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Mat Workout

35 min - Class


Spiraling Through Your Cobra Spine’s Primary and Secondary Curves
Just as the spiral motion of water is formed by the earth’s movement, Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle invites you to play with the energetic natural movement of your Cobra Spine, as we explore a pre-test and post-test of Snake on the Mat, along with other potent movements. In this class, you will explore your spiraling spine through flexion, extension, and rotation movements that clarify its natural way of moving, while developing new a awareness that can be applied to any movement, and to your ability to be vital, strong, and self-healing.

This class starts with a detailed explanation of the spine and the waterfall concept. The movement in this class begins at 7:00 minutes.
What You'll Need: Mat, Table Chair

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Apr 17, 2016
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Oh my word!! I absolutely adore this, Wendy!!

How much of our lives do we reaaallly allow our peripheral vision to widen? I'll wager not even 10%. And primary and secondary curves!--in the span of 35 mins. those two concepts changed everything about how I habitually sense, move and react to the world.

For those wondering if and when to do this, I don't know if Wendy would agree, but I'd say this class is an exploration of micro movements with MACRO returns---if you fully embrace the ride. A sensing journey, if you will. Give yourself this gift when you are unhurried.

Ill be coming back again and again as a way to counter the effects of sitting in an office chair most of my life ... and as a way of neutralizing the effects of modern life, in general. Thank you, thank you!!
Dear Miriam, you have fed my heart! Thank you for allowing yourself to explore the depths of what I am speaking we SENSE: CORE as relationship with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment. As you are saying, it changes everything in the way we practice Pilates, yoga, and any activity in life! Moving beyond "doing an exercise" to "exercise/movement as a way of being in the world"! As one of my mentors, Emilie Conrad, would say "Movement is who we are...not something we do", xwendy
This is how I understand do Pilates, not force, not mechanical exercises , from the perception of how the various parts of my body move the execution of movements to get high quality and precision. thank you very much.
Thank you so much, Inma...I am so happy that you enjoyed this movement exploration and appreciate how it can contribute to moving in Pilates with ease, grace and power! xxwendy
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Thank you Wendy for a perfectly spent 35 min. exploring our Cobra spine. I worked with you in NYC a few years back and you left such an impression then. Today just reminded me why I love your teaching. So precise, accessible, clear and simple. Excited to play and explore these ideas with my clients. Thank you.
Thank you, Linda! I truly appreciate hearing your experience of our explorations together! We're learning to listen to,and be guided by, our deep biointelligence...and isn't that the best!
Thank you very much for sharing such a precioous and valuable información. Always is a plesure learning from you...
I wish you' d come to Spain someday.
This is helped be get a deeper understanding of the spiral.l so helpful. Thank you Wendy for always being so inspiring
Dear Wendy, I'm excited on watching your video. What you mentioned about "how the primary and secondary curves talk to each other" is like an "a-ha" moment to me. I'm going to explore/experience more in the Fascial Dog Series Phase III with the primary & secondary curves idea. Iris
Dear Mercedes, Susan and Iris, thank you so much for being in touch and sharing your experience of this valuable exploration. As you are saying, when we become aware of how our bodies function naturally, we shift our experience of Pilates and any other discipline. I invite you, as Iris said, to explore the Fascial Dog Flow Series that I have filmed on Pilates is a full body workout that is so intelligent, and becomes something you can do anywhere to enliven your relationship with yourself and your environment, xx
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