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Foundational Cadillac Ending

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Focus on length, strength, and box awareness in this quick Cadillac workout with Kathryn Ross-Nash. She teaches a few foundational exercises that can be used at the end of a Reformer or Mat class. This is a great workout to do when you don't have a lot of time and want to move, or you can add it to the end of your favorite class.
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Jul 06, 2016
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I'm Kathy Ross Nash here at plenty's anytime with Nia dra doing a foundational or basic Cadillac ending. I like to use this at the end of a reformer or a mat prior to going to the wall to finish, to give Lens and strength and box awareness to my workout. So we're going to begin facing this way with the roll back bar you're in, have your knees bent. Good. The bar helps to give you that awareness of your box. You're not going to straighten these knees and you're going to roll back with the bar. Good. Find the pelvis, the waist, the ribs, the shoulders.

Don't let these straighten and roll up. Stretch your arms. That's it. Pushed through those heels at right there. See how that wants to go. And again, roll back it. Yes. Beautiful. Good. Open Chin to the chest with the shoulders down first. Get up, go back down, get that beautiful next stretch. Press the shoulders, plugged them in. There you go.

Now keep them plugged as you roll up. Roll Up. See how it took it out of your hips. Yeah. Yeah. The arms have to connect there. Open that pelvis. One more time. Roll back. I'm going to be a little speed bump. Find me now. Push on me with your low back. Where's your low back? Keep coming. Low back, low back. You feel that blow back.

Keep those knees bent low back ribs by net. Left Rib. Find that left rib. Good. Open all the way up. Now press on my fingertips. Roll the head up there. [inaudible] roll. Soften the chest. Soften the rips, soften the waist and roll all the way up. We put the bar here for efficiency sake today. Let go of the bar and you're going to lie back down and we're going to just come right back here for your leg circles and your frogs.

So when I first introduce it, I always introduce frogs first and then go into circle slow. Let's do it that way. You're going to have your hands up here to help drop the rib cage. You're going to pull the stomach in and you're going to glue the heels and Zip your legs together. Bend the knees in and stretch. Put your thumbs with your fingers. That's it. And push through the feet.

Scoop, scoop. There you go. And resist and bend in. Try Not to change the ankle position now. Push with the feet and the strap. Stretch out as you push in. This is your already learning long spine on massage.

Now as you bend your knees, push in the strap with the feet. Push you. Feel the difference. Push, push, push, push news in as much as you can. Very good and again, push into the strap. Good and push into the strap. Don't let the feet drop. They go the same path. Otherwise they don't make it home and stretch out and stay there.

Beautiful. Trace the Cadillac Open. Press down, draw together. Double leg pull. Bring the legs up, open spine, stretch forward. Draw the legs together. Double leg pull, brings it up. Open spine stretch, draw together. Those are your leg circles right on the mat. Open. Nothing moves down. Draw together and reverse it. Press double leg pool. Open spine, stretch forward. Brings it up and together.

Press down, open spine, stretch forward and together and lengthen. Double leg. Pull straight. Open up and together. Bend your knees all the way in. Excellent. We're going to take this off. You're going to spin to the other side for our breathing.

I'm going to take your the trap bar down, which is premeasured fingertip to fingertip. Always check. Good. Not yet. So you're going to inhale. Don't move the pelvis. Don't move the ribs. Just bring your arms down towards your thighs and hold it. Two, three. It's awful for five and soft ribs and bring it up, up, up, up, up, and press it down. Good. Yes.

Feel the ribs back here. Find your ribs on that mat. Open your back. Use the Cadillac to spread your back against and lengthen from your head to your heel. She's keeping that part beautifully straight. Now as you bring the bar down, you're going to roll your tailbone up. Roll the tailbone there. Keep Rolling.

Bring your knees towards that trapeze bar. Press into my hand. Press into my hand. You feel the difference? Press good. So now you're not going to overarch. Now, soft chest as you go home. Soft ribs, soft waist, soft pelvis. Beautiful. Bring your feet a little further away from you. Flex your feet. Bring your toes back. Inhale, tip the tailbone up and roll up pushing into my hands.

Bring that bar down at the same time. Press press, press into these hands. There you go. That's the length I want in the spine. Hold it. Look how nice and even that pelvises hold it all our work today. Hold it and roll through the chest, the ribs, the waist, all the way down. You feel that all back here? Oh my goodness. This is a great tushy. Tightener. It's actually your introduce your introduction to your breathing with the straps and the reformer as your advanced. It also is you're rocking.

To get these back here with the straps. Walk your feet out a little further. Flex the feet. The further we go, the harder it is. But you see, I'm building you up to train what you're going to work and I'm firing the muscles that I want to fire. Press the same time. Fill the lungs, push into here, so it becomes about length and strength and your beautiful box. Now, throat softens ribs. Often it's wastes often tip that pelvis all the way down. One little last thing.

Keep the jaw closed and the tongue to the roof of the mouth to get that last vertebra where it should be in your neck. Okay, and now you're going to take your feet up here. Heels together, toes apart to flex and hook the strap. So nope, wrap around the strap. That's it. Can you get that strap? There you go. Good. Use that. Okay. I want that traction on you. Roll up through the tailbone, push through the feet, push through the feet. That's it. I give him to stop pushing through your feet. Push here, there. Push, push, push, push, push throat.

Roll down. Ribs roll down. Waist rolls down. Tailbone rolls down again. Inhale up. Push through the feet in opposition. Yes. Don't go too far. Find the length from the back body. Push through the heels. Hold, hold, hold. Throat, chest, ribs, waist and excellent. Very good.

Let's go a little side. Hang good. Just like we did on the wall before and are foundational. We stretch the body up and you do one pull and then the other. Okay, so why would I choose facing the Cadillac as opposed to facing away? If I have a student who likes to flare their ribs, I'm going to bring them in because it drops them in, right? If I have a student, see if I'm here, this actually pushes my ribs out so I'm gonna if I have a rib flare, I'm going to go here because this prevents their legs from coming too far forward. This is where you're going to be. Okay.

If I have somebody who needs to open their chest and shoulders and they're a little rounded in their upper back, then I'll have them face out. Okay, so you're going to hang from there. You're going to let the spine soften your knees so you keep your feet on the floor. You don't have to re add it. Now soften your knees and you see how that puts it in traction, right? That's much better cause you don't have to tighten. Now just take this arm down, keep your thighs along the Cadillac and slide for a side bend. It's not delicious.

And this helps to keep your box in pelvis square cause this is the Cadillac for length and strength and box awareness and bring it up. Good. Oh, another adjustment arm comes down to the side, right to your side body, right and stretch. Is that delicious? And then you see all, you need all this side bending and come back up, bring the hand up and relax again. Soften the knees. And you could do that a couple times. Oh, very good. Thank you. Excellent. Thank you for everything. Thank you.


Thank you so very much!
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I love the the steps taken to get into the breathing exercise !!
I enjoyed your class. very nice the way you teach the exercises.
Thank you ! I love to break exercises down as I introduce them. it really helps me to see what my student needs and how I should proceed with building them.
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That was a lot of useful information packed into 10 mins. Particularly loved the tip about facing towards the cadillac when you have a "rib popper" or away to stretch out the chest. Thank you Kathryn, you're a pleasure to watch!!
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A wonderful segment for my the layering and focus to fine tune and enhance those connections...tks so much!
Oh I am SOOOO Happy. There are so many amazing classes on PA i thought giving smaller and more digestible segments to add to your already amazing classes would be helpful! I am thrilled for all your feed back and beyond thrilled that you enjoy my work!
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This was great! Your attention to detail and corrections was wonderful! Thank you so much I can't wait to watch all your videos and learn from you.
Kathi - I tried this at home (or rather in the studio) this afternoon. It may save my life on busy days especially the side stretch hanging, so yummy! I am so looking forward to meeting you and learning from you at the Isle of Man conference next week xxx
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