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Magic Circle Connections

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Find out how you can use the Magic Circle to connect to your powerhouse in this Mat workout with Monica Wilson. She uses the Magic Circle to hug your midline in every exercise. She uses this connection throughout the class to build up to the fun and challenging Teaser into Swan combination.

It is recommended that you use two Mats and two Magic Circles for this class. They will be useful for the Teaser into Swan combination.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Today, I'm going to lead Alejandro and Colleen in a intermediate, slightly advanced Matt. Sometimes we are going to have one magic circle. Sometimes we might have two. They are very proficient in Pilati. So it's gonna be with that in mind. It's not going to be catered more toward basic level.

We're going to really focus on how the magic circle allows us to concentrate on hugging a midline and what that does to our powerhouse. But all of that technique is so that we can have a lot of fun. And that is we're gonna learn a really fun combination of doing the teaser into the Swan Swan into teaser. It's a should be nice and fluid. So in the beginning we're gonna use two magic circles to do that. And then we're going to do it without any magic circles at all.

So should be a nice fun class. Let's go ahead and face forward and stand in our Palabra stance. We're going to have our weight on the ball of our foot and heels together. Lift the magic circle up between the heels of your hands up at shoulder height. So we'll lift it up just a little higher for me right there.

Elbows if they drooped. So to the back of our arms, we're going to soften and lift them up a little bit. Beautiful. I just want you to pull your powerhouse into here a little bit more and lift your sternum forward. That's not, you're lifting it from your ribs. There you go. Awesome. Good. And we're going to hug that midline. So right down the middle we're going to hug that circle and put one foot in front of the other and lower yourself down using your powerhouse. As you squeeze that circle, lower yourself down. Once you're down, lift your bottom back. However, so it's in the middle of the Mat.

And we're going to lie down onto our back. We're going to put the circle between our ankles for the a hundred so go ahead and lift your head up to your chest. Reach those legs long and let's pump. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Let soften your knees just a little bit. Lift the legs, just a hair and reach the thighs out of your pelvis. So you, oh, that's a beautiful scoop. Check that scoop out. I love it. Keep working on the knees, not pressing. You're hugging this mid line. The circle is such a good tool to see whether we're dominant on one leg, whether we're driving. We're going to squeeze it evenly. Good.

See if you can keep the bottom of your shoulder is down at a year and get that upper belly to curl a little bit where at least at 80 and one more time, deepening the powerhouse, DBT and deepening, deepening and bring the knees into your chest. Grab your circle and sit up with it. We're going to do a roll back, so I want you to bend the knees, place your feet flat and separate your legs so that they're parallel with your hips and place a circle right between your inner thoughts. So we're going to bend the knees, bend, knees, and circle between your inner thighs all the way there. Good? Yes. Sometimes it pinches a little bit. Feet are going to be parallel and flat. Sit Up with your hands under your, there we go. Okay.

And so we're going to hug that mid line and then round your back into a c curve and roll back. Feel how active your legs are. Squeezing that circle you will all the way down to your head. Inhale, lift your head up. Exhale, hug that midline and roll up one bone at a time. Just one more, and squeeze that midline. Your pelvis should be squeezing length in your pelvis, away from your back. Roll all the way down to your head. Inhale, lift your head up, squeezing that circles. You curl up. Excellent. Take the circle out, straighten your legs and put it between your hands for the roll up.

So straighten your legs and you're going to put it right there. Good. Now hug that midline with your arms and roll back one bone at a time. Lower back, middle, upper, and reach it back. Arms lift. Squeeze that circle. Curl it up. So what does it do when you're hugging that midline and rolling back?

You just had it between your legs. They should feel the same. Same as if you have that circle, and five more arms head reach for your feet. Stretch. Inhale, start rolling back. Squeeze that circle, lower back, middle and, and four more arms. Watch the elbows and let them hyperextend. Excellent. You can get some arm work to reach and roll back. Imagine that circles there. So you really reaching your tail bone away. That helps with sliding.

Three more arms, head reaching calling. I'm going to want you to bring your heels all the way to the front. And I'm going to give you the challenge. I want you to keep them there from now on and roll and back. She hadn't linked that. Squeezed that a manager. Yeah. Yeah.

And two more arms heads. Scoop. Good. And as you roll back, send your hips this way. Oh yeah. One more. Now we're all together. Arms head and coming up. Good. Squeezing that mid line and we're thinking of the roll over as we roll down.

We're going to roll down, Lord. Send your hips. Good. Lower back, middle. Yes. And now put the circle between your ankles, legs up between your ankles. And we're going to do the roll over. Press your arms into the mat. Hug that midline powerhouse. Rolls it over. Touch your toes to the mat if you can. Flex. Good. Now relax the circle as you roll down.

So I want you to feel the difference and squeeze that midline and over powerhouse. Flex the feet. Relax the circle and roll down with a thighs as close to your chest as you can. One more. Squeezing the circle. As you go over, hug it. Hug that midline. Flex the feet and roll down one bone at a time. Starting from your top of your spine. This time keep it relaxed as you go over.

What does that feel like at once you're over, squeeze that midline. Hug that midline. Squeeze that circle. Squeeze those pads together. I don't see him now to more flex, relaxed. Circle over. Touch the feet to the mat. Squeeze that circle. Good. And pull your thighs to your chest. One more.

Flex those toes and over as it's relaxed. Now squeeze the pads together, keeping the feet relax. Squeeze. And what does that feel like? Bowling. Great job. Take the circle and your hands. Lower your left leg down to the mat and hold the circle straight above your shoulders. Good.

Marjorie did this with us in Chicago just this summer. So we're going to hold that so you really ground those shoulder girdle muscles, pull that leg up to the circle and cross around. Cross around three, around up. Very nice stomachs anchored around. Up. One more. Cross around hold, reverse. Reach out of that hip around up. Good. No movement here, right?

You got to hug the midline yet it's a little extra challenge to what does that do for the upper body and Ben that actually give yourself a little stretch. You used a circle, put it on and right here, the pad and pull it towards the a little he, I'd be nice and bend the left knee and switch legs so you can put the left foot on that strip pad and do the same stretch out of the hound row with that left leg. Yes, stretch, stretch, stretch. Now keep the leg up and hold it between the heels of your hands and pull that leg up to the circle and cross around. Cross around, lift. Love it. Three around, up to around, up. One more. Cross around up reverse. Reaching around it out. Good.

Get that powerhouse to stay grounded. Arms are right here. Yeah, and Dan around up and dad around. Up. I think that's five hugging that knee. Good. Sit Up. We're just going to hug it in and sit on up. Lift your bottom forward. We're going to use it for rolling like a ball. What is rolling like a ball? It's going to be between the inner thighs again, just like that. Rolling.

Roll back right here. Yep. Hands on your ankles though. So tight as a ball. Balanced with your feet up off the mat. Good. And you're going to inhale, roll back. Exhale, Rola. Sometimes you can get it. Inhale, roll back where the circle is more where your forehead would be touching. Yes. Inhale, hug that midline. You feel solid. Your pelvis feels when you do this two more in with the air.

It gives you a different feeling. One more kinda like you're able to use a reformer to help you do some mat work. Hold. Lower your feet down. Good. Look, we're going to be done with rolling like a ball. Lower your feet and we're going to take the circle away and we're going to go into single leg circle. Keep it by you where you can reach that. Lift your bottom back. Roll down to your shoulder blades.

We're not gonna use it on this first one. Good right knee in right hand on your ankle. I'm going to leave it out for this first one. Thank you. Right here. Yep. And pulling in and switch. Yes. Left. Good. Hold the right knee in. What I do want you to focus on is that left leg.

Use the inner thigh to make sure that it's straight down the middle of your body. Switch and hold. Look at that leg. Is it extending down the middle? Should never be out to the side. Now to tempo, right left from your past scoop. Scoop. Nice. That's it. Pull on it. Pull on it. Left. Last set. I want you to end on the left, so right and a left for you, Coleen. That's it. Bend the knees.

You can rest your head as you grab your circle if you like, but grab it between, between your ankles for double leg. Good. So let's see how well you've been hugging in and reach out. Oh, get back there. Hold Em. Pull it in. Good. I have, now that he's made me change my mind and pull in and rest for a second. If you do have a second circle, go ahead and grab it. I'll take it. You got it. There you go. And that's beautiful. Just watch those elbows. Wow.

All right. Watch the feet from working and in with them. The Arrow squeeze. Hug that midline. Get longer and pull together. Inhale, reach that right hip longer and pulled together. Good. Inhale reaching scoop. Scoop against it. An XL. So this is very close to more to what our Su teaser into swan will look like.

Pull it in. Last one. No feet squeezing that midline. All inner and outer thigh and pull it in. Good. Pick both circles down to the side. Right leg goes up to the ceiling. Grab behind your ankle for single straight leg. Good. Stop here. Left leg down that midline.

You don't have a circle, but I want you to hug it anyway. I want you to leave it out. You're okay? Nope. Put it down. That's okay. Switch and hold. Make sure the light goes down the middle. I don't want it going out and up. Straight down the middle. Show me precision. Oh, I like it.

One more as if your inner thighs squeeze past each other. Oh yeah. Now tempo. Right, left, right, left. No upper body movement. Hold it steady. Yeah. Now we're talking left, right, left. One more time. Right left. And now bend the knees and grab the circle now and put it between your ankles.

Double straight leg. Hand over, hand behind your head. Lift up straight. Legs up to the ceiling. Here's your midline. Squeeze at. Curl up. Just another view. [inaudible] reach out and pull it back up and squeeze it down. Relax it up. Squeeze down. Relax it up.

Hold this time. Relax it down. Relax it down. Squeeze it up. Can you curl up? More relaxed down. Squeeze it up. Yeah. One more. Relax. Scores. I've it like good Ben. The knees into a table. Top. Hold it there. [inaudible] see right there. Lift up high. Take your right elbow to your left knee. Hold.

Come Center with your shoulder blades off, off the mat. Stay centered. Reach your legs, hugging that midline long. Pull him into you. Twist your left elbow to your right knee. Come Center. Reach out long. Good. Pull it in. Hold right elbow to knee. Don't make that knee. Go here to here.

Don't make this knee move. Beautiful out of the hand. You'll come center. Reach Long. Good. Pull it in. Left elbow. Nice job. Come Center. Reach out long. Pull it in. Take your circle away. And then I want you to do two sets without a circle. Hands behind your head.

Right knee into your chest. Left leg down that middle and wrap around a middle line. Pull your right elbow back, back, back, back, back, and switch. So imagine this line down the middle of your body. You're pulling around it. Yes. One more set. Pull. Imagine that line. Pull it back, back, back, and last time wrapping around. Pull back that left elbow more.

Alejandro right here. Two, three. And hug those knees into your chest. Woo. Nothing like the series of five. Sit on up. Grab one circle between the heels of your hands for spine stretch forward. Good. Just lift up the elbows a little bit. Get the back of the arms. Good.

Hug that mid line as you live taller and keep squeezing it as you exhale down. That's a nice one too, but we're going gonna switch it to this one today, provided that, and then down in reaching. I like that one though. Reach retreat and roll up with the relaxed circle. Squeeze it, lift up off your seat and exhale down as you squeeze it. Squeeze it, rolling one bone at a time and relax it as you will up. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Now switch it and you're going to relax it as you go down.

As with your exhale down, down, down, and squeeze it as you roll up your spine. And what does that feel like? Do you feel the push through now on the Cadillac and up off your seat? Going down and relaxed? Circle one bond time. Nice articulation, and then squeeze it. Hugged that midline, and feel it like the push through. Great job. All right. Since you're so proficient in piles, I want you to rock back your pelvis, lift your legs, and the circle goes between your ankles for open leg rocker. Fantastic. Grab the outside of your ankles. Good.

Sit a little more onto your tailbone or sip bones if you can, and you're going to squeeze it as you roll. Look back and exhale left. We're right back up. Hold. Squeeze it, rock back and good. How does it feel to have that midline of the head back and solid pelvis forward and two more good and up. Good concentration. Watch that one. Morse. Hug it and as you come up, start with your low. Keep the lower. Keep it, lift up from that. Nice. Leave the legs there. Good transition.

Go down for corkscrew. Good. Lift your bottom and back. All the way up to the ceiling. Good and roms down by your side. Roll down to the right with the legs. Circle around, lifting to the left all the way up. Nice and coming down. Hug that circle. Reach it long. Keep hugging it.

Keep hugging it all the way around and up. Two more sets down the middle around to the far as you're on sweeping the floor. I like your range of motion. Beautiful. And Dan to the left around scooping in. Keep hugging that midline. It should deepen your powerhouse. One more set.

You're hugging it so that your back stays on the mat. Doesn't leave it as you lift and one more and come and hugging it. How'd that circle, let me see those pads. Squeezing. Sweezey yes, yes, yes. And lift. Nice job. Roll down your back. We're going to put it to the side for today for our sauce of sit up.

Nice. Arms out to the side. However I want you to imagine the line right here. Yeah, and when you twist, be very precise about twisting around that pole. So twist to the right and exhale, reach, reach, reach, roll back up onto that pole and twist around it to go left. Beautiful and exhale and inhale.

Roll up onto that pole a little more into here and twist around it. Yes. Exhale. That was very nice. Stretch, stretch and inhaling up and twist around that pole and exhale and roll up against that pole back a little bit. Yes. And one more set twisting and exhale. And I sing on both sip ons. Love it and twist around for the other one. Good.

And keep scooping into there. Yes. And up against that pole. Nice. Alright, we hug our legs together. Squeeze them together and keep them tight as you flip over onto your belly for neck roll. Good. And just leave the circle yet. You can keep it close, but we're gonna first do neck roll. So you're going to put your hands underneath your shoulders if you have a super flexible back. If it's a little tight, then you're going to put it a little forward and a little out to the side.

Right now I want you to imagine that you have a circle between your ankles. So squeeze the legs all the way together, all the way together for me, Alejandro. Yep. And really hug that midline like you have a dime between your inner thighs. Use the that power right to reach away from your lower back. Use Your power house to reach out the crown of your head.

And now start coming up your head and your chest and into your back extension. Try to keep hugging that back line. Look over your right shoulder. Circle the head down to your chest, to your left, and look forward. We'll reverse look left. Circle the head down to your right. Look forward and lengthen your spine out the crown of your head as you come down. We're gonna do that one more time.

Still thinking about hugging that midline between your legs. You come up, lengthening away, pulling up. We'll start to the left this time. Circle that. Head down around to your right and look forward. Try not to move the shoulders. Look right still. Feel maybe the hugging of the midline with the arms as well. Look forward and come down, lengthening out. Now I want you to grab your magic circle and put it between your ankles and we're gonna do double leg kick first. If you need help, just let me know.

So we're gonna do switch up and do double leg kick before we do single leg kick. Excellent. So your hands are behind. Your backup is high between your shoulder blades as you can and right facial cheek on the mat. Excellent. Good long legs on the Mat. As long as you can get them with your circle. They're here. Put on your thinking caps. We're going to keep your legs straight.

Lift up those straight legs using your hamstrings and glutes. Keep your thighs up as you squeeze the circle to your seat. Then keep your knees and thighs up as you reach it long. Just squeeze it in once and I'll reach it out. Long straight lights up, up, up though, and then lower them as you lift up. Yeah, your head and switch. Yes. Lower the legs, God. Switch cheeks. Lift those thighs up off the mat.

Keep them up as you squeeze that circle to your bottom. Extend the legs, keeping your knees and thighs up and lower down as you like. Lyft, Lyft, Lyft, switch cheeks, hands. Go back straight legs first Alejandro Street. Lift them up as high as you can. Then squeeze that circle into your bottom. Keep your thighs and he's up. As you straighten your legs, they go straight and then lower them down as you lift. And one more time. The other cheek. Hands back. So wait, wait, wait. Hold on. Straight legs first up. Up. No, no. Straight. Yes.

Now keep 'em up as you pull into your seat. Yes. Now keep them up as you extend. Keep your knees up. Keep your thighs up, and then lower down as you stretch. Yes. Good. Take your circle away. And we're going to do our single leg kick. You're going to put it between your hands? Yes, in the front. Excellent. That's position. I'd like. Good. Squeeze the legs together.

I know you felt your hamstrings and glutes, right? So pretend that circles there. Squeeze both legs up and let's do right. One to left to right to left to, can you get your knees up off the mat? I don't need your heel closer. I just want you to left. Left. You're doing great. I like the determination.

One more is that right to left two and that's enough. Okay. But the circle away and round your back and sit into your heels. Good. Round stretch. Nice neck will flip over. Put it between your ankles. Your legs should be hip with the part. So gravis circle good. And put it actually, I'm sorry.

Between kind of the arches, if you will. And the fetal be flexed. Good. Center your bottom a little bit more on the Mat. Start sitting up. Yes. Excellent. Start sitting up. Hand over. Hand behind your head. Good. And lift up. All right. Don't hug with your knees. Hug with your hips and your inner and outer thighs.

Lift up tall and hinge back tall. Hinge from your powerhouse a little more and then curl your tailbone on your keep pushing those feet away. And as soon as you're down, you're right back up. Curling up until you kiss your knees. Inhale, Rola tall and squeeze and hinge back. Good, good, good. And then curling down. Yes. And in with the exhale. Beautiful. Inhale, roll up through here. Good. And Pool on your neck as you fill this area more. Yes.

Push your strap your circle away and now curl down. Two more in with the air. Exhale to your knees. Inhale, rolling up and squeeze. Pull back. Those baby chose to. Yeah, perfectly flexed feet and one more time in with the air exhales to your knees. Good. Inhale. Sit up tall. Wala and pulling away. Pull the belly full. The belly. Yeah, I love it. Good. We're going to do jack knife, bend the knees.

Place a circle between your ankles and the legs are up to the ceiling. Yeah, so a little bit lower helps tremendously for Jack Knife, I like to imagine my escalator. So here are the you're down and you're going to go up this floor and I want your hips to do that perfectly. And now Jack Knife up. Squeeze. That's our goal up to the ceiling. Really lifting your powerhouse out and roll down one bone at a time. Once you're down at a 90 degree angle, we're going to go up again, squeeze it over and lift and Raleigh down.

Really feel how much more control you have holding onto that mid line. One more over lift and keep squeezing it as you control lane. Then your spine away from your head. Good. You're going to keep your circle and let's go ahead and lie on your left side for sidekicks. So roll onto your side. [inaudible] good calling face that way. That's it.

And slide all the way back for me, for Alejandro all and Coleen all the way to the back edge of the mat. Oh the way we have two mats in place. I probably should have mentioned that. Uh, in the very beginning we'll make a note that you have two mats for our fancy teaser into swan that's coming up. So bring the feet to the front edge of your mat. Good. And this hand right there. Nice alignment. Shoulders, hips. This hip is hiking a little bit. Could you feel that? Okay, so I love to interchange the magic circle and sidekicks.

Cause sometimes I need a little bit more stability and control and sometimes I need a little more flexibility and I do just my swinging sidekicks, right? But this is fantastic to really see whether a leg is dominant or not. So keep the pad one over the other. The leg is slightly turned out and I want you to squeeze it as much as you can. Hugging that midline, feeling those inner thighs and release.

We're doing it for five counts and pull it in and squeeze two, three, four, five and release. And one more. Holy it down. It's so nice because you can really be all the muscles in your legs getting toned and released. Now this is gonna take a little bit of choreography and coordination. Press down a little bit, rocket back, raft, back the circle so that it's pressing into the mat.

Bend the bottom leg, bend it and slip it inside and then roll it back and bend the top leg and slip it inside as well. So we've been hugging that midline all class. This is our opportunity to stretch away from it. So pulling in, really feel that outer thigh and stretch it for five, four, three, two, one and release and pull it in and stretch. Two, three, four, five and release. One more time. No knee joint all here. Love it. And release. Now you're going to bend that top leg again.

Put it on top the ankle, press down a little bit, rock back, slip the bottom one underneath, and then rock back. Good. Alright, we are really starting to build up to our fancy teaser swan here. All right, so I want you to do three counts. These are very important. Count number one is powerhouse. Goes in. Count number two is squeeze the heck out of your circle. Count three is used the side of your stomach to lift your legs up. Hold two, three and lower down. First count belly in, then squeeze for two. Then use your obliques to lift too.

Three and lower down. One more time. Stomach in squeeze lift. Hold it up. Roll onto your belly gracefully and make your hands a small pillow for your forehead. This is preparing you for that swan with the magic circle between your legs. Lift your legs up as high as you can without hurting your back and 20 beats inner thighs. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Think length. Also, you have a strong powerhouse. Reach those legs out of your hips and that should be 20 hold tight, always hugging that mid line as you transition onto your other side. Bring your legs forward to the front edge of that mat. Good. Your bottom should come forward maybe three inches. Excellent. And then bring your yes. Okay. Pulling in your belly long, nice neck. Squeeze down for five for three.

Make your top hip a little longer and release and stomach in and squeeze down two, three, four, five and release and holding it nice and steady and release. Here's our fancy choreography pushed down. Rock back with that circle Ben, the bottom leg. Slip it inside. Rocket for bend the top leg. Yes, hips are squared. No, don't use the knee joint. Use right here to stretch that circle both legs. One's pushing down, one's pulling up and release. Good. And one's pushing down. One's pulling up and you can't have like all the a hundred the hand behind your head either one and release and one more.

Stretch and release. Now bend that top leg, put it on top. Rocket back. Slip the bottom leg inside. He got it. And rocket forward. Good. And our three step lift here. Powerhouse. First, squeeze two. Now obliques and down. I want your shoulders more forward for me. All the a hundred brand forward forward for the bottom one.

Your bottom shoulder, your whole bottom arm. Yeah. Two more inches. Yep. There we go. And pull in one squeeze too. Left and lower. One more time. Pull in. Squeeze left. Good. Hold them up and roll onto your back.

Why don't Coleen go ahead and lie right that way you're onto that mat. Nice. Roll over that way. Good, good, good, good. And Bend your knees into your chest for a second. We're going to go into our teaser Swan. So what I want you to do is actually send to yourself maybe a little bit more onto that map [inaudible] so you should have two mats glued to each other, Yoga mats type of cushion and yes, we're going to get the other circle. Thank you. Coleen.

Here is where you want to grab your circle. So if you need to press pause, do that or just get yourself situated. You're going to need two circles if you have them. If you don't have two circles, most of us don't just have the one between your ankles or you can play around with it, but we're going to have one between our hands and one between our ankles. And we're going to start with the legs at a 45 degree, correct? Yes. That's our teaser one. We're hugging the midline, which is deepening our powerhouse and roll on up, squeezing that circle and come up now from your belly, lift that hugging midline circle and w nope. Nope.

Stay there. Roll away from your legs. Now keep the legs up. Keep the legs up. Yes. Two more up you go. Lift from your waist and roll away. Make those circles. Help you. One more coming up. So you're hugging that midnight. Stay there and hug that. Circle the legs. Go down and come up.

Don't move that upper body. One more. Pull that belly in. Hold everything here. Lift the arms up and now everything goes down. But feel it from your center reaching, touching at the same time. Everything comes back up. Yes. Arms lift and pull your belly away from that hugging midline.

Love it. Yes. One more up looking good. Up we go. Yes. Now here's our crazy transition. We're going to roll over onto our right side into swan. As you lie on your belly, your legs go up. Squeeze those legs up. Then the arms come on. Rock game roll. Let's go fluid.

There you go. Love it. You started it. Now rest for as you rule over, pull into the best c curve you can. This is all about that. Lower back, pulling into the mat. Roll right back up into your teaser. Nice. Let's try that one more time. Roll over to me. Over, over. You're already over into your swan, so as you yes. Excellent. Alejandra. Legs up, arms up, legs up, arms up, legs up, arms up.

Good. And now pull into your round. Lower back. Use your stomach. Hug that midline. Roll back up into your teaser. Voila. And I want you to unroll. Nice. Yes. Now I'd like you to bend your knees into your chest.

Take the circle away from your feet and put it back behind you and scoot over onto this mat because I want you to be even. So we did two sets rolling onto our right side. Now we're going to roll onto your left side, leaving the circles out. So you're going to leave. Do a do one without the circle. So I want you to feel how does the circle help you?

It's slightly restricts you in your fluidity. Okay. So bend the knees into your chest, extend the legs to a 45 degree angle and come up into your teaser. There you go. So now we're going to be rolling onto your left and going right into your swan. Arms up and roll over and legs up.

Arms Up, Lex. Stress. Magine those circles. Yes. One more. And then pull into your round. Lower back into the mat. Folding all the way up into your teaser are beautiful. Give me one more before you lose them and to back on over. Yeah. And the legs up control. Yes. Beautiful.

Imagine those circles and scoop back on over. Pull right back into your cheese or I love it. You're looking good all the way. Touch your toes. Touch your toes. Go for it. Oh, the way and arms lift and on fault. Beautiful. Roll on up and sit up and lift your bottom forward for seal.

Lift your bottom forward. Good hands onto your ankles. Good. You had the advantage of the circle for rolling like a ball. And Matt, try to remember what that muscles, what the muscles felt like, and clap two, three and inhale. Roll back to three and exhale forward and inhale, roll back and exhale, roll up and inhale, roll back and exhale up. Give me two more and we'll stand up. Exhaling forward.

This should be a cool down last one. Let go of your ankles. Cross them in, roll to a standing position, lifting up to the ceiling, turn around and we're going to finish with two sets of five. I'm lying. We're going to do, we're going to do one and one. Set a three and then Arabesques pushups because we're talking about that mid line. So Kay, me a little bit of a plotty stance and roll off an imaginary wall and walk out into your pushup just to set a three out hold. Magine that you're squeezing a magic circle between your arms and between your inner thighs and go down up one, feel those midlines, two, three and you're going to walk back to your ankles and now roll up through your spine. Arms up to the ceiling. Good. And now keep all your energy up out of your powerhouse and you're going to extend the right leg, right? But it's not out to the side. It's not crossing.

You are down that midline that we've been hugging and down. You go walk out into your pushup, leg up high and three down, up one. Hug It that midline down up to still that right leg, hugging three and walk back to your feet and make sure you feel that and reach through your arms as you roll up. Arms up to the ceiling. Really you want to reach forward to me as if you're grabbing onto me as you come up. Hug Midland. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You got it. It went out to the sign. You pulled yourself back. Center, left leg stead, seesaw down. Wait, I love it.

Beautiful lines. Walk out. Keep that mid line last time. Three down up, one, down, up to down, up three, walk back. Make sure you're supporting foot is slightly turned out and reach long as you teeter totter back. Got Pop up, up. Yeah. Flip comes down to the mat. You got it all. I had Joe.

Keep her reaching forward as that leg comes down. Yes. Stay here. Turn the palms out, take a breath, and exhale. Push down the earth as you lift, lift, lift through that body, and we are all finished. Great job guys. Lots of fun.


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May ask you if Coleen is a Romana Certified Instructor?
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May ask you if Coleen is a Romana Certified Instructor?
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May ask you if Coleen is a Romana Certified Instructor?
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Absolutely love your style SO hands on and attentive and the 2 people you are teaching are beautiful to watch!
Monica Wilson
Colleen is not but has been enjoying taking lessons from a Romana's Pilates Instructor:)
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Lovely class. Two very talented instructors!
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beautiful class! love the flow and also that it is also about having fun:)??good thing to mention in the beginning
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I always enjoy Monica's classes so much. Even on the moves we've done many times, I always pick up something new to think about because of her wonderful cueing.
Jill R
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Awful! Ugh
Hi Jill, While we appreciate all feedback, we tend to prefer that which helps us learn what our members like or dislike so we can make adjustments if necessary. Monica Wilson is a highly respected teacher on PA who takes her teaching very seriously, as does the entire production team who helped to put this video together. Would you mind being more specific as to what you found "awful" so we might help you and all our members benefit from the input going forward? Thanks!
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