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Mat Workout

45 min - Class


Condition your body for action sports in this Mat workout with Ed Botha. He prepares your body for the waves, snow, and many other activities by focusing on stability in the body and conditioning of the spine. He includes many slow and controlled movements, like isometric holds, so you can work with precision in your body.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, my name is Ed Botha. I'm from Cape Town, South Africa and I'm gonna be doing a conditioning class for action sports. So for all of you people who like to get on your bikes, surfboards, skis, this ...

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Very good and precise workout ! Thank you
Hey Ed, i like your Class and love the Little Special Variations
Thank You
Thank you!!! From Spain !!!!
LOVED everything about this class Ed. Thank you.. even the side kneeling series which I usually dislike (due to lack of form) you made me love it by following up with the side bend oblique work. Will be doing again soon!
Slow and control…Thank you! It was great!
Beautiful workout ! Thank you !
I always look forward to new Ed Botha classes. Excellent cueing and control.
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Ed- you are an excellent instructor; cueing is spot on. I love the attention to the hip stabilization. Thanks for your videos!
Excellent workout..I am impressed once again...thank you
Lots of fun and challenge! Thank you
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