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Deep Powerhouse Connection

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Learn how you can use your feet to connect deeper to your powerhouse in this Reformer workout with Amy Taylor Alpers. She encourages you to think about standing on your feet in each exercise, even when you are not on your feet. By creating this awareness, you will be able to remove tension in other parts of your body and more more freely.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Hi everyone. I'm Amy Taylor Alpers from the Palati Center in Boulder, Colorado. And today we're going to do a nice like intermediate reformer with a couple of little extras thrown in. And we're going to follow the theme that I talked about in the tutorial having to do with feet. So if you haven't watched that yet, you might just take a quick moment and check it out cause we're going to keep talking about that same theme. So take a stand with your back slightly to the end of your reformer. And before you have a seat, take a moment and find the triangle of your foot, the tripod, the big toe, the little toe, the center of the heel, both feet. Check in that you're not hyper extending your calves, that your ankles have a little sense of flection in them.

They're not locked out right and you're not tucking under or anything like that. So you could feel right away a nice lift of the triangle in your arch that comes right up through your, so as into your lungs and a sense that the upper is just kind of floating around the lower body. So when you lie down, even though your lying down, you still actually have a sense of standing up on your feet. So when you put your feet on the bar, you put them right into these nice little triangles. Guys, you just take a big inhale and then exhale, have a seat, lie down and place your feet perfectly into your triangles. Levitating the arches, nice and strongly, and levitating the toes slightly. And we go stretch out and in.

And your goal is to have me take you down just a little bit to not set your knees down right. But to stay standing on your feet. The opposition of your feet is your inhale versus thinking. I straightened my knees, bend my knees. That's the way. Beautiful. Beautiful. There we go. So Nice. Yes.

And the lungs are free to expand because you're not hanging your knees off of them. Yes, you're standing on your feet. Beautiful. Last one, and come back in. Go Bird on a perch and same feeling stretch out. So we have a sense that the foot, including the heel is at this end, the lungs are at that end. Right? So we're going to let the heels come under the bar more. Yes. As if you were, if we were standing, you'd be basically flat on the floor. Right.

But no hyper extension because the opposition is the inhale instead of the knees. You got it out a little deeper. Ankles. Yep. So you have an ankle the whole time. Axial beautiful last time and out a heels down. Just a little more gut. And now come to the heels, right? And now you open the triangle, go and you take it with you so you don't move the knees so much.

You move the foot or take the foot with you. And when you reach the end of what your foot can do, your foot, not your calves, your foot, flex your foot, not your cat's. That's the way you come back in. Right? So you don't push your calf, you lift your foot, lift this up a little bit and flex your foot more. Yes. So they're connected. Right? So the, these two parts stay together. We're not putting the calf down. We're flexing the ankle.

Last time you got it. Beautiful job. Beautiful job. Come back to the balls of the feet. And this one has a little harder stretch on out, but don't lock your knees. Stay perched on your feet. Right? So you're going to levitate this a little bit. Yes. And then you're going to flex your feet, right?

And your ankles and rise right up. And there's no weight here. This is lifted off my fingers and held in your belly. And so as yes, yes, you might turn in just a little bit. So in either parallel or kind of a more natural Pele's v so you could come here, but this is up. So lift this off my fingers and completely yet. So the weight of the Shitty calf is supported up in the foot and consequently up in your psoas and your lungs. So as a teacher, when you're here, there should be no wait here. Yeah, this is held here, right?

So we established that foot arch as what holds that Shin up so that this line stays, if you can lift it with the arch of your foot. Yes. And eventually the knee straightens. Not by pushing the Shin down, but by polling the quad up. So when you come in this time, lift your shins up very high and then come home by lifting your shins up as opposed to breaking your knee. Beautiful. Take your foot bar down as you go to lift in hundred now, right? You're not going to hang your shin off your knee. You're going to pick your shins up with your arches a little bit. Take big. Inhale. Exhale. Press down and lift your feet up.

Yes, and we go in two, three, four, five and now two a little bigger and in two, three, four, five and now, and let's come in a little less turnout. We're going to come. No sick, no, no perching of the foot this way, but a sense more of this. Yes. Beautiful. Yes, you got it right. Good. Now just remember Rachel was talking about in our class, right? That you're actually kind of lifting up, that the shoulders float towards the ceiling slightly. Yeah.

So they don't hang and pull you back. Last one, keep this feeling as you bend. It's not here. It's that you lift the arch calf and you come on home, bring your feet to you, handles in one hand, come up to sending. We'll go into short spy down to two springs, lie down, head rest down, and then you're going to loop your feet through the straps. Now shorts, buttons are really a tricky one because we get kind of used to just swing in those feet out there into hyper extension and letting the carriage take us over with the spring. Instead we're going to feel it like footwork. We're going to stay in the arches of our feet with our shins supported by the artists of our feet and then pick the whole thing up as one. So you inhale and extend out. No hyper extension. You stay in your feet.

Then you exhale your abs and pick the whole thing up. Little less pointing, a little more lifting. Yes. Inhale, flex everything. Exhale. You roll away from your feet. You keep a sensation of awareness here and then instead of that you bring this. Yes, so you're not thinking so much. I flex my knee as you are. I stand in my feet, I exhale and levitate up, up, up, up.

I bend my knees and release them all the way. Exhale down. And then as you start to and release your knees even more so you start to come home a little bit of toes around the calves. Inhale. Yes, no. Hyperextension yeah. Pick your hips up. Your hips, your hips. Yep.

Armando would say no hanging baskets and exhale roll. Roll it down, right. And then toes come over last time. Inhale, no hyper extension. So you're still here. Pick the whole thing up. A little less. Pointing, a little more. Lifting. Yes. Then curl and then toes lead just a little bit so you don't drag.

Beautiful. Take your handles in your hands. Gently take your straps off, put your handles down or your elbows down. Lift your head. Inhale, extend out. Now stay for one sec. As you go out. We're going to bend your knees. One more second, Jen. We're going to go down this way and hold the feet versus drop the knee.

Okay. Lift your hands off your mat. Curl up in into your handles. Open-Close Xcel toes down. Calves up, bring them home and then your elbows. Inhale, toes down, calves up, open, close, exhale. And I'm going to say if you want to do something extra, don't do it at the knee. Do it at the lungs. Yeah, breathe more versus lock your knees last time. Go out. We'll do some beats, but keep that feeling you can turn out, lift your elbows, lift your shoulders, lift your lungs. Yes, clap your feet versus your knees. And then when you bend toes, go down. Calves come up, handles in one hand and step off. Gorgeous. All right, Hook your handles. We're going to go into stomach massage. You can grab a pad now, stomach massage. We're going to go. You guys go a little lightweight today just cause you're practicing this skill.

This is one where we just throw those legs out and slam the knees down. We're going to try to stay on the balls of the feet with the arches. Triangles lifted very high and the calves from the arches holding the shins up a little bit, right? So your first movement is not slammed down. Your first movement is inhale and lift up. Inhale, lift up, lower lift, exhale. And again, we're not going to bend the knee. We're going to flex the ankle more. Inhale. Oh, sorry.

I took you off and inhale, you're going to stay way up here. Lift this up, lift it up. Like bend your knees a little bit and stay here. Yes. Lower lift and come on home. Right? So you go out, you hold the legs up in your belly, you flex them point and you lift your shins up and curl your spine. Yes. And you lift your shins up and curl your spine. Keep the elbows high and wide. Little less tension in here.

More work in the foot. You might get just one a little bit lower on that foot. Yeah. So stay here for one second. You're out. Okay. You're not going to put this down. You're going to lift this up. You're gonna lift this up. You're going to lift this up. Okay. You're going to keep it all lifted. You're going to flex your ankle. Yes.

All the way down. You're gonna lift your ankle back up. Keep. Don't lock it. Yes. Still stand right here. Right, right here. There you go. Bend your elbows and then bend your ankles. Yes. So this stays one more time. You go out this days, don't stretch it. Flex it lower and flex it home.

Drop a spring and take your arms back. So you just be like really conscious about that first movement. Cause we're so used to slamming out like that, right? So we're going to stay perched on the feet and you stretch out, but you don't pull off your feet. You lower your feet, you lift your feet, you lift yourself home by flexing your ankles. Lower lift in the toes are light.

So you're not using them for gripping. You're standing on the triangle, not putting this down. Yeah, you're holding this up always because this has to stay connected to your, so as instead of hanging off your quad. Okay. Nice job. Yes. And come back and reach around and go out and, and let's just go out and end four times. Stay in your arches. Lean back a little bit and lift your arches and shins. Yes. Soften your elbows and lift your hands and lift your arches and shins.

Yes. Arches and shins. Relax your shoulders, bend your elbows even and exhale instead. Twist. Inhale. Don't swing too much. Stay on your feet. Stay on your feet. Stay on your feet. Don't put this down. Keep holding it up. Bend your elbows just a little. Yeah, less tension. Hold this up and go out. Stay up right here. Can you den up, up, up in your arches? Yes. Up. Up, up. Yeah. One more time. It's challenging, especially on this exercise. Nice job and come back and step off. That's the worst one right there.

That's so hard. But we're going to do tendon stretch later. This is a little exception to the level intermediate order and if we get that concept really well, then all of a sudden tennis starts. Makes better sense. All right, so now we're going to take our long box and go into swan. We talked a lot about the swan idea in the tutorial. The hope is if we've gotten it pretty well established at this point, it'll make better sense here.

So could we stay on those beautiful arched feet and everything else is free to move cause you just trust those feet so much. All right, so you're gonna step onto your foot bar probably, or you can go on the frame if you want and you push out. You get the upper quad on the front of your box, come in a little narrower and then find your foot work stomach massage feet, right? So they're going to be a little higher. So you're in the arch. Yes, you have a free ankle, knee, hip, and spine. You inhale arch back. But keep your feet beautiful. Yes, open your arms, stretch out, but keep your feet. You're just standing on your feet the whole time as if you were on the pedestal are to all the way back.

You could bend those knees now and then stretch out and round over. Even now, don't lose your feet. Keep them and your eyes up. Okay. Better and open. Less shoulders and arms freer. Free or less shoulders and arms. That's the way. Yeah. And then just let your knees bend, but stay in your ankles and reach out. And let's do one more free. Now throw the ball behind your head, but stand on your feet and open, okay.

And then reach it and stand in your ankles even. And then stretch it out. Soft arms and round over. All right ladies, go ahead and step off. Alright, take your pad away and drop down to one middle spring. Preferably if you have all the same springs or one relatively light spray. Now, even though you get all of a sudden into a pull straps and t and you're not on your feet, where are your feet the whole time? Okay, so go ahead and lie on your belly.

Take your leather straps and drop your handles or looped them, whatever you do, reach all the way up as high as you can. Head down, feet together, and you're going to have this sense that the toenails are lifted up to give you an arch, which is pressing your Cap Shin forward, right? So that you have this feeling, but you're straightening your knee, right? Which is actually very hard when you're on your belly, especially if you're a hyper extender. All right, we pull back, you lift your eyes in your toenails, feel that the evenness of that and come back down. Exhale. Very, very nice. You inhale, rise up and you think that your luck torpedo, lift your eyes a little more yes and go back down and those feet are eye level as if you were doing hundred so that you can't lean back and tighten your back and go back down. Now we'll do t lift your the back of your arm. So using some of that stuff from Rachel's class, you'd go bend your elbows a little bit more. A Pie. Yeah, and the feet push you and they stay nice and high without bending the knees. Eyes up a little bit more. There you go. Beautiful. Yes. One more. That's it. Laura. You feel that?

That's beautiful and gently handles in one hand and step off backstroke. We're going to add a spring two springs. Now when we get into backstroke, similar to stomach massage, we like to just kind of fling those feet. Instead of flinging those feet, we're going to put your feet up here and then put your feet out here and then bring your feet together versus swaying on them. Okay? They're going to lie on your back. You're going to hold maybe you know, little oranges with each arch of your foot and you're not going to let it go or fling your knee. You're gonna lift your foot calf. You're going to lift your foot, calf open arms too, and you're going to bring them around so you're not in your quads.

You're in your feet, belly and you come back in. You got it. And inhale, feet, belly, not knees, feet, belly, not knees. Yes, and come all the way home all the way. Elbows wider and inhale up. Keep them a little closer to you and then come around and now reverse it. You move your feet and you move your hands.

What's the difference between moving your legs and arms versus moving your feet and hands? You got it last time down. Inhaling where your carriage all the way home right away. Then up. Beautiful handles in one hand. Gently, carefully up, down to one spring. Turn back down and light out. So you're as far down the box as you can be without falling off, right? You have these amazing feet, calves and nice arms and you curl in and rise up.

Hands and feet rise together and you circle your hands, which again is a little different feeling. So instead of having Shin Down, toes up, we're going to have toes down. Halves up. Yeah, there we go. She got it. Yes. And we're gonna stay up. Stay up. No, don't lower your quads. Lift your hands and feet down and keep them eye level. Fabulous.

And pick your hands and feet back up again and circle your hands the other way. Yeah, toes down. Calves up instead of shins. Down, toes up. Right. And then your nice big breathing and last one here. And then curl down. Toes go down hands. Oh, nice ladies.

And then right to the floor with your hands last time. Curl up. Let's do circles again. First Direction. Toes down, calves up. Hold with your guts. There you go. Excellent. Excellent. That's so good. Last time. Stay very narrow. Arms on the way down, right into you all the way through gorgeous, fabulous handles in one hand and step off. Nice job. Okay, gently lay your handles down and we'll switch your boxes for short box. All right. And core box can be very challenging, right? To stay in the feet because you're not on your feet.

It's some of the hardest stuff. I think. Kind of why Matt is sort of the last thing that Joe realized. People needed so much more help with equipment, especially things to put your hands and feet on. So then when you get to Matt, you know where they are. All right, so nice ankle flection. So the difference between pushing the shin down versus flexing the ankle, which is what we wanted in our footwork a little bit more, which was hard, right? You're going to keep that ankle flection the whole time curlier or fold your arms courier spine and roll back. But don't lose your ankle flection.

You can go as far as you want. Fabulous. And curl back in ankle flex like crazy. Yeah, and ankle flection is intensity. It's just a movement of a joint. It requires muscles but not gripping. So you should theoretically be able to, but in this day and age, we all tend to have a little trickiness in those ankles. Let's just do one more. That's beautiful. Ladies can come a little narrow or maybe Laurel. Yeah, that's right. And keep your ankles and then exhale. Flex your ankles first.

It's amazing how flection loves flection. Yes. And take your bar. So if you keep a really beautiful ankle flection, your spine reacts more freely and bring your hands a little narrower, a little narrower. Good. And inhale ankle flex. Bring your feet a little narrower too. And ankle flex as you go back. Inhale, back stretch. Don't stretch your arms too much. Exhale, come back up. Eyes on your toes. Ankles flexed. But don't lean on your calves. Inhale, stand on your feet. What's the difference? Tween leaning on your shoe calves versus standing on your feet.

Let's do one more. Soften your elbows. Inhale, flex your ankles instead. Right side bend. Keep it all side bend again. No pressure here. The weight is here so you're not levering off to your Shin Calves. Again, soften your shoulders and elbows. Keep your arms short.

Pretend your arms are shorter than you think. Yeah, not that they have to be bent. They can be long. They're just not stretched quite so much. There you go. So you can breathe and stand on your feet. Soften the knees and keep standing on the feet. Very nice. Keep your hips on the box. We'll twist to the right. Keeps off hitting, shortening, twist to the right curl back.

Stand on your feet and exhale. Rise to your feet. Very nice and curl back. Yes ladies and come back up. Beautiful job. Wrist forward a little bit. Inhale the lung soft, shorter arms come back. Keep your flex, not your calves. Curl a little more as you go so it's more this way and come back up and it was at three and place the bar under your thighs.

Let's take your right knee to your chest. Now you're going to Hook your elbow under here and we're gonna play with this concept of that. You're not kind of lifting this whole thing up. Your picking your Shin up with your calf and putting it over your femur and then back up again and around, almost like you could imagine your knee joint was down here. Yes, that's right. So the leg, yes. Beautiful leg as a sense of coming to you and stacking up.

Stay up flex ankles and point. Flex your ankle and 0.1 more time. Flex your ankle and point your foot. So I'm gonna say it one more time. We're going to flex the ankle and point the foot versus flex the foot and point the ankle, which is sometimes what we do. Okay, so we've got a pointed foot, but we still have an ankle. We haven't tensed that.

We still have this foot. We walk the hands up to the ankle. Elbows are high and wide. Head is low, hips are very narrow. And you're standing on this foot not hanging off this or this and you walk away. You're not stretching your knee, you're pointing your foot points, your foot points, your foot, and your arch to hold your Shin forward. Take it towards you. Just a little Jen. Yes. And Curl Up.

So you're not pushing your cap away. You're pulling your calf to you and inhale, keep your calf with you energetically. Yes, don't shove it away and exhale, curl back up. Keep your calf with you and all the way up. Good last time. Now you're not hanging off of it because you have a nice, strong, powerful hip connection. The tree is all by itself up there, and you walk back up and you don't hang off your leg or tighten your hamstring.

You hold your foot up there and you bend that knee and we'll go the other way. That's nice. Alright, get right underneath that. Even get a little into the hamstring meet. Yes, you're not right on the cables of the knee too much. And then lift. So you're gonna think of kind of lifting this way, right? So the calf lifts the Shin and the arch lifts the foot and you don't drag on your knee. Pick your lower leg up. Yes. And I'm curl back just a little bit.

Flex your right foot and let this come into you a little bit more. So this, so you don't push this away. You lift this to you. Fabulous. Flexon boy. Nice job. Yes. And then sometimes it's hard in the flection, but you want to get a straight flection. So you're going right around the tailless and not pivoting off to the side.

Yes, yes. Watch pushing your shin away. Keep pulling the calf towards you. Stay pointed. Walk your hands up. Narrow, strong hips. Good flection down here. You're standing on your right foot. You're not hanging off this leg.

You have your own lift and this is forward and this is strong. And you walk away. Keep the leg ticket with your just a little bit. Nice job and extend. Stand on your right foot versus hanging off the strap. Curl back up and walk right up. Elbows, high head low.

And again, narrow hips. We come down to solo, but there we go. Strong. Feel your right foot right now. Feel your left foot right now. Yes. And walk back up that strong leg that's not hyper extended. And don't use it for leverage. Make your hips do that work and walk down. So the tree is not something that has to harden or tighten, especially in the back line of it. For you to climate, you stay strong in your abs and your hips instead.

Beautiful. And Bend your knee and step off. So nice ladies, take your bar, take your box and we'll come back into long stretches, headrest up, wipe it down. There we go. One spring ideally. But ultimately you can, you can also do two. We're going to work really and this is a great place to see it very clearly here. And then some of the kneeling exercises and stretches, et cetera. So as you step into your long spine, hand, foot, hand, foot, you're going to step into ankle fluxion and into the sole of the foot as opposed to what we often like to do, which is step up into the calf. So the Shin has a forward feeling into ankle flection and then the head is up in line. Good. Walk your toes forward a little bit, flex your ankles more, prayer foot slightly so you're on and you could sit back into your feet a little bit and then bend your elbows.

And stand in your hands and feet like a four foot animal. Inhale, stretch out. Stay in your ankles. Exhale, so we're not coming into the cap. We're standing in the Shin, Taylor, so the weight of your body goes through your Shin, into your taillights and back again. Head up just a little. There we go. And come back in. One more time. Flux, your ankles, Jen. Just a little. And Stan, you should be able to lift all 10 toes because you're not standing in your toes and ankles tensing your ankles. You're standing in your balls of your feet. And then here, a lot of times you'll see a stretch in here.

What we really want is a flection in here and a sense of the shins down. All right, chest up and inhale. Flex your ankles and stay in ankle flection. When you come home, bring your hands a little narrower, both of you and soften your elbow slightly and bring your chest in front of your shoulder blades. Flex your ankles, flex your ankles, unlock your elbows and flex your ankles. Yes, flex your ankles and stay flexing your ankles as you. One more time gets shorter. Inhale, flex your ankle. Stay flex.

Now come forward instead of up. Yes. When you rise up, you're going to flex your ankles, right and on up. Stay in ankle flection. You can let your toes come out. But we're not going to press here. We're going to ankle flex. Push down and out through your ankles. Stay in ankle flection and come home in how you can walk your toes back a little bit. Get a little higher, and then flex your ankles.

Nice job and come home. You can probably get a little higher too. Soft elbows though. Soft elbows and knees. Strong feet and hands. Beautiful. Beautiful. Try a combo. Just rise up. Stand on your feet. Push through your feet as you extend. Stay on your feet. Hands.

Push back on your feet, hands and curl your spine. Lower your heels. Nice job. So we're, if we're go ahead and lower your heels, we'll go into elephant. Your heels. Yeah. All right. So if we were still four footed, like we're sort of primally designed for, we'd feel this really well. So again, we're not pushing back in the calf. We're standing in the tripod of the foot and finding our ankle flection. Relax. Shoulders and elbows stand on your hands a little bit more.

Soften the knee. It's not that the knee is ultimately soft or flexed, it's just to find the foot. Sometimes you have to let go with the knee. So when you go out, Jen, when you come home, come home, shins first, shins. There we go, right? Yes. So when we get to 10 and stretch or even long back stretch, we're going to have this feeling here versus that one back there. Just watch your wrists, thumbs, reach across the room, elbows or slightly bend. Put Your weight on your hands all the way to your hands.

So we actually want to be on the hands a little bit more and the feet. So the weight is distributed. And when we go into, let's just step down and go into long back stretch and see if you can stay on your hands and feet. Not your elbows and knees. Hand, foot, hand, foot, right away. So hard not to hyper extend here. Imagine you're just not allowed to touch your calves no matter what. Pushed down out. Lift your calves first.

Lift your calves up instead of your hips. Lift your calves up and flex your ankle. There we go. Down out. Flex your ankles. Yes, reverse. Keep your ankles flexed. Lower hips, but not calves. What if you bend your elbows but you don't drop your shins? Yeah, so hard, but so good. Yes ma'am.

Add step off. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Okay, let's do semi-circle. So we'll put up peg in the track and it's really helpful when you're trying to figure this guy out, the standing on our feet, hands to have the peg in because it gives you that moment when you really touching something to find your feet. So semi-circle, very challenging to stay in the forward calf ankle arch of the foot versus hangout in the quad and tighten and grip other things. Right? So we're standing in the leg and the forearms freeing up everything in the middle to move very freely. Right? You can do high and or low. You guys can choose.

Ready. She's going to do a lot. Let's go. We'll do both. All right, and each one has similar challenges in terms of staying on your feet hands the whole time so you're not hanging off anything. You're fully suspended the whole time in the arches of your feet, muscles of the calves holding the shins forward. Come in a little narrower and then prayer foot your feet a little bit. So take your toes wider and then not here.

Let's go narrow narrower here and then sickle, your feet stand on your little toes, so not in your knees. I know it's crazy hard. Bring your knees narrower, lower your heels a little and then cup them. There you go. Hold this and cup this now. No hyper extension of the elbows, but you could get straight or you might go on your knuckles and push yourself. Dad's, you've got strong arms, but they're not hyper extended.

Now stare for a second and levitate everything. You're on your hands and feet. You roll down, you stay on your feet, unlock your elbows and go in your knuckles and lift yourself up on your feet and come on home. You got it. Let's just do two each way and reverse. Stay on your feet. Don't hang. Yes, don't drop or hang you. Stay on your hands and feet rise up. And then we'll reverse stretch it out. Stay on those feet, hands and feet. You Lower and count all beautiful.

And up we come very, very nice and out and yes, so nice. And, and ended up was that two, three, what are we doing? One more. Okay. And then you can reach around, actually take hold of your ankles for a second. Feel your ankle. Flections you have nice actual ankle flection. You're not standing in your knees, you're standing in your feet, right? Your heels can be many different levels, but your weight is in your foot. Right?

And that frees else to release an open a little bit and then reached back and slide yourself back on and step off. And let's remove your pegs right away so we don't forget. And we'll go down to, or we'll stay on our two springs and we'll grab our handles and we'll do chest expansion. Now again, because you're not technically using or standing on your feet in this exercise, it can feel a little different. But what if you work? What if you thought of yourself as standing in your feet and using your ankle flection versus tensing, right? Using Ankle fluxion to inhale and open your chest.

So you ankle flex your way there. Look, look, center release. Very, very nice. And Hail. Ankles flex. Yes. So you don't tighten up on you. Let's just do one more set. Big Inhale. Stay in your ankle flection, not your tension. And exhale the last time. Fill the lungs.

Big lungs, huge deep ankles and release. Beautiful added spring. If you have a pad and you have long hair, you want to put it on your springs, you think you guys might be okay. Okay, so now before you go, just take a moment here. You're going to have a sense of pressing your Shin Down with your calf, a sense of lengthening it this way and having an arch in your foot. So I even might say toenails up, a little bit, calves down and then a little bit of a shear back. So that the quad rises up and as you go back that way the knee doesn't get caught because you're actually on your Shin Foot and you come back up, press your shins down with your calves. Nice job, softened elbows and inhale. Put Your weight on your feet, let your feet do the works off in your elbows a little bit yes and looked down your chest to the end of the reformer.

And then we'll just do one more ankle shins, arches of your feet. And then hands and feet. Bring you back up. Beautiful right there. Stay on your feet and sit of your cat, your quads and stay okay. Handles in one hand. Stay up on your carriage and turn around and we'll do arm circles. You're going to drop down to one spring and today this is going to be an ankle flection exercise with a sense of calves, pushing shins down, right ankles flexed calves, pushing shins down to ground you and give you all the power you need.

Some of your chest, shoulders, lungs can stay really free. So the first movement is ankle flection. Inhale, ankle flex and exhale and ankle flex and ankle flex both directions. Ankle flex home too. One more time. Ankle flax and it and the ankles flex and the calves push the shins down towards the mat a little bit to give you the taking route to fly, feeling the down to go up and down. Beautiful and Hook your handles and step up.

So then we're going to make a leap in our order here and we're gonna do tendon stretch because this one is so challenging for our kind of hyperextended leaning in our quads lifestyle that we have these days where the shin gets way behind the quad and we're not on our foot anymore. So we're trying to stay on the arch of the foot with the Shin coming right down into the tailless and then distributing into the ankle to the whole tripod of the foot and not hanging out in hyper extension or just letting go of that feeling. Okay, so you might just for today, bend those knees a little bit more. Cause when you lock them, you lose the ankle. Right? Eventually we're going to straighten those knees, but we're going to do it a little differently than when we'd been doing it. So you're gonna reach hand arch right away. Hand and arch before you go, maybe go a little more parallel today. Go deeper. [inaudible] ankle flection for a second. Okay. And Bend your knees a degree.

So you're standing in the tailless, not the calf. Right. And the elbows also are long but not locked. Cause you're standing in your hands and your feet. The hips typically try to stay in front of the bar and above the bar as you ankle. Flex your way out. Ankle flat. Come on, Laurel Ankle flex. Where are those ankles? What are you standing on right now? Yes. So challenging. So we're here and we want to be here. Yes, you can lift your toes a little bit. There you go. That's better. Yes.

Stay here for one second. Ankle flex. Not Toe flex, but ankles. Then journeys a little more in flex like crazy right here. Drop your heels under the bar under the carrots and come back crazy hard. There you go. There you go. Yes, that's better. And Flex. Flex your ankle if come on, push with them. Okay. Okay.

Okay. Nice job. And step off. Alright. I know it's crazy hard. It's like where are my ankles? Our brain doesn't even really know. You know, we just sit and share so much instead of squatting and we were kind of designed and so the nervous system is like, I don't actually know where you are anymore. So that's a really useful thing to play with. All right, let's do long spine. And you know, if you think ahead, those of you who kind of are used to doing this exercise, right?

How our tendency might be to kind of lean on the strap, Shin and push with our Shin and our knees. Instead we're going to stand on our hands, feet and move the carriage in ourselves, right? So we ended up really suspended between our hands and feet and not leaning on anything. We're not leaning or levering or locking or lifting, standing on our hands and feet and moving everything. All right, so you're going to check for locks are going to check for any place where you just bear down and grit. All right, so legs straight, bring them over your head and rise up without locking. Without, yeah, without shoving. Right. All right. And you're up in your feet. You're not hanging off your feet.

You're up in them so you can open and you push your feet and you stay in your feet. Very nice. You bring your feet together and you lift up to your feet. Don't hang off of them though. Hanging baskets just lift right up and open and move your feet. Yes. And You keep that feeling that Rachel was talking about, about the arms being on the moving sidewalk and you can bring your care to show maybe a little bit more so you're just a little past it.

And then open and stay with your feet, not your shins. Yes. Push with the whole body from your hands to your feet and then rise back up again. Up we go and we'll reverse it. The top open. Press your feet or no, we're going down together. Sorry. Need to confuse you there. Beautiful whole body. And that's how you get to where you can do that exercise where you don't have straps on your feet. Right. We're going that way.

Open. And when you rise, not your Shin Calf, bend this a little bit and lift this up. Up. We go. Up we go. That's the one who right and their ego Laurel. Oh my gosh. This is beautiful. Open and rise up to the feet. Up, up, up. Bring them together and then you can flex your hips and drop your strap in the well. Yep. And roll off to stay on base. Just roll. No, just roll right on up. Oops. Sorry. Not like that. Yeah, there we go.

Head rest up. Foot bar up. Knee stretches. Let's do the knees down version because I want you to practice what you were working on in your arm circles. So we're going to be deep in the toes. Deep in the ankles. Deep in the caption. Press light on the knee, very light on the knee because you're on your foot, right.

Here's between the elbows. Get Nice and low. Don't stretch. Just bend. Yes. Okay. Ankle flex, ankle, flex out, curl your belly and curl your belly. Stand on your hands and feet, not your shoulders. Elbows stand on your feet. More, feet, feet, feet, feet, all the way home, all the way home. All the way, all the way. Relax this. Just use your feet. Exhale. Exhale. Ex help arch your back. Get very deep and low without locking.

And you can straighten a little more. Yes. Ankles, ankles. So you're going to stay in your arch and you're going to flex very deeply here. Yes. So you can, yeah. Work knees, a little narrower. Hands a little narrower. Eyes up all the way home and all the way home. Now stay home round again. Okay. Stand, deepen ankle flection.

Lift your weight up over the bar where the springs are a little bit more. Okay. Now stand in your ankles and when you get up you can move your toes forward an inch or so. So you're gonna rise up. Move your toes forward, but stay in high heels, right and ankle flex through this exercise. Stand on your feet, move them back and forth all the way in. Sorry. All the way in up off of me because you're on your feet, on your feet. Stay forward. Strong elbows, but not locked. You got it.

And last one and gently lower and step off. Nice job. All right. Out of Springer, two, three or four springs for your foot work or your running. Now believe it or not, however many millions of times you've done running, this is actually one of the most challenging ones for this concept. All right, so feet together, parallel, lift your arches, your toes, your calves and Shins, and release your knees and kind of make them disappear back at you, right? So here's the loud part. Here's the loud part. This is kind of less right? You stand on your feet, ankles, shins, and straighten out. But don't drop your knees, right?

Lower one ankle without dropping your knee and then switch. So you go deep into the ankle flection versus deep into the ankle. Stretching, right? So ankle and sometimes the way you think of it is that flection happens in the front of the ankle versus Achilles stretching, which happens in the back. So the knee line to the foot, never swags. Right? So you're going to go straight to your foot, straight to your foot.

Maybe the feeling is way more foot. Way less leg. So the happens in the feet, you can still go up and down, but the feet do it way less here. The feet do it. We here. Yeah, keep the knees slightly bent. And another thought is to start flexing your ankle a little sooner. Yes. Right. So the flection stays in front of you so you start a little sooner, a little sooner, a little sooner, a little sooner. So it's footy, but he liked that up and down, up and down, up, up, up.

But the foot does it. Not the knee so much. Right? And then coming home, you lift your shins as opposed to you break your knee and fall. Pick your feet up and put them on the corners of the bar. Love it. Teacher Pelvis Open wide. Okay. Stand in deep ankle flection and extend out.

And again, you're not straightening your knees so much as you are pulling your lungs away from you. So I'm levering her calves out here so she can't push me. This stays out. This comes together, right? Deep ankles. Don't pull your knees together. Inhale and stead. Yeah. All right, so this doesn't try to slam together. This tries to lift out really long. Yes.

Up, up, up, up, exhale and last time and come back and beautiful ladies and roll down. Bring your feet together. Come to standing and see if you can come right to your tripods, feeling that you're not pushing your shins back. Your Te, your Shin is just like a pillar in a building. It holds the weight of you and transfers it down to your foot, at which point it distributes, and that allows this to stay free so you can breathe. Awesome. Thanks.

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Really great information and workout Amy! The foot tutorial that goes with it will be released very soon. Thank you!
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Excellent as always Amy!
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Wow Amy this was just full of so many "aha" moments for myself. Good thing I can repeat and take time to digest, practice and then try to teach. Excellent workout and so looking forward to the foot tutorial.
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I LOVE fine tuning my Pilates practice and this is one of those videos! Your superb cues are magical, Amy. Thanks for sharing your beautiful skill set and inspiring me as a teacher...with the added bonus of feeling great in my body??
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Those were supposed to be exclamations, not question marks!!!
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IMHO- ALWAYS the BEST teacher!!
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Totally amazing workout thank you :)
Thank you so much Amy! Wonderful--Had to do this 2 days in a row this is so rich:) Really helped me with clients today....
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Amy, great focus on the ankle work. Please call out the number of springs for folks at home...thanks!
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Juicy, juicy footie. So great, Amy. Thanks!
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