Class #2828

Reformer Workout

60 min - Class


Take a look at the wheels of the pelvis in this Reformer workout with Tom McCook. He focuses on the feet, legs, and pelvis, making sure everything is aligned and mobile. He also adds the Jump Board so you can feel how to create dynamic stability.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Jump Board

About This Video


Hi, I'm Tom McCook, I'm here at Pilates Anytime with Erin and Kristi and we're going to do a class on the reformer, with a little bit of focus on the foot and the pelvis and legs. We'l...

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It is always such a nice feeling when Tom McCook is in the house. Body feels super. Impeccable cues. Loved it. Hope to see more of him on PA in the next few days.
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That was such a calm and effective workout. It is always a pleasure and delight. Thank you Tom.
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What a treat! I had one hour only for "ME" and it was so rewarding! Thank you Tom! Lucky are the people who get to take daily classes with you!
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That was fun and very challenging.. there are a few of those i have to work up to for sure. I love when Tom is here! his cueing is spot on. Great workout!

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Thank you all for your wonderful feedback! Really happy to hear you enjoyed this new class. I've included several corrective exercises from the mat onto the Reformer for functional strength.. Thank you Pilates Anytime, it's always a great pleasure!
Great class. Great instruction. It's the day after, and I am SORE!
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This is one to savor and repeat often. I love the detailed cues for the pelvis, femur, and feet. fantastic class
Thank you, Tom. I like your peaceful and calm mood when you teach. I am waiting for your next class.
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Love, love, love your classes, Tom! Thank you for a mindful and challenging flow. :)
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