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Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


See the difference between two body types in this Reformer workout with Michele Larsson. She teaches a simple class looking a a tighter body and a hypermobile body, showing the modifications you can make to the equipment and the exercises for each body. She includes creative variations for the Rowing, Long Stretch Series, and much more. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole, Theraband

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Jun 28, 2016
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Awesome class!! Loved the variations
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Thanks Michele Larsson for thinking out loud as you offer variations and tweak the movements.
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there is always so much to learn from masters like Michele Larsson
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Wonderful cueing and modifications. Would love to see more of this type of routine, with adjustments for different type of clients.
Me too Holly
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Great class! Our studio has so many different body types this is very informative!
Wonderful- thank you Michele
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That was a great class. I watched to look at the 2 body types. It was fun to watch without teaching! Next, I will take the class! Thank you so much!
I really appreciated this class. As a teacher, we all work with so many different body types and it was helpful to hear from one of the masters how to modify to best suit the individual. I learned so much from this!
Loved this class. Great insights into working with different bodies. Appreciated learning some new combos to add to skill builiding for beginners. Thank you Michele.
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