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Cadillac Workout

50 min - Class


See some of the different things the Cadillac has to offer in this creative workout with Mariska Breland. She uses her "Pilates Playground" to teach fun sequences that challenge your stability and control. She includes many movements you haven't seen before and she uses the equipment in a new way.
What You'll Need: Cadillac

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Hi, I'm Mariska Breland from Fuse Pilates in Washington, D.C., and I'm here with Meredith, who works for me, or with me, or for me, kind of depends on the day. And she's also a very regular student in...


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Awesome class, Mariska! Love the creativity along the precise instruction.
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What a perfect way to celebrate my birthday today...Thank you for the "present' are such a genius!!!!! LOVE It!!!!!
Time to pay another visit to your beautiful studio soon )))))
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Loved it, great sequences and variations!
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Looking forward to try this class:))
Thanks!! It's always great to be back at Pilates Anytime! (I kind of want to move in!!)
Fun stuff. Definitely not a feel- good class except for the corkscrew and modified suspension at the end. I think those weren't tendus but ronde-de-jambes (going front to back and vice versa).
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Always love your classes on PA! As always amazing! Thanks ????
We would LOVE it if you move here Mariska! Thank you for all you do for us!
Happy Birthday Paola!
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Mariska, thank you so much for this creative class! I love the variations and I had a lot of ideas how to expand on your work!
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