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Reformer Workout

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Add a quick burst of cardio to your Reformer workout with Adrianne Crawford! She starts with a gentle warm up then moves in to a flow of the intermediate work. She finishes the class with work on the Jump Board then Rolling on the Mat to get you moving.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Knee Pad, Jump Board, Pilates Pole

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Well. Good morning. Um, my name is Adrian and I am teaching these two lovely ladies a probably more of an intermediate reformer. We're going to do jump forward a little bit of jump word. We're going to do a little warmup just sitting where you are and let's see as far as props. Oh, and we'll do a little bit of mat at the end, just very little, just some rolling. Um, so props, we have your box, you have your pole and your have your, that's pretty standard for the reformer. They're using grots reformer. Both of them are on three springs just for their bodies.

You decide what's best for you. And then the jump board, which we have stored away over there that we'll get later. Okay. So let's begin. I'm gonna have you just square yourself off on your reformer. You're sitting pretty close to the edge, so maybe a little bit for where you're probably too far forward. Great enough that your bottoms are supported. And grab the top of your knees and let's have your knees, hip width apart, feet hip width apart, smiling. Good.

All right, you're gonna sit up as tall as you can. Take a nice deep breath in and then just exhale. Why don't you just kind of get your minds here and do that again. Nice deep breath in and an exhale. And now you just keep normal breathing going.

You're going to keep breathing and I want you to start to round backwards pulling into a seeker. So you're scooping those ribs back. You're rounding back as though you Rena lie down, and then you're going to round forward holding those knees. You're going to lift your backs, grow tall and open up your chest. Go ahead. Let's do that two more times. Start to roll back breathing just as normal as you can.

Get those hips to kind of tuck underneath you. And then forward lift, stretch. Bring their shoulders back next or long last one and going back. Go ahead. Good on the breathing theatre.

Soft forward lift, stretch. Let's keep your hands just relax. Now you can put them at your sides wherever really like, and then I want you to stay as tall as you can. So on top of your hips, chest are open and you're going to turn her heads to the right as far as you can. With that, letting your shoulders follow you and then brewing yourselves to center and then to the left and center and to the right. Opening up the chest. Bring those shoulders back, center and left. Center once again to the right hole.

Now you're going to lower your head and circled them down, around and to the left and chests are open. Don't let their shoulders follow you and center and to the left or had the turn. Roll your heads down. Stretch the back of the neck and center. Good. Now just lower your Chen's. Keep your shoulders pulling back. Lift your head. Take the heads as far back as you can.

Keep those shoulders back, looking towards the sky, Walmart time down and up. Chess open and lower. Now just look center again, nothing with the next. Take your arm straight up and reach your arms straight up. Take a nice deep breath in and circle them out to the side and lift your back.

Lift them back up. Once again, reach up lower than a straight down and go into some shoulder circles up and around, three times each way to three reversing. And I want you to sit a little on your left. Good one too. [inaudible] and let the arms GRF keep the hands on the mats there. He wants you to stay tall and take one leg and extended out in front of you and just hold to three. Staying as tall as you can and rest other leg out. Grow tall in those backs, trying to keep the leg, hip level and lower.

Keep your shoulders soft at Walmart, each side. All right, grow tall and rest and left long backs, long spines, long legs and rest. Good. Now stay right where you are and just squeeze your seats and grow tall in your back. You can put a little pressure on the palms, but then relax everything and then grow tall, good and relaxed. And one more time up and lower. You'll want to move your hands back a little bit for this one.

And what you're going to do is kind of curl back into your sea and bring one knee in and tap the floor. Five Times one knee can come up, fall back a little bit more. Good. Two, three, four. Hold. Stretch the leg out and try to lift your back. Lower the leg and keep growing tall on your back. So fall forward now. Yes, exactly. We'll keep the leg up. Flex 0.3 times one, two, three and rest. Other leg. So you're going to fall back. Knee comes in and tap toe. Tap One, two. Even though you're leaning back, you're still tall. Three, four, hold. Extend your leg out. Grow Tall. Lean forward. Let the drop, but you stay tall and then flex and point and flex and point.

Flex point to more. Flex point and rest. Good. I'm going to have you turn to lie down on your mat. Good. You feeling like you're kind of warming up a little bit. All right, so heels together, toes apart. We're going to begin with your footwork. Good.

Again, we're on the grouts reformer. I'm going to have your feet move a little bit. I'm just getting them centered. You're going to stay parallel. She's gonna have her Pilati stance. So depending on your bodies, go with what works. So either parallel or um, hit, uh, Florida stance. I knew I would, I was trying to say. All right, keep those hips down and begin. You're going to pull in and stretch going for 10, two.

Don't let those knees go wider than your hips. If you are in that plotting stance, you don't want your knees to go too wide for five. Correct me if my count's wrong, but I think that's where we are, right? Six all the way. Get those ribs deep. Seven, eight. And as you're moving, keep those next long and keep the shoulders from tensing. Ideally your, your back is flat, but there's no tension in those shoulders or neck. Once you hit 10, you're going to change to your arches. Knees are together and stretch one. So now we want to keep a, some kind of a flow going.

So really getting warm and here to you. Keep going. Just feel what's going on in your backs. Make sure those hips are level, that you don't have one hip higher than the other good. And that you're not tensing at all. [inaudible] once again, 10. Once you get to your 10 you're gonna stop and change to your heels. Feet are now really flexed. Good.

You want all 10 toes to point straight up so we don't want any cricket feet. Three getting some circulation in your feet for don't let your back arch when you're out there. Five. So what happens is you guys keep going as you stretch and we get long, we get a little space in our back. So I want you to fill that up by pulling those navels deeper. Eight.

All right, well now you've gone to tango, back to your toes, heels together, toes apart, and you're going to stay parallel. She is going to be inner Pilati stands lower to three going into attendance, stretch and lift. Two, three, one, two, three. Lift. Two, three, two, three. I want you to stretch this hip for keeping your chest open and not locking your elbows. Five you guys doing okay? Good. Little bit quicker. One, two, three. Up to three and once you get to your 10 you'll bring yourselves back at, and ideally they're staying as close together in their accounts as possible.

Go ahead, grab your straps, lower your bar, staying on the same springs. You're going to go into your hundreds if you need a little space for your shoulders. Do Sell. Otherwise, let's go ahead and go right into position by extending out arms are long. Legs are long and breathing and counting. Good. Keep waiting on both sides of your back, hips, shoulders, so you can feel that. Are Your Scapula is in the right place? Are those wings pulling down and my pulling more on the left or the right.

You want to even that out. Keep those legs reaching, zipping up the legs. Go ahead. I know. Two, three, four, five, deep breathing in and out. Shoulders. Go ahead. Okay. And so once you finish your hundreds, you're going to bring yourself in. And I will have you go ahead and keep your, go ahead and lower your headrest, but I'm going to have you sit up and drop two springs so that you're only on one spring because I'm going to have you do a little front rowing. So what I'd like you to start with is your backs are all the way against the shoulder pads and your legs will be straight. Good. So the straps, yeah, you have to kind of adjust them and your legs will be long.

First you're gonna have your thumbs in the straps and you're starting at your chest. Okay? So the sitting up tall, it's a posture exercise. So you want to stay as long tall as you can. You're going to inhale, take those arms straight up and as your arms go down, your exhale, but you grow taller in your spines. And then your inhale lift. Exhale, open your chest and keep lengthening in your back. Good. All right, so that's the exercise. Get the straps underneath your shoulders, don't neck your elbows. And now we're going to put it into counts. It's six counts. You're gonna inhale up one, exhale straight down. Two, inhale, three, grow tall, four, five, six and again, inhale, one, go down, two, up, three, four, five, and six and one more time. Stretch forward. Lower down, lift. Squeeze your seat. Grow Tall. Good. I like the smile.

Drop your head round your backs from your hips. Wait for me. Get back there round. She's already ready to go. Good. That's good. You're going to stretch both arms out, but I want you to keep those heads down and keep reaching. Pull those ribs back as you reach forward. Now as you reach forward, you're going to start to lift your back. Stack your spine up, up, up, and arms. Lift and circle. So from the hips, it's the same. Six counts.

Heads are down, feet are flexed. Inhale, stretch out one. Now you've got your reach. Exhale, start to pull those ribs. Lift your head, open her chest, the add. Now, arms up and lower. So tumor from the hips. Inhale, stretch out. One around, up, sharp on two, two live, three, four, five, six, seven. One more time. Flexo speed. Stretch one, sit up tall, two Cesaro open live, three, four, five and six. That's in half. Now you're going to go into a shaving exercise to cross your legs.

A gesture, hands here. Now your fingers are in the straps. You're going to take your arms up and behind your head in a diamond shape, but you're still tall. You're not dropping your heads. You're just lengthening good. You will have to lean forward to do that and now you're going to reach those hermits all the way out. Put the double a straight, really stretch and bend back behind the head. Now keep going. These can be done in front of the forehead if that range is too hard, but ideally behind towards the base of the neck, so come as low as you can and then stretch.

Closing those ribs together and Walmart. Time and stretch. Go tall and open to a hug. Good. Elbows up, no floppy arms. Inhale together and exhale, not so serious. Inhale and exhale. Get a dancer over here. Inhale and exhale. Now re cross your legs. You could have done that in the beginning or now, but we're going to do it now and I are going to exhale, staying tall and inhale. Feel this in your powerhouse.

Exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale. Great. Let's get real well you're gonna keep the straps, but you're going to add one spring and then I'm going to have you lie down and adjust the straps for your short spine massage. Great. They were kind of mixing the order a little bit. Okay?

Yes, you want for Grosse, especially want to adjust your straps over to the side because of the handles or are heavy. You don't want them to clunk around near your face. Okay. And if you're on balanced Mata, you know you can just put those drops on your feet or peak. Good. So choose springs. Headdress is down and now the straps are on the short strap. So you're ready to go into a few frogs. Stretch out and bend in.

Now don't push with your toes. Feel your spines grow tall too. Getting them adjusted. Yeah, keep your chest open. All right, now let's get ready. You're going to go over your head, stretch the legs out. Long hips are up over. Bend those knees, leave the feet, relax your toes and drop your seats. Keep the chest open. Good. And then roll it down. Count to two before you go. One, two, and out. Hips up over Ben, and then you're gonna stretch. Keep those arms along.

Then when you can't go any further, bend those knees in, but continue rolling those spines. Tumor out, hips with the legs, up and over. Bend and stretch. Good. Soft toes. Good. And one more time. Last one out, hips. There we go. And keep that lift going over. It's not so easy. Bend and stretch. I'm going to give her a little stretch even though she's very flexible.

Chest Open, good. And come on down. You're going to take your straps off of your feet, holding those handles at the same time into a coordination exercise. So elbows are down, heads are up, and now arms and legs stretch out. You get a reach. It's not as big. Exhale and come back in. Inhale, stretch, open, close knees to the ears. Exhale, keep your tailbone this down and don't let those bottoms roll up as those knees come in. So here too, you're staying really long in your sacrum and exhale. And we're going to do one with beats.

So stretch crisscross beats for eight counts. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Knees come in at up. All right, let's go ahead and have you get rid of the strap. And I'm gonna have you guys step off at another spring. And let's go to yet you, let's go to short box. All right, sorry, not short box your stomach massage. So grab your pads, good and good. Lift your bars up. You both are back to three springs and you're going to set those, um, pads as close to the front as you can.

As long as you feel like you've got that flexibility, otherwise you can move that pad back. So tighter yard, the further back those pads go and you're in your plebe stance. Otherwise, if you start a parallel, stay parallel, you're in a seeker, you're scooped up and forward. Go ahead and stretch out long, lower your heels, lift your heels and come in. Keep going out and in and I'm just gonna move around and kind of cue you guys. I want you to really lift those ribs up but scoop them back so you're kind of up at over the hips. Three, four. This is an easy one to start to tense those shoulders.

So try to relax them as you're moving. Feel that beautiful stretch. You're getting your legs. Six breathing normally through the nose. Good. Next or relaxed, do two more and one more. So maybe about 10 and then you're going to keep the same springs and move your arms backwards to sit up tall.

And now I'm going to have you straighten those legs, but keep lifting those hips up. Lower. Lift your heels, bending, come. And we're going to go a little bit quicker and, and I want a little weight over here. Not Too much. Don't over do it. That's it. So you're right on top of your hips. Three good for here too. I used to lock my elbows. The arms are long, but keep those levels a little soft. Did I just get you and and it's really easy to, you know, get into a position and not realize what you're doing, that you're locking certain parts of your, your anatomy, good and tall and Walmart.

Am I counting for you too? I should. All right. Drop one spring and take your arms forward. You're going to go into your reach very hard here not to let those knees go wider than your hips or your shoulders. Ideally your hips because your hips are more narrow than the shoulders. Try Straight your legs. Relax up here. Lean back a little bit. Good.

So you're on top. You're not forward and iron. Come back in and you're going to try to lift your back, not your shoulders. So relax his elbows and out nice and easy. Breathe through. It's an excellent tumor out and you're too far back. You can move forward. The more flexible you are, you got to challenge yourself.

I might be your teacher of your teacher, right? You're the teacher of yourself. You have to challenge yourself. And I'm here to kind of help you drop that shoulder and one more out in an stretch. Now hold that and you're going to twist to the right. Open up your chest. Keep those heels in, position that there even come back in and keep growing tall and out. No elbows, good. No shoulders. That's the only to the corner.

You don't have to twist too far, but just keep your back lifting. And I'm going to have you do one more set out. So this is where we're looking for the stretch in. Do you see that? I'll come to you and left. There you go. And that's enough. I'm gonna let you guys stretch. This is not really a Palladio's move.

Romana really didn't like us doing this kind of stuff, this extra stretching business, but it is. Okay. All right, come back in and step off to the side. Now let's get rid of your pads. You're to drop those bars and you're going to grab your short box. Good. Actually, we're going to put, we're going to put a long walks first and then we'll do short box. So you put it the long way. You're going to drop to one spring and then let's make sure you've got your handles because you're going to do some pulling straps. So you're on one spring and you've got your handles. You're going to end up lying on your stomachs.

You want your shoulders on top of the box and you're going to walk those arms up the straps first. Now you could hold the handles here. I learned it without holding the handles. That's kind of a newer version. Either is fine. It's just less noise not holding, holding those handles. All right, great. You Ready? You're going to reach down alongside the carriage. Lift those arms up.

Keep your chest rather low just for now and pinch those wings together. Two, three and straight down. And once you're in, come right back. I lift and hold lower Chin a little bit, Adrian, and open up your chest and lower Walmart time. So let's going for three. You're going to lower and lift and I'll give you a little more range.

Hold that to three and lower. Go to your teeth, slide the hands all the way down. Take those arms away. Up to the side. And this one, I went to her chest to rise a little bit more. You're going to reach back and hold two, three, and n. Okay, so ready, reach back. Now Roll those shoulders back. Hold that. Lengthen your neck a bit by dropped.

That's it. Lift those ribs up. Hold that. And now come back in. One more reach back. So get those ribs to lift. You're not just using arms here, it's everything. Two, three head open. Take your straps one hand. You're going to swing yourself soft. Good job. You didn't kick each other. Add one sprayer and go into your backstrokes.

Okay. And then you're both going to sit right at the edge. Good job. There's a real particular way of getting on. You're gonna put your hands above your foreheads, looking towards your navels and now together, arms, legs, up, open together. Reach and hold two counts. And then come back in and up. One, open to reach hold. I want you to lower down here and really get those legs and squeeze. Good.

And then and so get those legs long. Inhale up. Exhale, open. Inhale, reach. Hold little more curl. Put a little weight over here and come back in. Let's reverse that and reach straight out. Hold one, two, open lift ticket, Ben. Two more. Reaching out. One Hole, two, three, four, five and six. Last one. And stretch. Can you curl up a little bit? Open up together. Add, bend. All right. Ready for your teasers to take your strap. Someone hand, you're going to drop a spring and you should probably pivot back a little bit and you should be up in a teaser so your feet aren't actually down ideally, right?

And the in a real professional way, we'll get there. All right, you're going to pull into this space. That's what you're trying to do when you're coming off of, they're so nice and easy to roll up, just like you do on the mat. This is your roll up, but now you're up in a teaser. Your legs are up with you now slowly lower their arms to the top of the hips.

You're not going. All right, go down. So now you're gonna s don't follow her. It's okay. That's a good warm up. Alright. So this time we are going to come up and stay up ready and curl up and now hold good. And I keep the little legs still as the arms lift and lower. Three times one, two keep the chest opens. Easy to curl into your chest. Three, go ahead and bring herself down.

Arrest. We're gonna add a little circles here, here. And to come back up, you're going to keep stay up in your teaser position. And up we go. Hold your refer can go up open three times. One, don't go too big with it. Stay in control. Three, you're going to come back up and then you're going to bring it down. Very nice. Now we're reversing those circles. As you come back up, you hold. These are more challenging cause gravity's different. You got to give it a little breath here. You'll have to exhale to, to get those shoulders working and then come back down. Okay? Because it's a hard floor.

I would heavy take your handles and step off and then you can drop the straps behind you into the well or lower them down. And then you're gonna flip your box and add a spring, so you'll go to two springs. You'll grab your pad and your pole because now you're going into a short box series bed, so your feet go underneath the straps, hip width apart, flex. You want to make sure you have a hands with turn the back, but that your feet are secure in the straps because that's what's holding you. Go ahead, give yourselves hugs. Let's do it this way. Let's put one hand on top of the other real, a little bit below the belly button or anything on top around into a c, so you're in front of your hips, but your back is rounded and then you're going to start to go back.

When you get halfway back, a little bit lower, right about there. I want you to deepen that by trying to pull it and scoop really deep scoop and then brewing herself forward again. You can inhale as you're going backwards. That's it. It's right here. I want you to find that. There it is and I'll come back in forward. It's easy to go back and forth and forget those muscles.

You can always improve them and pull in. Let's go a little higher with your hands for you, okay? One more time. If you want at a stretch here by letting your head go back, you can open up your chest. It feels really good, but when you come up, you've got to use those muscles. So pull in chin, curls your chest and scoop around. Very good. Both of you. All right, take your bars. Tendency on those is to kind of slide forward so you might have to move back a bit. That's what the pats force to keep you from sliding. All right, so your tall bags are long. Shoulders are relaxed, elbows relax, squeeze your seat and now you'll hinge keeping your feet flex, cause that's what's keeping you secured, right? Your income forward. Once you're just lightly in front of the hips, you're going to grow taller and then you're relaxed and you're gonna go tall.

Let's do three. Both of you even out your weight. Makes sure I'm bell. Good job. I didn't even have to tell her where lift and stretch. You're a little over here. There you go. Yeah, I had my on hers and I think that we're sorry. Lower your arms or reach for your toes. Good. And then you're going to round back up. If you felt like you slipped forward, it looks like you might've, you know, scooch back. Okay. You're tall, you're into some side bends.

Lean over your hips and you're going to bed until this side. Now you see how long that pole is? If I were to take that pole, you keep going. It should be right back here. Like your spine is really long. You want to keep the spine long. So pull in here though. There you go. And then come back up.

So there's no art Chenier back. Good. The chest is open. Walmart, each side. All right, lift. Let me see those sides. Length. And as you come back up and rest, lower your arms. Give them a break and let's go to twist. Okay, so arms up. Legs are not locked. They're there just to help catch you, but they're not locked. Squeezing your seats, staying tall, twist to the right ribs together and now hinge good.

Bring herself back up. Keep your chest open and then relax. And then grow tall. And now turn hinge a little taller here. There we go. Not with now. Where your lower back. That's it's right here. And center and turn and hinge.

Good and lift. Get that lower back to scoop and center. One more turn. Soft lakes powerhouse and center. All right, put those bars underneath your legs. Grab a leg. Either one is fine. Hold your thigh and stretch that leg. Three times two, three. You're going to walk up your legs. You'll have to square yourself off.

I always do. Anyway. Round your back. Shoulders are down and you're going to take your leg back so your left foot. If you have your right leg up, it's flexed or walked down just to a tabletop position. You don't want to go lower than the box and then come back up. Do you feel like you have enough support behind you? If not, move forward.

You want your back to be supported and [inaudible]. Then round at a rock. And now this one, if you felt like it, you could go back, open up your chest. If not, you stay where you are and curls yourselves back up. And then you're going to lift and stretch. If it's too hard, like if it gets where your leg is really working, I want you to bend those knees a little bit so your Atkins can stretch and round. Some of us have more flexibility than others. Some of us were born with it, walked down, some of us have to work at it, right and then come back up. But it still does it mean either can stop working really left.

Let's get this hip forward a little bit now. Grow Tall, shoulders and lift that leg. Good. And now flex and 0.3 times one. Really flex two way back there and reach for your toes and rest. All right, get yourself situated. Make sure you're centered. Grab the next leg sitting tall. You're going to stretch three times. Good, nice and open. And one, two tall. That's it.

Three walk up your legs. One side is always a little tighter than the other. Drop Your Chin and back. So what I want to make sure here walked out is that you get that support underneath your back. So pull those navels in. Good. And then walk up. If you need to bend your knees, do so really work on your back getting tall. Yeah.

And your head should be here the whole time when you're moving shoulders now cause you've got that range right. And right here, I want you to curl up and hold. And Adrian, you can keep moving. Hold that. Fill this up more. Especially this side. Yes. And then come back up and stretch and let's do one more Marta and go back. So get that hip support. When you go back, you're missing that you hit a flexing point if you're up already flexible. If not, you're with Marta, you're curling up.

And then once she's up, she's got a hole. She can try to lift that leg more. Good. She squared her hips off and flex two, three and stretch. All right, you're going to get rid of your box. Get rid of your poles and your pads. Actually. Sorry. No, keep your pets. But get rid of everything else. You're going to stay on two springs and then I want you to lift your head rests up because I'm going to have you go into a long stretch. Good. So the bars up hand, foot, hand, foot, try to go right into a long stretch position.

Start moving out and squeeze in here and open your chest. Mark. I want a little more lift in those ribs too, and long, long spine. So if I put a long straight bar here, she should keep her whole back. Should be straight Walmart time. Use your seat. Get those ribs left lower to your knees. Go into it down, stretch through your feet are against the shoulder pads. Breathing in. Exhale your limbering. Inhale, tumor back. Exhale, open. Open the chest wall more time.

Ring out those toxins. Really inhale. Then bring it out. Exhale and up to your toes for an abstract. So you're standing, you're in a nice, see Erin, a push out with your hips. Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. And then lower. Open the chest. Come in and around, back up and out to get those legs to really push you back those hips. Good. And open up your chest and Walmart time. Lift up in here and open and in. Very nice. All right, let's go to your elephants or onto a flat foot round your backs.

Really lift up in here and push-out and in five times. Keep your weight even on both feet for you, a little on your left, but otherwise it looks really good. Get a nice lift. Three here too. It's really easy to use their shoulders. Try to stay as soft as you can and get the ribs and up in those hips under a, let's stop there. You get a lower tier knees too. If your feet were for where you're going to move them back.

You're gonna go into your kneeling knee stretch series. I want to remove your pads cause you don't need those and you're going to get into your seeker. If God has their down, you're got a nice scoop going and now you're ready to push out and curl in. Two, three, eight times four. Shoulders are relaxed. Heads are down, five, six, transitioning and just them. All of the keep going and once you're there, you're gonna stretch out. Keeping the heads up. Three, eight of these open, four, five, two you're continuing opening. No noise as you come in. Five, six, seven, one more round. Knees off, push out and shift back a little bit. Aging two, three mar to get up here, left three. Lower those knees though for where's your scoop? Good. Five.

So you've got a really good scoop in that upper back in those hips are really digging under, trying to do 10 do what you can though. That's it. These are hard and rest, especially if you go one, two, one, two, one, so round arch, knees off. All right, let's have you step off at a spring. Now you're going to walk for a 10 run for 10 so you're on your toes theory to extend out the whole day out and just started walking. Ted counts to three now your ribs are out good. They're now, they're down five, six, great about these positions and you can really see as an instructor the body really kind of gives itself away. Six, I don't know where you are.

Have you done 10 okay, then run without trying. Try not to move the carriage while your run. Good. Run a slippery floor and come on in. All right, so at this point I'd like to get our jumping boards and which means you're going to need to grab those but first drop to two springs and then yes you can lower your bars and we're going to grab some boards here and I'm going to grab them for you if you want. I'll hand each of you have jumped board. Yeah and they just basically slipped right into a little slot here. I'll do yours just for demonstration and then I'm going to have you both lie down so you're on true springs or headrest is up.

Okay. And we're just going to start just with a few extensions just like you would for footwork. Just to kind of get a feel of this rank. Now really, really important come back in is to get your feet to stay above your knees. You don't want your feet to go below those knees and stretch. Good and in at Walmart. Just stretch and in. So now you just kind of get, get the feeling of the junk. Go ahead and spring out as slowly down. Once you start to get the feeling of how the spring works.

I forgot what my slide a little bit here and I forgot about that. That's okay. Stretch cause we're on a wood surface. Now let's put your heels together. Toes apart. So come and stay in. Turn her feet out like plotty stance. Okay, you're an ace can be a little open and now you're going to do 20 jumps through your little Gunna. Jump one out, two out, three land as soft as you can. And when you jump up mark, to keep those heels together, the feet are going out. They stay heel together. Aha. Soft landing and lower four and six and seven and keep your back, splat and nine 10, 10 your heels are not together. Eight oh there they are.

Seven six, five, four, three as quiet as you can too. Don't look as Diane. Good. Gets the heart going, doesn't it? Yeah. All right, so now you want it so badly to do it. Feet apart. You can go into a second position. Okay, so you're going to spring out and you're going to land as soft as you can. It's not always easy. Then the decile kind of move a little bit. Okay, let's just do 10 you're going to jump get as long as you can remember those back to three pole up. Four, soften your shoulders. Six, seven, eight, nine, add, rest. Good.

Those are good. Both of you did really good. You have a tendency to go really big, which is a dancing thing. All right, let's bring your feet together. Heels together, toes apart, and just not a jump. Just stretch, hold, get a nice wrap. Get a nice lift and bend. Your heels can lift when you come in. Good and stretch and in, and then you'll do one more and stretch and in.

Now at this point I'm going to have you both step off. We're going to grab your mats to finish up with a little rolling too, just to kind of get those spines nice and limber and you'll just put them exactly like the reformer is side by side. Really though, wherever you are, you put it where however works for you. Okay. So now that you have your meds, I'll have you step forward you a little bit more cause you're gonna need a room behind you to roll. You're going to, I'm going to have you do six rolling like a ball, six open like rocker and six seals. Okay. And for you Marta, I'm heavy. Do three open like rocker and three holding your toes. But I'll remind you. So let's just begin by sitting down.

They've just come from rear reformer and you're going to cool down and limber up those spines by rolling. So you're going to get into rolling like a ball position. Make it as tight as you can by scooping shoulders are down and began to roll and all the way up one, try to get way back there but not onto your head to add, no hop around. Three breathing through. These all the way up four or to put your head between your knees. Five. Oh, there we go. Walmart.

And now take those legs into an open leg. Rock curve position. If you want to move back, you can't. And now chins down and roll forward. Hold and try to stretch those backs in, back forward all the way up and stretch. That's it. And back and, and stretch. And you're going to keep going, but you're going to grab your toes, Marta, and roll back.

And careful not to roll into those heads all the way up. Find those toes and stretch two and pack all the way up and lift. Good. Getting the hang of that one more time. Forward and left. And now bend your knees into your seals. Grab the inside of the ankles, drop your head six times clapping. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three up and one, two, three round. That's, I love these. And one, two, three, back. One, two, three, up.

Get Out of your toes, Marta. Nice, soft feet. All it. Follow the spines. Two more. Inhale. Exhale. If you're able to on the last one, I'd like you to come to a standing position, not using those arms or you'll cross your legs if not just stand and all the way up. Go ahead. Heels together, toes apart. Nice deep breath in. Tickle each other. XL, grow tall. Shake yourselves out. You guys did great. Good job.


I enjoyed this class but I would have loved it if we were reminded more about our breathing, like breathe in on this part out on this part. I tend to forget to do it unlike I'm coached! otherwise I enjoyed it very much.
Loved this class! My first time watching one of Adrianne's classes. I really enjoyed the pace of the class and your teaching style. I appreciated your technique reminders in each movement, and the confidence you gave to the students to challenge themselves during the session!! I will definitely be looking for more of your classes to move and learn from!
Awesome! Adrianne taught me many years ago to inhale when springs are out & exhale when they are closed. I still pay attention to springs!
La Mesa misses you ??
Always enjoy Adrianne's teaching. So clear, calm and knowledgeable.
Awesome Adrianne!
Thank you all for the comments. Jo Anne! So great to hear from you and see you are keeping up your practice! Let me know how you are! Karen thanks for the input about breathing, that does help to know when to breath, but the truth is there is no specific breathing on this exercise. Jo would say "Just breath!", however I always find it helpful to be reminded and will do so more in my next class.
Loved it! Feel very balanced now- thank you!
Thank you for watching and enjoying!
Great class. Thank you
you are one of my 5 favorites here. Thank you for the great class, no need to "watch it" I can cue of your cues, which I love ~ thank you 
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