Reformer w/Tower Strength<br>Lisa Hubbard<br>Class 2685

Reformer w/Tower Strength
Lisa Hubbard
Class 2685

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Some really nice work in this class. You might want to do a warmup first, as the class jumps right into planks on the reformer after just a couple of roll downs. The class includes a lot of exercises in the plank position, so for those of us with wrist and hand issues, it is tough. Many of the exercises can be modified by going into an elbow plank instead; I used moon boxes with elbow plank to approximate the alignment.
Creative but way too much work on fists and wrists. Not enough warm up either. Definitely combine with another class
Lisa Hubbard
Very much appreciate the feedback. Yes definitely a class that heats you up very quickly but does require an substantial amount of core & shoulder stability & strength. If you're feeling it too much in wrists try holding from your center, less weight bearing. Modify to elbows or add on from another fundamental classes.
Analia A
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Great flow!!! There are definitely ways to simplify if one is teaching a mixed level class. Btw, I love your leggins and top. Would you mind letting me know where they are from?
Gerri M
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Challenging and great creativity with tower work. Fun class!
Barbara B
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Loved this class! Added it to my favourites. Some great programming ideas. Thank you!
Michele M
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Loved the flow and creativity! Agreed with the wrists and hand issues too, anywho thought this was a great way to bridge level 2 clients into more challenging exercises:) Thanks for sharing Lisa!!
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Love how you always mix up the excercises. I also like how you work a few things at once
Lisa Hubbard
Analia, Thank you so much! Absolutely there are way to modify every exercise :) Leggings: L'URV & top: MICHI both Carbon that site!
Lisa Hubbard
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Barbara, honored to be added to your favorites, thank you!
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