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High-Energy Magic Circle

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Get out your Magic Circle for this high-energy class. Meredith teaches a functional workout that challenges the entire body. Exercises in this class include the Jack Knife and the "perfect" Pilates Push Up. Join in the infectious fun this class was having with Meredith!
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Sep 13, 2010
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Okay. So I'm just going to, so we'll start just standing, um, with some standing roll downs. Let's face this way and I'm just going to have you just put your ring down in, down on the ground and we'll pick it up in a minute. All right, so the standing roll down, we've got our arms reaching down the sides of our legs. We're lengthening upwards, lifting tall, and we're just going to breathe in to prepare on the exhale. Allow the head to drop forward. Feel the ribs knit together as you curl through the spine, reaching your spine towards the ground. The further your body goes forward, the more important it is or the more active your abdominal should be.

Inhale at the bottom. As you exhale, peel and lift the spine back up. So engaging through the center of the body, articulating the spine, coming all the way back to standing and allowing the arms to reach down and the head to lift. Inhale, exhale. We'll just do that a couple more times. Curling the spine forward, feeling the arms hanging heavy, but the shoulders pull back. So heaviness of the arms is challenging. The stability of the shoulder kernel, if you will. Inhale, pause, exhale to curl through the spine. So the pelvis presses towards the nose.

We're still looking down at this point, coming all the way up as the arms searcher. Reach down the size of the legs. We just bring our eyes forward and we'll do one more excelling to come down. When we get to the bottom, we're gonna stay for a moment or two. Let's bend both knees and as we bend the knees, send the chest towards the knees. Exhale. Try to keep the chest quite close to the legs.

As the legs extend and the head drops down, looking between the knees or the shins or the thighs or wherever you look in. He'll bend. As long as your eyes are down. We're in the right place. XL Stretch two more times in heel bend, holding the shoulders steady on the back. Next out to stretch one last one. Here it is. Xcel to stretch. Abdominals in deeply.

We're going to bend just the right and he let the right hip drop and press back into the left hip. Stretch that leg straight to bend. The opposite knee. Stretch both legs towards straight or with a slight softening in the knee. Reach for your ring and bring it with you. Roll out. All right, we're going to continue to warm up by working our legs a little and our arms. So a wide stance. Heels reaching into those reaching out, arms out front.

So I'm going to encourage us to press into the ring without curving the two collarbones forward. So we're working in the back just as much as a front grace tuck, just a little. And then we're just going to squeeze and as we squeeze we're going to bend the knees and bend the elbows, pulling ourselves down as low as we can. Press the ring forward and come straight back up. Inhale the knees and the elbows bend and exhale to come straight back up.

So both of you think just a little bit of leaning back so the body is directly over the pelvis and press and Paul and press. You want a pretty consistent squeeze on the ring, although you'll probably be able squeeze harder, closer to your chest. Feel the heels reaching towards one another to keep the inner thighs engaged on. We'll do four more. Bend and press shoulder blade. Stay down as the arms straight and the shoulders pull back.

Oppositionally last to to stretch. One more time. Holding both arms and legs straight. Raise the ring over your head. Shoulder blades or heavy tuck a little again, grace and pull your ribs back. There you go in. You know we're reaching over to one side and there's an exhale as we engage the oblique, the one that's stretching and pull ourselves back up. Taller. Inhale over to the other side, an XL and Tacoma reach further each time.

Spinal lengthening away from the hips. Animal left and right in here to exhale and lift. Drop the ring back down in front of your body. We're going to do that set again, Ben a little quicker this time and press again. Focusing on the inner thigh muscles, the glutes, school, he's as we stretch the legs towards straight arms, working in both directions, shoulders, pulling back. It's warming up our body, preparing ourselves for what is to come a little bit later. Here's the last fi four putting a focus in the upper back to avoid tension in the neck. Hold yourself down on this next one. Lean back a little grace.

We're going to squeeze and push the knees back. Here we go. Press back and squeeze two, three where it's like you're pressing with your shoulder blades as your elbows spread out apart. That makes sense. Maybe last five, four, three, two, one. Stretch the arms and legs. Arms overhead were going the opposite way. This time with a side stretching here to exhale and inhale, reaching up in, across to exhale. And then last one and exhale and inhale to exhale.

Drop the ring down the front of their body. Fold yourself back down towards the ground, reaching down and placing the ring down on the ground. Once the rain comes down, we're gonna put our hands down as well. And just bend the right knee and the leaning over to the right. Getting a little stretch to that left thigh and then coming back to the other side. And then coming back towards center. Just roll yourself up.

Feel the inner thigh engagement and then we'll make our way down to sitting. We're going to use the ring pretty much the whole time. However, if you feel like you ever need to put it down, feel free to, oh, this is just mat work, which can be done with or without. Ring arm's straight spine straight. Breathe in. As you exhale, press into the ring a little bit with the upper back. Curl the spine down or the reaching for the bottom of the ribs. Inhale, we pause there or we start exhale and give yourself a little squeeze in the ring. Squeeze back through the ABS. Come all the way up until you're sitting up tall. Inhale, exhale. We fold back, tucking the tailbone, pressing the pubic bone up towards the nose.

There's an inhale to pause and an exhale to come. We're going to do that about three more times. Exhale, warming up through the lower back, looking for depth through the abdominals and here, pressing into the ring, pressing into the ABS, curling all the way up, getting maybe even tolerated every time. Last two. Breathing in to breathe out, letting the breath be the rhythm of your movement and the rhythm of your movement. Here we go. Stay at the bottom. I mean he'll just, the arms go up. Exhale. Let the arms float forward in. Squeeze. Inhale, arms up. You won't be able to squeeze as hard, but just keep a little tension on your ring. Here's three more.

Belly pulls down as the arms go up and reach down last too, and we reached down one more time. We're reaching the ring forward. One more breath in and exhale to roll back up. This time as you extend your spine, raise your ring overhead and then try to just press the ring behind the head a little bit. Finding the upper back extensors. Allow the ring to start to drop back down as we curl through the spine again, look for a place where you feel strong. I'm going just behind my pelvis. Hi, and then anyhow, we're going to drive to the, towards me, towards the window, and we're going to drive back center. As you turn, take the top hand over the bottom, hit and get a good rotation to the spine and bring it home and heal.

We turn and Xcel to come back and inhale to turn an exhale to come back just a couple more times. Brewing it back over to the opposite side. Come back, you guys go one more time and then come up. I'm going to find another ring. [inaudible] okay. And all the way up. Drop your knees open to the sides and just have a quick stretch right here. Yeah, no worries. I'm glad you're here.

So we decided that we're gonna work hard tonight. You on the bandwagon? Yay. All right. Legs, straight feet pointed. Ring still in the hands. So we are talking about squeezing the ring, not just from the chest muscles but from the back muscles. As we exhale, we're coming down talking the tailbone under. As the head arrives down on the mat, the arms start to reach over the head. That's the end of the exhale. We inhale to pick the head and chest up.

Start exhaling, pull yourself forward, keeping the shoulders over the hips. But pulling the abdominals back XL to roll back again, working through the spine, looking for fluidity in heel, head, chest, ribs. Press into the amount of Donald's draw down in and we curl ourselves. Let's see, using this, yes as an abdominal exercise, but also check in with your legs and our thighs together. Glutes a little tight and he'll head chest and exhale to curl forward.

We're going to go two more times, just like exhale. Roll back into the ring. A little. Feel the full contraction of the ABS to keep the lower back or to get the lower back into the ground. We're rolling on and here's our last one. Coming all the way down. This time, all the way down onto our back. And when you get there, allow your knees to bend. Oh, we're heading into some pelvic curls or their ring between you. Your legs, feet are going to be parallel to one another, so the knees will be slightly wider than the feet. Arms down, pressing the arms into the ground to feel the backs of the arms. Engage. Exhale, squeeze the ring so your legs go more parallel. And then peel the spine up. As you're lifting your hips, your knees are transferring forward towards your feet.

There's an inhale to pause at the top. Keep squeezing the ring and exhale, come down chest each rib, all five bones of the lower back, and finally dropping the pelvis back down. Inhale again. We just keep that active. Squeeze we roll, sending energy outwards, knees over, toes, heels back towards fingers. Inhale to exhale and come down XL to a roll up. We're going to stay up at the top this time. So once you get there, check that the pure pubic bone is higher than the hipbones and squeeze your ring even harder and release a little to squeeze hard. Every time you squeeze you think about the waste making the same movement as the ring. So you're contracting the entire trunk. Last three, last two, one more and bring yourself down.

Keep the squeeze. Tuck the tail. Really. So tailbone down for two more sets. Exactly the same x how we articulate it. Sending knees forward, holding at the top to squeeze for five glutes, get to work, backs of the legs, get to work. On the hamstrings and the inner thighs. I'm sure you feel working already. If you don't have a ring, a pillow of some sort would do the trick. Exhale, roll down, reaching the arms towards the heels and here is our last one.

Xcel Rola, tucking the tailbone, abs in and last set of squeezes. Big Squeeze to see that both legs are, feel both legs working evenly. Here's our last one and then we bring it down. Why don't you tell but in touches, reach for your ring with your hands. Just let your knees drop out to the side for a moment and then bring them all right back together.

We can go straight up over the shoulders. When I saw to feel that the shoulder blades are flat and broad so they're not squeezed together. Pick up one leg using your abdominals for support. Pick up the other leg for the spine. Twist. Keep the ring still as you take your knees towards me and Xcel to come back and again the rings see steady over the chest. We go over to the other side and we come back just alternating from side to side. Get an a good rhythm going or a consistent rhythm. Anyway, inhale and exhale.

One more time around keeping the knees Leyenda feet connected. Here's our last one for now, but your knees or feet back down, ring back between your knees, your inner thighs. Ladies are going to get a good workout tonight. Hands behind your head. So here comes the chest lift. What I want you to do first is just present to the ring. You may feel how that helps you to find the abdominal.

Now keeping the present to the wing, we lift the chest up. Exhale, inhale. As we intensify, perhaps the squeeze am the abdominal contraction and we exhale to lower down. And don't let your Ringo a little start initiating with the inner thighs. Then press the ribs into the ground, curling yourself up, pressing the lower back down. Initial intensify. Squeeze. Inhale and XL to lengthen down. Keeping this squeeze, let it go just a little, not all the way. Xcel start squeezing in. Lift.

Inhale to pause, perhaps squeezing a little harder and exhale to lower down. Release a little. I'm gonna Change it on this next one. Exhale, squeeze. Curl the head and chest Sta. Allow your hands to find the backs of your thighs. Maybe just challenge your curl a little bit. Definitely challenge your inner thigh muscles.

Let go one hand on top of another over the ring to keep that height as you reach past the ring over one knee. Exhale to come back to center, a height that stays consistent as we reach over the other knee. Now as you're rotating your body from side to side, notice it and nothing changes in the pelvis. Inhale as you head across to one side XL as you head through center. Inhale and exhale last couple of times. Let's say one more to each side here.

[inaudible] and one more to the back. Once here, or you're going to grab your ring, take it out from between your knees and bring it with you. As you come down. We're going to take it and put it behind the head, so behind the skull instead of behind the neck and then put both hands opposite your forehead. And before we even lifted it, wanted to see, get us a sense of where we're coming from. So push the hands into the ring a little bit by pulling the shoulder blades down. Now we've got uh, a strong opera back connection. We're going to curl the head and chest up, keep the elbows reaching away from one another in the head, heavy in the ring. Inhale, exhale, pick up the left leg. Inhale, exhale, pick up the right way.

And now we're just going to do some leg changes so it's in hill touch annex or changing the legs as we change our breath. Use The ring to help you intensify your curve and change and change and change and it looks fantastic. I try to keep the eyes slightly above the knee so you're not jamming your chin into your chest, which could create some neck tension. Let's go one and two. I don't know. What am I counting, dude, that's it. Both legs in. Take both legs to the ground in ham. Bring both legs back up and press the chest to the thighs as you do so.

Inhale toes down, XL thighs up and held toes down. Exhale, squeeze in deeply and bring it up last two times. One more time. Drop the leg furthest away from me to the ground. Turn to the leg that's lifted and change.

Squeezing the inner thighs as they pass one another. Again, heavy had. Think about, I try not to move your neck around. So the rotation is happening at the waist rather than at the neck. The elbows just turn as the ribs, turn and change. And last four, three, two and one. Keep your body lifted.

Take your ring from behind your head. Place it between your knees and allow your head and chest to come down. So once again, working the Nfis, you can have your arms out to your sides or down at your sides. All you do is squeeze both sides, moving at the same pace. Inhale, separate, a little end squeeze and separate. A little to squeeze. If this creates any lower back tension at all, it's worthwhile to curl the head and chest. Sta.

We should all feel our backs pressing into the ground. I'm going to do that five more times. Four more times. Feel the upper back, stable the arms long the shoulders open. Last two and one more. Separating the knees. Take the ring and place it between your ankles. So we again, start with bent knees and we're just going to press it.

It might be a little bit harder. You won't get as much of a squeeze. You'll definitely still feel work and press. We do that two more times now, keeping the back flats and the legs on a diagonal and school again, it gets harder and harder as the legs go further, further and further away from us. Here's three. Here's two. Here's once, take the arms over the shoulders. Exhale, pick up the head, right Jess, we're going to do the a hundred a little bit differently and here's how it's going to go. Just squeeze your ring. Inhale, raise your arms so that about knee level and exhale, push them down. Inhale, you're always welcome to keep the knees bent. As you press down, think about pushing down on two little mini rings, so you're creating some work with the arms, with the upper backs. More specifically. That's a long inhale and a long exhale. I think I was going a little fast. Let's do four more and x and two x and two to exhale and on to exhale.

Inhale, pause. Exhale. Bend the knees, grab the ring, put the feet on the ground, slide them away from you, from the arms just over the chest. Breathe in as the head and chest. Come away from the ground and breathe out. As you roll yourself all the way up. Hook the ring around your feet. Hold on. I hold on just outside my feet. On the wide edges of the ring. Use the ring to help you pull your feet back so that they're flex.

And then bending the arms. Slide your body forward. Take a moment or two, a breath or two here, eh, Eh, and then holding the ring on the outsides of the ring like normal. Take it off your feet and roll yourself up. George, sitting for a little bit of spinal twisting feet. Flex leg straight if possible. Unusually lean forward just a little bit and then go up. That's it.

We're going to exhale, squeezing the ring. Turn your body in my direction. Inhale, raise the ring. And here we are. [inaudible] shoulders have either ring, almost feels weightless as it lifts the spine taller. Bring the ring back down and return back to center a. Lost our breathing. Inhale, let's turn. I'm going to change it again. I have a feeling. Exhale stretcher in. He'll drop the ring. Well, it's good annex.

I'll come back. Keeps sitting forward. You can bend your knees if you need to. Inhale, exhale. Feel the spine lengthen as the ring travels upward and he'll drop the ring and exhale back to center. Again, stretching, growing the spine as we learned in the very beginning of class. If you can try to take the ring, not only just over your head but slightly behind you. There is some more upper back work if you're looking for it.

Let's do just a couple more turn spreading out the shoulders. Arms are reaching overhead. You guys look fantastic. Arms down, back to center. This is our last one. We're going to raise the ring up. I want us to hold here and just see if you can't turn the littlest bit more. Drew up the ring back down, bring it around through, center over to the other side. Lengthen up, turn just the littlest bit more.

Drop the ring down and bring it back home. Bend the knees, here's rolling like a ball and I'll, we will, um, teach it to you the best I can, but I can't promise I'll do it. Well, so I'm with Ya. That's what I want to say. Hands are the hardest place to be is going to be on the top of the ring. Easier still is just going to be slightly to the sides. So you're going to Tuck your legs in quite close to you.

We're going to pick the feet up. Want to press the ring into your shins and encourage the shins to get closer to the body. With that, it's rolling like a ball as you know. Inhale, rock back. Exhale. Ooh, rule up. I lost it. Inhale, rock pack. Try Pushing your ring into your shins to come up. Inhale back, shoulders down, and exhale. Lift in Habakkuk two more times an exhale. Last one.

I'm with you Debra. I haven't done one well at all. Let's try this. Take the ring and Holden squeezes her knees and it may not be any easier. It might be. Here we go. Inhale rock back. You can go back. Let's play with that. What about the knee? Like at any level?

I don't know. Oh, not for me. Okay, so rest the forearms is what you're saying. Okay. Yeah. Oh that was better. I wholly scot up that time. Should we try it again? Two more times?

[inaudible] here, right? You're a genius. Why aren't you teaching this class? Last one. Okay. Oh that works a lot. It's good, Huh? Alright, let's stretch the legs out. This is a spine stretch forward variation.

So what we're going to do is just press the hands down on the ring. We want to start straight and then as you exhale, as you know, just like regular spine stretch, you're going to start to round forward. So your ring's going to be traveling. Well Simon, don't worry about it too much. So as you flex your spine, your ring travels forward onto the corner of its edge. We've got it in hilltop Oz.

Press Down with the shoulders and the arms and then curl back up. As the spine is getting along the arms. Continue to press down. Inhale. And by arms I really mean shoulder blades. Xcel to curl. So rounding first, sending their ring out on its side in. You know, we go a little further. Gotta control the ring here. And exhale.

Start pressing down, engaging through the upper back, has the lower back stacks to meet the, we're back. Sit and tall. Let's do that again two more times. Exhale, we rolled down going further and further each time. Perhaps in the yell, pause. Exhale, curling back on. Okay. And you're all over. This will be our last one. Rolling back and pressing down. Sure. Rola. All right, let's try the open leg rocker with the ring again.

I can't promise perfection. Um, I think ankles. So if you usually do the openly rocker with bent knees, probably you want your ring between your knees. I'm going to go for ankles and probably make a fool out of myself, but here goes nothing. Alright, so you, you sit your ring. Yes. Set your legs, you're holding on. And from there we rock back. Squeeze your ring. Rola, made it almost and walked back. Tuck the tailbone, feel the spine round and then, oops, just sticky. Oh No.

This is for me. Physical easier than rolling like a ball. I don't know how [inaudible] and let's do two more. Oh, that's my thing in a room and a role in it. All right, last one. All right. Coming all the way down. Bend your knees, keep the ring where it is. Let the knees go slightly outside of the ring. This is a little, um, this exercise I learned from Ms. Lisa Clayton. Um, rhythm Pilati is, it's called the teaser explosion or you're ready? We'll love it. Okay, so you're, you're whole non, you're in a very round spy and all you do is stretch out and then compressing teaser explosion. Inhale and exhale, scoop the belly and as the knees Bandon and he'll reach and exhale.

Paul, let's do three more each extending through the back and drawing back in last two and, and one more time and bring it back. Take the ring. The teaser explosion. I really like it too. I have mostly of just liked the name. Hopefully just like the idea of the teaser explosion. All right, so this next one is an abdominal exercise are not going to see or feel a lot of movement, but I think you're going to feel it a heck of a lot.

So it's a a seated contraction. Um, your hands are going to be on the ring. I'm bending my knees cause I've had enough hip flexor for the moment. And what I want you to do is keep your shoulders similar to the position in the roll up, keeping the shoulders over the pelvis, curve the spine backwards. And as you do so you might feel a little bit more pressure on your ring. All it is from there is trying to deepen that curvature and at the same time, press down, inhale, let the ring release a little and exhale, press down. [inaudible] um, so in essence I'm, I'm thinking about, but I'm not really gonna move my truck with that much without my ring. Yeah, it's just a pull back. And that, that in the focus on curving the spine is really what puts pressure in the ring.

Everyone feel your APP's great. Let's do five more. Yeah, great. Ope leaks and three drying the abdominals back. Shoulders down. And last too. And when, why? All right. Lifting back up. Stretch the legs back out. Um, bend or slightly straight or slightly bent. Here's the second half of this spine. Stretch forward. It adds the extension.

So it starts the way we did before. A little bit of pressure down on the ring. A definite focus on abdominals. As we curl down, the ring travels down onto its side. So in order to find extension, it's a similar feeling to what we've just done, except as we press down on the ring, we grow the spine in the direction of the ring. [inaudible] and then we round back forward flexing the spine. Let's just do that again. Pressing down on the ring, sending the chest forward. Yes. And curling back. So as your chest lifts towards the ring, Your Ring May come more upright. It's fine.

Nice. And let's do two more. Lifting the chest, feeling the expansion of the chest, expansion of the back, and flexing forward last time for now and Lincoln out. Okay. Stay here with your back. Take your ring with one hand, turn it over so it's right side up. And then from there, just raise the arms. Inhale here. Exhale, turn in my direction. Big rotation, keeping the legs still and he'll come back. Exhale, turn the other way. Pay attention to keeping the feet still. Nooshin try to bring your chest a little forward and your ring a little bit for the back. That's it. And here we go again and back. And again, I think that's plenty. So I'll reach all the way forward.

Roll yourself back up. Set the ring behind you for a moment. We're going to use it just as a, I don't know the words that I'm not going to say anymore. Um, it's kind of a guideline. So just set. You're not going to be squeezing it. Your hands are going to be just outside of it. And what I want you to think about as we go into the back support is just a little bit of upper arm pressure. Like you're trying to squeeze the ring with your upper arms. Yeah.

And with that, with that upper arm squeeze, we're gonna press our feet down towards the floor, squeeze our bum and our hamstrings on, lift into a straight line. And you know we sit down looking for that upper arm squeeze and exhale to lift. Tailbone tucks up towards the chest. Keep the low back from arching too much. And we said [inaudible] Dan, let's do that. About three more time. Good word. Yes. As the hips come down, the chest reaches forward last too.

[inaudible] and sit down on more time. Lovely. Sit Up, bring your ring with you and roll yourself all the way back down onto your back. Alright, double leg stretch coming up. Followed by single leg stretching. Criss-Cross for the double leg stretch. We're just going to hold the ring so it just is going to reach over the tops of the knees. Now I'm sticking to my mat. Grace, curl the head and chest up. That's where we know where to be, I suppose where we stopped sticking, Huh? All right. So as you inhale, stretch your legs out, send your ring overhead, squeeze it, a little annex all to pull everything back in.

He'll feel the shoulders reach in opposition of the ring and Xcel. It'll pull back and we go again. It's kind of like a line down teaser or explosion, isn't it? Or or the double leg stretch. [inaudible] here's five and five more out, back while pulling the legs toward you from Warren underneath the chest.

Pressing that just towards the thighs. Three to one. Now keeping the knees bend. Go ahead and lower yourself down for a moment. Take that ring put behind your head again. Remember behind the skull, not behind the neck is what we want. And then find that same. I'm pulling my elbows apart, but dropping my shoulders down so I'm starting to feel my upper back supporting me. Then holding onto those upper back muscles. Curl the head and chest up. Bring the left knee right in towards the chest and send the right leg out.

And then we just change, pull, push, pull. Push, good, pleasing both glutes, squeezing both inner thighs, trying to curl as high as we can or not as high as we can, but definitely off the shoulder blades. Here's five more one and pull. And to try to bring that new way into the chest further than usual. I realize last two, one more. Here comes our cross. Same thing. Bring the ring underneath the elbow that's turning towards the knee and feeling the rotation at the rib cage. Feeling maybe a sense of crossing the sigh across the body.

Last five, five, four, four, three, three, two. This is it Ben. Both knees come in, lower your head and chest and your feet. So I'm thinking roll over, followed by Jack Knife. Let's do it. Let's do the roll over for three in the Jack Knife for one. If you have any questions about the jack knife or you haven't done it, maybe watch one. Um, but don't turn your head when your weights over your neck.

Here we go. Exhale. Stretch the legs out on the diagonally and heel to bring them towards vertical and exhale to a rollover. Flex the feet, squeeze the ring. Just a little bit. Exhale, roll down, articulating the spine, allowing the spine to stretch, but also with the hamstring stretch as you articulate through the spine, coming down, pointing the feet, the legs lower as low as we can. Keep in the back. Flat. Inhale, we lift and exhale we come over. Anyhow. This is important where this squeezing me, I've been in this position as well, ruling down, pressing those arms down into the ground.

That's going to set up for the tricep contraction that we're going to need for the jacket knife, lowering down, lifting up, rolling off, flexing the feet, school using the ring a little and peeling down. All right, so here comes the Jack Knife. It starts exactly the same as the rollover. We inhale to lift, exhale to roll over. It's got a little personality. This one, he goes down up with the legs. That's our inhale. Squeeze your glutes, press your thighs away from me and try to hit a vertical line. Exhale as you slowly roll down through your spine, coming down one bone at a time and allowing the legs to travel on a slight diagonal forward. Inhale legs up at vertical. Exhale, rollover.

Inhale, the legs go down, up. Oh Deborah, that's good. Push your legs away from you a little further here, there, and Xcel to roll down. Soon as I get this Mike back on him and to come and help you lower the legs down. Ah, let's do at least two more. Inhale and exhale. Up and over. Inhale, legs go down. Huh? You want to engage your legs so much that it feels like you're trying to push something away from you.

And then slowly down your legs will pipe back into som. Lots and lots and lots and lots of stomach and down. A little last one I think in here. Exhale over. Inhale toes down and then try to like, you want to try it? Push the legs in my direction. That's good. New Shit. Real good. Think up, Huh?

And then slowly down you can let your toes come towards you a little bit. One more. No more. One more. Here it is. Go for it. You didn't heal. Legs Up. Exhale over. Inhale down. Good. Good. You guys look fantastic. Exhale. Bring yourself all the way down. Okay.

Hi. Make me proud. Turn towards me. I guess it's probably easier to take the ring out and then put it back. And we're going to do just a little bit of sideline work. So how that's going to go? We're going to go ring between the ankles. Great.

So I'm gonna do that little trick where you take your foot out and put it back in. So if you want, you might want to move your pants. Now. Grace knows me. She's known me for all long time. She knows all my tricks. Okay, come all the way down. I'm just going to risk the head down on the arm balance with your hand or not. It's totally up to you. But what's important is that we're finding abdominal work from their little squeeze in the ring and we just pull the legs away from us.

This is the side lift that we know. Inhale down. Exhale, reach away to left. So how much integrity can we put into this more fundamental movement before we challenge it a little bit. Might as well squeeze your ring while you're at it. Squeeze your stomach and for sure last four and three and two and one. Now I'm going to put my hand down for this next one, I'm lifting my legs and I'm just going to turn the ring and turn it the other way and turn it the other way. Challenging the stability of the trunk when like passing in front of the other and passing behind. Just a couple of more. Let's say two more to each side. One more.

Oh, and with that ring goes down. Um, so here's my trick. You're going to take your ring and turn it on its side. That's where you get to slide your leg out from underneath it. Put it inside of the ring yet, make the Ringo Upright. Perfect. Take the top leg and put it underneath and all.

We're doing this little bit of a glute medius work. We're just going to press the bottom like down on the top, like so. It's like you're trying to just as much as we were squeezing inwards before we're squeezing away. There's some oblique work available here. If you look for it. Last four, three, two and one. We're going to bend the knee, take it over the top of the ring and we're going to do a little hot potato here.

So you just go down in front of the ring and down. All right. In the ring, trying to stay as still as possible. [inaudible] it's tough, especially there. Don't worry too much about getting all the way to the ground, but if you push your pelvis forward, you'll I think get a stretch idea. If you're tight in your hip flexes, you might and you should feel your hip working. We'll do that about, I don't know, let's say four more after this one gets easier. I think once you get the hang of it, sorry, bring the leg up.

Let's reach it behind us and stretch and maybe you want to reach your arm for it as well. [inaudible] okay. And then just, um, I don't have a plan for the ring except for it to come up and change sides. All right, so we just get it in between our ankles. Once it's there and we can bring ourselves down onto the mat. [inaudible] you're looking for the insides of the knees to be parallel to one another.

So oftentimes the bottom on wants to turn into the ground, want nice, long parallel legs and balanced, not balanced up to you or off abs in reached the ring out and away from you. And then it's just slightly down and slightly up. And maybe not even so much about up and down, but more just about a way you shouldn't. If it would, I think you'd be more comfortable for you to just allow lax your neck. If you liked it, that'd be four. You're welcome to keep it up. So here's five. I think we did about 10 squeeze the ring.

Feel the pelvis pretty stable so that you're not hiking, hiking your hip as you lift your ring. And two more. And here's the last one. I'm putting my hand down for this one. We're going to just keep squeezing the ring and just cycle the legs forward and back and for when, I guess you have to squeeze it or it will [inaudible] go away from you. And I think we did six one, three. Keep the navel, a belly button pulled to the spine. Four, four, five, five and the last time, okay, that wasn't Mike's. Uh, turn the ring on it. Sign, slide the foot out from underneath. Put it up right with the foot in top, leg up, work in the outer hips. Real simple. Just press down and press up. Press down and press up.

So the bottom leg works just as hard as the top leg. [inaudible] if you feel it in your lower back at all, it's worth it to bring the leg slightly forward or bring the pelvis a little bit back. And here's our last four, three, two and one. And then we just bend the knee and take it over the top. And here's our hot potato. So it's just down front and whew.

Done Front. Um, pay attention to your neck. So we're all using arm for balance, but let's not use our neck muscles as much as we use our back muscles. That muscles are bigger and stronger, but harder to remember to find. Let's do that. Four more and four. Sorry to hear that last one. [inaudible] and then just keep the leg back and reach the arm, oppositional and stretch. All right, and then bend and come back and just get your ring. I'm going to do a couple of leg stretches, so make your way onto your back, bringing your ring with you. Don't quite know what to do with this thing.

All right, so let's go left leg in the ring. I think we're all going to be okay with the bottom leg on the ground. Anchored from there and all of us will be slightly different is according to our different flexibilities. So just for your body, start to pull the leg backward towards you, keeping it straight. You just go where you go and then I want you to pull your elbows apart from one another. That's going to create some tension on the ring and allow you to feel your upper back. From there, we bend the knee a little.

You can pull down as much as you want that. Make sure the shoulder blade stay brought in. Press the heel towards the ceiling. Inhale, bend the knee, abdominals, draw inwards as we press the heel up in the shoulder blades down. Inhale, bend, and maybe we'll challenge the stretch a little each time. Maybe this stretch is good enough where it is. The good thing is is that you get to control your own stretch last time.

So take the ring in the left hand, so same side, hand his leg, put your right hand on your right pelvis, thigh area just to monitor that. That stays down as you take your ring over to the left, stretching open through the inner thighs. You definitely deserve this stretch. And then careful as you come up out of it, bring the ring across the body over to the opposite side so the foot and the hip are reaching oppositionally hip stays down on the ground as the foot gets dragged over and I think we deserve that stretch too. All right, let's come back. Change sides so you get your foot and I put the balls of my feet just in inside that pad and then your pullback again, you decide where to go and we're going to stretch the leg up. Pulling the elbows wide so we get upper backward and bend.

Upper back work is better. And then press. Yeah, so try for a straight like even if you have to go away from your body a little bit, it's worth it. And you can still find just as much of a stretch pulling down on a straight leg out a further distance. Do three more bending in heel, pulling the abdominals away from the moving fi. When here's our last one. Good. Hold the ring in the right hand.

You can put your left hand on your thigh, pelvis or just put it out to the side as you bring your ring across. What's important is that the whole pelvis is travel with the leg. Alright, we're going to change sides. Change hands, right hip drops into the mat as the right foot comes across the body. And I think about here as well, trying to drop the right sitting bone down towards the inside of my left ankle. And if you still want more of a stretch, you could pull back towards your left ear.

Okay, bring me your ring with you. Let's just, I don't know, rested over your knees and rock up. This is my favorite ring trick ever. This is the, is push up with the ring. So what's nice about this is it's going to give you enough support, I believe for you to challenge your pushup in a different way. So what you're going to do is come to your hands and knees and set the ring underneath you. Uh, I go just right where my ribs connect. That works for me. Um, different people like it just under the sternum. It's up to you the find a place where you, you won't feel a lot of pressure down on the ring as you're kneeling on it.

All right. Notion of just be careful that you don't overlock your elbows. And here we go. So finding plank position, strong leg, Simon's pressing towards the ceiling. We're going to bend the elbows, the elbows are going to reach down towards the hips, the press into the body. Oh, isn't that fun? And then press up and inhale. Bend almost reaching down. Upper backseat. Super-Strong. So it's really a, definitely the triceps, but a lot of upper back work. Let's do one more.

Can we all stay on point the right foot and reach the right leg back and up for five for four. And now in this plank position, pull away from the rink. Barely touch it. Yeah. Tuck those toes under changed sides. I know. Reach pushing the heel back of the right heel back is a better way to say that. Three, two, one.

Let's break and come down onto our knees. Do we want another set of pushups? [inaudible] five more pushups. Okay. Sliding the legs back. Little Tuck of the pelvis like you're trying to push your pubic bone towards the back side of the ring in Hell. Bent all was right into the way. Sex whole float away from the ring in Hillman. Excellent press.

Lovely work. Two more. And then the last one. Fantastic. Bend your knees. Just that the ring in front of you and sit back on your feet for a sec. Okay.

And then we're gonna come back up and make our way down onto our abdominals for some bank extension. Okay. So I think we'll start here. Um, you can be sums together on the top. That will be more challenging if you've got tight shoulders. You can also go just to the outside of the ring, which might feel better. Okay, so we're going to start with our foreheads down the arms, either on top of or on the side of the ring.

As we prepare, we pull our [inaudible] pelvis a little bit. Lifting the knees off the ground to the backs of the legs are engaged. Now start pulling your shoulders towards your hips. As you do that, start pressing into the rings. Allow the head to travel past the arms and then pull the chest forward towards the ring. Again. The ring might roll back and forth a little bit. That's perfectly fine. And then articulate this wide down chest, chin, nose, eyes, forehead. Again. As you exhale, start to pull the ring in your direction, allowing the head to pass the arm.

Yeah, it's so good you guys inhale and exhale to lengthen the body flower. Let's keep the head up until the very last thing. So, um, the minute you start pressing down on the ring, pulling your shoulders back, let the head pop, and then start raising the head is it fits the very top of the spine, which in reality it is. It looks at you, maybe even slightly forward at that bottom side of that ring as you're at the top. And then keep the head lifted, press the ribs down the chest down. Now as we start to bring the head near the arms, the eyes start going down to the ground. I think about two more of those will be good. Shoulders down, lightly lifting, using the ring for help and for something to give you no extra work, but also the light away from the ring so you can work your muscles just to see that and release. Mm. I love this one. Last time.

Yeah. [inaudible] um, do you guys want to try kind of a silly one? A, we can credit this one to Peter Fiasco. Classical Polonius it's the swimming. I'll show it to you. It's kind of fun. What's a little silly? So what you do is you have your hands there and then you come up into that same shape, the w where we just left. And then you lift your legs like you do for swimming and then you [inaudible] well, do you need, I can't say it for two without laughing. Yeah. So, uh, let's go slow our left arm. Right leg, right and left leg.

Left arm rightly right. I'm Leslie. And then CV and find their rhythm for five, four, three too. That's just silly. Go down. Alright, let's stretch while the train comes. Sit back on your feet. Enjoy. All right, I'm coming all the way out. I want to finish with just a little bit more arm work and a little bit more back extension work. And we're going to do it standing.

So if you would stand up for me, Oh, we're going to take the ring behind the back now, although we're going to try and squeeze it, there's probably not going to be a great deal of pressure into the ring. [inaudible] let's all go to Palladia stance and squeeze the legs while we're at it. So what you want to make sure of is that you're not leaning back to squeeze the ring. And here we go. We're going to just slide the arms down the back so the shoulder blades will depress as well. Then bend the elbows, point them straight up and press back down. So like a conveyor belt. As the elbows go up, let your scapula bones pull down, bend a little bit of a squeeze into the ring. Debra, just bring your ribs forward like you're doing a little set up in space.

That's it. And then down and then, Huh? So work in the back, working the triceps a heck of a lot and maybe even getting a little shoulder stretch. Uh, initially instead of straight arms up straight, arms down. Bend your arms. So pull them up. [inaudible] that's, I'll get you ready for your wedding dress. Yes, I know. And down. Let's just do two more. No, yeah, last time here. Feeling the shoulders. Stay stable. Press down, take your ring first down and then back a little bit, but only back and then just press into it. Little tiny presses.

So it's like a squeezing, although I might not squeeze a lot in space from your back as well as from your arms. And I'll do five, four, three, two. Let the rain come down, bring it up onto one shoulder. Opposite arm reaches down. Here's a bicep contraction. First, pull your shoulders down, then pull your abs and are simultaneously squeezed out kind of fast and down and down. And let us all squeeze our legs together while we're here. Reach the free arm down the side of the leg. Last five, four, three, two one. Lift up, pick it up, bring it over to the other shoulder. Rest just between the shoulder and the neck where it's comfortable for you.

And here we go. Press harass, try to resist up as well. You'll get more work. So you really don't ever let go of that bicep. That's true. And then lift, pick up the ring, bring it in front. This is free. Initially. New Skip, Mr. Sniff, beginning. Little bit of a softening in the elbow, especially if you are prone to hyperextension. Just press a little presses, won't you think about back as well as chest, as well as abs. And it's kind of a pulsing thing. Pulsing action. Pulling the abdominals in, narrowing the trunk. Last five, four, three, two, one.

Lift your arms up. It might not get much of a squeezer, but we can try. I feel your upper back. Feel your shoulders drop down. Five, six, seven, eight, nine. Bend your arms so your ring makes a halo. Elbows wide. Think of a pulling your elbows away from one another as you press your hands in and a palsy.

Eyes Up. So you're looking just over the horizon. Last five, four, three, two, one a feel. Maybe not so much of a squeeze. Heavy, heavy, heavy shoulders, arms reaching up. Lightly. Lower the arms down in front, bouldering to your chest. And last set press. Now you can get your big [inaudible]. Press, press, press, press.

Feel the shoulders drop with every squeeze. Last five, four, three, two. Ooh, uh, lower your arms. Uh, let's all go to parallel. We're just gonna roll ourselves down. Standing, roll down, bringing the ring with you, letting the low back lengthen. Once you get low enough to let the ring go down onto the ground, letting the head hang heavy. We're going to bend one knee at a time just like we did in the beginning of class, right knee or whatever knee first is a matter, I suppose, and switch legs and both Lake Street ruling ourselves up. Yes, the head comes up. Follow with your arms.

Here's our inhale and exhale and reach slightly behind us. Opening up through the chest and all the way down. One more time. Inhale, reach up, feeling up with energy and rule letting tension go. I lied. One more and Mila and exhale, just let the arms be heavy. Fall down. And that ladies is that. Thank you so much for coming. It was really fun.


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Superb class, challenging and interesting but most importantly it was definitely fun. Meredith has an amazing teaching style very natural, picked up some great cues. My back extensors have had a great work out also. Look forward to doing another class. Thank you.
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This workout was a hidden gem! I can't believe I haven't found it before now... lots of great variations throughout! I hope others can find it too! Thanks again for a great workout!
Thank you ladies!!! Another oldie but goodie :)
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Took me even longer than Valerie to find this one. Glad I did!

Thanks Joni!!!
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Yup! Definitely has become a favorite. Hope more students scroll back through class listings to find it.
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My "go to" class for the magic ring. Just when I think "no more" because my neck is saying "no more" you save the day with the ring at the base of the neck. Twice!
Always great to hear from you Joni! Come play again soon.
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So much fun! Loved the push ups :)
Thanks Tania!
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