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Advanced Powerhouse Flow

50 min - Class


Move freely in this advanced Reformer workout with Monica Wilson! She teaches a class designed for those who are well-versed in the Reformer repertoire. She focuses on keeping the powerhouse connected so everything else can move with freedom.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Knee Pad, Pilates Pole

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Okay. Today we are going to enjoy a vast moving and kind of a combination, not the traditional format for your reformer. It's going to be more on the advanced side. I am not going to be looking for precision. I'm not going to be looking for perfection.

I do expect that you are pretty well versed in plots. If you're attempting this, uh, this reformer workout, uh, you should always be thinking about keeping your nice box. So a straight line from one shoulder to the other, straight line from one hip to the other. When you're doing advanced exercises, that's crucial. You're always going to be doing everything from your power house and really everything from like the bottom of your chest to the bottom of your seat should be working together to stabilize in every exercise. If you can do that, then you can move a lot more freely. But we're going to try to really work, uh, nice and controlled, but free. Come on over here, Juliana. So we're have our back, a little angle turn around for me, Brianna, and you can either come on this side or that side, whichever one you want.

Sounds good. Turn a little bit like this. Good. All right. Now we're going to start off with our stomachs in and go ahead and lie down on your carriage. Try not to stick your bottom out too much. Very good. And Go ahead and lie down. Your head's going to go on the headpiece feed up and we're ready to start our footwork. Toes on the bar and heels together. Good. Slide over. Just a hair. So your warmups, the most important thing you're going to pull into the mat and let's let, sorry, let's scoot over to the yes, just there.

Great. Love those. Okay. Pull into the mat and lengthen your body out and pull it back. Good. Keep your heels up right there and pull back in. Excellent. And out and pulling in and the stomach pulls you out and good and the stomach pulls you out. And I have more here and scoop and out and pulling. You're trying to use your muscles to get as long as you can and then you come in with control. So today I want you to work out my machine, my carriage, my reformer, how we are going to do one more and out and come in and arches.

So knees together, feet together, up onto the arch, and let's go pull in and get log and pull it. Make those spring stretch as far as they can and control the men so they don't pull you in. You pull them in, stretch 'em out. Pull it in. Work that machine out. Work out that apparatus and now that's what just flies really wanted us to do. Control it and work it out. Not fight it. It should help you.

Give me two more out and and pulling in and up. Now are talking good. Hold the carriage in. Let's go up to the heel of the foot and toes back great and out am pull it in. Really feel the front of your shins. Pull those toes back to your knees. Good. Really feel your stomach. Pull out those springs.

Feel the back of your legs and seek. Get Long, good out. Pull back your toes out, pool and back. Every which one of them. Even the baby toe and two in good. Really rapid. Squeeze in the back of your legs, Matt. Last time.

Staying Tall. Hold. Go down to your toes and we're going to do the tendon stretch right here. Heels together. Good. Scoop it in and pull out. We're going to stay out, get a little more wrap, get a little more lift in your c and now stretch those Achilles tendons to three and pull up rapping and squeezing and lifting and stretch, stretch, stretch and pooling up. And these are overlapping a little, so I'm gonna soften that one. There we go, man. Up and stretched to three and pulling up to three and Dan and scoop, scoop, scoop and stretch that lower back and scoop. Scoop, scoop and lengthen to three and scoops, scoops, scoop.

And one more. I want those thighs and bumps on fire. Bend your knees and come in. We're going to go into the hundred slide a little bit away from the shoulder paths. Good. Bend your knees into your chest and grab your handles. I'm going to lower the bar. We are still on three springs and you're going to use your belly to bring the arms down, head up and legs long. And let's start pumping. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Really close to your body. Hug like a midline there.

Bring your legs up just a little bit. Excellent. Beautiful. And turn these out. These are nice and light. I could flop them around cause it's here and pull again. Pull that carriage out another inch. Yeah, that's it. Breathing. Yes.

Your stomach like pulls even more in every time I just walk over here. It's great. And, and scoop and in. So you want to really feel like I can't pull that carriage out any further. I'm really working my upper belly, long fingers, long rifts. Everything's long and straight. Scooping in. Last one.

Big Breath. And now how long can you exhale pulling in your belly and bend everything and relax. So I lower down their head piece and I'm going to drop one spring. So we're going to be hold onto those handles, see if you can do, just stay right there so that's okay. And I'm dropping a spring. Good. We're going to do overhead next.

So keep the distance between your shoulder pads and you good and legs are going to be straight. This is not an easy exercise. Arms straight up to the ceiling. Good. All right, so no shoulders or on the um, shoulder pads. So can you slide down a little bit? Great job. Good. Keep a little tension on those straps. Okay. You're going to use your belly to bring your legs up to a right angle at the same time and bring your hands down. Hold. Now you push your shoulders longer and your arms into the mat as your belly takes the legs and hips all the way over to a right angle.

So hips are right over those shoulders. And now you wrap in. Squeeze lengthening up to the ceiling as much as you can. Nice job. And now roll down your upper back, middle, lower. And once your bottom touches, your arms can come back up. There you go. Good. So we're going to do it to tempo. Now they go down and now take your hips over and take your legs up and then down to three arms.

Come up and use your powerhouse to go over hips. Up to the ceiling. Legs up, Eh, D two. I want those toes to stay over those eyes. I said no precision, but there I go. And stomach in and over. Hips over and now legs up to the ceiling. Beautiful. And now a little bit more this way. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah.

That's it. One more. Watching the shoulders. Here we go. Over scooping in. Good. Yes. Oh, lift up those legs. Excellent. And Dan, keep reaching. Keep stretching. There you go. Nice. Bend your knees. Bend your elbows down. Head Up. Elbows are on the mat. Good. And press your hands down into the mat. Legs out, coordination. Open. Close. Bring your knees in and bend your elbows.

Stay up with the head and forward. Good. Open, close, scooping. I want your legs to say higher. Okay. And Owl right there. Open, close scoop. I'm in. Ooh, I like that. A little less tension here in, and one more scoop in that belly. Juliana. There we go. And that's enough. Good. Hang up your handles and you're going to step off to the side and grab your long box. Here we go. Ladies, if all the way back there, we're going to keep it on to springs right now. So I want you to grab both handles always and use your powerhouse.

And we're going to put it on the length of the carriage fan testing. All right, so we're going to do swan on here first. So we're going to put a pad here. Have either of you guys ever done swan on here? Okay, well it's a little tricky. I'm going to demonstrate. So we're going to end up standing on the bar. Okay.

And you're gonna push out a little bit so that you can get your pelvis right on the edge and then bend the knees and then just Hayne the a thing I want you to focus on is a long lower back, not arching it. So you're going to use a seat and hamstrings to help with that. So I'm gonna use my belly to lift up as much as I can and then come down. Now I'm going to come up as high, really big. And then straighten, trying to lift your belly up and then rest. So one more time. You keep bent and you do a small backbend and then you do a bigger and then you straight and lifting your belly and rest.

Does that makes sense? A little bit. Oh, and then you're going to come up and step both. Okay. Well I'll get your pad back. All right. Okay. So stand on the black bar, the black one. There you go. And put your hands here, that black bar and push out and it's gonna go right here. Little lower, little lower there and open the knees a little wider.

[inaudible] and they're good. So right now this is arching and I need you to do the opposite. Yeah, very good. Now can you bend your knees and Juliana, let the carriage come home and as much as it can and you keep your knees exactly right there. Perfect. Okay. Use your belly to lift and try to do a back bend arm. No, no, that's lower back. Here we go stomach and up there and up we go. Chest up, head up, and then come down and then come up bigger. As big as you can come and now straighten out.

Use me to lift up your belly. Beautiful and rest. All right. I feel like you could still go back another inch with your pelvis. It we're going to try two more. Placemen is everything on this. It really should feel like it's just below the line of your hips on your pelvis and scooping in your belly and you're going to round up, lift up, up, up, up, and then come down with bent knees. You're going to come down and make it bigger. Now come up up, up, up, stomach, stomach, stomach, and now reach out nice and long.

Strip head down like superman, Balian and come home. One more aunt scoopin. Let's see if we can get that here and then down and all the way up. That's not as comfortable for sure as on the barrel and now reach out long, but this feels good. You're going to pull up in your belly and arrests and you don't really want to go from one machine to the when you're at this level too.

So put your hands on top of the box. Stay on the black bar and stand up. Stay on the black bar. Yeah, we're going to get rid of this pat and drop the spring. Thanks Joel. Thanks Brianna. Good and dropped a spring and now you're going to just go ahead and lie down on, but the shoulders at the top edge of that box, there's a hundred.

There's a great transition here, but again, we're just trying to not be teaching so much here. We're going to grab up onto this strapped. Let the handles fall to the side can crawl up as high as you can't surround on one spring. Now I let go of your feet and like why can't I move it that your feet go strong and good and arms straight. So crawl up is high. Yeah. Good, good. All right. Okay, so we're going to support our lower back with our stomach. Press our squeezer bottom. Good.

And you're going to reach down with your arms as you come up in a back. Then down, down, down, hold and come down. So on this first one you're going to go as close. Yes. And stomach in and come down. Good. One more time. Let me see that belly and Juliana.

Yes. Keep it in. Keep it in. Open that chest and down. That was pretty good. Now we do the tee. You're going to slide your hand down the leather and put it inside this loop. Good. And that's it. Thank you Juliana.

And you're going to make the letter t or an airplane with your arms so they don't, the carriage doesn't move, but your arms are up at shoulder height. Yes. All right. No bellies pushing into the box. Keep your belly in and bring your arms back as you lift your chest and then return God and pull the stomach in hold. Keep your belly in and lift up here. Yes. And reach your arms out to the side. One more.

Make your belly work more [inaudible]. Yes. And reaching out. All right. Now put both handles in one hand. In fact, put them in your left hand and step off to the left. Good. I said that correctly. Yay. All right. Put them one in each hand behind you.

I'm going to add a spring. We're going to be on two strings. The handles. Good. Good. So we're on two springs. Good. And we're gonna. That's right. Come this way. And you're going to walk as forward as you can. Do what you do to do, to do, to do good. Then take your left foot and put it on the middle of the black bar. And don't move the carriage as you put your left hand on the bar on the box.

Good. And just square off your body so you don't feel like off. Awkward there. Yoga, add your right foot to the black bar. Keep your bottom up if you can, and bring it forward to the front edge of that box and lower down. There you go. Now lie on your back. Try to keep your head up. [inaudible] knees into your chest. Good. I'm just gonna Swing.

Bring your knuckles together like this. Good. Alright. You're good using your belly. Ah, all right. We're gonna reach everything up to the ceiling, arms up and open. Now follow me with your arms and good and use your belly to touch your knees. Nope. Yeah. And Bend everything. Good head stays up.

Three more up. Open forward and use your belly to touch your knees and bend. Yes. Two more on your own. Brianna up open. Pull your belly in as you go low and then use it to touch your knees. And Bet. One more up.

Open legs are light stomach's tight. Just making that up now and bend in. And that's enough there. Put your feet down on the black [inaudible] bar and lift your bottom back about three inches. I'm gonna drop a sprint, so you would probably have to get up and adjust. So I'm going to give you a little moment there. Good. And now we're going to get into the human sacrifice position.

So I feel like you might need just a half an inch back more that way. And then let your head hang and your legs Hayne and open your arms up to the side. Now you see why I call it the human sacrifice position. All right, we're going to, I'm going to make you bring this leg over. It was hanging off on its own, but just bringing it back to the party here. Okay. So we always use our stomach for everything. Lift your head up and look at your belly and let's roll up into a teaser.

Move your upper body up. Come up, come up, hold, come forward a little more. And now balance. And if you can bring your arms down only and they go forward. For one, we're pumping, holding our balance to more. The belly pulls in. Stay really close to your body with the arms. Yeah, holding arms here now and roll down your back, pulling your belly against those handles and back into that human sacrifice position. You get a little break and again, inhale, the head comes up. Exhale, we're gonna roll up and we're going to keep pulling it and arms go down. And as they go forward, really pull your belly against them. Yes. And pull your belly against. Against. Yes. One more.

And scooping in. And now as you roll down, really pull your belly against my hands and go down. Go down, down, down. Excellent. Letting him go last time. Head to the chest and scoop it in. Yes, yes, yes. And they stay close. Arms go down. Pull that carriage out. You got to work my apparatus here down and make those springs move. And one more scooping in hold and then roll down.

Pulling in and an fan. Tastic. Good. Now hold. But both handles in your right hand. Step off to your right. And we're going to do horse backs. We're going to step off this way. There's two pads underneath your reformer. So we're going to put one. Good.

Make a little V and that's for your inner thighs. Good. Maybe a tad forward for me. Thank you. Oh, grab your handles and you're going to hold them behind you. So horseback is gonna re-emphasize what you just did in Teaser, which is as the energy goes forward, you're going to pull back. All right, so come a little bit more forward if you can swing your left leg over and sit down. There you go. Good. Nice. And do you feel centered? You are centered. Good. All right.

Legs will be straight forward. At an angle, but feet will be flexed. Great job. Good. Now you're going to actually move the carriage a little bit and start with your elbows, right by your sides. Yes. Straight hands. Good. Alright, so right now we're in our rest position, our home position, and as we bring the carriage forward, I want to see your legs lengthen your inner thighs, engage pelvic floor scoop, and you're going to come up and you literally be hugging, hovering over that box like a jockey, right? So here we go. Put all those in and we're going to lengthen the feet. Use the inner thighs, use that pelvic floor, use that scoop arms go forward. Hold it up on that horse and the arms go down and they pull back up as the arms.

They're going to stay almost straight those arms. And so this is really straight. Pull back into me. Good. I know you're trying. Pull back, back, back, and now sit on down. Let's curl that bottom up. There we go. Great. Elbows bent. And two more feet flexed. Show me that home position.

So come a little more forward. Beautiful. Straight legs. Nice. All right. And we're going to point those toes scoops. Pull away. Yes, yes, yes. You nailed it. And now the arms go down and scoop. Good and too, and good. One more. Like I said, everything from the bottom of your chest.

And Go ahead and sit down to the bottom of your seat. Starts to work here, Huh? And last one and let me see that ripple effect as you go up into your horseback and arms come down and you scoop, scoop, scoop, trying to get a really beautiful c curve. Use a little more seat to keep it under you. Last one. Hold and sit down. That looked a lot better, Brianna. Good job. All right. Swing a leg back over. Probably your right leg or left.

Okay. And you're right, it's Ardennes. And we're going to switch to short box. So we're going to grab our bar, we're going to turn the box around and we're going to add [inaudible]. Great. Take your time to do that or not and keep your heart rate up. It'd be great. All right. That's it. Had a spring. Good.

Make sure your boxes centered and your bar goes right in front. Good. All Right, nice. Let's go ahead and sit down and we're gonna grab the safety strap. Beautiful. You only want a hands we're going to do too. They're there because it's been known for one to break and then you're, then you better really have a powerhouse and slide back to make sure you only have a hands with distance, so your pinkie should be touching your bottom and the thumb should be on the back and touching the back edge of that box.

That exactly supports your lower back when we go. Maybe see your thumbs off the back edge. Nope. You want it to be on the box too? Yeah. Now we're talking. Good. Good. That looks pretty [inaudible]. Just a tiny bit more forward, I think. Thank you. I just want to protect your back. Make sure. Okay, so let's get in that horseback position.

So that's more advanced than what we normally do for round, back and round back everyone just like round hunches or upper back, but you really should pull in an up curl that bottom under. You're using your hip muscles and lift up. Hover up off that met box, wrap your arms around your [inaudible]. I want to see a little more hovering up off that seat. And now we're going to roll back our waistband, lengthening our seat. Push those heels away. Push them away from your seat rolling back, and then exhale, come back up.

We're just doing two more here and lift up off your seat and roll back. As you push away your heels. Go back as far as you can control it. If you can go all the way to a backbend, go forward. If not, come forward. But I don't want to see any ridge on your belly. I want to see it scooping in as you come in. Screws on those heels away.

Lifting up off that seat. Yeah. One more. Lift up and roll back. Good. That's it. Oh, the lower back supported their good. And then when you come back up, head to your chest and exhale, scooping it in. Pushed the heels away instead of the, Huh? Yes. Very good.

And grab your bar. Okay. Reach it straight up at shoulder height. Have your hipbones right over your sit bones and your shoulders right over there we go. Use your waist muscles to lift your arms all the way up to the ceiling. All the way up. Try to touch the ceiling with your arms. Reach your fingers, touch the ceiling. Everything in your body is reaching, reaching, reaching. Beautiful. And then I come over here.

Excellent. Excellent. Now bring your arms just a couple inches in front of you. Yeah. Now that's a paint roller. Paint the ceiling. As you go back six inches, stay that tall. Reach for the ceiling and go back, back, back, back, back, and come forward. Try not to drop away from the bar and pulling in and up off that seat and forward. Better ant lift, lift, lift. Good and forward. One more, little less here. Yes. More in the belly. Lifting off your seat and forward. Very good. Rest your arms. Then I want you to regain quickly, that feeling of lifting your waist all the way up. Lean forward and we're gonna reach over to the right for a side bend and all the way back up to the ceiling.

And up and over to the left and all the way back up. Get your bottom working and over to the right. Push that left heel away and center. Stay forward and they're forward. Forward, forward, yeah. And right there we go. And use those obliques to come center and hug in the belly a little more. Yes.

And Center and rest your arms. Much better twist. Lift up to the ceiling. That's good. I want you to push wider. How's that? Okay, good. And up and twist. Very important question. Good.

Now push on that strap. Widen it as you pull your belly back to go for your twist. Yup. And pull back up [inaudible] and scoop. And you want to like use your outer thighs as you twist and reach out and pull back up. Good. And move the lower back a little bit more there and in it probably was moving a lot more than you thought.

I mean less than you thought and because now you're moving for the right department, right area here. One more set. Come on, reach all the way back there. Ball back up last time. Scoop it in and reach back up and you get to stretch. Bring the bar down, hook it under your toes and stretch. Stretch. I love how you kept distance your stomach and your thighs here as you stretch.

You didn't just flopsy and get your good lower back stretch. All right, we're going to slide that bar underneath our legs. We're done with it. And we're going to do tree. So sit up nice and tall and without moving you're going to slide the right leg out and hold underneath it under it. In fact, you guys are really flexible, so I want you to hold like this. Good. Now lean forward a little so your shoulders are right over your hips. Little, that's it. And now straight up to the ceiling with that leg and bend it and straight up.

Stay tall and bend. Head up and straight. Hold it up. Walk up that leg. Now Julian's just demonstrating what not to do on this one. I know ha don't push with the left leg. In fact, habit flexing back and your belly is what holds back instead. Yeah, I know. And now stretch forward over that leg.

Good. And now use outside of your belly that I just said to roll back. We're going to roll back once that leg straight up to the ceiling, you're going to walk down. So that's why I didn't want you to rock. Go back further cause I wanted you to have support here and now come back up. Good. All the way up and to more use this side of your belly as you go and come back up. Keep this hip here.

[inaudible] and this time I want you to go all the way down. Your hands are going to stay here for support, but go into a nice, open that shoulder and head to your chest and scoop in from here there cause you have your hands to help you. So it's a really nice area all the way forward. That was three, right? Bend the knee. Sit Up tall and grab your toes. Now can you keep your both hands, your chest up and all this straight as you straighten your leg.

Chest up, doze back. There you go. And switch legs. All right. Try to, let's have that leg down. Sit up tall. Good. And now use this to slide the left leg onto the mat. [inaudible] now hold underneath it there. That was awesome.

Yeah, and look at that. You're like, I'm not touching it. And straighten that left leg up to the ceiling and bend and straighten it and bend. So all your balances in your stomach now on hold. Walk up that leg and stretch forward over it and use more of your right side of your abdominals to roll back. And your left hip is lengthening that way and walk down. So you really pulled this against that right leg and coming up.

Absolutely. Go for a full back bend every time. If you want and down. It's coming up. I need to fix your hips just a little bit. Brianna, I'm going to bring this one a lot forward and now see how this one's pushing forward. You got to just use that side of your stomach and roll back. Good. That's it. And head and stomach. Good, good, good.

Was that two or three? I lost count. Okay. Come all the way forward over that leg. Beautiful. Bend the knee. Grab your toes, show me beautiful posture, chest up tall spine, and straighten that leg. Keeping a tall spine up, up. More forward. Forward, forward. Good. All right, bring your leg down and step off. We're going to bring everything down and we're going to do a long strip suit. So grab your bar in one hand and grabbed both handles and go ahead and step off.

Oh, sorry. Handles on the box. Perfect. Okay, so long stretch series, you're going to need a pad over the head piece. So you're going to grab your pad and we're going to put over your head piece. Oh, sorry. Briana. You can leave your bar back there if you want. Just, we're done with that. And you're got, we're gonna lift the bar up. So I put up my head piece here, bar up. Excellent.

And we're staying on two springs. All right, we're going to, um, get on. Your hands will be here and your feet will be on the black pad. Tried to go always when you're advanced to do hand foot, hand, foot. So put your right hand, your left foot on the black. Uh Huh. And then your other hand and your yes.

Make sure your toes are right between Yep. The head piece, the shoulder pats think you okay. Ideally we're already in a push up position. Pretty good. Brianna squeeze down. There you go. Hold everything from the bottom of your chest to the bottom of your seat is working right now to hold you good. And you're gonna push out, sliding out and scoop in.

Julianne, Change Your thumbs to the same side. Same with you, Brianna. That sits your wrists. Don't change and push out and scoop and stay straight and long. Good. And go out. I need bottoms to work. About 10 more times. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and rub. Yeah. And out and squeeze. Good. One more.

And I say that because in a moment we're going to drop a spring. And if you don't use your bottom like that, scoop hold now gently bring one foot forward and drop a spring. Hold the carriage in. As you carefully get back into position, your stomach is working and your bottom is on fire. And the wrappings intense and go out to where you control it. To pull back in. Good and out.

Think of a Mermaid and get the mermaid tail going in. Squeeze and pulling back in. I want one more. A lot more squeeze though. Squeeze. There we go right there. Good. Take a gentle step forward and you're going to take off the other spring. Okay.

Oh that Karajan and if it's not in, pull it in [inaudible] and then go out just a couple inches. Use your left side more and pull it just to more. Julian, it looks awesome and out to wherever you can and use this and this and one more time and pull up from me. Good. Kneel down gently ladies. Excellent. Add both outside springs for me. Great. Hands on the bar. Feet separate and go against the shoulder pads. Good. See if you can get almost the ball of your foot, if it's okay on your toes like that.

Yes. Separate your knees so they're in line with your feet. This is called down stretch. Use the back of your thighs and your seat to squeeze forward and use your belly to lift up your chest. You're trying to do a back bend already. Good. Alright. Use the hamstrings and the glutes to push your heels into the shoulder pads and lie down on those springs as far out as you can, as far out as you can. Head up and exhale home. Come up, chest up to the ceiling.

No touching me up. Up, up, up, up. Good. Inhale out. We pull your belly in and use it to lift up your ribs and your shoulders and your chest and inhale out. That was nice. Head Up. Head up, and exhale. Scooping in, up, up, up, up, up. One more in with the air. We're going to go into a back. Bend your head up and exhale. Pulling in. Start crawling up onto your fingertips, Huh? Yeah.

And now slowly take your arms up to the ceiling, right on up. No movement, both arms. Olea and do a backbend. Here we go. That's it. And now come back. Good. Stand up for up. Stretch. So you're going to be on the ball of your foot on a high demi point against the shoulder pad.

Okay, now I'm talking your language ball, the foot, and there we go. Good. But be like a teepee. So we're going to bring, nope, keep the carriage in. That's it. Nice. Let's pull up in this area a little bit. It's a little concave. You're doing all right there. Okay. I don't want your upper body to move.

I want you to lengthen your hips away from your upper body by pushing out. And now look at your nice toes. Squeeze your bottom down. Oh Juliana, push all the way out. Squeeze bottom down to a push up position almost. And now look at your toes as you come in instead of [inaudible] and good. Alright, carefully step off for one moment ladies. And I'm going to just demonstrate it real fast cause this a little tricky when you're upside down.

So this exercise is about, let's see, you're going to see how I'm a like a teepee. Okay. I'm going to try to use my belly to hold my upper body still while my legs reach away. Then lower down your bottom and then keep looking at your toes as you pull your belly in and up. So you're almost rounding your upper back, but everything else is really working till the carriage is home. You see, I brought it home and then pull up. Now you are taller than me, which will make it easier for me not to feel like I'm flying that way.

But the trick is to make sure you're lifting in your belly, not hanging. So, um, when I'm coming home, if I go down, I'm going to feel like I'm going to fly. I'm not controlling, but you gotta pull up in my belly, pull up in my belly, pull up in my belly, pull up in my belly, and then fold up. All right, here we go. So we're going to be a TP first there. Hold your upper body still. Push your hips out, down with your hips, and then come in feeling like your light on my hand, light on my hand, and then full back up into the TV. That was great. And out and down with the hips. Yes. And eyes on your toes. Eyes on your toes. Eyes when we're, there we go.

One more on your own. So hold this here. Head down and go. Go out with the back of your legs. Good. All the way out. Push out further and down with your seat. Oh, right now. So this alignment, you gotta squeeze a little bit more like that. Excellent. Got that feeling now and now eyes here and pull. Don't lift your bottom, but let your belly pull up into here.

Pull it up into here. That was fantastic. And lift up. Now you feel it. Good. Heels down. We're going to do elephants. So you're going to want to keep working there. And elephant, your shoulders are over the bar that holds the springs had do. Pull up in here. All right. And you're going to push out and scooping ice. Good push out and scooping and two and scoop in and one and scooping.

Great job. Our right carefully step off to the side. And we're going to do stomach massage. So bring your pad down and we're going to add one spring and we're going to do a quick stomach massage. You gotta sit down on the pad. There we go. Good toes on the bar. Good and Palladia. Stance and hands on the front edge. So we are in three springs. GROT springs. All same tension.

There we go. And shoulders over the hips. Bounce over, over over it. Good. Can you, can you just slide back a little bit? I think Brianna? Yes. [inaudible] there we go. Get your shoulders right over. All right. Let's make sure your legs are light and free and that you're using your stomach more. Pull out. Push your heels. Yeah, under the bar.

Lift up. Bend in. One more stomach into your back. Push down, lift up. Keep your elbows bent. If you can [inaudible] and bend in. Now it's a tempo. It's out, down. Lift in, elbows are out to the side. Down. Lift all of that right there. Then pull out, pull out down, lift in and cool out. Damn. Lift in. Elbows bent and pull out. There we go.

That's it. Two more. Pulling out into your lower back. This is what I want and one more pulling out. Good. All right state here and put your hands behind you. I'm going to drop a spring, so we're down to two springs Pilati stance. Good. And use your belly to lift up your chest. Good. If you can have your hands on the shoulder pads do so turn your hands fingers towards you. Good. And then lift up.

I still like your hands making to fist down below. That's okay. Good. And turn them out to the sides. Perfect. And same rhythm down. Lift in. Yes. That's what I want to see. There you go. And up. Down. Yes. An [inaudible]. Lift in and stretch down.

Lift in and two down. Lift one more it. Stretch down. Lift. Come in. [inaudible] reach your arms forward and go out and come in. Retreat, retreat. Inhale out. Exhale into me. Stretch one more this way. Exhale.

Don't let your shoulders get dislocated. Now twist, you're going to reach out with the right arm. Is he straight legs? I'm come back in. Use your center, Juliana and tourist. That's it. And in on your own and to the right. Reach beyond your reach in front and in. Sorry. And keep reaching this way while you reach back and in.

And one more set. Reach and in and twist. Good, and in. Good. Go ahead and step off. Get Rid of your pad and lower your head piece and then lie down. So we have a bar down. Two Springs, headpiece down straight legs on the bar, on the mat.

[inaudible] good, good. All right. Okay. Now I want you to grab the handles that are behind your shoulder pads. No, like they're like, yeah, there you go. And lower down those elbows. Great. Bend your knees into your chest using your belly.

Straighten your legs up to this ceiling. God elbows is low to the mat as you can squeeze your hips. And we're going to go over with your legs and lift your legs back up into a pike. We're going to do corkscrew from here, so they're going to be right here. Elbows down if you can, and we're going to roll down your back. Let your legs go to the right circle, to the left. Come Center and up.

You go up to the ceiling and down the middle, go to the left. Around scoop it in and I need up, up, up, up, up, and then down. Go to the right, sweep around. Use your belly. Pull it in, up, up, up. Good. Elbows down, and Dan and to your left, circle around, scoop it in and lift. We've got one more set. Now we're talking down to, you're right around scooping in and lift up your seat all the way up. And one more down into your left. All the way around.

Scoop it in and lift. Now control. Roll down your back. Hold the back there with the bottom down. Like straight up. We're gonna do tic talk. Okay. Let your legs fall to your right and look over your left shoulder and use your waist to come back up. Opposite. But really let them go and pull them back up.

They're light and Longreach and bull and Becca and one more. Reach and pull them back up. Good job. Oh, we're doing one more set. Go to the right. That's good. And scoop it in and to the left and scoop it in. Nice job. Hug those knees into your chest. Good. All right.

Go ahead and step off. Lift up your bar and we're going to do knee stretches. Good. Lift up your head piece too. Okay, so we have had p sat bar up, two springs kneel down. Oh, before we do this, I'm going to just demonstrate it real fast because the rhythm is really important. So nice stretches. We're more advanced now, so we're going to do them at the right rhythm. Okay? They're not slow. So you're going to round when the first 10 I'm going to do five, five and five all right, so we're going to do round arches, knees off k.

So first one is, well what? [inaudible]. This is the run, smooth out quicken on the last Rep. You switch as you're coming it smooth out quicken, Allen, the last rep you switch on the way in. Okay? That's more the rhythms.

So it should take not even 30 seconds to do the three sets of 30 does that make sense? Round that back. Sit towards your heels. Strong shoulder girdle muscles working against that bar, stomach in and here we go. Smooth out quicken all the way in without banging work. That carrot work it. Yes. Pull your belly in.

Lower belly three, two. You're going to switch to an arch as you come in now and go keep it going. That's great. But chest up. Yes. Strips those hips away the hips away. Good and it and too and look round and lift the knees and up and out. Yeah, it had. Looking at that belly and quicker in and in and in and in.

Nice Vienna little quicker and also last one and down. Step off and I want your running to be that free. Also lie on down. Keep it on two springs, toes on the bar. Go ahead and everything's working. Box powerhouse. Control it as you pull it out and run.

Little more [inaudible]. Little more pulling in and up. Yes. Yes. Scooping scoop, scoop. Good. Feel the wrap and squeeze and lift. Tall. No shoulders and sets from here. Beautiful. Last set and come in arches on the corners.

Last 10 seconds of your workout, squeeze your bottom up off the mat. Good. And go out and work on your turnout on the way in, and uh, m pull it in. Work that apparatus. Don't let it get lazy. Pull it up. Pull it in now drop down your belly button more. Yeah, and out and pull it in and pulling. Don't push it up. Pull it out with all those nice muscles. Yes. One last one.

Hold that carriage in. Don't let it slide out at all. As you melt, slide your knees together, feet together, and hug your knees in. And ladies are at a lot of fun. I hope you had fun too. Thank you.


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great workout but if you could emphasize the spring load for each excercise, that would help folks like me working at home...
1 person likes this.
great level 2 classic workout! I loved trying the long stretch without any spring, that was a challenge!
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Great instruction. I loved that you gave cues for springs, bar and head rest positions. Great to have cues for toes, heels, knees as well because it is sometimes difficult to see in the video. I have found with other sites that the apparatus positioning and body positioning cueing are lacking and so far I am happy with the instruction on this site. Thanks.
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Monica you always delivers a strong workout with excellent cues that deepen my body awareness, my instruction with my clients, and my own Pilates practice. I am a fan????
1 person likes this.
The question marks were supposed to be a thumbs up emoji...l
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Hey Monica, Loving your classes. Question: When you're saying "lift off your seat", do you mean squeezing the glutes?
Monica Wilson
That's right Jill:) Engage the glutes as well as the waist muscles to lift off your bottom and have your energy lifting up rather then heavy into the floor. Hope that helps!
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That was a great workout!!!
1 person likes this.
Monica what a great workout! Challenging and great, great cues to really get deep into the muscles and mind!
Monica Wilson
Thank you for all your positive feedback and I am glad y'all are enjoying this class! Please let me know if there is ever anything you would like to see me teach or look forward to seeing more of on Pilates Anytime. Monica:)

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