So think of lifting the rib cage as you inhale and exhale and inhale through the back and the side of the rib cage. And try not to drop that re-pitch as you exhale. Yeah. And then you can feel probably feel a little bit of stretch in your toes, torso and exhale. Okay. And remember that sensation of the lift cause one when we want to move our thoracic spine, we always want to have that space between this pelvis and your rib cage. Okay. And then interlace your hands behind the head. Okay. Feel that lift.

And then we're going to go over to the right. Inhaling over, exhale to come back to center. Yeah. And inhaling, lift up and then go over and exhale. Okay. So what we want to do is lift up and over. So we don't want to sly that opposite rib cage out. Okay. So we want to lift up and over making a straight line from your hips to your elbows and exhale center. Inhale up and over and exhale center. And inhale. Keeping both way, a, B, both feet on the same weight.

Inhale up and over and exhale. Last one on each side. Inhale and exhale. Still lifting and inhale over. Exhale, come back to center. K, reach your arms out the size a little bit in front of you. Okay. And then here we're going to slide this time it's slide a rib cage to the right and exhale center. Inhale, slide your ribcage to the left good XL center and remember to keep that pelvis still and slide it over to the left and he inhale to the right. Exhale center. Inhale to the left.

Exhale center and two more sets and center and reach that arm across as well. And Center one more. And inhale, exhale. Last one. Inhale and exhale. Okay, so we're going to do a combination of that though. Interlace your hands behind the head so we think of lifting up, lifting the back reputation off of your pelvis, good. Reaching over to the right. Good.

And then we slide over to the ride without lifting that opposite leg. Get and then come back to center. And when we lift up and over side bend and then we slide over. Nice and cool. And Center, we lift up and slide. Nice and up and slide over.

Right. And inhale, exhale. And inhale up and over. Exhale as good, like you're dancing. And in inhale and exhale. Last one. Inhale. And exhale, come. All right. Does that feel good already? It's alright. Okay.

Then let's sit down and then we're going to roll our upper back and our shoulder ways. I'm just so we have more mobility in the thoracic spine. So putting out the, probably at the end of the tips of your shoulder blades and release your hands behind the head. Lift your pelvis up. Alright. And then look towards the ceiling as we go down and up. Think of pressing your head back against your hand when you go up to your shoulder blades and then go into the lowest rib cage and okay. We're not going to be doing a so much rolling, but it's going to facilitate the movement of your thoracic spine.

Okay. And then let's turn your chest towards me. Good. And then roll to the shot that way. Yeah. How about going back and forth? Five or six times slowly. So we want to go through that muscle.

[inaudible] good. Come back to center. And then opposite side. Yes. Even if we're rolling, want to keep ourselves in alignment so we keep our dominoes engaged. Our shoulders are down and back and we breathe. Most importantly. Hey, two more and one more. Okay.

Let's come on up. All right. I'm going to set our foam alerts to the side. We're not going to be using it until the latter part of the class. So, uh, city costly. Good. Oh, okay. Well, okay. We did some lateral rotation and some sliding, so we went to uh, go on with rotation and I before we do flection and extension. Okay. So putting your middle fingers together.

Maybe I should face this way and then, uh, just underneath your chest. Yeah. And then we're going to rotate to the right. Inhale. Exhale. Come back to center. Yeah. Keeping your middle fingers under your chest and then really think of moving at the ribcage XL center in here to the right and center. Inhale to the left. Yeah. This way, if you try to move your fingers, you're not moving from your rib cage. Yeah.

So keep your fingers right where they are. Think of your, you have with just one eye on that middle finger and you're looking left and right and center. And one more on each side and center. Keep lifted. Remember what we just did on first? Breathing and exhale. Okay. We're going to add some movements. So inhale to the right. You're going to open that right arm. Yeah.

Think of your pinky finger going far across, and then rotating a little further. Bring that on back. And then exhale, center. Inhale. As you rotate to the left and exhale as we rotate a little further, use that arm, use those back extensors and arm back, and then rotate the center. Inhale, exhale, reach. Inhale, arm back. Exhale, center, and inhale to the left. Remember not to slide the, think of something a stick going down to, uh, through your spine. And one more set. Inhale, exhale, reach.

Open the shoulder. Inhale and XL center, and to the left. Inhale. Exhale, re reach and inhale and exhale. Center. Good. Alright. Um, no, we're going to interlace our hands behind the head. It's going to be doing a little bit of a flection. So going up and then forward. Inhale as we bring restack the spine, and inhale, grow taller, and then up and forward, just focusing on folding from under the ribcage.

Inhale, exhale down. Sorry. An inhale up and exhale down an inhaler. One more, and [inaudible]. Then inhale. Okay. From here, we're going to rotate again. Inhale, as we rotate and exhale as we flex our spine. Inhale as he come up XL center, let the saw, inhale and exhale down. Inhale up and center, and inhale to the right. Exhale, fold from under the RIPP kids and up and center.

One more. Inhale. Exhale, curl from the cervical, then your thoracic. Inhale up, and then come back to center. Okay, from here, uh, we're going to exhale as we rotate and inhale as we bring the left elbow towards the ceiling. A little bit of extension in the thoracic spine, and exhale, come back. Inhale to the center. Exhale. As we rotate, inhale, as we bring that up, elbow up, and exhale. Inhale, center. Exhale. Right? And Inhale [inaudible] and center and left and up and back and center. One more. Inhale. I mean next. Now inhale and exhale and center.

Last one. Rotate and lift and back and come back to center. All right. Okay. And then, uh, let's move yourselves forward. Okay. And then I think we moved a little bit. I heard, does your thoracic spine feel a little bit loose now? Yeah, shoulder width. All right.

Now then we're going to be focusing a little bit on our little more spine to go. Roll to roll down. Hey, so bringing your hands up to the back of your thighs. Hey, and then lifting up nice and tall. Hey, think of your hand pushing against your hamstrings, your hamstrings against your hands. Hey, really use those arms and any hell to prepare. Exhale. Push your hamstrings to your hands as you roll back. Yeah, without moving your legs. And inhale, come back and exhale.

Roll back from the lowest part of your spine and inhale as we come back and exhale. Good. I remember not to bring that a head forward, but tried thinking of pressing the head backwards to keep your head aligned with a spine and exhale. Yeah. If your head fork comes forward, you tend to s uh, internally rotate your shoulders and then go into like a crunch. And so we keep elongating the spine as we go back and then up. Okay. Last one. Hey, we stay there.

It would be bring our arms forward. We rotate to the right and center keeps scooping to the left and center to the right center. Remember not to move that pelvis, but to move from your sternum and center and to the left and center one more right and center and to the left center in whole and XL. Roll all the way down. All right. Okay. We're going to, uh, move our shoulder blades. Eight. So bring your arms up towards the ceiling. Okay.

And then, uh, I said that we're going to move our shoulder ways, both try to focus on moving your collarbone. Okay. Because your collarbone moves with the shoulder wade ski. So thinking of bringing the collarbones back into the mat that makes your shoulder blades retract or your shoulder blades are going together to the center. And then the color bone goes up towards the ceiling. This is pro traction or the shoulder base opens up to the side. Hey, and then the collarbone back, dig the shoulder blades down into the mat and then up shoulder blades, down, caller bone back. And then shoulder blades, liftoff as a color bones go forward, making like a dome shape with your chest and then back and then forward, back and forward. Okay. Keep doing it. And then remember not to, um, lift your rib cage up and down easily.

The back side of your rib case stays relaxed. We just focusing on moving from the shoulder blades. Right. Okay. One more back and then up. And then when we're doing the chest lift, we want our shoulder blades to be open. CanNot retract it. Not towards the spine because that blocks the selection of the spine.

Yup. Okay. And then so interlace your hands behind the head. You feel that protraction or the widening of the shoulder blades. Hey and take an exhale as we breathe a, as we stabilize the pelvis a like we, I like I was doing in the reformer exercise, I want you to inhale as we bring the head and chest up. Exhale as we go down. Inhale as we breathe, or the back side of the rib cage on. Exhale, come back. It's almost as your back rip you just like sort of pushing you up and exhale back. Inhale, lift.

Okay. And exhale back. Kick your, keep your secret and really firmly down on the floor. And exhale down. And Inhale, lift. Yeah, your sternum goes down. Then exhale, come back. Let's go for two more. Inhale. Good man.

Exhale down. And one more angel up. And exhale, come all the way down. Inhale as we come up again. Good. Now we're going to bring the right leg up to tabletop that hold with me with both hands. Okay. Let the leg take you up a little bit more.

So think of pushing forward with the knees to keep you up. Yeah. And then try to bring that, um, pelvis into neutral. Good. And then a little bit back and exhale up and back and up. Yeah. And back. Your Shin is parallel to the floor. Think of sliding your shin. Full word. Yeah.

As you go into a little bit of more flection in that thoracic spine, back and two and last one. Yeah. Let the leg lead you back and bring the leg back. Go down once. Inhale and exhale up to just lift. Bring less leg up to tabletop. Hold with both hands, right.

And then let the leg lead you to a little bit more. Flexing and back and up. Lovely. And back and up and back. It really hold on. Tight and back. Yeah, let the pack release as you go into flection. [inaudible] and two more.

Think of a really going down with the brawling and then lift thing forward and back. Let's go all the way down. Alright. Uh, in Elisa, hands behind the head again. We're going to inhale and then now exhale as we bring ourselves up to chest lift position. Good. Bring the right leg up to top tabletop. Keep that position of your torso and let's switch legs. Exhale. The last set and we're going to rotate and rotate to the leg that's closest to you. And rotate.

Yeah, keep your pelvis in neutral. Move from the rib cage and two last one. Good. Hey, come back. Good. Hold onto your shins. Inhale and exhale. Curl up into a chest position. Hey, and then just little rolling. Small. Rolling. Yes. So we massage that lower back first, but keep your ball position. Ball position.

[inaudible] ball ball shape. There we go. Okay. All right. Okay. From there, let's go up. Let's make that a rolling a little bigger, right? So your sits bones are up towards the ceiling. When you go back, no complaints. And here your shoulder blades are open, your thoracic spine is inflection and your struggle blazer down and back. Two more. Oh, last one. Come up and hold. Good.

And then place your feet close to your heels. That lift up tall. Inhale. And then exhale as we roll down there, the lower back, Sarah, that upper back, and then place your hands on the floor. And let's go into bridging a without articulating the spines. So with the flat spine.

So we inhale as we bring the pelvis up, using your hamstrings and the glutes. Exhale as we bring the pelvis down. Inhale as we bring it up and exhale down. Feel the [inaudible] across the hip flexors. Try not to splay the rib cage and um, and remember to keep that elongated spine.

So reach the energy through the move and then through the top of your head and up and down. Hey, now that we have used our glutes and ora hamstrings, we roll down articulating the spine. Inhale to prepare. Exhale, roll up gate. Now keep your pelvis up. Hey, I only want you to move the thoracic spine. So think of just dropping the sternum down and then lifting and then drop the sternum down again. Keep the pelvis lifted and then up. Yeah, keep your triceps firmly down on the floor. Your shoulder blades are wide across the mat, down with a sternum, uh, without spoiling down. And then up in hold, we're going to go a little bit more down. So down to the lower back. So just in back of the, um, belly button. And then come on up.

Xcel as we go down, just your belly button and then up articulating the spine and like you're kind of sighing and then lift and let's roll all the way back down to the pelvis and then into a neutral spine. Inhale and exhale, curl back again. Now we're going to ask them rotation here. So think of, um, bringing the right asi is down good. And then lifting it up and then the left Asi is down and lift up, right lowers. Okay. Think of your pelvis is a bucket of water and you're pouring it to the left side. And then up like keys, your knees aligned and the left and up. Okay.

And if you can touch the mat with your ride bomb up and then now touch with your left bottom and then lift. Rotate and down and up again. Left and up. One more, right and up and left and down. I end up, sorry. And then exhale, roll all the way down. All right, inhale as we prepare. Exhale, roll it back again.

This is the last one for the bridge. Okay. Now remember what we did a standing, we slide the rib cage. So slide [inaudible] over to the right there, and then center. Slide it over to the left. Yeah, and then center initiate with the rib cage over to the right. Lovely Center. And then left. Good Center.

The pelvis can move. Yeah, so you initiate with the rib cage and then the pelvis follows. Initiate with the rib cage and then the pelvis follows. One more each side, right back and left back. Good. Align yourself. Inhale and exhale. Roll all the way back down. Oh, okay.

Your legs are Aus Straight and together. Okay. We can do some roll-ups. So bringing the arms overhead without playing your ribcage. Inhale as we bring the arms towards the ceiling, curl up into of IHS lip position. Exhale, roll and in. That's okay. Exhale, roll down. Good. And remember what we just said and over.

Inhale. Yeah, bring yourself up to that chest of position and then roll. Inhale at the top. Exhale, roll down. Yeah, keep your legs reaching out and inhale. Asked him. Once we come back up, inhale and exhale down. Okay. Now inhale, come up to chestnut. Position a hole. They rotate to your right and exhale, think of something somebody is pulling your arms up so we keep that little bit of rotation.

Come to center and then roll back down again in a straight line. Inhale, we bring the head and chest up. Rotate your rib cage to the left XL. Go forward, center and roll back down. Ah, and inhale, chest up, rotate to the right and exhale roll good. Center all the way down and always keep elongating spine.

Last one. Inhale, rotate to the left. Keep your right palm down. Exhale as we roll. Come to center and then sit up to a sitting position. Okay, feet flexed. Open your feet to your mat width. Hey, let's do some uh, spine stretch. Inhale and then really lift up tall XL as we go down from the crown of the head, cervical spine.

Remember not to move the pelvis and then in house we come back and exhale as we roll down. Thinking of going up and over and up. Yeah, and exhale down. Wow. [inaudible] inhale up. Hey, now we rotate again to the right side and then go to your right leg.

Exhale down, uh, and inhale up and exhale to the right side. Again, we're doing that last one on the right side. Inhale and exhale going down an e. Inhale up, come back to center, rotate to the left. Inhale, grow tall. Exhale, roll down. Really opened that upper back and in hills we come back and exhale and back. And exhale, try to keep the PSI as where it is and then the lift the back. All right, and then come back to center. Okay, we go forward and down again.

We're going to add some extension, so lifting up, up, up a bit without splitting your rib cage. Xcel roll down and then reset the spine again. Inhale and exhale. Roll head, neck and chest. But starting from the pelvis we reach, yeah, reach your heel out towards each other. Exhale, roll down. And then restack. Inhale, exhale and reach. Hold in that lovely die. I know line.

We're going to rotate to the right. Inhale to center, rotate to the left and center. Keep elongating the spine to the right and center and left and center. Remember not to remove those heels or the pelvis n center and to the left, can you feel it back with sensors working and to the right and center. Last one to the left and center and hold thumbs back. Let's go for eight and one and two and three and four.

Five good flicks. Seven hold and roll back into the nice sitting position. Oh right. Okay. Uh, lays out further apart. It's eight. We're going to do the song. Okay. First flection and then I'm going to be doing [inaudible] extension with the uh, rotation and extension, which we don't have a lot employees, I don't think. Yeah. Yay. Hands down. Uh, forward.

Whatever is comfortable for you. Uh, but your, I want your shoulder. Um, I want your upper arms and your shoulders to be externally rotated. Alright, so, uh, let's, let's do the left. Inhale and exhale. Less forward. Inhale up and center and to the right to the right. Thank you. Exhale, down and center. We always start from the right. So let's make it a little bit. Chin down.

Up and center. And this is what you're familiar with down up and center. One more set left and, and up and center. And right down, up and center. Okay, now we go left. Okay. We put our on down to the left side of the cage. Good. And then we loop. Try to, you can bend your elbows, rotate.

We extend and then come back and center. Doesn't that feel lovely? Will and to the right, but the hand down, you can bend little and the reach your heart up towards the ceiling and up and center. Exhale and inhale. Might be better. Exhale and inhale. Center. Exhale. Good. Inhale, exhale and lift and putting hand down. Yeah, you can feel your shoulders opening and up and center and right and left and up and center. Good. Okay. And we can even lift the pelvis up, but I'm going to keep it into a beginner, beginner level. So yes, let's stop with that. Okay. All right. Um, so we're gonna use the Foam Roller for our mermaid. So why don't we, yeah. Have our rollers outside. Outside.

Yes. Thank you. Good. Hey and then you're in a mermaid position. Okay. So we mobilize the thoracic spine. So we're gonna keep it, um, stabilize first. So putting your hand down. Okay.

We lift the opposite hip as we roll out. Yeah. But I don't want you here. Hey. So you pull lift. Yeah. And then lengthen, right. And come back. Okay. We bring opposite side, but try not to rotate yet and come back and inhale over and exhale. Come back and inhale over and exhale, come back. Okay. From here, inhale over XL. Rotate. Inhale back and exhale up and up and rotate.

Yeah, try to make your arms parallel as much as possible. Up and come back. And two more. Rotate and inhale back and exhale center. One more. Inhale over and exhale, rotating. Add your rib cage and inhale and exhale center.

Okay. And then just stretch over to the other side. Yeah. And then try to lift that bottom side up as well while you're doing that. Oh really good. And then coming back. Okay. Uh, let's go onto the other side. Oh, great. So it's not right beside, but a little bit forward. So you have your shoulder blade, it's aligned with their shoulder blades, weight.

And then we're just going up and over first and then come back. Yeah, so you're outside, um, but goes and back and then putting it all the way down. When you come back, inhale up and exhale and try to lift and then go. Exhale. And now rotation. Inhale, exhale, rotating at the rib cage. Inhale back and exhale up.

Putting your sits bones down. Inhale and exhale and exhale. One, uh, two more and up last one. And inhale and exhale, rotate, rotate, rotate. And inhale, rotate and rotate and then come back. All right. And then reach up and over for a nice stretch. Wow.

Breathing to the top and exhale, come back. Okay, now putting our rollers in front. Lying prone. Good to have you put your wrists on the phone. Alert about shoulder width, and then your palms are looking towards each other. Your legs are out. And I said a long, think of lifting the belly button a little bit off the mat. So we keep our domos engaged. Your weight is on your pubic bone, and without moving their foam roller, you're going to lift the head up. Good.

Press Down with the wrist and your shoulders and look at that foam roller with your collarbone in your chest bone. Okay. But I don't want you to pull the roller towards you yet and XL down. Hey, so without any movement in the foam roller, inhale as we lift and exhale down. So I want you to feel your upper thoracic spine first and Xcel down [inaudible] so your lowest rib cage is down on the mat. Yeah.

And exhale down. Hey, push down with the wrist. End The shoulders, stabilizers, look forward and exhale down. And I remember not to pinch the back of your neck, so keep that cervical spine long thinking of reaching out to the top of your head and exhale down. Now inhale, go through that position and then roll the formal a little bit towards you for another lift. And then exhale down. Good. Keep it still when you're going through the upper thoracic and then pull it towards you with your shoulders and exhale down. Inhale [inaudible] good.

Lifting your Domino's and exhale down and ene handles B lift and exhale down. Okay. From here, let's roll the foam roller towards you. So it's right at the middle of your forearms. Okay. And then from here, same thing inhales. We roll up. Good pull towards you and then towards your yet until it's about your wrists and exhale down. So even if it's a bigger extension, you always start from the upper back and then lift. Lovely. Nice, beautiful guys.

And down and inhale. Rolling up. Yes. Yeah, you can really, uh, feel your shoulder stabilizers working here as well. One more. And inhale, lift and exhale going all the way down. Oh right. Let's put a foam roller to the side. Okay. And then putting your hands beneath your forehead. Okay. You can either have your legs together or a little bit of parts.

If you feel you have a some pressure on your lower back, we're going to keep that hands against the forehead as we lift that up your back. And I lift the head and the chest and then back down. Okay. Same thing. Think of pushing your forehead with the hands. [inaudible] try to create space between the pelvis and the ribcage and exhale down. So we focus on the upper back. Still. Inhale up and exhale down. Okay. Anyhow, up in hole eight we're going to rotate to the right and then come back to center, rotate to the left, come back to center and then go down. Okay.

I think it'll be easier if we bring our other the opposite leg up to do this. So we're going to add that. So inhale this peopling or haven't chest up. Good in house. We wrote to the right lifting the left, like upped and then center rotate to the left as we bring the right leg up and center and rotate central. Sorry about that. And we're going to still continue rotate and center. One more need slash rotate and center.

Remember not to slide that rib cage and just rotate center and go down. Right. Go up into your nice wrist position and in here [inaudible] [inaudible], [inaudible] and he'll do the back and towards your pelvis and exhale, pull the dominoes in in him and XL. Roll up to sitting position. Okay. Uh, we're gonna use the former law again. Um, I'm gonna have you go into a quadruple position with your elbows first. Yup.

And then we're going to be moving or a shoulder blades again without, um, too much movement in the thoracic spine. Okay. So press down with the elbows. You're in neutral spine position. And then we're just going to pull the shoulder waist together without displaying the rib cage and then apart and show their please. Together. Apart, yeah. Down. So you always think of keeping the abdominals in and lifted down and re poach.

Act Shalhoub plays together and good. One more and back. Hey, find your neutral position of your scapula. Hey. And then a [inaudible] your shoulder, shoulders, stabilizers working. We're going to bring the right leg back. I'd curl the toes under, good in health, and then bring the left leg back. Curl the toes under whole.

Make it lines. Make a straight line from your head to your heels. Good. Inhale, bring the right leg up and then lift down and lift down like liquid front. Lift down. Lift one more and lift. Hold. Good.

Left lake and up down two, down three down four. Last one. Okay. Bring the knees down and sit back on your heels. So inhale through the back an exhale. And two more. [inaudible].

One more. Oh, next hill robot. Uh, into a sitting position. Okay. Um, your alert can be on the side of your mat. We're going into quadruple position again now with the hands. Okay. So remember what we have just done, uh, keeping your shoulder bleeds in neutral position, your spine and your pelvis and your job position as well. Hey, think of pressing your um, shins down, Chin and your Tufts of your feet down. Hey, uh, we're going to just, well the, the lower back will follow, but think of just curling the upper back. Yeah.

Into upper back flection at good. And then upper back extension. Good. Exhale as we go into upper back llection of course the lower back will follow and into extension two, more like that. And remember to be more, keep in mind the hyperextension of your elbows and exhale, curling the upper back and into extension. Good. Return to neutral. Hey, now, just the lower back. So just the lower back and then into a little bit of extension cause we need it.

And exhale, we bring the low back into flection cause the Ras explain. We'll follow a little bit and inhale and exhale, curl and back. One more and exhale, curl and back. Okay. And remember what we did. The standing. We're going to move the ribcage to the right and come back to the left and come back to the right and back and to the left and back.

Okay. Going to the right and hole. We're going to go up like you're flexing. And then to the left, going little bit down and around and towards the right and up. Left and down to the right and up and down. One more. Moving at the rib cage. Let's go to from the left up, right little bit down.

Left up right and left up right and last one left up right and down into neutral position. Hey, you're going to lift the right, uh, arm into a t position. Hey, rotate to the right as you lift the arm towards the ceiling. Good. And XL. You want to go through the left arm and then down. Good. Press up and then lift that up towards the ceiling and go through that m ah, and two more in him rotate. And last one in how rotate. Lift your heart up and exhale goes through and down.

Good. Press up. Let's go into the other side. So stabilize yourself and then lift that left arm towards the toe into a t position gait. Lift that arm as you rotate from the rib cage, and then go through that right arm as you rotate around and inhale and exhale, and inhale, rotate and keep that spine elongate as you do this. And inhale and exhale, rotate around. Last one, and inhale and exhale.

[inaudible] good. And come up. Hey, we're going to walk our hands forward, forward keeping our bums lifted, and then go down with the chest. Duh. Your focus is forward, your eye line is forward. And with every exhale, think of dropping the sternum down. Nice catch for the shoulders as well as the spine.

[inaudible] last one. [inaudible] AH, walk your hands back. Hey, and then sitting down on your heels. Hey, we bring a our hands down by your side. Good. Inhale as we bring the hands back and then lift the heart. Lift the collarbone. Uh, try not to come to the back of your neck and exhale as we curl and go forward. And inhale as we restack the spine and lift, reaching the arm back and exhale, curl the head and the arm goes forward. And inhale, lift and exhale. Last one. Inhale, reach on back and exhale.

Good. And Stan city. Good. And let's stand up a face towards me. Hey, and your Lacey hands behind your head and your feet are both sitting distance apart. We reach up with our rib cage and then lift up and over. Let's do the same thing that we did. Let's reach out and come back and lift up.

Reach towards the left and come back. One more need side. Does that feel different? And back and lift up and over and slide and come back. I'm going to sound by your side. Take a deep inhale. Let everything go. Ah, yeah. Positive Energy.

Inhale and that all your attention, all the negative out. And thank you very much.

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I loved this class. It is really what I need ! I am very active so this is quite complementary to all my sports activities. My upper back feels so limber and strong! Thank you again, Deborah
Thank you Deborah! I'm really happy that this will help with all of your sports activities. Keep on mobilizing your thoracic:)
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Great class! Thank you!
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Most of us is stiff in the toracic spine, thank you for the precious hints for my lessons.
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Your teaching is very clear, clean and easy to follow. Your voice has command but it is soft and you don't waste your breath. I appreciate the steady pace and the extra reps to really further the movement each time. Thank you.
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Nagi you have the nicest rolling like a ball I've seen. I'm inspired!
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i LOVE LOVE LOVE this class, so many tweaks and precise details, thank you Nagi!
Hi Kamila, thank you for your comment!
Chiara, I totally agree. Most people are stiff in this area, so please use my hints for your further sessions!
Hi Patricia, wow! Thank you for analyzing my teaching. I'm really happy you liked the work:)
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