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Advanced Reformer Flow

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If you are an advanced practitioner looking to get a good flow, then this Reformer workout by Monica Wilson is a great class for you. She works with Colleen to execute the exercises adding specific corrections to make sure she is working precisely and correctly. She also focuses on keeping the energy up because Pilates should be a very positive experience!

Monica is using a Gratz Reformer, however, if you have a different brand, this blog post will help you determine what springs to use.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Feb 27, 2016
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Okay. So today I have Colleen Ferguson here and we're going to be doing an advanced reformer. A Romana used to always say that [inaudible] should be very positive and that is what I'm going to be focusing on with Coleen today is trying to really keep her energy up in that beautiful posture that she has. And it's like a ray of light coming from your chest, so you Palladio's should not be something that's really strenuous and hard and that like gets you to curl up and really confined yourself. Instead, it should really feel phenomenal when you're done full of energy and very positive. So if you're able to do a reformer or your plies work, making it look light and lovely, then that means that you've really worked hard. So very, very challenging to do. Just to start off, I'm going to be working with the garage reformer because I'm a Romanos politesse instructor and this is a, the equipment that I use, we have four springs and they're all of equal tension.

I have two paths that I will be using and Coleen's really gonna be doing most of the transitions on her own because again, this is going to be an advanced reformer, so it might be something that you might want to watch first if you're not familiar with all the transitions, because we're going to be going quick, or maybe you hit pause a couple times to catch up. But ideally you are familiar with, uh, the advanced reformer so that you can safely do this at home. We're gonna also have a box, which we'll do for short and long box, and then our aluminum pole for the short box and some extension straps. So if you have all that set up, I think you're pretty much ready to go. If you do have a different reformer at home that you're working on. Um, we do have a link that helps to give a spring reference or comparison of which springs seem most like the grots springs. All right, so without further ado, let's go ahead and have some fun with the light. Lovely.

There we go. And lying down. We're going to start off with footwork starting on the toes and arms and we're going to pull in and up. Good. And, and so like I said, we are starting with four springs dam and we're pulling the carriage out, pulling it in, pulling it out, pulling it, and let's do three more and pulling it out, pulling it in and we'll switch to arches and pulling out. Set 10 repetitions on the arch right below the ball of the foot and really laying thinning your body in. Good. This is your warmup, so enjoy really feeling your powerhouse. Pull into the mat, feeling the correct alignment. One more of your back on the mat, up to heels. And she does a nice quick transition. We could net pick whether it's perfectly in the center and everything, but you do want to keep up the flow and polling up, pulling in, have it, your body feels completely different with all the little muscles alive when you move quickly.

She transitioned to tendon stretch while I was talking so it went down and good stretch down, down, down, up, up, up, stretch, stretch, stretch. Imagine that you're stretching all the way from the bottom of your shoulder. Blades can be one more. So stretching everything under that bar and then pulling everything up and then come in. We're gonna get ready for the a hundred so she's going to lower her head piece while lowering the bar with her feet and the hands have the handles and go ahead and lift your head. Good and in with the air.

So this is an advanced transition for the hundred where instead of bending the knees in, which is more basic or intermediate, she's going to lift them from the floor. Same thing you do on the mat. Good. It's really advanced because it's easy to cheat and to just use your back to lift your legs up. But if you're doing it correctly, it's from the powerhouse and there's no light under her waistband. Pushed into those handles a little bit more and feel just a little more scoop. That's it. And keep pumping. And the very last one, and then we're going to go into the overhead, which is almost this position. So you're going to go ahead and let your arms.

Good. And Drop to springs is our first transition where we have to drop the springs. Notice she came up in a teaser. All right, hold it. Here you have a few inches from the shoulder pads and going over one and up two and control it down. So everything is positive, light and lovely, right? So we're going to go over and lift your energy up, up, up, and controlling it down. Arms Up. So the energy up is super important. Energy up. Yes. And coming down.

One more time. Keep your toes over your eyes a little bit more as you come down up and keep them right over your eyes and lengthen your spine. That's it. Good. Arms Up. So we're gonna bend our elbows and knees into coordination. Out. One open, closed, scooping. Let's keep the bottom of your shoulder blades down a little bit more so that you have more stretch here. So pulling in better and the energies in Annette. Always fighting. Gravity. Go out and give me eight crosses. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Pull in and, and, and stretch.

One more. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Him pull in. We'll go into rowing. Both handles in one hand and she'll drop one spring. So now we are only down to one spring as she spends around. Good. We're gonna pull back one.

Open to press back three. Okay. And then big circle four. I want to want to see three a little bit more. So scooping in one, open to hold and push back. Yes. And then scoop. Good at up. And then big circle as you left.

Give me one more and scoop it in one. Open two, push back. Good. And keep pushing back. Keep pushing back and lift into your big c curve as you reach all the way to your ankles. And stay there for a second as I just give you a little stretch. All right, right angle. And here we go. One a little more energy up as you go back and pull to your tailbone and keep lifting this area. Good. So lift, keep lifting out the crown of your head. That's it. Add forward and scoop. Good.

Keep lifting this big scoop. There we go. So before you go back at that writing goal, grow a little taller yet that just that little bit more. That's it. And keep it. Ooh, I love it. And now reach all. Now keep until extending the fingers this time. Yes. And go down and forward and a big C here.

Big C. Yes. All right. Leave your handles as you spin around for rowing from the chest. Still one spring. So it's going to be right from the chest. Have a little more weight on your right hip. [inaudible] there we go. And keep it there and in with the air. Empty the lungs.

Good opening, opening, opening. So we're not teaching the exercises here and up we are executing them so I'm not going to be going over cause we're an advanced, but little corrections for her. Grow Taller up. And this is if you've already know how to do rowing and you want just a little more trips, flex your feet and stretches is called from the hips in with the air rolling up your spine. Inhaling up, up, up. Excellent in with the air.

Rolling it up and lift. Good. And now I want you to do it just a little different choreography. I want you to stop his spine stretch forward. So go for roll up with your arm, staying at shoulder height. Now grow taller, almost push down with your hands and grow taller length and more. And now keep that height as you go up. And then keep lifting, lifting, lifting. Excellent. Good shading. Good. And she's going to stay light. So straight arms, lift the waist more, almost as if like you're really lifting.

Feel that lift head up a little bit more. Excellent. And that's somewhere in between. Good. And now keep that height as you. Bend your elbows and straighten. Good. See if you can get all the way to the base of your neck. Can you get all the way down?

And then all the way up and all the way down and all the way up. Now why those elbows on this last one? Wider and forward? Hold the arms. Lifting the torso as you open Ben. Good and in with the air for the hug and exhale. Yeah, in with the air and reach longer. Watch the hyperextending elbow on the open hole.

Take a breath and then exhale. Squeeze. Inhale. Push out from here more. Yes. And pushing out from here. Yes. One more. Make sure you don't arch here as you push open. Excellent. Rest your arms down. Good. And we're going to get the long box. Yeah. So we're going to not do swan right now.

We are going to do pull straps, backstroke, teaser, horseback and breaststroke. So we're going to stay on one spring and she gets on from the back, pushes out and goes down in a solid piece. Okay. And then her feet let go to let the carriage slide home. Ready to go. Pulling one and controlling it down. I think I would like to see you crawl up your hands all the way to here.

Yeah, there we go. Good. And then pull. Good and shoot that chest forward. Forward, forward and control. One more time. So our bellies pulling in and up to her sternum. Really to that beautiful posture and coming down. Let's go for the tea. So all of these are really important stomach in to stretch forward and to keep that light lovely. Come all the way down a straight line before you start again.

And so we're going to come down a little bit more. There you go. And one more stomach in and then up, up, up and opening. Good backstroke. So both handles in one hand, she steps off, adds a spring. And then take one in each hand behind you stepping one, two. There we go forward.

And she's going to get into that ball position. That one got a little snappy cut. Good and up. Open and forward to three and bet and lift open. You use that side just a little more [inaudible] and stay over there, up open.

And so I want to see that energy. And Ben, this one, I want you to stay lower on the box so we're gonna stay, uh, not reverse. I want you to go up open, keep your bra strap on the box, and now pull in to come up and higher and come up as much as you want. And Bend. Now do the reverse with that in mind. Forward and now open up together. And one more like that scoop. I wanted more of that energy thoughts that open up together and Ben Teaser.

So she's going to keep her teaser as she transitions dropping down a one spring now. Okay. All right. And folding up. And so keep the energy pulling in and up into here and length and everything down. So you're pulling your energy up so there's no movement. She's going to go into circles. That's it. That's the energy I want.

Even feeling it through the fingertips and down cause we're always like this and reversing those circles so we're not being pulled down here. We're really feeling the advantage of working against the springs to stay tall. Let's put both in one hand and grab your pads there on this side actually for horseback, we'll stay on one spring so they make a little triangle or v and then you grab them in your hands behind you. Good. And swing leg over forward. Always not, there you go forward. Good. Okay. So we are really seeing if we can get our energy to pull us up off this box and scoop. And so she's going to pull into my hands here and keep that energy going.

Pull more in you felt it and here and sit. Good forward. The feet get long. Let me see more inner thigh and we're continuously pulling in and feeling that energy go there. Eight good. Let's do breaststroke. So we're going to take down to one pad on the back edge. Bring the other pad down and we'll stay on one spring. I will assist, you can do this exercise on your own, but I'm going to assist her because we're just going to see what a beautiful background that is. I'm going to have you bring your hips and knees to the left.

A little needs a little more. Ah Huh. There you go. Alright, so she's going to pull her heels to our bottom three times one, two, three then shoot out like a rocket and lift. Lift, lift. Good. So I even want you, if you don't mind calling, can you hold the forward position? Okay cause we didn't do swan cause we're doing this three and hold right there. Push into your handles more.

Lift your ribs up more in your belt and then go yes. And one more. That's it. Three at stretch and lift. Lift. There you go. Beautiful. Nice job. Okay, go ahead and step off and we're ready for short box now and we're going to put the handles in the, well. Let's keep using the pad as well as the bar so you see how quickly she moves.

I can do all of these transitions for her. She added a spring. We're on two springs, still stabilize the box and she has his trap, but then I would take away the cardio firmer and we're going to pull it and you really want to keep your blood going. Stretch in with the air and always a positive in and up. Lift and lift and back. She's going to do a little back bend, pushing off the floor.

Ants, scoop. Bend it up one more. Let me watch your alignment from back here. Good. She's going to reach back to the reform pool, pushing the heels away. Fabulous stretch. Yeah, and lifting and very nice. And even let's grab the bar. Good.

And I want you to stay right there. Straighten out this guy a little bit long fingers. We do not clench that bar. Beautiful. And then I want you to just pull up, pull up, and let's reach as you go back and forward, God am pulling back and forth. So Coleen is an accomplished Palladio's instructor. One more and she's adding to her, polite his knowledge.

Relax your arms down by going through the Romanos plies program also and scooping an and we're going to lean a little bit forward as you reach over to the right and up. I want to see this lengthen [inaudible] and then keep it long instead of arching it as you go over. Now we're talking ample center so it has gotten a little short again. Let's pull fill that area up. Mm hmm. And good. Imagine you're against a wall and you stay on that wall as you slide over, you don't come off of it right, right there and center.

So imagine you're one more set against that wall. Lift on that wall. Slide over to the right. Beautiful. And one more time up in Oh over and pulls and relax your arms. Very nice. Now let's do the twist. So we're going to twist and reach. She went to the left first.

You can choose whichever side and up and twist and good. Let's go fishing. So up and she's going to make a straight line and pull it back up. Heavy fish on a really a fish, a big tuna. Oh it up from that powerhouse. And now let's go around the world.

So that means she's going to go out, twist all the way to the other side and pull up and pull it in. Pull out really long, pushing out with the heels and up and stretch forward. Nice job. Good. So always lengthening and stretching tree and extend and just open up that hip a little Ho. Yeah, that was better. Hold it up and walk up and lift out of your lower back to go forward and then roll back. Taking the leg with you and walk down.

Just keep this hip. Try to open up in the length. And so it's a little lifting up towards her [inaudible] and circle one and two, three circles. Go the other way. One from the center at hold it there. Keep trying to work that. There you go. And stretch. Pick the apple off the tree and we're going to do side tree.

Lift up your head out of your spine a little bit more. There we go. And side tree. So she's going to grab the inside of her ankle and the handle and rollback is square. She can and then head to the chasse and staying with the leg right here. Bend the knee behind you. Crossing it over and lift up.

Always. Nice. Other side. [inaudible] hey ant stretch and bend. And how's that hip? Can you open it up as well? Yeah. And drudge over it. Yes. And push this heel away and down you go and circle one, get out of the way Monica do and three and reverse it. Nice.

Much more even on the side. Yes. And the re and coming up scooping in and up. And then pick in the apple lift, lift, add side tree. So hands at rolling back. Keeping her body's square head to your chest and keep pushing that leg open.

Then bend the knee and crossover. Lift into your stretch. Nice. Okay. We're done with our box. Spring it down. So in one fluid motion, she's bringing the pad down and lifting the head piece and you can lift that, that that's all right either way, but the bar in the box go down together. She already has set this up. I usually do it on my way back, but there's more than one way to do things. So make sure your bars up to spring's. Yep.

Secure and hand. Foot, hand, foot and out. So again, we're not teaching this or teaching the transitions, but you can learn if you didn't know it already that she got on already in her pushup position and a little more lowering the hips. Squeeze him down. Aha. And two more for me. Really having the energy. You go out the crown of your head. Last one a little lower with the head and push into my hand from your powerhouse. Excellent. Kneel down, down, stretch. Let's try that transition one more time.

So we're going to be in the pushup position cause you did the pushup on so lovely my dear there. And let's keep pushing your hips down as you bend your knees and keep them there as you open your feet and slide the feet back. Yeah. And now from your powerhouse, lift. Good. And you're going to lift in front of me. Good and back. The thighs and glutes are working. Lifting last one, crawling onto the fingertips as you come in. Good.

And go into her. Backbend I'm going to have her do it one more time. Do that one one more time cause I want to see you got go. I mean with the hands on the bar. Good. And now schoolies and go out and, and again, there you go. Good out. And so you feel these muscles right?

And I want you to crawl up and now use your belly to lift your chest. This time. Yes. And then good last time she let go over her bottom a little bit, which took a little bit of the energy away from being up. Good. Fantastic. And now, let me see how long you can get pushing out and then scoop in and fold enough good and out and pulling up your energy into here. And so big thing that we tried to do in the a hundred and everything is pulling your energy here and then pulling it all the way up here. One actually let's go into the Combo. So pushing out, squeezing down into, so now the energy is here. Push out like that. Full depth.

Careful with that. Lower back one more. Ah, squeeze. Keeping this there. That one was better. Got To make sure it feels good. Lower your heels for elephant. Keeping the kerogen cause we're going to keep the energy low. More here at good out and scope how and Sku's.

Try to hold that. Like I was saying, you want, we learn how to pull into here and as we advance we get to pull up our energy here. Let's go into an air. Best Kia. Good. Let, why don't you go into demi point for me on both feet. Yep. And then, yes, good and out and use this outer hip and still staying in to hear one more and bring that leg down. Other leg using this hip. Now we're using the right hip in into here. Hold good and bring that leg down and let's go ahead and step off and we're going to turn immediately around for long back stretch. Good. Nice. Keep your energy up and down. You Go.

Lifting the bottom. Lifting the energy and dad. Um, pulling up. That's it. And Dad and lifting everything. Let's reverse. Keep as high as you can. Beautiful down and lifting your energy. Yes. Two more. Pushing out, down and lifting your energy. One more out, down, up and lift and stepping off. Very good. She's always, let's bring your pad down and set up for stomach massage.

Always keeping her energy up. She doesn't sit down on it. She doesn't really get too dependent on the machine. She's always lifting from and stomach massage. First one is round. Let's try and make the biggest seat curve. She can. Good.

There we go. Two more rapid in squeezing. Okay. And now dropping a spring. Let me see that transition differently. And it also, um, don't worry about adding a spring. I want you to slide over to your right. A little good. Bring your hands back forward in the hug.

Good. Now with your belly, I want you to lift your chest up from your stomach. Beautiful. Now at the same time, move your arms back. Keep lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting. Fantastic. And Apt. Yes. Down lift. Good. Sit. Use your ribs to stay a little more on your right. Fabulous. And your right hip lengthening to me. This is the hardest one for you.

And very good. Two more. Yes. Good. Now keep that high in your spine and come for both arms. Drop one more spring and we'll do the reach and forward. Exhale, reaching, reaching, reaching. I had to do that transition again because her energy went down when she switched from the round and the next one was the reach.

So it was perfect opportunity to keep that energy. Let's twist. Good. And, and, and I love how tall she is staying here. Good. Like I'm lifting her aunt lift from the waist more, more and more and more. Yes, yes. One more set for me. Reaching forward and back. Lift up. Lift. Uh Huh. And in and last one up with the ribs up. Forward.

Reach back rage. Good. And come in. Nice. Alright, now we're going to do tendon stretch. So go ahead and step off. This one. If you give into the reformer, you're dead. So we're going to do a fun combo here and the whole emphasis is pulling up. So going out for three and pulling up. Try to stay in front of this bar. Oh and then a good one more. Hold it up.

The right foot is going to go a little forward and down. Bull, a little quieter. So we're controlling it and out to the side and yeah, and straight out to the side. Yes. One more. It lifts as you go up and now she's going to go back aside, back side, back and again, side back and now hold it back, back side and one more back. Bullet up. Very good. And switch as you go forward. Nice. Good. And what?

Pull it up one more and now side for three. Reach it out that window. Touch the ocean, touch the water and now hold it there as you go forward and back. Yes. And that's right. And now hold it back, back and size and one more back and side and bring it all the way forward. Fan. Tastic good. Stepping off. Very tempting to sit, Huh? Yes. Let's sit down on our bar. No, let's bring it down actually.

Good. And we do get to enjoy short spine massage. So go ahead and grab your straps. Head piece goes down and she's going to shorten the straps by putting the leather through the handle. That's how we adjust them and line down. So we do short spine massage and then we're going to do semicircle.

Okay, forward and up. So we did overhead earlier, which is what we would do in intermediate. It's much harder and Dan to do and now we get a little delicious break and bending the knees and rolling down. Now I want you to do a Romano is said, which was tay as an airplane, taking off the runway, lift off the runway, keep lifting up, keep that big letters, see that cit. So it's, you can never see when a plane actually lifts its wheels and that's kind of what you want to do with the bottom. It's like it's all you go. Yeah. And bending and [inaudible] rural. All right, let's go into um, semicircle.

I'm just going to put her toes on the bar. Good. And then lift your seat up and slide all the way down. Stuck a little [inaudible]. Yeah. Is that what you're good. And we're going to remelt down through the springs. Go Out, lift up. I know. Nice thigh and hip. Stretch forward at melting.

Wrap the upper back around that mat. Push out with those hips. Lift them up and coming in. And one more time. Three in each direction. Good. We're still on two springs. Stretch and reverse from there. Yes.

And hold in your self saw. Nice coming in and got caught. [inaudible] yeah. So go ahead and push out a tiny bit. [inaudible] [inaudible] there we go. And there and out. Yes, you got it. And data and coming in. Lifting.

Let's do one more out from here. Hold and relax that spine and come in. Beautiful and up and stretch. Good. Grab on, slide back. And we're going to go into our chest expansion series. So stepping off, we're going to need those pads. So go ahead and grab them.

We protect the springs and one over the wood or the bar. Yep. Hey, I kind of do it like that just just in case anything should happen. And you bonk your head back there and we cover the springs so that her hair doesn't get, just like her tank top got caught in the springs. Her hair could get caught in the springs and that does not feel good. So we're going to grab the leather and the handle pretty much as high up as she can grab. So it's a little shorter. Good.

Center yourself a little more on those shoulder paths. I feel like you're a little on the right. Yes. And I want to see your ankles a little more on the edge and really hooking. Good. Ah, there we go. That's it. Okay. Let's have the carriage start off home. [inaudible] good. I want to see my positive light image here.

So squeeze those hips forward. And before you start, I want to see them, the hips over the front of the knee. And I want to see there and I want your energy to keep lifting up to here. Good. Now using that powerhouse one right, left forward and release. Good again, left, right forward and release. One more set. So the chest expansion is nothing if you're not holding this beautiful posture. So it, her hips go forward, her stomach pulls back and her chest is lifted from her powerhouse thigh stretch.

She's going to take both handles in one hand and sit back and add a spring. So we had two springs and now we have to have three. And now knees go all the way forward against the shoulder pads. Crawl up a lot higher on those straps. Good. And now the same beautiful line to start.

So hip squeezing forward, tummy pulling back. And she's going to go into thigh stretch, beautiful to their arms, lift and come forward and pulling back all the way from here. Notice how she doesn't break that line and coming up because you didn't do that. I can have her go into a backbend. So you're just going to pull back. Keep pulling the energy and now into her back band.

Head to chest and lift those arms. Let's try that again. One more. Pulling back. Keep going. Don't back bend quite yet. Now go and head to chest and lifting those arms. Nice job. Okay. Both handles in one hand. We step off and drop two springs. We're getting ready for arm circles.

I'm going to cover those springs again for for any reason you should pitch forward. So our feet are flexed against the shoulder pads to work here. Let me see you lean your hips forward again. Yes. Almost pressing into those and then we're going to come up. Good. We always start our circles forward. First. Hips and powerhouse. And now reverse for three.

Really feel this. Really feel that lift of your waist. Everything is up through your fingertips. Nice job. And now we're going to do some bicycle curls. Yes. And straighten gimme. Two more light up. Yes.

Nice. Last one. Good. Now we're done with our straps and we're gonna do snake and twist. We're going to do it on one spring. If you were learning it, you could do it on two springs. So it same springs. I'm going to always spotter. Good. And we're going to end with the air. And exhale, squeeze down that hip and pull up.

Square off your hips a little more for the snake. Good ant in with the air and squeeze and exhale and, and now we're going to twist and twist in those hips. Ring out that air and up. And one more. Ah, ringing out their air and up and bring that foot down. Holding the carriage in and other side so the pad goes on the corner.

Okay, let me give me one second. Sorry. I want to spot you from that other side. We stepped down for a second. Thank you. All right man. Okay, go ahead and going out. Square off this hip. So both hips should be looking down at the springs. Squeeze in this guy. Yes. Squeeze down down there. Yeah, go. And now you can twist those hips cause that's what's called the twist.

Yes. And pull up with your powerhouse, pulling in that energy. And if this is a hard exercise for you, you should be practicing the pull up on the one to chair. Cause this, that Zit right here, you're pulling it up and bring a foot down and hold that carriage in. Get, we're going to add one more spring and we're going to do the tic talk and corkscrew and balance control. Step off. Good. So I'm going to get rid of those handles. I like them off when I'm grabbing these other handles here. Good. And we're going to go to the right and pull center.

Let me see more energy up so that energy's up and energy. Yes, your powerhouse is pulling down, but energy up. Hold and now go into corkscrew. We're gonna go all the way up and coming down. Reach, touch all the corners of the room.

I'd like to see that you've touched these corners more. Reach out the ocean. Yes. All the way over there and energy up. Beautiful. One more and set. That is an up and last one all the way around. And did you start that way? Okay.

All right. We're going to do balance control. So she has to move away. And again, energy up is super important. So we're going to lift up, up, up and one, two up. All of it's here and one, two lift. And now she's going to roll off. That was her test. Good.

If you've never done this before, don't do it for the first time here and she's going to play. You're fine. And pull that energy up. Thank you. And up we go. And over and lifting. Nice. So Center yourself, have the energy plea a and let me see it all.

Come from here. There we go. Nice. Good. And we're back on and come on down. Good. All right, very good. Slide back. I'm going to add the extensions for long spine massage cause I should have prepped you to do that earlier. Good. So again, if you've never done balance control, step ops, this should not be the first time you tried doing it with a respectable pilates instructor. Right? And we're going to go ahead and put those. We're still on two springs. Yep. Good.

And we're going to do long spine massage forward and up and open. So I'm going to want to see you started as frog. Good. Go forward and get your bottom all the way over your shoulders up here a little more. See Curve here, open and now pool forward. Forward, forward, forward. Good. And all the way over open.

And you're pushing on those but massaging your spine down one more in this direction. So these muscles are working. But I do want to keep pushing. Keep pushing, keep pushing. K and reverse. Good. Um, I see a little too much back are two. There we go. There we go. Open. End Up. And I'm going to cheat a little bit on this last one. Stay here gay. And now lengthen your spine away from me. Yes. Yes. That's the alignment. I want you to feel ah, isn't that feel nice? Yes. How about one more on your own like that?

Open and up and squeeze and feel. Now that's my long spine. Beautiful. Alright, Kay. I'm just going to take them off. Good. And let's prepare for a knee stretches. Headpieces coming up. Two Springs, good. And head looks down at your belly and pull it in and in.

Don't push into my hand, pull away from my hand too. And transition and switch. This one's extremely important of that powerhouse lifting forward. It's a basic exercise but so hard when you do it right and up and good. Keep this line going. Pull up into here a little more. Thank you.

And pull in and long and in and too and hold. Good. Alright, step off. And we're going to do star. So you're going to oh no, no, no. How are we? Yes we are. So grab a pad. I was thinking of the order there and you're going to always do hand, foot, hand, foot. So hand, right foot.

Good at the left. Arm's going to stay long on her body. And we're going to try and make a rainbow here. So we're going to lift, lift. I love it. Good. And kick up as you push out and then lift in that rainbow and your arm can go up too. And yes, so that you make a star. One more. Let me see that star. Yes. Good.

And now kick forward and lift in that rainbow and back and lift in that rainbow. And kick forward and really make a ground. Now wrap all the way around me, around me, head to back, back, back, and there we go. And bring that foot down. Nice. All right, and other side. Good. I'm going to come with you. Hand, foot, left foot, and then the right arm stays on you. So we're trying to create definitely the boxes square facing the ocean and kick up and then pull up in this hip more, yes out.

And then pull up in this hip. Good one more out. And then pull up in this hip. And now we're going to kick forward and pull up in this hip and kick back and pull up in this hip and then kick forward and then wrap all the way around me pulling that carriage home head back to good. And then stepping down. That's it. Nice job. Let's repair for running and pelvic tilt. So we did on two springs. You can also do it on one spring when you're super advanced.

Kay toes. Good. Running all that energy that way. Great job. Good. So Dad giveaways. If you start moving your reformer across the room when you're doing running and your energy's a little too much down, you always want your energy up and up and lifted and three, two and one and pull it in. Pelvic lift, hold it in. And I just want about two more inches.

Length in the waist away. Have your waist, you're holding it tight. But I went Nina [inaudible] and out. I don't want there to be a little space in that lower back. Yes. Okay. So when you extend your right hip goes up, keep it even [inaudible] and good.

There's only a few positions that you, when you get in that your body will be off. Not all of them, just a few. And this is one of them. Perfect reaching and one more length and lengthen. Lengthen and lower. We're going to do side splits. One spring. Sound good? Okay. So let's bring those pads over on this side to start. So we'll have one underneath the bar and the other one I want against this shoulder pat.

Okay. With the carriage still. I want you to stand up closer, a little closer to the springs for me. Thank you. And now take the right foot out. So that's her solid foot. And she's going to heel toe that foot trying to stay square. Good. And I want you to have more of a hug position.

Yes. And now your pelvis is tipping forward. Thank you. Now let me see that energy up. So we're going to split out and we're going to pull up and I'm going to have you soften this just a little bit for me and Lou to come in. You're lifting, lifting, lifting, and one more. Oh, that's nice. There. And pulling up up, up and now go out and we're gonna pick up some flowers. Yay. They just threw some flowers and rural up in a little back bend and then pull it up and heel toe. Oh yes, yes, yes. They've through them again.

And you're going to roll up. Pull that carriage in. Very hard to do. And then heel-toe toe that foot in. Keep going and quietly being turned towards the springs. Good. And stepping out and try to stay square as you heel toe.

Just the foot out. Good. All right, let's get that pelvis from tipping straight fingertip to fingertip this time out and pulling up. Good out and energy is up out the crown of the head out and pulling up. And now we're gonna stay out and touch your toe and pull up through your spine and, and hold the carriage and pull up and staying still now. So our inner thighs are working over time to hold the carriage together and her powerhouse and heel-toe. Yes, as she comes home both feet carefully stepped forward and set it up for front splits. We're going to do friends, splits and Russians and that'll be the end of our lovely reformer. Two springs please.

Okay. And good. All right. Put your right foot right here. Goes good. And then left. Bring the heel a little more onto the headpiece. Perfect. Square off the hips a little bit more. First it was a nice job.

Heads Asleep by your knee. Good focuses on the back leg, pushing out and pulling in. Great. And two and, and go ahead. [inaudible] last one and then we'll do the control part. Good. So as you lift up, I want to see the energy shoot out those fingertips. Beautiful. Yes. And out. This is the front leg now. Beautiful.

And so all of this is energy up so that her leg can work freely. Aunt, pull it in. Now I see the energy. Beautiful. As you come down and bring that right foot down. We're going to not do the five stretch today. So you're gonna just bring your right foot down. Yep.

Stand up and bring the left foot on the bar. You can do a lovely thigh stretch, which is hard to, hard for me to say. Don't do it. But where do the Russian Bruyneel a little more on. Yes. Good. And then the hips are here. So many nice exercises in pilates and back. Leg Out and forward. Good.

Really creating a nice solid leg and hip. And one more. And now we're going to do the control part. Keeping the hips square, hands behind her head and out and forward of front leg and out and keep lifting, lifting, lifting. And one more. And then let me see that energy again as beautiful reaching good and bring your left foot down and your right foot. Good and carefully turn around. We're going to turn the pad to just one middle one and you're going to push down on the shoulder pads as you take your left foot back. Good. And the right foot.

Now let's bring the ball the foot back just a tiny bit. Yes, I like to feel it right where the head piece. Now I understand it's two in right, so push out until this is a right angle. Yes. Good, good. All right. And straighten and bend and straight. So this leg is locked straight. Really working and good.

Now hold it there and we'll do the control. So her powerhouse has worked hard today and push out to be able to do this so that she lifts in the waist and reaching through the fingertips. Now lift the heel into that little crack where the head piece starts going up and both legs go straight and enjoy your split and pull up with straight legs. Square off your hips. If you had two and one more. And this time I think you can lie down on that leg. Uh, well deserved.

And then straight legs and pulling up up. Energy's always here and we're going to bring that leg. Okay. Yes. Square off those hips. Bring this foot a little forward by pushing. No, no, I'm sorry. Bad Cue there. Keep the foot where it was on teeny bit back. Hmm. Yup.

But bring the, push out the carriage so that you're at that right angle. Beautiful. And straighten that front leg. Good strong back leg. Nice. Good alignment. And now pool and going up. Elbows wide so that you really are pushing your head into your hands from here.

Oh that's it. And then go in for the full split. As you lift the heel, both legs straight. And here we go. Down, down, down. Nice can, if you need to adjust the hips and down and then enjoy. Line down on that and then hands back on top and pull up, up, up, and bring your foot back and down. Nope, both of 'em on there. Good. And step off to the side and roll up your spine. Let me see a little more.

Rolling up your spine. They're going down and rolling up and show me that beautiful posture. So uplifting, light, leather. Good job. You're welcome. Good job. Nice work.


1 person likes this.
1 person likes this.
This has been my favourite Pilates anytime class so far. I LOVED the transition on and off the reformer for control balance. My inner gymnast is very happy! Thank you Monika and Colleen!
Monica Wilson
So glad you enjoyed it! Thank you ladies!:)
Incredible class - you don't realize your potential until you challenge it - I knew this would be for me. I'm pleasantly surprised at my own performance. Remembering that happy, hopeful place Monika spoke of at the beginning - I'm there! Thank you Monica!!
1 person likes this.
Loved this class! I was sweating a lot! Some exercises, I need more practice, but this is going into my favorites for watching multiple times.
Sue B
1 person likes this.
Very nice! I would like to see a tutorial on the tendon stretch and variations. Anyone? Thanks!
1 person likes this.
Well done! Very nice job Monica Wilson! This is an amazing example what a classical advanced class should look like! I really love it. It goes straight forward to my favorite classes.
1 person likes this.
LOVE! Just what I needed. I've been doing the routine for several days in a row now!
Monica Wilson
Y'all must be superstars! I'm glad you are enjoying this class:) Monica

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