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Weight Shift Exploration

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Play with weight shifts in this challenging Wunda Chair workout with Alycea Ungaro. She works on finding the place where you can get the most from your powerhouse during each exercise. She also encourages you to keep moving instead of "making pictures" so that you can juice your joints and feel good.
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Apr 25, 2016
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Uh, okay. So we're here with Colleen and we're going to work with a little bit of a wound chair today. Um, I could kind of go back and forth between calling it the Buddha Shula and the one to chair. Um, I love the chair for so many reasons because it's a real supplement to all of the other apparatus. Um, and just as a reminder, I'm sure you've learned some of this in your training, but the chair was actually built by Joe as a tool for his summer clients who would go away for the summer and didn't have a reformer. And so he built this to give them an opportunity to work with the springs and with the equipment, uh, while they were away at their summer homes. So lucky for us, we can have it all the time in the studio. Um, I'm gonna start with some standing foot work today so that we just sort of ease into the chair. So Colin, if you don't mind facing that way, turn around and I want you to back up toward the chair so that um, you are gonna use the edge of the chair as a marker for how low to go. So come a little forward, we'll skip number one because that's not going to help us with the edge of the chair.

Come a little bit more forward and turn heels open a little into parallel. So our first standing foot work would be hands back. Then hands come forward into Jeannie style arms and gonna give me one little knee bend with your seat and reaching toward the edge of the chair. So I'm really aiming for you to go back, back, back, and this is our marker and if it's too far, we know it's too far. So come on up and take a half step back and that'll be a good place for us to be. And let's start again. So bend down to three, squeeze up a little slower on that down to then Kinda hang out there a second.

Dig Your heels down and then use your powerhouse to stand back up. Let's do that like eight times lower, lower, lower. Squeeze it up and down. Two, three. Squeeze it up and really be looking for the chair behind you. Make contact and squeeze up. Make sense?

And a lower to re and squeeze up heels. Really digging into the ground. And uh, three more. Lower to three and come up two more. Down to three and squeeze up one more and hover there for that last one. Just really shipped back into the chair. There she is. And come back up.

Feels like you're gonna fall a little right, but that's okay. Good. Bring feet together for footwork three. So he'll tell them him and let's see. All 10 toes curl up. Very, very high. Same exact exercise. Here we go. Lower, lower, lower and squeeze up again. Lower two, three and squeeze up. I'm going to walk around, take a look, two, three and come uptake it back. If you feel my hands on your hips, don't be afraid and come up and lower. Lower pause there. Just a second. You still want your laps to be working, then bring it up and to down. Keep those toes peeled up off the floor and up last three, lower two, three and come up and two more. Two, three and come up. Last one. Make it your best to hold it there.

Hang out what happened in my lats. Oh right. And squeeze up. Beautiful. So having warmed up the whole body, you're kind of ready for the seated foot work, right? Have a walk around and have a seat and we are one top one bottom. Excellent. And we can go to footwork one with this. So just like on the reformer keeping heels together, toes apart.

And I actually liked that Jeannie style arm position. You have a choice. You can just hold arms to the side too. But do me a favor just for today and because we all know this series so well, shimmy forward at the front of your chair so it's real close like right at the edge and put a little bit of weight into your feet so that you feel it's precarious. You know, you're like, oh I might have to kind of tip over. And I hang on to that feeling. Put all the weight into the springs, pump down and then just stop at the down for a second. I really want your heels high. Really? There she is. And now from that moment, lift up the knees and go down at up having fun yet down, down and down and up. This looks good.

I just want to add a little bit more intensity because intensity is what PyLadies is all about. Go down and stay there a second. Squeeze your seat like mad. That happens. Every pump. Are you with me here? We got up and squeeze to lift. Excellent. Squeeze to lift. Squeeze to lift. Keep scooping up. Now pick up your tempo and up and up and up.

So much better. Lift and lift. One more time and be done. Change your feet. Good. So really wrapping the feed around. You can go a little more forward on the pedal. Walk over here so it should feel like you're actually trying to grab the pedal with your feet. Heels way down underneath. Toes way over. Give me one pump on the down and then stop there. A moment. Same feeling.

You're grabbing the pedal with your feet, squeeze your seat up. It's almost like you're going to topple forward. Keep everything just like that. And now pull it up, up, squeeze down, lift up, squeeze down, lift up. So I should see this lift every time the pedal goes down. Is that working for you? Okay, now up, squeeze. End Up and pick up your tempo. Now up and up and up.

Squeeze the knees up and up and up. Come on, couple more. Up and up. Two more times. Up and up. Done. Good. You're on the heels. My favorite one. Favorite one. Keep your heels really digging into the pedal. Toes up. And you really have to start to think about baby toe here.

So all the way up and out. Sometimes I think the Yogis do it so well. They move their little toes open all the way. Lift the low back, keep the pedal up for a second. So you're really kind of compressed here, right? You're trying to hold everything up. Yeah, that'll make you sweat on here. Yeah, toes are up. Those are up. Those are up. Good pump at one time. And hold. Stay down, put weight into the pedal. Now we go up toes together and up. Good. Big Dose.

Still touching. And they are. She is up and up. Where's the squeeze of the seat? When you push down, I need to see that. Squeeze up. Squeeze up more. Squeeze on the down. Here's a squeeze cheek to cheek. There she is and up. She's holding out on me. Up and up. Two more times. Up and up. Damn.

Thank God. That's over. Step off. So we have our tendance stretch. So just a little side view. Stepping on one foot and then the other good. And I always say this is just like your elephant, right? This is the exact same kind of exercise hands, just a little bit wider. Let your head hang. Don't overly work. Your turnout here, and this is the part of your back. You want to hit up to the ceiling.

So this massive scoop is happening here and it should feel like nothing's happening in your feet at all. They just react to what's happening in the gut. So lower, lower, lower. Don't think about your feet at all. Just scoop up. Scoop ups. Oop Up, make sense? Lower, lower, lower the fico down. Now hit the ribs up and under. Up and under. Up and under. Beautiful. Lower two. Three. Can I shift you forward? And Ange, just for more fun. Now lift this up and up and up. So you feel my hand resisting you. Does it work in the stomach? Okay, good.

Lower two, three. And now push, push. Push into the belly. Lower two, three and again, press up. Press up, press up three more times without me. Feel that on your own. Squeeze up. Work the backs of the legs. Two more times. Down to three. And squeeze up. Squeeze up. Squeeze up.

Final one. Lower, lower, lower and squeeze up. Squeeze upstate right there. Not pull up, but I do want you to feel like, could you lift this up higher? Yes she can. And then what about those low ribs down here? Can this come up higher? Yes. Hold it. Keep scooping and then be on. Beautiful. Step off. Let the pedal up. It looks good. Or we warm.

We can do the hundred. Let's turn it around and go. Old School Romana love to give us the a hundred in the Ab series on the chair like this all the time. So today it's your turn on your back. Good neck is good and healthy. Scoot forward just a little bit. Your bottom can almost be off the edge. Some of that used to happen a lot actually in my training where we were really encouraged to come all the way off the edge and then somehow things got scooted back. So I'm trying to bring it back and resurrect it.

Give me your a hundred position at your working level, your point of control as we like to call it. How's that feel? That's good. I'd like you to be down a little lower in behind and maybe even like it's come up to two inches. So what? Press down into the mat hair so you're not trying to get up in a way. You're trying to grind down. There she is now start to pump and now that was some good power house action.

Exhale, two, three, four, five. I'm going to give you some traction. You scoop away from me even more. Look at that masterful scoop. Keep it. I'm going to let go. Keep keeping it in. Do three or five. Three, four, five. Inhale and exhale. Two, three fingers together.

Less friction into three, four, five and out. Don't let me pull my fingers. [inaudible] and faster and harder with the arms. Four more sets. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Breathe it in. Match the feet together and out. Two, three, so left rotated just as much as the right. There you go. Three, four, five, two more breaths in. You're on. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Last one. Big exhale, two, three. Hold it right there. Hold it.

Breathe. Scoop a little deeper and hug your knees all the way and you can stand up and you're going to sit right back down. Take a breath and have another seat. Good ab series for fun, right knee in good hug. Don't get me pretty pickers. No one cares. All I want to see is juicing the joint so you get as much bend and as much stretch as you can out of them. Change. Hold, good. Squeeze and hold. Change, squeeze and hold. Change, squeeze and hold. Nice. Squeeze and hold on. Bring your body to the leg, bring the leg to you. You don't go higher. It just gets deeper.

Much better tempo. Change Anda in and in and in and in. Two more sets in last one and finished both knees and good double leg. Reach it out long and strong. Hold. Circle the arms first and touch the legs in and out. Reach Hole.

Make a big circle all the way around to the hips before you catch the knees and are rich. First the arms, then catch the knees. This is a big hug and rich all the way. All the way in a big circle and hug little quicker and your out. Pull it in and out. First the arms and the and so much better. Reach and scissors right away. Quick and dirty. One. One, change.

One in, gorgeous. Open your elbows a little wider. Little higher. Yeah, so you can really peek through there. Now get that scoop. How old here? Just pause. Where's the power hose? Scoop it in and change. Hold. Big Scoop, big stretch. Think out with that leg and bring it up tempo again on one on one, two, two, two. Last step, three, three and a three hands behind your head. Here's the fun one. You got this still with me. Lower two, three. Squeeze up.

Lower to my hand to three. It's a little lower. Squeeze up. Lower. Two, three. Squeeze up. Romanos style was drop up. Drop is the floor. Go drop up. Thank you. Drop up. Whoop. Don't fly away. Drop up there. She has two more. Drop up. Last one in silver.

Drop up. Crisscross your good. Hold it one and two. You go get that three and change the one and two and three. One more. Set up to three. And last one. One, two, three. Swing yourself off the chair. Take a breath.

Awesome. That was great. We should extend. So let's say we get a mat and we'll come back here and do a little flying eagle. Okay. So we're back with a little bit of extension. Uh, we're going to take a flying eagle on the floor and a little adjustment for our spring. So we're just one middle now. So come onto your belly and your hands are on the pedal above you and you will start with one cheek on the mat. So pick a side, any side I don't mind. And just checking where you are. Right down the center line.

Can you move your legs to the side? Just a half an inch if she is. So she's right down the center line. Powerhouse is working. It's pretty light. But just give it a little pressure and see that going to be okay for you. Good. So you're gonna press the pedal down at the same time as you arc uplift your head. Don't go crazy there and I don't need you to get higher, but I do need you to press lower. How's that feel? Good. Low ribs are up into the belly and now release with control and face the other way. Good. So I could see a little bit more lat action.

Work your armpit muscles down. Press the pedal from there. Lift the head, keep pressing like you're pulling the pedal towards you. Ribs can come forward. That looks great, Colleen, with control. Peel your spine down, down, down, down onto the mat, face the other way. Go again, press down and rise up. Good.

A little more length in your torso this way so you're not going high or you're getting longer, much better with control. Lower everything down other side, last time and, and, and uphold it there. Again, low ribs up into the belly. Beautiful with control. Lower, lower and lower. Excellent. Let the pedal go. You can sit back on your heels, keeps up a little low back stretch. And we're going to turn around actually right from here since we're here and do a little corkscrew. So these exercises, some of them again kind of have that historical then shoe them which is designed for home use. Um, and I've seen this taught actually a few different ways from a few different schools, but we actually learned it holding the side of the chair.

So hold on equally, um, on top of it. So doesn't move. Frame you just a teaching habit. I have and come up sort of that shallow diagonal here and we're going to go classic corkscrews. So all the way around to one side before we come back to here and then go the other side. So work down the right side of the spine here. Swing the legs corner to corner and then back over the head before you come center. I'm here, center. There you go. And let's go.

Left down my love side of the back and go corner to corner and then back up over to the center. She's got it. Good. Press the hands into the chair. Actually put your thumbs with your fingers. Yes, you have something to squeezed together. Now go down the right side and corner to corner and then you're up and over to center. Excellent. Has it feel. Go down the whole left side. Get a little lower each time. Woo. There she is working a powerhouse and to the right down over and a hook.

And here's your last one and a grind down and over and up. Stop at the top. Take one big all the way up Jack Knife style. They got big up, big up and then roll down bit by bit, one vertebrae at a time, one at a time. Prepping for your later airplane. Right all the way. Hug your knees, release your hands and swing yourself up to sitting. Really Nice. Good. So while we're here, why don't you just shift back and we'll take our backward arm here. We're still one middle spring so we're good.

I like to check them a little obsessive that way I'm going to grab the pedal for you. Bring it down. We'll start from the bottom legs out long in front of you think elbows are going to go behind you and just like you did in that foot work earlier on where you're really squeezing your seat to push the pedal down. I want that here too. So every time the pedals down, yes, the seat is up, up, up, up, up. So you get that kind of, I hate to say public floor because it's not the kind of teacher I am, but it is a little bit of the Belvedere elbows go back a little, you your up with the pedal and then you press down and you squeeze up good with every bend. Can you lift it a little higher and then press down in, squeeze up in that squeeze of the seat. Doesn't mean you tuck it under. Just the opposite. There she is. And Ben, Ben, Ben, bend, lift, push down and squeeze up. Nice. Bend two, three left and push down. Squeeze up two more times like that.

Lift, lift, lift. How high can it go? And push down. Squeeze up, low back. Liz. Lightening. Last one, one, two, three. Push down all the way. Leave the pedal there. Release your hands. Ah, I'll take it. And you can stretch over your legs. Still with me. So hard on the upper back.

It feels good. But yeah, I think that was the official review. We can turn around from here and do a little spine stretch forward. Okay, so let's move and we're gonna keep our sporing setting. I always think the spine switch forward is so hard to teach. It's so hard for people to kind of get their head around with the pedal because you're sort of going back, but not going back. So don't think about back. Let me just think about out by, I always say like back is on the other side of the op.

If you can just get up enough, you'll get what you need to get behind you. So hands on pedal. These can come in even a little bit closer and don't think about the pedal at the beginning. Just think about that. Super Scoop up and over. Give me a nice spine stretch shape, dropping head and then pull the pedal towards you, towards you, towards you. There she is. Come up a little bit. You still work in the seat, right? Maybe. Okay. Sit up tall and straight. Let the pedal float up. Try again.

Pull it towards you. That's it. Now you come up and over the top of it. Does that make more sense? Keep pressing. Pull the pedal into you into the middle of you. Come up a little higher, a little higher, little higher, a little higher and let everything come backward and it's okay. If you pitch a little forward on the release, that's okay. Again, pull the pedal towards you. Bring your front ribs to your back. Ribs, attagirl length in the neck, come up and over the peddle, up and over, up and over the top of it. And then release two, three and one more gorgeous one. And the whole the pedal into the body. Open the spring. Think about what's happening to the spring.

It's opening and opening and opening one more coil and then let it up. And two and three beautiful sweaty stuff. So good for you. We're going to come up and do some frogs. So our first one again, we'll keep this setting. Maybe we'll knock the mat out of the way for these. That's all right.

So we're kind of coming from the floor, working our way up from kneeling things and seated things and then hopefully we'll end at the top of the chair, which is I think is always a nice progression and very much Palladio style and that development, right? We start like babies and then we end with these very challenging balance exercises. So arm frog four here, starting your plotty stance. Give me your nice little squat down and find the pedal. I'll keep your chair secure. You're still one middle spring. Tempting to let your tail kind of do a lot of movement here, so try to avoid that. You just did this exact movement and spine surge forward, right? Same idea. Pull the pedal into you. He or she is, and then let the pedal go up. Knees, ankles, and hips are happy. Do it again.

Pull two, three and release. I love it. I want a little bit of a lift. As you pull the pedal in, pull the pedal and rise up off the heels. Hold, hold, hold and then bring it all back down. Good. I'm doing it with you and pull the pedal and squeeze up. Squeeze up, squeeze up and release. Two, three. You got two more and you squeeze your heels a little tighter right here. Little tighter. There she is and release and final one pedal comes into you.

You squeeze two, three and [inaudible]. Beautiful Stan. All the way up in one glowing motion sort of. I was pretty good. You know what? We're all teachers and working on our things, so all good. Let's not do the frog facing the chair on the pedal, but let's definitely do the frog facing out. Okay. So okay, so we are backward arm. Yes. With the frog here. Way Up. Come on up off the edge and then just sit on your heels.

Take the pedal down. Come all the way down. Come all the way down. Good. So you're on your heels to begin. This is really your start position, right? The hard part is lifting the pedal with you. So you're going to shift your weight back just a wee bit. And at the same time as you start to straighten those arms, pull the pedal up with you. Everything comes up together. Yes.

Bring everything down to the floor. You got everything up together. Beautiful. Everything down to the floor two more times, but I don't want to see you come up so high off your heels. Glue them to the Groin and liquid lip. That's so much better. Bring it all the way down. A little heavy breathing.

Never heard anyone or more time. Squeeze it up to the top, top, top, and bring it all the way down. And do one more and give me a few pumps and we'll be done. Okay. Lift all the way up to the top. Hold it and five pumps just legs down, up one, down, up to down, up three and a four and a five. Hold it. Good. You can sit on the chair. Ah, what a relief. Excellent. Let's move on. So we're going to take our push down.

We're going to do two now and save one for the end, which I actually really liked it always end with one of those, those pumpings from the back. So for this first one, just one spring in the middle standing shoes, maybe one hair back from where you are. Start with your arms all the way up to the ceiling. Ah, take a deep breath in and on the exhale just fold over and find the pedal. And then before we go anywhere with the pedal, I just want you to play with the weight shift. So what happens to your abdominals? Say when you shift back onto your heels, what does that feel like? Okay. And what happens when you come forward here? Where do you feel it?

More coral, more lower abs. That sounds like jackpot to make. Do One more of those. Go back a little bit on the heels. Don't do anything with your pedal at all. Just come forward. Come forward, come forward. Be Util. Hang on there and just where it feels like I might teeter totter over. That's your sweet spot.

That's where you really want to begin and end the exercise. Now you may pump the pedal a whole the way down, all the way down to the floor. Touch down, stay there. So for most of us, we shift back right there and I want that not to happen. Put all the weight you can in the pedal. Got It. Tuck your Chin in tighter. Pull the pedal up. Don't change anything. Holy Margarita lifted, lifted, lifted, and do it again. Take it all the way down. Stay there, put all the weight onto the pedal. Tuck the Chin and tighter.

Bring your low ribs all the way up through your back and push. Push, push, push. Magnificent. Do it again. Lower, lower, lower weight toward the middle and front of the foot. That's it, Colleen. Squeeze and pull the paddle up. Pull the pedal up, even leaning more forward. Final one, take it all the way down to three and squeeze everything up. We're going to add a pump for a couple of reps after this. Here we go. Take it down. Pump the pedal up, wide elbows and a down. Pull it all the way up. Pull up into the abdominals all the way so no more Bendon straighten.

Just come all the way up and let's do one pump for rhythm so it'll go down. Pump straight in the lift like five times all the way down. One pump, straighten, lift into the powerhouse. Beautiful. Go down, pump, stretch and lift. You got it down. Pump Straight and lift. Two more times. Pump straight and a lift. Vinyl one pump straight. Lift all the way up and stop at the top. Here's the hard part. Squeeze everything.

Both hands come off at the same time and you stand up tall. Perfect. 10 just like the Olympics. Beautiful and done. Super. Still Good? Yeah. Okay. Walk around. It's like cardio. Take a little walk. So same sort of exercise, but kneeling on the chair. I'll be there to save your life. So we're gonna move on with our pumping kneeling.

I do want you to come a little bit back. Yeah. And I'll brace your feet when we get there. Okay. Okay. So your job is going to be to take that same shape. We just did find the pedal. I'm going to play with the weight shift a little bit just to find like where's your sweet spot, where you really feel your abdominals working and then get you up and out of there a few times. Same kind of slow tempo to start and then adding a little pumping at the beginning. My hands are here for safety. Okay. Pull your abs in.

Try not to lean back. If I come forward towards you, it's to brace you and make sure you don't come too far back. Good. So I'm going to ease up a little bit. You tell me what you feel. She's smiling. You and me are abs. Great. Wait, shift a little. I'm here to catch you. There you go. Don't move the pedal at all. Keep it way up. Way Up, way up. That's perfect.

Take the pedal down now just like that. I'll help you and I'll pull it up with strong action in the ABS. I had a girl go again all the way to the bottom and now squeeze up into the ABS. Tuck the Chin and even a little more to help you. Excellent. Go again and pull up into the belly and take it down. Big exhale. As you pull up all the way. Can we add that little pump action?

Go all the way down. One pump and push lift. Good. So make the accent on the lift. We go down, end up pumping to push. Lift up and or down. Pump. Push, lift up and or down. Pump. Push. Last one. Lift up. Hold it there. Hold it. Squeeze your seats so tight and like, oh that pedal come all the way up.

Right magic. You're awesome. Excellent step down. That was really great. One of the best I've seen. Where do you feel it? It feels, I feel it in my ads. It also feels nice to stretch my back. Nice stretch. So the problem is always that weight shift, right? Everybody kind of wants to teeter totter off the edge, but the more you kind of give in to the spring and they've had all the more it gives you back. And I think that's the sort of a conundrum.

And Valadez you don't want to take it too far, but when you do, you get the most resistance. So that's sort of the best place for us to work. Okay, we're going to come around. So take a walk to the other side please. I'm gonna change the springs and we're going to do our table. Uh, I like to play with this segments. So we're going to do a little table, we're gonna do a little tendon stretch and we're going to do a little teaser, um, and we'll try to marry some of those exercises back and forth. Okay? Have a seat.

And let's take this first one in potty stamps. Great. And hands. We'll be back here. You got it. Uh, prep being the most important part. I'd like to see you lift the hips and not move the pedal. Don't move. Don't move it. Don't move it. Yes, come up straight line. Straight line. Straight line. Hold it there. No movement from the springs.

No movement from the pedal once I know you can do that. Have a seat. Good. Just nice to know. That's where you're going to be. And then this next time we come up, we'll add some pumping. Okay, let's go for like six to eight. See what we do all the way up with the hips. Good weight into the hands. Try not to make any contact between your heels on the edge of the chair, so even more forward with the hills. There she is now pumped down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up. Pause a second with this hip.

A little higher than the other. [inaudible] now go for four down, up and up and up. Keep that left hip high and hold it up. Hold it up. Hold it up. Have a seat. Beautiful. Let's do a little pairing up. So we're going to flip our feet into tendon stretch and put your feet arches are yup. Arches on the pedal. You got it. Stand up. Drop your head. And again, you know I like to play with weight shift. You figured that out, right? Exactly. Come a little forward on the feet and then just try to scrape the backs of the legs against the back of the edge of the chair. Here we go. Pull, pull, pull. I'll take it. And lower two, three. Can you try to get your heels down a little lower? Yes. There she is.

And pull up. Pull up. Come on. You got this all up and lower. Two, three. Excellent. And again, we take it up, up, up. Keep the yields down. I know it's hard. And lower. Two, three and one more time. Pick it up. Up, up to the top. And the lower and lower and lower. Have a seat. Come back to your table position. But this time take feet into parallel.

A little bit apart. [inaudible] yeah, there she is. Good. Same thing. Hips come up, knees go forward. Keep this hip a little higher. That's it. Yeah. They get a little wonky on all of us, right? One hip, one knee, one ankle. Hold the pedal up. Keep your inner ankle bones towards each other. Start to pump down, up and up and up.

Shakey's are good for you and up. Give me accent. Up and up and up. You're in charge of the springs. Don't let them boss you around two more times and hold hook. Okay, have a seat. Nice. Back to tendon stretch please. No more onto your arches. Folds over and half. This is perfect. You go back to the body, front of the body, back in the body, in front of the body. Everybody's happy, right?

We're going to try this with one leg to the front because you love it so much. Take the front leg out in front of you. Just hold it there. Good. Now you really have to like suck this hip back into the socket to do this. Got It. I'm going to give you a little help just in case and pull the bottle and bring it down. Keep kicking that leg up. Pull the pedal up. Kick the leg up.

You got it and bring it down. One more time. The side only. Oop. Hold this hip up and bring it down. Switch feet. Good thing you only have two legs. My old ballet teacher used to say, stretch that leg up. Pull it up into the socket and to bring it down. Try not to lower the leg to the other one. When you lift, lift, lift, lift, kick it up and bring it down better. One more time. Kick it out in front of you. Lift, lift, lift and put it down. You get to do table again. Lucky you.

Take your hands back. This is so fun. Go back to [inaudible] stance. Can you imagine what comes next? I'm going to make you just thing because it makes sense that you're working it upside down. Then you work the inversion. It's perfect. It's great for the body and what's Milady's do. Prepare the body for everything else. Come up, do five regular pumps and up and up and up and to lift one more time and then left. Take the right leg up. It goes off and pump and pump.

They up and pump and pump. One more time before we change legs. The other like five pumps in. We're done and hook and up and up and up. Stay up. Damn. Hold your position with two legs down. Have a seat. Ooh, maybe we shouldn't do all the way around.

Maybe we should just try like one Devon stretch. Here we go. Change your hands and take right like up and out to the side. There she is. Do we need help? Maybe a little. Kick this leg up to the side. When you lift and Hook, bring it down with control. Go ahead, lift up. Hit the peak of it. Keep that heel around the pedal. You got it. Lift. Bring it down. I'm going to let go. You're on your own lift.

Yes, and bring it down. Change legs. Excellent. This is now your homework out, right? Bring this like a little further back and go from this hip hole and bring it down with control again. Pull down with control. Pull last ones on your own. Pull and down. Excellent. Put it down. Don't fall down.

One more table set. It's we're so close to over. I promise. Pick up the hips. We'll go straightaway. Five with one leg front than the left and side and then left. Got It. Right like as up. Stay and hold. Pump and pump and pump and pump and pump change legs.

Hold it up when you change. That's important. Left leg and the lift. Focus on the up and up and up. Stay up, hold, change. You got this. Take it up. Take it out and a hold up. Uplift the heel and other leg. Take it up, take it out. You have this as all done. We go count one up, two up, three up, four up, have a seat, put it down, be done. Take a bow. That was excellent. You're all pink in the back of you, which shows the back of the body is working, which is so huge. We forget. We see everybody from the front, but you have to work the back of the body. Yeah, that's hard. Good.

Let's move on. We do need to do a little bit of teaser. So let's stand up. Yeah, let me just check your springs cause I think one top one bottom is going to be too many. So come off right. As a rule we change these. Yeah. The table settings springs not so fun for teaser. Have a seat. Good. And start in your teaser, so actually be up with like up and I'm here for some system so you don't have to kill yourself. Yeah, maybe a little setup all the way there. She is good. I'm kind of become a stickler about this because 45 degrees and for so many of us, nice leggy flexible people. 45 can be kind of, you get them all the way up here but 45 is sort of like a little lower so you really want to get that angle. That's your parallel arms over legs, so work into this. Okay. Find your pedal behind you arms, come back.

I'm the pedal. Don't do anything with your legs just to walk your powerhouse Chin to chest and curl, curl, curl and then pull up with resistance. Resistance to three. Nice. I'm going to give you a little traction here. Curl two, three. That's got to feel pretty good. Now. Scoop and Linkedin to three. Really Nice.

Keep making this leg a little longer and go and two and three and then curl it up and up and up. Stay up. Hold, but we're going to do three more with lowering the legs. I'm right underneath you. Curl and take the legs to [inaudible] and bring it up to three. Good. You're angling off that way. So just be mindful to stay center. Stay Center, stay center. So much better. Curl up.

I always tell people to use the seam of the pants or leggings they have on to really keep the torso center to the legs and then curl up, curl up, curl up, stop at the peak. Find that 45. Find it, find it, find it arms, come up, hold. And then bring yourself up to sitting. Excellent job. Really Nice. Take a walk around. We're going to start to bring everything up, up, up, up, up. So we went all the way up from the bottom to the top. We've been on the floor. We've been kneeling. Time to climb and reach for the stars.

So a little going up. How's your going up? Okay. I'm going to stand here. So I'll brace arms from this side so that we have some kind of balance scenario. Uh, lots of different options for mounting. Let's see what you have. Take one foot onto the pedal, push it down. Nice.

And in one flowing motion. Step Up. Good. So arms, just a little bit on the diagonal. So you're really reaching for where the ceiling meets the wall there. Okay. Back Heel, nice and high. And just think about where this knee is going in space. So whether you're going up or down, the knee still comes forward. Okay.

Parallel [inaudible] come on up to three. Got It. Now your knee as you go down. Forward, knee, forward, knee, better forward knee. Excellent. And uh, up to three and come down with [inaudible] troll. Excellent. So this knee, the whole time, whether you're up or down, there's never a weight shift backwards in this exercise. It's all forwards. And that's so sort of counterintuitive, but I think it's really key. Your weight's coming forward and then your weight comes forward again to the [inaudible]. Give me one more really good one. And a left, left hold.

Come down with control. Control. Control on. We'll take a regular easy transition and find the back of the chair and change your legs. Good. So working the same thing. Everything is going forward in space all the way to the front foot. Good. Calm down, slow and controlled. Two, three.

Think about the springs. They resist, resist, resist, and then all the way forward into this knee, forward into the snake board. Excellent. Keep that heel driving down into the chair and you're up to the three and a lower to three more weight on the back foot, right through the first two toes or that back put. Yes. So many of us like sickle, that ankle back there. Not Helpful and control. Control, control.

Beautiful. We can go from here into our mountain climb. So take your hands down. Huh? Which leg would you like to start with? Maybe the other guy. Okay. Yes. So we're going to take eight pumps on the down. Don't forget that those eight to start are important. Eight to come up, eight at the peak and then eight to run down again before we change. Right? So 32 altogether, are we good?

This can't change promise. Okay, good. Here we go. And a pump, two and three and four and five, six, seven and eight. Start to lift. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Hold it there for eight, seven, six knee up, five, four, three, two and one. Beautiful. Round down to three and four. Five and six. Seven and a beautiful. We change feet. Good.

It's really good to focus and what you do so nicely here is that you really keep this thigh parallel and it's so tempting to not do that right? Like everything in your body is screaming. Just straighten the leg, but don't let that happen. Keep driving this heel down. Start with the back leg and scoop two, three, four and it's really just like that reformer, you know, knee stretches at the end. This you really want to do your chair that way. Start to arise. Two, three, four. Lift the heel. Five, six, seven and eight. Hold it there. Eight, seven, six, five. Pick it up for three all the way up to on and a down.

Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Excellent. Step down. Take a breath. One foot off and the other still good. Good. We're going to have a walk around. We'll end with this standing. I remember Ramona always saying that if you, um, are not huffing and puffing, you're not huffing and puffing by the end of the knee stretches, then you didn't do your job. So I always think the mountain climber sort of like takes you to the end of that. Okay, I'm ready. So from the back of the chair, which was so loved doing all of that weight shift, all of that kind of like bring you back to your abdominals and a little bit of standing up tall to end is a nice way to round out your chair arms all the way up. Take a deep breath in, lift up and over like you did so nicely in that spine.

Stretch forward and find the chair onto the pedal. Got It. Good. Don't go anywhere yet. So show me what we did earlier. Shift a little forward. Ah, a little more. Don't move the pedal. Don't move the pedal. Just go forward. I know it's crazy, right? Who can even do that? Hold it. Don't die. So you're standing in the cutout.

You could probably show me. Yeah, this, of course you can. Yeah. You have a little more space there. So from the side, you, your hips right now are very far behind your heels. And what you don't want is to have that happen. So bring your hips almost over. Yes ma'am. Now try. Press the pedal down a little. Don't fall down. Pull the bell back up. Hello and press the pedal a little.

Pull the pedal back up. Excellent. Press it a little in a way. Pull it back up. Nice and high. Press and pull. Give me two more times. We won't even pump. And a lower squeeze up into the belly. And last one, press squeeze up. Hold big squeeze of the seat and both arms up at the same time. You're perfect.

10 the crowd roars. Take a bow out. Beautiful work, Colleen. Really well done. Nice weight shift. Good use of the chair. Working all the way up through the body. Every exercise. Doing.


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Hoping this means that there will be a new Alycea mat class uploaded soon!!!
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The killer teacher!!!!! I love this class!!
Olena K
more please! going to take a shower :)
Alycea, always a pleasure!
Awesome class
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This was a fabulous class. I love being able to take classes with Alycea. I have learned so much from her videos on Pilates Anytime. When she has time, more please.
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Wow! This was a great class! It takes some serious strength. I'll be practicing and strengthening until I master every move!
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This is the best wunda video I've ever done. The cueing was phenomenal. Some of the corrections to form and explanations were ones I had never heard and helped so much. You corrected and changed exercises without having to slow the pace or interupt the series you are having the student perform. It was amazing.
Michele M
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Loved the attention to weight shifting!! This corrected my alignment better than ever before! Thank you, thank you:):)
This was areal blast:)
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