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Have fun and play on the Spine Corrector with Niedra Gabriel! She works with her friends, including PA instructor Kara Wily, to open up the body while building strength. By the end of the class, you will be a master of her creative way to sit up on the Barrel after exercises like Foot Work, Roll Over, and much more!
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Good evening everybody. We definitely planned our clothing here. So you out there in cyberspace, only blue tops and gray or black bottoms or you can do the workout with us. So to introduce what I have, I have Kara Wiley, your wonderful Palazzos teacher in pier mind, Jennifer beamer, wonderful [inaudible] teacher and peer of mine. We are going to have fun with the ladder barrel. We're just going to play. So ladies, let's have all of us sitting down on the pinnacle of the barrel, one foot on the step, one foot on the mat, bring your hips further forward because we're lowering down to the mat and check that your shoulders are touching first.

Then you can actually lift your head off, so no way to on the head and then bring the knees into your chest to find the scoop of the naval gentle pull into the ladder barrel and bring your feet to Palati stance. Keep the ribs in and extend the legs out for footwork one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and [inaudible] eight come back in and bird on a perch. Wrap those toes. Hug the hips narrow and one and two seeping and have the legs going a little bit lower and longer. So you opening up into the hip flexors and the hips get to really stabilize the weight of the legs and seven and eight into flex position. Jennifer, spread your toes.

I know you add one and two well friends here and three and four and see if you can find a way to eventually get the legs tracking. So the whole trunk is a straight line and nine and 10 extend out [inaudible] stamps point the toes, flex n point and flex and point and flex and point and flex point and flexible to bend the knees in. We are going to do a fun way to come out of this extended legs are over your head to the mat and lift your hips away from the barrel and you have to move fast and bring yourselves up and don't fall down the way I did because you need to really pull, let's see if Jennifer can do it. Yes. So this is a trick and you have to practice. So you don't do it to just to review it for you. All of you out there, your legs will come over.

You have to pull actually with the arms and you'll do need to keep your head in because if the head is out, it waits you too much. Let's have a look at Kara and she will do it beautifully, I hope. Yes. And when you do it right, you fly up and it's not a big deal. And when you do it wrong, you feel terrible. So bring your sit bones over the edge and scoop your navel.

And the big thing is how much can you lengthen the ribs away from the pelvis? Bring the needs in [inaudible] and extend the legs out. And there's your hundred and breathing in. Exhale in. Exhale, three, four, five inch. Exhale, three, four, five, four. Exhale, three, four, five, heels back together. Exile, four, five, six, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, seven, four, five. XLT, four, five, four, five as four, five, nine to five. Exhale, three, four, five. Last set, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 Ben feet down and sweep your bottom back right into the crevice and sit up nice and tall. Arms along in front of you. Now scoop the naval and scroop the ribs so the ribs are back.

And press your sacrum into the barrel. Roll back til the middle of the waist. Arms come up. So you're just kind of floating in space here. Head comes forward and sit up tall. Now let's see if, I'm not sure if this will work on this more shallow box, but if you have your legs in, can you actually pull your heels into the edge? Good.

So let's have a goal with the feet pulling towards your bottom. Suppresses sacrament, broaden the ribs and the shoulders can forward. Roll back, roll back, roll back, roll back, arms to the ceiling. Come forward and come back up and back again. Same way, pulling the feet into, there's like you're gripping a bar behind the knees. And this time take your arms back over your head so the arms are really nice and wall. Bring your head forward, roll and come back up.

And one more time like this. So it's not like you're going back into a full back bend carer. You actually want to be floating in spaces like you're on a pillow, you're on a flat surface. And then the arms debate is almost like double leg stretch, arms forward, curl and come back up. Just a warm up the lower back. Now bring your hips.

So the sit bones are just over the edge. Okay, let's have the legs long now. So now we're doing another variation of the same thing. So you're going to roll back and see if you can get those lower ribs touching the barrel. And then you roll back, keeping the ribs in. Now your head will go back on the barrel, the arms, the long arms come up, hit forward row.

Use your trunk muscles and come back up and roll down again, scooping through the navel, opening and lengthening in the lumbar spine. That's where this is so nice and reach back. See if you can take the arms back without the shoulders hiking up in the ribs, popping arms up. Head forward and sit up. Good. One more time like this. Rounding, using this as an opportunity to traction the spine, traction the back, pulling the stomach in, lengthening the size, dropping one bone at a time without the ribs flying upward in front. Winding them to the side to find where the shape changes.

Arms Up, hit forward and sit up tall. Very good and hips are forward. And this'll be single leg circles. So you want to roll yourself back down. Right leg is up to the ceiling. The other leg will stay on the ledge. Now let's have the leg right above the hip. Check.

The both hips are evenly pressed into the, into the barrel without the hips changing. Just take the leg over to the left so you cross over your body. See if you can go any further. Bring the leg up and then take the leg out without any shift in the hip so you can literally with your eyes, glance to see what's your range of movement. Just with the leg alone. One more time. Take the leg in, crossing over and back, and then taking the leg out without anything moving and coming back up.

Keeping that same stability smaller, but just the like circles cross down, around and up. So now it's more about an oval circle down around, enough cross down, around and up. Cross down, around and up. Reverse it out, down, across and up, out, down, across and up, out, down, across and up, out, down, across and up. Bend the knee, put it down on the ledge. Check that your sacrum is stable and the hip sub are open. Hip Flexes are open as much as you can and lift the other leg right above the hip so it's not too close. And take it across your own body without the pelvis, the stabilize and up. Take it out and up.

Take it across and up. Take it out and up. Take it across and up. Take it out and up. And now circle, cross down, around and up, out, down, around and too, down around in, three down around and four last one and five. Reverse out and up and up and up and up. Up last one and uh, very good legs to the ceiling. Bring them over your head and see if you can swing yourselves up.

That'll be the lesson of the day and are up almost. You know, Jennifer, your bottom needs to be higher up, higher up. Get yourself a lit. That's it. One more time and here we go. And whoa. Yes, I, I'm trying to figure out, I you need to swing your legs all the way down.

Really power them down because it gets stuck in teaser positions. So see if you can and follow through. You see how you write up one more time that just give you, get the hips further up. Now take the legs over and flex your feet and pull with the arms and I didn't touch you. You needed the fear of, so I'm rolling. Like a ball is really fun because you want, you're kind of on your tail.

Sit bones over the edge and see if you can find your scoop. Can you lift your knees up? That in itself is a place to, to balance. And then if you can, you roll back had come up very, very imbecilic. Lots of work. Cara's got it. That's it.

This is so hard to do and it looks so pathetic. It's like ridiculous and I love it because it really, if I haven't done this for a while, it opens up my lower back. Okay, back we come again. So you have this nice cradling position for the series of five. It's easy to come very far up. See if you can take the barrel into the base of your shoulder blades and just check. I think for you Jennifer, a little bit for the back with there now can you still keep that waist in the chest? That's it.

And bring the knees in for single leg stretches and one and one and two, two and three and three and four. Now the leg that's extending really Richard out out and six, six and seven and eight both legs in scoop. The Navel and arms and legs extend out long with the arms long with the legs. Big Circle in and reach out, lower two inches further back and curve in and reach a little bit further back and in and last. When we go into full extension in all the way with the head, big circle and scoop yourself back in like the ceiling for scissors and right leg comes forward. Paul Paul, now focus more on the leg that's going down. Can you reach it towards the floor, towards the floor and keep the hips quiet and six, seven very long. Arms up and lower the legs.

Lift them up, lower the legs, lift them up, lower the legs, lift them up and lower the legs. Lift them up, bend the knees, 90 degree table, top two, twist to the right and extend the left leg away so you can get the elbow to the knee and tabletop and other side so the knee isn't coming further in. You're moving that elbow to the knee and back and elbow to the knee and the other. Elbow up and twist and twist and twist and come back up. Okay, sitting. That was hard, like so long. Feed a little bit wider than this. The Mat arms along in front of you. So we're all stretchy girls and we want to take advantage of it and have fun in this one so nicely. First of all, scooped enabled and bring your hands to the mat.

Keep the megs reaching long and start creeping your fingers forward and your hips back and go. It's far out as you possibly can. Keeping the navels sculpt and then roll back and stack your spine up. Lift the arms up without the ribs coming out and all the way around and scooped navel and reached to the floor and start walking your fingers that walk, walk, walk. As far as you can go with the hips so much higher. It allows for a lot more movement. Roll yourself back. Lift the arms up and out.

Lifting out of those hips. One more time. Drop your head, rock yourself forward. Roll yourself back. Lift the arms up, lengthening through the spine all the way out and down. Legs are together for corkscrew. Oh No. What am I saying? We're going to do open leg rocker, so we will have fun. How could I forget? So sit bones that forward.

See if you can balance and can you extend the legs up? Oh Wow. We and you just try and rock back and forth. Woo. I bet you Jennifer's doing a great job there. Oh, okay. Legs together. Walk down your legs, open your arms back. Give yourself a good stretch.

Bend the feet in, feet on the floor. Circle the arms and roll yourself up. So I was going to say, even as teachers like to work hard and mess up all the times, I hope you're having fun. So here, one foot forward on the step. Roll yourself back. Legs to the ceiling for corkscrew. So he also together the sacrum is gonna stay stable for the first part.

So take the legs to the right down, away, left and up and left down, right and up right down that. So it's like a massage to the lower back, left down right. And now check that you feel the tail nicely secure and the spinal and bring the legs to maybe a 45 degree angle or a little bit further. And now lift the hips off from the hips. Not from the feet. So the hips lift towards the shoulders from here, twist to the right, enroll the whole right side of the pelvis onto the barrel.

Take the legs out to the side, down to the center, to the left hip, and then lift the hips up in the middle and then you reverse twist to the laugh rolled on the left side of the ribs, all the way around the sacred to the and lift and again to the right down, left and lift to the left down right and lift. And now we have our chance again. Legs go over the head, pulled strongly with you arms and lift up. Jennifer, I think you have to get your bottom higher. Has To be right in the pinnacle, right, right on the pinnacle. Yeah. Or further if you can even. Yes.

Now I think you have a chance and yeah, I think it's a way because the pelvis is such a heavy part of the body. If it's not over the top, you need your bottom over the top. Okay, so, so sitting with your legs, your bottom is a little bit back. Let's have the hands behind the head with the elbows wide. Nice lift of the spine. Everybody twists, that's twist towards the ocean.

So now the elbow away from the ocean is going down towards the knee. Come back up, twist towards the ocean center, twist to the other side. Twist elbow to me. Come back, center, twist to the first side. Elbow to knee. Okay.

Come back. Center twist to the other side. Elbow to me and back and center twists to the first side. Elbow to knee, back twists, more center, other side twist. Elbow to knee. [inaudible] twist more center arms to the side. Now Flex your feet, lift up and twist to the first side. Now we go into full sauce. As you go forward, the opposite hip pulls away.

Saw three times two, three and come back and lift in the middle. Twist to the other side and reach back the hand behind you. Let's have it palm facing the center of your body. Other way, Jennifer, that's it. So you pulling the arms apart, back to the center. Twist to the first side. So as you go forward, imagine your bow and Arrow pulling apart. Stretch to three and lift other side twists.

Stretch to three and lift for side again, twists, stretch to three and lift and last one twist. Stretch to three and lift. Sitting back into the center of the with the hands behind your head. Let's all of us. Let's let everybody twist to the ocean. Now you'll be rolling down on that side of the ribs.

Rolling down, rolling down, rolling down. So you're articulating and even get the elbow towards the floor. Other elbow to the ceiling. But the hips study roll up, center twist, roll down, roll down. Watch that. The knees don't destabilize. Get as much twist in the rotation, the rib cage as you can come back and center. Twist to the first side, rolling down and up. Center twist.

Oh and center. And now going back the middle. So scoop the Navel, drop your head, Brahm the shoulders and roll back. So as you go back and we would like you both to spread the shoulder blades apart. In fact, bring the elbows forward and seem good. Blow back with the elbows. Really wide. And then at the elbows open, it gets a different angle. Elbows come forward, curl in. Okay. And sit up tall. Opening out one more time.

Elbows come forward. So you lift in length and in the back body opening between the shoulder blades. Seeing if you can get a sense of how that area can open. Lengthen and bend. Open the elbows, bring the elbows back, head forward. Curl and sit up.

Nice and tall and shake. The arm was out. Let's have us all Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. I'm in this position where the hips are actually on the carriage on the barrel. Good. And the legs are in the air. So you want the stomach nice and lifted. We're going to do single leg stretches.

Single leg kicks from this position so you want to kick you right foot towards your bottom butt. Lift the stomach up. Time kick, kick, kick and out. Other leg kick, kick, kick and our chest is broad. Kick, kick, kick and long kick, kick, kick and long kick, kick, kick and long. Last one, two, three and long are keeping the chest long in the spine. Long Rock, bringing the chest down and lift. I need to move a little bit further back for me. And again, rocking down legs. Go up and lift. One more time. Rocking down and lift.

Bend the knees into the latch. Okay. Bring one knee down, one knee down and stretch out. See your hands are on the top of the barrel. Your forehead is on the ledge and your spine is stretching out.

Now from here, just to open up the chest, come up a little bit and grab here. Bring the head into the, the rates of the back of your skull is pressing into the barrel and scoop the ribs up and just gently press your hips forward and up. This is kind of like a rabbit poles, a certain stretch to open up the lower back and roll back and stretch the arms out and roll yourself up to an upright position. All right, let's have all of us on our side. Let me just adjust my little mic. Okay.

With the leg long and what we're going to be doing is side Ben's going down and up. So let's start up, lengthen and open the ribs and lengthen out of the side. And think of the elbow going towards the full opposite elbow to the ceiling. You're between two walls and up you come and take the elbow in the opposite direction. See opening up the side where there's an opposition. And again I'll let you go and come up and in.

Very good. One more time and out and up. [inaudible] very good. Other side. So you want the leg internally rotated arms that are up broadening the ribcage and extent. So think of the elbow that's going away from you pulling way out and then down you're lengthening the bottom ribs and then you're doing the reverse. The top ribs are contracting going and you're opening your side ribs again and again, lengthening out this whole bottom side of the ribs. Top elbow goes up and reverse it again and over.

And one more time. Lengthening out the whole side. Elbow up. Okay. And Curl. And in [inaudible] very good. Coming back to the center. Going back on your backs.

Okay. Lift your legs to the ceiling. Palati stance. If you can wrap the hamstrings for leg circles. Open the width of the barrel. Length in the legs, away from you. Down heels together and up. Circle Dow and up.

Circle down and up. Circle down and up and down. Reverse it and down and up and down and up and down and up. Okay. And down and, and little walking steps going down and right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot, right and left and up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven eight and down. Two, three, four. Reach the legs nice and long and up to four.

Keep the ribs pressing down down to four. Five, six, seven, eight and up to four. Five, six, seven, eight heels together. Slow scissors, right leg extends as far away from you as you can. Do not let the hips change shape at all. So you reaching that leg away, allowing the hip socket to open, bring the legs up, other leg goes down, nothing changes in the hips. Try to really focus on the front of the quad. And the hip flexor if you can, and up for side press and up other side, lengthening long and up. Now adding to this right leg goes down again. Once you've reached the limit that they can go allow the other leg to go in opposition, but again, be very aware that the pelvis doesn't destabilizes you. Do the stretch. Bring the both legs back. Now the left leg goes out as far as you can.

Try to keep lengthening it out of the socket of the hip flexor gets starts to let go and then take the opposite leg and reach it without the pelvis to stabilizing very long and bring the legs together and now a little bit faster. First leg reaching pulse, pulse and up. Pulse, pulse and up. Pulse, pulse and up. Pulse, pulse and up. Pulse, pulse and up. Pulse. Pulse. Andy up going into bicycle. Now the rightly goes as far out as it could be for now. You bend the knee without letting the fight come up.

See if you can touch the ledge. Maybe you can. Maybe you can come all the way to the barrel and if the leg, other leg goes as far out as you can, start to bend and soften the knee, get the fight a stretch even more. And so now just keep going with this bicycle movement really lengthening and start to alternate the legs so there's more of a rhythm. Again, the power buses, very quiet and you're trying to get more and more opening happening out of the hips and out of that hip flexor, which I would say most people nowadays have extremely tight. And then you reverse it.

You bend and try and reverse the direction and reverse the direction and reverse and reverse and reverse and reverse. Very good. Bend the knees in like frogs and extend the legs out. Long, diagonal and back and extent and back and extend. Just like footwork and extend and back. Extended whole. Lower the legs out along. Bring the legs to vertical. Lower the legs long. Bring the legs to vertical. Lower too long. [inaudible] bring the legs up and now open the legs just a bit. With the barrel.

Close. Open, close, open, close, open, close, open. And now close. Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. Close. Lower. Yeah, to 45 degrees. And Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. Close. Open, and reverse. Close. Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. Close. Lower. A little bit further. Close.

Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. Open. Close. Open. Close. Open, close, open, close. Lift the legs up. Adjust your pelvis on the, on the barrel. Feet. Go all the way over with sitting up again. Girls at up. You come. Look at that.

We all are doing it now. Excellent. Best have all of us come over. Woopsie daisy for a little bit of a hip stretch. So you want to be kneeling with like side stretch on the reformer, the foot that's on top. See if you can spread your toes and if possible, can you get the heel in line with the knee and the knee in line with the hip and the 14 line with the ankle. That's so always tricky than check your own hips. Can You keep your hips square, lift your stomach up and Tuck your tail a bit and then bend and lunge forward and go all the way back.

If you can bring your bottom to your heel. So the front leg will almost go straight if you need to reach back with your hands to hold. So Cara, if you yeah, good for you. You can do that if you want to and bend and lunge forward. So my hands are going towards the knee. Okay.

And then the hands go to the barrel as I come back. And one more time. Hands come to the knee and hands go back and bend the knee. Hands on the floor and Shane side to the other knee comes up. The first knee comes in front of you. Okay. So once you placed yourself, check that the leg with the foot is up.

If the foot heel, knee and hip on lined up in a straight line. Most of us have some funny zig-zags or leg shapes. He wanted kind of work to unravel them. Then check that the hips are square. So Jennifer, can you drop your left hip down a little bit more if possible, right? Yes. Already better. And then lunge forward and bring your hands back. Take your bottom back and then lunge forward and back and again lunge forward. Woopsie daisy and lunge back.

Oh, okay. Very good. And come up to a standing position. Let's turn around and face a barrel. What we're going to do with down walk, actually let's come up up close. I changed my mind. Reach the arms up, scoop the naval and roll down til your hands are on the side. So right here, this is a wonderful place to push the broadness shoulder blades or press the chest away from the flossy, pushing up from the barrel and then walk your feet out to a plank position.

So the shoulders are wrapped around the ribs to the front butts. Even get along straight spine anyway, so you're not humped with the rib cage. The spine is long. Yes, that's it. Hips are tight. Bend the elbows and one bend two bend three. Walk your feet back in.

Roll yourself up, lift the arms up. And one more time. Just like that. Scoop the naval round your body to come down. Now open up the back space between the shoulder blades, but keep that space. But as you come out, still get along, street's fine, and you want your head looking at just beyond the barrel. One, two, three. Walk your feet back in.

Rode herself up. Reach the arms up all the way out and down. Okay, ladies. Good work. Thank you very much.


Thank you Niedra, this felt so good on the body
wonderful - glad you enjoyed the workout.
Thank you! It was really fun, and a lot of work!
So glad you found the work " fun".
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The piece of equipment you are on is the spine corrector, not the ladder barrel. The ladder barrel has rungs. You referred to the ladder barrel many times in the video. I enjoy your videos. Thanks for the great instruction.
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Would Niedra Gabriel consider giving us a Full Super Advanced Mat class soon, to include her doing the work?
Hi Mat work - I am just now reading your comment and just wanted to clarify what you were interested in? super advanced mat class on the spine corrector? or on the mat?
I am always checking where the interest is so I will keep your response in mind.
Super Advance Mat work on the MAT, as Joseph Pilates intended for men!
The Mat is the Method!
Thank you kindly for enquiring.
Muchas gracias!!!
Muy buena clase.

Loved this class really challenging especially getting over the spine corrector but felt so good for my body in so many ways 😊
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