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Spine Corrector Workout

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Your body will feel great after this quick Spine Corrector workout with Adrianne Crawford! She teaches a few exercises which will help you get more understanding of hip control from your powerhouse. She includes a Leg Series, Grasshopper, and Teaser. Enjoy!
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Hi, I'm Adrian and I am going to be teaching Andrea the spine corrector. We're pretty much going to be doing the leg series, leg circles and um, and then I think I'll have her to grasshopper. That'll be fun. And um, just to tease her. So nothing too crazy. We're not gonna do everything that you can do on here cause there's a lot. Um, but for today that's what we'll do. So I'm going to have her sit down. She gonna slide a little bit forward in a, in order to slide down.

When she goes down, she brings one knee into her chest, holds the bars on the side and allows herself to just kind of glide back. Good. You want to be in a position that allows your chest to stay open and your neck is comfortable and that she's able to lift her head good. If she can lift her head, then she should be okay with her neck position. That looks good. You comfortable? Okay.

Let's start with your knees in her hips are properly prossed po propped. And the idea with the spine corrector, it really is about your spine. So you want to get that same long spine that you would have on the wall that you would have on the man. They would have standing, you would have on the reformer. It's the same sort of idea. But the great thing about this is it gives you a little support to help you get some more understanding of the hip control and powerhouse.

Okay. Which is part of the hip bones. All right. Take both legs straight up. She's holding on but not gripping. She's gonna have her heels together, toes apart, just like you would do with lake spring. She's going to do some leg circles. So I'm going to kneel down here. I just want to double check that she's aligned. Let's go ahead and get your center.

Keep your chest open and good. Just yes, the legs are reaching, but work more from the wrap from the outer thigh, the inner thigh wrap. Good. So yes, they are long, but the idea is to continue working through here. We're going to start with circles. These can start out small just to kind of warm up. Good. And what I want you to be aware of, one when you're doing these is to make sure right at this level when you get here that your shoulders are relaxed, but more importantly that that back hasn't shifted or you deepen that powerhouse. Are you squeezing your seat? Now you are and lift. So that's the idea is you might want to have to stop yourself right here and check and lift. I'm going to move over and Kinda, she's wearing black so it might be a little bit tricky to see.

But what I'm looking for is here is that she sinks in. So she went down here and you arched your back. Let's go ahead and just show that a little bit. So go ahead. You can kind of see the hips pop up. We don't want that. That's powerhouse, which you just did to fix it as pulling in. Okay. Left circle and together. So if you want to challenge that, if you've got that under control, you can lower those legs even lower almost to the mat way down there.

[inaudible] you feel the difference though. So the lower you go, more gravity. You have to control it more. That's it. I'm going to help you stay on both hips, right? This one? Yes. Now this one. And now both sync those roots down and lift.

So let's do two more circles together. That looks good. Where's your seat though? That a, squeeze your seat. Go ahead one more time. It's really easy to do these and forget about your bottom. Reverse down around together. Just do about maybe six to eight of these open together as you go down.

Make sure your ribs don't pop up. Three. I used to, when I do these, at least when I first did them, hopefully I don't do it anymore, but um, I would grip. So make sure you're not gripping. Intense my shoulders. [inaudible] use your seat. Squeeze your bottom. There you go. Two more lower. She's got a nice reach going and one more time.

Reach up and together. Go on and bend your knees and take a break. Good. And then you're going to do a walking exercise. So you're in. Take your legs back up and they're pretty high to start. Not so high that you feel your over your hips just kind of below the hip line and your heel stay pretty close together and she's going to do little shuffles for eight counts down and eight counts up to five, six, seven, eight.

So now you're into the same thing but take all the wobble out of it, very controlled and let's turn you in a little bit. So a little more parallel. Use your bottom, squeeze. Good. And now a little steps. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight down, up to four, five, six, seven, eight. And your challenge for you is to stay on that hip. One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight up to three, six, seven, eight. One more set down. Where's your seat? Four, five, six. There's your powerhouse. Eight, five, six, seven, eight. And Bend your knees and rest. Good job.

It really helps when you incorporate your seat cause that's going to help keep that stability going. That was good. All right, take your legs back up. Heels together, toes apart and she's going to just do some beats. So the feet open, not too wide. Maybe hip width in Cla. Eight times. Same spot though. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Now you're gonna lower. We'll go a little bit quicker with the beats. And one, two, three, four.

Use your seat to Clive. Six, seven, eight, nine hole. Stay in here. Good job. Now go a little lower. Get the pelvis down. Hold very nice. Now Clap. One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight. Whole feel like you can go lower. Okay. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. So you go to where you can control that hip rock. And I think you can go lower. Now find it. There's more in there. I know you can do it. Squeeze scope.

Yes. Now Clap and one, two, four, five, six, seven, eight hole. You're gonna work your way up. So a little higher and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight hole, a little bit higher. Let's go parallel again cause you hyper rotate. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Hold. Are you using your seat when you clap? Cause I didn't see it a little bit higher. So we make sure you squeeze your seat. Two, five, six, seven, eight, hold, go a little bit higher to finish. One more set. And one, two, four, five, six, seven, eight. Good job. Bend your knees and rest. And now, yeah, you comfortable. Okay. Take your legs back out.

Just put that into a bicycle. And I want you to think of skimming your heel on the barrel. So down. Good, hardest part here is once again those hips. Where's your hip? Your back. There we go. And down and lower this one. Keep the hip down. Sit on this hip.

Okay. And bring it back in and reach. So be careful that as you're moving that you don't have this going on. Reverse. Reach out long. Keep this ribs in. That's gonna help you. Two, two, and a reach and lift. Don't let your back move and stretch.

And one more time. Reach out along those ribs down though. Good. And that's enough. Bring both knees in. Keep the knees glued together. Soften your neck and shoulders and just ticktock from side to side. Get slow though. You want to make sure your back is able to adjust to that.

Good. And then you'll bring your knees in. And then what I'm gonna do is have you let go and I'm going to move the barrel away where you can slide yourself off. Good. And just rest for a second with your head. Good. Not much of a rest though. All right. I'm gonna have you sit up. I'm going to move this backwards and let's have you do a grasshopper.

So I like these. They just are really fun and they feel really good. Thing is you have to find the right placement and you do want to be fairly far forward. Not too far off though. Yeah. You want to be able to kind of keep the crown of your head on the Mat. So scooped up and your head is down and you are going to hold onto the sides of this. So this is a back extension. Keep your chest low. Yeah, keep your shoulders relaxed as much as you can.

And you're going to take both feet. You're going to keep those hips down and you can kick your seat three times. So three kicks. As you kick, keep pushing those hips down. Up. Sherry, did it reach those legs out long? So after the third kicks, she reaches, she's reaching for me. Get both hips down. And now she's going to clap for eight counts. Working your way down. Six, seven, eight an Holt. So three kicks first. So kick first, one, two, three. Now she kicks up into the air. Both hits. Push down. Yes. And now, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, kick. Bend your knees. Kick. One, two, three. Up Man. One, two, three, five, six, seven, eight. Kick. One, two, three. Up. Keep those hips down. One, two, five, six, seven, eight.

Last one, three kicks, one, two, three, up into there. And one, two, three, six, seven, eight, and rust. That's it. Good. I'm going to have you turn over onto your bottom. She's going to sit down and then I'll have you move just a little bit forward and go ahead and just lie down when like you would for a roll down. So she's stretching. Good. And Andrew, just move your upper body a little left. Okay, so heels together, toes apart. She's going into a teaser. Nice little finish here. So very short little spine corrector.

So let's have your arms come up this way. So drop back down. She's stretching out, everything's kind of loose and now as she comes up she's going to pull into that powerhouse. Lift her legs up into a teaser. So try to get those legs up. I looks like you need to move towards me a little bit. Yeah, you want a little space between your hips in the this area. All right, nice and easy. So what she's trying to do is fill that barrel in, especially in this area. Pull in to come up.

Now she tries to hold that. I want you to sit as tall as you can. Lift, reach for the ceiling with both arms and now control it back down. So roll down, articulating all the way back and rest. Tear more up. Don't lead with the legs. You want everything to come up together. Reach and then bring it down. So you missed, you missed as you came up as you came up with your head, you want to Curlin. So yes, her chin goes down. That's it. Now I didn't mention this earlier, but we are going to do a little hip circle. So grab those bars behind you.

Lift your back. You just look like you needed some hip circles. Really Tall. Lift those hips up. Sit on the side. Good, taller. Now hold. You can lean back a little bit. There you go. So your hips are supported behind you and you're going to circle, it's like corkscrews on the mat and lift way up to the note and circle. Stay over on your right though instead of tall.

And I'm going to move and I want you to keep lifting up. So if you need to lean back to do that, you can just stay open in the chest as much as you can. Good. One more time and lift centered. Lie Down. Finish with the teaser. Stretch deep breath in. Exhale, bring yourself up, lift your back, lift those hips up taller. You're okay, you're centered.

And then bring it down to finish. And stretch back and we will finish there. Good job. And that concludes our spine corrector. Good job.


Nice workout!
Great spine corrector exercise. Can you send the link to purchase the prop please?
Marilyn ~ Here is the Spine Corrector that was used in this class. There are other brands that will work as well, but for this video, it was a Gratz Spine Corrector. I hope this helps!
Thanks for the comments! and thank you Gia for the link.Marilyn hope you are able to find the Spine Corrector of your choice.
Thank you, Adrianne! I like the powerhouse reminders.
Love this short class 😊🙏🏻
Love the Spine Corrector! Often an underused piece of equipment. I always enjoy a new perspective 🤗

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