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The Hundred

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Apply the concepts from Aston Kinetics to the Hundred in this tutorial with Judith Aston. She shows how you can find your neutral which will give you the ability to use the ground force reaction needed to move easily. Once you learn how to use this force, you will feel longer and more connected throughout your body.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Apr 03, 2016
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This is the Aston Kinetics class for the 100 Kristy Cooper will be demonstrating the way that she, well she has many variations that she can do for the hundred as probably many of you have many very k...

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Thank you, Judith. I see a noticeable difference. Can't wait to try your GRF concept with my clients tomorrow.
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Thank you. I appreciate very much this kind of tutorial
Very interesting. Actually I am interested in Alexander Technique. Does Aston Kinetics have similarity with AT?
Thank you!! I saw the difference !!
incredible GRF
An informative video that is precise and short.
I loved this demonstration. I'm so new to PA, that I'm not sure what the acronym GRF stands for, so I can't wait to go to the terminology page and read more about GRF! I'm sure it's about everything I just viewed!! Thank you for this great video.
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Ground force reaction

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Mercedes Garcia Valino Romero, thank you for the GRF definition! Much appreciated.
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Superb. This is what length feels like.
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