Class #283

Wunda Chair Workout

40 min - Class


In this challenging Wunda Chair class, Master teacher Kathy Corey draws upon the knowledge she gained studying with first generation teacher Kathy Grant, "The Queen of the Wunda Chair." Learn exercises like Washer woman, Frog with extensions, Mermaid, The Tick Tock, and the Back Arm Stretch. Kathy will ask you to "add to your challenge" on each of these exercises offering you plenty to choose from in terms of intensity and fun.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair

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Hello, my name is Kathy Corey and welcome to plot these anytime we will be doing a one chair program today. The exercises that I am going to be teaching, um, have their foundation in my learning and k...


Loved it! I am definitely a big fan of Kathy Corey. Thank you Pilates Anytime for introducing her to me.
Loved it tooooo.... xxooxxoo
I loved this class. Never experienced Cathy Corey as a teacher. Loved the variations on some old moves I've done and some new ones I've never seen. Thanks!!
dear cathy , you're killing me !! HA !! I loved this class and I love your tone of voice and direction,,the way you build from one move to the next is so good...I am a newly certified BASI instructor and am learning, learning, learning !!!
Have taken classes with Kathy @Pilates on Tour and love her as a teacher. I learn everytime I do a class with her. Please keep her sending new classes. Janie
I just had to do this challenge again today !! the tick tock is tricky ..I am having trouble finding the right resistance to execute the legs out, in, and then putting the bar down to lengthen out...but I love it !!!!! the fabulous thing about your site is being able to stop at any point and really look at the position of the body !! I am so happy !!!
hi cathy I weigh 128 and am using a black spring , second from top for this workout..does that sound about rite ?? thank you!!!!!
Hi Janice, One black spring second from the top does sound about right. I am the one on the right of Kathy as you look at the screen. I had one black third from the top. Sometimes i would have liked it slightly heavier and sometimes it was perfect.
thanks so much for your response kristi!! I will use a 3 next time and compare......your photos are gorgeous !!!
Thank you so much for this insightful and challenging workout! I have a Peak chair and used 1 medium (middle) spring and did switch to 1 heavy (high) for a few moves....teaser rotation. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing with us Kathy.
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