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Add another step on the Mat to take your practice from intermediate to advanced with this workout by Monica Wilson. She adds Kneeling Side Kick, Snake, Twist, and Mermaid so you can work the side of your body. She also plays with tempo on the exercises you already know so you can make them more challenging.
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Today we are going to do another step on our mat, taking our intermediate almost to the complete advanced mat. So the natural progression I was just talking with my friends here is that we start off learning [inaudible] facing, having your back on the mat and doing a lot of round back, lot of powerhouse work. And then you go to a straight back and then you get flipped over and turn onto your belly and do back extensions. So you should see a slow progression of learning these types of movements as you're learning plays. You don't start with back extensions when you're on day one of plots.

Then the last thing we're going to add, which is today is our side work. So we've done some with the uh, sidelight kicks, but today we're going to add kneeling sidekicks, which are Super Fun and snake and twist and mermaids. So we're going to add a whole bunch of things. You can do it with the regular mat. You don't need any extra props today. Um, it's going to be, like I said, basically an advanced mat. So keep that in mind. And if any exercise disagrees with you, skip it and we'll be on to the next shortly. So without further ado, let's go ahead and stand up at the front of our mat. Here we are, and turn that way. [inaudible] stand when a plotty stance.

Ground the ball of your foot. Lift the arch, lift your inner thighs, lift the back of the thighs away from the knee. Good. And draw a line your box on in your head or on your body, but get that powerhouse to pull in. You really want to feel it actively pull into your lower back. With that in mind, love it. I want you to use your powerhouse to lift your ribs forward in front of your hips instead of your [inaudible] up or back hanging in to your lower back fan.

Tastic defying gravity. Go ahead and cross one arm over the other in front of you and with your powerhouse. And same with you Brianna. And go ahead and pull [inaudible]. Go ahead and cross with one foot in front of the other and lower yourself down to the mat. Scooping in. Beautiful. Keep pulling your powerhouse in and hands go back. So you lift your bottom back to the center of the Mat and roll out. Good.

Just lie on down. Nice. We're going to hug your knees into your chest. Good. And we're going to start the advanced mat with the legs going right to eye level. Yes. Well let's, we're going to hug. Lift up our head. Yes. Reach your arms long and go for it. Reach them right to eye level and pump in with the air. Two, three, four, five and pull back the shoulders a little bit. Marco, lower yes in with the year two, three, four, five and exhaling.

Good. So use the outer thighs spiral out. Pull those thighs away from your hip. Imagine like the sidekicks that instead of working in the foot, you're something away with the ball of the foot so that your stomach can scoop in the opposition's. Really good. I'm going to let you keep the legs at the level that works with you reaching those arms nice and long. Good. Ha. Hi. Yes, very nice. I just come over and look at you and you pull your powerhouse in more.

I love it. Scooping it in. So this is your chance to warm up your body one more time. This is your chance to really pull that powerhouse in and up. Lower your legs, down to the mat, reach your arms up and back. Now, right here, I want you to feel the back of the thigh. Engage and press down into the mat. Bring the arms up, head lifts between those arms, and press that down as you scoop in. And exhale all the way forward in with the air. Start Rolling back, back of the thighs. Present down. Exhale, lower back, middle and reaching back and arms head.

Scoop it in, reaching forward. So even though you don't have anything that you're working against, no weights, no springs, scoop into that lower yes, yes, yes. And reaching back. You're working everything. You're working the back of the thighs in the seat and then exhale and pretend like you're pulling a heavyweight back with you as you scoop in lower back, middle, good. And reaching back and arms had lovely and scooping. Yes, and reaching forward and really keeping that upper back reaching forward so that lower belly gets a chance to dive down. Give me two more arms, head and exhale and beautiful.

Love that scoop and rolling back. Good job. Keeping that upper back. Get that waistband first. Yes. One more time and we'll go into the rollover arms head. Squeeze those legs together. Yes, thank you. And lower back, middle scoop, scoop, scoop, reaching up and back. If your head is not on the Mat, get it on the mat and bring the arms down by your side. Good.

Right there. Remember the back of the thighs that engaged in, pressing down. Press those arms. Let me see those triceps work and use that lower belly to bring the legs all the way over over the, there you go for the roll over. Open the legs and then flex and roll down upper back, middle. Take the legs as low to the mat as you can and squeeze them together and over.

Good. When I say as low as you can, I don't want to see any open legs. I want. Don't wanna see any loaf of bread rising in the oven. So you're going to keep them open. You're going to scoop against me and you're going to pull over and open at Dan and we're going to do the reverse. So you're going to click open, then open over, squeeze together, find those inner thighs and really use that powerhouse to pull those thighs deep into your chest. The legs go down, open, powerhouse lifts them up and over. Good.

Squeeze those inner thighs together and use the belly to pool into you. Pull those thighs, pull those eyes one more time down. Open. Flex over, taking the feet all the way, all the way down to the mat. Juliana, if you can. Yeah, flex the toes. Slide them together and nat down. Yeah, so you need that stretch cause we're going to do the single leg circles. Keep the right leg lower the left down the middle of your body.

Use the back of the thigh so that you can scoop in here and we're going to pull that leg with our powerhouse to your nose and then cross around, up, cross around, up, chorus around. Up really feeling the obliques. Really feeling like two anchors are going down. [inaudible] last one. Let's go the other way. Reach out. Good. Really reach out of that hip. Take that thigh long out of the hip, reach for that other ankle if you can to one more region for that ankle and hug it in and switch left knee in.

Straighten it up to the ceiling and stretch. Always give yourself a good stretch. Hands behind your thigh. Good and stretch arms. Press down into the mat. That right thigh and hip are down and you're using your belly to come up, up, up, and then crust around a good cross around deck and cross around up and cross reach all the way out. One more from a Brianna reach. Oh yes.

And the other way around. Scooping it and yes, go really lengthen. Magine that fi getting longer from your obliques that are a anchoring. One more anchor. You Re yes and hug it in. Go ahead. Prepare for rolling like a ball. So you're going to sit up rolling all the way up.

Lift your bottoms forward and hands on your ankles balanced with your feet up. Let me see a little bit more upper see curve getting your ears between your knees. Yes. And in with the air roll back. Exhale. Roll it up and hold in with the air. Roll back and exhaling up. Lovely ladies. And inhale back. Xcel right up.

Challenge yourselves with that tempo in with the air Xcel right on up. Good. And one more lower belly is away from those thighs. Rest your feet down. Lift your bottom back and let's get ready for the series of five.

So we're going to draw the right knee into your chest, right hand on ankle, left hand on the knee, and you're going to reach that left leg away from you. And Scoop in holding that right thigh on your chest as you reach that left leg away. And here we go. Switch and switch and switch. Good. Look at your belly ladies. Really scoop it in. There's no loaf of bread rising in the oven. It's scooping into your back.

It's stretching your spine out the crown of your head. One more. Set a right and a left, and then hug both knees in. Now let's change the tempo a little for double leg. We're going to inhale, reach, hold the legs there. Come to the side with the arms, pull it together. Inhale, reach long. Those legs, arms reach to the side. Exhale, pull together again. Inhale, reach, arms start going. Exhale, pull it in. One more. Inhale, reach out and exhale, and then two regulars. Inhale, reach. Exhale. Inhale, eyes on stomach, yes and right leg up for single straight leg, right here at one, two and switch one, two. And let me see the left thigh and right back the thigh and left back in the thigh and right, no knee. That's it.

Fantastic. And now quicker. Here we go. Right, left, right. We're just going to fly through the air. Keep it all through here. Reaching out those hips. Oh, we, oh yeah, that's better. You can feel that difference. And last one, both legs, up, hands behind your head. Use your powerhouse to press your head into your hands. Is your legs go down, down, down, and scoop in. Great. Curl up just a little more. And from here, push your head into your hands and scoop up and reach those hips long and up.

Good. And two more. I want you to feel that lovely length and the [inaudible] and one more lovely length and up. Bend the right knee. Chris. Cross over to it. Beautiful at left. Good and right. Hold it there. Try to pull your right elbow back onto the mat. Ladies and switch.

Scoop it in. Try to pull that left back onto the mat. One more set, right. I'm coming over here to stretch you to store. [inaudible] and left. We're gonna pull all this back and hug both knees into your chest. Nice. Sit on up for spine. Stretch forward, Alia. Heel on each block. Arms Up, and we're ready to go in with the air. Exhaling down head. Good. Exhale all your air. Exhale all your exhale. Exhale.

Inhale, roll up. Up. You're there. Exhale down. Good. We're advanced. Are we doing advanced breeding in? How? Roll it up, up, up, and exhale, Dan. Good. Keep squeezing out. All better and inhale. Nice. Roll Up. One more. Exhale down. Keep lifting in your power house as you exhale and inhaling up.

Good. You're gonna rock back in your powerhouse and those legs are going to float up. There we go. Power House, that's it. And open leg rocker in with the air roll back. Exhale right on up.

Focus on something out the window here and in Lithia and good and rock back. I gave you something real bright here to focus on. Now. There you go. If you have something right ahead of you, you'll always come up. If your focus goes back, you stay back and to right on up. Beautiful. One more. Keep reaching that right hip away from you.

And you're gonna leave your legs there and roll down. Good like a teaser, like a little preview. Good. Make sure you're nice and centered. Let's bring our hips all the way over our shoulders and lift the legs up to the ceiling to start our corkscrews. So we're going to lift all the way up. Yes. And we're going to roll down our back and then swing your legs as far right as you can, all the way to the left center and up.

Good and down. And we're going to go to the left all the way around to the right and center. Good. And if you can, you're going to twist your hips as you come down. So the right hips, yes, going to go away from you. Yes, around and center and up. And then twisting by reaching the left hip away. Yes, around and scoop and center. Lift up, lift the powerhouse up.

One more set, twisting by reaching that right hip away, legs to the right all the way around and scoop it up. And one more twist in the hips by reaching that left hip away. All the way around. Scoop it in and up. Up and roll down your back. Nice job. We're going to sit up further. Saw right on up. Feet open, arms out and we're ready to go.

And it's twist to the right and exhale and roll up your spine. Twist to the left and exhale. Little bit slow on templates. So let's pick it up. We're going to inhale up towards do the left. Exhale, reaching forward. Inhaling up tool listing to the left, exhaling dam. One more set like that, pulling up with the powerhouse as you take a breath and exhale. Stomach's always away from the thigh.

Inhaling up last time to the left and exhale down. Roll it up. Squeeze everything together, Phillip, onto your bellies. We're ready to go. Hands are underneath your shoulders. Ladies. If you want to scoot forward a little bit and use the m bars, you may or just have your hands under your shoulders, just a little to side powerhouse in and out the crown of your head and lifting up, lifting up the head and the chest. Go to straight arms if you can while not take it in your lower back and look over your right shoulder. Circle the head down over your left and look forward looking left.

Circle the head down around right and forward and coming down. Lengthen your stomach, expanding in and up as you come down. Again, squeezing and scooping in. So this is warming up your body for the swan dive. Next we're going to go look over the left shoulder. Circle the head down around right and look forward scooping and right.

You should feel the back of the thighs engaged and squeezing down. K on the count of three, we're going to shoot our arms forward and the legs are going to squeeze up to the ceiling. They're going to be together. Okay. And we're gonna go one, two, three. Rid of Swan. I've had arms up, legs, up, arms, up, legs, arms, legs, arms and legs. And we're going to melt down. Nice. Round your back. Sit on your heels. Shoot right back out for single leg kick. Elbows are little out, knuckles together, pushed down the farm, scooping your bellies. Lift the thighs up off the mat. Here we go.

Kicking right to left to really try to picture your knees, staying up off the mat, squeezing the hip into the mat, lifting your belly to support your back. One more set left to right cheek on the mat. Hands, class behind, and three kicks. Lift the legs in. Kicking one to the wreath and stretch. We're shaping our bottoms. Last left and lift two, three. Keep going and lift. So you're really pressing this area into the mat and kicking one to three and lift. Good job. Round your back and sit on your heels.

But I loved as I didn't see any light underneath your hips. I saw those back of the legs. Really working a pool. The heel to your seat. You're gonna need that in our side kick series. Very nice. All right, we're going to turn over onto your back. Have your heels as close to this front edge. We're ready for neck pull. Good.

Start with your hands up behind your head. Legs are a little bit apart. Their hip width apart with your legs. [inaudible] and flex the feet. Love it. Lifting off. Let's find those sit bones. Lift up off of them. Pull your belly in and up. And now we're going to push the heels away. As you hinge back. Hinge, take this with you. With that hinge, and now curl the rest down. Yes, and right back up in with the air. Empty the lungs. Beautiful.

Really strong in hell. Lifting up and hinge back from here. Take this with you more more and now curl down. Good and right up. Beautiful. Inhale, lifting off your seat, feeling your stomach lifted out the crown of your head, lengthening, lengthening, and exhale. Three more in with the year. Exhaling. Four, remember that the neck pool comes right here where you're pulling on your neck to lengthen your spine. Pull the powerhouse in right here, right, right here, right. That's still more, that's a little bit back bending to pull into my foot.

Thank you. And now roll the rest down. One more in with the exhaling forward. Good. Inhale. Sit up tall. Good. And now don't back bend here. You got to pull into my foot. Yes, yes. Beautiful. Curl the rest down. We're going to go into Jacknife. So arms down by your side.

Bend your knees into your chest. Good. And I'm going to move your golden locks here because I'm going to help you do enjoy jack knife a bit. So straighten those legs. Good. And you're going to do it regularly. Um, and then I'm going to come over. Okay, Juliana. So we're going to separate the feet and just have them right under my arms.

Squeeze your seat and you're going to lift your hips right over your shoulders. Push me up. Come on. That's it. Good. And now resist me down with your powerhouse. I'll do the last two with you, Juliana. Okay. Yes. Length. And push your hips away. Stretch your spine. Nice job.

And one more with we feel your hips. Feel your Paris lifting up. Beautiful. Nice. And I'm going to lean all my weight into you. So you want to resist me. I'm like the tower on the Cadillac. That's it. Do you feel that stretch in your spine? Now try to keep that image.

Squeeze your legs together and you're going to do the same thing. I'll come over to you. Golden locks here. So right here and now squeeze your bottom and use your powerhouse and push me up. Powerhouse. Powerhouse. US. Use this hip more. Yes. Straight pushed with this hip. Yes. And we're going to roll down. Yes. Resist me more. Resist.

So I can give you that stretch and right back up on the last one. Oh, that's so even fantastic and resist. Yes. Now you got that right. Hip Firing. Good. Good job. Nice. And now put your feet down on the mat. Bending the knees, sorry. Bend the knees and the feet are right there. That's a good position.

And we're going to do shoulder bridge, so maybe a tiny bit closer with the feed into hip with the part. So shoulder Blige, we learned in either the last one to the lesson right before that, we're going to try to have our feet not too far from us and we're gonna have them hip with the part long arms. Everything works in your body so the back of the arms are pressing down. Scoop your belly in to your lower back and then slide it up already. You're like working hard.

We're not gonna push our feet into the mat cause it's not going to help us. We're gonna squeeze our seat. Use our inner thighs and pelvic floor to curl our tailbone towards us. Keep rolling up until your pelvis is up and your straight line from knee to shoulder. Okay. Then I want you to take your elbows and bend them and put your hands under your hips. You might need to walk your feet in a little bit more. Okay, and now we're going to straighten your right leg on the mat, but it comes from the hip.

So you're going to use that outer thigh and glute to slide your right leg straight, keep it straight and your hips even as you kicked the ceiling and flex it down to more. Kick the ceiling and flex it down. Lift that right hip up and flex. Return the foot to home. You're going to slide the left leg straight, scooping your belly and opposition. Really using your right cheek to balance. You can get up, flex down and kick. Get up.

Really squeeze that right hip up and last one left hip goes up as well. And then returning the foot and you can take your hands and shake them out if you need to. But roll down one vertebra at a time. Nice job. Let's sit up for spine twist. So we're going to sit up, flex the foot, feet back and arms. Reach out. Lot of energy going out those heels, right on those sit bones.

Lot Energy going out the crown of your head and out to the walls and take a breath and exhale. And with the air come center. Exhale, feed. Don't slide past each other. Right in with the air. And exhale, lifting tall and in with the air. And exhale, reach out those fingertips. Show me all the muscles in your arms. Last set. Exhale, scores other in with the air. Think about getting your right rib over your left hip. [inaudible] and center.

Great lie on your right side. We're going to do sidekicks. Line yourself up on the back edge of the mat, right. Elbows out. Good. Bring your legs forward. Good. Scooping it in. Alright, so while we're here, can you see if you guys can, uh, fit all, make sense without me coming back down to you? But you want to have your boxes on the side. So we're gonna use sidekicks to really all the rest of our work today.

So you have a straight line from one hipbone to the other and feel your stomach pull deep behind that line. Pulling into your lower back. Yeah, it's really deep. Feel that the ribs are not in your chest, is not lying down on the mat. Okay, and also feel this bottom hipbone it actually is on the mat. Try not to have it roll back off of the Mat. It's also on the front of the Mat. Lift the left leg up just a little bit. Put the left hand behind your head. That should be hand over hand like neck pole, pushing your head into the hand.

Reach your left leg longer than your right. Pull your belly in and up in opposition and we're going to kick it forward and kick get back and nine more. Scoop it in and take it back. Good job ladies. Scoop it in. Really feel that outer thigh and glue here and scoop your belly and squeeze the back of the thigh and glue and forward and taking it back a little more energy. We're going to go forward and back. That's it, Brianna, and three more forward.

Yes, Juliana and back and two solid hips. Reaching out one more and reaching and legs together. Go ahead and put your hand back in front of you like a little kickstand. Push that left leg longer out of your hip. Keep working the outer hip as you kick up to your ear and then squeeze down as you lengthen up and pull your belly in and up out the crown of your head.

Three more up and innercise. Squeeze in to an inner thigh. Squeeze last one, and squeezing. Hold by little circles. One tiny two. Squeeze those inner thighs together as they pass. Reverse and one, two, keep pushing your head into your hand rather than resting it in your hand. Rest that leg, bicycle. Lift the left leg just a tiny bit.

Reach it out of the hip. Keep it straight. Use your belly to kick up to your nose. Bend the knee into your chest. Keep the heel on your c as the knee goes to knee. Take the knee back without rolling onto your chest. Keep your weight and then stretch that leg long behind you.

Two more forward. Need an chest. Need a knee. Take that knee back, using the back of the fine hip and extend one more forward. Need a chest taking the knee back behind you. Extend and now legs together. For the reverse. Work the back of the thigh in the seat. Go back, pull the heel to your head, need a knee, need a chest and extend that leg. Two more. Reach out of the hip.

Work the back of the thigh and seat. Work the hamstring to get it to your bottom. Need a knee, knee to chest and extent. One more. So I love to save. Take the tote of your head cause that really makes that leg go back. Yes. Need a knee needed chest and extend. Good job legs together. Let's roll onto your stomach.

Make a small pillow for your forehead and you're going to, I hate talking into the Mike right there. So I'm going to get up, but you're going to leave your upper body quiet. Work the back of the thigh and see to lift up those legs. Really support with your powerhouse and I love to open the legs about as wide as the mat wider and then squeeze those inner thighs together all the way. Come on one more as wide as the mat and then inner thighs all the way together. Aha. Now I want you to keep that range of motion, but quickly for 21 two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Squeeze those inner thighs.

Feel the back of the bottom. Really pressing down to mat. Three, two, one, and that's enough. Roll to your left side. Left elbow is on the back edge. Slight back everything. Just a couple. Yeah. Yeah, and the elbow too. Yeah. Good. Bring the feet a little forward and we're going to retrace that box on our body and we're going to keep those hips aligned and we're going to scoop in good. And then once we have really solid balance, keeping all of that alignment, put your right hand behind your head. Remember, we're just like neck pole, hand over hand, using our powerhouse to push our head into our hands.

Lift that right leg up just a little bit, turning it out to engage this and reach it long out of your hip. I'm going to get out of your way as you hold yourself with your powers and swing it forward and take it back. Good and forward. Good. And back and forward. Oh, this is your right leg and awesome. Scooping it in. Good and reach and taken it forward and now turn it out a little bit.

Thank you. Reach out of it. Yes. And two more like that. Scoop it up and pushing it out. E s one more. Oh yeah, that was good. Good. Stay here. Legs together. Yes. Reaching it out. You can put your right hand back and using the outside of that leg. Push it up.

Yes. And squeeze down as you reach it. Long. Beautiful up and squeeze down. Good. Push up and you want to feel your belly. Pull in and lengthen out the crown of the head up and you're still not resting your head even though it's only one hand and last one, reaching it. Now keep reaching it. Pull your belly away from me. More and five circles. One, two.

It's like you're pushing something away with the ball of your foot and reversed for five, one, two, three, four, five and hold Rishi. Even it turned out a little bit more for me. Scoop it in. Yes. Kick that leg forward for bicycle. Bend the knee. Take that knee to the other knee. Take it as far behind you using this and extend the leg and two more. Try to stay off of your belly when you take that leg back so that you get a bigger stretch in the quad and good as well as more work in the bottom.

Need a chest, need a knee, taking it back and back and reach it and legs together for the reverse. We're going to reverse it back. Good toe to head need and you need a chest and up here and back. Better and keep the leg. There's knee. Okay, I need a chest. This bothers your knee. You should leave it out. One more.

Reach it all the way I try to keep your thigh where it is, pulling your toes to your head and then need a knee. Need a chest and extend all the way. Good legs together. Excellent job, ladies. Lie on your backs and shake out your legs and we're going to do some teasers. Okay, so you can shit.

Bend them into your chest and extend them up and shake them out. All right. Bring the knees here and really think about grounding your shoulder girdle muscles as we're going to extend from our hips to reach our legs forward. We're going to try and take them to a 45 degree angle and reach your arms back behind you rolling up, leaving your legs there in with the air and exhale and we're going to leave the legs there and almost actively reaching your upper body forward. As you roll back your lower back. Reach those hips that way. Lower back and reaching back to more in with the air and exhale and rolling back and exhaling. One more time. We're going to stay up for teaser too. So we're holding our upper body in the seeker legs. Reach down. One, two.

What lower belly three hold and rule everything away. Try to reach your fingertips and toes at the same time. Coming up for teaser three [inaudible]. Yep. And reaching the legs forward and the arms back one more time and rolling down. Good. Excellent job ladies. And we're going to sit up for boomerang. So where it, let's go ahead and roll back up into a teaser.

So scoop in s keep your form and we're going to roll up. Cross your right ankle over your left hands. Go behind your back. There you go. Now we're going to stretch forward as we lower those legs. Good. My hips are a little off center saying, and they get there and stretch forward.

Okay. Sit Up nice and tall and tried not to hinge back. As you scoop your lower belly in to lift those legs, they go over with you, Juliana, and then open, close and roll up into your teaser. Balanced. Beautiful hands. Go behind and lower the legs as you stretch forward. Big Circle. Big Scoop. How are we doing? Brianna?

Get hands by your side set. Nice and tall energy. Yeah, don't arch the back. Scoop it in to lift those legs up and open. Close with strength. Rolling hands. Reach hands. Go behind you. Stretching forward and good. One more time. Hands by your side. Scoop in your belly. Reached those legs. Long. Innercise. Open, close, rolling up those legs or hips or reaching hands.

Go behind scoop and big circle. Wonderful. Now we'll flip over on your belly for swimming. Good turnover, long arms, long legs. We've been adding the little p t version today. We're not. We're going to squeeze your legs together. Reach your arms long, lift your arms and legs all off the mat an inch. Then your right arm and left leg higher. You're gonna use these muscles, these muscles head up out of the water and you want to breathe with it. So we're going to swim. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Head up, out of the water, pushing on me. Lengthening O that, head up out of the water. Last breath. Exhaling and melt.

That was beautiful. That recruited the right muscles. I like it. Round your back. Sit on your heels. Nice. Good for this transition into leg. Pull down. You're going to Tuck your toes under so their flex the feet. Good. Reach your hands as far away from as you can and plant them into the mat like suction cups. Good.

Use your powerhouse to lift your body up off of your thighs and squeeze out to a plank position. Long spine here. Good Scoop. Really feeling this. You're going to try not to move the pelvis at all. Really scooping in, lifting up the head, a little, no movement in that pelvis. Squeeze together a little more. Thank you. Because we're going to use the right hip to lift up that right leg and then rock back up. Is that your right rod back?

Come forward and down and left. Rock back and forward. Yes, and so she's using this trying to keep the hips square again and then we'll do one more set. Keep your powerhouse. It's what pulls you forward right now. And last one. And we're going to do the transition to leg. Pull up right hand to left and then reach your left arm up to the ceiling as this hip. And then keep turning your feet and turning your body left arm goes to the floor behind you. The Mat feet are forward, hips are up. Scoop.

And then watch that. You don't press your knees down. Good. Watch those hyperextending elbows, Juliana and right leg goes up and comes down. Alternate left up and down. Kick that right hip. Up and down. Left hip, up and down. One more. You got it left one now rests down your bottom.

I'm being very nice. You're going to stay there. And we're going to learn the transition to snailing sidekicks. Okay, so sometimes when we lift right here, we push our knees down to lift up our bottom and that's going to be problematic. So you want to make sure you're always just like shoulder bridge that you're always squeezing and almost rolling up your seat, right? So now if you're using all the right muscles, you're gonna just tuck the right knee under you and the foot is kinda going to be perpendicular and then roll over onto your right knee.

Here's the important part. When you do kneeling, sidekicks, your knee should be right under your hip. It should be a straight line, like a strong pole k column underneath your ankle. Calf and foot should be pointing directly back. So look at your right foot for me, Brianna. Make sure it points directly back. Excellent.

Your right hand goes directly under your right shoulder. Perfect look and good ladies. Now reach without moving your Palase box. Reach your left leg long on the mat, just on the mat. Reach it out. There you go. Take your left hand and put it behind your head.

And like you did on sidekicks, scoop your belly in and push your head into your hand. So you've got this really good length and strength. Now using your right hip to keep your right cheek over your right knee. Try to lift up your left leg as high as you can. There's a fire under it. Let's kick it forward and back and stomach and kick it forward and back.

Beautiful. Forward and back. Keep your right hip over that knee and back. Last one, forward and back and take it straight out and bring your knees together as you sit up. Tall. No sinking up there in eyes. I like it, Juliana. And we're going to go onto your left hand. So it's going to be right under your left shoulder. Your left foot is sticking straight back and you're squeezing your left thigh and cheek right over that knee like in Nice Greek column, right hands behind your head. Pull your belly and reach that right leg longer and we're going to keep squeezing that left hip as we reach the right one up and forward and back stomach and pushing your head into your hand. Good.

There's a fire under your thigh. Try to reach it up to the ceiling. You're kicking it forward and back. Just two more. Reaching it and back and last one forward and back, and then kneel up tall for me. Whooo. Nice job ladies. We're going to sit on your right hip now. Good. And the knees will be stacked for Mermaid and the feet will be stacked.

All right, good. Now you should be able to hold yourself here without your right hand. So your hips, ideally you might, you might need to straighten them out a little bit, but really try to get that feeling where your left hip is not hiking up. So you're like timber. Okay? You want to be able to sit there and now take your right arm and like slice off your right ear and go up to the ceiling.

Have it really lift your waist, lift up as much as you can. And we're going to stretch our ribs to go to the left. You're going to reach over. Yes. Stretch all of the right ribs as you reach over. And then always using your powerhouse, the lift up to the ceiling.

And now place that right arm down on the mat and slice off your left here with your left arm. Go ahead. Okay, so the right arm's a little out like it should be and you're going to reach up to the ceiling with your powerhouse and lower your left elbow down to the mat and stretch over. That's it, Julianne. But get that left arm really close to your head. The aha. Good. And now using your powerhouse lift all the way back, you're going to kind of windmill those arms up. There you go. Can you sit on that left hip for me? Thank you. Lift up to the ceiling and keeping that right on close. Reach over to the left.

Yes. And we're going to reach up to the ceiling from your waist and then bring that right arm down. You can either slice off that year or windmill Milam and then down with that elbow to a stretch. And I love how both of you ladies left your hips where they were. You didn't just fall onto the mat and now use your power has to come up.

And one more. So we're going to keep sitting on that left hip and reaching up and stretching. And you can even let on this third one, that right arm wrap around your head. Yeah, it feels nice. And then reach it straight and reach it up to the ceiling.

And then you can slide out as far as you like on this last one. But you want to make sure you're really squeezing this together to come up all the way up. Use that waste squeezing it. That's it. So you see where you want to work on that. Stay right there and I'll help you with that transition. It's going to be a teaser transition. So we're here, we're not fall off the mat and we're going to use our belly to lift those legs up, up, up, have a dewar, Deezer, and then other side. Yes. Ladies, I didn't mention you could keep your hands down on that. Ha.

But it looked really good how you challenged yourself like it. Okay. Keeping your hips square again. You should be able to sit on your right hip. You shouldn't need all every your arms to help you so much. Now hold onto your top ankle, your right ankle. Good. And you're going to slice off your left ear. Beautiful.

Get even closer if you can that arm to your ear and now stretch your left ribs as you reach over to the right, reaching out, scooping it good. And then lift up to the ceiling and we're gonna switch. Let's bring our left arm down. Reach the right arm up and stretch out. Good. And then scoop your belly in and lift to the ceiling. And you can wind, mill or slice off your ear and then over, always have a lift. Always expand, always reaching. Good and up.

And we're going to switch and I want you to reach away from that right hip. Really stretching your body and squeeze your right hip down to come up. That's nice, Brianna. And one more. This is the one where you can let that arm wrap around your head, really stretching and then reach it up to the ceiling. And this is the one where you can go out as far as you like, but you're going to use that powerhouse to stay on that right hip to come up.

Good. Nice job. Very good. Alright, let's do another teaser transition. So yes, so you can just kick them up and swing them over. Nice. And this time, so we're adding our snake and twist. I think you guys will be okay there. So just like sidekicks, you want a line on the back so you want your hand lined up with your hips lined up with your feet and you both have your knees really bent. So that's fine. Starting point. But now straighten them a little bit, little longer and bring the feet back again. There you go. And still a little longer at Brianna. Excellent. Good. And put your top foot in front of the bottom one. Fantastic.

And now your top arm is going to go right in line with your, um, with your shoulder that the front shoulder. So see how you're right. Yeah. Put It on the mat little bit. Exactly. Brianna. Good. Alright. Maybe a little more forward, Juliana, and pointing in the same direction as your right hand. Good. Because you're going to do snake where you're going to square off your body. It's really the pull up on the one to chair and you're going to exhale into a back bend and then you're going to pull back up into the pull up and then come back into the sitting position. So what does that look like?

You're gonna Plant the ball of your feet, but right now scoop your belly in and pull up into a c curve. Here we go. Scoop in and pulling up. So your legs are together for me. Thank you. Good. Now squeezing the back of your thighs and see. Exhale. Bring your hips down to the mat and your chest through your arms and exhale, and then coming up from your powerhouse head goes down.

Scoop into a pull up position and then twist your hips as you bend your knees back down to that. Make more sense, Brianna? Once we got into it? Huh? One more. We're going to scoop up. Inhale, exhaling down through those arms. Breadth is very important in with the air. And exhale twist. And now we're going to go to the full twist.

The feet are going to come in a little more and the left arm is here, okay? And I'm going to go ahead and grab a mat and lie in front of them to give them a little bit better visual. So grabbing a mat. All right ladies looking good. Think that'll do the trick. So our feet are a little closer to us, then snake.

And our left arm is on top of our body. If you can keep your feet stacked. And the most important part is to really feel your hips. You're going to try to use the side of your waist and your hips to lift up into a rainbow. Okay? So pull your powerhouse and can't do anything without your powerhouse. And we're going to lift up our hips as our left arm goes overhead.

So scooping in and we're gonna lift up, up, up. Now use your waist, all your obliques to scoop in and put that left arm underneath your body under the bridge. And then keep lifting your right hip as you come back over. And now try to squeeze your right hip up to the ceiling and then turn back and break at the hips. Nice lays. Let's try that one more time. So we're going to scoop in and up. Make that bridge.

We're going to go under it gracefully and then we're going to come back and keep lifting up. Keep working that waist. Keep twisting the hips. Come forward and bend other side. Swing those legs around. Good. All right, so this is gonna be your left hip. All right, so we're going to have the m o it start with snake. Sorry Lady. So legs a little straighter. One foot in front of the other right hand is going to be a little more forward.

And we're going to do our puller. Okay. And we're going to scoop up and then exhale down, squeezing your hips. So this is your chance. Exhale to feel those hips and in alignment and band as you twist again in with the air, scoop up those rubs. Good. Squeeze of back your thighs and seed as you exhale down, stretching in with the air up and twist and banded the knees.

Good. Bend the knees. A little more handover. And we're going to do the snake, the twist here. So we're gonna make a rainbow as we lift up our hips. Here we go. He's up. Good. And we're going to under our bridge and then untwist. And now try to lift your hips up to the ceiling and then come back.

Set 40 scene forward and break at your hips. Pull the legs in a little bit more. I lied on that. Brianna, you can have your top foot in front. Yeah. And we're going to do this again. One more time. Scooping in your belly. Work your hips and up and twisting under the bridge and bring that arm over and try to get your hips up to the ceiling and twist back forward and break it. Those hips. Nice job, ladies. Good work.

Let's go ahead and swing your legs this way so that you're facing forward. Good. And lift your bottom forward. And we're going to do seal. All right cause we're going to seal and stand up. Here we go. Clap two, three. Inhale, roll back. Two, three, exhale. Can't let you guys have all the fun in with the ear. Exhale. Really make sure your lower back is round here and exhale.

Keep your upper back reaching forward as you pull back your lower back. Okay, two more. So lower belly and upper belly. Last one we're going to let go. Cross your ankles and stand up with holding the mic pack and we're going to turn around and we're going to do our pushups. Arms reach up to the ceiling. Good.

And make sure you have your weight more on the ball of your foot. Really lift your powerhouse up, taking the ribs away from your pelvis and roll off an imaginary wall. Hands down to the mat, walk out to your plank position. So these are all the same positions on your side or what's a back the thighs and seat and elbows go straight back down. Up One strap. Back to, let's do five. Here he goes, three. The whole body moves in unison and one more.

And then lift your belly up to the ceiling as you walk back. Try not to wave your hips. Keep your weight on the ball of your foot. As you roll up, reach your arms up to the ceiling. And one more set of fife reaching up as you roll down. Beautiful. Love it. Keep your weight forward on the ball of your foot.

Walk out to a pushup position. Hands are under. And take yourself a little forward. Yes, and down, up to good. Always been in the back of the thighs and seat. Always feeling your stomach. One more elbow straight back for me, Brianna. Yeah. And then pull up with your belly. Try not to wave your hips back and forth.

Keep the weight on the ball of your foot as you roll up arms. Reach up as you exhale and turn the palms out. Inhale, as you push down and lift your powerhouse even more, even more, and exhale and you're all finished and you're basically caught up with an advanced mat. Nice job. Ladies. Good work.

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1 person likes this.
good workout!
Monica Wilson
Glad you enjoyed it Julia!
1 person likes this.
Woo-Hoo!!!! Love it!! Thank you!
1 person likes this.
Wow, nice challenges and lovely flow!
Monica Wilson
Thank you ladies! Monica:)
1 person likes this.
OMG. That wa intense AND soooo good! I can't quite do all the moves but now I have something to work towards. Thank you!!!
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Loved this! A traditional int/advanced mat workout. So great to go back to the "basics" and really make sure you are doing it correctly. Thanks!
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Good set of exercises... but I was missing the pre Pilates as this is an advance class a good warm up is essential.. I think the body is not ready 5 min later to roll over ... some of the sequence is felt rush too .. but overall it’s a good workout . Thank you
Monica Wilson
Hi Anett! I usually need to do a little warm up and stretching myself but I would say that is true only as I get older. I still can do what I use to...just need a little more time to prepare my body. I have a 30 session challenge coming out in the Spring where I include a class strictly on warming up and stretching to be ready for these advanced exercises. I hope you take the challenge when it comes out and thank you for your comment! Monica:)
Hi Monica Wilson
I’m looking forward the 30 session challenge . Thank you for telling me about it . I’ll watch out on it . X
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