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Traditional Reformer

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It's always a good idea to revisit your roots when you have been practicing Pilates for a while. This Reformer workout by Monica Wilson is great for cleaning up your technique and getting deeper into your powerhouse. She uses the image of a corset so you can stay connected through the entire class.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

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Okay, I am here with Maria and we are going to do a basic reformer. However, having said that, it's going to be more from a intermediate level at least of understanding if you've, you're new to Pallad...


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Amazing cueing and knowledge. Thank you for a fabulous class x
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I loved this class!! I particularly liked the strong use of the legs in opposition to the corset throughout the class which then became so functional with the final standing footwork and magic circle work. Maria did a fabulous job!!
I agree with Kelly ! Monica I wish I lived closer so I could work with you :) Wonderful teacher and student !
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Loved this class, especially the standing footwork at the end. Will work with my corset from now on!
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Great session Monica - Thanks! -

however your client's head hangs a bit too much is which ends up breaking the natural c - curve alignment in the majority of exercises. A gentle pull in of the head from the occipital bone would have correct that very nicely.

Lastly your client's half length bob gets a bit in the way from seeing her neck alignment more clearly - I thought you would apprecaite knowing this.

Best wishes
Antonio Gomez
Recovery Occpational Therapist -
London NHS Mental Health Trust
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Almost forgot to mention when filming step out of your client a bit so you can watch and appreciate her /his profile more clearly and this way you will gain the viewer's perspective which ultimately is what we see in our screens : )

Antonio Gomez
Hi Antonio! Thank you so much for providing feedback and details to keep in mind while filming next time. One of the reasons I agreed to be an instructor for Pilates Anytime is that I have been given liberty to do what I do best, teach the body that is in front of me. The participants/students are not models nor master instructors. I pray and plan what I would like to put out for my next class and then I try to forget that the camera is there and just be in the moment with my client. I try to offer real cues that hopefully inspire proper movement, keep it light and make them feel good. I hope my classes come off as fresh, spontaneous, not pre-rehearsed yet offer high quality teaching. Still, always a learning process and it is good to keep certain suggestions in mind to give the viewer a better experience:) Monica
Hi Monica, Thank you for this great class in "cleaning up technique." This might be addressed in another thread/video (so I apologize if that is the case), but could you give some thoughts on when an instructor can introduce more of these types of cueing. Every body is unique and as an instructor I don't want to intimidate a client with cueing that fine tunes movement esp if someone is a beginner (but would love to incorporate them steadily! Maybe that's the answer?! hah). Ofcourse, cueing beginners to strive for proper movement technique is my overall strategy, but I wonder a bit about when I can push a client a little further :) This topic is quite nuanced and there might not be a "rule of thumb" so to speak, but would love to hear any quick thoughts you have. Many thanks!
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Do you have a video where you explain how to breathe while you scoop in and up .
I don't think so but you have me thinking...maybe I'll plan a tutorial:)
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