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Mat Workout

45 min - Class


Have fun with Primal Movement Works in this Mat workout with Louise Johns! She teaches organic, natural, and developmental movements along with familiar Mat exercises. She also includes combinations to get you moving and to challenge your coordination.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hello Pilates Anytime. My name is Louise Johns and I'm from Lafayette, California. And these are my friends and colleagues and we're going to have a little fun today with some primal movement works on...

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Delightful! Already looking forward to taking it again and hopeful that perhaps you filmed a couple more mat classes during your visit to PA. Your introductory video was so refreshing....thank you Kristi for bringing such wondrous folks into our homes all over the world.
Hoping there is a Primal Pilates series from Louise on PA. Really been looking for something to help me to achieve a deep squats and this video is the incredible.
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I'm so glad you enjoyed the class. Its a long term project that is ready to be shared. Feel free to use the material and check out more videos on our Facebook page, primal movement WORKS!
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Fantastic class - different and fun. Really enjoyed it and am looking forward to more classes from you!
I love that I see fellow Pilates lovers from all over the world. Hello out there, keep practicing its good for the spirit! Happy Primal everyone :)
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Loved the Primal Pilates movement! I hope there is a workshop coming soon on Primal Pilates???
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Loved it!
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I have been chasing these types of movement practices around the internet. Thank you Louise Johns and Pilates Anytime for putting them all together so efficiently and elegantly.
We are delighted that you are enjoying the Primal work. Using the systematic approach to program classes and private sessions really has a big impact. Allowing for play & movement exploration increases movement awareness & learning ... as well as being a great workout.
buenas ideas para renovar la clase! gracias!!
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