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Spiraldynamik® Flow

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Work through the spirals in your body with this Mat workout with Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt. In this new TRIADBALL workout, you will experience ways to incorporate the movement principles from Spiraldynamik® into a Pilates class with the TRIADBALL. Their witty humor and knowledge of the body make this class fun and informative at the same time!
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Hi, I'm Michael and I'm Joan. And welcome to our workout. Are you playing fair head to a tried ball workout? So I think we should just get started. Let's get started. So we're going to start standing without the drive ball actually, funnily enough.

And you understand in a comfortable position and you're going to place your right hand on your left shoulder and then the left hand goes to the bottom of your rips, so in, in the back. So you create sort of a diagonal line from your front hand in hand in the back. So what you're going to do is you're going to inhale and as you inhale, you imagine dos two hands being pushed away because of the breasts. And then as you exhale, you let them come together and then you squeeze a little bit squeezing all of the air out so you can actually collapse a little bit on that side. Inhale. And as you exhale, just allow it to come together and compress a little bit.

Just breathing your own tempo because we all breathe in our own special way. Some more special than others, but that's okay. And Him. And Yeah, let's do it one more time. Wherever you are. One more inhale and one more exhale. And then relax the arms down.

You might feel a difference between that side and the other side. So let's place our hands on the other side. The hand goes in the bottom back and then the top by your chest, creating the diagonal line. As you inhale, let them go away from each other and then as you exhale, schoolies them together. So what we're doing is we actually opening and closing those intercostals between our ribs. Cause sometimes when we have a tight back, it can actually be those ribs and the intercostals that are getting really tight and locked up on us. I used to breathing. Okay, just checking.

Let's do one more big breath and, and then relax. Just stand comfortably. So let's place the feet a little bit wider and you're gonna place the hands right by your botanical area. And what you're going to do is first you're going to shift your pelvis forward, so you're gonna move the pelvis forward. As we keep pushing it forward, we're going to make sure that our pelvis and our ribs are connected, and then we're going to continue that line creating a slight arc, which out of your head does not hang. So Durata Chin in slightly creating an elongated spine, even though we are the extension. Take a couple of breaths here. If you're comfortable here, and then slowly come back to standing. From here.

We're going to do the reverse. So we're going to allow our head to fall forward, are going to curl ourselves in. They similar to like a standing spine switch forward. Now use your arms, bend the arms and curl yourself into watch yourself creating a really rounded spine. The shoulder blades are separated, the neck is nice and relaxed, and then soften the knees a little bit as you slowly roll yourself up to standing. Very nice. So let's go down to the floor. Go hold on to your tried ball. You're gonna lie down in your back and you going to bring the pelvis on top of the ball. Once you're on top, you're going to be a little bit with your sitz bones. Over the ball so you're not really in a full extension, but it's slightly hanging off there and the arms are down.

So what you're going to do is curled as its bones up towards the ceiling and you feel the ball moving away from you. And then you allow the sitz bones to kindly shine down towards the floor and reach the sitz bones forward and up. And then this sitz bone goes down towards the Mat. So just rock between those two motions. There you go. He long gating our spine as we go.

Let's do it one more time. I may be too. I'm not sure yet. Here we go. I'm saying one more time and curling it under lengthening it. Don't mind me. And then relax the pelvis in the middle.

Then clearly itself off the ball and slowly Earl yourself down and place the ball behind your thighs. So you're going to step over the ball. You're going to place your fingertips on the out are over your ears like the headphones like we did in the class. God's [inaudible]. We're going to lift our chin slightly and then we going to lengthen. [inaudible]. There you go. So lift. So we first worked at the, on the bottom pole of our functional unit of our spine, which is the pelvis and now we working on the top pole of the functional unit of the spine, which is our head. So we're going to curl.

You're going to lengthen our spine and then continue that length into a small curl up. Think of the stern and being relaxed, sort of chest is heavy on the floor and then roll yourself back down. The Chin goes up, we lengthen our spine. That length goes into the curl. Rolling right on it. Last time we like sit down or are you going to lift the chin? Where are you going to lengthen the neck?

We curl ourselves all the way up this time too. A nice little crunch. Then we reached the arm forward and we start pumping for our hundred for eating in Jackie, you're going to be in charge of counting. When we get to an 80 you're going to yell, so she's in charge now. Straighten out the legs. Keep them on the floor. He defeat on the floor. Now while the feet stay on the floor, press the back of the legs into the ball.

Keep pushing into the ball. As the legs float off or the feet float off the wall of the wall off the floor. Now what I want you to do is press down into the ball so it does not bounce around, right? I'm counting on you. There you go. Inhale and exhale. Are you sure? Inhale and exhale and then relax.

Everything back down. There you go. Pick up the ball and place the ball between your hands. You're going to have the arm, a leg straight, arms up, and then bring the arms behind you. You're going to inhale and flex your feet and bring the bar on top of your thighs. You're going to roll yourself up as you stretch, keeping your feet flexed. Then push the heels forward. As you roll back down, roll down all the way. Head comes on the floor. Then you point your feet as the arms go back behind you, so you inhale, flex the feet, place the ball on top of you. Exhale, roll it on forward. Then keeping the feet flex.

You're going to roll back down, keeping that nice press through the center of your heel and then lengthen back down. Now see if you can engage, incorporate that length and softening of the sternum so the head comes up. Soften the sternum as you roll up, so you first let the ribcage drop into that floor, roll back where it's pushing those heels forward, pointing the feet as the arms come back. Don't slow down the rolling down part. Flex. Lift the arms up. Exhale. Now feel the tempo that you have here. That's the same rhythm on the way down. Going down is not slow. It's just the same. One more time for good luck.

Rolling up, pressing it all the way forward. Press those heels away from you and then roll yourself out and relax. Bend your knees, place the bar underneath your right foot and roll it out and you want to make sure that the foot is right on top of the ball. Then bend the left knee in and you want to lengthen the leg that's on the ball, pushing the ball forward. Now bring the other extreme it up. Give it a little nice, gentle stretch. Did you say something joyfully?

Okay. Yes, yes. Don't forget that part. And then bring the arms down. So now what we're going to do is we're going to create an outward spiral with our bottom hip. Sounds complicated, not so bad. So what I want you to do is press the leg into the bar and I'll press the hip into the floor. And as you push that leg down, the other hip will lift up slightly and then replace that hip back down to the floor. So press the ball down. You create an outward spiral.

The sitz bone moves towards the center line of your body, and then you place it back down. Make sure the foot goes straight up. So press very nice. Get that hip off and then place it back down. Now we're going to stay up there. So we're going to press down, created outward spiral. Leave that leg there. We are going to do three very small circles. Circle one, circle to circle three, reverse it one and two and three.

And slowly roll that hip back down. Now for our next trick, what we're going to do is going to incorporate that same feeling, but this time keeping both hips on the floor and we're going to make the leg circle bigger. So get that same our outward spiral feeling. Now cross the leg all the way and we'd go down around, up one down around and work on that standing leg. And now reverse it. And we go out around two one, two and out around and three and bend the knee in. Roll the bar in and let's change legs. How did that feel?

That was weird. So get the leg on top of the bar, make sure that foot is right on in the middle of the bar. Otherwise you're gonna throw yourself off self. Bend it in for a stretch and then stretch it out for a stretch where the joyful mood sounds not on this site. Okay, fine and relaxed the leg. Good. So get a little pressure on the ball. Think of pushing the ball away. Now create an outward spiral with the bottom hip, lifting the other hip slightly off the floor.

And place it back down. So as we create an outward spiral with that pelvic half the top pelvic half, actually spiral slightly in and then really think of that sits bone going down away from you and moving it into its a center line of your body and then relax, worrying it up and leave it there. Three small circles, one and two and three rivers one and two and three and then lower it down. Get that same feeling with both hips on the floor. Big Circle. Cur US around up. One for Roz around him to create an outward spiral.

Three weavers open crossover, one open Carozzi over two last time. Open crossover three bend the knee in. We'll roll the ball in. Step with both feet over the ball. Bring the arms up and roll is not up. Then place your hands on the side. Push yourself forward.

Pop that ball up and place the elbows on your knees. You're going to stay with the head down. You're not going to lose the ball. You're not going to let the elbows go off your knees. We're rolling back and rolling back up. Imagine bringing your sitz bones up towards the ball and then pull the ball back to your sitz bones. Press the bar up, pull the ball down, press the ball up, pull the ball down two more times up and bring it down.

Last time up, bring it down, find your bell and we're holding that balance and relax. Then just take the trial. You're going gonna bring it back behind your back and you're going to roll down into it. So it's like right on your shoulder blades there, right below the tip of your shoulder blades. The more it's underneath towards your waist, the more extension you'll have. So choose wisely for your body.

On a Saturday morning we're going to start with the single leg bend. So we're going to just bring the leg in, elbows open to the side, extend the other leg out long. Now if you need to bring the legs back down, we adjust the ball cause I can see you all instead of wobbling around, which is fine, but we don't want to do why we're doing the exercise stretch out so you have one and pull it in one to two. Draw that Chin down slightly. See, keep that length for four, two more. Five, five. You can smile. Six, six, both legs for the double leg. You can extend the legs and arms. Arms open to the letter t for tone.

We're still open Su and squeeze it in. Inhale, stretch arms open and squeeze for more, but a little bit quicker. Open circle around and squeeze or hatch and around in squeeze. Stretch and around and squeeze a lot of stuff. One, enjoy it. It's joyful and relaxed. Crisscross, listen carefully. We're going to open the legs, hip with think of your bottom ribs attached to the hips. Top ribs attached to this sternum and the head and the neck. Got It.

Place your hands behind your head. From here, we're going to rotate towards the right, the upper body. The mall might move just fine. While you're in this position trying to rotate more. Think of the left hip going down and those bottom ribs, trying to keep it there so you get that lovely spot rather than the rotation and then center and cause you were so good. Roll back into extension for a little break. Ah, but we can't stay here so we have to roll up the other side.

So you're gonna rotate first. [inaudible] keep trying to bring that elbow up above your head and at the same time, think of that right pelvic half. Think of bringing that right down, allowing the bottom ribs to follow back to center. And we really said let's do that once again. So we go up, we rotate and you can let the ball move for even more fun and rotation joyful. And from there push that left pelvic half down, pack to the center. Ah, and Andover.

Then roll yourself up from that twist and rotate more. Yes. Good. That pelvic half on the opposite side down. Um, yes and come back center and AH, okay. Doesn't that feel good? Then slowly roll yourself up and we're going to do spine stretch forward. We're going to place the ball right in front of you. Arms are straight.

I don't care if you feed a flex pointed, whatever you were taught, whatever you feel like. What you're going to do is just press down with straight arms, not locked. And just think of lifting your spine up. Lungs here on this sits bones. From there, all we're gonna do is curl the six under. Trying to keep the shoulders above your hips.

Stretch it back up for just a little coxix curl and up. Try not to let your shoulders move. It's only your coxix. It's only your pelvis lift up. Then roll the ball up front. Stretching will hands will come off with what they there, but that's okay. And roll it up and roll it out.

Yeah, and we're rolling end. And again, rolling out. Roll it in and stay. Not, let's do a little combo. Let's put the parts all together so we curl the coccsyx under. We lift back up, we roll out, we roll in, we curl the Coccsyx, we lift up, we roll it out, become in, we're curling, we're stretching, we're rolling, we're rolling in. And we stay. Then open like rockers. You just gonna bend your legs.

Then you're going to wedge it right into back for your like Coxix. You're really gonna Wedge in and you're going to have to do a little test, cause you're gonna have to take your legs off. Then open your legs wide. Girls always wanting to say that. From here, you keep your coxix curled under. Lift your sternum.

So you've got the spirals going in different directions. From there, just rock back with your sitz bones and trop make it small. Drop and up. Now since you're all such experts, let's close the legs in, grab the ankles, keep it wide, and we do the same thing. That's all the wall or either, come on Jackie. I know you go wider with those beautiful long legs. Good. And hold it there. We're holding.

We're slowly bending the legs in because it's the art of control and bring them down. Grab the ball. You're gonna place the ball right underneath a little mind fight there, where to put the ball. So underneath you're going to slowly roll down for the ticktock arms are going to be out to the sides or just down a little bit. It's your choice on the ticktock, I want you to think of lifting your right sits down, curling it up in towards the ball, like what you did with the certain leg circles with tone. And that's the impetus that starts to bring the legs over.

Then think of the rib cage, brewering it back down, left side. So the Lefsetz one lives up, curling up towards the ball and then the ribs pull it back down. So lift the right pelvic half up and it goes over. Go a little farther. How far can you go? Keep that curling and then use the rib cage to pull it back in.

Nice or the side. Lift it up, curl it over, let it go. How far can we go? How low can we go? And from there use the ribs to pull it back and relax for a second. Then we're going to do the corkscrew. But small with the legs, bed and keep that concept of the Sitz bone curling up on the side. You're going letting the legs go. Two for the exercise.

So you're going to go up, you go down the spine, pelvis goes into neutral, the other sits, one lifts up to bring that in. And then the rib cages was dad. Lift the left foot bone up, circle around the right, Sitz bound, and let the ribs pull you back down. One more time to each side in your own temple. Just enjoy it. Make it small. It's to warm you up.

Last time. Second side. Yeah. Good. Then just stopped in the center. Grab on here. Thighs, your ankles or your knees and just rock yourself up the sitting. Once you are up, we're gonna do a saw with a variation. Of course. Just lift the ball up along above your head. Sit Tall on the sits bones.

You know, lift and twist. We're going to do one of the ones that we, you'd normally do. So you're just going to roll it out. Arm circles, back ups. That hip stays down and roll it in. Twist or roll it down or out. Bring it in. Now listen carefully. We're going to twist. Placed the ball down. That arm that used to circle back is going to circle back, but now it's going to go on your right sitz bone, right behind like you're putting your hand into your pocket with the palm of the hand. That way in that position, you're going to allow that right pelvic half to come up and then you're going to press it down into your hand as you roll the ball away.

So it's up and release, Eh, right back up and release. Roll the ball out and she pushed that pelvic half down and up. Push it down is that mounds of pleasure, had mountains of pain and uh, and slowly roll that ball in and bring it up. Twist other side ball goes down from there. This arm circles back. Then you place it just behind you, like you have a back pocket from, you're going to let that pelvic half come up.

You're going to press it down and roll the ball out so you can even more enjoyment up. And as you press that pelvis down, roll it out, release pelvic half up again, and as you press it down, I'm gonna air. Roll that out one more time and then press it out nice. And then slowly roll it back in and just relax. How are we, and keep the ball on the front. As you lie down your stomach, are you going to bring your sternum on top of the ball and the hands go over the ball, over the wall to the farm floor. I'll get there and then relax your body over. So you're going to do is you're going to press the forearms into the floor and then think of pushing the ball forward to the, towards your hands as you lift yourself up into solite extension of the thoracic spine. And then allow yourself to melt back down, suppress the arms into the floor, and then pull yourself forward.

Keep that pooling forward. Action going. As you go into your extension, there you go. And then release back down. We're going to stay up there this time. So we're going to press into the arms, moving ourselves forward, and we're going to stay there. You're want to press more into your left forearm, pushing the rib cage towards the right, rotating our upper body slightly, and then come back down to the center.

Push into the left arm to push yourself over to the other side. Now Watch out, or the head does not hang out. So come back to the center. As you press into the arm, go to the other side. Think of listening with that top ear like you're listening what's going on around you around corner. And they come back to the center and the other side. Push.

Go into the extension, listen with a year and come back to the center and then relax yourself down. Then take the ball out and place it in front of you with both hands on top of the ball, elbows on the floor, head on the mat. So the first thing you're going to do is press both hands into the ball. Then as you lift the elbows, let your head hover above the mat. As you think of bringing the crown of your head towards the ball and then relax everything down. So press the hands into the ball.

As we lift the elbows, we pool our head forward. The crown of the head reaches forward towards the ball, and then you relax back down. Now let's curl the toes under the knee. Stay on the floor for now. We're going to press our hands into the ball. We're going to lift the elbows and our head, but now also push the heels away from you so the knees come off the floor and we stay nice and long and then relax everything down.

Press into the ball, lifting elbows. As we lengthen our head forward, pushing the heels away and bring it all back. Yeah, let's stay up there. Going to press into ball. We're going to lift the elbows, our heels. Push backwards. Stay exactly where you are. Just point your feet, flex those feet and then relax everything back down. Press into the ball, lift the elbows, pull the crown that forward heels go back.

Point the feet, flex the feet and melt it everything down. We're going to stay up in our extension and press. Push the heels, the combination that never ends friends, and then point the feet. Bring the legs together. And now do single leg kick here. So the right leg goes in one and just one kick, one and change and change and right and left. Remember those legs were off the floor. Oops. Small detail. Up and up.

And in an inky, those elbows lifted. Keep the crown coming forward. Stop both like straighten out, curl the toes under and relax everything down that push yourself back into child's pose. You deserved a little rest and then roll yourself out. Then we roll ourselves back up. Ready for the next four series? Yes, it is a series. So here we go.

Just like people to be prepared. Lie Down. So it does not come up as a shock of like my God. One more time. So here we are. Hands are behind your head. We're going to get that same lengthening that we started with or almost started with. So you're going to lengthen the neck out. You're going to soften the sternum as you row yourself. Halfway up, looking right into the ball and feel that rib cage male and being heavy on the floor. Then rose up, but down in length and yourself back and lengthen.

Soften the sternum and roll up. Pressing everything down towards the floor and then roll yourself back down. Very nice. Let's stay up there. We're going to lengthen ourself and we roll up now while we're here, lift the right leg up and bring it back down. Then lift the left leg up.

Bring it back down and now roll yourself down. So now let's bring the like up twice. So we're going to curl ourselves up. Soften, bring the right leg up and down. Think of push the heel away a little more as you lifted, let's push the left leg. Press the heel away. You get a nice length thing from the back all the way through the body and then come down. Now here comes the fun part.

We going to do it twice with the leg lift. The first time you rotate towards the leg, the second time you rotate away from the leg. Here we are. So inhale, we're going to length in ourself up as we lift the right leg up. We rotate towards the leg and then come back to the center and then we rotate away from it. We come back to the center and then we rolled on. That was fun and length and back up. Yes, Christy, it was fun and rotate.

Two boards in case you were not aware of what this was. This is what fun feels like. So every time you feel this, you're actually are having fun. Here you go. Little did you know, and go towards the leg and in and go away from the leg and in and then we have one more time to go to the left. Only one more time. One time only. Yes, that's also a song.

And go around and then relax yourself down. Good. Bend your knees. Place the ball right between your knees. Basically, if it fell out on the floor, bring the arms up and then keeping them wrist nice and long. Bring the fingertips to wards your thighs. You're going to curl your sitz bones forward and up towards that ball. As you roll yourself all the way up until there's no more space between your arms and your body. Then you soften your throat, Melton, and the rib cage.

As you roll yourself all the way down and we're going to press currently sits bones forward. Rolling all the way up. Keep your arms right on your, on your legs. Right up here. Yeah, there you go. And then as you roll away you soften your throat and you just roll away from the arms leaving them there. Beautiful. Let's do it one more time. Curling yourself up, making sure that you're all the way against it. Then start with softening the throat, the mailed ride on down. There you go. Bring your arms up and bring your knees in towards your chest and then lift your head and just rock yourself until you're all the way up and then crush your legs and lets have the right leg in front. Okay.

And you're going to place the ball underneath your right sitz bone and don't sit all the way on top of it. Sort of like wedge it in so you're still on the front, but you sort of like feel it. The bar wants to push you over around the corner. Come a little bit more on the floor, being ball more behind you. There we are, right? So you're going to place your right hand on that hip. The left hand you can have on your sternum. It's not important right now, but if you want to keep it there and you can keep it there, we're going to go focus on that hip.

You're going to think or you're not going to think you're going to do. Bring lifting this hip up and towards the opposite shoulder so it's sort of like spirals into wards. You. Then you spiral that out back to the floor and into the ball. Try not to move anything else. You're just going to lift it hip Apatow to small movement and press it back down. It's a subtle movement just like me. Very subtle.

Okay? That was not the reaction I was expecting to get and curl back up and now press it down. Press that hit into the ball and let the rib cage push the sternum and the hand to the opposite side. So the pelvis and the ribcage rotate against each other and then bring it back to the center. So our loudest inward spiral of the hip, we create the outward spiral. And as we push, we almost push ourself into that rotation, right? So both sides are very active into it as it would one more time curling up inward spiral, press it out.

And then rich Romana always had the image of, um, what do you call that? Ring out a wash rack, right? So this is really, you get that sense of what that feels like and then relax, let's change legs and let's move the ball to the other side. Yeah. You feel weird on the different, yeah. If you sit in the middle for a second, you can feel the difference of the pelvis. Yeah. It's Kinda cool. Our bodies are amazing. Left hand on your hip, right hand, your sternum, allow pelvis to come inward and then back outward. And now you might also feel very much a difference between one side and the other one might be much easier to manipulate that pelvis than the other.

Right? So curling it up. And of course I am totally balanced. I have no idea what you're talking about, but I've heard that people have that problem, right? For me, the left side is a lot harder than the right side. So press into it and then rotate and but it might be different for you and come back and a lot of pelvis to inward spiral. Press it out into the ball, keep pushing that ball away from you as you go.

And then come back to the center and inward and out. Feel of oppositional rotation of the pelvis and the ric k. Let's do it one more time and in spiral out. Go all the way around the corner, come back to center and then relax. Good. So if you take the bottle away, you should feel pretty, even again, we're going to do some sidekicks, ends and variations. Zillow, let's lie down on our side and you're going to relax the bottom arm. So your head is on it and the legs are bent at a 90 degree angle and the hand is right in front of you on the ball.

We're going to make sure the shoulder stays connected to our back. So as we roll the ball forward, pushing the sternum almost into the ball, which out of the shoulder does not move away from us. And then bring it back in. Actually bring it slightly back behind you. So if we're going to initiate with the sternum, pushing that ball forward and then bring it back. Now we get one. Feel good, do good stretch. So we're going to press it out now. Keep wishing out.

Allow to show the to travel away from you. Allow the upper arm, the humerus to internally rotate. Get a lovely little awe moment and then bring it back. But like I said, you only get one. So stretch out the top. Like think of that outward spiral that we just did on the spy and the sitting. So think of that ball behind you, pushing that ball in.

Then lift the leg up, kick the leg to the front, bring it in line, keep the pelvis where it is. Just bring the leg back, not the pelvis. So we go front, we go in line, the leg goes back and it comes back. We go to the front, the leg goes in line, it goes back in. I'll let stay there, not allow the pelvis to spiral outward and back as we push the ball forward. At the same time, now do a little check in the back leg. Make sure it's not externally rotated, that it stays into a parallel and that it did not drop down to the floor. Ooh, who did I kick and come back to center. I'm sorry. And we go to the front and we go in line. We bring it back, we spiral out as we move our spine forward.

There you go. So you get an oppositional rotation again, right? And come back to the center. Bring it to the front, bring it in line. Bring the leg back. Now allow it to spiral out and back as the arm goes forward. Now you want to make sure that the rib cage and the pelvis spiral the same amount. Now stay here, lower the leg down to the floor and lift it back up and keep that pressure and over, down and up and down and ah, and three and up. Lifted like up four and up. One more time.

Five and up. And bring it all the way back together. Bring it back and it gets us ready for the other side. I'll get you under the other side, I promise. So let's turn around. There you go. So legs are at 90 Yup. And there we are.

So bring the ball in front of you. Keep that shoulder connected. So for the first couple of times we just going to move with the sternum, initiating that movement of rolling the ball forward, keeping the shoulder blade back down and into our rib cage and then back front and bring it forward. Try to keep your knees on top of each other and then bring it back. There you go. Let's do it one more time forward and then back and relax. Extend the top like out. Oh, we didn't get our fun one. Okay. Sorry. Thank you. Bring it forward.

That's the one that I remember. Go to the front. Then you have your Aha moment or your arm moment. Allow the show the blade to roll around the humerus to internally rotate. Even. There you go. And then bring it all the way back and you can really feel that shoulder blade sliding on that rib cage. Now you're happy. Okay, good.

Then bring the leg long. Bring, it's like a little bit up. Imagine that sitting on top of that bar that we just did. Getting the outward spiral. Bring the leg up. Bring the leg to the front and bring it in line and slightly behind you. But keep the hips on top of each other. Nice. Bring it to the front.

Bring it in line. Bring it slightly behind. You. Get the long back. Yeah, go and to the front and in line. Now bring that back. Allow the pelvis to move backwards. As you push the bar, a wall ball forward. Get the opposition, opposites, you know, position, position and bring it back together and to the front and in line and now move the hip back, push the sternum forward and really feel if you can get those movements of the inward and outward at the same time and come back center and forward.

Because you might want to move more with your ribcage than you want to with your pelvis. Right? So get that outward spiral going on the pelvis and then you stop once you cannot go anymore. So now stay here. We're going to lower that leg and lift and keep pushing that ball and leg away from each other. M press and Ah, let's do it two more times. Keeping that length out and up last time out and up. Bring everything back to the center and then just roll over to your back.

Oh, you guys doing? Uh, okay guys, you're all stretched out. Ready for the teaser. Is that anytime you would like to come up, come on up, which would be now maybe from there you're just going to start with the ball, right? I crushed in front of your angles. You're just going to roll back into your car and then just roll it back so it's just sort of like a wave. We were watching the dolphins earlier or Jess and then we're going to add on and we're going to flip. Our baby won't make sense to anybody there, but Christie was talking about the dolphins flipping. They're young, so he rolled it back and we let them up and we pull it back in and we roll it down. Now we're going to add onto that. We're going to roll it down, lift it up.

Now bring the ball forward. As you lift your legs up in the teaser and lower down, told you it was going to be an easy teaser and you roll it down. You lift it up, lower it down, legs, just lift and then lower. And again, roll it back. Roll the ball up. Now as you lift your legs, think of the femur dropping back and down. You feel that? Don't think of the legs and one last time. Bring it here. As you roll back, bar goes up.

Think of the femur dropping down and back to bring the legs up instead of muscling it. Yes. Beautiful. Look at those gorgeous thesis and lower it down and then just swing around for cat stretch. Let's just do a couple of the normal cat stretches. Hands on top of the ball. From here, we're just going to go out an extension and then flection round in the spine and just arch and round and then come back to a long spine. Now keep along straight spine and think of sending your sitz bones back. So you're going to hinge back and as you hinge back, the ball going to roll forward.

So be back sending those sitz bones back. You're straight. Don't let your ribs drop down. Keep those ribs connected. Now in that position, curl the coccsyx under. Roll the ball in towards you and come back to a long spine. We hinge back, curl the coccsyx under, roll the ball in and come back. Now as you hinge back, don't forget to roll the ball out of all rolls out. Curl the coccsyx under. Roll the ball and and long spine.

So it's like an like your dolphins, you hinge back, Krill, the coccsyx under rolling the ball in and relax from there. Let's do a version of thread the needle. So you're gonna place your left hand down, right hand is going to go with the ball's going to be right underneath your sternum. Put the right hand, little finger right on the ball. From here, you're going to roll the ball out and bring it back in and roll it out. And as you're rolling member at the top ribs followed the head in the stern, in the bottom ribs, followed the hips to try and keep those hips retched.

Do it a couple of more times, guys, fires. You can try and keep those sitz bones open, Amy back. Ah, and come back and let's do o one last time and roll it out. And you can really get that stretch and think of that thoracic spine stretching. Now with that opposition stretch the other way with the bottom ribs. Yes, see I love you. [inaudible] back and let's change sides. So you place it in fingers just across balls underneath your sternum and you'll just roll it out and bring it in and in and just roll it out. Good.

And, and again Rollette God, come on. And I think we have one more to stay. Even. I better get to Amy or she'll be pissed. There we go. Oh, no one's ever, no one's ever called me God before, but that's nice. Thank you. Relaxed. From there, we're going to do each lunch. So you're going to bring the left foot forward.

You're going to put the right knee underneath. Foot is going to be flexed, your chest is going to be down on the leg, and you're going to think of straightening the leg. But think of going through the middle of your heel. So push through the center of your heel to straighten that leg. You feel that? And then relax it back down into the ball. Stretch through.

Now try not to lift the hips up and lower down. One more stretched through those hips. Stretch to that center, that heel. Yes. And relax. Just roll that ball in with the lag and we'll change sides. Well, some are more coordinated than others from marriages. Stretch through the heel, stretching that leg and relax it down and you really want to stretch through. Yes. Push the hill more. Yes. Good Jackie.

Then a couple more times just stretch. You can make a fist. You can put your fingertips just lower your hips and relax and bring that ball and then come to the front and we're just going to do the seal. So you're going to put the ball in between. From here, just curl the coccsyx up towards your rib cage and think of what tone talked about earlier. Think of your head with your ears, just drawing downs. You have those two poles, stretching and longing the spine, even though your inflection and we lift the sitz bones up.

Then we dropped it down and we lift the sits bones up and drop and up and drop. One more time up and drop it down. Place the ball down. Just come up to a squat position. Place your hands right in top of the ball. You just gonna Straighten your arms. Straighten your legs, pushing down into the ball, and then just release a couple more times back to the squad and just sure. And Ben, last time, Mr [inaudible] grab the sides of the ball.

Slowly start to roll yourself up. Ah, I just feel your body might feel a little bit more stretched out. Llumar rotated. Good work. Thank you guys. Thank you. Thank you.

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this was awesome! thank you :)
Great class! Thank you!
Thank you guys. If you like this class check out our mat class #2771.
Paola Maruca
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Love this class. Body feels awesome. Thank you Ton and Michael!
1 person likes this.
I love your classes because we can work hard and laugh! Such a nice way to start or end a day! Merci beaucoup from Paris!
Thank you Paola and Deborah. Glad you enjoyed this workout. And yes, working hard and having fun can be done!!!!!
1 person likes this.
Good movement, showed me how much i've progressed.
1 person likes this.
I always look forward to your classes, They are always fun and have great variations.
1 person likes this.
great cueing. a class plenty of good tips! thanks from Malta
Very creative and wonderful pace!
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