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Reformer/Tower Workout

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Work on precision and control in this Reformer/Tower workout with Melissa Connolly. She focuses on smooth transitions so you can make sure you are safe while getting on and off the apparatus. She also encourages you to take your time while working on challenging movements like Squats, Magician, and so much more!
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Hi, I'm Melissa and I'm going to be showing you an integrated reformer tower class. We're going to be using, um, the tower springs with our reformer work, so to set yourself up here, um, a few things you'll need. The only straps springs that you're going to need are the long yellow springs. And I have these sets so they're pretty low, I would say a little higher than your hip height or so. Um, and what I did, I took, um, the straps that were on the reformers, um, ropes and I added those here. So I've got loops on these straps, they were handles okay. And then the roll down bar will need that as well. So I'm going to bring that roll down bar little higher than shoulder height.

Okay. The other, the only other spring that you're going to need is a yellow on Nadia yellow. That's a red or red spring. And I have that just in the back for now and we'll bring it to the front when we need that. The first exercise we're going to do will be without any tower integration, just what we know and love. We're going to start with our footwork. So I have myself set here with three red springs and I'm going to go ahead, lie down on my back. Okay, so placing the heels to the center of the foot bar arms are lengthening long.

I'm going to take a nice deep inhale to prepare and on the exhale per us sing out and inhale, bend, exhale out, and Ben drawing the belly in and engaging in the back of the thighs. Exhale, just flowing out and pressing. And let's do four and exhale three last two and one. We'll return the carriage going up onto the balls of the fie heels. High. Exhale per acing out and, and feeling that length of the legs per pressing out. Three and exhale, four and five fully straightening the knees, six without locking them. And three more.

And two last one. We'll return the carriage. The heels are together, toes are apart. Exhale, pressing out, hugging the heels together the heels are not too high or too low. Just finding a nice stable position where they don't move up and down, stabilizing through our ankle joints and pressing out. And in two more.

Last one will return and the carriage. The heels would go wide out to second position. Exhale per assessing out and feeling those heels pressing into the foot bar, squeezing and towards the center. Press out in and five exhale. Six prs out seven and eight last two and one will return the carrot. Go back onto the balls, the fee, heels high, knees together. Press the carriage out. Staying there, engage against the glutes and the hamstrings will lower the heels.

Raise the heels. Inhale, exhale, left three pulling the stomach into left and four lift up. Five. Really draw the belly in. Six and seven and eight. Two more will stay lifted high in those heels going into running. Switch, switch, switch. Switch at five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 more little quick girl. One end, two, three, four and five. Six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Raise the heels and Ben to return. Good. We're going to transition. Lifted knees, lift the chest.

Let's swing the legs around. Okay, I'm going to take it down to two red springs and I'm going to pick up my tower springs. So the transitions here, we'll go through those. So everything is nice and smooth and controlled. I'm going to hold my straps into one hand and I'm going to sit to the edge of the carriage carefully. I'll help myself down onto my back. Okay, holding the straps in my hands. Now the arms are lifted up in line with the shoulders is already some good tension here on the straps.

The knees are going to float up to a tabletop I'm going to per us my arms down is my head, neck. Shoulders flow off of the carriage length in the legs. Now it'll feel a bit bouncy. So control that may be a little slower than normal for the hundreds. So we're gonna breathe in two, three, four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale and exhale. Inhale, and exhale. Two, three, four, five.

Really controlling this movement, sending energy through the fingertips. Every exhale, pulling the stomach deep or to the spy and no bouncing in the springs or the carriage. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Last breath. Breathe out all of that air and pause. Bend the knees with control low or the head. Slowly lift the arms up in line with your shoulders. Exhale, press arms down. Inhale, lift up. If you've never done this where it feels very awkward, there's a little bounce that can happen. So the slower, more controlled and connected to your center, your are the less of a bounce there will be pressing down and left her dressing down. Control that up one more time.

Let's bring those arms down to the sides. Curl head, neck, shoulder blades up. Reach, legs out and pull. The knees in. Arms are reaching long. The navel pulls in and exhale, two more. Stretch, reach. Exhale to dry in stretch and reach.

Now pull it and we're going to come by and the legs go for the arms. Lift up. They don't lift high just a little bit and you've heard us sit down. Stretch everything up and per us. Sit Down and stretch three and act, sail deep. Scoop. Just two more. Breathe out last one and pull it all the way in, in, in, in slowly raise the arms. Put your head down. Close. The carers should be like close gut.

Now we're going to place the feet onto the foot bar. Next transition. Push the carriage out to straight. Let's lift up one foot into the strap. From here, place that foot onto the foot bar. Lift the other leg up and place that foot in the strap and onto the foot bar. Now your heels are together, toes apart, arms down to the sides.

Benjamin needs to the springs are on the inside of the legs and just flow those legs up. Good, nice smooth transition into our frog position. Taken. Inhale, exhale. Reach those legs away. Connecting through glutes and inner thighs. Inhale, bend it in with control. Exhale, reach, oh y and Ben and with control you really can't go as quickly as you may go with a reformer with a reformer straps. This one takes more control and precision and and and her ass out and lengthen. Bend it and last one. Hold those legs out long. Let's bring the toes and heels together. Raise your legs up.

Open to the width of the foot bar. Circle around. Give a little pause when they come together. Lift up open, circle around, give it a little pause. Lift up, opener around and acts. Hail, lift up, open around and to gather. Lift up, open around and to gather. Let's reverse open, left and down and open. Left. Really control it. There will be bouncing, but you want to limit it. Really take your time. Feeling those abdominal muscles pulled in, supporting you open, left lower and last one and lower from here. Rotate the legs, heels together, toes apart.

Lead with a big toes out to a v position. Exhale, lead with your heels. Pull it into the center. Open and using our adductors. Draw the likes to gather open. Exhale, stomach pulls in. Legs squeezed tight. Two more here and exhale to gather. Last one we open and exhale to gather.

Bring the feet parallel, curl the chest up or reaching your fingertips towards your toes. Hips are stable. We're going to open the right leg, bring it to the center, open the left leg, bring it to the center. Keep everything still in stable, no movement in your pelvis. Your head is up. You can see it staying steady. One more on both sides and sent a last one and center.

Let's bring the head down, bend your knees and then just find that foot bar. Take one leg up. We'll take the strap off of the foot and then foot other foot bar. Take the other step off of the foot. Okay, good. Next transition. The Care's fully close as we hold this traps in one hand and roll to your side.

Good. Walking forward, release your straps here. I'm going to take you down to a red spring. One red spring is attached. We're going to lower the head rest flat down and go to the roll down bar so it sat higher than my shoulders. I'm going to take that bar wide and come around and have a seat sitting about a hands distance from the back edge of the carriage. Okay, so sitting up nice and tall.

You want to pull the shoulder blades back into their sockets, take a breath in on the exhale, press the bar down and raise that up. I can per us down raising the stomach muscles pull. And as you press down the back muscles engage two per ostium and axial Lauer five andF and down six and left feeling that length of this spine, press seven resisted up per press down eight lift it up, two more here. Shool olders down and back and left. Last 1% stay connected. Now curl the tailbone under.

Keeps scooping the belly. Let's roll the spine down. Touch lower back touch, middle back, shoulders. I don't let my head go all the way back, but I go back to the shoulder blades and then exhale, scoop the stomach in. Rounding forward, forward, forward and heal. Sitting Nice and straight and again, draw the belly and shoulders.

Stay back. We roll down, touching low or middle up or shoulders. And then exhale, scoop the stomach and around. Forward, forward, forward and left. Rolling the spine down. One Vertebra at a time. Now on this next one, take your right leg, lengthen it away from your center.

Flow that leg up, up, up the shit in the bar, top notch. And then we roll down, lengthening that leg down. And here we go. Roll it up, length in the left leg out and float it up and then pull the stomach and length in it down and let's raise her right leg next time. Reach it long and left it up to touch the box and reach it away as you lower down and exhale, scoop the stomach roll. Reset. Left like lift, lift, lift roulette down, down, down, down, and then rule it all the way up.

All the way. Feet, state or legs. Stay down and sit up tall. Bend your knees. The feet are going to go right at the head. Rest, sitting up straight. Breathe and shoulders back. Curl the tailbone under around the spine about half way back.

Eyes on your stomach. We're going to pulse up in itch and down an inch. Good. Working those abs deeply every time we left. We're layering in that deeper abdominal work. So exhale. Pull it in. Hollow out the ABS. Every left.

Let's go for three and two and one from here. Bring the knees over to the right side, working your left obliques. The bar is square. With a tower we lower and left. Lower. End left three. Exhale four. Exhale five. Keeping the left shoulder back.

Six scoop seven and eight. Feel the belly pull into your spine. Two more. We pause on ton. We bring the knees over. So math and lower lift. Lower lift two pulling the right shoulder blade back.

Three exhale. Four. Exhale five lift up six, tightening through those abs. Seven and eight really pull in nine paws on 10. Bring the knees back to center. Roll the spine all the way up. God, we're going to bring our feet to the side, close the carriage into the stoppers.

So transitioning and then come on all the way up. Good. We'll get rid of that bar. Okay, so now I'm going to grab the long box for the next exercise. Okay, so we're still using the roll down bar. We're going to sit on our box facing the tower. The heels are gonna pull back all the way against the box and we're going to sit as far back as we can holding the hands wide onto the bar.

Sit Up Nice and straight with a nice long spine, hinge, the body back. Exhale, pull the bar in towards your chest and then reach it forward. Exhale, pull it into the chest and reach it forward. Good. Really drawing those shoulder blades down the back and then feel that resistance as you reach the bar forward. Take your time and reach it forward. Making sure not to be in an art spine here, but really drawing the ribs together and pulling the stomach muscles in tight. Let's do three more axial three and pull it into it away.

Last one, resist Sydow. Now sit up nice and straight. Once again, take your hands on the inside of the springs and an underhand grip, so sitting up straight this time right on top of your sipple and soften your elbows and let's do a bicep curl and we resist. No bouncing or there'll be a little bit of bouncing maybe, but try to limit that bouncing by. Really just taking your time and resisting the spring tension as the arms reached forward, repossessed and the shoulder stay back. The crown of the head is lengthening up to the ceiling and it's tough.

Let's do four and we resist. Exhale three and Aris. Good. Last two and back. One more time. Squeezing in and re lease. Good. So again, careful with the transition. Close the carriage into the stopper. There we go. And we'll release that bar. Okay, so from here I'm going to just lift up are all the way to the very top spring tension as at one red.

Let's lower our foot bar down to the so it's all the way away. Okay, so I'm going to also grab the sticky mat for the next exercise so we don't slide off of the box. So placing the sticky mat right in the center of your box the long way. Come onto stomach. Okay, holding onto the frame of the reformer, let's pull ourselves forward. Grab the Upright Poles on the tower, right in line with your shoulders.

The legs are hip with. Look down at the floor and start to pull yourself forward and resist back. And again, exhale, pull forward and resist back. Exhale, pulling the shoulder blades down and resist IPP. Exhale, pull. And reach it back.

Great exercise for the upper body strength and reach. Let's do four more here, pull in four and take it back and pull in 30 and take YP. Good. Last two re Ziff. Last one. We pull in, pause for a second. And slowly release, release, release, release. Bring your hands back down to the frame on the reformer.

Walk it back and we will step off of there. So for that, so let's add every single spring so the carriage stays nice and stable, so the carriage is stable. We're going to grab our long yellow straps. They're good where they are. So let's hold onto those straps and we're still on our stomach for the next one. So come up onto your box. Okay, so again, the chest is just off of the box.

Let's start with the legs to gather and the arms are reaching down. Let's have a nice long position of the spine. So head reaching forward, feet reaching back from here. Pull the arms down and back right next to your hips. And then inhale, resist and reach the arms down and forward. Exhale, pull the arms down and back next to the hips. And inhale, reaching down and forward and pressing those arms down him back and reaching them down and forward and pull them down and back. Energy through the fingertips. Reach them forward.

Last one, pull the arms back, palm space in. Open out to t position and squeeze it. And for the t, press open axial pull in three and exhale, pull into more open. Pull the armpits down. Lengthen through your neck. Exhale, pull it in. Now let's reach them down. And four, let's round over the box from here. Separate the legs. And now we'll start to pull the arms down and back.

Lift the body up into an extension. Open the arms out to the sides and let the body go down. And two more. Pull down and back. Lift to the extension. Open the arms and let it go down. One more in this direction. Pull back, left.

Open the arms and lower down. We're going to reverse the arms are gonna open. Pull back in your extension and lower down and again, open the arms. Lefting the chest and lower down. One more here. Pull back, left and lower all the way down.

Good. Let's, we can probably release them here and then just step off to the side. Okay, good. I'm not gonna use my sticky mat for the next one, but I am going to keep all springs on. Have a seat on the box. This time facing towards the foot bar rolling down onto the back to do a little abdominal work. So the chest is lifted. Hugging the right knee in towards the Chester ratching that left out long switch, stretching the right leg out long. Let's give it some breath. We're gonna inhale.

Inhale and exhale to an n hill and exhale and en and read out out. Breathe in and breathe out. Last time. Inhale. Exhale. Bend your knees, hug them right into the chest. Send the arms and legs away from the center. Circle the arms and pull it out and in. He'll stir Rach exhale and inhale three's scoop to pull it and stretch out for scoop to pull it and stretch out. Five, draw the belly in and six scoop it.

Stretch out n and two more. Read that. All the last one. Good from here. Knees in a tabletop position. Arms Up. We're going to roll back. Arching into the well. Circle the arms around. Lift the head.

Pull the stomach rolling up. Once we're there, length in the legs. Long to your teaser. Pull the belly in. Slowly roll down. The knees can soften the arms. Go back, arching into the well. Circle around. Exhale, rolling up. Lengthen the legs long. Draw the stomach and rolling down. Then the knee is reached. The arms back. They circle around.

Exhale, rolling up. Reach everything long. Pull the stomach and rule down. Bend the knees, reach it back. We have two more teasers rolling up. Scoop the stomach end. Keep it pulling in and an away from the thighs as we ruled on with control and precision. Last user. Exhale.

Inhale, and then rolling down. Rolling down. Take your time. Touch every vertebrae one at a time. Neath the chest. Rock up to see dead gods. All right, let's take our box and turn it. We go to short box from here. Okay. Okay. Spring tension. I'll be on our red spring.

One red for arm work. We'll take hold of the straps. Okay. Again, long yellow. They haven't moved up or down. There's still in the same position. So we're going to sit on our box facing the foot bar. Okay. Having your feet parallel, hip distance apart, reaching the arms out for hug a tree. So in the peripheral vision, hug the arms in. Open the arms out.

Hug them in, open them out. Acts, hail three. Open out hug and four O. Open out two more. Five and open. Last one, six. Stay Open. The carriage does not move. Ideally, right arm and open.

Left arm and open. Stay stable, right arm my carriage. Just moving a little bit and left arm and open one more on both sides. And Open. Last one and open. We're going to bend our elbows back in the hand. Support her brother's salute. Press it away and in progress and in keeping that length of the spine.

Press three and and shoulders down. Two per us out and in just two more. Five last one. Six, bend it in. Same thing with one arm. Press the right, bring all the way in, pressing laugh. Woo.

Bring it. And for us the right and in ground. Your feet. Yes, I'm talking to myself too. Stomach and for us and reach last time we press now. From here, press both arms up. Open the arms out to the sides as a transition.

Close a carriage. Hold this chaps in one hand and step off to the side. Good. Okay, well let go of those straps and I'm going to take the box off. Okay, I'll just bring it behind the tower for now. Okay, so setting up over here. Let's have our foot bar raised, setting up on to springs. I'm going to come in the center of the reformer and pick up my yellow straps. These straps are going to go above the knees on your thighs.

You're going to lift them up like you're putting a harness on. Okay? So bring them right up as high as they go, and they're going to go up high in a moment when you get to the exercise. So we're going to climb on here. I place my hands onto the shoulder, Ras, bring my knees onto the headrest and then continue climbing forward. Hands on the foot bar, feet against the shoulder, rest for knee stretches. So these are pulling you back.

They're giving you that support so you don't have a lot of weight in your arms and your shoulders. So pulling the shoulders down, having the neck free and long curl the tailbone under. Really emphasizing that deep scoop, especially with these straps pulling you back. Now inhale, the carriage glides out. Exhale, you can engage your abs deep or to pull it in and pull it into. Pull it in. Three. Exhale for John the navel to spine, five and six and scoop seven. Exhale eight and nine. Hold it on 10 let's link them out the spine.

Lifting the head flat back. Exhale, pull in one and two and three. So without that tension in my arms, I'm really focusing on the stomach muscles, especially those upper abs. They're talking together and in three more and and now rounding the bacs, scooping the belly deeper than the first time. Let's take our knees off out and pull in and pull to exhale three and four, really curl the tailbone and six and seven, eight two more. 10 lower the knees down. Good.

From here we'll come on up to standing for the elephant. So the heels are back against the shoulder blocks. We're going to lift all 10 toes round. The back head is heavy. Eyes on the belly and he'll go out X. He'll use your abs to pull in, pull into check with the neck and shoulders. Notice how there's a little bit more freedom that is allowed without the, with the straps holding your thighs back and then scoop that belly and gauge your core muscles. And in and in.

Last one, lower the feet so the feet are flat. Now lengthen your tailbone to the ceiling, stretching your spine, have your ears in line with your biceps. Slide out and stretch and stir. Hatch and stir. I shush a feel good in your hamstrings. Exhale. And we have four, three, two, and last one to come out of this exercise.

Bring your knees down and we climb out the same way we climb forward. So hands on to the carriage. Walk your way back. Okay. And then just take your hands onto the shoulder rest to help you out of that straps. Okay. Alright, next I'm going to lower these down one more notch. So the yellows are going to go down.

I'm going to change the spring to one red. We're going to go into reverse abdominals. So we take the straps into the hands. Have a seat on your carriage. Okay. Scoot your hips right up against the shoulder Ras. And again, the straps are above, so not as high up that they just wear for knee stretches and elephant, but right above the knees. Make sure they're level with each other. Hold the shoulder rest.

Scooch your hips forward and lift the knee as a challenging abdominal exercise coming up so your hands are behind your head. Slowly curl the chest up and down. Exhale, left and lower. Exhale, lift and lower. Just taking your time, breathing through it and lift that for four. And that for three, really joined that belly down. Lift to stay there on one.

Now the carriage won't move very much, but you gonna pull the knees in, pull the knees up, use that exhale, exhale to deep in the core work. Exhale, exhale. Final four, three, two and one is enough. Bend your elbows, bring them onto the carriage. Help yourself up. Go ahead. Let's take those straps off of the legs. All right, very good straps come off. Okay, we're just going to get those straps out of action. Don't keep them there for now. We'll move them in a moment. What I want to move next is the red spring, so I take the red spring.

You want to bring it so it's pretty much in the same place that you had your roll down bar, so I've got this one a little higher than shoulder level and I'm going to attach the push through bar. Okay. Headrest is lifted. I'm going to be on a blue spring where between a blue to red, work your way up to the red. The blue is challenging. The red is very challenging and I do have my foot bar lifted for an easy transition. So lying on your back, you're going to press the carriage out carefully. And the reason this is low is just so you grab it. Okay.

If you had the spring attached higher, it's harder to grab. So we have that bar and the hands stabilize. Pull your stomach and pull those shoulder blades down and lift the knees from here. Bend your elbows so they're pointing towards the ribs and then you reach out and exhale, pull and resist it. And exhale, pull three, resist.

Exhale four and out, and five on the next five. Let's add legs. Go Out, exhale and exhale too. So you really are enforcing the stomach muscles to pull in and reach two more and I'll pull it in from here. Straight at your arms. Turn your hand to an underhand grip for the chin up. We'll keep the knees bent for the first five and resist shoulders, pulling down abs, pulling in. Use a strong ax heel to gather that strength and exhale.

Let's add our legs. Reach them out, pull in one, reach out, sink the stomach into out. Exhale three, breathe out. Last one. Let's pull it in and a link. Then the arms reach your feet to the foot bar. There is the release.

Sta Push Sioux bar and close the carriage carriage is close. We come all the way up. All right, good foot bar stays up. We add every single spring. You want the carriage to be stable. Okay, very good. We come up from here, we're going to unattach the spring here from the push through bar. I bring it to the back just from Moovit so it's out of the way.

These yellows are going to go up pretty high, so let's lift them. I'm going to lift them almost to the top here. Okay. Holding your shops. We are going to stand onto the carriage, so come on up and it's very still. It's very stable. So your toes are right against the shoulder. Rask. So our speeder, um, apart, they're are parallel, the arms are forward, feet are grounded. Crown of the head is lengthening, stomach is in, everything is engaged and you're lengthening tall.

You press the arms towards your sides. Resist to reach forward. Prs some to the sides resists forward. Axial press and reached you two more here. Press back and reach. Last one a like this. We're going to add a relevant. As you press back, you rise up onto your toes, lower the heels, rise up, lower the heels.

X. Inhale, find a focal point to help you balance. Last one. We're going to add the chest expansion, the head turn. So as you press back, rise up. Now to keep your balance, keep pressing the arms back so I press back to look right center. I press back more. To look left center. Lower the heels, arms forward. Press the arms back. Rise up this time. Press back and look a little left center and look right center.

Lower the heels. Reach the arms, press back, rise up endless. Look to the right. Press the arms back that helps your balance. Press back and look left and lower. Last one per us back. Rising up. Look to the left. As you push those arms back, look to the right.

As you push your arms back and lower the heels. Reach forward. Go ahead, palms in. Look behind you. Walk your feet back. Okay, keep them in line with a shoulder rest. And I'm basically just an inch or two from the back edge of the um, carriage. We're going to go into a squat. You're going to keep your back straight like it's gliding down a wall.

And we're gonna row our arms. So exhale, go down, lifting up. Feel that your sit bones are reaching towards that foot bar. Breathe out three and left. Lengthen through the spine. Four and left. Exhale, five left. Grounding the feet, pushing down. Six. Breathe out and axial. Eight two more here.

Last one like this. Lift up. Now as you go into your squat, bend your right elbow. So pull the right arm back, reach it forward, pull the left elbow back, reach forward, right elbow, reach forward. Now we're going to add a rotation. Try to keep your knees stable. The tendency is so that one knee poke forward.

So just notice what your hips and knees are doing. Exhale. Inhale to Marbury, that center last time center. We're going to walk you forward just to release some of that spring tension. Step off of them. Whew. Okay, let's lower those straps. Change your springs to two reds had rest flat. Okay, we do airplane.

Next you're going to pick up those traps. So the more support you'd want or need, the higher it goes. I'm going to keep mine as they are. Okay. This transition is a little more challenging. So let's hold the straps in one hand cause it's heavy. So we're gonna walk over to the edge of the carriage. Okay?

So sit to the edge and then just carefully let yourself, I bring my elbow onto the carriage. I let myself down with control. Okay, so now I'm centered on the carriage. I've got the straps in my hands. Push the carriage away. Now lift one foot up into the strap. Place that foot onto the foot bar grounded there. Lift the other foot up into the strap. Okay, place sit there.

So we're going to transition as we did with the feet and the strap. So arms are down, heels together, toes apart. Bend the knees. And here we are in a frog position. So going into an inversion, pull your belly in the like Cena, frog. We're going to exhale. Roll over, over, over, over carriage. The stoppers. Stretch the legs up to the ceiling. Now reached the legs away.

And so that nice long plank position. And in plank, let's lower, lower, lower, lower, lower. And we bend the knees into frog. Exhale to roll it over. Our care says stoppers. Recent legs up long. Reach some away from the center. Find that nice long plank. From there we lower, lower, lower, lower with control. Then the knee is into frog. Exhale, roll it over. Carriage to the stoppers.

Reach it straight up to the ceiling. Stretch it away from the center. Keep the body long as you lower in that plank position. And we reverse it. We lift straight up, up, up, up, up, up, up, legs to ceiling, carriage to stoppers. Bend the knees, roll it. And here we go. Stretch it away. Long lift everything up in one unit, legs to ceiling. Bend the knees, roll it down with control. And last time per Aceto, I lift them everything up, up, up, up, up, legs to ceiling, and then means roll down. Roll down, roll down.

Now. Last thing in a magician, we're gonna do 50 beef legs reach long left up into that plank position. Nice amongst stomach is tight. Heat beat the heels. One too fast. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10. This one is a killer for me to want a one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine 31, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine 40 ten nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Hold that plank lower in a plank all the way down. And then bend your needs. Find the foot bar with your feet. Take one strap off of the foot.

That foot goes on the foot bar left the other. That foot goes on the foot bar. Transition. Here we go. We're holding the straps. I've got them in one hand. I use the other hand to help me up. Rolling to the side, the carriage and the stoppers. We come on up. Whew. Very good. We're almost done. We're gonna take those straps down. Okay.

Lower them to where you started. Okay. And from here, pick up one strap. You're standing to the side of the reformer. I'm going to stand with my feet in line with the shoulder rest. Depending on your strength, the more tension you want, the closer you go to the football, the less tension you go towards the tower.

So lunging my leg to the foot bar, other leg is out, or in a split lunge. Take your hands, both of them onto the strap in line with your chest. Take a breath in. As you exhale, rotate the torso and inhale, bring it back to the center. Hips are square. We rotate two and hale center acts that really spiraling around three and center. Two more. Ringing out the waste tool.

West and center. Last one, two west and center. Good. Release the tension there. I'm just going to change this spring into a red. Okay. This time you're going to hook your thumb. I've got my left thumb underneath this job. My left foot is going to step forward underneath the foot bar.

The right foot is against the shoulder ass. Lunge down and bend your left elbow. Take the right hand to the waist. Lift the body up on an inhale as you go down. Punch the arm forward. Five, lift up, punched forward. Four.

Lift up. Exhale, left. Two more. Nice and controlled per us and left. One more and left. Go ahead, hold the foot bar. Closed the carriage and let's walk it back. Alright, releasing mass jap. We'll walk around to do the other side. All right, so picking up this strap. Okay. And again, I start with the body and mind with a shoulder rest.

Lunging the left leg out. Step the right leg open, and then taking the hands, both of them onto the straps in line with a center of your chest. Square off the hips. Breathe en. Exhale, rotate wringing out your waist. Inhale, find center, rotate. Ring it out to find center. Exhale, rotate. Three find center. Two more stomach pulls into tourists from the waist. Breathe all the air, ring it out, ring out, ring out. Find Center and release.

We're going to take the right thumb underneath the strap. Turn and face your foot bar. Step, the right foot under the foot by hand on the foot bar to again to position. Left foot up against the shoulder. Ras come down into a lunge. Your right elbow is bent. You're going to keep it bent as we learn how. Bring your left hand to your waist. Then punch forward. Bring it in, and exhale, punch 30 exhale, punch. Ideally keeping those shoulders square, right shoulder stays back in and punch last one and punch and then hold the foot bar for a transition.

Close a carriage and then take that strap back. Staying on your red walk forward. Rifle under the foot bar. Hands on the foot bar, left foot against the shoulder as just slide it back. Take an inhale. Exhale, pull. Sit back for five, four, three, two, one. Straighten out your right leg. Lift your toes to the ceiling. Sighted back for hamstring stretch. Pulse. One, two, three, four, five. Lower the foot.

Bend into the right knee and close the carriage. We'll walk around to stretch the other sides left under the foot bar, right foot against the shoulder. Rest it's come down into that stretch. Inhale. Exhale, pulse. One, two, three, four and five. Length in the left leg, toes to ceiling. Slide back and stir. Action. Pulse. Two, three, four, five. Lower the foot. Bend the knee. Bring the carriage into the Stop Bar.

Change your spring. One Blue Spring, one light spring attached. Walk around facing your tower, placing your thighs up against the foot bar. Feet parallel hip distance. Let's breathe and raise your arms. Look up. Exhale. Let's round the spine. Forward. Hands the edge of the carriage. Slide the carriage away. Away away. Stretching the spine.

Long inhale. Exhale around it in the belly. Pera. Sit Out. Inhale, lengthen table into the ceiling. Exhale, pull it in and around. Last one, feeling that nice long line from the hands, the shoulders to the hips. Exhale, scoop it in and touch the carriage to stop burns slowly rounding up one vertebrae at a time. Finished with an inhale, raise arms look up. Exhale, Bree, they'll all be air standing tall and we are done.


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Fascinating! Thank you for the clear explanation of springs used and placement. Dynamic routine!
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Excellent combo workout! Thank you
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Excellent combination work out! Clear instructions, details of springs and placement - fantastic. I didn't have to keep "rewinding" because of rushed transitions and poor instructions and information- so wonderful to work with such a supportive instructor - thank-you!
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Can anyone tell me where I find a sticky sheet? I really enjoyed this workout. Lovely transitions.'
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Very challanging and perfect for a sunday morning. Thank you very much.
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Really nice combination work with the reformer and the tower. I have the same machine at home so I'll do it more times. Thank you!
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Very creative! I have never used the tower in conjunction with the reformer, just the mat with the tower. Thank you for showing me yet another way this remarkable piece of equipment can be used to continue to challenge,strengthen and lengthen the body. Thank you Melissa.
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Really enjoyed the combo reformer/tower
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Anastasia ~ If you are looking for something to help you from slipping, these drawer liners work very well. You can customize how big you want them to be too. I hope this helps!
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Beautiful! Big thanks! :)
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