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If you have 30 minutes, you can get a full-body workout with Kevin Bowen in his express Mat class. He starts with a warm up to get you moving and to get your heart pumping, then moves on to more traditional Pilates exercises. After taking this class, you will feel invigorated and ready to continue with your day!

Kevin uses elements of the warm-up and some of the fusion moves in this video based on his experience working with the willPower Method®, under the direction of Stacey Lei Krauss - The willPower Method®
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Hi, I'm Kevin Bowlin and we're going to do a mat work express class. So if you have about a half an hour and you want to get a little bit of a full body workout in, follow along and enjoy. So we're going to start standing with our arms at our side and we're just going to roll back and forth on our feet. We're going to lift our toes and lift our heels and lift our toes and lift our heels and again and heels and heels one more time and hold it there. Now pull your toes up, spread them apart, and place them down. And do that again. Pull your toes up, spread them apart, place them down one more time. Pull them up, spread them apart, place them down and you have a last time up we go. Spread them apart. Place and down, up. Take them up and hold it, but your big toe down.

Put Your pinky toe down. See if you can make that work, hold it and release it to try that again. Bring them all up. Big Toe, Pinky Toe, hold and release. So one more time, big toe. Make sure your hands don't do the same thing, right thumb thinky and release. All right. Just raise up on your toes and hold. Whoa. And come back down and one more time.

Raise up on your toes and hold and come back down. Excellent. Bring your heels together and lift. Two, three, four, four more up to, we're keeping it simple sort of and take 'em apart and walk them out a little bit further. Little bit wider than what you think your butt is. Everyone thinks their butts bigger than it really is, don't they? And here we go, hands on our quads and we're going to squat and come up. Squat and come up. Good.

Think of sticking your butt out and then your tail comes down and you can think of your butt widening. I know we don't like to think about that, but sometimes you have to in this position. Why? But why? But four more times sounds horrible, right? Three, two and hold it there. I'm going to come forward because my butt is wide and it's sticking on that thing behind me. Did I just say that? Okay, here we go. Hold it right here. Bring your hands down and squat a little lower. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Come up.

Ah, walk them out a little wider. We're going to go side to side. We're going to go left and right. We're going to come left and right and left and right and left and right and left and right for more. You guys are almost the mirror images of one another. The opposing mirror images. One more time. Good.

Now come back to the center. Bring yourself up, turn around and face the outside. DJ, you're going to face the outside too. And we're going to take our right leg back and bring our arms down next to our left leg and hold this position right there. Press down a little bit and take a stretch. Great. Now turn ladies to the center of the room. So turn around and come to the center of the room. Bend your elbows.

That's okay. Hold it there. And then let's go to the other side. So we're going to the reverse side for the lunch. Put your hands alongside. Hold that position. Open your feet apart. Great. Take that foot that's forward and bring it back to meet the other leg and press your pelvis up in the air. Lengthen your back out, release your head and pedal through your legs, pressing through your heels. Eight more.

Five, four, three, two and one. Press both heels down. Hold that position. Bend your knees and come to your knees and sit back. Excellent. Come back up and rotate around and come on to your left hip and take your right leg back behind you. Okay, great.

In that position, what I'd like you to do is just kind of rotate forward through your pelvis and come back. Everyone's going to sit in a slightly different position here depending on the flexibility of your hips. Good. Two more push and come back and push and come back. Switch legs around. So you're going to bring one leg forward, one leg bent back. Use your hand for support if you need to and just press through your pelvis and come back through your pelvis and come back again and come back.

Good. Last two. Excellent and release. Bring both legs around in front so you guys are going to face with each other and you're going to bring your legs out. You're going to spread the goodness here. There we go. We like that expression. How I picked that up from Canada and take a breath, roll back. Use your arms a little bit.

If you want to hold it there and come back up and sit tall and roll back and come back up. Reverse those arms. Take them back and go back again. Go a little faster. Go a little lower and come back up and again, roll back a little faster, a little lower, a little lower, a little lower and come back up. Excellent. Stay there. Reach your arms out, reached palms up and release and come all the way down onto your back. Release right there. Hold the position. Good. Take your hands up. Fingertips. They love each other, but the tips to the tips.

Bend your elbows out to the side and circle around. Circle it all the way around. Excellent. Go for times. Change directions. Circle around, circle all the way around. Twice more. Last one, hold that. They are reached the hands up, fingertips still touching, not the poms. Stretch back stretch between the legs, stretched back, stretch between the legs. Again, back and fingertips between the legs. And one more time. Now add your head. We're going to round up and go back again.

Round up and go back. Two more. Round Up, deep abdominal contraction. Hold it there and tilt and tilt and tilt and rotate around and rotate around. And four more. Three, two, and one. Come to the center. Roll down, take your hands, reach them back behind your head and grab the Ridge, the occipital ridge of your head there, and go ahead and just pull up and stretch. Good. Look between your thighs. Hold up position, nice stretch. If you want to massage a little bit in the back of your neck, do that.

Release all the way down. Reach your arms up, reach them down, round the head up. Exhale, slide the arms towards your feet. Open the chest up. Drop the abdominals in. Hold the position, hold this position, breathe and release and go down. Once the head touches, we're going to change the direction of our movements starting from the pelvis. Inhale to prepare. Exhale, Coxix curl. Press up into a hippest escalator. Reached the knees out over the feet.

Inhale, exhale, release, and go all the way back down, all the way again. Inhale, exhale, Coxix Curl, lift up. Come all the way up. Reach the knees other over the feet. Inhale there. Exhale, release, and come all the way back down and again. Inhale, exhale. Coxix curl. Lift all the way up. Reach the knees out. Hold it there. Inhale there. Exhale, release, and come all the way back down. Excellent. Pull your knees into your chest. Make yourself into a little tiny ball.

Round your head up, grabbed the back of thighs. Rock forward and backward. Just a little bit forward and backwards. Make it feel good. A little like rolling like a ball. A little like massage in your back. Excellent. One more time. Great. Rock yourself all the way up. Sit up tall.

Straighten your legs out in front of you. What I want you to do is start with your arms out. We're going to inhale. You're going to exhale and you're going to roll back all the way down. Reach your arms back. Inhale, exhale, peel off, round up, all the way over. Come all the way forward. Stretch it out, reach over. Good. Start to roll back. Bring your arms at your side. Lift your knees up and rock back. Come back, reach forward and stretch. And again, roll back. Pull back, rock. Come forward. Stretch again. Roll back.

Pull your knees in. Come back, rock forward and stretch. Two more. Roll back, knees up, rock. Come back Yan. Reach last time. Roll back, knees back and reach and roll all the way down. Release all the way down. Bend your knees back and lie right there.

Pull the right knee up. Put your left hand on the right knee. Put your right hand on the right ankle and extend your left leg out. Hold the position. Draw in deep. Inhale, right. Exhale, left. Inhale, right's Xcel left. Inhale, right. Exhale left. Two more, right left last time. Pull, pull, pull both knees in. Hold this position, double leg stretch.

Extend and reach and pull back in. Excellent. Extending reach. Exhale, pull in two more. Reach. Pull in one more time. Reach, pull in. Very good. Hold that position. Straighten the legs up. Bring your arms behind your head and lower the legs almost to the floor and lift them up. And again, lower and lift.

Lower and lift. Two more. And lift. One more lift. Lower the left. Pull the right in. Inhale on the right. Exhale on the left. Inhale on the right. Exhale on the left. Inhale, right. Exhale left. One more set. Inhale. Right. Exhale left.

Put both knees in. Round yourself up. Exhale, release and rock all the way back. And relax. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. One more time. Breathe in, breathe out. Grab your thighs from the backside. Rock yourself up. Excellent. And let's come up into an open leg rocker position. Okay, so if you want to take a few moments to get through, you can just hang on here and straighten. Bend, or you can come all the way up and come into your open leg rocker position. Hold it. Ah, lift your chest up a little and relax.

Lift your chest up a little. We're not going to rock. We're just going to hold. Oh my favorite thing. Lift your chest up a little. Hold it there. Put everything together and down. Bring your legs together, release your legs, hold the teaser, position your most perfect teaser ever. Ever. Straighten your legs, smile, and relax and roll all the way back down. That makes me feel good, especially when I'm not doing all of it. No, I'm kidding. Good you guys. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Flip over.

So your heads are facing center. Reach your arms out in front of you long. We're going to slide and we're going to come up into the Spinks. Okay, so you slide in, come up and then release and go back down. Gentlemen, you may have to adjust yourself when you do this slide and come up and release and come down and one more time slide and come up. Boy, this doesn't slide very well. Okay. This time, come all the way up and stay there. Starting with your right arm. You're going to press and look over your right shoulder and come down, and then your left. Look over the left and come down and right and down and left and down again. Right down, left down.

Come hold it in the center. Release all the way down. Put one hand on top of the other. Relax your forehead on top of your hands. Lengthen your legs out, lengthen them out completely and lift them up in the air and kick them. Inhale for four. Exhale for four. Inhale for four. Exhale for four little kicks like you're swimming. Inhale for four.

Exhale for four. One more time. We have opposing kicks and exhale and stop. Sit back into rest position. Stretch it out. Enjoy it. Excellent. Breathe. Take a few big breaths. Breathe into your back. Inhale and exhale and again.

Inhale and exhale. One more time. Inhale and exhale. Excellent. Come forward. Single leg kick. So you're going to come up onto your forearms. Your arms can be crossed and held. Your arms can be held straight out. Lift your chest up, support your belly, starting with the right kick, kick and straight and left. Kick.

Kick and straightened, right. Kick, kick and straighten. Left. Kick, kick and straighten again. Inhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Inhale, exhale. One more time. Inhale. Inhale. Exhale. Last time and release. Take your hands behind you. Moving right into double leg stretch. That's your elbows drape open.

Breathe. Open up through your shoulder blades. Both legs kicking in three times. We come in, in an XL, extended into the reach up, and again, switch sides in, in, in XL. Extend and reach up again in, in, in exhale, extend and reach up. One more time in, in, in Xcel. Extend and reach up. Hold it there. Inhale, arms front. Exhale, bring them back. That's going to be a beautiful scene, right? Good and stretch. Shake your booty outside to side. Let it go. Sit back into rest position. Yup, Yup, Yup.

Shake the goodness. Side to side. My new favorite expression. Okay, ladies, here we go. We're going to go onto our back. We're going to go into the shoulder bridge. Line your knees and your pelvis up. Stand evenly on your feet. Arms are at your side. Take a deep breath in.

As you exhale. It's a tiny coxix curl and then it gets bigger and bigger and bigger until your pelvis comes up in the air. Your knees reach out over your feet and you hold this position and we're going to pull the right leg in and extend the right leg up. We're going to flex it, we're going to point it, we're going to bend it back and place it on the floor next to the left, the left in up flex point, bend and down, right in up flex point bend, place it down. Last time, left up flex point bend, place it down, release all the way down. All the witnesses released the tailbone. Good. Shake your legs side to side. Take them apart. Side side.

Excellent. Excellent, excellent. And roll over onto your right side. So one of you is going to face me and one of you is going to face away from me. We're going to do some of the leg work side, leg kick. I'm gonna let you bend the bottom leg.

I'm such a nice guy and stack the pelvis up. Here we go in hill. Swing, front point. Exhale, bring it back again. Inhale for front. Exhale back only for inhale front. Exhale back. One more. Inhale, front. Exhale back. Bring it forward. Hold it there.

Flex the foot and toe down. Toe Up, toe down to up. Ooh, just rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate. Again, four more. Three good, two and one. Hold it. Circle two, three, four, five, six, seven, reverse. Take it back. Two, three. There you go. DJ. Five, six, seven, and stop. Release the leg down. Bend your knee and just relax it for a second.

Just for a split second. Okay. Lip over on the other side. We're going to go, you're going to face that way and she's going to face inward. So we have a front view in the back of you sorta, Kinda. Okay. Line yourself up. Okay, so remember, you can have a couple of options if you want to be in this position. Make sure your neck is not unsupported. If you want to be down, that's fine.

If you want to be way up, up to you. Here we go. Flex and swing, front and point, and come back. That's it. Inhale Front. Exhale back again. Inhale, front, exhale, back. Good. Inhale, front, Xcel back. Bring it forward and rotate. Toe Down. Tilt up, toe down to up. Rotate. Yes. Rotate. Yes. Good. Down. Up, down, up. Two more. Down, up, down, up. Hold it there yet the foot parallel. Flex and circle. Two, three, four. Stay controlled. Six, seven, reverse. Take it back. Two, three, four. Good.

Five, six, seven. And stop. Release, and place that leg down. Roll onto your back. Cross your right leg over your left. Turn it out. Lifted up and stretch back for one second. Hold it there. This is your stretch. It's up to you. Make sure your pelvis is aligned. Breathe. Excellent. When you're ready, switch to the other side.

Stretch it out. There you go. Good, good, good, good, good, excellent, excellent, excellent, good. Release it. Pull both knees into your chest and just hang on there. And then once you're there, round your head up and hold. Let's see. You're in position. Okay. And just extend and bend and extend and pull in.

Extend in, extend, pull in, hold it there. Reach and circle around and reach up. Reach and circle around and reach up. Reach and circle around. Try to come up a little bit higher and higher, higher too, your way up. Once you're there, whoa. Lower your legs down and lift them up and lower your legs down and lift them up and lower your legs down and lift them up and hold them in the air and release your upper body down, keeping your legs in the air.

Pull your knees into your chest and exhale and stretch way back and stretch it out. Good. Put your hands on top of your knees and circle. Circle around nice circles all the way around. Change the direction. Very, very good. Grabbed the back of your thighs. Ruck yourself up. Turn over onto your hands and knees holding this position good and round.

Good to flat or neutral and a little arch and go around all the way flat or neutral and a little arch. And one more time round, flat or neutral and hold. Push the right leg back. Press the left leg back and hold the position right there. Make sure you're in alignment. Good.

Now lift the pelvis up in the air and drop the chest down. Come back to your plank or leg pull position and come back up again. Good. And come down and you're going to lift the right leg up. You're going to take it back.

You're going to flip and reach and hold the position there, and you're going to try to lift the leg up, bend it, and rotate back. Whoo. Okay. I'm moving forward. I'm tried it on the other side. Here we go. We're going to lift the left leg up. Reach it back, rotate. Hold the position. Once you're there, reach it up in the air. Whoa. Bring it back around and come back down. I'm supposed to be able to do that exercise better than that. Okay.

Pelvis up in the air. Excellent. Pedal through your feet. Tread, tread, tread. That's it. Good. Good. Bend both knees. Walk your hands back or walk your feet forward. Your choice. Once you're there, round yourself up. Come way up.

Circle around. We're not done yet almost, but no cigar. Circle the other way. Okay. Walk your feet out a little bit. So we're going to start with one foot straight ahead. The other foot out to the side. You're going to go down an up, down, and up, down and up. Down and up. Adding an arm down.

Pull, pull, pull, pull. One more, add a twist with that arm. Twist and look, twist, twist, twist, twist. Hold it down. Stay there. Push down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Switch the feet. Position and turn the other one out and come over. So we go down, up, down, up, up, up. Good. Add an arm. Yeah. Call. Pull, pull, pull. [inaudible] adding a twist down. Twist. Cool.

Oh good. For more. I'm lying. That's it. Come down and hold. Ah, I'm lawyer. I'm such a liar. Come back to the center. Hold it here. Fingertips on the floor. Walk your feet out a little bit and from side to side. Come side to side. A little cougar please. A little cougar. Who are you calling? The Cougar.

We're spreading the goodness behind this, aren't we? That side side, side side. Good. Good. Come to the side. That's closest to the front of the room here ladies and turn. Here we go. Hold that position. Good. Good. Push down and lift up. Push down and lift up and lift up and hold, come back and turn to the center and go to the other side, holding the position, hold it there, and just a little. Press down, lift up, little push down, lift up, down, up.

Hold it there. Come back to the center. Walk your feet in. Ah, hangover. Let everything go. Round up. All the way up. Reach your arms up and swing and swing. Ah, and again, swinging and swinging and swinging and swinging. And one last time. Swing. Reach up, open. Come all the way down. Go home.

Thank you.


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A little more calisthenic approach that showed me how much inner thigh stretch was neglected in my usual classes.
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Excelente clase !
2 people like this.
Just love your style!!! Need more of your classes!!
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Great morning warm up! Thank you Kevin!
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Lovely fun class Kevin!
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Loved this class to stretch out my whole body. Feel ready to face the day now.
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That was fun, thank you!
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It's interesting to try different approaches to Pilates when you're used to one specific kind... This didn't feel like Pilates to me!
Lucie Bécus
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Nice quick workout that got my heart rate up and my blood flowing - thank you!
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This was such a good, quick, full-body wake-up! Would love more of your classes on here!
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