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Mat Workout

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You will get a burst of energy from this flowing Mat workout with Adrianne Crawford. She teaches an intermediate class, adding in advanced exercises so you can begin to progress your practice. She also includes an arm series with Hand Weights to work on posture and upper body strength.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights


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So, hi, I'm Adrian and I'm going to be teaching Marta a mat today. We have some arm weights. They're just two pound weights. I usually don't like to get higher than that because it really isn't about how heavy the weights are. It's just more about the resistance and posture and the posture exercises primarily. Um, yeah. So let's begin. We're going to do probably more of a intermediate to some advanced. Okay.

So I'm going to have her step onto her mat. Good. She's going to stand in front, cross her legs, and carefully lower herself down gracefully. And then I'll have her lie all the way down on her back. Let's just have you moved down towards your feet just a little bit. On this particular mat. She has a bar and if you'd like, Marty could reach back for that bar. And if you're a little bit further down, you can get a nice stretch. Good. Just getting your chest to open, get your legs long, you're gonna end up taking your arms off up.

Take a nice deep breath in and lower your arms down and just start imprinting your spine. Go ahead. They imprint is your powerhouse pulling into the mat, lifting up so that navels deep, you really getting a flat tummy. You're also wrapping the inner and outer thighs. Let's do another stretch. You can reach back. Good. Whatever feels good. I like to let my back archabbot opening up the chest.

She's flexing your feet. It was kind of loosening up, getting mentally into a zone. K arbs come up. Deep breath in and all the way down. Now since we're doing more of an intermediate to advanced exercise, uh, Matt, I'm going to have her go directly into her hundreds. So from this position, she's going to reach those arms forward, stretch her legs out, curl up and legs will lift with her and now she can begin. Now you notice how low her legs are. That's pretty advanced. So you want to make sure that you have like deepening in that powerhouse that there is no gap in the back. If that's too challenging, feel free to lift your legs. Now she's doing really good, but I do see a slight arch, so I'm going to l yeah, good. Keep going though.

Breathing in, going into a a hundred she should be doing the counting at this level. You should count yourself all help, but you know the count. That's it. Now I've lost you a little bit in that lower back. So lift your legs a little higher there. I had hold two, four, five, three, four, five, eight, four. Can you curl into it can get those arms a little higher than your hips? Yeah, it makes a deep or abdominal work of those arms a little bit higher than your hips. Two, three, four, five and she's done. Okay.

Very nice. All right. You're going to take your arms up in a roll up quickly. Up over. Stretch down. Now you're gonna make the next one. Much more graceful. No hunch on that app, right? Keep your arms shoulder high. Don't let them go lower right there. I went through it. Arms a little higher. So as you go to curl backdoor, let your arms drop lower than your shoulders right here. Scoop it. That's it.

That's it. Same with coming up to let the arms go lower than your shoulders. You're always in this like nice window. You can keep going. Go ahead. And two more. Pulling in deep tummy muscles, feed and ankles are soft and last one and up. Pull in and show stretch. I want you to hold that. Flex your feet and just grab your feet and stretch out as you stretch forward.

Get those ribs did pull back and get a nice kind of curliness hips. Squeeze your bottoms and then let's have you lie down and take your leg up into a circle. I want some big circles here. Keep those hips still down, around and up. Don't let either hips move. There's a lot of rock and rolling going on. That's it. Control it up. Three, make that accent up and up. Reverse it five times. Now your right hips moving. Don't let it one and up. That's it. Gain that control. Three, four, flat back and do one more just because I didn't like the last one.

Switch legs and circle. Same here. You want to keep your back from moving around. You want to keep that deep flat spine three. So you've got your imprint going on while that leg is, move it around four and one that wasn't four, that was five to keep that right side down. I can see it wanting to left. Three you can feel it for. So both hips are still and enough.

I'm going to have her sit up. Legs are straight. Lift your hips, sit at your heels and roll it out five times and do anywhere from five to six or you can even do eight if you wanted to, but we're going to do five, three. Now I want you to really get in there. So in other words, you're here. Shoulders are now in. You're not gonna let your knees come off your ears as you come up. So ready? Go back. Nice. Damn it. Oh, so close. Two more back. Oh, all the way up. Very good. That's it. One more time. Back all the way up and lower your feet.

Move yourself back. Right leg in, right into a single leg. Stretch position and switch legs, which arms one and two. Let's keep the energy in it. Three. [inaudible] deliberate moves. You're really keeping that energy up. Four, chest open, five, five, six, six, seven, seven. Pooling in ache, your chest open, nine, nine, 10 times 10 and double leg, arms or legs. Go Up. Big Breath in. Long breath out, stretch. These are great stretches. See her sides.

We want to get them to stretch. So as your legs are reaching, your arms are reaching. You're opening up the sides. Three actually I lost. Count for five. Do two more. One more. And walk up and scissor. No, she did a little alert shop. I don't want to, I don't want you to do that. Stay. So as you transition from one exercise, the other, there isn't this big move. You want to make it very graceful. And Paul's Paul Paul's puzzle.

Really move those legs and breathing. So keep going. But it's a two deep breath in. So it's a long breath in for two legs. Long breath out for two legs. So two good Walmart right left and bend your knees. Take your hands behind your head, take your legs back up. Lower lift. So true in more advanced, you wouldn't bend the knees.

You would just continue on to weight on that right hip. Three four. I'm going to bring your elbows in and I want to curl you up. Shoulders now, open up your chest. Now you [inaudible] you could go down, tap the Mat with the heels and come back up. But don't lose your back. Pull in to keep your sternum up. Three Ben and Chris. Cross one leg out. Go for 10 of these. One, two, two, three and I'm going to help her get a nice stretch. So hold. So she wants to look back and open up that site. It feels so good.

It's hard to get on your own though. Good and stretch. Good. And Walmart pulling in and up to a saw or not saw spine sprint. So legs are long and deep breath in. Down you go. Head goes between the hands, arms and come back up.

And she's going to do that again. So right here she could go way down there, but the part she's missing is here. She needs to pull this backwards but stay down. Good. And then come back up. So your hips pull back as you go forward. It's not easy. That's where you're getting that stretch spine stretch. That's why we call it spine stretch a tumor.

That's it. Feels really good. Grab your arches. Once you're down there and hold that stretch, now you can see how she's kind of flat here. I want her to pull that back. Yup. She has to squeeze her seat and keep pulling back in through here. Keep going down. Put your head down. She's got that flexibility now. Scoop good and all the way up. All right, you're going to move forward so you can roll again.

You're going to go into your open like rockers, like they're up and back. The higher you hold on the legs, the more challenging it is and now don't let those like go to white soft toes and back all the way up. Since you round listen stretches and around curl up and so we want to see the lift here. Good and around back. Soft toes around up. Oh boy. She got out of her toes. Everything changed.

Lift yet actually use that powerhouse one more time and around back all the way up. She took the energy and put it elsewhere. Changes. Good. Close your feet. Lie Down. So your walk down your legs into a corkscrew position. So legs are up, hands are down. You're going to circle around, around. Keep your chest open. Center and around, around and center. So keeping that flow going. Good. Now I want you to go lower with those legs as low as you can without losing that flat back and around. Now we're going to add a jack knife.

You're going to circle around and you're going to lift up and control it down and towards me. Chest open and lift up and calm down and around. You can go as high as you want to help support you. Still hold. Now if I let go, could you hold that? You want to keep the reach going from your seat and I'll come back down. And one more time.

I want to try not to support you too much then a little bit there. Okay. And come back down. So just go as high as you're able to control it on your own, right? You want to never feel this in your next. You don't want your head lifting or shoulders popping up. Let's go ahead and sit up for your saw so your back, your legs are apart and you're going to keep them. Flex arms are open and you're going to turn, reach and stretch.

Flex, flex, flex and come back up as you go to stretch. Don't let those hips follow you up. Center and twist, reach. Good. Hold that here too is that same kind of deepen and you want to scoop into here we really pulling in and come back up and turn and stretch up and center. I'm going to have her turn over to her stomach. There are some bars there. You're going to grab those bars. Probably move a little. Yeah.

Well now let's have you move forward a little bit. Okay. Drop your head and what she's going to do is rise up off her chest. Good. Going into a neck roll. She's gonna turn her head to the right. Circle her head down around to the left and center. Keep your ridge lifting as you're moving. Now.

Head down around to the right center and come down arrest. Now move a little bit more forward. Good. And now she's going to rise back up and hold. Good, good, nice and open. Scooped. Good. Now do the same neck roll. So there's ribs. Stay up as she's circling and her shoulder stays still very good and I can come back down. Good. Come up onto your elbows.

Make a fist with each hand. Keep those ribs up and chest. Open. Neck is long and she's going to take her right heel and kick two times. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. Keeping that scoop. And one more right. One more left. Lie All the way down with both hands behind your back. Turning her head right cheek, her left cheek. She's got her right cheek down.

Three kicks, one, two, three. Double leg stretcher in a stretch back and quickly switch Ang. One, two, three, stretch and switch. One, two, three, stretch. So as she comes back down, those elbows, gotta drop and one, two, three. Hold that stretch. I want you to hold that. I don't want you to crunch your neck. So yeah, your head can go lift, but keep your neck long. Good. And that's enough. I'm going to have a rest.

She's going to sit back on her heels and stretch that out and then I'll have her flip over to her back. Going into your neck pole. So you're live flab. So, so far we've been pretty many a intermediate good intermediate. Matt and I are gonna curl up. I think our Ya, you didn't come up. I want a little support for the first one and then sit up tall and gotta get motivated and pull and this, it always feels hard the first one or two and then it starts to loosen that cause she's been on her stomach so it's gonna feel like it's gotten tighter.

Your backs that you want to lose. That's why we come to the neck, pull after the stomach to kind of loosen your backup. Kay. Now no momentum. Do that again. Ready? I've got you now so you don't have to. Yes. Good. And do that again. Last one. Hey, since scoop in, he has humbling exercise learnt, they end up, all right, now you've moved back. So let's move you forward and then I am gonna have you lie back onto your back and do a little jackknife. Okay, so your chest is open. Good hazard at your side. You're going to start with your knees into your chest.

They're not going to be super big ones right now. I just want you to do maybe three or four vertebraes off the mat. So you're going to start with your leg straight up. That's it. Be Very conscious of your next year. We don't want this happening. You want to keep your next long and her chest open.

She's going to go back so her legs follow her. Her hips lift. Don't Jackknife. Let yet just roll those legs back and then come down. So shoulders down, chest expansion. You're in a roll back. Lift your bottom. Now do a little kickup. Not Big. Not that's too big.

Smaller shower. Smaller. Good. All right, so I'm going to get other way, little and rural chest and I'll go here with the feet. AAHA control it and get out of your toes. That will help you soft. No momentum. That's it. Now you're starting to feel your abdominals working here, right? Keep them controlled. Don't go too fast.

Especially if you're just learning these. You really want to stay in control of it. Okay? And now I want you to try to add a little more kick and I'll help you so you can go back and in a little kick up and Control Adele. So let your toes drop towards your nose as you come down. Do that wall more time back lift. So that's it. So if I let go, she's got the control. All right, let's have you go ahead and sit up and saw again. So legs are apart.

Turn and just hold your stretch. And we did this, but it just feels really good. Yeah, exactly. So sit on that right hip. If you gone to the left, keep that right from following. Go a little bit further in your sauce or your debt. Go a little further. Pull that left hip back, right hip, back and up in center and turn. Stretch. Now sit more on your left hip. There you go.

Up and center. So just one time, now it's heavy. Lie On your side and do some side kicks. To quickly get into position. I'm going to slide the moon box forward so her feet can be on, their chest is open. Take your hand behind your head. Good. You're open. The ribs are in the powerhouses engaged. Kick, kick forward.

Going to do eight one and kick, kick two. And kick kicks. I want to come over cause she was falling back a little bit. I want to shift your hips hip on top of hip, shoulder on top of her shoulder. There we go. Kick, kick, kick your nose. Way Up there. That's a long and kick kick long one more.

And now you're going to take that same leg on top of the other and lift it up and stretch and lift. And as you stretch, pull up. So you're pulling up and staying along and that back. So where's your chest? There it is. That's it. So we don't want to hunch three four. I don't want you to hunch for long. Five six, two hour long, long legs, seven.

So I want to make that rightly grow longer and hold you keep the length and you circle five times. You can put this hand down. Two, three, four, five, reverse. Can You keep stretching that right leg and pulling up? Two, three, four, five and rest. Take your leg into a bicycle forward. That's fine. You're going to go as far back as you can not arching your back though. Good. She's got me now at your heel to try to touch your seat and then come forward.

And now like stretches. She can go back. She just starch. Fix your arch. There we go. Powerhouse. Good and touches the shoulder to stretch. One more. So three each way. Bed getting a stretch on the top of the thigh. These are hard not to take your back with you. So pull those hips back and a reverse. Go forward.

Need a shoulder need and knee stretch back long. Yes. And forward native shoulder scoop. Scoop, scoop. There we go. And stretched. All. Let this leg move and one more time. Front bed. She's smiling. She is okay and stretch and like on top of leg rest.

Good. Let's do this. You're going to do your hot potatoes, but before you do that, I'm going to move this box a little bit forward too. You have positioning and five times in front of foot, three, four, five. The accent is up behind your foot. Close with foot. Two, four, five up. Four. One, two, three, four up. Once it starts to get faster, four up. Three. One, two, three. Up. Quiet taps. Do three up. No noise. One, two, one, two. Up. One up. Stay with me. One up. Two. One more. Up and up and arrest. Keeping the chest open. Let's swing those legs back a bit. Doing a leg lift.

She's gonna keep both legs long. Hips on top of each other. She's already gone. She's way ahead of me and lift a little lower too as cause she heard the name of it so she knew what to do. Two, three. Once you know the, the order and the names of things, you can really make your mat move. Three and four on the fifth one. She's going to hold and clap. One to keep that tummy in for five and rest both feet on top of the box.

And because of her flexibility and it feels so good for even if you're not as flexible as some, you're going to go into ground rod. Now Shawn's here and take that leg forward up. Now as you go backwards, you have to adjust your hip and kind of push it forward so that your hip doesn't fall back. And she's going to do three each way. So right here, get your tummy in though is cause your movie. You want to keep that naval tight, those ribs together and Walmart forward up, chest open. She can hold on a little bit. That's fine. And reversing back. So here she has to get that hip forward. It's falling back, right hip forward. Yes. There you go. And then it lowers the leg lowers and come back.

So as you go back, that hip falls back. So right as she brings it up, has to push that right hip forward again. Wide Mark Up. So right there, hip forward. Good job and that's enough. I'm going to have her do some transition beats. So onto your stomach. Palm on top of palm, forehead, head on her hands. Legs are long and reaching. And then they lift two, three 20 counts for six smaller, seven eight, nine, 10 and now ten nine, eight, seven, six, five. Keep those legs long. Three, two and one. All right, she's going to turn to the other side which will give you at home a view of her the other way her back, which is actually kind of good to see the positions. All right, so you want to stay really square shoulder on top of shoulder, hip on top of hip or hand is behind the head.

Her next day is long and her chest stays open. Kick, kick forward and back. So nothing should be changing as that leg is moving. Lot of tendencies the bottom to go with you want to keep that bottom with right hip on top of hand. Hip visit my vocabulary here. Kick, kick and stretch. Kick, kick. So here to the accents, kick, kick stretches. Powerful, good. Walmart and now hip on top of hip. Still leg goes up. It's you're reaching lift, she's staying open in her chest. That's good.

Her hips are staying pretty good squared. As the leg goes up, the hip kind of falls back. That's going to happen. But you want to adjust as you're coming down to get those hips squared off again. Two more. It's easy to forget the navel here. Keep lifting one more. And now into your circles, you can put your hand down. Three, four, chest open five every reverse. One, two. So your spine stays long while you're moving and rest into your bicycles.

So you do want a little support with your hand and Alec goes forward three each way and stretch. Now you just arch there. Oh, she fixed it. Yeah. Good. So as your light goes back, you're, you're gonna want to go like this. Well we want to pull it stretch back without arching last one. So go back there. You can reach, there's your stretch. Very nice. Now reverse. Go back, pull it and need a knee, shoulder and stretch. So we can all be challenged.

No matter how flexible or strong we might be or think we are and stretch good. Rest the leg. I'm going to move this box forward. She's getting ready for her hot potato. So you do want a little support with your arm, but you don't want to carry yourself there. Actually, I think did we do the leg lifts first? Those were after. Okay, taking that left leg, she was going to tap her heel right in front of the other foot. Five times four, five at accent. Is that now five behind two good. She corrected her upper body and now four. One, two, three, four up.

It starts to get quick. Two up. Three. One, two, three. Up Your hips falling. One, two, three. Up. Chest. One, two, up. One, two. Up. What up? What up? Find the tap. One up. One up and rest. All right. Now she's going to swing your legs back for leg lifts. So she's going to start with the legs almost lined with her body, but you could do that more forward or back depending on how challenging you want to make it. Lift and lower. Three, four.

Now hold the lift on five and clap too. Tell me up for fad and rest both legs on top of the box again, going to that garage. [inaudible] so Marta, I feel like your um, upper body needs to move forward a little bit. You're kind of hanging on the edge there. Yeah. Good. And you can kind of feel the mat behind you to make sure that your shoulders aren't falling off the back where your hips, you want to keep your hips and shoulders line with the edge of that mat. Take your leg forward. Try to touch your ear here. Hips.

Stay on top of your hips and your back. Don't arch it so you shouldn't really fall forward. Upper body should stay placed. That's it. I want to grab her hair. I don't want to get a long back. Where's your chest as well? There you are. That's what I want to see. Okay, one more time. Forward up.

It's really easy to kind of hunch on these better. And I reverse three times hip and keep lifting. Keep lifting. Touch your ear and don't let your bottom fall forward and back long. Good. Where's your chest? There you are.

Lift and forward at Walmart. Time, back and lift. Gonna try and touch your ear and lower. Very nice. I'm gonna have her lie back onto her. Her back. She'd done a lot with the legs now. Now she's going to get back into that powerhouse positioning into her teaser heavy d teaser one. So actually yet you felt it correctly.

So she aligned herself. And that's the thing is once you lined down, you want to kind of feel where you are. All right, so let's start with your knees into your chest. [inaudible] and you're gonna take those legs up. Your arms can go behind you. You're gonna lower the legs to 45 degrees and then you are ready to curl up. You're going to try to keep those legs from moving. You're going to lift your back, your spine, reach for the sky and a lie back down. Not letting those legs go and cover right back up. Let's keep it going forward.

Lift, stretch. And now you're going to hold lower. Just the legs. Try to stretch those legs at one, two, three and everything can go down together. No momentum. Curl off, mad. So there was a little momentum going on there. We want to really stay in control of our moves. So easy to do, especially the quicker you go and Dow. And two more that there's a little momentum.

You might've seen it in her head. So take your arms up first. Now Your Chin like a roll up. Start like a roll. Okay, go back down. Okay. Arms at first. Okay. Get Out of those elbows and fill this up kind of. Yeah, I'll start to lift. Lift your legs. You got it. Legs up, up. Don't lower your arms cause that's gonna throw you off arms and go back down.

So now just everything up. That's better left. She's been working hard today. Walmart are feeling it. Last one together. That's it. There we go. How to warm up to it a little bit and then come back down. Rest. Keep your knees into your chest and it just kind of rock side to side.

Okay. And let's go ahead and stretch your legs out. Long. Good. Hold. Roll those shoulders back. Now Bend your knees again, but keep your feet on the mat and I want your feet together. Knees together. I want you to just go with, let your arms move out to the side, but you're going to tick tocks or your DA's would go one way. You could look the other way. Keep your chest open, pull those ribs down, which you missed, especially as you come down here and protect your back.

So get those ribs to drop and then hang out there for a second. Enjoy your stretch. That's it. There we go. [inaudible] let everything kind of relax. I'm gonna have you sit up and go into your seal. So head underneath ankle, head down.

We're going to do kind of a combination seal here. You're going to clap. One, two, three back and do six normal seals. One, two, three back. I threw her off. What kind of surprise about, I throw it out to three back. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Up. Get a hold of your toes and one, two, three back. Feel it in pull and good. Two more and pull in. Good with your toes. Last one.

And now you're going to stay up. Take your hands out, reach your arms forward and like stomach massage. You're going to stretch the legs, bend the knees, stretch legs. Then the knees, three to three, you can stay rounded. Four shoulders down, five hold, stretch and lie back down. Bend your knees back into your chest. Stretch. Good. I'm gonna have you stand your take your arm weights.

You can do a quick little arm weight exercise. Um, and you're going to stand on the floor to do these. You are like, you're on a comfortable level so that the mat might not be as stable. So heels together, toes apart, and weight towards your toes. She's going to start with her arms at 90 degrees. Go ahead. Sometimes it's really good to see this from the side. So I might turn you in a moment, but keep your chest open.

Go ahead and let's get in here. So your shoulders slightly in front of your hips, really tall. So it's almost like you feel like you're, you're leaning forward a little bit. Good. And then as those years are really heavy weights, you're gonna push out and she's going to squeeze and grow taller posture. It's about your posture really. It is too.

And getting that lift up. Three just five times before Romana used to come over to us. She push out and squeeze. She'd make us pull it in and that's not the open arms to the side and push it out. Squeeze. Feel those muscles working. Push away. Pull your navels and zip up those legs. Long thighs, so you're really lifting. Yes, these are great. At Nah for Walmart, add five.

Bring your arms in, lower your arms to the side and you do little bicep curls. So the elbow state glued to the ribs as they curl up, zip up those legs. Good. Shoulders back. There we go. Three just again, five times four and five, nine and take your arms back up to 90 degrees in turn facing the ocean. Or you can turn it out of the way, but face that direction. Yeah. Now, same thing you just did, but now I'd like them to see it from the side. So shoulders are slightly in front of the hips. Chest is open.

Roll the shoulders back. Go ahead and push out. So remember you're resisting like there's some thick air you have to push away and then you have to schoolies the back end three and I'm going to adjust her a little bit. Four and lifting. Okay, now she's going to take her arms out to the side. She'll start with the bent. Good, good.

You're tall and you're going to push and squeeze. Grow Taller. Go ahead and push and schoolies keep those ties really long. Really lengthening three, four, last one and bring those elbows back in. Lower them down. Now let's have you go ahead and open up your feet. You're going to bend your knees, you're going into an arm stretch, and you're going to get into a table's top position.

So turn your feet in a little bit, bend those knees quite a bit. Now lower your back and your long through here. Now in glue, those elbows to the ribs are going to take one arm forward, one arm back. So simultaneously one arm reaches one arm. Stretch. It. Think of a skimming your ear as you go forward. Can you lower here? There we go. Halt. So here, she's really trying to Shtro match this way back here. Hold it.

She's really trying to stretch this way. So your opposing forces stretch, not shifting those ribs, not shifting those shoulders. That's it. Stretch. Now drop your head rest. Now get back into that same position, but this time let's bring those elbows up to the side. So your knuckles face each other like a bug. I'm going to have you lift your head mark. Go open up your chest. That's it. Now she's going to pull those elbows up and squeeze between the shoulders and lower. As she's doing that, she's staying lifted in her tummy to try to flatten her back a little bit more.

There we go. Three. So if you need to bend your knees, do so that for Walmart time up and now arms will drop. Head drops, she's going to round back up articulating. She can bring her feet together and talk. Go ahead and face forward. Back into that same starting position. Heels together, toes apart, weight towards your toes.

This is called your zip up. She's going to zip up to her chin, keeping her chest open. Good. Not Lifting the shoulders with her. And as she goes down, I want to see you grow taller so there's not this, but you're really lengthening too. So you should feel a trickle up. Your spot up that powerhouse three go ahead and rise to your toes at the same time. And now as you go down and go back to a flat foot balance exercise, lift [inaudible] eh lower. I want to come over cause I want you to fill this up and to our left and lower. Now we're going to add a step. You're going to go up and hold.

Take the arms up behind your head into a shaving position, lower back to a flat foot. Good. Lean a little bit forward. Ribs are together, bottom is tight, and you're gonna stretch out. Hey, you kind of have to adjust the weights here, which she did. Stretch and grow long. Three, two more. Four. One more. Hold open to a hug, out to the side. Way to still forward and together. Push away.

Remember about that resistance. Anywhere that you are moving those arms, you're always pushing away from something and pulling in. So like you hugging a big bear, that's it. Standing tall and now arms kind of rest cross, one foot in front of the other. Yeah, sorry. In more like a fourth position. And then she's going to go out with both hands, hold and then try to slide the right foot back in.

Lunges out and, and, and if you're a dancer, you're going to articulate your feet by pointing your toes at, even if you're not a dancer, you can, oh, so pointing that right foot and sliding back in tow ball, heels, what we call it. And talk one more time out and lift switch feet. Same thing. Left leg. And now how far out can you go? Okay.

And control it back and it becomes a little bit more challenging. [inaudible] so you can always challenge yourself in each exercise or modified it if you need it. Oh and last to grow tall. Don't forget your tummy. There we go. Add in both feet together. Heels together, toes apart, both arms, straight up. Deep breath in. Drop the arms. Exhale, lower your head. You're just going to round down to your toes. Go ahead and put those weights on the floor and start to articulate back up. Hips on top of your ankles, both hearts back up. One more stretch. Just like that up, Eh, lower weight forward.

Okay. And up and finish. Okay. We're all done. Nice job.


Two hard for a beginner I have lower back and osteoarthritis
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Love it! Great class!
Thank you, I love the flow, short, sweet, intense and fabulous cues!!
A really good intermediate class, adding in advanced!
So great to see Marte receive the tweaks to go from " very good "to "even better"...I have watched once through, am about to give it a try and hope I can do as well. Love Adrianna's cues and progressions.
Maria ~ Thank you for your forum post. This class is meant for more advanced practitioners. If you are looking for beginner classes, I recommend trying our Level 1 and 1/2 classes. I hope this helps!
Wonderful! A perfect short class! My whole body thanks you.
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Great, fast moving and clear. Very invigorating. One minor point: I would have liked to see the student's body more clearly - the baggy black trousers coupled with the black of Adrianne's clothes made it difficult to see clearly the precision of the movements.
Thank you all for your comments! Maria, I hope you found a more neutral class that works for your back, a level 1 or 1/2 would be more appropriate. Thanks for watching. Vanessa, I see what you are saying in regards to the black on black, we will have to contrast that better next time. Thanks all, glad you enjoyed the class!
Hi guys am sorry but I can no longer expect these videos I have just been told that I need I hope replacement will be going into surgery next week
Nice class. It's comforting to see that I'm not the only one who struggles through the teaser. :)
Loved the body of work! Hand weight series was great. I am reminded to add back the zipper and lunge in the series. How did those ever slip away??? So thank you Adrianne for bringing them back to my teaching 😍
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