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Cardio Pilates Flow

55 min - Class


Get your heart rate up in this Mixed Equipment workout with Lisa Hubbard! She starts with cardio on the Jump Board and then moves on to toning exercises on the Reformer and Mat. She includes movements that will work on improving your balance, strength, and stamina.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Mat, Mixed Equipment, BOSU®, Jump Board

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Hi, I'm Lisa Hubbard. Welcome to the Cardio Reformer program. Today, we're utilizing the Jumpboard, and later, I will be sprinkling in some BOSU. So we're gonna begin standing in a parallel position, and arms down at your side, feet parallel. Take an inhale.

We're gonna roll forward, exhaling, releasing the chin to the chest. Slowly round all the way down, good. Head is relaxed, good. Just drop your head a little bit more. Take a big breath here at the bottom, and then exhale.

Roll all the way up, articulating the spine, one vertebrae at a time. Good, nice and tall, feeling the feel, the legs help you roll up. Inhale. Exhale. First, the head goes down, rolling forward.

Lean your weight forward. Hold here. Good. Nice job. And then exhale. Roll all the way up.

Good. Let's do one more time. Inhale here. Good. Exhale. Head, neck, and chest goes down, rounding that low back.

Good. Inhale at the bottom, and then exhale. Articulate to standing. Good. All right, go ahead and bring yourself away from the Reformers a little bit, and I'm gonna have you in a wide stance.

So we're gonna have a little bit of an external rotation, and you're gonna just sweep your arms up as you go down and exhale here. Good. Inhale. Arms go up, and then exhale down. Inhale three more. And two.

One more. Inhale here. Now, add a flat back. Bring your legs parallel. Drop your chin.

Good. Hands on the floor. Bend your knees, and roll it up. So we're gonna do that again. Inhale here. Reach out, flat back.

Hands down, bend your knees, and roll your spine up. Good, and two more. Inhale. Go forward into a flat back. Hands go down, and roll it all the way up.

And one more time. Inhale here. Reach up. Go forward, flat back, hands to the floor, and roll your spine all the way up. Take your arms to a T position, bending your knees.

You're just gonna pulse and pulse, and lower, and lift for five more. Four. Good. Three, two, and stay low, and stretch your right arm and left. Good, and you're gonna just reach over and lengthen, and stretch, and stretch. One more time each side.

And reach. Good. Take it center. Good. Lift your legs. Rotate, and we're gonna pulse down on the diagonal, so we're gonna just stretch out the hip flexors, nice little pulses. Five, four, three, just opening up the hip.

Try to keep that leg at a 90-degree angle. Lift your hips up, and now let's do a little hamstring stretch. Go ahead and release down. Good, and flex your foot. Push back.

Place the foot. Let's go down for five. Five, four. Same side. Three, two, and one.

Lift your hips up. Hold, releasing the head down. Flex the foot. Get a little flat back. Release. Good.

Go down. Bend. Come to your center and side shift, and reach, breathing, stretching the abductors. Good, and let's go to the other side. Turn it around. Spin it around and pulse for five.

Good. Four. Opening the chest. Three, two. Lift it up, and bring the hips up. Good. Hold here.

Find that hamstring stretch. Head goes down, squaring off the hips, and let's go down for one more. Five, and four, and three, and two, and one. Last time. Lift your hips up, (exhaling) stretching it out.

Bring your body to center. Bend your knees. Release the head. Start to roll up, and good. Nice little warmup before you get onto the Reformer.

So I've set their Reformers. Marta has a red and a blue spring, so go ahead and lie on your backs. And Martin has two reds, so go ahead and lie down. Good. Whew. I got my heart rate up just a little bit with that.

So we're gonna start with the feet parallel, arms down at your side. I'm gonna adjust the headrest up. Good. And are you comfortable with the headrest? Down or up?

A little up. Up? Okay. So we're gonna take it up. So we're gonna just start with some ankle mobilization, so extend your legs out. Good.

Bring your feet in a little bit closer. Good. Lower the heels down. So I want you to release the front of the ankle by bending your knees in, and go ahead and bend them in here, just to where your heels don't lift, and then extend the legs. So I'm gonna have you just do five of those, so bend, relaxing the front of the ankle.

Two. Good. And three. Making sure that the knees don't roll in and knock towards one another. You really wanna work that lateral rotation. And good. Five.

And bend in. Hold here, and you're gonna go in. Lift up on your toes. Press the carriage away. Lower the heels with control.

Good. Resist the urge, bending the knees to lift the heels. Point up on the toes. Press the legs out. Good.

And lower the heels. Good. Three more. Roll through the arches. Extend long. Good. Nice.

And lower the heels. And last two. Inhale here. Knees are tracking. Roll through the feet.

Press out, and good. One more time, and good. Bending, extend, and lower. Good, now let's reverse that. You're gonna lift up on the toes and bend your knees, and heels pressed down, melting those Achilles down.

Good, melting the heels into the platform. Lift up on the toes. Good. Stay as high as you can. Press the heels down, and extend the legs out. Good. Again.

Three more times. Good. And here, up. Good. Nice. Press down, opening the back of the leg.

Nice. And one more time. And good. Heels down and out. Now, we're gonna just do some small little jumps, so you're gonna bend your knees and just jump.

Just jump, just little jumps, really tiny. Make it really small, so I don't want big jumps. I want little, little, little, little jumps for 10. Good. Nine. And eight, seven.

Good. Landing in the same spot that you jumped off, point, and then land to a ball heel, and come all the way in. Good. Nice work. So we started in parallel. Let's bring the heels together, so now let's make it big.

I'm gonna have them start with 20 repetitions, so go ahead. Extend. Good. Now, here you wanna try to keep the heels together, the abdominals obviously engaged, keeping your breath, keeping a certain rhythm. Good, and let's go for 10. Good.

Nine. Stretching your knees all the way. Good. And five, four. Stretch.

Three. Good. Two. Last one, and one. Hold here. Nice.

Heels go wide in a parallel position. Parallel, parallel position. Good. Go a little bit wider, Marta. Good, and good.

So you're gonna push off. We're gonna do 20 here, too. So cardio means getting that heart rate up, so let's go ahead and do that. Go a little bit quicker, and five. Good, stretch those knees all the way, heels pressing down.

Good, halfway there. And going 10 more, and extend out. Stretch those legs using your breath, keeping the abdominals drawing in. Good. Four, three.

Good. Stretch those legs. Breath, two, one more, and one. Take it all the way in. Externally rotate your hips, so the heels are gonna be facing each other and the toes outward. We're gonna 20 the same way.

Good, so ready, and let's go out. Toe, ball, heel landing. Good. With control, lengthening. Try to squeeze the midline with the inner thighs as you're extending the legs. Good.

And this is eight. Lengthen. Halfway there. 10 more. Let's go 10.

Good. Nine. Nice. Eight. It's fun, too. Good. Six.

Good. Five, four. Good. Three, two. One more.

And one. Come all the way in. Good. Nice work. Okay, take a break for a second. We're gonna move into a single-leg position.

I think I'm gonna keep it on the same weight. So let's start with the right-leg tabletop or a 90-degree angle, left foot down, and you're just gonna jump. Let's do 15 on that one side, so exhale here as you push up, lengthening out. Good. Two. Nice.

Three, holding the abdominals in as you press away. Good. Try to land toe, ball, heel, really pressing down into the platform. Good. And five more, going out for five.

Good. Four, three. Last two, and one. Good. Let's take it all the way in, and we're gonna switch to the other side.

Good. Ready and go. Extend. Try to fully extend that leg. Good. Push off. Push off.

Good. Nice. Controlling. Good. Good. Nice. And five more. Let's go.

Five, four, three, two, and one. Good. Nice job. Let's go back to that first side. So now I'm gonna have you go ahead and extend. As you push out with one leg, extend the leg up.

You can kick it or, yeah. Let's just go. So Martin, I will have you start in a table position, so here, and as you push out, you're gonna just stretch your leg. And Marta, I'm gonna have you extend your leg here and battement up, so meaning kicking the leg up, she's gonna use her abdominals to pull the leg up, and okay. So let's go ahead.

So you have two variations here. Good. Four, 10. Good. Nice. Eight, controlling the landing.

Good, so coordinating the movement here, and halfway done. Five more. Kick. Good. Four. Nice job. Three, two.

Last one, and one. Nice work. Let's do the other side. Other side. Let's go.

Good. One. And take it 90 degrees. Good. As you're bending that leg here, think hamstring curl. Good.

Breathing. Good. Five more, and good. And last one, and one. Good. Rest.

Good. Okay. Yeah, be careful on your landing. Nice work. Okay. Now we're gonna go onto our side, so let's start on the right side, so go ahead and roll over to the right side.

Good. We're gonna keep the same weight, so you wanna square your shoulders. You can feed your arm through the headrest or not. Your top foot will be on the platform. Your bottom knee will be drawn in, so keeping the hips square here.

And I like how Marta has her hand on the post and supporting her shoulders, so we're going to start with the top leg. Heel is down, so we're gonna bring the heel forward here, and you can bring your arm through the headrest if you'd like. Scoot down a little bit. So we're gonna adjust here and bring the knee in. You just wanna make sure that your foot doesn't get jammed into the platform.

Okay, so we're gonna be parallel. Just start here, and go ahead and extend, and good. Just extend, and then bend it in. Let's just do five. Just kind of feel it out.

Come in a little bit more, Martin, a little more. You have about an inch to bend. Yeah, that's it. Nice. And rest. Okay, we're gonna jump parallel first, so jump for 10.

Nine, eight. Good, keeping those hips squares, breathing out. Seven. Good. Nice, deep bend. Good.

So you're working your hip extensors, your glutes, your abdominals, and one. Good. Pause here. Externally rotate the leg, so bend your knee to come in. Come in, Martin.

Bend your knee. Bend your knee, and now I'm gonna have you take your foot right about here, so you're gonna rotate the hip outward, keeping the hip square, so you're gonna work the lateral part of the hips. So we're working the glute medius. We're working all kinds of stuff here. And good, Marta.

So we're gonna go out for another 10. Ready and go. Good, lengthening the knee, the back of the leg. Good. Stretch. Stretch.

Good. Five more. Stretch that leg. Push powerful. And four.

Good. Three. Good. Two. One more, and one, and take it all the way in. We're gonna move from parallel to turn out, parallel, turn out, so start back in parallel position, and I'm gonna square you up. Move down a little bit.

There you go. Are you comfortable? Are you okay? Yeah. All right, so start parallel.

Bring your foot forward so that your heel is down onto the platform, so start parallel, and we're gonna push out, jump parallel, and then go into your external rotation. Good, just like this, like Marta. So push out parallel, and then come out in external, so you're gonna jump both ways. Parallel, and then externally. Good. Parallel.

Five more. Let's go five. Good. Four. Push. Lengthen. Three, two, and one, and rest.

Okay, good. Let's go to the other side. All right, spin around. So let's square the hips off. Position the foot right in the front in a parallel position.

Draw in that knee. Square the shoulders. Lengthen down through the hip. Good. Okay. And what you can do is just hold on here.

Scoot down. Big shoulders. Good, and so we have to adjust for shoulders. Good. Okay. Taking the foot forward.

Okay, go ahead and extend. Let's just feel it out, so let's just do five. So we go out. No, let's just bend and extend, so we're not jumping yet. And good.

Three. Last two. One more time, and one. So 15 jumps here. Push.

Good. Lengthen. Good. So try to hold the hold the hips stable as you're jumping, controlling your landing in from the hip extensors and the glutes. Keep breathing. So this is eight.

Good. Nine. Good. Nice with the knee, fully extending, and last five. And come all the way in and rest. Good. Great job.

Okay, externally rotate. Next position, so bring your foot forward. Good, so you're opening. Try to get that hip to open, and lower your foot down, Marta, a little bit. Okay.

Are you ready? Let's go. Let's go 15. Push. Try to get a little more power in the leg.

Good. Five. Good, you got 10 more. Push. Keep breathing.

Last five. Four. Nice jumping. Three, two. One more time.

Push out and in. We're moving into parallel and external rotations, so start in parallel. Get a nice, big bend in the knee. Bring your foot forward and 90 degree, and just pull this knee. I'm gonna pull this knee in a little bit more.

There, okay. So moving into parallel and external rotation, let's just do 10. Lengthen your hip down a little bit, Marta. Yes, there you go. Long waist going up, and turn out.

Good. Turn in. Turn out. Two. And controlling the landing as you come in. Parallel, turn out, and five, four.

Good. Three. Last two. Two and one. Bring it all the way in and rest.

Okay, prop yourself up to sitting. Good. Okay, we're gonna move into a kneeling portion of the Jumpboard. So I'm gonna change the weight a little bit here. We're gonna move Martin down to a spring and a half of red and a blue and Marta down to one red.

So you're gonna start in a kneeling position. Your hands will be on the shoulder rest and your knees underneath your hips. And I'm gonna have you take one foot. Let's start the right foot on the toe, so on the toes. So push out with your right foots.

Good. All right, so starting here, all right. Bend your knee in, Martin. I'm gonna adjust your body, okay? So you're gonna bring your heel, yeah.

Okay, now push out and lower this heel. Good. Okay, now relax the toes down if you can, and bring this knee back a little bit, right underneath your hip joint if you can. Can you bring this knee back? Good.

Okay, push out. Good. That's okay if this foot is coming off. His shoulders are gonna be down, ribs engaged, so what I'm gonna have you do to begin with, you're gonna push out the leg straight. Come on the toes, so lift your heel up.

Keep it in this position, and now bend your knee. Bend your knee. Keep the heel up. Keep your hips square, and extend out. So this is just hip extensor work, so we're working glutes, working everything.

Everything's connected. Shoulders down, energy here. Let's do five more. Five. Good. Pushing out.

Four. Just try not to collapse in the upper body. And one more, and one. Hold it here. Bend in.

We're gonna still work the same leg, so we're gonna jump with that right leg. Let's do 10 of these. So I want you to land on the heel, so you're gonna roll through the foot toe, ball, heel, breathing out. So shoulder's down, Martin. Good.

Long neck, and Marta's already on the roll. Let's go. So we're going one. Good. Push. Two.

Reach. Three. Control it in. Good. Four. Nice. Five.

Let's do five more. Excellent. Five. Good. Four, three, two, and one, and rest. Stay on this side.

We're gonna add a hip extension. You're gonna push out, jump out, lift the leg up, so yes. Marta, go ahead and. Marta, I'm gonna have you just demonstrate really briefly, so go ahead and come. Now, lift the leg up.

Good, so you really wanna open the front of the leg and open up the hip flexor. Good and nice. Okay, nice work. Okay, shoulders down. Okay, heel.

Go ahead and extend out. Okay, good. All the way. There. Okay. Bend your knee.

Okay, here we begin. Let's go 10. Marta, ready? Heel down. Good.

Ready. Push out. One. Good. Try to get your heel lower. Good. Kick the leg up.

Good. Let's just do five more, reaching the leg up. Five, four. Straight leg, and one more. Lower and rest.

Okay, everything on the other side. Okay, so we're just gonna push out. Extend your leg. Now, lift up on the heel, so we're gonna be on the toe. Extend your knee all the way.

Good, so you're using your quad. And then hold it here. Good. Nice. Okay, bend your knee, keeping the heel lifted. Extend up, so you're gonna work your calf, your hamstrings, and your glutes.

Extend, extend, extend, and your abdominals are supporting you. Good. And shoulders are open. Good, let's do a couple more. Good.

And one and in. Good work. Let's go into the jumping. Okay, rest a moment. Okay.

All right. Ready? Okay, go ahead and push out. Good. Square. Keep the hips square as you push, so toe, ball, heel, really working out, and heel goes down, so just straight out.

Don't lift the leg up quite yet. And out. Good. That's right. And push. Lengthen the leg.

Let's go. Three, two. Good, push the leg. Control it in. And one.

Come all the way in. All right. So let's do this with the hip extension. Okay, ready? All right. You all right?

Okay, shoulders down. Okay, abdominals in. Okay, you're gonna add the hip extension. Ready, push out, and kick out. Kick out.

Lengthen, too. Good. And reach out. Three. Shoulders down. Control that landing in.

Last five. Good. Kick the leg up higher. Good. And four, three. Straight up.

Two and one. Bring it all the way in and rest. Good, go ahead and sit on your heels. Just take a break. Good.

Nice breather here. (exhales) Okay. Nice work. All right, now we're gonna do a toning portion here, so I'm going to have them remove the Jumpboards. Okay, for the toning portion of the class, go ahead and stand up, and come around to your Reformers, placing your foot onto the platform first, and then just come up and step with the other foot on the edge of the carriage. Good.

All right, so go ahead and take your hands to your hips. You're gonna bend both knees. Open your shoulders. Pull in your abdominals, so bring your shoulders back just a little bit here, and only extend the foot on the Reformer, so go ahead and push out, fully extending the knee, and then bend it back in to the start. Good.

Exhale as the leg goes all the way out. So this part is working on balance and strength in that lateral part of the hip. Good. Keeping your shoulders over the hips and breathing out, let's just do five more. Good.

Keeping the hips square. And three. Good. Keeping the weight on this right side here, and one more. Good. Nice. Bring it all the way in.

Nice work. Okay, now we're gonna put the hands on the hip, and now you're gonna hinge the body forward, so get a 45-degree angle. Head is aligned with the rest of the body, so go ahead and push the legs out so you're straight, and then bend the knees to bring it back in. Push out, straight legs, and then bend to come in. Good work.

So now, you're incorporating both parts of the hips. You're stretching the inner thighs. You're pulling in with the inner thighs, working the abductors here. Good. Pulling in your core, shoulders are right over the hips.

Bend it in. Let's do two more. Good. One more. Stretch. In, and last time, out and in.

Good. Come to standing. Good, now I'm gonna have you just inch your foot out just nice and carefully to a comfortable stance, so don't go too much so you're out of alignment. Just make sure that your foot is parallel. Pull the carriage all the way in with your inner thighs, so I want you to work up in your core.

Take your arms to a T position here. Good. Now, hold it. Hold the carriage. Start with it in. Good.

So we're gonna inhale. Open the legs out as far as you can. Hold here, and then exhale. Come get a little bit taller as you draw the leg in. Inhale. Push away.

Good. Slowly, slowly bring it in and squeeze. Good. Inhale out. This is three. Exhale.

Inner thighs are working, so you're working your side split, and let's do two. Good. And one. Pull it in. Good.

Now, you're gonna keep the carriage in. Bend your knee. Good. Inchworm back and step behind your Reformer. Good.

Safety, safety, safety. Okay, other side. So we're gonna start with a skate prep. Just the leg on the Reformer is working. Good. Hips are square.

Hold on, Marta. Hold on. Let's all start together. Pull it all the way in. Good.

Okay, hands on your hips. Good. All right. Shoulders back a little bit. Good. Okay, inhale here to begin.

Exhale, extend the leg all the way, and bend in. Good, so keep the weight on the standing leg and the shoulders right over the hips. Just push out your right leg, Martin. Push out. Good, and bend it in, and to there, and out, so don't let it really hit, and good.

Nice. So you're controlling it not only out, but you have to control it all the way in. Let's just do four more. Push out. Four.

Bend in. Good. Nice. Marta's working all those little intrinsic muscles here. And two, and let's do one more. Good.

And all the way out, and one. Okay. Now, you're gonna hinge forward from the hip joint. Good. So come down a little bit more with the shoulders, Martin.

Good. Really deep squat, so keeping the body on the same plane, you're gonna press the legs out, both of them at the same time, straight legs, and then pull it in, so extend both legs and then bend. Extend both legs out and then in. Good. Stay low. And five. Good.

Let's just do five more. Stretch the quads, and pull it in. Good. Go ahead and stretch this one a little bit more. Good.

Last two. Press both legs at the same time, coordinating the legs. And one. All the way out, and pull it all the way in. Come to standing.

Good. Now, just careful here. Inchworm your foot out to a comfortable stance. Take your arms to a T, making sure that you start with the carriage all the way in. Find your neutral position. Good.

So inhale. Open the carriage out, out, out, and then come all the way up. Good. You wanna think about the abdominals stretching down and up as you bring the carriage in, keeping the shoulders directly over the hips. The inner thighs are working.

The hips are working. Good. And we do, let's just do three more. Lengthen out, keeping the head centered. Good.

Working in, so resist out. Don't go too far too fast, and pull those ribs in, head center, and bring it all the way in. Good. Go ahead and inchworm your foot in. Good. And step off.

Good. Nice work, and rest. Okay. Good. For our stretch, we're gonna do the reverse hamstring stretch, so we're gonna move the foot bar back up, keeping the same weight if you'd like.

If you'd like a little more, you can add a blue. Marta, are you okay with the red for the reverse hamstring stretch? One green. One green, okay. We're gonna change it to one green.

Sounds good. Yeah, okay, so we're gonna start. Go ahead and start with one foot onto the headrest, so come on up. Just bring one foot onto the headrest and the other on the ... Bring it back a little bit here, so partway up, so halfway up, and then the other leg into the foot bar.

Good. So you're really working the back leg quite a bit, so you can be on the toe or on the arch, whatever is more comfortable for you. Marta, bring your heel back a little bit, so I want your arch halfway onto the headrest. Good. Now, you're gonna go into a deep lunge, so bend your knee here only 90 degree, only at a 90-degree angle.

So we're gonna bring this in just a little bit. Good. Now, I'm gonna have you point your foot, this one here, on the foot bar. Extend this leg here, so open your shoulders. Pull the shoulders down.

Lengthen this right hip down, so this is where you get the benefit of the hip flexor stretch. This is a phase one of this exercise or stretch. So this is your position, 90 degrees, phase one. Phase two: stretch the front leg. Go stretch it out.

Try to stay low, and try to draw this right hip down so you get the benefit of the hamstring stretch without crunching in the shoulders. Now, enjoy this part, 'cause this is the best part of this exercise. You're gonna lift the hips up, drawing the carriage in, so pull the carriage in. So he's getting a massive stretch in the hamstring, shoulders release, head down. Good. And ideally, we're square.

Perfect. Perfect. Lift up. Good. Now, come into a split position, so go into a splits, and then bend into your 90-degree angle. Bend and pause here. Only 90 degrees.

Now, what is happening with the shoulders? Are you getting a stretch in the hip flexor? Could it be better? Could it be more? So if so, use this back leg here, and pull up in your core.

Stretch the front leg. Hold here. Good. Square off. Don't forget about what the head is doing.

Lift up in here. Good. And now, lift your hips up, so you're gonna pike the hips up. Oh, yeah. Nice.

And head down. Good. And I'm gonna square off. Good. Let me see how we're doing over here. Marta, get a little bit more square, and she could take her head down even further so she'll get a deeper stretch here.

Good. Nice. Let's split out one more time. Good. Bend the knee. Bend your front knee.

Good. Now, you're gonna do a transition, which is going to be a plank position, so use your upper body. Use your core, and float this leg back into plank. Good. And now, bring this front leg forward, the opposite leg forward into the lunge position.

Very well done. Nice transition. Okay, push off into that leg. We're gonna get into the hip flexor stretch, phase one. Shoulders down.

Good. Bring this forward here. Lower the hips down just a little bit more. Good. Point here.

Inhale. Exhale the front leg straight. Ah, good. Lower the hip. Good.

Inhale here. Exhale. Go ahead and float the hips all the way up. Good, getting a nice, deep stretch in the hamstring. Good. Hips are square.

Looks beautiful. Oh, Marta, yeah. There you go. You found it. Good.

Split out. Bend the knee. Find your 90-degree angle. Bend your front knee. Hold here.

One more time. One more go around. So I want you to hold it just for a little bit longer, guys. Good. Float the hips up.

Head goes down. Release, release, release. Maximize the stretch. Good. Come into your splits.

Good. Bend your knee. Good. Now, use your abdominals. Come into that plank position.

Good. Now, switch legs. Other side. Okay, we're adding on. We're gonna just do a Russian split, so you're gonna bend your knee 90-degree angle.

Good. Now, you're going to use everything in your body that you have to come to a standing lunge position, so lift your body up. Take your arms to a T position, so come up into. Ah, very nice. Ooh.

Okay, now with all your control, you're gonna extend your front leg. Extend the front leg, and bend it in. One. Good. And push out.

Two and three. Last two. Good. Focus. And one more. Bend and extend.

Good. Take your hands to the shoulder rests with everything your core. Come into your plank. Float the foot back, and switch to the other side. Good. Nice job.

All right. Good. Come in. Nice, deep bend. Good.

So go ahead and extend. Lift. Take your arms to a T. Good. Just five of these. This is not an easy exercise.

There. Good. Extend the knee a little bit more, and bend it in 90 degree, and let's just do one more. In. Good. Come to your plank. Good.

Bend your knees. Pull the carriage in and rest. Good. Nice work. Okay, that is the Reformer portion of the class.

You can grab a BOSU if you have one. If you don't, you don't need one. Doesn't mean that you need to stop working out right now, so you can just simply use a mat, a step, or a box. So hopefully, you'll join me in the next portion. Okay, now that we have our BOSUs out, we're gonna start standing in a parallel position, arms at our side.

We're gonna do a roll down, inhaling here, (inhales) and then exhale, releasing the head, neck, and chest, rolling through the body, going forward. Good. Holding here, walk your hands out onto your BOSO, so you're gonna find a plank position, shoulders over wrists, legs fully extended. We're just gonna inhale here, and then press the hips up into an up-stretch position, so into a down dog, heels pressed down. So inhale forward, and then exhale.

Lift the hips up, pushing into the BOSU, lengthening out through the tail. Inhale, pointing the toes coming forward. Good. And then, exhale. Initiate with the abdominals.

Go back into your down dog. Come forward into your plank. Good. Set your shoulders, long neck. Bend your right knee and tap it to the mat.

Exhale, and good. Let's do the left, so we're gonna do five on each side. So just try to lower the foot down, or the knee down rather, and exhaling. And two. Bringing the knee down, holding the hips square.

One more time. Good. Hold here. Push into the BOSU and lower the heels. We're gonna go into the double knee tap, so inhale.

Exhale forward, nice long body. Bend both knees down, and then extend the legs out. Good. Microbend in the elbows, making sure that you're not hyperextending in the knees, or the elbows, pardon, and inhale here. Let's do two more.

Bend and extend, and bend and extend. Hold here. Exhale. Press all the way back. Lower those heels down, bending your elbows wide to the side. Hold your ribs in.

Inhale. Bend your elbows wide. Your heels may lift, and then extend up. So we're working the upper back. Inhale.

And the arms. Let's just do three more. Try to get the head to touch the BOSU. One more. Bend and extend.

Inhale forward. Bend your knees, and rest for a moment. Good. All right, we're gonna move through a series called wave, the twist. We'll do some mountain climbers, some side plank, so let's come back into our plank position.

So I'm gonna say wave, and we're gonna down on the right elbow, left elbow, push up with the right and then the left, all right. So we wanna try to keep stable here, so let's go right, left, right, left. And three, two. Push, push. One more.

And now, we go to the left. And left, right, push, push. Good, you should feel your obliques here. Your arms are working. Your shoulders are working.

And one more for the wave. Hold here. Inhale. Push back into your down dog. Exhale. (exhales) nice job. Inhale.

Come into your plank, and now we're gonna add the mountain climbers, so the mountain climbers are gonna go kind of like you're running in a plank, so you're gonna go right, left, right, left, right. (exhaling) This probably reminds Martin of maybe football. And draw that knee in, and in, and in, and pause, right. Hold here. Knee in to the right, into the midline.

Exhale out. And left. Inhale. Exhale out for five. Right (exhales) and left.

Three more. Three, two. Keep alternating. One more to the left, and to the diagonal, and bring it right knee to left elbow, left knee to right elbow. Two (exhales), twist, twist.

Good. Three, two. One more. Hold center. Inhale. Press back up.

Exhale (exhales) and breathe, heels pressed down, shoulders away from the ears. Good. Nice. Inhale. Come forward, and now let's just rotate to the side, so face me as you rotate. So you can be either on the elbow or the palm of the hand, so we're gonna take the arm.

Let's just go lower the hips down as the arm lifts, and then come up. So you're just doing an oblique lift. Exhale up. Inhale here. Exhale up.

And two. Stretch. Ah, this feels so good. And one more. Inhale here. Hold here.

Float your arm up and push into your side bend. Stretch that back leg. Good. Come back center. Lower and up, and side bend here.

Stretch, and let's just do one more. Inhale up. Exhale over. (exhales) center and down. Good, let's come back into the plank. You guys all right?

Can we move on? Okay. Let's just do one more before we go to the other side, so go twist and twist, up and over. Take that hip down, and lift. Go up and over.

Good, so you're twisting. Good, and twist. Try not to get into the shoulders, and let's do one more right and left. Bring it center, and bend your knees, and come into a child's pose, reaching the arms forward, and roll up to a seated position. Okay, let's do the other side, so go ahead and bring this.

We're gonna do the side variation, so you can be either on your elbow or your forearm, forearm, elbow, or palm of the hand. Okay. I'm gonna push mine out just a little bit more, good. So extend. So we're gonna just lower the hips down, so try to make sure that the head is aligned, so lower and up.

Inhale and exhale. Three. Lower. Good. Ah, get the stretch there. And two and one.

Hold here. Good. Inhale and side bend over. Exhale. Almost forgot what I was gonna do.

And lower. Inhale up. (inhales) Exhale over. (exhales) Bring it center. We did one more. Inhale up. Exhale. Stretch. Bring it center and lower.

Good. Come into your plank and rest into a child's pose, reaching your arms forward. Take a breath here. Inhale. Good. Exhale. Roll up to a sitting position.

(sighs) Okay, that gets your heart rate up, I'll tell you that. All right, now we're gonna add some jumping into this, so position your BOSU in the center of your mat. Come to standing here. All right, so we're gonna do a little combination. I'll break it down for you.

So we're gonna just do what I call half squats, so you're gonna come into a parallel position, one foot on top. Let's just take our hands here. You're gonna bend down. Let's just kind of squat. Squeeze forward, and let's do five.

Two, three. Good, keep squeezing. And one more. Go down and squat. 10, nine.

Pulse it. Eight, seven. Good. Deeper. Make sure that knee doesn't go in or out, and hold. Good.

Now, we're gonna add a little curtsy, so you're gonna go squat, curtsy. I like to take me arms down, and then I come back to the squat, and then take that leg back. Try to keep your shoulders facing me. Good. And then go squat and curtsy.

This is working balance and strength and getting that heart rate up. And let's do five. Four. Good. Keep the shoulders over the hips. Hold your curtsy and squat.

10. Nice. Keep the shoulders up. Good. Just little pulsing, working the outer part of the hip. Good.

And three. Let's just do two and one. Good. Come back into your half squat. So let's go half squat, curtsy, step up, twist to the outside, and come down.

Good. So half squat, curtsy, come up, rotate, and land. Yeah, good. All right, half squat, curtsy. Good.

Twist. Hold, and good. Go down. Balance, land. You got it. Boom, whew, and good.

Curtsy, rotate, and down, down, twist. One more. Ha, hm, and hold. Good. Nice work. All right, let's do the other side.

It's fun, isn't it? Okay. No comment. (laughs) All right. All right, so we're gonna just start with the (laughs) half squat and curtsy and the pulsing, so let's start with the feet parallel. Good, and we just go into our squatting and press forward.

Good, so squeeze your hips as you come forward. And (exhales) big, deep lunge. Big, deep squat rather. Good. And now hold it down and pulse.

One. Go deeper. And five, four, three. Good. Little pulses. And one, and now take it back.

You're gonna curtsy. You're gonna cut across a little bit, but keep your shoulders square, and then come in. And go down. And deep squat. Lower with control.

Deep and one, and now we're gonna pulse it back. Curtsy. One. Good. Two. I think we did 10, and five, four, three, two, and one. Now, let's add.

All right, so we're gonna go squat, curtsy, lift, twist, land. Squat, curtsy, twist, land. Squat, rotate, and hmm, hmm. Did I change it up on you kind of? I think I did.

Sorry. Boom, twist, and go down, down, up. Good. Down, down, up, lunge, curtsy, squat, rotate in. (laughs) Curtsy, squat, rotate.

One more. Let's go here, here. Whew! Oh, my gosh. And rest. (laughing) Okay, how you feeling?

Okay. Warm. Good, warm. I'm pretty much sweating. Okay, good.

All right, so now let's do some arabesque jumps. Actually, before we do that, we're gonna come, and you're gonna go up and down, up and down, okay, and then we'll do our arabesque squats. All right, let's do it. And go up and land, up and land, up and land. (exhaling) Keep breathing.

Good. Deeper lunge. Lift. Take those arms up and control. Lift. Good.

Nice. And let's do four, three, two. One more. One, whew, and rest. Okay.

I'm hooting and hollering. I don't think I've ever done that here. Okay. For our arabesque, I think it's okay where it's at, actually. So I'm just gonna demonstrate here.

Let's do this. We're gonna go in, switch. Let's go in, switch. That's all you gotta do, so go ahead and go there. You're gonna face one another.

Let's just start. We'll do five sets, starting with the right, so step with your right, pull in your left. Arms go (exhales). Good, it's like a step ball change. And two.

Good. Three more sets, and one. Whew. One, two. Good, pull that knee in from the core.

And last time and step, step. Step, down, step, down. So do your step ball change, back, and switch, so just keep alternating. 10 repetitions. Let's go.

Ready? And one, back, back. Two, back, back. That's second set. Reach, reach.

Four sets or sets. Good. Let's do a couple more. Ba, bum, bum. Bum, last time.

Right, back, back. Left, and hold. Hold. Step with your right foot. Step with your left foot.

Ah, shake it out. (sighs) Bend your knees. Good, walk your feet close together. Stretch your right leg on the outside. Just kind of hug the leg in.

Good. Whew, those guys are working. Now, stretch your right leg out to the side, abduct. Five, four, whew, three. This is challenging, because you're on an instable object.

Hold. Take your right foot down. Center yourself. Focus. Other side.

Those little muscles are certainly kicking in. One. Whew! You can tell which side's my hard side. Two, three, four. One more. Wow. Five.

I need more of this in my life. Stretch. Inhale. Roll forward, exhaling, head, neck, and chest. Just relax. Bend your knees.

Good, stretch your legs. Oh, yeah. Much different. Bend your knees. Roll up, and you are done.


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This was SO good! I am drenched! Thank you
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Great workout Lisa and I love your outfit! Where did you get it if I can ask?
Lisa Hubbard
Yay! That's what I was going for Nicole THANK YOU!
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you Jeanne :) Carbon 38 Leggings: L'ure & top: MICHI
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Woo! Got my Lisa & Marta fix!! Great class :)
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Thank you Lisa. That sure was really satisfying.
Lisa Hubbard
Sending you warm wishes Crystal, thanks for taking class with us!
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you Z A, love your comment!
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Awesome class, really enjoyed it! Thanks 😀
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loved this class! great cardio work and lots of fun! will be doing this one often :)
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