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Core Cadillac Ending

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Work on mobility and stability in this Cadillac workout with Kathryn Ross-Nash. She teaches the core ending which is great after an intermediate Reformer or Mat class. She adds variations that feel great on the body like Sexy Cat, Side Breathing, and so much more!
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Jul 11, 2016
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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash here for [inaudible] anytime. Reunited with Colleen. We're going to do some core or intermediate, um, Cadillac work, which is used as a great ending for a nice intermediate reformer mat. Get a little more of that rotation in there that we use in this work. She's going to begin with some standing arms springs. We're in.

Just do the bat today. So you're going to bring your arms up, scoop the stomach, lean into your spring, bring the left hand to your hip. Don't twist the hips and reach out and around, keeping the head in the center. Good scoop that stomach there you go. And come back to center, leaning into the spring hand. Beautiful and twist. Pull the stomach in and back. Hip goes back to ice. That's it. As much as you twist, you have to stabilize and open to the side and changes.

Reach out, reach in, stabilize this hip, good. Come to center. It's really important for you to stabilize the hip, otherwise you hurt. Your knee is very, very important. There should be no twist happening down here. This is your point. Is stability, good and come center much like you do in your spine. Twist.

This is a standing spine twist with a little lift to help you get all that's beautiful. Good girl and open. Open. So spoiled today and reach into it. Alive in center. Good. There you go. And Open. You get rewarded by being able to turn around for a squat and good. So you're going to turn, we work the upper body.

Now we're going to work the lower body. I want you to bring your arms up. Beautiful. Take a little hair, step back, pull the stomach up and in. Elbows don't move. I want you to go. Yeah, I'll let you do that one. Squat behind you. Sit good and come up and again, squat behind you.

Sit and come up and come all the way to stand hip over heel there and engage that spring as you squat back. Sit excellent and come up now. Turn your feet parallel hips with. I love doing it this way. Elbows up and again, squat back. Sit and come up. Let's make a little harder. Bring your hands to your hips.

Just like on the reformer and sit. That's it. Keep the hands there and come up. And again, squat good. And just because I like to make things harder to lift the hands all the way up. Straight arms. And as you squat, sit, press up, lengthen and squat. Sit. Good. Ribs in and up.

One more time and squat your warm now and [inaudible] and lift and very good finish. Excellent. Good. And let's go to here. Very good. So we're going to start with some rolling in and out with the legs over the rollback bar. Hook over. Good. Okay. Do you like to cross your ankles? Cause you can have them either together. Across. It's up to you. Okay.

It's instructor's choice. Lift your hands up a little higher and try to keep the restraint even though you're pushing in the magic circle. Squeeze. And there ya go and push. Now what I want you to do is point your toes and drag your feet close in. Bring the knees into the chest as much as possible.

Now bring your knees to your shoulders as you peel your tailbone off bats. It. Hugged that bar. Lift your pelvis up and bring your knees forward just like you do in breathing. Push into your hands. Reach with the knees. Touch the toes. Stop. Roll down through the throat, the ribs, the waist, the tailbone. Good.

Slide your heels. Slide your feet. Bring it all the way in. Pull the stomach in, knees into the chest. Lift all the way up. Press push with the toes. Lengthen. Stay there. Roll down through the throat. The chest, the ribs though. Waist the knees. Good. Slide your feet in in it.

Roll up with your knees in that chest. Yes you feel that. Don't lose the knees. I'm here. Lift up. Press the knees through. Press them through. Press them through. Reach. Reverse, lift up and in. Bend the knees in. Push into the hands.

Push like I'm needing dough. Good, beautiful dough to go to your toes. Toes all the way to the toe. Tiptoe. They're rural up. Lift up. Every detail matters. Push into the hands. Keep your feet reaching towards your seat.

Keep the knees into the chest right from here. Keep the knees into the chest as long as possible. Keep the feet close to the seat and bring the feet down. Close the seat close. You feel the difference? Close, close. Drop the heels down. Good and point the toes. Articulate through.

Articulate through. Lift up, up, up. Roll down. Reverse it. Roll Up. Lift up and touch. Lift up, roll in and lift up. Roll up and touch.

Lift up rural and down. Good. Straighten the legs. Take I got it. And take stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, and good. Take the bar off. Excellent. Good girl. Okay, now sexy kitty. I love me. Some sexy kitty. So I've never used this bar.

So let's see. To me there's no bad bar. Oh wait, that's a different type of bar. So come closer and you're gonna take your hands here and you're gonna hold the bar, right? You don't want to be at the bar and not hold the bar. Get closer. That can be dangerous. Now, one thing you want to do is make sure that the front of the hip is open, right? You want to be shoulders right over the hips. This is your point is stability. It's not gonna move.

You're gonna press the bar down straight like a chest expansion. Now from here, bring your chin to your chest, pull the stomach in and bring the bar to the Poles. Only stop there. Reverse the arch and don't let the pole. Don't let your push through bar move where you reversing from. It's a kitty, right? Kitty wakes up in the morning. What does kitty do? Kitty opens her chest in her back. Oh yeah.

Now round tailbone begins. Keep your head. Tailbone begins. There you go. You feel the difference. Then you're getting length through the spine. Now Bring Kitty back home. Straight arm, straight leg to home. Bend your elbows. Now don't let your hands move in space. Straighten your elbows and back.

Bend with an open back. Open, open, open. Good. Bend your elbows and come up. Press the bar down again. Chin to your chest. Yes, reverse the arch. Did the tailbone under.

Beautiful colleague. That's it. Doesn't that feel delicious and roll back in giving everybody dessert today. Way To get all the way straight home right there. Now bend elbows, leave the bar where it is and lift the chest. Think about the down stretch. Stretch your arms, stretch your arms, right. We do the downstairs at this level. Bend your elbows and come back. Now Sexy Kitty is naughty.

She becomes Luddy kitty. So breast the bar. So sexy kitty only goes to the bar and then she comes home, slutty Kitty, goes past the bar and goes out all night and then she might come home and tailbone comes on there. Bring the bar back and roll all the way up. Bend the elbows and stretch your arms. And remember it's slutty kitty. So she's got to press that back and down and lifted up and bent.

Beautiful. Very good. Hmm. Cool. Isn't that awesome? I love that one. Okay. I say that all the time. I think cause like I just love everything. Okay. So we, we prearranged and measured for Colleen, we're gonna do a little side breathing at the core level or the intermediate level. That's when your length and your rotation all comes into play. All our core screws get introduced inside a lot of side bending, foundational level, a lot of stability. Articulation, right?

So we're going to lie down on your side body with your head in the center. You're going to extend that. You can have that arm there or forward. It's up to you. That's fine. Okay, good. You're going to take both of your legs and you're going to lift them into here and flex and hold that strap. How's that feel? Good. Okay, so believe it or not, it's easier with the bar. You're going to inhale.

You're going to push the, it's a reverse side bend. You're going to push through your heels and bring the bar down. Inhale, push two, three, four, and roll down. Isn't that awful? It's really hard. This is variation one and push. You'll have to stay tuned for a variation two and three. That's it. Reached through your head. Reach to that arm.

Good and lung thinned down. This builds all that muscularity needed for your sidekicks. You're kneeling, sidekicks, you see the star, right? Pulling that carriage in and lengthen down. Good. Now let's make it worse. Let go of the bar.

Bring your arm down. Without the help of the bar, you're going to push the hip up. Isn't it awful and lengthen ribs, waist, hip, and up. You work like this. Your long spinal massages will not be an issue. And press ribs. You see how much length and working you with and last one, push up, neck, back. There you go. Reach to the head. Reach the heel. Roll down. Ribs, waist and hip. Beautiful. Good girl. Let's roll to the other side. Well, thank God there's only two sides.

Imagine if you were an octopus. Flex the feet. Good. You're going to begin with the bar. You're going to push through the heels and press the hips up. That's it. Push through this heel. Good. And lengthen down. Inhale, press through the heel. Pull the stomach in. Yes. Hold.

Reach to the head in the heel and rule down, I dunno why they call it breathing. When you hold your breath during it. Inhale, hold the breath. Hold two, three, exhale. Push through the heel and come down. Let go. Bring your arm. I actually learned this from Jay and pushed through the heels. Hope two, three, four, roll down to three, four, push through this leg. That's it. There used to be. You'd say about a mouse, a house for the mouse, and roll down.

This rib always wants to fight to go up to get you ready when you're doing your sidekicks and reach up. Good, good. And roll down. Roll down. And let's go into your traditional ending. Good girl, gay. So you're going to turn it spin. Face this direction. You're gonna bend. Your knees are going to do a couple rollbacks, right? Just [inaudible] three rollbacks. Have your feet totally parallel, right?

Keep those knees bend and just do a simple rollback waist. Don't let your knees bend and extend. So the niche should not change. That's, that's your job to keep them quiet. You see the difference? They only straightened when I want them to straighten. Zinnias they listen to me. I am the boss of my niece and Rola. That's it. So this joint is isolated. Just like your knee stretch, right?

Keep this here. Just wrote back. That's it. Hips, waist, open, shoulders. Good roll up. And again, rural back and rural. Good.

And then we're going to come into our spread eagle. Now I know this is being taught. Turned out I learned it and I believe it to be correct, to be parallel into turnout. Like I say, you always have to understand where you're going and where you're coming from. So this is a spine, straight forward spine or horseback, which is parallel. Then as you rotate out on the wounded chair or on the barrel, you go into your star variation and then you scoop back in to parallel and you go into the store. This is your preparation for that. Okay, so climb all the way up.

Good head down and you're going to push up into a spine. Stretch forward, up on the diagonal. Try to get those heels against there and stretch that Achilles a lot. They're, oh, look at that. Now rotate out. Keep the arms where they are. Straight arms and lift. Just the chest. Good. More chest, more squeezed the shoulder blades. Where's your swan? That's it. Now scoop the stomach parallel.

Drop the head in. Good. Yeah, this is the cup, not these and come up. Rotate out. Right. Lift Long. Push through the feet. Don't let this hang out. Lift this there. You see the difference? That's the exercise. Look how long your back is. Now, pull the stomach in. Rotate in. I'm always about little dizzy or nauseous by now and length in the pelvis comes up. You rotate out. Keep this long. Open the chest.

Yes, I'm so sick of people collapsing in their backs. Beautiful. Don't move your hands. Just stand up with your hips over your heels. Excellent. Right from there, you're going to bring your hands up. They should be right about here. Good. Now I haven't used this Cadillac before, so v shall see how it goes.

And you're going to reach one leg back here. Beautiful. And the other leg back here, and you're going to stay up there. Good calling and you're gonna reach over the bar forward and down over the bar. Forward more chest, chest over the bar and let it. Hey, that's it. That's it. Let it hang. Good. Step one foot down. Don't move your hands. Step the other foot down.

Stand with hips over the heels. Good. Don't move anything. Just let go the hands and turn to face the other direction. Stay where you are. Bring your hands directly up. So they're in a 90 degree angle forward. That's it. 90 beautiful.

And you're going to take two feet and come right into here. Hook your feet. Good. Now don't move this. Bring your chest through. Bring your chest through NEP. See how it went there? Yeah. Yeah. That means you're going to arch your back and bring the chest forward forward.

You feel the difference that I don't go into the, this goes front there. Now Chin to your chest. Pull up one. Pull up to look at your stomach. Pull up three. Hang down. Hang down. That's it. Good. And take your feet off. [inaudible] very, very good. Okay, let's set you up for half hanging.

I'll put you in. Okay. Lie Down. Take your hands onto the polls so you're only gonna do half. So slight, a little more to me. Good. Rule your butt. Move your shoulders this way. There you go. And your bottom. Roll your knees to your chest. All the way up. Lean on me. Hey, I've see I'm here. Hook your feet. These are big fuzzies. Big fuzzies. Good. Nope, I don't like that. Stretch down. Push into your hands.

Let go and relax little far for you there. So you're in your sponge, stretch and relax. There's no more traffic. You made it from La [inaudible] Hey, it's all good. Good. And Bend your knees. Bring your knees into your chest. Lean on me and I'm gonna articulate you down and and beautiful, Huh? Huh? That was a good wake up. Excellent. Good job.

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That was awesome! Would love to do that class with you. It would be a treat and honor to have a private with you Kathryn!!
Thank you so very very much!
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So nice to see the connections of exercises on caddy to other pieces or mat. Definitely a treat to be at the receiving end of KRN teachings.
1 person likes this.
Delicious all around! Beautiful movement. It is a real pleasure to listen and watch you instruct.
1 person likes this.
Loved as usual. Always such great detail. I'll watch several times! Thanks Kathi
How amazing are the teachers I get to play with! They always make me look so good!
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LOL "slutty kitty goes past the bar and out all night"
Love it!!
LOL Thanks!!!!!
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Fabulous work Kathi love the sexy cat and l bet you would have a great pouncing cat too!!! Hope you can bring the "killer caddy" here sometime would be wonderful to see!!
Niedra Gabriel
Loved this class Kathi - I took a lot of notes and look forward to pretending you are there telling me what to do. You are such an awesome teacher. I am thrilled that your classes are available on line to review and revisit again and again.
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