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Spine Lengthening Reformer

50 min - Class


Focus on deepening your powerhouse in this Reformer workout with Monica Wilson. She works on finding length in the spine while initiating each movement from your abdominals. She teaches traditional exercises and includes many challenging exercises like Long Stretch with no springs and Long Spine Stretch with no straps, and then ends the class with Rolling on the Mat to massage your spine. Enjoy!

If you have neck pain, Monica advises you to skip this class as there are a lot of overhead movements.
What You'll Need: Mat, Reformer w/Box, Knee Pad, Pilates Pole

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Okay. Today I have my friend Kiersten and I'm really looking forward to giving her a lesson. She is a Romanos Polis instructor and I'm looking forward to giving her a strong intermediate to advanced reformer. This is going to be focusing completely on deepening the powerhouse. So taking the exercises a little bit more in with the powerhouse, just a few quirks here and there. If you have neck pain, I wouldn't suggest this a reformer workout for you because there will be a lot of things putting pressure on the neck and shoulders.

But if you have a good healthy neck and shoulders and you're looking for a strong powerhouse workout, this is the one for you. At the end, we are going to be using just doing some rolling exercises as an ending. So you might want to have a yoga mat available or something that you can put down on the floor. I'll be working with the grots reformer and it has four springs of equal tension. Uh, I'm not sure how it corresponds with other machine apparatuses, but we can find that on the website there's always a link for springs. So that further ado, we're gonna start using our powerhouse. We're going to lower ourselves down to the reformer lying out.

So we're starting on four springs for our footwork and um, Cynthia Shipley in New York uses a cue that I really love. Beautiful. Kiersten might be slide over to the left. A Tad good. Especially the hips. Nice. Yes. And that is you're going to draw your lower belly into the mat, feeling it in your lower back, like he can really feel your lower back, stretch into the mat. And then you're going to use the springs as you go out to slide your powerhouse up to the back of your ribs. Really stretching your spine that way.

So let's go ahead and pull against those four springs out and pulling in. Good. And so you're going to pull the carriage out. Good. And I want you to hold it out for one. Hold it right here and feel your whole the debt. That's right. So you've got the seat working too, but feel that spine getting longer out the crown of your head.

And I don't want you to shrink an inch as you come in. Keep that height with your powerhouse and pulling out and pulling. And so the idea is to really use the mat to feel the alignment of your spine and feel your powerhouse really working. So you've pulled your savant near and keep that height as you come in. You don't just give in one more time.

We're doing 10 reps and we're going to go to arches, knees together and arches. Good. And I got my fingers out, sorry, and out again. Good and so really keep going. Good from, there's a line from one hip to the other and she's pulling her tiny lower belly below that line into her lower back and using it to stretch your spine up towards the crown of her head, pulling up. I want to see this in short box and every time we get tall, last one up to the heels, right on up. Pull those toes back. Good and hot. You Go. Good and stretch. Nice.

Pull in that belly. Really working that powerhouse. Stall and log. Good. It connects to the back of the thighs and seat. They really work together. One more for me, Kirsten. Good job.

And we're going to go down to toes and tendons. Wretch and down. Down, down, lift, lift, lift. Okay, stretch. Hold it. Here again, you're pulling in and now you don't go down at all with the heels. In fact, you're pretending like you're taking the carriage out further. As the heels go down, you think you're going that way. Instead, really use your imagination to help challenge yourself and squeeze a little more juice out of each exercise. Good. So she's staying up puppy. Even though the character's going down, she's thinking I'm staying up, up, up, up, and to squeeze in one more. Really work in the back of the thighs. The seat in common set up for the hundred.

So she's gonna lower the bar with her feet. Slide down a little bit and overhead will be next. So the headpiece goes down as well. Good. And so go ahead and straight out. Good and pumping. So the goal of the hundred I'm going to have you start with, you keep pumping your legs right here. Drop your tailbone for me a little bit.

Excellent. Yes. The goal, the a hundred is to have the toes at eye level drawing a line from one hip to the other and she's going to scoop in there and then she's going to use the seat to lower in length in those legs. Stretch 'em out away, bringing them down to that eye level while the stomach feels like it's on a sliding sidewalk going under her chest bound, scooping it in and up. Little softer in the knee here. Paul in two more. Give me a little more scoop there. Yeah, it always helps when someone gives you that opposition and rest dropped two springs from me. So she's going to transition by putting both handles in the hand teaser and dropping two middle springs. So we're down to two springs. Overhead has a little space between you and your shoulder pads. All right, let me see that powerhouse.

Bring the legs over while the hands go down and lift up and we're going to [inaudible]. Rolling. So that's overhead. Now the powerhouse scoop in and really lift the pelvis up. And as you come down, keep lifting it, keep lifting it, keep lifting it.

Now we're talking and reach. So you really have to have that lift as if you're pushing something away with the ball of your toe. When you're coming down. Keep pushing something like tower and one more over and it's a lot of seat but a lot more as you're coming down. Lift with the powerhouse. Lift with the power house. And we're going to go into coordination. Bend the elbows. Good. And let me see your pool. That care job. Open, close scoop in. So stressed like footwork. You want to feel that?

Yes. Good. One more. And then we'll go to the beets powerhouse that way. Open gloves. Good. And we're going to go forward holding it and we're going to cross as if the no light between those inner thighs. Yes. Drawed in and, and, and let me see. Yes. And now cross. Keep the scoop. Come on. Yes. Yes. You want your stomach dark. Really feel it tomorrow. Give me one more. Kiersten. That's it. You can see how she really challenges to keep that scoop.

We're going to go into rowing. Both handles in a hand drop one spring as she turns around. Rowing has done on one spring. You want about a hands with distance from the back edge of the mat. Good. And I want you to lower the head and make it all about the parallel.

Opening the arms. Good. And from there? Yes, and lifting the arms. That's it. Now, right here, Kirsten, I want to see even a bigger lift. Yes. And two more scooping in. So she's doing a roll back here. Open pooling into her, lower back to prospect those arms. Lift up the arms around and really lifting the ribs away from the hips. One more. And scooping it. Yes.

And Open. It comes from here. Beautiful. Keep progressing. No stomach on your thighs. You're lifting it as much as you can for this wonderful seeker. Good and flat back. We're going to do it. Elbows up, good and left and come forward. Good and reaching hands. Pull from your powerhouse.

And same thing, a really big lift. And here. Now I want you to think of your foot work a little bit more, getting your flat back, elbows up. So you pull your belly into here and grow taller, taller, taller, taller, and then come forward. Good. And it's like you're pulling the carriage out with your powerhouse when you do that. Add up in around. Good. And one more. So we need to, I need to feel your belly pull into here.

Keep pulling into the Yass and come forward pulling it in. Yes. Stretch. Let's get that left shoulder and I'm going to pull lift up in your powerhouse. More scope. Ah, thank you. And, and that was three. So we're gonna put our handles down by our side and spin around fur from the chest, still on one spring. All our rowing. Good.

Be really aware how much you lean on the shoulder pads. So find your sit bones and make sure that those hip bones are just a little in front. And then Gav, the elbows were little bit more forward from those ribs. That's good. Now pull in as if you're lying on the mat and as if you've just taken it out and grow as tall as you can in with the air. As you push down, I need to see your spine. Get Taller. Using that powerhouse, yes in with the air and it's like your spine gets taller. Suspending up in the air and exhale. Beautiful.

From there in with the air up, up, up. Keep that height and grow taller, taller, taller. One more forward, grow tall. Use that opposition. Now keep that height as those arms go up. Keep using that power house. Keep pulling into your back and growing taller. And now from the hips, flex the feet in with the ear. Roll up your lower back first.

Let's pause with your arms forward. That's it. Now make the arms longer and pull up in the spine more. Grow Taller, taller, tar, fantastic. And pushing down. Good and reaching for. She rolls up with the powerhouse. Good. And now lengthening good. And as she's coming down, push me down to grow taller in that spine. Beautiful. One more. Scooping it up and lifting up and your lower belly is pulling up on your back all the way to your ribs, all the way up. Just like we were on the mat. And we're going to shaving, bringing the arms forward and up at the same time.

That's it. Good. And bring it all the way. Nice. Now stay here and I want you to pull your lower belly into here, but use that lower back to lean a little more forward. Fall off of my hand. Go you thou. There Ya go. Excellent. And now straighten guess and bend. Good and straighten. Good hold.

Lift your sternum with your belly. Lift your head up. Yes. And two more. Lifting your stomach all the way to your chest bone lift and hold the arms up on this one. Lift your chest up and now open the arms in front of you as you switch legs. Good. Squeeze. And then push open. Pull your belly into your back and use it to push someone away.

All your arm strength comes from your stomach hold. Take a breath, exhale in with deer and exhale in with your one more. And pulling in here as you push away. Thank you. Hang up your handles. We're going to get ready for a long box. So she's going to go back and grab, we stay on one spring and we're going to warm up for the for pool straps with Swan if you're not familiar with it. And you also want to grab your bar, she's tucking it under so that it's ready to go. And we have some pads underneath if you want to use it to put it on the edge.

Good. Do you want to do swan on to, okay, so we're gonna add that and then we'll end up switching it to see how she gets up on top positions. Her pelvis just right on the edge and relaxes. Now it's going to be a back bend, but it always starts by lifting almost like a tunnel under your lower belly and in with the air and exhale and in with the air. And exhale. Now here's the powerhouse part and how reach and get your lower belly up off of that box and relax and lower belly lifts and exhale and down and exhale.

And now reach and push down on those hands. Yes. And exhale. Very nice. One more in with the exhale and in with the air and reach. And exhale. Great Job Kirsten. Okay. As she steps up, we're going to lose the pads and lose one spring and then go out preparing for pull strap. So she's going to grab the leather, then the handles, they come to the side and we slide back.

Maybe crawl up a little bit on the leather. Sorry. Know your is good. Yeah, this slide up a little bit more. So it's as high as you like so that you're grabbing up there. Fantastic. Good. So now we've flipped over, but I still want the same effects from foot work. So you're gonna pull your lower belly into here and you're going to feel your belly pull up so that you're stretching your spine out the crown of your head and come down and the stomach pulls into the lower back and it pulls up out the crown of your head and down. One more. This beautiful opposition stomach in.

And then I get to stretch her because she's using her powerhouse. And Damn, we're going to do the te slide down or pull straps to an arms out to the side. You can either keep the handle in your hand or lose it. Either one's good with me, little lower with the chest for me just to have the spinal alignment so nicely. Stomach pulls in and it pulls up and we lift up our chest and reach out, scoop it and pull it up out the crown of your head. Keep your belly in. Yes.

And it's really hard to keep the belly on this one and stomach in and keep it and it's Le Thank you. That is so beautiful. And reaching out to the side back stroke. So we're gonna put both handles in one hand, step off to the side at a spring with our free hand. They get caught a little. There we go. And then when you're facing forward one hand on each Hannon and hand foot tailbone off the front edge and we roll down and it's important to have that tailbone off the front edge for this Combo.

We're going to go do a regular open up open. Let me see. Pull that reformer out with your powerhouse to three and bet and lift. Open pulling out. Now keep low curling up as you lower the legs lower. Keep pulling up, up, up until they're down here. And Bend One more like that for me. Kirsten up open. Let me see that powerhouse. Pull in. Come on.

It's going to pull in and she's going to lower those legs as she curls up more. And Ben, now we're going to go right into the reverse forward. Great Scoop. Open up together. And Ben, reach squeezing. Yes. Open up together. And Ben, drop the spring for teaser. Good. Alright, good. And we're going to do a regular one.

We're gonna come up actually regular with arm circles, right? So the whole key, what? Let's stay right there. And I want you to keep pushing your hands into the handles and really actively keep your upper body where it is. And now circle your arms without moving that upper body. Yes, actively keep the shoulders. If your feet are on Joseph Polis, thighs, one more circle for me. And your hands are reaching for his shoulders. Hold and melt everything down. Now we're going to do a leg lift. Head to the chest, coming up from the powerhouse. Hold that there.

Lower the legs down and scoop them up. Lower them down and scoop them up. One more. Woo. Hold and lengthen. Lengthen. Linkedin. Last one coming up. We're going to do a salute or shaving if we can scoop, scoop, scoop and forward. Nice to pull the belly in more. Yes.

One more scoop and more. Hold. Reach your poems up. Beautiful. Now what I want to see is head and toes at the same time. So lower back, middle ribs. And then finally, Nice job. I'll take those handles. Go ahead and turn your box around. We're going to do short fox, so you want two springs for short box adding a pad and your bar is ready cause it was underneath your box. Awesome. Grab your safety strap as you sit down.

Step straps and I love for it to be over. Moreover, the um, ankle. Then the middle of the foot. Good. Wrap your arms around your belly. Okay. And round your back. All right, so we're going to bring your shoulders just a little more forward. Good. And really actively use your upper stomach to keep your pro body reaching forward. As you lift off your seat and move from your lower belly. Move from that lower belly. Good. Good. Really get this scoop. Go. Just roll all the way out. For the first one, we're going to do three go arms too. Good.

And then bring the arms head to chest and then rounding. Scooping. Get that. Yes. The next one's going to be a stretch. So lifting up and roll back. Reach under the rails. Yeah. Oh Nice. And then coming back up head. Can we get a nice lift? Very good. And now go on back. We're going to do a push up off the floor, pushing the heels away in the opposition, using the seat and getting everything and then coming back and then head and then scoop. Scoop, skip using it. Good for you. All right. How are you doing?

Good. Grab your bar. Good. All right, so this is again the foot work where we have pulled our lower belly. I want to really, Rwanda used to put her hand back here and say, let me feel your lower stomach. Let me feel your powerhouse pushing into your back here and then slide up to the ceiling more as if you're pulling out that reformer and we're going to go back maybe a little further than we usually do. Keep pulling this back with you. Keep pulling this back with you and now forward. Let's connect that lower belly a little more. Scooping in.

Feel your inner thighs. Pull with your pelvic floor. Good. And going back. Keep full. Kill your lower belly, pull with you better and forward. That was a, we're going to stop shy of that just a little bit and scooping in. That's it. That's, and I pull this back with you all your hipbones back. Keep to keep moving the hip bones yas and forward. That's it. At one more time, you have to move your whole box with you. Right?

Keep moving the lower box with you too. And forward scoop. Scoop in this come forward. Bullet. That's it. Go this way. Yes. Good. And rest. So you're, I want to say that maybe do a few more cause this part started to stay and we kept going with our wonderful um, articulate back here. So I want you to connect right here. That's it. Good. So we're drawing that line.

We're pulling our belly and I, your belly can engage a lot more. Ah Huh. And now take it with you. Keep pulling it back, back and back. Beautiful. And for, Ooh, that was, you're really good. Can you give me one more of that? Yes. Keep it pulling with you. Keep it pulling with you. Fantastic. And forward and rest. Wonderful cause then you're ready for all the rest. Let's do side.

We're going to again, feel it. Pull into your lean forward in front of those hipbones and in front of those sit bones and we're going to reach to the right reach, reach, reach. And then we're going to use your obliques to go all the way left and impulse center and pulling in. We're going to go laughed and really use them to go all the way, right? Never giving them a break and center and rest the arms. That's enough of those.

We're going to do three twists. We're going to use our stomach to pull the left rib over. Your right. Pull your belly away from me. Come on, pool the lower belly and back up and left rib over the right. And now let's do, I know you can pull this in more. Ah Huh. And take it with you. Thank you.

And a good and left rib over right now. Pull this and we're going to go fishing. We're going to go length on that arm from here. Pick up a heavy fish. Maybe squeeze a seat a little bit more to get that nice scoop. You're going to pull it into here and instead of leading with here, lead with here more here. More with the lower back fishing. Where's your fish?

Pick up a big heavy one. There we go. And now on your own, you go for the round the world, but feel that lower box come with you. Push those heels away. Pull this lower stomach in. Yes, others I pool and come. Good. A little more here, there, and over to the left. Pushing. Pull your lower belly. Beautiful. Lower belly there and good and stretch forward. Nice. Good stretching. All right, so we're going to do treat sites that up actually first. So you're going to bet on your right hip and that right knee can be all the way forward or it could just hook under the left thigh.

Whatever feels more comfortable. How does that feel? Good there and yes, I want you to be stacked as much as you can. Good. We're going to pull here and we're going to go just straight out and back up. Good and straight out. And uh, now how far can you come over here? Keep going, keep coming. Yes.

And one more straight out and pull in really, really nice. And now go out as far reach, reach, reach and go in and then back up and give me one more of this scooping and reach. Reach, reach and use your belly more than your legs. And then [inaudible]. Ah, and other side. Nice job. That looks good. Stacking those hips a little bit more. Fantastic. Good. Does that feel good? Okay, good.

And really long scoop, long, long, long and backup. Good. And pull in and work more on lengths. Yes. And, and one more. Just go into that range of motion. Keeping this hip here and now we're going to go all the way or as far as you'd like to re beautiful long. Yes. And one more time stretching. And then with this hip staying here, I will help stretch you here.

Nice. All right, now we're ready for tree and we're going to do a nice combo. So both legs, Zander, good, right leg. Alright and stretch and bend up. That's fine. I take the right hip a little more forward. All right, hold it up. Walk Up, release that hip flexor bit. Stretch forward.

Really re lifting up out of that lower back. All right. And roll that back and just go down. Leave the leg right there and rolled in and use your stomach more than your legs to come up. And then we're going to do some circles. So you're going to go down, scoop arms, reach under the rails and circle one, two, three, reverse. Really feel your belly work here.

That's hard to work at in an extension and hold and walk up more powerhouse. Thank you all the way up to the, pick the apple off the tree and lifting up and side. Oh, binning. Yes. Good. Look at your belly as you come up and pull it in. Pull it in. Bend the knee behind you. Crossover even on both hips as you lift.

I love this tunnel that you've done. Okay. Switch legs. Good stretch and bet. Use the right side of your stomach here to hold you rather than your, your back. Okay. And Rolling back and down. Nice and coming back up. Beautiful.

All the way forward. And we're going to roll back and do our circles. Leave the leg right there for me. Yes. Reach under. And again, it's really hard. Circle one to keep the stomach in here when you're doing a back extension reverse. But so important to support that back and three. Now hold the leg there. Look at your belly. So it pulls in scoop. I love it. Much nicer, Kirsten. Side Tree. Very nice.

Sit on your right hip a little bit. Your other right, Huh? And Open. That's it. Nice. I love how you opened it as you went back and then eyes on your tummy always makes it work a lot harder when you keep an eye on it and then lifting and watch how she really keeps that scoop and lift in her lower back. Good. All right, we're done with the box. Let's get ready for a long stretch series.

So we're going to leave the pad here as we bring down the box and as we bring down the [inaudible] Paul Good. So you can either lift the bar up then or on your way back. You can also lift it up or still on two springs. We haven't changed a single spring and we're going to get hand, foot, hand, foot, super important to start off like that. That transition gets you ready to work your powerhouse and out and pull in.

We're just gonna do one more on two springs. Use your belly and push it all the way out. Kirsten, all the way in. That's it. And now take a slight step forward, gentle step. Drop a springs and now we're down on one spring and thumbs on same side as fingers. Thank you. Squeezing down and do two more challenging your range of motion where you know you are going to keep control of it. One more and your stomach is like you're reversing that footwork and take a little step forward and drop the last spring.

Your range of motion might not be as big on this one, but keep it in that powerhouse. It's like you're lying on your back on the mat. You've pulled your lower belly in and you're pulling it up, up, up. Give me one more and we're going to pull in and up, up, up, and now kneel both knees down to add both springs for the downstream pitch. Two Springs, now heels against the shoulder pads and stay here for me and use your belly to pull up, up, up. Get the bottom of the ribs further away from your pelvis.

Open those collar bones. Keep that height. Don't give it up for a second. As you inhale out and exhale, lift even higher. So yes, you're gonna lie down on the springs, but use your powerhouse to lift your ribs away from your pelvis the whole time. One more. Let's crawl up onto those fingertips here. Crawling up, up, up, and use your belly to hold you and back bend. Nice and up. Stretch. This is the one that really gets me if I use it correctly.

So she's going to hold her shoulder girdle muscles here. The mom, the a [inaudible]. We're gonna go out, down and hold it right here for me. Look at my hand. Good. Pull this in and I need you to keep pulling it up to here. Pulling it up to here. Thank you. And folding it up and out Dow. And then use your belly to keep pulling up into here. Pulling it up. Yes.

Good one more like that app down. Pull it up into those shoulder girdle muscles. And up. Now we're going to do the Combo. So she's gonna go out down, but go into her backbend. Go out with the glutes in the stomach, working hard together. Let's round up in here more [inaudible] and one more combo down. Use your belly to hold that role.

Stretch back and then let me see this. Yes, good. Look how beautiful this is of lower heels without changing any of the powerhouse lift. And we're going to go out and scooping it and you really want to imagine like you're doing the pull up on the one to chair here. So she's going to pool up that lower back and do a lower stomach crunch here. Goop and then two and n. One more. I like that.

Good job. Go ahead and step off and just bring the pad down for stomach massage. So we're not doing all the advanced exercises. We're going to add for two springs so that we're on four good and [inaudible] because we don't want to spend all day here. We can, all the exercises are lovely and we're going to pull in and we're going to go out, down, lift and good. Keep [inaudible]. If you can say here, if you can cut that Ba, we're gonna stay in here.

I think you can bring your tailbone all the way there because your shoulders are quite forward. That's it. So you're comfortable enough to do that as much space. We really pulling your lower belly into the lower back and lifting up like she didn't rowing and everything and we're going to go out down lift and pulling out more than pushing out. Yes, pulling out more than pushing out. Really feel like there's a firecracker that went offering air and you have to really have a lot of space for that. Yeah. Two. One more. And now hold and drop a spring. So we're going to be down to three.

She's going to do the first five with their hands on the shoulder pads and go ahead and I say that because the last five she's going to not have her hands here because we're using our powerhouse to lift the bottom of our ribs so much from the pelvis. Last one with the hands and then nothing changes. Good. And lift up the sternum, lift up the chest. Three more. You got it. Lifting up and out. Good. And one more. Oh, was out five. Sorry. Sorry. And come in and drop one more spring. That's hard on three springs for the reach. Inhale. I was a lot of leg and exhale, use your belly and exhale for five fat. Stay in.

We're going to exhale. We're going to keep it. Curl your tailbone under more. Bring the carriage in. Yes. Sometimes it's about bringing the carriage in, in with the air. One more. And exhale, bring that Karajan. Touch my shoulders. Touch, touch, touch, touch, twist to the right and come back in. Exhaling in with the air. Exhaling in great powerhouse in with the air. Lift Taller, taller, taller, and exhaling in again in with the year. Reach behind you. Coro taller.

One more set for me and tool list. Yes. Pull that powerhouse, which was more yes. And in, and last one, lifting out the crown of your head, like you're sliding out the reformer and in, hold it for some circle clothes for me. Bring the tailbone under. Good. And Five. One, two, three, four, five, reverse. We're practicing our balance here. We're holding the powerhouse and we're going to take them just to the side. One, two, holding for five, reverse it. One, two, three, four. Nice.

Go ahead and step off to the side and we're gonna do tendon stretch. So pad down and Oh yes, sorry, on the side. And we're going to stand right on up. We're going to do three regular with both feet and then three would just one fit look forward and three to the side. And then we'll switch legs. So let me see your belly.

Really pull off your thighs. Here we go. Pulling up and pull that belly more belly more. Hold it for account. One more. I need you to hold it here for account. Showing me you've got that powerhouse now. Right leg a little forward and out and scoop it up and up.

One more wholly here as you switch legs. Yes. Reach that leg out. Reach it up a hip light and bring it forward to switch legs and three pulling one, two and three and side one left leg. Lift that leg up with your parents. Yes, last one. And bring the leg forward and with control. Step off. Nice job.

We're going to lower the bar down for semicircle. Good. And the pad down the head piece down short spine massage. First. Yes. So go ahead. You're going to loot the leather through the handle either once your drying down or before you lie down, you can choose and then you're going to keep the straps lie down two springs again. Okay. And we're gonna get ready. Put your feet in. This is a nice little break. This is my one.

Give me little treat and out and ride on up. Scoop, scoop, scoop. While you're doing this though, do keep those hips up. Bend the knees like you did for overhead. Wonderful and rolling away. Stretching, stretching and bring those heels down. Hold three more. So powerhouse pulls, ended up lifting up and you really do have no collapse of the hips.

Bending the knees and rolling away. You really use that powerhouse. Not just always a pull this way, but to also pull. Lift up the hips, La tomorrow actually over, over, over and bend. And then rolling away. Stretching. Reaching one more. Right on up. Let me see how those hips really lift from my hands as you bend the knees.

Yes, and exhale. Upper back first, middle, lower, nice. And even stretch. Good. All right. Now you get to enjoy semicircle. So we take the straps off our feet, leave 'em in the well while take them for you. And then we're gonna put our feet on the black bar and put your hands against the shoulder pad. Slide on down. Okay. And start by using your upper belly to roll your upper back down.

Squeeze out your seat. Got It. And did you get caught? No. Good and forward. And two more melting. Good. So even when we do back extensions, you need to start it from the powerhouse. Last one down, reaching out. Let me see the back of your neck. A little straighter a go out and squeeze it up. And we're going to reverse out. Keep looking over at me. Kiersten.

Try not to let the eyes go too far behind you and left. And two more from here. Connecting with that powerhouse. Super Big connection is the upper stomach with those hips. So right from your last one. Feel that out. And then holding that a little longer as you go down. Coming in.

Good. Alright. So I hope you felt all of those muscles. Cause now we're gonna go ahead and grab onto your ankles for a nice stretch. Good. How's sneaking to a sound now? Okay, slide on back. Good. So let's do one spring, cause we're working our powerhouse. Nice and strong. We're going to get on hand.

Do you want any pads or your good hand foot, hand, foot. She's going to hold the carriage in with her powerhouse. Okay. Eyes on your belly. Good. And we're gonna snake out. Exhaling. And we're gonna pull the carriage and from here and snake out and scoop in.

Yes. Twist, twist, really working all the stomach muscles and up with energy. Think you can have a little more energy than that is the, let me see it. Oh, that was beautiful. One foot down. Nice job care. Seven other side. Always getting on hand. Foot, hand, foot. When you're doing advanced exercises, good.

And stretch and draw it up from this. Just like you're doing a pull up on the one to chair. Gonna Review that. Exhale and up. And now we're going to twist. So she's dropping that hip down and then pulling it up with her waist. And one more. Dropping that hip down and then pulling it up, up, up, up, and bring it off. Good.

Nice job. Alright, let's lower the headpiece and we're going to go into our tick talk and we're going to go into corkscrew. And then long spine massage without straps. I know how much you're looking forward to that leg. Straight up and let the legs fall to the right while you look over. And let me see that belly pull into your back as you come up and left reach, stretch, stretch, stretch. Let me see the ribs pull into the mat up.

One more set. Reaching, reaching, good and really work from here bulletin and last time reaching and opposite direction and up that had it feel good at least. And you're going to take the legs over for corkscrew. Good. And we're going to keep those elbows nice and down right and hold down a little lower. Yes. Good. And you're going to twist as you go down to the right. Reach, scoop in and really lift those hips up. And who is to the left around great elbows, keeping them down. Z.

It's all powerhouse. Good and twist to the right. Let me see you really linked in the powerhouse to the ceiling. And again, round, elbow, stain down and scoop. Sorry. One more set and to the rightness down a little further from those long legs and lifting. Good. And to the left. Pulling in your powerhouse and Nice. Keep that suspension. Good job. All right, so long spine massage.

You're gonna grab on further back and under the carriage. Like that. Good job. Does that feel good on your thumb there? Okay, so we're gonna go forward first and that. Good. And open the legs and then just a little bit narrower. Reaching, reaching, reaching scoop together and up. Good. Open. And now press with the back of the thighs. Yes. Get the ribs down.

Get the ribs down, ribs on the mat, reaching, reaching. Very good. Squeeze together and up. One more in this direction, Kirsten. Opening and good. I'm going to reach you. Hold up those hips reaching. That's it. Reverse up. Squeeze. And now reach to me. Find the back of the legs and the seat.

Lengthening. Lengthening. Two more up. Good connect. Especially on that left side. One more time. I want you to pull in on that length in the left hip away from you. Yes. Reaching, reaching. Very nice. How'd those knees into your chest? Beautiful. Step off and let's do knee stretches.

We're going to lift the Barra at a spring and lift. Lift your head piece for good measure. Yeah. Hand-Foot hand foot round and get right into position. Let's try that again, Kiersten. So try to nail it right from the beginning so that you're already scooped sitting back there and go, oh, we're going to keep those sums with your fingers. Good. And we're going to keep scooping in.

This powerhouse holds here being the carriage all the way home, all the way home, all the way home. Even if you bang one more and right into the reverse. Yes. Good. Using the hips to reach away as your powerhouse lifts up your sternum, lifts up your chest, lifting to last one right into the knees off then under good scoop and scoop and yes, keeping this whole, just like the pull up on the one a chair last one and lower down. Stepping off for running and pelvic tilt and before you like it on four. How has this changed the set?

What was that? Yeah, go ahead and slide your shoulders over a little bit. There you go. Good. So we'll do footwork running on four and beautiful Paris. That was like the deepest, longest stretch you've had all day. I love it. Love it. Loves seeing that. Good at really connecting that upper powerhouse in the shoulder girdle muscles with the back of the thigh. Little watching the knees. Yes.

Getting a little more in the seat. Thank you. And come in and let's see the pelvic lift. Good ad out. Pull it in. I'm trying to figure out which side is is your little dominant side here and we're going to keep using that left hip then and to back. Keep our body nice and balanced. Yes Dan.

Cause even the strongest of us have a stronger side. Huh? Let's keep it positive. We don't have a weaker side. We just have a stronger side. Right. And one more is enough. Really using everything. You got to give me the length. Rolling down. Good. Hug your knees in while I get a little mat out for you. And I'm like I said, we're going to finish with our nice rolling ending.

So get out your mat and then stand at the very front edge and lower your cross. One foot in front of the other and lower yourself down. Keep lifting that powerhouse. Define gravity. Thank you. Getting rolling like center yourself and then getting rolling like a ball position. Good. Let's talk those ears between and take a moment here and let's just breathe.

Take a breath and exhale while you're breathing. Fill the lungs up with here and as you exhale, really pull the lower belly away from the lower back and then take another breath and then really actively bring the upper body for in the ears between those knees. I'm going to let you hold your own balance there and then give me six rolling in with the air roll back and exhale up. Roll all the way back. Come on, let's get those knees to touch the mat behind you. Good. I'm going to stretch you here in how roll we're going to hold. Why not?

You get to an hour. Exhale, Nice. Again in with the air, right? You guys should deserve a treat here. Exhale. One more time. Scooping it in. Yes. Notice her pressures not just on her neck, but the back of the shoulders. Stay here, center yourself again. Get that left hip, Aha. And then go into open leg rocker and then inhale, roll back and quickly come up.

So we want to massage our back after doing a strong reformer like that in with the air. Exhale, good in with the, we've got three more roll back as you come up. Keep trying to come up onto those sip bones again to more. Use your powerhouse to keep coming up and forward. One more. Great. Good. And we're going to bring those legs together. Actually, I want you to slide back a little bit. Bring your feet down, slide back all the way to straight legs. Cross the right ankle over the left and let's do some boomerangs.

You've got plenty of room over open-close scoop in balance with that powerhouse. Hands behind and scoop and good this time. Don't let yourself rock back so much. Get that scoop. Use your belly to lift those legs up. Nice. Good concentration. Open-Close scoop arms. Good. The next two, Kiersten.

We're going to do the advance stretch hands using your powerhouse to lift and back. Open. Close, rolling up. Good. Keep the legs up and do a big circle and try to touch those. Doughs. Nice. One more. Scooping in, roll back, open close massage. Find your balance hands. Really feel that delightful lengthening of the upper back as you go forward and stretch. Beautiful. Lift your bottom forward and now we'll do seal and then stand up to finish.

So a lot more space through that lower power house ant clap two, three and in with the air and empty your lungs. Your neck and shoulders want to be relaxed. Now you want it to be so easy in your stomach, you're have full control. The legs aren't fully tight. Let's do two more breathing because as your last exercise today and you want to make sure you're care of your body, massaging it, let go the ankles, cross them and use everything you can. Stand up, take a big breath and exhale. Turn your palms up and reach up taller. And now inhale, lift up through the belly as if you're pulling out that reformer again and exhale and you were off in it. Thank you.

You did beautifully. Wonderful. Good job.


Great fast pace class!!!
2 people like this.
I just cannot do that version of Swan! So frustrating! My spine just will not extend . Someday I would love to do a private with you Monica! Bucket list!
1 person likes this.
Amazing class! Great instruction
Monica Wilson
Thank you!
1 person likes this.
Challenging and fast paced. Nice!!!!!
Monica Wilson
Heather, has I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
Great Class!!!
Lovely class. Enough to make me think, but not overthink!
Awesome :)

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