Cardio Pilates Flow<br>Lisa Hubbard<br>Class 2686

Cardio Pilates Flow
Lisa Hubbard
Class 2686

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Wow! What a workout! So happy that I can take this class now that I finally got a Bosu! Thank you Lisa for another great class. Happy New Year!:)
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you Anne-Marie and Happy New Year to you! So happy that you enjoyed the class & hope you’ll come back again and again! Xx
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A lot of time was spent cueing which was a disappointment. I found myself waiting for direction as Lisa was coaching Martin through form and correct posturing.
Lisa Hubbard
My apologies Kimberly you are right in my coaching form/posturing. Next time I’ll leave my husband at home! Hope you’ll try other classes of mine 🙏
Lisa, I did this workout because you look hot and have a great body ahhaha and so I knew this workout would be challenging! You’re amazing! I’m going to have to check you out on some other classes
Lisa Hubbard
Pio Anderson thank you for taking class with me and hope that you check out all the other classes too! 😊
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I am such a huge fan of your work, and workouts! Your jumpboard class was amazing !! The Bosu work at the end was differently an added touch. It was the icing on the legs, and gluts!
Lisa Hubbard
Rebecca C I am so appreciative of your most kind comments of my classes, thank you Rebecca! I am truly grateful you’re enjoying them. Yes the BOSU gets those legs and glutes just right 💪
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