Class #2679

Cadillac Workout

20 min - Class


Work on mobility and stability in this Cadillac workout with Kathryn Ross-Nash. She teaches the core ending which is great after an intermediate Reformer or Mat class. She adds variations that feel great on the body like Sexy Cat, Side Breathing, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Cadillac

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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash here for [inaudible] anytime. Reunited with Colleen. We're going to do some core or intermediate, um, Cadillac work, which is used as a great ending for a nice ...

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That was awesome! Would love to do that class with you. It would be a treat and honor to have a private with you Kathryn!!
Thank you so very very much!
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So nice to see the connections of exercises on caddy to other pieces or mat. Definitely a treat to be at the receiving end of KRN teachings.
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Delicious all around! Beautiful movement. It is a real pleasure to listen and watch you instruct.
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Loved as usual. Always such great detail. I'll watch several times! Thanks Kathi
How amazing are the teachers I get to play with! They always make me look so good!
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LOL "slutty kitty goes past the bar and out all night"
Love it!!
LOL Thanks!!!!!
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Fabulous work Kathi love the sexy cat and l bet you would have a great pouncing cat too!!! Hope you can bring the "killer caddy" here sometime would be wonderful to see!!
Loved this class Kathi - I took a lot of notes and look forward to pretending you are there telling me what to do. You are such an awesome teacher. I am thrilled that your classes are available on line to review and revisit again and again.
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