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Mat for Posture

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You will work on improving your posture in this Mat workout with Monica Wilson. She focuses on getting your body into the correct alignment on the Mat so you can use your muscle memory in the standing exercises that she includes for the second half of the class. She also adds the Magic Circle so you can feel the correct muscles working in your body.
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Okay. Today we are going to do a matte and magic circle workout with a lot of standing work and just about a little more than a basic mat, but just to get you grounded, to start you off. And then we're going to do a lot of standing work, really focusing on our posture. It's big thing going on right now that we are really getting into all the digital age and you see it with all the teenagers with their posture. But even as moms we have a certain posture and just it's all really affecting all of us on the computers and phones a lot.

So really trying to focus on a kind of a quicker workout today, not taking forever, but getting your body in the correct alignment. So we're going to use the magic circle to help feel the right muscles and you're going to use the floor to really feel the correct alignment of your spine so that when you're standing you can transfer that feeling. Try to have the muscle memory from the mat work to pull it up to standing position. So let's start with your feet and [inaudible] stance toes two to three inches apart and you're going to soften your knees and you're going to s wrap those thighs and you're going to squeeze your seat forward, draw your belly and behind the line of your hips and you're gonna pull up your chest in front of your hips. We're gonna bring the circle up to shoulder height.

When we do that, sometimes we lock the elbows. We're going to try not to do that, so soften them a little. When we soften our elbows, we also let them droop a little bit, so make sure you don't do that, but that they lift a little bit up towards the ceiling. They should be pointing straight out to the side and you're going to pull your belly in always to squeeze your circles. Now, I'm going to let my ladies stay like this right now, but I feel that their upper back is a little back behind their bodies and hanging in their lower back. So we're going to be working on that today. We're going to cross one foot in front of the other. Squeezing that circle.

Still lower yourself down to the mat, feeling your energy, try to stay up, up, up. It's pretty nice ladies. And Go ahead and lie down onto your mat, reaching your arms behind you. So clearly you're going to need a magic circle. And that should be the only proper extra piece of equipment that you will need. And it's always nice to do, Matt, with a little bit of equipment. We're going to put that circle between your ankles. So draw the knees into your chest. Good. And place it between your ankles.

Great. And have your feet at a tabletop position with your knees. Great. I want you to draw in those shoulder girdle muscles. Draw in your lower belly, maybe have your knees a little wider, Huh? And I want you to use your powerhouse. Relax those feet a little to lift up your head. Draw the powerhouse in good.

Reach your arms nice and long and right from this position. Start pumping. Don't straighten your legs quite yet, but do press together. See if you can feel your bottom. See if you can feel your inner thighs, but most importantly, make sure it allows you to feel your pelvic floor and your lower belly. The lower abdominals to pull in. This is not going to be queued like a beginner class in with the air.

Exhale, it's going to be queued more like an advanced class in with the air. So I want you to really be able to feel those inner thighs, that pelvic floor, and you should be getting your lower belly to pull in and up. For the next four, we're going to straighten our legs, so reach the legs. Using those thighs and hips in your belly should have sunken further. It should not have risen up. God. Find the outer thighs.

Find the inner thighs. Find the seats, squeeze those two beds together. One more big breath. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five and hug the knees into your chest. Rest your neck down. You're going to take the circle away and sit on up. Placing the feet on the mat and the feet are going to be in line with your hipbones. Sorry. We're going to have a bent knees. So lift up forward again and then place a circle now between your inner thighs.

Good. Fantastic. Good. Hands Underneath your knees. Yes. And I want you to touch your forehead to that circle. Excellent. And I want you to pretend you can keep your chest reaching for your thighs as you pull your lower belly into your lower back and get your waistband down onto the mat. So we're going to leave the legs there. We're going to draw the belly in and roll back your waistband.

But you're making an effort to keep your upper body forward just until you straighten your arms. They don't move away from the knees. They stay under your knees. Take a breath while you're there, and exhale. Squeeze a circle and come up leaving your waistband on the mat as long as you can. So for head back to the mat, take a breath and squeeze with those inner thighs. Draw that pelvic floor and lower belly and the roll back articulating to your waistband. Our hands go, arms go straight. Take a breath and exhale. We're gonna leave the waistband there as you roll forward.

So we're trying to articulate one bone down at a time, squeezing down, and we're rolling them down in a straight line. Beautiful job here. Take a breath, dry your lower belly in as you exhale and come forward. Keep drawing it in. Fantastic. Now you can go all the way down to the head. Okay, so we're going to squeeze with your bottoms, wheeze with those inner thighs. Draw your pelvic floor one bone at a time in a straight line touching the head than lift your head as you inhale and pull in. Really work on pooling in for me as you come forward. Yes.

And again, one more like this. Squeezing, pretending you can keep reaching your upper body forward. Good. And then on the way up, pretend you can keep your waistband down the whole time. Beautiful. Go ahead and straighten your legs. Taking the circle away and hold it between your hands. Sorry. We're going to keep using it so you don't eat at Verdun. Really need to put, it might be one or two that you put it to. The side.

Legs are straightened together and we're going to squeeze that circle and roll back your waistband. Same exercise just with straight legs. Roll back your waistband. Ground each bone. Keep them there as you reach back. Arms come up to the ceiling. Hold right here. Do you feel your spine straight on the seat on the mat?

You want to use this map to give you that awareness of your, your body. Do you feel the hamstrings and glutes squeezing and pushing down? Cause that's what you do when you're standing there pushing you forward. Okay, we're going to keep pulling into the mat and round up your head between your arms and then squeezing forward, reaching, reaching, reaching, and I have to work on that. Keep your ears between your arms and we're gonna pull your belly into. Squeeze that circle, roll down, just your lower back. Then your middle back.

Then your upper. Keep every vertebra down as you reach back. Arms directly up to the ceiling and hold our your shoulder girdle muscles grounded into the mat. Very nice. I want the circle not to move and bring your head up between your arms. Just your head. The circle doesn't move. Look at your belly. Keep pulling it in and now peel up one bone at a time.

As you squeeze that circle four. That was much nicer. Beautiful. Ladies reaching forward and rolling back. Keep that circle up at shoulder height. No higher. Yeah, walling down. Keep every bone on the mat as you reach back. Keep the shoulder girdle muscles down. Little lower for me, DJ and the shoulder girdle muscle. Just Ah, excellent.

One more up to the ceiling. Squeeze it and draw just the head up and then squeeze and curl everything forward. Excellent. Reaching forward and squeezing back back. The thighs and bottom are squeezing down into the mat, lower back, middle, and reaching back. Great. Put the circle down. For this exercise, we're going to hug the right knee into your chest. Straighten the leg up to the ceiling. Good.

Now I want you to really feel, and I'm lying again. We're going to grab the circle. We're going to use it for this exercise. All right, so your left leg is going to be on the mat straight. There you go. Good. Can You keep it the left leg straight on the mat. Perfect. Alright, go ahead and use that circle to the leg for a second. So I don't tire out your legs wallets here, but then you're going to hold the circle between your hands while staying grounded with those shoulder girdle muscles.

As you circle the light cause nothing in your box should move when you're doing single leg circles. So right leg is up, turning it out a little bit. Arms are straight up like they were a second ago. Hold it between the heel of your hand and anchor your shoulder girdle muscles as you squeeze. Bring that like all the way up to the circle. Cross your body around, up to the circle. Cross the body around squeezing nothing in your center moves. DJ.

Hold the sinners tight. Yeah, and one more. Nothing moves. Don't go so wide. And we're going to agree verse, all of this has to stay on the mat. Okay. Don't make the circle so big then. Little smaller. There you go. Fantastic. And two. Good for you. One more. Excellent aunt. Put the leg down and we're going to switch to the left. Like really good effort.

Yes. And stretch it. How's that feel? All right. And now hold that circle between the heels of your hands. Turn it out a little bit. Beautiful engagement. And we're going to try to bring it up as high as he can. Cross around up. Beautiful. Cross around, up dropping a dag like an anchor from your left oblique as you cross around one more and go the other way. Reach around. Beautiful.

How does that feel? Re Two more. Wow. You're doing so good. Last one. And that's enough. And bring that leg down. Aren't circles going to go down? We're gonna do rolling like a ball. So you're gonna lift. Roll up to a seated position, lift your bottom forward and grab onto your ankles. Good balance with your feet up off the mat.

Ears between your knees a little wider. Thank you. And in with the air roll back. Exhale, roll up. Beautiful DJ. Inhale, rural back. Exhale, scoop. And then good in with the air and Xcel right up. And with the air. Always have energy in your workout. Exhale up.

One more in with the air. Xcel right up and rest your feet down. Lift your bottom back and lie down onto your back. Good. Bend the right knee into your chest, right hands on ankle, left hand is on your knee, and draw your head up from your powerhouse. Good length on the left leg up to a little bit off the floor.

You can bring it all the way up to a 45 degree angle, wherever you need it to beat. But we're feeling the mat with our back. We're pulling into the mat, so hold the left leg where you are, keeping your powerhouse in and switch. Good and switch. So you're using the mat switch to feel that alignment and switched to feel your powerhouse and switched. Like I said, this is more of an intermediate, advanced workout, so I need you to be, feel that low, those lower abdominals. Good. And I need you to feel the back of the thigh and seat one more.

Set a right and a left and grab your circle as you hug in your nice, good, and place it between your ankles. Good. So we're going to continue to use the circle to help us feel the outer thighs, the back of the legs. The seat hands are on your ankles. Lift up your head. Good. And squeeze and reach your arms up and circle the arms back.

And with the air. Hold, hold. Bring your arms up higher. Bring your shoulders up. Look at your belly. Pull into the mat. Gorgeous pullets together. Yes. Inhales regional. Oh to the mat. And exhale. And three more. Inhale, squeeze the circle.

I want to see those pads coming together. Yeah. And exhale in two more. Inhale, draw your belly into the mat. More curl looking at me. Look, look. Ah Ha. And in one more add, inhale, reach. No feet squeezing. I'll seat squeezing and exhale. Rest your head down as you put your circle down. Good single straight leg.

Right into it. Ladies. Right leg up to the ceiling. Left leg forward. Here we go. Head Up. Everything's up. Go ahead and switch and switch. Good. And switch. This is beautiful switch. You're staying really grounded into the mat. I love it.

Switch and switch and switch and right and left and powerhouse and you're feeling your spine. It's in the mat. You feel the connection last set and bend the knees. Rest your head as you grab your circle. Put it between your ankles. Good hands behind your head. One over the other leg. Straight up to the ceiling. Here we go for the double straight, like curl up a little more. Good.

No vertebral comes off the mat as you squeeze in length in your legs, down, down, down, and pull them up and your bellies. Pulling in. [inaudible]. Yep. It doesn't rise like a loaf of bread in the oven. Nice work. I love to see your shoulder girdle muscles a little more grounded. So right there. Yeah. Beautiful. And find those lower abdominals. One more squeezing with the inner thighs, pelvic floor, lower belly and bend the knees. Rest your head for a second. Good.

And we're going to keep this circle, rest your feet down cause I want you to feel your pelvis on this one. Chris Cross gets a little sloppy sometimes, so we're going to make sure that the circle does it look like we're driving a car. Kay. Hand over. Hand behind your head and you're going to scoop in and roll up. Good. Gorgeous. Yeah, I that bring the knees up over your hips. Good. Don't squeeze with the feet again. Your circle will stay.

Absolutely still. It's not going to move at all. Draw the lower belly and more. Fantastic. Take your right elbow to your left knee without moving your hips. Come Center. Good. Take your left elbow to your right knee. Good. Draw the lower belly and more. And Bara come up up, up.

Fantastic DJ pulling in and coming up. Up. Up. That's so good. Gimme one more set. Scooping and feel your spine and up and last one over. Over. All the way up and enough good. Take the circle away and sit on up.

We're going to open the legs so it shoulder width apart. Good. Actually three inches wider than your shoulders, so they might be off of your mat. Okay. And we're going to hold the circle so that your arm can be, your shoulders are going to be right over your hips and you're going to have be an arms distance away with the heel of your hand. I think that looks good, Brianna. Yeah, really nice. Good DJ. I like it. Okay, so this one's a little tricky to connect to, but I want to see if you guys can can get this. So I really want you to feel the lower belly pulling into your lower back and then it's gonna lift, almost like a um, sliding sidewalk. Sometimes I think of that on the sidewalks, like on a roll right under your chest bone, right under your sternum. Okay.

So we're want you to sit up as tall as you can, flex the feet if you can press the back of the thighs and bottom into the mat to lift even taller. Give me the tiniest waist you can and it's as if there's a string pulling you up to the ceiling. Okay, great job pulling in. Take a big breath and now bring your head to your chest and press down only as low as you can. Give yourself a little tummy lift and then inhaled up tall and exhale pushing down only to help you feel your belly lift in the opposite direction and inhaling up and one more with that circle head down and you're going to exhale and you're going to lift in that belly lift, lift, lift, and inhaling up. Take it and put it between your hands, heels between the heels of your hand.

Again, don't let those elbows troop, but they're going to be up a little bit and soften them just a little more for me. Thank you. Pull your belly into your lower back, squeeze a circle, and now bring your head down and exhale all the way down, squeezing the circle forward. We're going to go for our spine stretch good. And then relax the circle as you roll up one bone at a time. Beautiful, tall, tall, tall, lifting that lower belly, that circle and exhale down, squeezing it as you exhale down. Beautiful. Relax a circle and roll it up. Feeling your belly pull into your back.

And now we're going to reverse that squeeze. Exhale as you go down with a relaxed circle, it doesn't squeeze and we're going to go forward. Beautiful deejay stretching, stretching, stretching. Then squeeze it and draw it in. Squeezing, squeezing. Use the squeeze and one more. Exhale down. I really love when I squeeze on the way up because it makes me feel my belly pull into my back. That much more. So squeeze and draw your body up against that resistance.

Nice job. Okay, we're going to bring our legs together and turn right onto your belly. Take the circle with you though. Good. That's it. And place your hands underneath your shoulders. Good. And then maybe a couple inches forward and a couple inches out to the side.

Great. Okay. Squeeze the back of your thighs and seat down into the mat and get the pubic bone down. Draw the belly up and you're going to lengthen out the crown of your head as you come up for our neck roll. So pulling up in the belly, come up to straight arms if you can, or as high up as you can. Keep your belly supporting your back. Look over your right shoulder. Circle the head down around to your left and look forward.

Look over your left shoulder. Circle the head down around to the right and look forward. All right, and we're gonna come down this time. I want you to keep your hands right there for me and maybe a little more forward DJ. And don't straighten them completely. Pull this here. Great. Squeeze my hand. Legs are together. Good and scooping in here. Awesome.

Lifting up your head. Keep lifting up your chest and lift only as far as you can. Lift more with here. Excellent. Look over your left shoulder. That is so much nicer. Look down around over your right and look forward and look over your right circle down around, over your left. Good. Look forward and come on down. Wonderful. Keep your belly and yes, yes, yes, yes. All right. Grab your circle and put it between your hands.

You're going to pull it onto the mat for single leg kicks or you're up on your elbows. Excellent. Press with the hands and really feel the underarm muscles. So you squeeze with all of this. Fantastic. And that allows you to pull your belly into your back and to lift your chest forward. Can you feel yourself lifting the bottom of your rib cage away from your pelvis, creating that space? Who? Sorry, Brianna. It's going to be flat on the Mat.

[inaudible] much better, Huh? You're like, I'm trying, Monica, I'm working with you, but this is a little too all on my end here. So we're going to squeeze the back of your thighs in seat, lifting in your belly, lifting your chest forward. And we're going to do single leg kick. We're going to go right to left to yes, right to left to good. Keep your powerhouse lifting against that squeezing circle. Good.

I know it's the leg exercises, but I almost want you to feel more of lifting the bottom of your rib cage away from your pelvis and supporting your spine correctly. And that's enough. One more of to make it even good and rest. Great job. And I want you to lead the circle, round your back and sit on your heels round your back. Sit on, there we go. Just stretching to enjoy a good stretch and then scoop in lifting. Great job. Alright, go ahead and turn around onto your bottom and we're going to Lee and this slide it off the mat cause we're gonna finish with seal here before we stand up. Okay.

So lifting your bottom forward to the front edge arms go down and through your ankles. Pull back in the powerhouse to support you and have the features an inch off the mat in front of you. Good. And then round your lower back and bring your head down to your chest. Yeah, clap your feet three times. One, two, three, roll back your lower back. Clap two, three, rural up. Good. One, two, three. You got it. Beautiful. Roll through your lower back.

Roll through your Bra Strap. Perfect. And Roll through your lower back. Come on up. Gorgeous. Two more and we'll stand up. Watch that. Lower back. Juliana when you come up, make sure it's still pulling into your lower back and not supporting yourself. I lied. We're going to do three markets. We're oh that, sorry. I had Brianna, she was still on Lake Hall and roll back. So let go of your feet cross and all the way up. Fantastic.

All right, grab your circles. Alright, we're gonna start with some easy work here. So I want you to stand in Peloton stance two to three inches apart. Go ahead. So we're going to put it between the heels of our hands and you want it again, not to be drooping. Okay?

But let's rest our arms down for a second and discuss what I talked about earlier. So you, everyone did a really good job of softening the knees, having the barbershop poles spiraling out and squeezing the back of the thighs and see even the lower belly, it looked really good. But what? As soon as we lifted up our arms, the upper back went back and in it, that's what happens nowadays as it goes back, there's a lot of different postures, but that's one of the most common. Or if not looking down or separating the legs and pushing your hips forward to support you. You might not realize how often you might do that. So we're gonna really work on muscles that we don't use when we stand. So wrapping, squeezing, drawing our belly.

And in this time when we lift our arms up, instead of letting our upper back droop into our lower back, we're going to do what we did on our belly, which is use our powerhouse to lift the bottom of our ribs up from our pelvis. And that helps lift our chest forward. Squeeze your bottom a little more forward for me, Brianna. So your weight is on the ball of your toes. Great. Soften your elbows and out to the side. Good. Pulling your belly and even more.

Hold the circle tight for five counts. Squeezing. One, two, three, four, five. Really, so we're not pumping, we're just scooping in and squeeze and why you're squeezing. Grow Taller with that. Lift the bottom of your ribs from the pelvis and really stomach pulls in. And we're going to squeeze and hold. One more time. Two, three, four, five. And release. We're going to bring this circle down to here.

Another note would be maybe your pelvis tips a little bit, so make sure your tailbone is not pointing behind you, but pointing down to the floor, we're going to hold it at a 45 degree angle in front of us. Good. And we're going to make sure our shoulders haven't rolled forward and that we're squeezing the circle more with all of this. We're going to keep it really open. Good. All right. And we're gonna pull in and squeeze to three lifting the ribs forward and release and right there and squeeze. But we're going to keep holding right there and release.

And we're going to do that one more time, but come forward like four inches with your shoulders, three to your whole rib cage, not just your shoulders. Take this forward. Um, not down. Yeah, there you go. And squeeze. Two, three, four, five and release. Did that hurt your back? You did. Yeah. So I need to be forward just a little bit. I mean, if you want straight up and down posture or do you want a little bit of a tilt? I want it to look like when you're perfectly tall that you've all of a sudden gone to Italy and you are now the leaning tower of Pisa and you're so strong in this stance that if a hurricane came at you, you're just like solid instead of being blown backwards.

Good. Good question. So we're squeezing that forward where scoop and and and your, your pelvis is a little bit, so we're going to let go of that lower back. Lengthening your tailbone and not belly is going to. That is so gorgeous. That is what you needed right there. And now we're going to bring the arms up almost to the ceiling. Keep going, keep going. Keep going. Good. Right there. A little lower for me DJ. Yes.

And pull it in. Squeeze. Hold three, two, one release and pull it in in school. Always love it. DJ Three two, one release. Come on ladies, you have strong arms. Pull in and get those two pads together and release and then bring it all the way back down to that lower 45 but we're still holding our weight there and we're going to pump it this time. Eight counts up. One, two, three, four, five, six, all the way up to the ceiling if we can hold it there. This is challenging you. Did you drop your upper back into your lower back again?

Can you use your powerhouse to lift up and lengthen your spine out the fingertips even you're so tall and long. Keep that link as you come down. Squeezing, pumping. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and up again. One dropping those shoulders for just the arms going up and down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And now stay there. I want two more sets, but I want two sets with control, working our outer thighs and glutes and coming up, renovating for slowly. Okay, so here we go. We're going to pump in. It's one, one slowly rising for that ahead. Six, seven and up and down.

Slowly coming down by six. One more time. It's Belize rising up, lifting our chest up to the ceiling and down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. You should feel really lifted really tall. We're going to put the circle behind you. This is more mind over matter. You're going to have straight hands.

What I want to see is not the chest drop. I want to see the shoulders and collarbones open. I want to see a little bend in the arm. I want to see your belly pull in and lift your ribs away from your pelvis. I want to see your tailbone pointing down. All of that. Oh, looking at great correction, DJ, hold that posture.

And then if you can squeeze those pads together for five, four, three, two, one. Really swear. Do you feel at Brianna? Okay. And stomach in two. Can you use a triceps anymore? Three. Two, one release. And one more. Soften the elbows for me. Yes. Two, three. Beautiful DJ. That's your best posture yet. Awesome. And bring it forward. Fantastic. Good. We're going to now put it on our side. So we're gonna put it there is, here's the bottom of your box and I want it right here.

So you're going to put it right there. Okay. Standing nice and tall. Shoulder is enjoying. This is all about the shoulder being enjoyed. That means not up here, not rolling forward. Okay, nice. And in joint, soften the elbow. Little looks really good there. Do to the other arm can be here or on your hip, wherever you would like it. Okay. And we're gonna not get pushed over.

So remember my image that I just gave DJ. We're going to be fierce into a hurricane. Wind. We're not going to get pushed to the side as we squeeze that circle in for five, four and said you're going to pull up taller and release so the shoulder stays right where it is and you bend the elbow a little back to pull the circle towards you. Three, two, one and release in one more time. Scooping in and squeeze. Two, three, four, five release. Now we're going to pull it right here on our waistband. [inaudible] right above our hip and elbow, straight back, shoulder in joint, and pull it in and squeeze.

Every part of your body is still working and release. I'm still leaning into the hurricane. Pull in and squeeze. Two, three, four, five release. And I want more lift in the body. So pull in and lift, lift as if you could lift your heels up. And really, so now it's going to go right below your chest on the side. Good. And you're going to kind of use more of your underarm muscle here. Good.

Roll your right shoulder back a little bit for me. Good. Pull your belly in and lift your ribs away from your pelvis. Good. And squeeze. Two, three, four, five release. Drop your right shoulder a little bit for me, DJ. Awesome. Pulling in. Squeeze. Two, three, four, five.

Release and scooping in and squeeze. Two, three, four, five, release. Excellent. Other side. So it's right on your right below. There's like a little pocket right there. It's perfect. And I want you to squeeze forward onto the ball of your feet. I want you to lift, have that shoulder in joint and we're gonna pull that circle towards us to drop that more. Four, five and release.

And you should feel a lot of the shoulder girdle muscle here. Yes. And release. And one more time. Nice. Good. Very good. Alignment and release. And we're going to put it up on our waist. Boy, your alignment is perfect. Keep it up here. All right, so we're going to squeeze the hips, pull the belly in and up. Pull nuts. Circle two, three, four, five and release and lift taller.

Soften your knees a little bit. Yeah. And release. And one more time. Up, up, up. Beautiful powerhouses, ladies and release. And we're going to put that circle right below the chest or your bra strap. And try not to grip too much with your hand. When you squeeze the circle, soften that shoulder and pull in and squeeze. Two, three, four, five and release. Act, Polen and lift. You're tall and lean and you couldn't get more tiny and slender and release.

And one more time right there. And squeeze. Two, three, four, five. Really's. Awesome. Good job ladies. So now let's have some fun. So now we're going to put the circle between our ankles. Okay. So we're gonna use everything that we've been working on. We're going to put it between our ankles and I want you to have equal weight on your feet. Okay? We're not gonna use our knees to push back.

We're gonna keep those a little soft. We're gonna use the hamstrings and glutes to squeeze forward. We're still that leaning tower piece. So we're pulling in. We're still lift enough. Good. We're going to turn out the feet a little bit so the heels are going to go center. [inaudible] good. Nice job.

Now we're gonna slowly take our way over to our left foot. Okay, so we're not gonna lose any of our powerhouse or just going to pull in, lift up, and slowly lean towards your left. Taking the weight off of your right foot so that your right foot is just barely resting on the floor. Yeah, you can have your hands on your hips. If you need a little help with balance on this, then you can always hold onto something at home. But if you can, this is super important. We're talking about this hip. Maybe bring your right hip a little forward for me. Yes. And your foot too.

Excellent. It'd be more helpful if I had a mirror for you guys. But so with your stomach and you're gonna use all of this to pull the circle towards you. Squeezing one, two, grow taller, four, five and release. It doesn't knock you over and scooping in and school ease. You grow taller and leaner and working two, three and release. Good ant scooping in and squeeze hold.

You should feel the outer thigh. You should feel the c, you should feel your belly lifting. Do you feel all that lady's good and release? Now you're staying on your left foot and you're gonna bring the right foot in front of you. Fancy, very nice ladies. And the right foot is just going to be barely on the mat against, square off your Palladio's box. So you guys are really good, polite practitioners and you're going to pull in and lift as you squeeze with the back of the thigh and seat. Pulling that circle in two, three, four, five and release. Hold. And just remember that the back leg has to work too.

So as you're pulling the front leg into you, your back leg squeezes to it. So your screw pulling in and squeezing to the both of them are squeezing together and release. Can you feel that ladies and one more stomach in and scoop and lift, squeezing, bringing those pads together and release. Good. Now we're going to go bring the foot over so they're parallel by little turndown weight on either foot [inaudible] and we're going to go our shift our weight to our right foot. Good. The left one's barely there. Send your pelvis a little bit down for me. DJ Tents.

Take the tailbone down. Lift in the hip bones. That is a lot better. Yes. Now you're nice and stable and we're going to keep both legs working. So again, you can't get pushed over the right legs pushing back as you squeeze the left. One, two, three, four, five. Andrea Lee. So there's always this counter and pulling in and squeeze. Use that to use your inner thighs. Pelvic floor.

Begin and grow taller and release. And one more time. Scooping in and squeeze. Two, three, four, five and release. And now we're going to bring that left leg forward on the floor and it's just in front of you. Adjust if needed. Right leg is squeezing forward, tailbone is pointing towards the floor. Go ahead and you're going to use that left leg to work against it in squeeze, two, three, four, five and release.

M pulling in and squeeze really good balance lays three, four, five and release. Looks Awesome. Last one, drop your left hip bone just a little bit for me. That's it. Good and release. And now we're going to bring both legs parallel again. Good. And if you need to adjust you can, but we're going to put our right leg behind us, so keeping your weights slowly change over to your left and we're going to take that right leg behind you. Good. All right, so now this is really important that your pelvis isn't looking down at the floor, you're lifting those hip bones up, you're lifting the ribs up, good. And you're trying to bring both legs together. Two three, four, five and release.

And let's give our bottom of lift as we squeezed together. Two, three, four, five and release. I mean, who doesn't want their bottom to lift and pull in and school UE and really some will bring the right leg over and adjust mine. That slipped a little bit down there. We got one more ladies care. We're going to take that left leg. Take your weight over to your right foot first. Good. Make sure it's working. That standing like always works.

Slide your left flag behind you beautifully. Ya'll keep the pelvis from tipping down. Lift good. And we're going to pull both legs together, squeezing one, two, three, four, five and release. And the back of the find glue. Pull that had to you. Four, five release and stomach and make it count. Schoolies lifting four, five release and bring that other foot back.

Reach down, grab your circle, and that's enough for today. Good job, ladies. Good work. You're welcome.


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Love it!
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Very nice Monica thanks!
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Enjoyed these exercises with the magic circle. Thanks!
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I love the progression from alignment on the floor to use in standing and some great ideas for the use of the magic circle.
Monica Wilson
Thank you everyone! Monica:)
Ayelet K
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What a wonderful class! works exactly on my concerns with posture, upper back, buttocks, arms. Thank you!
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Wonderful session, excellent cueing and great execution...appreciated the focus from beginning to end....thank you!
Monica Wilson
Thank you ladies! As always, I love your feedback, good and bad:) Please let me know if there is anything you'd like to see more of! Monica:)
Susan H
Monica, do you have a mat routine you would recommend for competitive swimmers?
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exercises become much easer with your instructions...thank you Monica...
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