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It's always a good idea to revisit your roots when you have been practicing Pilates for a while. This Reformer workout by Monica Wilson is great for cleaning up your technique and getting deeper into your powerhouse. She uses the image of a corset so you can stay connected through the entire class.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

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Jun 15, 2017
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Okay, I am here with Maria and we are going to do a basic reformer. However, having said that, it's going to be more from a intermediate level at least of understanding if you've, you're new to Palladia is this isn't really easy to get all these little interesting intricacies that we're going to be talking about. They're deep muscles that Maria has worked a long time on getting. But I've wanted to do this because a, I just actually went on a DC trip with my daughter and went back to Williamsburg and we were talking about how they used to wear courses. And in my training we always Romana always talked about imagining that there's a corset and it, little things like that make me go back to my roots and remember how important that is. So we're gonna dive deep into that, especially on the short box today.

So we are gonna have our nice stance, our Palladio's box way a little more on the ball of your foot. Good. And so here's the top of her hips. And I'm always gonna want her belly to pull in to behind the line of your hips into her lower back. And we're going to get into that on foot work too. But what's common is that the upper back will want to fall back into the lower back. And do you think you can even demonstrate that? There we go. Awesome. So we're gonna pull into the lower back and we're going to use our powerhouse as a corset.

And she's going to always keep the back of the ribs anchored into here, but she's going to use that lower belly to not just pull into her lower back, but to lift up the bottom of her ribs and her chest up. So really creating this space here, which is very important. So that's that corset feeling and analogy. Let's go ahead and lie down, pulling into your lower back. Good and lie down. So for foot work, we're going to be on a grots reformer force springs right now.

You can do it on three as well. And if you don't have a [inaudible] reformer, um, we going to play around with the springs a little bit to figure out what your footwork should be are, right? So I'm gonna want you to have your tailbone nice and anchored. Very good. So if you were a very beginner, we would allow you to do a pelvic tilt because in Romanos pies, we want you to really feel grounded in your lower back and feel your powerhouse get stronger and your lower back get more flexible. But because she is more advanced, like I was saying, she can make sure her tailbone, her whole sate grumb is flat on the Mat. Good.

So that she can work from the back of the thighs and seat as well as your powerhouse. So go ahead and stretch out. Nice. Now stay here and feel the back of the thighs pushing the ball of the foot into the bar. Can you feel that? And I want to see if you pull your belly in any more into your lower back and to pull up your back even more. Now keep that height as you come in and pull into. So we're gonna really want to keep that feeling of the belly pulling into the mat. Step one, but then pulling up towards the back of your ribs.

You're going to want that and short box. Good and returning that very good. She's keeping that tailbone down. She's keeping the heels in place, which is also really tough to do as you go out. You tend to push him down, but she's pulling the carriage out with her powerhouse. Last one. Good. We're going to go to the arches. Squeezing the legs together. Maria works in parallel on the first one, but you can work in Palladio's stance according to year anatomy, we're going to try to get the heels a little lower. Great job. All right, so we're going to work the back of the thighs. Tailbones down a little lower. Perfect. Lower bellies in and we're going to go out and stay here.

We're going to feel that again. Do you feel the heel kind of underneath the bar and the rounding and the squeeze in here and then see if you can get the belly bull in and up a little more and keep that height in this mine as you come in and use the belly to stretch and pull in in. Beautiful. Good. So it's really not hard to envision the course at here and how it's pulling around nice and tight. Good. And you want to feel everything from the back of the waistband to the back of the Bra strap or the bottom of your shoulder blades. Gentlemen flat on the Mat and to not because you've manipulated your back, but because your backs flax flexible enough, one more and your stomach is strong enough.

We're going to stay in and go to heels. Good. So there's a ton of things that we can always go through on the foot work. But what are we linking of? We're thinking of the corset. Okay, so beautiful. And we're going to go out and again, we're going to stay here. Feel the length, pushing the heels away in the toes, even the pinky toes back and seeing if you can pull in and lift even more and now come back in keeping that height great and out. Tailbone going long and down.

Beautiful powerhouse when wonderful and in love it and stretch. Good and pull an in and reach and stretch. Nice job. Good and try to pull those toes off of me. One more. Pulling in to that mat. Good down to toes. All right.

Again, here you can do it. A little ply stance but I'm going to have her parallel for her body and we're going to have the knees a little bit right there. Good and pressing into the mat with the lower belly and we're going to go out and stretch down those heels hold before you pull up, scoop into that lower back, pull up through that spine. Fantastic. And stretch down to the re and you've got that nice course at, see if you can keep adding that fantastic stretch and we're going to work the back of the thigh and seat into the corset. There we go. Stretch two, three and scooping in two, three and stretch two, three and scoot to three and three more. [inaudible] and up.

That's it. And stretch her left hip. Likes to work more. Stay tight. And I like her to feel good. This is the last one and we're going to pull up. Keep the length in your spine as you bend and keep that course that you're going to lift the heels up. Keep your course at lifting. Good job. Slide a little away from the shoulder pads. We're going to lower the bar. Okay.

You might need to sit up and do that with your hands if you're a little more basic and grab the handles. Good. I don't want you to straighten the legs for a little bit. We're gonna keep it at a basic. Okay, so elbows pull a little bit towards your hips. More. Rise up with the head using your powerhouse. Good. Now remember what it felt like to scoop into the mat and straighten your arms, reaching them. Good. And start pumping.

And I even want you to imagine that you are doing a teaser and I would ask you to come up and touch my shoulders. That's how much energy in that upper belly I want. Beautiful. Now I want you to picture opening the knees a little bit, your feet on that foot bar and as the legs go forward you had pulled into the mat more. So go ahead and lengthen and you pull into the mat more and feel the course that that's it. So you're just really feeling super grounded cause we need this to sit properly and to stand properly scooping in. And we've really lost that.

Good and scooping in. Good. [inaudible] curling up. Believe in more and scooping into that like, yeah, I got a couple more inches in her. One more hundred in two, three, four, five XL. How's your hundred at home? Look in, bend everything in and relax. Good. Rest your feet down.

So we've done all those on the same spring on forest springs. You might've done it. I'm on three now. We're done with our warm up and we're gonna do frog and leg circles. I'll set it up for her and I dropped down to two springs. And if you have a grots, then you're going to need to loop extensions through.

If you have a balanced body or something else, they might just have a loops that you can switch it to. But I'm gonna want you to still feel the same thing as the footwork, that as your legs get straighter, your lower belly can pull in deeper to your lower back and even pull up towards your upper back and ribs against the extension of your legs. Go ahead and draw the knees in, extend them back. Good. And slip them in Nice and good. And then bring those heels. Perfect. Good. How does that feel? Nice.

Oh good. And we're going to keep her box, pull the lower belly into the mat, and we're going to start going out. Go forward. And I'm going to have you hold right there. [inaudible] her legs are not straight, right? So right as you go to the fully straight, I want you to squeeze that. Yeah. And now keep your belly in and the tailbone down as you bend in.

So here's where I'm making it more advanced. I want her tailbone to stay down, not just rock up with her yet. Get your thighs as close to your chest as you can. So she's really feeling a stretch in that lower back too. And pulling into the mat, squeeze out, slide your belly up to the back of your ribs and keep that course as you come in. Pull in the knees as deep as you can. Three more beautiful, long from the back of the thighs and bottom and pulling in. Yes. And as the legs extend that course, it goes even more and in and you really want to use the legs like that.

And the Short Fox two last one from the back of the legs and seat and pull it in as deep on Tier. We'll go into leg circles. So we're going to go forward. Same thing, but now we should be very tuned to our belly, pulling into our lower back, sliding up to here and the back of the thighs working. So we're going to bring the legs up a little bit, almost to a 90 but not quite open. We push our foot onto the strap from the back of the fine seat, squeeze the inner thighs together and bring it up out. Oh, wrapped and squeeze. I'm going to let go for three more. The core set is in and out. [inaudible] we're working from here.

Good anchoring and really scooping in and up. Thank you. And we're gonna reverse back the thighs. Let me see that. Length it. They'll usually go clap or a what catch is the word I'm looking for on those straps and that's fine, but I don't want anything to lose long. That's it. One more. That's the length I wanted. It's almost like you're doing the legs springs on the Cadillac.

Go ahead and keep the legs straight and you can go ahead and enjoy a nice stretch pulling the legs towards you, keeping the tailbone down. Nice. Good. Alright, so we're done with frog and like circles and we're gonna move on to stomach massage. I'm going to take those straps and go ahead and step off, Maria. All right, we're done with these. Not going to be using our straps anymore. I'm going to grab a pad, a non-slip pad. I should've mentioned before starting that you would want a non-slip pad and a magic circle for this workout.

So you might want to find that even on magic circle. Not a big deal. We will figure something out. So setting up, lifting our back bar back up and back to four springs, because that's what she did. Foot work on. If you did foot work on three, do your stomach massage on three go ahead and sit down with control. Nice job and toes. All right, good. Okay, so I'm going to want her shoulders over her hips. Good. And I want her to feel the exact same thing as the footwork, but now we're in a harder position. We're in a sitting position and it's going to be tempting to use your quads instead. But I want her to pull the belly into the lower back, right? That's what we're doing.

And we're gonna squeeze the back of the thighs and see. So we got to check is are her shoulders over hips? Pretty good. And then down with those heels, sorry, pull out, lower the heels, lift them and come in. Good. So we're going to pull out and down with the heels. Lift. Now stay here. I want you to keep this round as you bend in.

It's almost like the frog that I made you do. Beautiful. Pull out on that verse when we let it go. But that time you did it perfectly. You're going to keep pulling in and out. So those hipbones don't rock forward. When you come in, they stay pulled back. Yes. Two more.

Can you create kind of a bigger letter? See now, Ooh, I'm liking it. So I just want a little more space. Kind of like the ribs are hovering up a little higher than smashing into the pelvis. Give me one more, Maria. I'm loving it. Scoop it in. Nice job. Good. Now stay here. I'm going to drop this spring for you, but what I want you to do is I want you to think about your corset and I want you to scoop in and lift up your ribs, lift up your arms and see if you can lift right up onto those sit bones and just really have nice hike. Good. Keep it in your powerhouse.

Bring your arms down now, but don't lose your height. Put your hands behind you. Gorgeous. Keep lifting from your waist and here we go. Out Dad, lift and in. Good and at night and stretch. Good. We went a little onto your left hip, so I'm going to have you stay here and lift your bottom to your right. A little. Yeah. Good. Cause I got to keep you even.

We're going to lift up the chest and back of the thighs. Good. How's that course? Does she have it on? She keeping the bottom of the ribs away from the top of the hips. It's looking very good. Keep Rolling back these shoulds. Oh, I got a little more juice out of this one.

More love it. Hold and we're going to reach your arms forward. I'll drop a spring for you. Good. And you're going to go out. So you inhale, scoop, skip, good. And use that scoop to come in. Don't just give into the spring and then touch my shoulders with that scoop. And inhale, scoop. Thank you XL.

Use that scoop district your spine forward. Give me one more scooping in and use your powerhouse. Use that scoop to stretch, stretch, stretch. Good job. Go ahead and we're going to step off and grab your short box get. So I'm going to bring this pad down, the well trained practitioner here.

So she's going to grab a bar and her boxes I lower, we're going to do short, so we're just going to turn it that way over the shoulder pad in front of the eye hook. Again, that's what we're going to do on a grots play around with your reformer, if you know. And we're going to lower the bar. Exactly. Grab your safety strap while you're there and love it and she's going to sit down. Good. All right. So I'm actually gonna make you sit on a pad, which I know you love. So I'm going to put the pad about a hands with distance from the back. It's a little more than my hands with distance because she's a little taller than me, so I know the width of her hand is a little longer wider than mine and it's important to support her lower back. All right, so the foot work phenomenal.

As you lengthened the leg at the last you really scooped in opposition and sometimes in the um, short box, our thighs can either lift up on that strap or the pull back with us and we almost want to feel like we're pushing that foot bar away. So we're going to add that element to it today. Right now I want you to sit up nice and tall onto the sit bones. So we always have two bones in our bottom. We're going to play a lot with them in the short box.

So you kind of want a weeble wobble, find those. And a lot of times our lower back is very tight, so it likes to stay. I have a Mike Packs, he won't be able to see it as much but locked into an arch to lower back. I don't know if you can arch your lower back. The aha. It likes to stay like this. And so when I say the round your body, you're up, the upper back will round beautifully. But the lower back will stay straight as a board.

So the first exercise is the, and it's there to limber up the lower back. Not to make the upper back just as flexible cause it's already rep knows how to round. We want to limber up the lower back so that the next exercises it's in the proper placement. Okay. So that was a lot of talk. We're going to keep your shoulders over the sit bones. Can you find those hip hipbones and now those sit bones are going to need to kind of point forward.

So you're going to scoop in and have the hipbones pointing the sit bones that way and the hip bones point back. Great. Oh good. So she's doing a really good round back, but we're going to try really hard to get this to round down and be supported here. So step one, you have to work actively with your upper stomach. That's not easy if you're a beginner. Again, this is more intermediate. You work the upper stomach to stay forward with the upper body. She's going to squeeze the back of the thighs and seats to push your heels away.

Again, not a base and beginner term here, and she's now gonna use her lower belly, maybe her inner thighs and pelvic floor and lower belly. To roll this back scoop into here. Let's go just to there. Take a breath and then exhale. Pull in as if you're coming. You're going to go forward. But pull in against the reformer springs that we did the foot work.

Excellent against squeeze. We're going to do one more at that level. We're going to pull back. Excellent, so she's really pulling back that lower back and take a breath and exhale. Pull it in as if you're pulling against springs, pushing those heels away. Beautiful. Now I'll let her do to going a little further squeezing and not moving this first, but moving this, so she's going to pull those inner thighs and pelvic floor, lower belly.

You have to get this anger. That's why the hands would distances there and she's going to anchor it and then go all the way out. Beautiful. She's going to take a breath as she inhales and she's going to round up pulling the back of the ribs back and rounding and trying to get back into that scoop. Yes. Beautiful. One more lift. Don't lead with the upper back. Pull the inner thighs with you. Yeah, pull that lower belly.

The back is nice and supported on the box. Opening up everything. Inhale, lift the head up and try to dry everything into the core set. Scooping in. Woo. Excellent job. Nice. Now we're going to do the harder parts, the flat back, so if we slid forward, I'll slide back a little. Good. I was a little, just one inch too much. That's okay. Good. All right. Okay. Great job.

So the strap is best if it's over your ankles, but sometimes you have to play around with that, with depending on your height. She has great height for this all. So now we're going to um, sit right up onto your sit bones. Yeah. Okay. So when I asked you to sit up tall, if your lower back is tight, is gonna look more of an arched lower back here instead of what she has, which is straight. This is what we want here. So we're gonna pretend we just had foot work and we squeezed our legs straight so our stomach pulls into our lower back.

And then we're going to lift up our arms as if are good. Now I'm gonna make you get really silly and creative here and I want you to imagine that you're doing the wall and we have arm weights and we're going to lift up. Go ahead and I want you to keep the back of your ribs against that wall, but grew up taller and we're going to let go with, let's let go with your left hand and do an arm circle. Both arms. Ms Berkeley, we're going to go both arms circle. There you go. Well it's not fair and you can let go with the other arm if you want. And imagine you're against the wall. Grow into, oh, I like it.

Do One more each side. So you're pulling into grow taller on that. Well thank you. And one more back of the ribs on that. Thank you. And now keep lifting onto that wall and we're gonna go back tall, lifting off the seat, pulling. Get that core at working and coming forward. A little rest with the bottom.

Squeeze up off of it and growing taller. The bottom of the ribs are off of those hips and forward. Really nice and rest the seat and squeeze up the heels. You just slid out for footwork, right? And so that belly is pulling in and up and we're coming forward. Excellent.

Rest one more time up. You slid out for footwork and we're going to pull up and growing taller and forward and rest. How is beautiful? Good job. We're going to do side reach. So this one we're going to come up the same way. Back the thighs scooping in, but lean a little more forward. Good Joe Supplies. Really wanted you to expand your ribs on this one.

So still picture you're against that wall and try to do a side bend on the wall, reaching to the right, stretching even the side that you're bending towards and then pull into that core set and pull right into here. Pushing those heels away and stretchy even this side and come back. And she's doing a really good job of saying I'm both sit bones pushing those heels away. You can't do this exercise or many more advanced exercises if you don't have a stable pelvis. So she's got that push in the heels away so she has something to stretch away from. So that's super important.

One more set reaching good stretching, even this side and center. And last time I don't even have to tell her, keep the other hip on the box cause she's pushing with both heels and rest your arms. That's fantastic. Good. And so now when we do the twist, you can do it safely and she's gonna Really, like I was saying, we drop our upper body into our waist, so she's going to really be able to stretch and twist the chest away. All right, lifting off your sit bones. So you just pushed out on the reformer for the foot work rights or you squeeze in, you're scooped in here. You're going to twist towards me and now keep pushing the reformer out as you go out and then scoop it back up good and up and keep pushing that reformer out like you did. Foot work. There we go. And pull it up. Good and squeeze in from the seat and draw that belly into your lower back and pull it up and draw it in.

Really get it into your lower back end. Put that sit on this last set. I want you to challenge yourself more of just because I know where you can go and lift your chest up, more out the window, lift it and keep it lifting as you come into. I liked that. And one more scoop it in. So don't let your chest come towards me. Reach with your chest. Yes. And back up.

I like that. Go ahead and stretch forward. Nice job. I don't know. 11 working with Maria for a long time and she is still surprising me. How good she can do this work. That was really good. Go ahead and put the bar underneath your legs and keep both feet under there. Okay. Slide back a tiny bit. Maybe one inch too much.

Cause I want you to be supported. All right. So before beginning the tree, I remember Cindy Ella Shard from Australia, uh, taught us a whole short box with this tree like this and it changed all, changed it a lot for me. And that is really sitting up tall, keeping your shoulders right over your hips and don't just take that leg out and shift your hips. But can you feel both sit bones there? How's that course set? Good. And we're not going to shift your weight at all as you just effortlessly slide the right foot onto the mat. Actually just onto the mat. So we're going to Aha so that it's going to get caught.

So gain those sit bones. Awesome. And then scoop in and bringing the right, beautiful. Keep the foot there because you're on a non-slip pad. I want you to slide your right hip forward a little bit. So normally you could kind of scoot it under when you're don't have the pad at the same time that you lift, but your hands underneath that knee now set up as tall as you can come and back with the ribs. Just a little good sitting on those sit bones.

So when we do tree, and I know you're not in a terrible position right now, right? So if I was to do tree, I would round as my leg goes straight and sit up tall. But we're trying to get more flexible. So we're going to stay tall as we stretch and bend, right? So we're going to keep tall, nothing's going to change in your upper body and bring that leg up as high to your nose as you can. Straightening it up to your nose and bend it. Perfect. And uh, and bent and up and bent.

And now hold it up and then walk up your tree and stretch forward. Relaxing your neck and shoulders. Good. So we're going to limber up the lower back first and we're going to pull back the lower back as we rock back. Good. Excellent. Trying to get the foot, uh, either in line with the front of the box. I think that looks good. See, our elbows are a little bent, which is what I want. I wanted a straighten her elbows by.

Nope. By moving her waistband into the box. Whew. Yeah. Now walked down your leg. Good. Yeah, that's it. Get the lower back anchored and stretch out. Go ahead. Go all the way down. [inaudible] inhale, lift the head back of the ribs. So right here. Would you say your hips are even? No. Okay.

So what should you do? There we go. Okay. And we're going to walk up [inaudible] and now I want you to stretch so that your shoulders are over your hips. Yeah, there you go. So when we roll back our waist, keep state, keep your elbows bent like that, and rock back your waist until your left foot is taught with the strap. Good. When you're pulling your waistband into the box, also squeeze your right leg a little away from you. Like that. Yeah. Yeah. So it's gonna hold from the back of the thighs.

If you just pushed out with the reformer [inaudible] good. Go wherever you want. Okay. And inhale, lift, and then keep pushing it out so that you can scoop. I liked that a lot more. And then lift all the way forward over your shoulders over that. Good.

But don't hike the leg. Ah, I like that too. Now stay tied on that leg. Rock the leg back until you have tension again. Make sure your hip stay even as you roll your lower back down. So keep trying to stretch that away. That's it. And inhale, head and stretching.

Keep that one from hike and Ho that's it. And now stretch all the way forward over that leg. Good. Okay. One of the most important things here. You're going to bend the knee and sit up tall. Grab your toes. Good. Now, but we haven't gotten tall yet. I know you can get taller. Grab both hands on your toes so no rounding up or back at all.

Chest up to the ceiling on your sip own. Stay like that. As you push your heel away, lifting the sternum more and more and more. Fantastic. Switch legs. So when you switch, we're going to do the same thing. Both legs under how we feeling. Good. Good. Both legs under, maybe set up a little more. All right, good. And now nothing's going to change in your posture as we slide the left foot.

Good. You can adjust the left hip forward a little bit there. Does it feel square? Do you feel like you're on both sit bones? Good. No shrinking as that leg goes up. Up to your nose straight. [inaudible] good, good. Hold it up. Walk up that leg and it's a little higher than your right.

So you want to relax that hip flexor. Push the back of the thigh into your hands. Good. And now can you get your chest on your thigh more like, yeah, rock back. Using the right side of your key work in the back of that sigh. And now walk down so it start in a grip and that can't feel good. And with the air hold, can you pull your waistband into the box as you come up?

That's fantastic. Good for you and stretch all the way over that leg. Keep your elbows bent. Chin on your chest, Chin down, and look at your naval. Pull it back with you. Nope. Don't come away from the leg. Keep the elbows bed. Ooh, I like that. Now walk down. I like that a lot.

And exhale and in with your check and keep pulling into the box as you exhale. Yes, yes. And stretch all the way forward until those shoulders are over, those hips. Rock back saying, tie. Use your belly. Use the back of your thet leg to push into your hands a little more.

That time scoop into the box. Thank you. And Inhale, head up. Check your belly, pull it into the boxes. You curl up. Fantastic. All the way forward. More [inaudible]. Now bend the knee, grab both hands on the toes.

Sip Super Tall for your picking your apple off your tree. I still want the sternum up. I want those shoulders open and I want you to lift. And now lift two, three. Very good. Alright, we're going to bring everything down. We're done with our short box. I'll take the pad over here. Good. All right.

Our next exercise is going to be elephant. So as you come back from putting your box down, you would lift up your head piece. Good. And we're going to lift up the bar and we're going to keep it on two springs. That's what we had with the short box and we're gonna keep it on two. We like to get on hand, foot, hand, foot. So right hand, right foot flat cause we're gonna do elephant, left hand, left foot. Okay.

I don't want to make this go super slow, but I want you to still imagine that Corset, she's going to push with the hands and really anchor the back of the ribs up to the ceiling. Notice how her back is round and she's really pulling in. So what I do want you to take home from this is there is going to be no movement in this box. We're going to, the hip bone is almost like a door hinge on her legs or like a door and she's gonna swing the legs open and close the door. The door swings open and close and as the door closes she scoops in more. She holds tight the Corset to let those muscles work, three and scoops and more two scoops it in one more. Good job. So her belly is really pulling into her lower back.

Now keeping this shape, see if you can bend your knees down to the mat and feed against the shoulder pads for knee stretches. I love how much she's kept the shape so she's not given her powerhouse a break. You're going to sit as close to your heels as you can, like one inch off, still using the bar to pull something against. And again, nothing in this shape is going to move. So your powerhouse has to work hard to hold and the leg swing open. And they swing close. And then when you get a little feeling of I got control, you can make it as big as you want.

You can take the carriage out as far as much as you want. Really working the hips, give me four more scooping. But she's really working hard here to keep all that course it one more hole. Now this is more advanced. I want you to use your belly to not just pull in, but it's going to lift your sternum away and you're going to use your powerhouse to stretch away. So she's not giving up her support muscles. In fact, this is super supported, keeping her chest up.

She's going to push the legs out to swing out and in good. Love it. So she's really using her belly to lift up her chest to keep that energy. That's hard work. All of these muscles to last one good. And now we're going to round your back for knees off, scooping in support, supporting ant out and quick and good.

Notice how she's keeping this pulled in. She's really using her belly to pull in and under and for. Good and scoop. So she just has that core set. One more hold and gently lower your knees down with control. Very good. Go ahead and step off.

Stand up nice and tall and with control. We're going to do our cool down running and pelvic tilt, but we won't be quite done almost though. Go ahead and we're going to keep it on. Let's put it back on for, since this is basic, if we were doing advanced it actually keep it on to what you could do also, but we're going to go back to what we warmed up on. Four springs scooping in and lowering down. Go ahead and we're going to, she's going to do it parallel again.

You could do it a little bit more of applies stance and to bring this over just a little more and then the hips. Good. All right, so just like your footwork, you're gonna pull in to the lower back. We're going to keep the tailbone down the whole sacrum down. Slide those legs straight and right as they go, even straighter, you pull into that upper back. Nice corset. Keep that lift and you're gonna run so you don't give into it at all. You really keep up and your hips stay square.

She's doing a beautiful job in, it's that belly lifting up. [inaudible] we're going to do four more sets, 10 sets total pushing the heel down under the bar. But everything's, you get to use the reformer to lifting, get long and leaner and bend both knees in and come home. Pelvic lift arches on the corners. Good. All right, so we're gonna curl up. [inaudible] see if you can keep the back of the ribs close to the mat and we're gonna use the back of the thigh and seat to squeeze out. And we're going to control and good and back the thighs and keep your lower belly scooping in and sliding up.

Dear good and scoop in and all the way there and now pulled. And because you're more advanced, I want you to use those hip muscles to stretch out. Yes, and out. So usually I'm pulling her chest up the bottom of the ribs away from her hips. But on this time I can have her length in her hips that way and pull it in. So she has something secure and she can little length in her lower back.

It feels delicious. More and Stirrer Chin and last one back of the thighs and see the ribs are staying down. She's going to pull her pelvis really long. Keep your powerhouse in as you melt down one. Pull into each vertebra. Pull. That's what I wanted to see. Good work. Slide your knees and feet. Good and hug. Okay, so at this point I want you to try and get a magic circle. If you don't have a magic circle, maybe you have a big ball that you can squeeze.

I'm going to grab ours and I want you to sit down facing the camera with your feet on the floor on that floor, ma'am. Just your feet. Just your feet. All right, come more to the front edge. Good. And you're going to try not to widen your feet any more than that. Okay? And we're going to work on sitting posture. So you're going to get to put that between your inner thighs as lovely and your, um, knees or your feet are gonna want to widen, but you're going to try to keep them as close together as you can.

Let's find those. Don't you don't need to squeeze right now. See if you can even relax. All right. And we're going to spine those sit bones again. So you kind of weeble wobble back and forth. Thank you. And then you want the line of your hips right over those sip Mons, which you have pretty good there.

And then you want to get your shoulders right over your hips. So when you are standing, this is a lot harder. So we're starting with sitting, but we are going to standing. So you're gonna want to draw the line from one hip to the other and pull your belly behind that line. And then imagine that you're about to push out the reformer. So you're going to squeeze your circle and you're going to pull the lower belly into the lower back and slide it up to grow tall. Good.

Now keep that height and give me 10 squeezes with the circle one. Don't, don't use the ribs pulled back into it yet and grow and tall. You don't want to arch any of your back. After 10 relax to do more, maybe just to 10 I'm just a bad counter and relax. Even your seat and everything like that. Oh excellent. Cause I want to see like a transformation in your back. I want you to lift right up onto your sip on squeezing up back the thighs and pressing down great lift. Crown of the head to the ceiling will love it.

And 10 and this time use a squeeze to lift your belly into your upper back and even lift your sternum, your chest bone from that squeeze. Feel all the lifts in your body a little bit arching here. There we go. Good. Keep it in there and after 10 you get to stop. Very good. Okay, we're going to take the magic circle for a moment. I'll take it and go ahead and stand up right where you are.

I'll leave it here and I'm going to come around and we're going to do some standing footwork. Oh Yay. Okay. So we're going to keep the weight on the ball of your foot at home. You might want to use a wall or something for balance, but we'll see. I think Maria is focused enough that she's going to be able to keep this. We hope. Yeah. Okay. We all hope. All right.

And so we're going to keep her box. Who's scooping? What's the most important thing? Not the legs right now, but that she feels this course at, which is crazy. Cause when you're doing this standing footwork, you think you have to work everything else, but it's really your belly pulling in and we're gonna slowly lift our heels. So we're gonna squeeze and hold. Beautiful. Keep the heels up and bend the knees doing a plea a and you kind of want to lengthen that tailbone away. Keep the chest a little forward. You're doing good.

Yes. Hold. Keep the knees where they are enrolled down your heel. It's a hard stretch for anybody. Now as you lift up to a tall position, picture yourself doing footwork and you're pulling your lower belly in and lift up through that. By heels are down. Yes, and heels come up from here, from the powerhouse. Slowly bend the knees. Don't let that lower back arch. That's it. Keep pulling into it. Lengthen the tailbone down a little bit more. Good. Okay.

Hold your body here where you're lifting your sternum and roll down your heels to flat to big stretch and now pull into your lower back to school. He is your legs straight. One more scoop and up relative. Try to keep the heels together if you can. I know you do parallel a lot and we're going to bend the knees.

Lengthening that lower back length and chest stays up. Beautiful. Roll down your heels. Good, and now squeeze up Nice and straight butts from here. Good. Keep pulling into here. We're going to reverse. You're going to bend the knees, lengthening this down, pull it into me. Roll up your heels and pull in more and slide up against imaginary wall and lower the heels and bend the knees. Lengthening. Good. Stay anchored in here.

Don't use your yes and roll up your feet. Stay anchored in here. You're starting to let your ah Huh. Squeeze up. Keeping your shoulders forward in front of your hips and slide down. Okay, hold. I want you to have your tail a little longer. Yes. And stretch this a little more forward. Beautiful.

Now squeeze this forward instead of curling. Ooh, I lack it. All right. Last one. Bending the knees, keeping the no energy in here. He yes. Roll up your heels. Good scoop, scoop, scoop. And imagine yourself sliding out on that reformer with your chest up. Take this forward again. Excellent. Lower down your heels. Keeping this forward. Good for you. Staying there. You don't get a break.

Good. I'm going to have you hold the circle straight in front of you. Good. Good. Lift the elbows up a little good. Pull it in and continuously your way is forward. Maybe bring your toes a little closer together. Huh? Your weights forward on the ball of your foot squeezing from here.

And we're going to keep lifting this part of our back, not this. So drop that. Lift the sternum instead and open the collar bones and squeeze at circle five, four, three, two, one and release it. So we're going to press it and hold it. Scoop into your lower back and press two, three, four, five and release. Press into your lower back and hold two, three, four, five and release. One more time. Scoop it in.

There's nothing like this for the core set and release. Good. Now you're going to bring it down, so it's a 45 degree right there. But lift the elbow up without lifting. Lean your weight a little more forward. Beautiful. And pull in and squeeze. And as you're squeezing, you're lifting and release and pull it in. And lifting. Beautiful posture and release.

One more squeezing and your powerhouses. Lifting and release. We're going to bring it up to a 45 here. Lift up your elbows a little bit, scooping in and squeeze. Two, three, four, five release. Pull into your lower back and lift your sternum. Three, four, five release one more. Pull in and squeeze. Two, three, four, five, release. Bring it down. Good. All the way here. Keep everything. We're going to do eight counts. Okay. Pumping it as you come up. The hard part is, that's when our upper back wants to fall into our lower back. So we're going to pull in and pump. One, two, three, four, five, high or seven, eight and down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And again, we're gonna do three more. Four, five, six, higher a n dam, two, three, four, five, six, two more times. It's up to, this might seem easy, but it is not an up.

She is not moving her upper back, which is very hard for her. She's lifting from the right muscles. And three, five, seven, eight. Good. Last thing, put the circle behind you. Yeah. Hold it. Good. In the heels of your hands. Fingers pointing. [inaudible] good. Soften those elbows. Excellent.

Squeeze your bottom forward. Stretching through here. Scooping into your lower back and lifting your chest. Rolling. Open your shoulders. Yes. So you're going to pull in and lift and I don't care if that circle squeezes at all, but I do care that you keep this lifting. You just hold the circle right there.

Pull it in and lift your chest as you squeeze. Four, three, two, one, release and press your bottom forward in squeeze, two, three, four, five, release. One more time. You're going to feel your triceps. Even if you don't squeeze that circle and release and you are all finished. Beautiful posture, great courses. Yeah, that was good job. Yay.


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Amazing cueing and knowledge. Thank you for a fabulous class x
2 people like this.
I loved this class!! I particularly liked the strong use of the legs in opposition to the corset throughout the class which then became so functional with the final standing footwork and magic circle work. Maria did a fabulous job!!
I agree with Kelly ! Monica I wish I lived closer so I could work with you :) Wonderful teacher and student !
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Loved this class, especially the standing footwork at the end. Will work with my corset from now on!
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Great session Monica - Thanks! -

however your client's head hangs a bit too much is which ends up breaking the natural c - curve alignment in the majority of exercises. A gentle pull in of the head from the occipital bone would have correct that very nicely.

Lastly your client's half length bob gets a bit in the way from seeing her neck alignment more clearly - I thought you would apprecaite knowing this.

Best wishes
Antonio Gomez
Recovery Occpational Therapist -
London NHS Mental Health Trust
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Almost forgot to mention when filming step out of your client a bit so you can watch and appreciate her /his profile more clearly and this way you will gain the viewer's perspective which ultimately is what we see in our screens : )

Antonio Gomez
Monica Wilson
Hi Antonio! Thank you so much for providing feedback and details to keep in mind while filming next time. One of the reasons I agreed to be an instructor for Pilates Anytime is that I have been given liberty to do what I do best, teach the body that is in front of me. The participants/students are not models nor master instructors. I pray and plan what I would like to put out for my next class and then I try to forget that the camera is there and just be in the moment with my client. I try to offer real cues that hopefully inspire proper movement, keep it light and make them feel good. I hope my classes come off as fresh, spontaneous, not pre-rehearsed yet offer high quality teaching. Still, always a learning process and it is good to keep certain suggestions in mind to give the viewer a better experience:) Monica
Debora Sandiford
Hi Monica, Thank you for this great class in "cleaning up technique." This might be addressed in another thread/video (so I apologize if that is the case), but could you give some thoughts on when an instructor can introduce more of these types of cueing. Every body is unique and as an instructor I don't want to intimidate a client with cueing that fine tunes movement esp if someone is a beginner (but would love to incorporate them steadily! Maybe that's the answer?! hah). Ofcourse, cueing beginners to strive for proper movement technique is my overall strategy, but I wonder a bit about when I can push a client a little further :) This topic is quite nuanced and there might not be a "rule of thumb" so to speak, but would love to hear any quick thoughts you have. Many thanks!
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Do you have a video where you explain how to breathe while you scoop in and up .
Monica Wilson
I don't think so but you have me thinking...maybe I'll plan a tutorial:)
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