Class 3090: Traditional Reformer

45 min
What You'll Need:
Reformer, Pilates Pole, Magic Circle
It's always a good idea to revisit your roots when you have been practicing Pilates for a while. This Reformer workout by Monica Wilson is great for cleaning up your technique and getting deeper into your powerhouse. She uses the image of a corset so you can stay connected through the entire class.
Jun 15, 2017
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Amazing cueing and knowledge. Thank you for a fabulous class x
10 days ago

I loved this class!! I particularly liked the strong use of the legs in opposition to the corset throughout the class which then became so functional with the final standing footwork and magic circle work. Maria did a fabulous job!!
10 days ago

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I agree with Kelly ! Monica I wish I lived closer so I could work with you :) Wonderful teacher and student !
10 days ago

Loved this class, especially the standing footwork at the end. Will work with my corset from now on!
8 days ago

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