Dynamic Pelvic Stability<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 2828

Dynamic Pelvic Stability
Tom McCook
Class 2828

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Love the class and love the "wheel"description of the hip. This is a tough class but I love how calm you are as you give instruction. It helps to slow students down and concentrate on the movement.Thank you.
Sandra, we have a great tutorial coming out where Tom speaks about the hip specifically and to teachers who might need assistance cueing it effectively. Tom's whole upcoming series is pretty fantastic! Thank you all for the feedback!
Very calming delivery with very informative cues. Thank you.
Tom, I loved your class, your demeanor and your material and presentation! Thank you
Love this class and will definitely watch more of Tom McCook. Kristi where did you get those amazing leggings?
Thank you Tom! and Pilates Anytime for bringing him into my home. Your workout makes my day complete!!!
This was one of the best classes I've taken in a long while. Wonderful in every way. Thank you!
Wonderful class, cues and flow.
This was wonderful! Your voice is so calming after a day of Thanksgiving grocery shopping! Your cues are so helpful! Love the wheels on the pelvis. Thank you Tom! And PS ....Kristi, if you're reading this I love your pants must know where you got them !
Really really interesting class, lot of information, can't wait to do it. Loved the lunge standing on the Reformer.thank you!
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