Class #2583

Reformer Workout

55 min - Class


Be prepared to sweat with this Reformer workout with Melissa Connolly! She teaches a perfect blend of cardio, strength, and flexibility with challenging variations and combinations. This is a great class to work on your stamina, endurance, and coordination!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Yoga Block, Jump Board


Hi, I'm Melissa, and I have my friend Jenny here to demonstrate a jumpboard class for you. I just wanna say, at first, I love this jumpboard class. It's a perfect blend of your cardio,...


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wow! SUCH a good workout!! a really nice challenge for me. and it was so fun!!
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I was really happy to have Melissa back.
This class was fun and flowing. It would have helped to state the springs for footwork before footwork and not towards the end. But really liked this class.
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I just loved this class! Thank you Melissa
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Great class! I teach a weekly jump board class to a group of dedicated ladies, and this is right up their alley. I like the interval approach--combining traditional work with the jumping. That is exactly how I structure my classes, and participants respond well to the variety. More, please!
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A perfect workout as always, dripping in sweat but also feel grounded and relaxed. Thank you so much and wellcome back
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So nice to see you again. I remember you so fondly, hope to see more of you soon!
Thanks for the positive comments so far! It is always inspiring to come back and film for Pilates Anytime:) I am truly honored to be a part of this community!!!
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I love this class and was thrilled to see it here! Thank you, Melissa!

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This was awesome! Thank you!
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Loved the cardio interval aspect of this workout! There are always just the right number of reps to fatigue my muscles and not too many to start losing my alignment. Awesome! Thanks Melissa.
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