Class #2627

Spine Corrector Workout

10 min - Class


Your body will feel great after this quick Spine Corrector workout with Adrianne Crawford! She teaches a few exercises which will help you get more understanding of hip control from your powerhouse. She includes a Leg Series, Grasshopper, and Teaser. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector

About This Video


Hi, I'm Adrian and I am going to be teaching Andrea the spine corrector. We're pretty much going to be doing the leg series, leg circles and um, and then I think I'll have her to grass...


Nice workout!
Great spine corrector exercise. Can you send the link to purchase the prop please?
Marilyn ~ Here is the Spine Corrector that was used in this class. There are other brands that will work as well, but for this video, it was a Gratz Spine Corrector. I hope this helps!
Thanks for the comments! and thank you Gia for the link.Marilyn hope you are able to find the Spine Corrector of your choice.
Thank you, Adrianne! I like the powerhouse reminders.
Love this short class 😊🙏🏻
Love the Spine Corrector! Often an underused piece of equipment. I always enjoy a new perspective 🤗

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