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Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Some strong athletes see the Reformer as a piece of gym equipment. In a series of classes, Karen Sanzo teaches advanced sessions to concentrate on a deeper set of trunk exercises which challenge the athlete to understand that the core is and will always be a relationship to build. From the explanation of breathing vs. bracing vs. bulging, Karen is teaching, guiding, and lecturing all at the same time.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Weighted Balls, Pilates Pole

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Thanks for being here. This is my daughter. This is my middle child. This is Sienna. She's gonna work on the reformer for us today.
I'm gonna go...


I love this! Very well done Karen!!
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Karen, your cueing, as always, is superb! Just the little corrections and explanations help me to really get the exercises right. Thanks for expanding my horizons! And thanks to your lovely daughter as well.
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Love this Karen. Need to visit your studio soon.
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Karen, your classes are excellent. Any chance you might do an advanced mat class?
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Karen, I'm always so happy to see you at PA! Your classes are wonderful, I agree that your cueing is superb. I enjoyed this class very much, I found some interesting challanges - thanks to you, your daughter and PA!
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great class Karen, thanks, I like your style of teaching!
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Gained a lot from your correctional cueing and adjustment techniques nice to have a "real" client. Great instructor /client teamwork shown. Thank you!
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top notch explanations of where the movement originates, what it targets, less springs being more advanced sometimes. i will repeat this class often.
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Hi Karen! This is Connie Murtaugh from Omaha. Always love seeing you here! Your daughter is lovely. Her breaststroke couldn't have been better. Such beautiful extension. I always learn so much from you. Thank you Karen!
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Thanks, Karen. Always love your classes.
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