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Reformer w/Tower Strength

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Feel the burn in this challenging workout with Lisa Hubbard. She incorporates the Reformer and the Tower to help you find resistance from the springs and to test your balance. She also includes progressions to build strength in variations to Bridging, Side Planks, and much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Tower

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Jul 25, 2016
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Hi, I'm Lisa Hubbard. Today we are gonna do a program incorporating the reformer and tower. Okay, Marta, let's begin standing, please. Go ahead and face the window this direction. We're gonna do a nice little roll-down.

We're gonna inhale through the ribcage, big breath, exhale forward, the head goes down, shoulders forward. Lifting in the abdominals, leaning your weight forward, relaxing everything here. Take a big breath at the bottom, relaxing your toes, and then exhale, roll up, creating space, using your hips, open your chest, and head is long. Inhale here. Good, energy out through the crown of the head.

Exhale, first release the chin down, good. Lifting in the powerhouse, relaxing the shoulders, good. Releasing all the way down, good. Inhale at the bottom, and then exhale, roll it all the way up. Good, opening your chest.

Energy out through the crown of the head, good, and release. Okay, we're gonna start our warm-up in a plank position, so, Marta, go ahead and kneel on the reformer and hands on the shoulder rest. Go ahead and extend one leg onto the foot bar. So we're gonna have her push her leg out, good, and then use her abdominals to take her leg to the foot bar in a plank position. We're gonna do some breathing here, so we're gonna open the thoracic, spiral the arms so we're connected.

You're gonna inhale here, and exhale out, drawing the abdominals in, good, and inhale. Let's do five breaths, exhale, good, and three more. Inhale, big breath. Exhaling, narrowing the ribs. Ooh, nice contraction in those obliques.

Inhale, exhale again, good, and last time. Inhale. On your exhale, Marta, take your hips up to the ceiling. Exhale here, good, and inhaling, going forward, lengthening out, finding that plank. Give me a posterior tilt right here.

Exhale, scoop, draw the heels down as you come here. Point as you go forward, lengthening out, so you're hinging from the hip and shoulder joint. Exhale, up, one more time. We already have some heat going on here. And last time, inhale, hold, good.

Exhale, the arms control balance. Arms go forward and back for five. Inhaling, exhale, two. Lower your hips a tiny bit, that's it. And three, good.

Two more Marta. Connecting, beautiful engagement here in the shoulder, and hold, inhale, lift up. Good, take a pause, lower your heels. I'm gonna give her a little bit of a break. We're gonna go into control balance with a hip extension, so inhale, lengthen out.

Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, hips go down. Point your right foot. Just hover it over the foot bar, and she's gonna extend her arms forward as her legs go up and go down for five, two. Good, you wanna keep the hips square. Everything's working here, obliques, arms.

Good, one more time for five, and switch, other side. Good, lengthening out, keeping the hips square, energy out through the leg, and one, good. Lowering the hips just a tiny bit more and your thoracic spine a little more open. Two more. Three.

Good, and lower the foot. Good, inhale and bend your knees and bring it all the way homoe. Good, nice job, good. How do you feel? Warmer. Good.

Okay, let's lie on our back. We're gonna go into the footwork, so I'm going to take the stickies away here. And I'm going to place two more reds on, so we have three reds now. So let's start in a Pilates stance, V position. Headrest is up, neutral spine.

So we're gonna extend the legs out, exhaling, and using your hips, inner thighs, and in. So we're gonna do 10 of these, so go ahead and go up. This should be an intermediate program, so I want you to go in and out. Good, let's do six more, and go out. Five, good.

Lengthen, four. Nice, Martha. Three. Good, two. And last time.

Bring it all the way in. Good, nice job. Prehensile, or bird on a perch. So we're gonna take the knees and the feet together. You're gonna wrap the arches around the foot bar.

Toes here, heels reach under. Use your hips, extend all the way out, lengthen. Good, and in, good. I'm gonna give her a little bit of a stretch here as she comes in. Good, really opening up that back line of the soleus, calf, and Achilles.

And in, lengthen, and let's do five more. And in and out, so everything's working, abdominals, obliques, hips, hamstrings, quads. Good, and I think we have one more. In and out. Come all the way in.

Nice job. Heels together, good. And find that wrapping in the hips, and extend out, and I'm gonna put my hands here as a placeholder. She's gonna rest her toes on my hands, and come in. And for 10.

Exhale out, good. And three. Nice job, Marta. And four, keep those inner thighs connected. Good, and five, resisting as you come in.

Good. She doesn't have a whole lot of weight, but she's creating her own resistance as she's coming in. And two, one more time, and one. Nice job. Come all the way in.

Good, alright, we're gonna move on to the toes. Gonna go into some calf raises or a tendon stretch. You're gonna extend the legs all the way out. Lower the heels. Let's do 10, and I'm gonna help her.

Lift, and up one. Good, you wanna make sure that your, all 10 toes are on the foot bar. And the heels are drawing all the way down, good. You're not sickling the feet. Five more, and lowering down and going one.

Good. Lifting up and two, good. Three, last two, and let's add the prancing. Let's go down and up, good. So let's make it a little bit quick, good.

Rolling through the arches of the feet, the hips remain still. Your obliques, your abdominals are lifted. Your neck, shoulders are relaxed, and enjoy the stretch. Good, let's do two more, each side. One and one and two and two.

Good, take it all the way in, and nice. Bend your knees. Good job. I'm gonna change the weight now to one red, one blue for our abdominal work. So, Marta, I'm gonna have you move the shoulders down slightly, good.

She's gonna take her straps in her arms. We're gonna do the 100, but we're gonna add the double-leg lowers here. Taking the arms perpendicular, take your knees in towards your chest, good. Now we're gonna inhale to prepare. Exhale, arms float down as the legs extend out, lifting your chest, good.

Now we're gonna inhale the legs up for in two, three, four, five, and down two, pump your arms, and two, three, four, five, and exhale. Good. Three. I'm gonna have her open her shoulders a bit more. Exhale here.

Good. And this is five, two, three, four, five, and lengthen the legs three, four, five. Up two, three, four. Pump your left arm as much as you are your right. Good, and seven, two, three, four, five, and out.

Good, last three. Inhale. Good. Exhale, reach, reach, reach, reach. One more.

And exhale. This is the last one, right? And inhale here. Exhale all the breath out. Bend your knees, arms float up overhead, and rest.

Good, take your feet down for a moment. Good, we're gonna build onto that, and we're gonna incorporate the coordination with the openings. We're gonna keep the chest lifted, so arms up. Good, knees in. Good, take your arms, let's go here, Marta.

A little bit further back. Inhale. Exhale, extend your legs out, arms come down, chest lifts. Good, now bend your elbows, inhale, bend your knees. Good, so the arms and legs are gonna go out at the same time.

You're gonna open, close your legs. Open, close your arms and legs. We're gonna combine, good. One, and take it in. And go two, nice.

Open and squeeze, bending the knees, keeping your chest up if you can. If you not, you can lower in between. Just as effective. And open and draw it in. Everything's working here, triceps, abdominals, inner thighs.

Good, let's do two more, and I'm gonna have Marta stay up and incorporate the tricep work here. And go, inhale, bend, exhale. How you doing? You okay? Alright, and two, good. Reach up.

Her elbows are just hovering, so she gets that full extension. And good, let's do five more, and I'm gonna have you bring your knees a little bit here. Good, good. Three. Two, nice job.

Great breath, and one. Good, take your arms up, rest your feet, and good. How you feeling? Great job. Okay, let's go ahead, and I'm gonna take these from you for a moment.

Stay here. Lift your head up for me. I'm taking the headrest down. We're gonna do a jackknife or overhead, so she's gonna take her hands back into the straps. Arms are perpendicular, knees into your chest, lift up, so I want her ribs down a little bit more.

Good, inner thighs connected. So, my dear, we're gonna take your legs out on a diagonal first. Good, so about 60 degrees. Inhale, taking the arms down and the legs overhead. Take the legs up, jackknife up, good.

Now she's gonna articulate the spine slowly, rolling one vertebra at a time. The arms come up as the legs lower. Good. Inhale here. Exhale up and over.

We're just gonna do five. Go down, lift straight up. Inhale, exhale, slowly, slowly reaching the arms back. Nice, and don't let your legs be heavy. And ready? Go.

Inhale, exhale, up and over, down, lift straight up. Hold, good, beautiful. Rolling, rolling with control, good, and reaching the legs out. We have two more, inhale. Up, exhale, over, down.

Rebound, lift up. Nice. All those muscles are working, you can see that. Whew! And one more time, inhale, beautiful job. Exhale, up and over, rolling.

Good. She's using her triceps, her arms, to help her control. She's using her entire core, rolling down. Exhale, inner thighs, everything is working here. And good, bend your knees, take your feet down, and rest.

Excellent job. Okay, good. Alright, now I'm gonna take these here. I'm gonna change the weight, give her a tiny bit more. I'm gonna give her two reds, so I'm taking off a blue and adding a red, so we have two reds here.

Alright, so we're gonna do some bridging variations. Shoulder bridge, we'll begin with. So we're gonna take the feet hip distance apart. Good, just relaxing those ankles down. Good, arms pressing at your side.

Good. And I'm gonna have you move your hips to the left just a tiny bit, good, okay. So take an inhale to prepare. Good, she's gonna hold the carriage still as she exhale and articulates her spine up into the shoulder bridge position. Good, beautiful job.

Keeping the ribs in, hips up. Her hips are level and square. Exhale, roll down slowly, articulating. Good, I'm gonna just adjust her feet a little bit wider. And neutral.

I didn't make it easy for her, but if you need a little more support in the carriage, you can add a blue spring. Exhale, roll it up. Just make sure that the headrest is down. Good. I'm gonna pull her towards me a little bit.

She'll get a bigger stretch in the quads. And lift this hip up a tiny bit, there you go. Not overdoing it. Exhale, roll down. We're gonna just do one more, and I'm gonna have her stay up on the last one.

Hollow, hollow, hollow, neutral. Good. You ready? Roll it up. Let's stay up on this one, Marta. Rolling through the back.

Square it off, good. Hamstrings extend your legs out to about here, and then keep the hips up as you come in. Good, she's not, she's keeping her ankles stable. And in, let's do three more, Marta. And in and out.

Good work. Good. And one more. Hold here at the bottom. Roll down, articulating the upper back, mid, low back.

And rest. Okay, how you doing? Good, okay, I'm gonna have you take your left leg in a 90-degree position. She's gonna roll up single leg, so it's gonna be a little bit tougher here. You're gonna take a breath here, inhaling.

You're gonna exhale, roll it up. Good. We'll just do three of these. And inhale here, exhale, roll. No, let's stay, let's just roll down.

Good, she's ready to roll. She's ready to go for it 'cause she knows what's coming. Good, exhale, two. Scoop really hollow. Pull the abdominals back.

Good, I'm gonna have you keep your foot here. Inhale, and roll it down, exhaling. It's a lot more challenging, so if you find it too difficult, just stick to with what you were doing with both legs. And last time. Now we'll keep it here.

Exhale, you're gonna roll all the way up. Square the hips off. Beautiful, extend your leg up, Marta. Good, now go ahead and lower the leg down, and let's do five. One, good, point and two.

Good, three, nice. One more time. Good, bend your knee, take the foot to the foot bar. Articulate your spine down. Curl, curl, curl.

Hollow, so you're really pulling back, beautiful. And neutral. Good. Other side. So we're gonna take that right foot, right leg 90 degrees.

Keep that knee right over the hip joint, the leg parallel. Inhale and exhale, roll it up. Hold here. Good, now we're gonna roll down, exhaling, articulating, keeping this knee a little bit further back. Good, that's right, and neutral.

Good, two more. Scoop. Good, she's trying to keep the carriage in. Inhale here. Her hamstrings are getting a nice workout.

Roll, and we'll stay up on this last one. We'll add the kicks. Inhale, scoop and peel. Extend the leg up, lower the leg down, holding the carriage still, flexing one. So we're gonna do five, two.

Good, she's stabilizing everything. Three, last two. One more. Good, bend your knee, place the foot down. Inhale, square it off, good.

Find that position and roll it down. Exhale. And neutral. Good, now we're gonna try pushing out as you kick the leg. So, okay, this is the one.

So we're just gonna do one repetition on each side but five kicks. Alright, so let's go ahead, roll up. We've done plenty of these. Roll up. Take your left knee up.

Extend, good. Lower the leg down. As you kick, you're gonna extend the carriage out to about there, and inhale, good. And kick, flex, and lengthen, point. And three, with control.

Last two, keep that hip up. One more time, good work. One and hold. Bend your knee, place your foot, inhale, and roll it down. Imprint the spine slowly.

Find your neutral, good. Other side, good job. Okay, wasn't so bad. Mm-hmm? (laughing) Inhale and roll up.

Nice articulation. Left knee. Extend the leg up to the ceiling, good. Lower it down and ready. We're gonna kick it as you extend that left leg out.

Good, keep everything square and lifted. Three, last two. And two. Trying to keep that ankle stable. Hold, bend your knee, inhale here.

Exhale and roll all the way down. Good. Alright, if that wasn't enough hamstrings, grab your box because we're gonna do some more. So we're gonna place it down. I've given Marta one red, one blue spring, and we're gonna start facing the foot bar.

She's gonna wrap her arms around the box. Knees are just slightly off the edge, sternum just slightly off the front, and I'm just gonna make sure she's equal here. Taking the straps. Bend your knees, Marta, slightly for me here. Okay, not that much.

Grab the loops. Good, alright. So I'm gonna have her come into a little bit of a thoracic extension just a little bit, and she's gonna float her knees up off of the box, so her extensors are already working here. She's gonna inhale to prepare. Exhale, bring the heels towards the hips and then resist as she lengthens away.

Exhale, pull all the way in. Good. How does the weight feel, Marta? Can feel it. Okay.

She can feel it, good. It's not too difficult, not too easy. Three. The main thing is that you want to stay out of the low back. If you're in the thoracic extension and you're feeling it too much, just go ahead, lower down a little bit more.

And let's do two more. Two. Good. And you're really working the belly of the hamstring here with this exercise. One more time.

And in, pull it in, pull it all the way in. Good, and pause here at 90 degrees, Marta. Lift your toes up, and externally rotate for me. Good, now pull in a little bit more. Good, squeeze, pull your heels in more.

We're gonna do 10 like this. 10. An external rotation. Nine, good. Eight, just working a little more lateral part of the hip, external rotators.

And one more time. Extend the legs, good, all the way. Stretch it out, rest. Good, take your legs together. Now we're gonna do a single-leg version, so I'm gonna take one off.

And how's your back feeling? I'm good. Okay. I feel my hamstring with this. Alright, go ahead and, I am gonna take off a yellow spring for the single leg.

So we'll just do five single leg. We're gonna bend this knee, just one. Go ahead and lift up the knee, good. And lengthen, good. Keep that knee up.

Reaching, two, resist in. Don't go crashing into the equipment. And one more. And in, good. Extend the leg all the way down.

Give that a break, nice job. And last set here. Lengthening the shoulders, good. Lift the knee and draw in for five. Good.

Four. Nice. Three, last two. One more time. And extend all the way down.

Good, alright, rest here a moment. I'm gonna place both straps in. Back to two straps. Okay, she's gonna bend the knee. We're gonna do rocking prep.

I think one red is good. If you'd like more, you can go ahead and add a blue spring. Okay, Marta, you're gonna bend your knees, and you're gonna take your hands behind and reaching for your ankles or feet. Good. Alright, so we're just gonna do some back extension here.

Starting with the head long, so we're gonna inhale as we come up. She's gonna draw her legs away from her shoulders, opening here, and then exhale as she releases. You wanna think about creating space and not compressing into the back. You're doing a lot of hyperextension here, but think space. Inhale, up, knees are reaching off the mat, shoulders are opening.

Good, exhale, and lower. Think of just a big C. Good, last three. Inhale, up. Stretching the front of the body.

Good, nice. Drop your chin a little bit, Marta. That's it. And lower. Let's do two more.

Coming here, and inhale, lengthening out. Feel the energy, good. Legs not too wide, and release, down. One more time, good. Inhale here, floating up.

Think about floating, being buoyant. Just lift, lift, lift, lift. Good, and release all the way down. Good job. Extend your legs out, and rest.

Good. Alright, Marta, come stepping off of the reformer. Okay, this is the part where we're gonna put together the tower. So if you don't have a combo unit, go ahead and just press pause, and then come back when you're ready. Okay, we're back.

I have the yellow, short springs, and we're gonna use the long, purple springs in a little bit. I'll keep you posted. We also have some stickies for hands and feet. Okay, so we're gonna begin with the handle. So, Marta, go ahead and take these into your hands.

If you're uncomfortable with this on the palms, I advise using your fists. So she's gonna come into a kneeling position. We're gonna start with some tricep extensions. So hips, let's take her knees in a little bit more towards your hips. Hips right underneath the hip, knees right underneath the hips, and hands right underneath the shoulder.

So inhale, bend your right elbow towards your rib. Good, all the way up, and then exhale, extend all the way down. We're just gonna do five, so I'm prepping her for what's to come. Exhaling, she's connecting her abdominals, her breath to her movement. She's keeping her shoulders and her hips square.

And one more time. Inhale and exhale, press all the way down. Now we're gonna go to the left, bending the elbow towards your rib. Inhale, she's not letting the spring take her. She's resisting as she's bending, and she's fully extending her arm all the way.

Inhaling, and let's go two more. Bend and extend. One more time, good job. Exhale, good. Okay, now we're gonna take it into plank, so extend your right leg.

We have the sticky pad. I'm gonna put your foot under there and left foot. Go ahead and find a nice, comfortable position. Upper back is open, core is engaged. Obliques are working, hips are engaged.

Go ahead and squeeze just a little bit. We're gonna start with five on the right. Go ahead and inhale. This is very challenging, so you will shift just a little bit. Inhaling.

And two. We're just starting with, good. Three. Last two. One more time.

And good. Bend your knees, Marta. Rest for a moment. Good, I'm gonna give her a little break. This is extremely tough.

We're gonna go into the left side, so come on back. She's on her fists, extending out, making her connections, organizing her structure. Inhale, and bending the left for five and pressing down. Nice job, and two. And three.

So while you work your arms, last one, do one more, your obliques, your abdominals, everything is working together. Hold here, inhale. Exhale, and bend both elbows. We're gonna go down into a push-up, bending, and one. Good, nice.

Head is aligned with the spine. Good, two, just three more. Three, working those triceps. Go as low as you can. Four, one more time.

And good. Bend your knees, and stretch it back. Good, reaching your arms forward. Good, I'm gonna just press down. Nice job, good.

Alright. Go ahead and take your hands out of that. Okay. So how you feeling? Good. Do you need a towel?

Just let me know when you might need that. Okay. Okay. We're gonna go into a kneeling position next. Same springs.

We're gonna do a swimming prep, and I'm gonna move this out of your way. Okay. Marta, go ahead and take your straps, your handles. Good, and go ahead and start in that kneeling position. We're gonna do a prep of the swimming, so she's going to find her connections here.

Extend your right arm forward, inhale. Good, and down. Let' just do five on the right. I would call this a prep prep for what she's going to be doing. Three.

Good, last two. Two. Long neck, and one. Good, placing the hand down, and let's go to the left. Good, two.

She's keeping her shoulders square. Her shoulder's engaged. Her obliques, abdominals are working. Two or last one. And lower, good.

Now, Marta, I'm gonna have you just extend your right arm forward, and now lengthen your left leg out, and just hold a balance in that kneeling position. So this is your option two. And bend the knee and take the arm in. Let's do five like that. So the right arm and left leg are in opposition.

Exhale, lower. This is a great exercise for scoliosis, and extend, which we share that in common. And two. One more time. Great job.

Last one. Get the leg a little higher, good, and lower. Alright, let's just do the left side. So the left arm, extend the leg up, and down. So you really wanna focus on keeping the hips square.

The shoulder's pressing down. She's doing a great job of that. No tension in the neck. Last two. One more time.

Good. Just offering her some feedback with my tactile cue. And one. Hold here, Marta. Alright, I'm gonna give her sticky.

So extend your legs out for me, Marta. Good, and you've got this. Although she's going to be floating her leg, arm and leg off like a superhero. So go ahead and bring your hips forward, Marta. Good, and then open, and then draw this down.

Okay, right arm, left leg out. So we're gonna hold. Whew, and lower. Good. Let's just keep it on this side.

Inhale. It's much easier when you keep it on this first side too. Good. You doing alright? Control the arm up.

And last two. Try to keep the leg parallel and not going out to the side. And good. One, lower. Good, other side.

Inhaling, extend your left arm, right leg. Reach out. One side is always a little more difficult than the other. This is where you find the asymmetries and start working on them. Life is a balancing act, and we have to be prepared.

Okay, and this is three. Last two. Yes. One more time. Good work.

One. Oh, yes, and bend your knees and release. Good, stretch it out. Go ahead and release. These are really a great tool to go ahead and stretch out.

Go ahead and lower down, go ahead and stretch. Good. It's a very challenging sequence there. But I've given you some preps to do and work on and build up to, so, hopefully, you'll come back and get stronger and try it again. Okay, so now it's time to change the springs.

I'm gonna move the purple springs on the islets on the outside. So I'm gonna come around. So we're prepared for when we get to the other side. So we're gonna start with a side plank series. Marta's gonna start on her left side, and she's gonna place the strap underneath her right foot.

So if this purple spring is too much tension for you, you can always use a yellow, long spring to begin this with. So I'm gonna have her place her right hand onto the tower. Knee is underneath the hip, and she's going to start with the leg in external rotation. And I'm gonna allow her to lift her leg as high as she can. Inhaling, and she's gonna lengthen the leg out and down.

Exhaling all the way down, tapping the mat. Inhale up, we're just gonna do five of these. She's gonna connect her ribs a little bit more, good. Pressing the hip forward, opening up the hip flexor. She's working her rotators, stretching her inner thighs.

And one more time. Lifting the leg all the way up. And exhale, lower. Good, nice job. Okay, phase two.

We're gonna extend the bottom leg up, and I like to have the bottom leg in front of the top leg because I feel it opens up the hip flexor a little bit more. Now, she's using her arm to stabilize herself. I'm gonna actually move this out of her way for a moment. So, Marta, go ahead and float your right leg up, inhaling here. Go as high as you can.

Exhale, lower. Connect with your ribs a little bit more. She's turned just a little bit. I'm gonna try to help her. Rotate her thoracic spine that way.

Three, good, last two. And one more. Good, she's doing a great job here. Stabilizing, and good. Let's bend the knees and take a break for a moment.

Good, alright. How you feeling? (Marta whispers) Okay, good. Alright, so let's go ahead and take this short, yellow spring in the center, and I'm gonna have Marta grab it with her right hand. Good, we're gonna just start by lowering this leg here.

Good, right arm up, lower this leg down. So you're not gonna use this leg here. We're gonna only do the arm, so inhale. Just float the arm down towards the hip, exhale. Trying to keep the hip forward, the ribs engaged, three, the shoulder down.

You're using your lat. One more time, and good. Hold here, up with the arm. Go ahead and go up with the arm, Marta. And we're gonna extend that leg underneath.

Go ahead, yes. I've got you here for support. Take this foot a little bit closer. Go ahead and, we're gonna go ahead and re, good position. One.

And two. Good, let's just do three more. She's working really hard to stabilize. And one more time. Hold here, and rest.

Bend your knees, and good. Take a break. Go ahead and bend your leg, and I'll take the strap from you. Good, nice job. Okay, if you need a towel, Marta, go ahead and grab one.

Go ahead, yeah. Okay. So we're gonna do the other side, the right side. Okay, alright, let's do the other side, Marta. So we're gonna just start with the purple strap.

Good, so go ahead and kneel, side kneel. Put your left hand against the tower. Good, and I'm gonna put this in your foot. Bend your leg, bend your knee. Good, now extend your leg out.

Good, okay. Alright, so the main thing is that you want to feel your connections in the shoulders, the ribcage, the hips forward. So shoulders down. Go ahead and bend this elbow a little bit, Marta. Good, alright, so we're gonna prep.

We're gonna lift the leg up, good, and lower for five. Reach the leg out and down, good, and two. She has a beautiful turnout. And reach the leg up all the way and last two. Connect with your ribs a little bit more here.

And one more time. Good, hold here. Extend your bottom leg out. Make sure it's in front of the other leg, good. So...

Take this foot in front, inhale here. Good, alright, externally rotate. Go ahead an lift the leg up, Marta. Up, up, up, good, and lower. It's actually a nice, functional exercise incorporating the tower, the springs.

Good, three, last two. Good job. You can see that everything's working here. And one more, down, good, and rest. Good, I'm gonna hand her the strap, and we're gonna incorporate the arm.

Alright, good. You okay with the wrist? Yeah. Okay. If you're feeling it in the wrist, please go on to the fist.

So here. Just try not to hyperextend in the elbow. I know a microbend always helps just a little bit. Okay, so we're gonna start with the arm to your side. Good.

Five of these. Arm goes down, so resisting the spring as it comes up. And you can always use a red spring if this isn't enough. And last two and one more. I think you'll find it's challenging enough.

And one. Lifting the arm, adding the leg, so go ahead and extend the leg here, good. Oh, you're falling over. Good. Okay, arm, just the arm.

Go down and up, good. And one. You can always add a lowering of the hips and then lifting up with the arm. And one more. Down, good, lift.

Bending the knees, and good. I'm gonna take this off. Hold on. Good, alright, bend your knee, Marta. And good.

Okay. Alright, we're gonna finish kneeling on the mat, so go ahead and come a little bit further on the first part here. Knees underneath the hip joint, hands underneath the shoulder joint. Hands open wide, good. Finding a nice inhale here, expanding the ribs.

Exhale, just cat stretch, rounding the back. Good, pushing the floor away, relaxing the shoulders. Inhale, and articulate through the spine. Shoulders, pull down, and open. Good.

Energy out through the crown of the head. Exhale, rounding deeply, releasing the low back. And inhale and arch. Arch. Good, a little more upper back.

Good, exhale and round. Last two. Let's do two more. Inhale, good, good. Go ahead and give me a little more anterior there.

And exhale, round, pushing the floor away. Crown of the head releases. And arch, little more anterior. Open, pulling the shoulders back. Good, now go ahead and sit back, and round forward.

So I'm gonna have you come into the cobra position. So inhale, and then you're gonna arch back. Exhale, good. Reach back, good, and float up with the abdominals, round, taking the shoulders just over the wrists. Good, and lift, being buoyant.

Lift, lift, lift, and reaching back. This just feels really good, like you're undulating the spine. And one more. Sit back into child's pose, releasing the crown of the head down. Good.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that little sequence on the tower and the reformer. Thanks for joining me.


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Some really nice work in this class. You might want to do a warmup first, as the class jumps right into planks on the reformer after just a couple of roll downs. The class includes a lot of exercises in the plank position, so for those of us with wrist and hand issues, it is tough. Many of the exercises can be modified by going into an elbow plank instead; I used moon boxes with elbow plank to approximate the alignment.
Creative but way too much work on fists and wrists. Not enough warm up either. Definitely combine with another class
Lisa Hubbard
Very much appreciate the feedback. Yes definitely a class that heats you up very quickly but does require an substantial amount of core & shoulder stability & strength. If you're feeling it too much in wrists try holding from your center, less weight bearing. Modify to elbows or add on from another fundamental classes.
Analia A
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Great flow!!! There are definitely ways to simplify if one is teaching a mixed level class. Btw, I love your leggins and top. Would you mind letting me know where they are from?
Gerri M
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Challenging and great creativity with tower work. Fun class!
Barbara B
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Loved this class! Added it to my favourites. Some great programming ideas. Thank you!
Michele M
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Loved the flow and creativity! Agreed with the wrists and hand issues too, anywho thought this was a great way to bridge level 2 clients into more challenging exercises:) Thanks for sharing Lisa!!
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Love how you always mix up the excercises. I also like how you work a few things at once
Lisa Hubbard
Analia, Thank you so much! Absolutely there are way to modify every exercise :) Leggings: L'URV & top: MICHI both Carbon that site!
Lisa Hubbard
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Barbara, honored to be added to your favorites, thank you!
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