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Reformer in Threes

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"You can do three of anything," is the theme for this Reformer workout with Meredith Rogers! She teaches creative progressions, doing three sets of each movement. She also includes exercises that will work on your stability, symmetry, and control. Have fun!
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Welcome to girl time. We are connected to a blue spring and we are standing in front of the reformer as you can see. And each other while we were actually butted. But, but that's, that's besides the point. Okay. So Chrissy, reach your arms down the sides of your legs. Everybody reach your arms down the sides of your legs and then take your arms out to the sides. Ah, that's right. Christy, go a little higher and reach up, up, up, up into the air, into the ceiling. And then from there we're going to dive forward. So lift up pike up over your foot bar and place your hands down onto the carriage. So from a very round place, start from the pelvis. So stick the tailbone out, stick your butt out, reach out, press the carriage forward. Elongate out through your spine. Inhale. And as you exhale round through the spine.

So push the feet down and think of pushing their thigh bones towards the foot bar. Rounding into that deep curvature of the spine. Anagen tailbone lifts. Reach out long. Find that Nice, elongated spine. Inhale and exhale, curl back in. So we're going to do three. Feel the hips moving forward, the spine rounding, and inhale to reach out, feeling a little length in the spine and exhale to curl back in. And then from there we're going to go both hands over to the left, wherever it makes sense to you as you repositioned your hands, keep the pelvis squared. And then same thing, we're going to reach out with the spine, but I want you to think about sending the spine towards the left. So you open up the right side of the body and exhale to curl. Looking down, looking inward, seeing the ribs draw up into the center of the spine.

Inhale to reach out and over. Do you mean like an arc or lean? [inaudible]? Both. So an arking lean. So let me say that differently as I'm going forward. I think first about going straight down and then as I find that long back, now I'm, maybe it's more of an arc, so thinking of lengthening both sides, but there is definitely a lean. I'm heavier on my left hand than I am on my right. Oh, that's interesting.

Then around. Cool. And then center. Let's just do one in center just to reset. So Elan Gate, pause there. Hold in Hilton, bend the elbows, pull the carriage towards the head, feel the shoulder blades dry down first and then straighten the arms. Inhale to bend the elbows.

And I'm thinking as my hands are or as that my elbows are bending of trying to pull my hands apart on the reformer and or [inaudible] and Ben last time and lengthen. Inhale and press the feet into the flirt round through the spine. Come all the way in and then left-hand to the right side of the reformer. Checking with the pelvis, make sure it's squared. Lift the tailbone up and then reach out. Find your flat back and then arc over towards the right, allowing the weight of the body to heavy up in the right side, the right arm.

Maybe it'll feel a little bit of extra work and the right lat as the left left stretches. Inhale, reach, ah, keep the abdominals working. The abdominals lightly engaged as we reach out and across and exhale, push the floor away. Curl and inhale to reach out. Press the floor away. Curl, come back through the center. One more time with arms round straight. Now elongate through the spine and bend India. And this time as you straighten your arms, we're gonna lift the chest a little.

So we go into a little bit of thoracic extension kind of soon in the class. And then flatten out as your elbows bent. And exhale, stretch and extend out and up through the spine. Drawing the abdominals in and return to a straight body. One more time. Reach out, extend through the spine, and then lift the spine in extension. Bring the carriage in by moving your arms underneath your shoulders and then around through this spine and roll all the way up.

Alright, so we're going to go into footwork and here's something that I've been playing with lately. So I'm going to choose to use three red springs. I don't want it to be too heavy. It's going to be a little lighter than I usually would work with. Um, and then we're going to come down onto our back. So I'm going to lift my head rest up because I want to be able to see, and then we're going to start with the heels on the bar. So we're going to do five presses out, just regular out presses.

So press looked down at your feet, see that they're parallels with one another, see that the ankles are in good alignment, and then pull yourself back in and then press out, exhale and, and press out feeling that the work happens starts from the back of the legs to last time. So now come all the way into the stop or hold the stopper. Articulate the spine up. So you're on the very lowest ribs. You're in a deeply rounded position in your spine and press out and pull in. Think abs on the way in hip extensors, backs of legs on the way out and in. Are you going all the way to st? I'm going all the way to straight. Yeah, but I'm also really trying to maintain that rounded spine. So maybe if that doesn't feel good on your back, you could stop a little sooner.

Last time pressing out and coming back. So now from that place, let the tailbone come back into neutral, but don't lay the body down, keep the pelvis just hovering off the reformer and press out and bend in. And what I've been thinking about is like how much this kind of highlights my asymmetries. I can feel them more when I'm floating last to reaching out and coming back, checking in with the shoulders. I just caught mine climbing up into my ears. So all the way into the stopper, then re round the spine and place it back down to the reformer. Move onto your toes. So we'll do the same thing in all of our foot positions.

So first keeping the body long, keeping the back down, press out and then reach out. I think just as much activity on the way in as on the way out, long arms all the time. Reaching and bending. I think this is five. I like to have you, Chrissy. You can be my counter hold here. I'll start now. Okay, so you're going to be Corolla. We'll do five Christie, thank you. Press out. It's a little harder to get to that straight leg position.

And maintain the curvature of the spine. Press out and bed, press owl and bend trying to stabilize through the feet and Ben, last time, pressing out. Bend in hold here. Neutralize the spine, but just let it float up off the reformer. Think of co-constructing the abdominals in the back extensors, so out in in five bring it all the way into touch. The stop or so come in all the ways is that little last interest so that provides its own challenge.

Less to but try to do that a lot. Ease so is hurt. I'm not making any noise. When we do that. Hold and roll the spine down. Bring your feet into a small v position with the heels a little bit in here. Exhale, press out and pull and stretch out.

Zipping the legs from the heels all the way up through the inner thighs, through the center of the body. Less to pulling in. Last one, pulling in hold here we're going to curl the spine again. Find that very bottom rib. Check in with equality of weight on both feet. As you reach squeeze, you'll feel a lot of work in your backside. I hope. Reach out. Squeeze.

I feel a rotation in my spine at so rotation in your spine. Hausa just one side has more weight on it and I'm trying to even my back one more. I think. So from there into neutral alignment of the pelvis, I definitely like my one stronger side but I don't feel it in my spine at all. I just have to stand a little bit heavier on one side. That's what helps me. So two more.

Yeah. And last time. Yeah. Coming all the way in. Touch the stopper, curl the body down, going wide on the heels next. So find a little bit of inner thigh work or a lot of inner thigh work.

Think of squeezing the legs towards one another as you stretch and pull in. Stretch out and come in with control. Sweet two and last one. So I'm thinking about as I'm pulling myself in of drawing my inner thighs and even deeper and then round the spine, get that nice scoop to position and press out and come in. Balancing the weight equally over the feet, squeezing through the inner thighs. Two more so just as a forewarning, um, for me the wider feet positions are a little bit harder to stabilize in that floating spine part. So just, and that's just my experience. It might be totally different for, for you.

Yeah. I feel my asymmetries highlighted even more here with my feet wide last too. I wonder why, I don't know. Can maybe you don't have as much like center of gravity balance. Yeah. And then round deeper to come down then last time on our toes.

So we stayed down for the first five and I just find it interesting as you go out and, and that like, I don't know, it's just so different when the legs are off the reformer, when the body's lifted off the reformer. [inaudible] but I'm still trying to remember what feels asymmetrical when I'm in the air and work on it when my body's down. And then from there, come into your curl. We'll press out, keep that flection, pull in, press out, keep your flection and [inaudible] in. Press Out Ben Den. We'll just do two more. Yeah. And last time. Okay.

And then for this last one, we'll extend the spine hover, come up a little higher in your hover [inaudible] just to change it a little bit again and press and bend and Press Sa last to keeping the shoulders saw. [inaudible] last one. And in re round the spine, curl the body down, come onto the center of the bar on the toes. We'll just stay down for the cavities and then that and prancing. So the all the way out, taking the hills all the way under an app. Full range of motion. Stretch, drag the heels down and lift and lift. Fill.

As the heels go down, the arms can reach down in that direction. The spine can lift oppositionally last for and three and two and one. So finding your lifted up onto your toe position. Ben. One knee, pull one heel down. We'll go slow for the first three so you have time to really milk that stretch. Last one slow.

And then five fast. So up, down to two, working both sides of the body. Two more quick and will two more slow up. Stretch, stretch, stretch, and then lift up and in all the way, turn to your side. Help yourself up. We'll go back to the same spring we started with back to the blue spring and then turn around to face the back. Take the headdress down. [inaudible] taking a hold of the straps with our hands. We'll hold just above the buckles on the ropes.

Yeah. And then lifting the spine tall from their breathing in. As we breathe out, we're gonna Tuck the tail under. Roll the spine back. So get past the pelvis all the way down to the lower back. Pause when you reach there. Inhale. Exhale, Roll Baca.

Lift the spine twice more. Inhale and rotate the pelvis under. Feel the shoulders are being held open here, there, broad rounding. Yeah, pause in here and roll. Bacca spring the shoulders over the pelvis and lift.

One more time. Exhale to round back what's going on, Christie? My hip flexors are tight today so I can't sit up straight and I have to backup roll. Okay, so if your hip flexes are tight, you do what Christie does and you back up. Now holding at the top, you're going to bend the arms which way to the back wide. Thank you. In a straighten your arms out to your sides and take your arms forward. Bend the elbows. Inhale, press out. Exhale, and for let that be a long XL. One more. Then inhale, press out, exhale and forward.

Now inhale and exhale to roll back. Pause and inhale. Exhale, lift the body a little bit as you flex the left hip and pull the left knee towards the body. Inhale to go down five times XL to Curlin leg two body and down. Exhale, curl in leg two, body last two times, drawing in deep, curling up and over your center last time. So we'll just pause there.

We'll roll up from the round position. Lifts the back, bending the elbows out to the side, straightening the arms out to the side, reach forward, round your spine, forward over your legs, and then roll back. Same process, repeating that process to the right side. Inhale and exhale, float and down and float. So it's as though the leg is not lifting from the leg, but it's lifting from deep within the abdominals. Deep from behind the belly button. We'll do two more and down. Last time, lift and down. Pause to inhale. Exhale to roll forward.

Bend the elbows, lift the spine, press out, take the arms forward. Inhale, keeping that spine long. Exhale round back. So now we're going to rotate the body to the left. We're going to do three lifts with just the body up and down, up feeling the rotation through the trunk last time and down in ask three with hip flection. So lifting the left way and lifting that left leg.

Bit of a sneak attack. Don't you? Yeah, you can do three of anything, Christie. That's my ball. That's my motto. If you could come to center hope center and roll up and center. If you hear me say three, you have to know that something else is coming after it until the next three. Bend your arm. How long have we known each other now?

Seriously. I know. Take the arms forward. Roll back. So now you know it's coming. You're, you should be very prepared. I'm ready. Rotate to the right side of the body and three lifts up and a, yeah, two and three. And on an inhale and now lift the right leg and lower that right leg down and lift the right leg and down. Here's our last time. There's nothing else coming.

Well there is more to kind of, no, no, nothing else, right? You're rolling all the way up. Let's stay round. Stretch one leg at a time or both at the same time and just take a stretch over your legs. Okay. And then back up a little bit. So you're more towards the back wheel. I just want us to have a little bit more spring tension.

So I've hooked my heels just at the edge of the Sh. The headdress look live on your legs are, Oh, do you want mine? Huh? No. Sit in a comfortable position with straight lanes. And inhale as you exhale, bend the left arm, let the right arm reach out in front of you. So the right arm won't have spring tension, but it's still active.

And then come back through center and then bend the right arm, reached the left arm out in front of you. So we do that seated rotation and central. We're going to do that three times and then there'll be a second set of three. Thank you. So you know, I appreciate the one. So spiraling up and over it is mind, body deal here and over reaching out through that straight arm last time like this.

So we have a high bend to elbow and now we're going to go an underhand bent elbow. So you're going to turn the left palm to face up. The right arm still reaches. It's just a different, uh, if it's a different feeling. And in that rotation, I believe with the lower arm. So poor find center, rotate, lift, twist and rotate. Lift, twist. And we'll just do one more to each side. Finding that nice long spine, getting a lot of spinal mobility here. This is it. Find Center. Reach forward.

Set the straps down, set yourself up for whatever spring you want to do hip work on. I'm going to do a red and a blue. We're going to come down onto our back. Okay, so placing the feed into the straps. I'm also trying to get into the habit of not putting the same foot in the strap every time. Hm. So whatever feels like it's not the right foot to go in first. Try that.

Start with the feet in the frog. Position the legs in the frog position. We're going to press out from there and bend in here. Pull more back with your body. Then you're creating a lot of push energy forward so that you can really tap into the external rotators of the hip and into the abdominals last to press and bend and press and Ben, but not quite as much. So create more of a long diamond shape. Lift the legs up. These are, as Christianne stole these off Christie.

So we're gonna feel from that long diamond shape. We're gonna rotate the knees out, suppress the legs away from whoever. I still love the thank you. Whoever taught us these exercises, rotating the hips to reach away and back. Last time, rotating the hips to reach away. We're going to pause at the bottom, so see if you can straighten your legs there without actually moving the reformers. You've got a deep and into that hip joint. Bend the knees, lift the legs up and again without moving the reformer.

Try to stretch the legs to straight. Oh yeah, I remember this class then. Oh, it's a hard one. Hips rotate down to reach out and then stretch. Pull back with your waist to give yourself space for that. Without moving the reformer bend and the lift.

Draw the abdominals down. Stretch the legs up. And Ben, last time, uh, rotate the hips. Depress out stretched legs straight. Bend the knees, lift the legs a stretch out again. Open the legs equidistant to one another. Reach down and together. Find a circle. Five. Inhale, tailbone stays down. Exhale, reach down and together. Play with keeping the feet flex. See if it feels any different. Pull down and together. Maybe you'll feel a little bit more power in it. I don't know.

Maybe you don't like it and you don't want to do it. That's fine as well. One more. Okay. And then let's point the feet at the bottom. Do our first two circles with pointed feet. Feeling the rotation, the hips, bringing the heels together at the top and then pressing from the backs of the legs to come down.

Open around enough and press this way is always interesting for me. I'm always trying to make my legs move at the exact same time cause I can see them up here. Well the, we just did three. We'll flex our feet for the last to reach around together. Touch and one more. I think everyone of us has a Mallaig that's a little bit quicker and a leg that's a little bit slower and it's interesting to watch that press down. We're gonna bend the right knee.

The left light's going to go straight out just to feel that you're separating your thighs for the most part equally and then press with the straight leg instead of the bent knee to come center. Inhale open and then press with the straight leg instead of the bent knee and India size stay. We can think about the staying on the same horizontal plane just happens to be that one leg is straight and one leg is bent two more like that. [inaudible] last one. Checking always in with this stabilization of the pelvis. Always end with the stabilization of the shoulders and then back together with the legs. Bend the knees into a frog position.

Flex the Fi exhale to press the legs forward. Point the feet in your fold all the way and have taken us into short spine. We're going to come into the stopper. Touch the stopper, articulate up onto the shoulders. From there, then the knees keep the feet above the eyes as you roll down through your spine. Attempt to keep the carriage still by dropping the thigh bones down towards the ribs. When you can't come down any lower without removing the reformer, then flex your feet and bring that whole shape down into hinge.

Take the legs out, straight point the fee, check in with your arms and shoulders. That's mostly acute for me. Just so you know. It's fun. Every the shoulder thing. Every time I catch myself without shoulder stabilization, I say those words, so no. Everyone knows. Bend the knees. I have to think about keeping the hamstrings here a little bit. Use like doing a hamstring curl to bend the knees. Yeah.

Or like I'm pushing up against something. Otherwise I dropped into my back. No, that's a good idea too. It's a thought more than action. Something. Okay, so a fold over. We use the back extensors a little bit, right to lift as we use our abdominals and then we press up to Ben, right? Kristy? Yeah, like right here. I like it. I like it. Again, it's pushing on me as I [inaudible]. I totally get it. I just had to try it for myself and see what it felt like. But I agree. I concur. Great Kia all the way through. We're going to take our feet out of the straps, take them down onto the bar.

Hang. This wraps up. I wonder. Let's just do I want to, I'm really wanting to do the semi-circle and I usually do it on a much lighter spring. Okay. Do you think we could do it on the spring? Just so don't get up and have to change sprang and we can do anything we want. I don't think so too. So let's get there. So let's drape the knees over the foot bar, push out with your arms, get a really nice strong arm position and then step up onto the bar with your feet. So Small v position with the feet, heels together.

Lift the hips up nice and high. What I like about the heavy spring is it's going to help us as we come in for that place where there's a good yes, this is especially for you in your tight hip flexors, my friend. Thank you. Roll down and me and my tight hip flexors roll down all the way. Get the nice articulation of the spine, drop the hips back, press out about three quarters of the way to straight. And then to tip the pelvis up, lift the pelvis up, keep the arms straight there.

So it's very easy to let the arms get a little lazy here. So come in in [inaudible] and let the springs help you stretch. And then round. It's almost the same feeling. Only stronger as what I was just talking about with the spine stretch.

I mean it's fine. Whatever that's called shortsighted or it's fine with the feet and the hamstrings arms and we're pushing up. Yeah, resisting it in [inaudible]. Yeah, let's roll down one more time. Just feel so good. And let's take it in reverse from here. So we're going to roll at lift the hips high, press out, roll the spine down, check in with your arms.

Do they still straight reach all the way down. Feel the springs on your hips and then bend and Rola three quarters of the way. Press out, roll down all the way. And then last time, all the way through reach. Ah, okay. Harasser, roll down, Bendin Rola, and then lift up nice and high and just come in as far as you can. Remove your hands from the shoulder blocks and reach forward for the foot bar and pull yourself forward. And at the same time push up. So Chris Holding the top of the foot bar, I can't reach.

So I hold the side of it and then press your heels down and then press your heels with your hips going up. [inaudible] oh, that's my heaven sort of. Okay. And then we're gonna carefully make our way back onto there. Reformer and often. Okay. So let's remove the blue spring. We're going to do some standing arm work. Now standing are more in a while.

I don't teach this very often because I don't have many people I trust enough to do it by. Thank you. So let's, let's do that now, but let's take the head Ressa and step up onto the reformer. So we have one red on, is that right? I'm using one red. Yeah. For this part, uh, let's take the right foot. And I'm just going to put the pads of the feet and into that, um, right in the crevice where the head rest comes up and then the left leg is going to go back. So we going to be eventually in there like a lunge position. Then pick up your straps. Please be careful as you roll up to standing. Okay. And then keeping that front leg, the right leg bent the back leg really actively straight.

We're going to take the arms back right to the back of the pelvis and then just a little bit in front of it and her right to the back of the pelvis, holding that long strong line with the body and back and forward. Last two like that back [inaudible] and forward. Last time back. Hold the arms there. Now just bend the elbows and straighten. Bend and straighten the elbows. Stay glued to the body and straightened. We'll do two more straight and last time and straight.

Now take the arms forward, roll the body down, put the straps back, put your hands on the shoulder blocks. Step the right foot back onto the foot bar. Bend the left knee as you straighten the right leg, bring the arms just under the shoulders and then step the left leg back onto the foot bar. From there we're going to take the carriage forward and back. Exhale, abdominals and reach forward and back.

Exhale, abdominals and reach forward and back. Bend the left knee off the bar. Reach forward. Put the left knee foot forward. Bend the right knee. Step the right foot down onto the carriage. Take the straps. Well that was nice. Thank you.

And you thought about it. Did you like that fancy transition? Did I want to try this? Let's go a little higher on this. On this cause I think it'd be better for the triceps, so I'm now holding on above the buckles. Finding that nice strong lunge position for the first part too. Yeah, for the first part to just be a little harder. It's okay. Okay, so strong back leg, strong line in the upper body. Strong line through the heel all the way through the head as a matter of fact and present back then it's a little bit more of a stretch to the chest.

I think Christie is this way. Yeah, and back. I wasn't getting that. The stretch that I'm getting now. Yeah. Back [inaudible] strong back leg. That helps a lot last time. And holding the arms back and then bend the arms. You don't bend over more here. You just do it from there. I guess we could bend over. No, I'm asking. I'm not.

No, I did. I liked it better. It's way. It's a good idea. It's a good idea. So Ben impressed. It's also a little bit more uh, hip work. Supporting hip work, right. Front hip. Last two. I lost one. Okay, so let's take the arms forward. Roll down, put the straps down, hands on the shoulder blocks again. We're going to go through that again. So we're gonna bet.

Take that left like back onto the foot bar in a straighten out the left leg. Bend the right knee so that you can position your hands right underneath your shoulders. Once that's in place, draw the abdominals in. Point the left foot. Keep the whole body stable as you step back. Hold here. Press out and pull in. Just three, three again. Three. Just so we're clear. I like the numbers. I do too. And pull in and Ben, one leg step in.

Then the back leg to bring the reformer in. Once you're safely at the stop or step off. Strange to a blue spring. We're going to do some to the front to a red springs. Doable. I just, I think the blue's better. I prefer it. It's better for me. So whatever you decide. I'm going to take the left leg back.

I'm going to keep my foot kind of in the middle of the carriage for now while I grab my strap. So I'm lunging down. You left my guess. He, I just think in a set and then once I get up to the top, I'm just going to move that right like a little forward. So I've got one foot back, one foot forward, getting in in this directions a little bit trickier. Start with the arms just down next to the body and then we'll again, you're right Chris, who were going to bend in. Okay, so Ben the arms, we'll do this, let's say for tying away reach the arms. Crazies. Open the arms out to the side, bring the harms back and bend. Exhale to press forward. Keep lean in, a little bit out, in and back. So as my arms are going out, I'm pulling my abdominals definitely backwards.

And as my arms are coming forward, I'm thinking of a opposition from that same place. And Ben, we'll just do one more like that. Press out open, close. Bend in at the bottom, straight in your arms. You're gonna reach the arms forward. Reach out with your spinal energy, with your whole body energy into your arms. Open around. Keep the body forward. Exhale to press forward enough and around XL to press forward and up and around. One more time. We're going to do some triceps up there. Four of them. Okay. Reach out.

Christie's now giving me a complex about teaching and number three. So then just trying to keep track. We'll press one, push to the back leg, press two. I keep having to Redo my back leg. Why is that? That's, I don't know. Maybe you should get more invested in it the first time. Bring your arms down the sides of your body.

So take the strap in the same hand that has the straight leg to the front so that you have the other hand free. If you need it to help you balance, bend your knee and come down. And then we'll, let's hang up the strap. Okay. And we'll get up the same way we did. So now we're going to go, we started with the lesson a little bit in the middle so that we could still reach back and get the straps and then find your standing position. And then let that left leg wiggle out. Okay. And then [inaudible] find your lunch position. That's the hardest part of the whole exercise I think is getting into it. Bend your arms. We're going to do the same pattern. So we're going to go out.

Oh, Ben, close band for Ah oh Ben. Close. Three strong back leg. Strong amz. Think about the hip and the back, the hamstring and the hip on that right. Lay and back last time. Ah, open in and yeah, and that's a bottom. Take the arm strain. Keep that lunge position. Reach up.

Feel the whole body reach into the straps and then around and then forward standing equally on the friendliest, like the front knees pushing forward. This helps me while the back leg pushes back last too. All round last time hold here Ben. The arms and then shoulders down. Similar to the idea that we did when we were doing the cat stretch, the idea that it's not the hands pushing but it's the downward pull of the shoulders that the arms that the straightening of the arms as a response to last time. Okay.

And then bring the arms around to the side. Take the straps in the left hand, same side hand. You can reach your right arm out in front of you in case you need it. Come down with control and set the strap back. Let's do down stretch right from here. Well, I'm going to leave the work on them and do a little heavier than I normally do. Usually I like the down stretch on, I would just one spring, but let's try it on our red in a blue today. Just to change the energy in it and the in like with a lighter spring, I feel like the energy is on the up.

And with this I think we can create more resistance on the app and get a little bit more push energy instead of pull energy today. So from here, let's roll the pelvis forward, lift the chest through the arms, press the reformer away so there's a little bit more strength involved there. But then I want you to really resist as you come and resists, come up and back and press away and come up in back. We'll do one more like that. We're going to do three sets of three here. Okay, come on up in the inn now, round the spine, sit back, three knee stretches out kind of slower than normal and pull resists. Get deep into your round. Press out and pull.

Resist. Press out and pour this. Now we're going to make that into a combination. So we're going to come forward starting from here. Round the spy, straighten the spine. Keep the body up. Today we're not going low. Press the legs out lifter. Keep the carriage still. Pike, the hips back, straighten out the back, stay above the foot bar with your shoulders. Press out with your legs, stabilize the pelvis, use your abdominals as you lift in.

And one more round, straight legs, spine. And then let's step to the right of the reformer. Reach down to take the blue spring away. Place the left foot on the reformer, left knee on the reformer, right leg on the floor. So I want us to come down into a lunge position.

If your feet are slippery here, he might want something to stand on a sticky pad of sorts. Cause we're going to take our hands away in a second. Okay. So from there in it, bring the arms out to the side and we're going to press down into deeper stretch. And then just halfway back and then drawing the abdominals in. Stay lifted and press out.

What's pressing is the foot and the pushing with my hip extensors, my back leg. Okay. And thinking of, and my front lake too, I'm using my friend Lee. I'm thinking of laying my back side down, but all okay. Also at the same time staying lifted out through the spy. Thank you. And then come all the way in. Should we take the long way?

I could wait for you. I'm going to come around to the other side. I'm going to take the short way. I always do. Mm, thank you. Just don't want us to run into each other and get it. I would defer to you, but I didn't. Okay, so here we go. So first thing you do, you get down into your hip flexor stretch. I'm finding that get centered, get still stable, and then reaching a, how could take a while. The stability part is still par and lift. Make sure, especially as you're going back, that you're really supported through your abdominals. Really big.

Press back. Keep the back leg, the back of the leg that's on the reformer Straw back and up. And then bring that knee in and step off. Get a box. We'll start out with the short box. Okay. So yeah, so set up so that carriage is stable.

Put some spring on and get your strap. Okay. Okay. So get yourself centered on your box. You're asking a lot today. Centered and stable, balanced, grounded, probably like you'd get one of them ready. Well, it's all just goals, Christie life goals. So we're gonna just rest the arms against the ribbons.

You'll have any questions, just feel free to ask. All right, in the forum to get married, how, how do, how do I get centered? Here we go. We're going to around that. So the first thing you do is you pull your navel to your spine to move your spine backwards onto the box. And then you look for one side or the other news check to see that you're in the middle and I'm not. So there goes that idea. He can try. Inhale, exhale, come forward with a round back and stack your spine. And again, inhale and again, exhale, rounding back. Okay, well pause to inhale. Exhale, curl up and over, shoulders over the pelvis, and then stack the spine. And just one more time. Inhale and exhale, pause, and inhale and exhale.

Yeah. And then sitting all the way up, bring the hands behind the head, press the head into the hands, do three twists. We're going to start towards the ocean. So pull, pull, center and twist. Twist Center, lift, twist. One more. Time to eat. Psi and lift, twist and lift. Twist three straight backs in Hilti, hinge and get taller as you set up over the top of yourself. Again, inhale to hinge. Exhale, get taller to sit up. Last one. Inhale to hinge.

Exhale as you get taller. As you set up, keep the right foot underneath the strap. Bring the left leg into the body. So we're going to straighten and bend the knee here. So here's a one and sit tall to keep sitting tall. Three and finally ankle. Lift the spine to the leg and the leg to the spine and then roll back so that leg becomes a vertical in the air. Walk down to three.

You can take your arms back with you. I'm going to leave my arms on the box. Extend over the top, bring the chin into the chest, walk up that tree all the way to the top and lift the sky. Bend the knee, reach behind the leg. One more time like that. Kick one, lift taller and three. Finally, ankle. Walk down her. Bring the leg back. Walk two, three, reach. Extend over the Tall Chin to jest.

Walk up to three lifts the spine, and then take that knee and bend it and just bring it out over the other knee. You're welcome. And just hinge your body forward. Take a stretch that [inaudible] was especially for you. I appreciate that for fulfilling my one request. Oh, okay. Should we change? Okay. Finding the backside of the leg, lifting the spine and from here, stretch out.

One, two, three. Take the ankle. Bring the leg with you as you back and down. Down. Yeah. Our support, the with the front of the body and the back of the leg. That's down. Lift. Walk two, three, lift up, find the back of the leg. And here we go. One, two, three. Getting Taller. Sign the ankle, roll back. [inaudible] walk down, down, down, and reach and uh, uh, uh, and lift. And then bring the knee over the opposite end call.

Think about organizing so that you're as straight across on your sit bones as you can be before you hinge forward. And then we're gonna go straight into our site overs from here. So we're going to do sets of three again, two of them, one with the hands behind houses in that sense. Two sets of three. We're going to do six repetitions in two different way. Okay, I'm with you. Okay.

So here's how it's gonna go turn that leg where it is. Just checking. So we're going to start with the hands behind the head. We'll do three there. If you feel like you need to keep your hands behind your head, Christy, that's just fine. And then we'll do three with the arms straight. Okay? Okay. So that's my idea. And if anyone needs to do anything that they wish, that's just real hands behind the head. Inhale to take the spine over the box and Xcel to reach out, hold, go down, reach out to go down, reach out. Three.

Decide what you're doing with your arms and continue up one or two over up three and all the way over into the stretch. Did you do a Christie? I did five and one. Good job. Thank you. If I'm honest, I was regretting my choice about number one in the second. Second part, if that's okay. It was great. That's okay. There's no way to get stronger unless you challenge yourself.

One was good for me right now. No, no, no, I wasn't. I wasn't trying to like say you did the wrong thing. I was saying there's no way for me to get stronger if I don't do things that are hard for me. My true, true, all of us. I loved it. Okay, so we'll set up on the other side. Find your straight line. The good news is is that I did set it up so I did my hard side first on purpose. So there's that.

Here we go. Both hands behind the head and stretch it over and out over [inaudible], over [inaudible] and here it is. Oh Chris, you don't know. Did I guilt you into doing it? I didn't want to. I'm just trying to be, you know, symmetrical. Oh, I thought you did it at the end. That's why I was, no, I thought about it and then I thought, no, that's not fun for me at all. So I pulled it back. Oh, back in. But it's getting better. My shoulders getting better.

It's so I'm gonna leave it that way. Okay. Now we're going to twist it a little twist and then come back up. So we'll turn the box. Okay, so where is it going to keep that heavy spring that we had set up for our short puck series? So keep the heavy spring, just keep the carriage anchored and lie down on the box, the foot bars down and just reached down on your foot bar in place the heels of your hands on the foot bar and then feel first that first things first, always abdominals are engaged. Second things is that the legs are just light on the box, they're not resting on the box and then feel the shoulder blades draw down and push in full. Think of pushing the foot bar forward a little bit to find this. Just a slight extension through the upper spine for single leg kick.

So we'll go right like first kick, kick, switch, kick, kick, holding the body. Stable Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop. Checking in with the shoulders, checking in with the stability of the body on the box. K, k, k, k, k. Kick, kick, kick. Hold the legs out. Reach the arms out. Slow first right arm, left leg, left arm, right way, right arm, left leg, left arm, right leg, right arm, left leg, left arm, right leg in. Three repetitions. Inhale two, three, four, five at this pace for fat, two, three, four, five and three four file in India.

Oh two, three, four, five. Place the hands back down on the box. Let the legs rest. Let the spine drape over the box. Gather everything up again. Abdominals head. So just parallel to the mat pressing forward again with the arms on the foot bar, lifting the legs for the double leg kick. We'll pull one, two, three stretch. Press yourself up and bad lord.

[inaudible] and it feels weird to do the AA kick without the head turn and hurt. For me anyway, I like vessel. I've never done it this way. Either. One, two, three, brand new exercise right here. I love it. I'm like lightly pulling on the bar, like pulling it apart. No pulling toward me or oh, I get it. At least barely even pushing it away. How better I am. But right now as you come down, just gently. Yeah, like, like just a little. So that's a pull and a push. Yeah, the same time.

Let's do one more, eh, push and lower. And then we're going to step just off to the side. [inaudible] so just gonna just finish with a couple of roll downs there. Just find your weight of your body on your feet. Take your arms and let them float up.

[inaudible] and then just whatever feels relaxed to you with your arms. They don't have to be straight, they can be straight. They don't have to be anything. They can be anything. They're just gonna float down the sides of the body. And then we'll bring the chin into the chest, lift up through the center of the body as the body goes forward.

[inaudible] holding to inhale and exhale. Feel that you're steady as you stack all up the spine. And stack the spine up over the hips, and then take the arms up, turn the hands to face it, however, with no rules. And then we're gonna reach over to one side. Let the hips drift over in the opposite direction. You're going to come back up, reach over to the other side, lift up to go over it. Similar to what we did on the, with the cat's retro earlier, except for now we're letting the pelvis move instead of holding the pelvis still. And then again, just let the arms fall down.

And thank you for playing with me. Thank you. Playing with us. Thank you. Stay tuned for the next one. Thank you, man.


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Thank you girls:))) is it possible to do a girl time only for upper back stiffness and pain.
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Love love love! You girls are so much fun!
1 person likes this.
I enjoyed this class a lot! specially your humor guys!
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Loved this great stretching class. Clear instructions. Steady pace. Love the threes!
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Love your classes together! Thank you:)
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Great class and fun listening to the banter! Look forward to more from the 2 of you.
Yardley C
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I love your classes and calming energy Meredith. This class really helped lengthen me out too.
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loved this class!! I was wondering if you have a guide to help me in choosing which cords to use as I have an aero reformer with 2 black,2 Red and one yellow cord in relation to the springs colors? thanks :)
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Amazing class, really peaceful tone of voice. I enjoyed your class girls! Thank you
Thanks to you all for playing with us and taking time to share your feedback. We love that you have fun with us.
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