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Begin to advance your intermediate practice in this Mat workout with Monica Wilson. She adds exercises that focus on the hamstrings and glutes so you can make sure they are active in each movement. She also begins to add transitions so you can start to flow through the class without stopping.
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Hi, today we are going to add a few more exercises to our intermediate series. I did that beginner series that took you from what is Peloton to an intermediate level. And sometimes we need to know what advanced exercises to actually add next in our repertoire. So last time I added the roll over Jackknife and swimming. And today we're going to add a lot of exercises that focus on the hamstrings or the back of the thighs and the glutes. So starting right here on a nice hard surface, I want you to have your feet Pilati stance two to three inches apart.

And I want you to make sure your knees are not pushing back and holding you. And I want to make sure you to make sure that your lower back isn't pushing forward and holding you. So you're going to soften those knees. And instead of using your knee joints, you're going to spiral those barbershop pole muscles and feel the back of the thighs. Basically lift away from your knees for way from the back of the knees and pull your seat up a little bit so you have a little smile under your bottom. Okay? So we're going to actively use the hamstrings.

Use the bottom to squeeze your weight forward onto the balls of your foot. Okay? Feel that. So you've engaged those and then you want to let that help you use your stomach to pull into your lower back and to pull up from there. So we're always working on posture and that good alignment. Okay. But today we're really gonna think about the hamstrings and the glutes and all our exercises. Try to keep a good flow of any exercise bothers you.

Leave it out and we'll be on to the next and 20 seconds. So let's go ahead and stand at the front. We're going to lower ourselves down and applied his stance to stand on your mat, turning and facing me. Great. And you want to have again, your weight forward on the ball of your foot. You want to engage the hamstring and the glue. Feel your belly pull in and up and put one arm on top of the other.

Good and then one foot in front of the other. And even right now, feel your feet pushing into the mat so that you're squeezing your seat and scoop in your belly. And then I want you to try to lengthen your tailbone down as you sit down. Good. Lowering yourself all the way down to the mat. Lift your bottoms back so that they're centered and go ahead and lie down completely good. And right from this position, I want you to go ahead and bend the right knee towards you.

You're going to slide that foot on the mat. Okay, we're now at an intermediate advanced level, so we don't need to really discuss the box and your powerhouse. You want to make sure you have really a lot of the basics and foundation under your belt here. So keeping the back of your bra strap grounded, starting from there, you're going to keep your belly in and now slide your right leg straight, initiating from your bottom. So you're going to squeeze that leg straight, using your seat. And then use your belly to draw that right foot back to you. And we're going to do it two more times.

This is where the reformer comes in really handy because you start off with this type of movement, sliding the foot back. And one more time, making sure your shoulder girdle muscles are grounded. Lengthen that leg from there and then draw it back in with your powerhouse. Now we're going to keep the um, right leg straight, so slide it straight again and let's switch to the left. So ground in the shoulder, grow muscles. Use your powerhouse to draw that left knee towards you and you're going to extend that leg from your hip, from your glue.

Really important words here. And then bending that knee using your powerhouse. And we're going to do it two more times. Who are gonna squeeze right where the bottom meets the hamstring. A lot of people come up bending that knee.

Let's go ahead and bend that knee back. A lot of creative names for that area, but we're gonna just squeeze right where the hamstring hits the seat. Nice and long. Good. And so now just keeping that leg. Hopefully you've engaged the hamstrings and glutes and I want you to keep pulling in your belly to your lower back and feel your belly pull in an up to lift your head to look at your belly. There we go. Good. Lift your arms up so they're just above your hip bones and because you're using all of this, we're going to lift our legs up from here and we're going to pump and exhale.

So I really feel my shoulder girdle muscles engaged and anchored. I feel my belly pulling in and up because this is reaching long. If your back starts to hurt or this is not a good angle, lift the legs to where you need and where it's comfortable or bend the knees in, regroup, and then extend using those muscles again and inhale two, three, four, five, exhale, but this is your time to warm up and exhale and your time to really feel those seat muscles, your belly in and up. We've got two more and exhaling shoulder girdle muscles go around and last one a little lower there, Juliana. Yes. Now lower your legs by laying thinning them. Reach your arms up to the ceiling, reach and back keeping again, the shoulder girdle muscles ground. We're gonna roll up, but when we do, I want you to feel the back of your thigh and seat.

Pressing down into the mat and squeeze those inner thighs. So here we go. Arms lift. Inhale, lifting up. Exhale. So I'm pressing down and stretch to go back. I'm going to squeeze my inner thighs together. Press those hamstrings and seat muscles, drawing my belly in and reaching up and back.

Arms lift in with the ear. Empty the lungs and stretching forward and rolling. Beck. Scoop in it and reaching back. Five more, a little quicker. Tempo up. We go and reach. Nice and drawing it back. Lower back, middle back, upper and reach and form more. Pressing down with the back of the thighs. Excellent. And rolling down. Really.

Let me feel that energy ant pressing. Yes. Fantastic. Squeeze a seat. Reach your tail on. Reach your hips in the opposite direction. Two more. You really have to think about at the entire time, pressing down lower. It's easy to turn off those muscles and one more pressing down.

Yeah. And squeezing. Sending your tail to your feet. We're gonna think about the roll over now. Good. So press your arms down into the mat and we're going to squeeze those legs straight and touch the toes. The Mat behind you. Here we go. Draw on the belly over and then separate shoulder width apart. Flex the feet as you roll down your upper back. Middle, lower sweep together.

Squeeze the seat over with control open. Roll down one bone at a time. One more, and then reverse over open shoulder with apart. Good. Rolling down here we're gonna reverse or you're going to click the feet together. Separate. Flex and over. Yes. Squeeze. I was like, now you should be able to squeeze my hand. Sweep down to open. Up and over. Yes. Squeeze together. Good, good, good. Last. Once you're open for good.

Squeeze together and dance. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Let's keep your right leg up. Lower. Your left down, grabbed behind your thigh and stretch or calf is fine. Good. Your shoulder girdle muscles are still grounded. Julian, scoot your shoulders and had just a hair. Great. Maybe your hips a little bit over too. Perfect. So left hamstring and bottom, squeezing down into the mat.

Really feel that it's also down the middle of your body. Super important. Just a little more center with this leg. So you feel that engagement arms down by your side. And we're going to start by just reaching that leg down. So you're in a region down from where that thigh reaches a seat, keeping your belly scooped and use your belly to pull that leg up, up, up.

Hold it down the middle of your body. And now we'll start by cross around, up, cross around, up, cross around, up to more, pressing the left thigh. One more holding steady hold, reverse. Reach around up. Good. So you really use the hamstring and bottom to get a deeper scoop. And to really pull that leg up, it's beautiful. One more. And Hug it in. Bring that leg down, left leg up, and stretch it.

So you're gonna put your hand behind your calf. If you can reach up that high, maybe your right knee is bent. That's okay. But if you can straighten it, make sure that you feel the back of the thigh and seat pressing down and the little more center. Sometimes you have to lift your head up and make sure you have a straight line from nose, belly button to toe. You don't want it out here. You want it all right here. All right. Arms press down by your side and you're going to reach that leg down the middle of your body. And I want your left hip to come with me a little. That's it. That's it. It was hiking and gripping a little.

So I want you now to draw your belly in and pull it up with your belly more than your quad. More stomach. Aw, that's Nice Briana. Way To change it and cross around up. Cross your belly, pulls up, crusts around, up to more. Reach around up plus one and reverse. We're going to go down or open and really cross the other leg. Yes, and scoop in it in and pull in and two more. Right thigh pressing into the mat. Last one. And hug that knee into your chest.

Both legs are straight. Both legs are pressing down into the mat and we're going to use our power has to lift your head up and we're going to get centered and we're going to roll up one vertebra at a time. Push down with the back of the hips, lift your bottoms forward so that they're at your feet. Enrolling, likable hands on top of the ankles, balancing with the feet up off the mat. Go ahead. I want you to keep your chest on your thighs and your ears between your knees and stay there with your upper body while your lower body initiates to roll back. So pull your lower belly in and make that be what pulls you back and exhale forward. Love it in with the air. And exhale. Even here you want to feel inhale, go back, your hips lift and hold and exhale.

You want to feel that suspension and control. Inhale, reach. So you're lifting and exhale. If you can roll down the shoulder blades and your head, fantastic. I don't want all your weight on your neck, but you want your hips to be able to lift like shorts by massage. Yeah.

And come up and scoop, scoop and rest down your feet. And now we're going to start the series of five. So we're going to put our hands behind us and we're not gonna slide our bottom because we're using it today. So we're gonna squeeze, lift it up. Good. And now I want you to remember how we slid leg straight and then slid the other. It's the same thing for this exercise. In fact, we're going to do it a little different.

So I'm going to demonstrate it real fast. And then you guys are going to join me. So we're gonna do, you can stay there, but we're going to roll down into position. But usually we do it like this, which is really good. But today we're going to add a little change. Whenever we change legs, we're going to slide it on the mat from here to extend.

So it's almost going to look like a circle. So it's gonna go down and squeeze straight and it's going to go down and squeeze straight. And every time that leg extends completely, your belly pulls in that much more. Okay? So my way isn't here. It's all into those shoulder girdle muscles. Let's try it. So we're going to bend the right knee and you really want to feel like someone has your leg and it's pulling it over away from you so that you have your belly pulling in the opposite direction. And we're going to put slide the right leg straight, slide the left and the right members to get here.

Left belly pulls in and up in opposition, scooping out stretch three more sets. How are we looking here? Squeeze. Watch. You're not straightening the knee joint ant. In other words, I can straighten and bend my arm all day long but does nothing for my arm muscles. I want to squeeze the leg straight, not just the knee joint. Is that three sets or is this the last one? And then left and then Ben both knees in. Same thing with double leg hands or on your ankles.

Both like slide out straight while your arms reach back and pull together in with the air. Squeezing those legs straight. Exhaling. Very nice in with the air, squeezing those leg straight, scooping and beautiful in with the air. Xcel. Grab onto those ankles, tumor squeezing while you draw the belly in. Exhale last one, right and exhale, right leg up. Left leg forward. Yes, hands behind the ankle and you're going to give yourself a little double pulse. What to switch? One to why?

Cause we're squeezing the back of the thigh and seat back the thigh and seat. Pull in your belly and deeper. Squeeze and squeeze. Squeeze and squeeze. Squeeze and squeeze. Two more sets last time here. Good. Both legs up, hand behind the head. Squeeze the back of the thighs and seat and take them down and pull them up and it's all from here. It's reaching those long, beautiful legs. It's pulling your belly in the opposite direction. Lays.

This looks fantastic. Just curl up a little more for me, Briana. Yes, two more. You got it. Last one. And then bend the right knee and twist to the right knee, but make sure that left thigh is squeezing and switch. Squeeze that right leg straight and sewage. And last time.

Be careful not to use that knee joint and hug both knees into your chest. Wonderful. Take a moment then sit up and join me for spine stretch forward. So we're going to be right here and we're going to, you know, press the back of the thighs and seat into the mat. If you can flex your feet, that's great and that gives you also, instead of here, you want to press your arms down and lift even more. Taking a big breath and exhaling down.

Don't lose any of that lift. Inhaling up, press the back of the thighs lifted off the seat and exhaling down. Yeah, purchasing as you pull your belly in and up in opposition. Three more. Exhale all your air to go down. Touch the crown of your head to your mat. Lift off your bottom as you roll up, up, up at going down with the exhale for two more. Stretch that spine down.

Lovely at lifting off that seat as you come up. One more lift off of those thighs, off of the seat, not gripping with the quads difference. Wonderful. Good. Stay there. And if you can try to have so much of this energy going that way that you can pull your belly in and those legs can float up to your hands. Your you can be here, you can be here. Whatever you need to do, you can even be a little bit, but we're doing open leg rocker. When you're here, push into your hands with the back of the science seat and feel those muscles.

Use your belly to pull in and up. So there's a lot of muscles going on here. Yeah, and we're going to roll back using your lower belly and you're going to push into your hands to come up, up, up five more in with the air and exhale up very. And with your, it needs to have a little more rhythm and exhale up. Yeah. Three more in with the year. Exhale, lift has to feel good. Two, two more in with the air. Exhaling up, up, and one more beautiful ladies and exhaling up. Good. Squeeze the legs together and keep reaching them towards me.

As you roll down your back. Legs are up, arms are by your side. And we're going to squeeze that bottom and I want you to take your bottom over your shoulders and lift your legs up. Good cause we're using all this up and we're gonna roll down your back one bone at a time. Yes, we're going to do corkscrew. We're circling to the right around to the left and scoop in and up. Good.

And we're going to come down and you want to always feel like someone's pushing. You go to the left, that's your thighs are working. And then lift everything up and then down. Two more sets to the right around and lifting. Beautiful. Feel all those muscles lifting to the ceiling. Roll down your back.

Just straight for today. Left around. There's a lot of variations here but we're just trying to feel those hips work and down and to your right. One more, less set, scooping and right. Feel the bottom. Liftoff and down. Beautiful. One more to your left for a stretch and scoop it in and left. Good and down. You Go. One bone at a time. Ribs first. Next. And we're going to do saw sit on up.

Same thing ladies. We're going to really use the back of your thigh in s and c to push down so that you scoop in. Arms are here, twist to your right and exhale down. Stay here. Are you on your left hip? It has to be on the mat, so take another breath and exhale. Push your left hip down while you're there and pull your belly in more. Inhale up all the way, twisting to the left and exhale down.

Again, holding here because our right hip has to be down so you take a breath. Exhale, really push it down and scoop your belly in and then roll up. Now we won't have a pause anymore. We're just going to twist. We're going to keep that left cheek down as you exhale forward in the opposite direction, squeezing up off that seat, twist to the left, exhaling down. Keep your right hip down. Inhaling up, twist to your right.

Exhale down with the left hip down. Inhale up, still lifting off the seat tool list. Exhaling down and inhaling and relax. You're going to squeeze your legs together actively and flip over onto your belly. We're going to do neck roll. If you have a grots mat, you can have this nice bar and you can use it. I'll have you use it. Brianna, put your hands right there. Good.

Juliana, if you are feeling extra flexible today, you don't have to use it. You can always keep your hands directly under your shoulders and if you don't have a bar, you just take them a little forward and a little out to the side is great. You do wherever it feels comfortable, but I want you to think about your hamstrings and glutes. So foreheads on the mat and your legs are as if it's a mermaid tail. They're spiraling out and you want to push.

You want to push your pubic bone down into the mat. You don't want it up off the mat because that would mean your pelvis would be tipped like this and your belly would be into the mat and your lower back. We'll be taking all of your back bend, which you don't want. That hurts. So make sure you're squeezing your bottom down into the mat so that your pubic bone is down and the back of the thighs are working. And even though you're pushing down with that, make sure your bellies pulling into your lower back.

Now see if you can lengthen your spine out the crown of your head and slowly lift your head. Lift up a little more in here, yes and your chest. And then come up to a straight arms as you can and you're going to look over the right shoulder, but really look over it. Circled down around to your left. Look forward and a quick check. Is your bottom still squeezing? Is your belly still holding in? Look left. Now circle down around to your right. Look forward.

And as you come down, lengthen your spine out the crown of your head. Another time, squeezing the bottom down, scooping the belly in and coming up. Filling this area just a little more. Thank you. We're going to look over your left shoulder and circle down around right and look forward. Look right circle down around the left. Beautiful Brianna.

Now really hold your belly in and squeezing that seat and and out the crown of your head. Good. Now just bring your elbows together for double leg or single leg kick and up onto your elbows and put your fists together like this. Excellent. You're going to push your form into the mat to lift up your chest and head and squeeze your bottom down, your pubic bone down, belly supporting. Let's lift the legs a little bit off the mat. Do you feel your knees are off the mat? You want to keep them there?

Make sure you're not taking it in the lower back though. And we're gonna start with kicking your right to left too. So we're going to contract just like my biceps are working. You're going to contract your hamstring to pull the foot to your seat. You're not just going to go Bam, Bam, Bam. You're going to squeeze and squeeze.

Give me one more set right to left. Two beautiful ladies. Place the right facial on the mat, hands behind your back. Bring the hands up as high as you can, and then bring your elbows as low as you can. Again, pubic bone is down. Stomach is in really working the hamstrings and glutes. Lift both legs up. Your knees are off the Mat. Keep them that way.

As you squeeze your legs in three times. One, two, three legs. Press down and pull your billion to lift. Hold it right here. Do you guys feel your legs pushing down because you need that for the next class. For Swan, switch cheeks. Bend the elbows up and knees are off the Mat. Pubic bone down as you kicked three, two, one and then legs down. Lift two, three and switch lifting knees one, two, three and lift two, three and squeeze to three and lift two, three and enough another rest round your back. Sit on your heels.

Great job ladies. Good. We're going to turn around onto your back for neck pull. Go ahead and I want you to just have your legs hip with the part and start with your heels as close to the front edge of whatever mat you're going to be on. Cause that's your goal is to keep them there. Your goal is to hold the hips and really reach and push that way instead of your bottom coming with you as you do this exercise.

So let's start with your head down and we're going to roll up, lifting off our seat, of course, and we're going to squeeze our bottom to push our heels away. As you pull your belly back, back, back, and then curl the rest down and right on up in with the air. Exhale. And pushing my feet this way. Not by gripping my quads though in with the air and exhaling back, back, back and rolling down. And four more. And inhale, you lift off that seat.

The inner thighs are engaged as well. And down. Three more. Squeezing. Beautiful Brianna. Loving engagement. Roll up your spine. Good. And pull it. Beautiful. Good correction, Juliana. And here we go. Up Scooping in. Yes. Inhale, roll up and exhaling. Give me something here. Yeah, you're in a fire. That right cheek and last one. Woo.

That was your best one. Inhale. Roll it up and keep firing it to me. Firing. Yes, yes, yes. It's time for Jacknife. So we're going to bend the knees into our chest. Go ahead and straighten the legs so that your a right angle arms should be pressing down to squeeze a seat. And before we even start, I you to just see if you can use your lower belly to pull those legs a little towards you and lift your seat a little. Just like that. So the stomach scoops in and we lift a little [inaudible].

One more. Good. Now we're going to take this right angle and go right over. So we're going to squeeze and go right over and then lift your bottom up to the ceiling with those legs and roll down one bone at a time. Beautiful. And we're going to go over to this right angle and then we're going to school those legs up. Gorgeous. And one more over at work, those.

And then down fan tastic. Oh right. We're going to hug the knees into your chest and we're going to add shoulder bridge. Shoulder bridge is kind of a good intro to another exercise we're adding today. So you're gonna have your feet hip width apart. These are in line with your bones, not the width of your silhouette, but your hip bones. All right, and good.

Maybe a little bit wider for Juliana and a little bit away from you. Just a t h. Yeah, that's probably good cause if they, if they're not too far under you, maybe a little closer to you. Good. Alright, so you don't want your legs with the foot underneath your knee, but you don't want your foot totally out here too. You have to be somewhere in between and you're going to squeeze your seat. Your shoulder girdle muscle should be nice and anchored, right?

We're going to squeeze our seat and this is the hard thing is we usually like to lift our bottom with our rib cage, but we're going to keep our rib cage down and we're going to curl our tailbone towards us working the hamstrings, the glutes, the inner thighs, your pelvic floor, and a lot of your lower belly. Now once your palace is tilted, I want you to not push the feet into the mat, but try to squeeze your bottom up, up, up, good. And to make like a tabletop, you might have to adjust your feet, but you're going to put your, make els with your hands and put your hands underneath your hips. Trying to work around the Mike right here. See My, I have to adjust your feet, but again, don't lift the ribs so high. Lift your hips up instead. Okay? Try to keep your ribs under control from your thigh and hamstring mean back of the leg and glute. We're going to straighten the right leg on the mat. I'm mean, I'm totally mean, so we're going to straighten, straighten, squeeze, hold it long. Three kicks to the ceiling. Up to your nose. Reach it out.

Two more. When you're going down your bottom lifts higher. One more reaching, reaching hold. Slide that foot back in your right hamstring and glute are holding you. Now straighten the left leg on the mat down the middle of your body, holding it with your hamstring and glute. Kick up to your nose. Reach it out. Long kick gut extending long one more up and reach retreats and then return the foot. Shake out your hands if need be.

If they held you more than your bottom did and roll down your ribs and the next bone and the next bone. Okay, so now we're going to do sidekick. So you're going to lie onto your right side, sliding your body back to the back edge of your mat. Your elbow should be there, your hip should be there, and rest your head on your right hand. And now you're going to bring your legs forward to the front of your mat, but not off the front of your mat. Make sure you're challenging yourself a little bit left hand in front of your belly, and we're going to keep your belly and of course your shoulder girdle muscles in. As we lift the left leg a little, can we turn it out a little so that you're always looking at your inner thigh, not hiding it. So we're engaging that and reach it long.

And we're going to kick forward for a little double pulse because when we go back hold, I'd like you to hold the leg straight for a second so that it's straight with your body. Does that make sense? From the crown of your head down your spine to your foot. You're straight. And now as you take the leg behind you, don't let your ribs go forward, but use the back of the thigh and the glute to take the leg back as far as you can. How far can you squeeze? How far can you Arab best without having a roll onto your belly? Good. Give it another little pulse of one little bump. Yeah, one more slow.

We're going to take it forward with our powerhouse. Little boom, boom. And now take it back. Back the thigh and seat. Squeeze. Squeeze again. I didn't roll onto here cause then that takes it out of my thigh and hip. Now to tempo, we're gonna go one, two, and back. Two and forward. Two and back. Two and stomach.

Two and hamstring glue and five more. Good and forward and squeeze. I love it. And forward and longer. And three and two. That's it. Here we go. Scooping right there. One more forward, a, some good and legs together.

Now I want you to put your hand right here on your right hip. We're going to use this outer thigh and we're going to use this part of our thigh to pull that like up to our ear and then squeeze your inner thigh. Your right, your left hands here so that your hip doesn't hike up and kick up. That's it. And squeeze. And don't let that hip hike and squeeze. Stay here. Now put that hand back.

Now that you found that muscle, try not to cheat as you kick it up to your ear and squeeze with the inner thigh and two more. Up and squeeze and last time and squeeze and hold and five little circles. One, two. Don't lose that hip. Don't lose that bottom and the hamstring and reverse one longer than your bottom leg. Three, two, one. Good. We're gonna do bicycle. Kick the leg forward to your nose. Needier chest. Good.

Hold it there. Can you get your nanny closer to your chest? Can you use the hamstring and glute to keep your heel on your seat as you take that leg back and it's holding it with Nida knee, get that heel on your seat. It's a big quad stretch. And now use that hamstring and glute to take the leg back behind you. It's still bent. We're taking it. Heel is on your seat still. And take it back a little further. [inaudible] and then squeeze it long, long, long beautiful. And two more to tempo forward.

Need a chest. Need a knee, knee back and extend from here. Fantastic and forward. Need a knee needed bat hind and extend from here. Beautiful legs together. Hold. Sorry Juliana. We're gonna reverse. Same like the s kicks. We just did.

Take the leg behind your using your hamstring and glute. Don't roll forward. Pull back your ribs a little more for me, Brianna. So we're going to pull back right here. Yes. Keep using this to go back, back, back. Fantastic. And now [inaudible] take it back. Wrap your leg around me to bend it. Good for you. Yes. Need a knee, knee to chest all the way and straight.

Take that leg back. Make sure it's a little more turned out for me. Then take your heel to your seat. Good placement. Need a chest and extent. One more. Just make sure when you bend that knee that it doesn't live to the ceiling too much. Lower it just a little, and then need a knee needed. Chest and extent. Great job. Legs together. Good.

We're gonna add a little m grand, Ronda Zhang and then Sam side passe cause we're doing legs, right? So we're gonna bring that left leg forward to your nose. Then take it up to your ear as high as you can, and then you're going to rotate in that hip. As you lengthen behind you. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. And now to more forward to your nose, up to your ear, rotate in the hip as you take the leg back. Don't roll your body forward. One more forward, up to your ear.

Rotate in the hip as you take it behind you. I know what muscles you feel right now. And then legs together. Reverse back using the hamstring and glute, rotating the hip to your ear all the way to your nose. Ladies. And then back from the hamstring and glute. Watch the rolling with the ribs up to your ear and then forward and last one back up to your ear, almost a bicycle there and forward to your nose and legs together.

So now we're going to do pese. So I want you to try to slide your toe up your inner thigh with your knee pointing so high to the ceiling that it could touch between your shoulder blades. So what does that look like? So we're going to start bending the knee towards the ceiling, sliding the foot up to your inner thigh. Then keep taking your knee back as far as you can to behind your shoulders. Straighten the leg there, flex it, and work it to squeeze down.

Two more. Slide that Tony really up to the ceiling all the way behind your shoulders. Extend up flex and pull down. One more. Slide it up. What's nice is we have the reverse to come flex and down. Let's reverse.

We're going to kick up and then pull that knee all the way to your shoulders. Slide the toe out. Act Two more. Flex it up, knee behind you. Now when you bring the toe down, really try to bring it as close to you as you can and then extend. Don't start so far out. One more. Flex it up, knee behind you. Nitto as close as you can, and then squeeze that leg straight. The legs are beautifully squeezing right now.

So we're gonna lift them up and we're going to roll onto our belly and we're going to make a small pillow for her forehead. And I want you to open the legs as wide as the mat, but they're up off the mat. Yeah, thank you. Now squeeze your inner thighs all the way together, all the way. No light between your inner thighs at all, all the way tight. One more open as wide as the mat, and then squeeze all the way together.

You should be pressing your pubic bone down so you feel that seat. Now do that extremely fast. Here we go. But two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 same muscles, same precision, same intensity and roll to your other side. So now you're on your left side and your legs are going to come forward. To the front edge has your bodies lined up on the back edge? Good. Maybe a tiny bit more forward, Juliana. Good. Lift up your right leg, turn it out.

A little scoop in and really work these to push law and a little double poles forward. One, two. And now hold that leg straight with your body. Beautiful. Brianna right here. A little higher. And now use the hamstring and bottom to go back. How far can you go and do a little extra pulse. And now four for one, two and back to and forward to your nose and back to and forward and back.

Good. And stomach and hamstring and glue and forward and hamstring and glue. Good and forward. So we w if you keep going, but if you want to really feel the hamstring and glute, you can't lose those shoulder girdle muscles. That's why it's so important not to roll onto your ribs because then you can't fire one more. The hamstring and the glue legs together. Now put your right hand on your right hip so it doesn't hike up and shorten the top of your box as you kick the right leg up to your ear.

And then inner thighs squeeze is down. Keeping it right there. Find your outer thigh. Yeah, and then scoop in. Squeeze in down. Put your hand back down and don't cheat. Three more. Up and squeezing down and up and squeeze and pulling your belly and little more length and up and length into me. That's it. Hold that length and circle. One, two, three, four, five.

Reverse what? Turn the knee up a little bit to one very good and legs together. Bicycle. Kick that leg forward to your nose. Bend the knee to your chest. Really keep that heel close to your seat. And then take the leg back. Don't roll forward.

Keep your hips stacked and then extend the leg behind you behind you and forward. Bend the knee to your chest. Take that knee back. Using the hamstring and glute today to like back and extend. And one more forward. Bend the knee to the chest. Need a knee, knee behind and extend legs together for the reverse. You're going to take the hamstring glue back. Don't roll onto the chest then keep the leg that far back as you pull your heel to your seat. Need a knee.

Need a chest and extent and to back. Watch the rural forward toe toe to your head. Need a knee needed chest and extend. I talked about that last class and back of touching your ponytail with your toe right here and need a knee. Need a chest and extend legs together. Good. All right, we're going to do ground Rhonda [inaudible] so we're gonna take that low right leg a little bit up, turning it outside. See your inner thigh, scoop your belly in and pull it all the way up to your nose, up to your ear. Rotate in the hip as you reach it, way behind you. And two more. All the way forward to here.

Nose up to your ear. Rotate as you reach that hip a little longer. One more forward up to your ear and then rotate. Yes, good job and legs together for the reverse and back. Love it.

Rotate as it goes up to your ear and then to your nose and two more back rotating the hip as it goes up to your ear. There you go. And then really scoop and back. One more. That was really nice. Rotate as you pull it. I do your ear to your nose and legs together. Now for the Pasta, so we're gonna really use those inner thighs as we slide that toe up with the knee, really up to the ceiling, trying to aim for right between your shoulder blades, extend the leg, flex it and squeeze those inner thighs together. Slide that toe in and then knee all the way and then extend flex and reach one more sliding the knee, just helping stretch you a little and then extend right there and flex and pull everything.

Reverse for three up with that flex knee back to your shoulder plates. Toe is close to you as you can and you squeeze those inner thighs together and flex the foot up and knee behind you and toe stretches out. Let's do one more ant up bend that knee behind you. First stretched towed in her thigh and extend and lie onto your back. Very nice. Good. We're ready for our teasers.

So I want your knees bent and your feet flat for a second. Okay. And I want you to remember how we did the hundred. So we're going to engage the hamstring and gluten once again to extend the right leg and make sure your shoulder girdle muscles are grounded in your belly is pulling in and up and use your belly to pull that leg back in. Okay. Because your quads can start gripping. We want the hamstring and glute to squeeze the left leg straight as we scoop in and up. Really good work ladies and bending that knee.

And now we're going to extend the right from your hamstring and glute. Yeah, make sure you're firing that muscle, hold that right leg straight. And we're going to do the same with the left and we're going to have both legs straight. And we're going to go into just teaser three today. So we're going to reach the arms back and we're going to bring our head up to look at our belly and we're going to lift the legs up at the same time as we roll up up, up, and we're going to lift the arms up to the ceiling and work the back of the thighs and seat to control down to more. Head Up. Then roll up hamstrings and glutes coming up. So nice at arms lift if you can.

And rolling away hamstring and glutes reaching those legs down at the same time. One more. Up we go. Now we're talking add arms lift and give me those thighs and hamstrings. Yes, yes, yes. Beautiful. Flip over for swimming. Nice line long arms and legs.

Re arms reaching forward. Straight ahead. Okay. Alright, so you're pressing your pubic bone down into the mat because if you're using the hamstrings and glutes. Yeah. And we're going to pull the belly in and we're going to start again like we did last class where we pushed the right thigh and hip into the mat and lift the left leg up off the mat. Good. So you're really using these muscles to an opposition and so then your right arm is going to lift up, feeling it from this part of your back while the left arm is pushing down so you can feel that and then put down your right arm and left leg. Now let's switch. We're going to push the left leg into the mat. Let's find that seat. Good while the left arm lifts and down.

One more each side. Good. I love this engagement. Wonderful. Down and switching. Yes. Oh good. Now squeeze both legs up a little bit, both arms up a little bit and use your belly to help lift your head up. Right arm up, even higher. Left leg up, even higher. Head out of the water and swim. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Longer arms, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four. Okay, one more time. Hamstrings and glutes. Lifting those legs up, stomach in. Exhale, two, three, four for melt into the mat.

Go ahead and round your back and sit onto your heels. And we're going to learn how to do leg pull up and leg pull down. So we are here and I want you to Tuck your feet under you. So you're going to put the ball of your foot on onto the mat and the legs are to get the feeder together. Good. Yeah, your coke good. And I want you to crawl your arms as far away from you as you can while keeping your bottom on your heels and pull your belly in.

Plant the poems of your hands into the mat. And we're going to lift into a plank position. So pull your belly in and strong straight arms and you're gonna squeeze the back of your thighs and see into that position. I want you to use, you should have a straight line, which I feel I need to move my hands a little bit, but from your shoulder to your wrist, a straight line, they're not forward. They're not behind. Straight under. Alright. Back of the thigh and Cedar, the right leg. That's what lifts your leg up to the ceiling.

Hold rock back on your left foot. Pull forward with your belly. Return the right foot, left leg lifts from the hamstring and glute rock back. Scoop in your belly to come forward. Foot down, right leg goes up. No movement in your pelvis. Rocked back. Scoop forward, right leg goes down, hips stay square, left leg works back, stretch back the right. Pull it forward and down. One more set, right rock back, hamstring and glute and down. And then use your left hamstring, glute rock back. Scoop in and then pause there.

And I want you to really hold your belly up away from the Mat. Beautiful. Take your right hand to your left. You can do it. Cross your right foot in front of your left and now take your left arm and really reach to the ceiling by lifting your bottom up to the ceiling. And now keep turning until your hips are facing the ceiling and put your hands so that they point towards your feet. Excellent. Good. Lower down for a second. I'll give you a little break there. Awesome.

So that's the transition. Now what's very common is we use our knee joint in this exercise or our calf to lift us up. So this is a little more advanced than the shoulder bridge was, but make sure you are squeezing your seat and using those hamstrings to lift up into position. So come and join me now. There we go. Good. And we're going to almost lift your hips up as you kick your leg up. We're going to be alternating, we're going to point, our right leg is going to kick up and then flex down and left up and then flex down. Lift your hip with your leg. Flex down and kick and flex. One more set.

Kick. Feel the hamstring and gluten both legs last one down and sit down. Beautiful ladies, lift your bottoms forward. First seal arms are going to go through. Grab onto the ankles, scoop your bellies in and see if you can feel your inner thighs as you're clapping in both directions. Clap here. One, two, three in with the year two, three, exhaling two, three in with the air. Two, three, exhale. Two, three, four more. After the fourth, we're going to cross our legs. We're gonna stand up and of course we're going to be using the hamstrings and glutes to push us up off the floor and propel us up to a nice standing posture.

What do we have? Two more and in with the air and exhaling. Last one. Enjoy massage in your spine. Let go of your feet. Cross some and roll up pushing into the mat. Awesome. Tall ladies. Turn around. Good. All right, feet are in a Pilati stance. We're going to do our pushups.

Reach up to the ceiling, squeezing the back of your leg and your seat forward, not your knee back and pulling the belly and keep that working like that. As you lift forward off an imaginary wall, going down one vertebra at a time. [inaudible] keep squeezing, lifting hands down to the mat. Walk out to a plank position again and really feel your thighs and seat. Squeeze down. Good ant. Bend those elbows straight by your side for five up for good. And three, pull up with your belly and two and one more time.

And then walk back to your feet. Good. And scooping in. Roll Up. Keep pushing the back of your thighs and bottom forward. Arms up to the ceiling. One more set and forward. Beautiful. Yeah. And walk out. That was excellent.

Good. And heels are over your toes, man. Yeah. And we're going to go down, up one and down. Up Two and elbow. Straight back. Good. And to pull up into here a little more for me. One more. Yes. And then walk back to your feet and you're going to keep squeezing the back of your thighs forward. Keep the weight on the ball of your foot. Good.

Reach your arms up to the ceiling. Stay there, take a breath, turn your poems out. Exhale, keep squeezing forward as you press down. Take a big breath, lifting, lifting all your weight and exhale. And you're all finished. Thank you ladies. Good job. Very good class. Nice work. Good job. Did you guys go.

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Amazing! Love your classes Monica!
thanks for the good workout.
Monica Wilson
I'm glad you enjoyed it! Look for a few more classes building on each other. Monica:)
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Wonderful cueing
2 people like this.
very good work...thank you for cueing...
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Wow that was amazing!!! Great instruction Monica!! Loved every minute of that class.
Luisa Z
I love your classes! Thanx Monica! 
1 person likes this.
I'm trying to advance my standing splits and your side-lying series are great for that! thank you @monicawilson
1 person likes this.
Great class and cueing!

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