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Reformer Workout

30 min - Class


Create awareness in your body with this Reformer workout by Karen Sanzo. She is back for her second class with her daughter, Siena, introducing more concepts to advance her practice. Her variations for Stomach Massage, Long Stretch, and other exercises will create surprising connections to your entire body.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Weighted Balls, Jump Board

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Thanks for being here, for doing this reformer workout. This is a very fun and interesting workout. Now I'm not saying that other workouts aren't fun, because lots of your exercise pro...

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Great job as usual Karen!! Love the long box variations!!:)
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Beautiful job!
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lovely class!!
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That's something new) I have to try this) thanks
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Ooh this is great! Going to try it tomorrow. Love the variation on reformer exercises. Love everything Karen does!
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Mama Mia!Great!
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Hi Karen, how do you place a client who is either very short or very tall on the box?
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I know I commented already, but I tried this today and really loved the "connections". Laying on the box and holding the bottom of it was very helpful to me in opening the chest. I also felt the legwork differently and more in my hamstrings. I loved the saw sitting on the end of the reformer! I found spring changes a little more challenging in this one working at home and getting up and down, but overall loved it and will keep incorporating some of these exercises into my practice. Thanks Karen!
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Thanks Karen, really enjoyed your class...had to do it a second time!
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This looks really fun! I just watched, tomorrow I will do it!
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