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Creating Space in your Torso

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You will create more space in your torso so you can breathe deeper with this Cadillac workout by Amy Havens. She teaches her former student, Summer, using creative imagery to promote more better movement. She starts with spinal mobility to get the juices flowing, then moves into exercises that will stretch and strengthen your entire body.
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Hi everyone. I am here to teach my friend summer, a Cadillac workout. I've known summer a long time. She was a student of mine here in Santa Barbara. She moved to Humboldt county away from me, but not away because she takes Pele's on holidays anytime. Probably one of the rare students who takes class probably four or five times a week, uh, with us and various teachers that she's studied. So she's, she's doing it. Um, but she's also getting ready to go through a teacher training program, core dynamics with Kevin Bowen here in Santa Barbara this weekend. So we're taking advantage of having time together and we're going to do Cadillac work and some of the exercises that we're doing, you know, obviously there, we're going to start with this. If you don't have this and you're on a tower, you can absolutely do most of this class on a tower as well. Okay. So summer, I don't mean I'll keep hitting her lie on your back please, my dear. And put your feet up here. Yep. And we'll, we'll, we're going to start with this. Uh, you holding the bar right above your collarbone.

So back up a little bit like so. Okay, good. So we're just gonna kind of get a good warm up. You're in a fruit. You know what? I backed you up a little too much. Yeah. And hands a little wider. Remember what we talked about yesterday? I'm good. All right, you've got that. All right.

So just start some good reading somewhere. And for anyone watching at home, you can also do this. Actually, if you don't have a Cadillac, this could be a physio ball. You could do a physio ball here instead. Two, which is actually really hard to stay balanced. But when I want somewhere to do is externally rotate her legs. You guys too, and open your feet a little bit here and go ahead and Kinda, yeah, hold on to that strap. Okay. And why I want you to do that is to feel that you can press down on the strap a little bit from your hamstrings without locking your knees. Okay? And you're going to feel the weight of your arm bones just right there in your shoulder joints.

Go with your elbow straight like that. Nice. Okay, so let's start with some pelvic curl. Good way to move that spine and get going. So on your exhale, we're going to let that pelvis really good tip back and roll your way up. Breathe in and rolling down bone by bone. I like to start a lot of sessions with some spinal mobility to get the juices going. Okay. And Roll. I'm going to give you that image. There's your ball image, that's your pelvis, do you know?

Right. And then as you come down, every vertebra is a little mini ball that seemed to help a little summer. Okay. So the ball image I've used in a few classes, that really helps me get that feeling of rolling, you know? And you can kind of see what's happening with summer's quality of movement, right? Yeah. And Dan, when we go imagery is very useful. Get creative with your images and let things kind of spark your creative juices. Let's go one more plain old pelvic curl.

Now I know some are fairly well and she has some history of some nice stuff. I'll just do the quotations on the stuff thing. So I don't like her to lock her knees out. So if you see this, a little bit of bend in the knees, probably just some self monitoring right now, not hyperextending. Um, which is, which is good. Okay. Now let's, let's hold there. Bend your elbows. Narrow. W let's go again. Yeah. Like that. And then bring the bar down towards your forehead.

We're going to start opening up the shoulders. Some are, so go ahead and reach back and I want you to keep your arms in external rotation. So what that's going to be from the Spanish point. Yeah. Spiraling your arm. Almost like your bicep. Kinda listens to your temples. Good. Okay. And reach, reach, reach, reach. And yeah, we want to stretch this side body and not feel good. I'm going to breathe in. And when you return the bar, let's do narrow elbows and a collar bone that relaxes. Yeah, let's do that a couple times again.

So narrow elbows as you've been good. And as you extend the bar overhead, I'm just going to do this. Just took, you know, and stretch. Yeah. So kind of spiral your arm bones in like your biceps towards your temples. Exactly. And then return narrow elbows one more and then we'll build it with the bridge. Exactly. And this time is you stretch. You'll feel me.

Put my hand on one of your pelvis sides and just give you a little extra stretch there and a little extra stretch here. Great summer in narrow elbows. Okay, so long arms, just holding that your arm bones. Sit into your sockets here. Hold that bar. You've got it. Okay. Yeah. So keep those shoulders back. Good. Elbows are nice and solid.

Pelvic curl bridge. Yeah, holding that bridge line bar movement. So build a narrow elbows here and stretch the bar overhead. Now I am going to walk around to this end. This makes sense. This is going to be fine. Now I want you to reach retreats to me. Exactly.

Chin away from chest. You're gonna Breathe and rolling yourself down. Every Vertebra. Good. The subtle little smile comes across the face right there. Yeah. Nice summer. And when you return the bar, I remember narrow elbows narrow. Hold those hands. Hold on. Oppose.

Yeah. There you go. Okay, good little strategy going on. Let's do one more time through some pelvic curl. Bridge shoulders. You're here. Yup. Pelvic curl bridge. Good. And now we take the bar overhead. Yeah. How much reach can you do with your, with your arms toward me? Shoulders.

Shoulders can come up. She asked if the shoulders can come. Um, I think she meant should they, can they come up toward the head? Yes. The camp enrolled down. Beautiful summer. Allow me, would you, I'm going to just give her one more little pool. Just a little extra stretch yet I can feel some things. Lengthening. Okay. And less return narrow elbows. Good. Now that's where your shoulders slid naturally. That was good. Like the right, you know, mechanic or whatever you want to call it. Okay, good. Now hold on.

Time for some sit ups. Okay, so let's do it this way. Let's have you do a thing. Chest lift, go for it. And just kinda like scan and like look out this window and this would be another place I'm going to say. Let your shoulders go up. Your arms are above your head. Let your shoulders go up. That's excellent. Now when you roll down that pelvis again, rule and under, rule it under, roll it under like a wizard. And then just pause there and roll up again.

So your head like a ball. Every Vertebra. A likable. Yeah, exactly. This is a really nice, strong back here. Beautiful. Breathe in. And then when you roll down, it's your pelvis that goes first. We're going to spiral these arms. I have my arms on her, my hands on her arms. Good. I'm going to do it two more times. Slight pressure down with the heels on this, on this strap.

Kind of anchoring your legs. Beautiful, nice and strong. Okay. So the space between hip rib, a big fan of uh, you know, linkedin, get some more space here. Yup. And I don't think you could really get them without the arms going up. Right? And then as you roll down, you're maintaining that link. Yeah.

And one more time. So we go head goes and peel your eyes. You're just scanning this, ride, this line, and you're gonna look up out your imaginary window. Now could you take one hand and reach toward your leg? You know what you're doing hand toward a leg and it's the big teaser.

Now can you bring your legs together? Yes you can. I'm going to do a little something for you. Good. And round over and touch your toes. Okay, fantastic. So I would love for you to roll up. Let me get the trap. He's out of your way and we're going to do roll back with the wooden bar.

So just scoot your heels right along the table there. Right along the polls. When he all one he'll grab. That would have gone good. Okay. So I would like you summer to bend your knees and scoot closer to the table, right? Like that. Okay. And you use the ball again. So the first movement you're going to do is your pelvis going this way. Ready? Go. Exactly rolling down.

You're going to take a nice wide collarbone check and you get to roll right back up and just press up into my hand a little bit. Up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Inhale. Oppose your thumb for me. Put it underneath the bar. Yep. Good. Now why I want you to pose your thumb now. It's like, remember Joe was a boxer. He wasn't like this guy. I'm on everything. So this is like rollback, but still kind of kind of be with me with that. You see what I'm saying? Yeah. That's a stronger arm. If you punch me, I would probably get to, I don't want to be slapped. You know what I'm saying? Push, push, push, push, push. Head out to the ceiling.

And two more times the things that come out of the teacher's mouth when she talks rolling down. Good. But this is good. This is a nice solid arm to your body. Now let's add some arm pull straight arms pull and pull. And can you, when you lift the bar, keep those back better. One more. We'll get another chance on that. Okay. And roll up, up, up, up, up.

Yup. Roll back. Pretend you have to balance that. Pretend you have to balance that until you can't, which is a very last moment. Are In polls. One, two. We'll do five, three, and four and five and good. Yeah, no rollback again. You get it. All right. Instead of [inaudible] straight arms, let's have you do slowly pull the bar row and hold and reach your forward and pole. I'm gonna have you do five. Change your breathing.

Inhale on the pool. Good and inhale. And I'm going to challenge you some or pull it one more time and hold it towards you. Now keep it there and roll up. So this is more strength. Work to good for you at the tops it tall, reached the bar forward. You're going to roll back like that. Inhale, pull it towards you. Then exhale, roll back. Think of that ball at the very end when your arm head is down, your arms straighten. Good. One more time. Inhale to the chest. You get it.

Roll all the way up. You may need it one more time. [inaudible] good. Pull it towards you from here. Do that again and do it on an inhale. There you go. Cause now on the exhale for abdominal surgery. Yup. Roll it back and exhale here. Now pause, take a breath in and roll all the way up. Beautiful. Good.

And then you can sit up tall and let go of that bar and turn around this way. Same leg set up and feet, feet, feet. You to hold the bar now Rah. Yeah, let's have the hand oppose your thumb. Yeah. And hands a little wider. Yeah. Fantastic. In fact, like so. So we're gonna do just a really easy, a little narrower.

I'm so picky with you there. Okay. So without going into a flection yet. Okay. So you'll, you'll sense me. I'm just going to be like a wall for you like that. Remember that picture? We had this like that. Okay. So bend your elbow. Some are narrow and push the bar right in front of you and then nope. And then rebound, the elbows narrow and the bar up.

Just do a few of those first. So what I wanted to anyone watching this and doing it, can we do this? Simple. What seems to be somewhat of a simple arm movement, but without losing the integrity of sitting tall or the back. The back work in it. Okay.

That's something different when I hold your arms. This is, this is a more what I wanted you to feel. So I have my hands on summers up or arms and I'm giving her a little outward rotation and a little bit of external rotation of the upper arms. I really feel that bleak. And she's feeling your obliques was her say her comment, which is cool cause I think that's kicking in to help her stay upright. Yeah, I can feel it too. Underneath my hands. This is not easy. It looks easy. She's making it look easy. Okay.

Now once you push it through, then we'll decide to go to spinal flection. Exactly right. And then give you a little gentle assist with my hands. Exactly. So when you roll up your spine, it's that sits bones lumbar, mid back, upper back. Keep your arms right in front of you until you feel your head centered and return. Yes. Now let's hinge forward.

This is your hinge ing [inaudible]. Same thing. We're gonna think link between hip red. I want you to let your shoulders and your arm bones go up. Keep a good hand hold, cause I'm leaning in. You're not going to dive your head forward because that wouldn't be the posture you'd like in your real life. There it is. Okay.

So let's do this sequence again. Come to upright spine, narrow Elvis to pull the bar down. Nice summer when the elbows are straight and the knuckles are reaching forward, you decide to come to flection. Good. And your back is broad and there's a good stretch of full breath cycle would feel good. I think. One more bigger. Yeah. Good. And then is your rebuild, rebuild arm stays straight right there until they don't, which is now and then he enjoying forward ride at your hip joints. Good.

And so right in your lumbar, right. Why want you to engage your back muscles here so much that it's almost bringing your sacrum forward. Good summer, right? Just a little. Okay. So I'd like you to do a lean back. Now. Hold onto that bar pretty firm and just take your body and just go right. Okay. Hang out with that. So a lot of times with this, uh, all I wanted you to do is just kind of check this.

Are you arching a little more than you need to? Maybe so that was nice. Fantastic. Okay. Release one hand and turn and look at it. And I want you to do it down here cause I don't want your neck to trigger. I want you to externally rotate this are huh? Yeah. Wow.

And then reach. Okay now I think there's a little arch in your back. Hip may not need to be there. So just take a little bit of like breath wide and your back. Good. And then lift this arm and arc toward the bar and then place it where it was when it started. Exactly. Other side releasing the left [inaudible] so we're going to dial this arm back, which is nice for you because you get your deltoid stretched and some of your Pec tissue, your bicep and you're going to get along good.

And we're not going to do 200 back bending. We're going to think kind of more of a flat back right here, better summer. And then that arm will arc up and take it to the bar. Once again, each side so you can do breath. Take a full breath, reach a little more and return. Good. So it's flat back spinal rotation.

Stay right there. Lean your ribs to the left a little, little more. Now you're centered and arm goes up to the sky. And from there, the one more push through of your choice. You can keep it. Yep. And Push. Push. Yes. Beautiful. Stretch a little more. Don't let go. Oh, don't you let go that good summer. Okay, let's bring it back and I'll set it up for footwork. So you spin around.

Keep on breathing. As I transition. You can turn around head. We'll be here. You know? Yeah. Keep on breathing. Keep him moving in your breath. Yup. Two springs or one. Two.

I I'm going to do, I'm going to do just one. Okay. I know your legs are super strong. I want you to kind of get into more of the stretchy part of it. All right, so I'll help you. Let's do, let's do peril of these v. Let's do. Why don't you do Pilati Zvi I'm over here. All right. A lot of these v feel good. Okay. Do One, two things for me is you look up at that bar.

We want to make sure that the pinkie toe, the toe knuckle and the pinky toe is on the bar. Exactly. And instead of having flection go a little mini tippy toe. Perfect. That's where they're going to stay now. Oh nope. Go back where you were. Yeah. Cheat or stay there with your feet. Okay. Bend your knees now please. [inaudible] inhale and exhale. Inhale.

Great. So you know me well enough. Narrow those knees. A little, not too wide of a turnout. That's better. Kind of stay within your shoulder frame. Great. Inhale, Chin away from chest. Good. And exhale. Now let's change the breathing. Inhale, I'm sorry. Exhale here. I'm long again. Exhale the bar down.

Ah, inhale, stretch. Both are fine. So I want to encourage you on the exhale to do. Be really excellent there, right? Very interesting. Summer, did you feel that Eh, sale.

She has more range of movement. She can sustain more like a duration in the action of that when the exhale is there. And one more time breathing in. And one more time through. Down and up. Good and parallel. Let's do prehensile or bird on a perch all the way together, right? So exhale down the bar down and goes.

Okay. Push with your heels. That's it. Exhale, heavy bones in his long muscles. Exhale, heavy bones. Inhale long muscles. Four more times. I've just miscounted. Here's this is five right? Teachers can account. Get ready. Getting ready for your teacher training. Now you finally get to use you.

Excuse yourself. I can't count. You're doing great. Resist the urge of what you do. Push with your toes. Go up with your heels. Heels, heels. Yeah, more apps. More abs was her comment. I'm going to tell you what she says out loud. That's cool. What little that was too, Toby?

What if you didn't have toes? That was better? One more time. Yeah, you don't have toes until you need toes, which will be pressed to the metatarsal is of your feet. Now go push up with this part and then flex and point and flex point and flex. Send a point.

You wanted to go faster in a point and a flex point and a flex point and a flex point and hole. Okay? The Fun one heals parallel on that bar and I want you to give yourself a little bit of space between heels, right? Maybe a tiny bit more good. Try to flex your ankles again here. That's the toughie, right? And so really allows them. Yeah, same thing. Aim the heels up summer when you push the bar up, heels up, toes down, right down with the exhale. Heavy bones.

Inhale as you left down. She's doing a great job keeping your hips down in the pelvis, relatively neutral. Hey, no one's perfect or more yam strings lead the way. Their heels and hamstrings lead the way. Last one, two more. It's where I don't have to count. Great. Okay. All I want you to do a go to balls of feet of both feet and then take one leg down. You choose. All right.

Externally rotate upper leg. Okay, now let's just do five. Some are, bend your knee as you push the bar up. Also raise your left leg or the other leg up straight like that. So the bar comes down as you lower your right. Laissez it's okay. Some coordination and the, yeah, let's count that as one, four more then stretch.

It's one of these numbers. Pat The head. Rub the tummy. Yeah. Good. And as you lower your reaching, reaching hip extension with this leg. Excellent. And up last one and you'll do five on the other side and up it goes and step to the ball of the foot. Lower the right leg or left. Jeez, I can't count on right. Right, left. Okay, let's get a little bit more leveling there. Okay. So take your breath where you are. Exhale heavy bones as you lower that bar, right. Inhale, left leg rises as the bar rises.

Exhale, Breech hip to foot in hell. Yeah, got it. Ex down reach and inhale. Two more. You just allow the back of your ribs to be a little more lazy on that Mat. It looks maybe that your backs work in a tiny bit too hard. Yup. Nice job. Summer. Okay. One, a monkey stretch.

Bend your knees and hands on the outside of your feet. Here we go. Monkey monkey. Yup. Go on up. I mean, we're trying to get, yeah, we're trying. Oh, you know what? Let me start that again. That was really an UN called for on my part back up because you need to be back that way. Shoulders over the edge. Now we're talking. Now your feet is going to be a much more satisfying stretch.

K You could have done fine just where you weren't. This will be, you'll be happier. Ready? Go. Push up. See what I mean now also, then I can come in and I have a little more assist with this. I can get your back up. Look forward. Good. Putting your head right between your arms and roll down. Remember that ball image with your pelvis. Roll down. Lumbar flection. Ooh, yummy. Yeah. Knees toward the nose saying I like this one more time.

Heels. Yeah, so if you could engage your back extensors to get a little more flat back. I know that's, that's work for you, right? Yeah. A little more back work here. Good summer. And then as you come down, knees toward knows it's like rolling like a ball. Good. Okay. And then step out, I'm going to wait on terror with no springs. We'll get back to it. Please go to that in and lay on your back. Good.

Because doing another flection after that deflection wasn't, that's not the best program for you or anyone. Okay. So we're going to do hands and straps, some good arm and tricep stuff here. Bring these down to you. You're so welcome. Now who the, I think there were, we'll see where they go. So what I want you to do summer is bend your elbows and um, to the mat. Near the Mat. Okay. And Yeah, like that. Okay.

For you to, for you to send something. Let me do this. Put your elbows all the way on the mat and just where do you feel like your collarbone is? Okay. What I see is it's just a little bit rolled forward for my desire for you. So I want you to float your arm bone. Yep. There. And then your arms can press in against your sides. There you go.

That's it. And there's, you've got this nice kind of 45 degree thing. Okay. Make a fist. Right now all you're doing is extending your elbows. Not all, but you're trying, stepping out. Here we go. I'm going to come over here and just [inaudible] right. I'm trying to really keep the humorous level parallel to the table. Parallel to the floor. Fantastic. How are you doing? Is this too high, too tight? No, it looks good.

So I'm asking some or lots of questions too. So she gives me some feedback. Uh, I, if your neck starts to feel a little on this from this high, you'd want to bring this down a little. Okay. And don't know if you're at home doing this studio, take the time to lower it and experiment. It's, it's really not good to just keep doing it. This is a really grabby, okay. Stay right there. Long arms. Now what about some little, a hundred beats of your arms? Not the whole a hundred but just some. Okay. Breathe as you wish. Okay, good. So you're reaching, reaching, reaching.

Good summer. One more round. We'll be fine. One that said two, three, four, five rest. Okay, arm circles. Now I'm am going to make a choice. I want you to feel it so you can tell me what you like. I'm going to bring this down a little bit and you can bring your knees up if you'd like to like the reformer supine arm circles if you want. Okay, sure. Tabletop. Okay. Now organize your collar bone a little wider. Nicely done. Chin away from chest. It's he actually a little bit, a little, a little bit of your cervical curve.

Be a curve and not a flat line. That was nice. Now, arm circles. Think reformer down with your arms open and above your chest and that's okay that the spring stops its tension at that one point. That's fine with me. Three more down. Rotate. Stretch your chest, arms go up, down, open and up. One more and then pause down. Open around above you. Pause. Okay.

Stop right there and make some fists and a break ground that happened. Open up dorms so your collarbone can be wider. Yeah, you have lung tissue right here. That's getting a little squished. So open and breathe. Inhale out. Exhale, circle in. Yeah, let those lip ribs be liberated. Open.

There you go. Summer. There you go. Yup. So that five, five but I want you to do three more because you're getting that and why? Yeah. One more round. Better and okay. Rest. You can put the straps in one hand, turn over into your stomach for a flying eagle. Do you remember that? No, we don't. Okay. I'm Flying Eagle if you're not as familiar with it is think a little maybe like reform or pulling straps. It has a, a similar kind of pathway there than that.

All right. Legs will be together. You're nice and centered. Okay. Arms on the side of the table. Long. Perfect. Now, uh, let me build dude, please just start pulling the straps back and up off the table to about here and then back down with your arms and you kind of see where it's headed. Yeah, I can tell. And then just do the arm thing a couple of times. So you just getting that sense of what that movement feels like with your arms.

[inaudible] okay. That's what they'll keep doing. But you were right. You're going to start adding your, your chest lift or your float pulling straps. Now what I want to do here is have you keep your upper body where it is, be the bird that just flew by the window like way out there wide and circle and then down with the arms down with the chest. Okay. Yeah. Or if you like the Michael Phelps image of the butterfly stroke, that'd be fine. Good.

And I'm going to ask some or a question. Do you feel like you want more resistance? No. No. One more time. That direction. Then you'll reverse it. If she would've said yes, I would have done two things. I would have moved her back on the table or taken the spring bar up a little bit. Okay. You reverse the pathway. So arms go up, body comes up and you pull your arms back to your hips. Pool.

Yes. And down. I might move back a little, but she's going to move back now. Okay. I get it. Time to make those adjustments. Triceps into your back. Yeah, and down holding. She likes me holding her pull. Oh, stay there. Arms into your back. There you go. Two more. Yeah, don't short you change your triceps. You know, bring your arms in here. That's it girl. One More Paul. It's hard. It is hard.

And then all the way down rest. That's enough of that one. Now you get to come back to this end. Sure. On your back. So we're doing t a tower with no spring. I've been doing this recently from a few few months ago.

Saw this here on pa with another teacher and I been liking the way it feels on my back, teaching it to other people and having some like oh kind of comments. So you know, good to try. Feed on the bar balls a fee. It does feel a little odd if you're used to having the spring underneath you to push it up. There's nothing there. So your feet might feel a little out of sorts without that. Okay, cool. Yeah, let's put the hands back by the Poles though. Okay.

And you can probably push yourself my way. Almost more of a full full arm reach here. She's sticky. And sweaty. All right, that's great. All right. So your Chin will be away from your chest and uh, you know what? You're going to have this go like this. If I'm really, really wanting to be honest, which I am like this. Okay. Now, slowly pelvic curl, spinal articulation.

You're going up. Okay, now I want to make your your fine here, right? This is great. We don't have to go that way on the neck. That wouldn't be up anyway. Thank you up is this way. [inaudible] up this way with your pelvis. Nice summer right now. Why don't we add, bend your knees, straighten your knees, bend your knees, straighten your knees. One more time.

Bend in the stretch. You'll hold your legs nice and straight. And as you slowly roll down, you're taking your time. Every vertebral matter. So here's this one and this one, and you can slightly push with your arms so you get a little more sense of traction. Exactly all the way until your secret hits the table and your ant legs go down. Let's do it again. Roll up with straight legs.

Chin away from chest. Stay right here. So we're going to think pelvis up toward the feet there. [inaudible] and you're going to do bend and stretch knees three times. Good. And straighten and rolled down. Push with the arms. A little eyes here. So I did eyes there so she, cause she was talking her chin down too much like that.

I want you to do one more and discipline your associate and weird, but try and look here. I know, I know you're, I know you've, you're the one on what that way, look this way. Yep. There you go. Bend and stretch knee three times. Inhale p sign sister and straighten one more. It's hard, isn't it? It's an interesting opportunity just to check in and see how often do we, I do, I get corrected on that a lot. So I'm trying to change it and my neck feels better. So of course it does.

Now Bend your knees deep to your chest. I'm going to give you a little extra right on your hammies. Good. Okay. Ready for legs springs super duped. So you can have, oh, they're gone. You're going to come down this way. Keep breathing. I'm just need to move this.

You keep breathing. So root summer, we'll do frog. You'll do leg circles. Do some scissors and some walking frog and leg circles. You're stepping in. Scissors. Walking frog. Remember that sensation of the springs? It's been awhile. Yeah.

Short. Okay. So frog knee, heels together, knees bent. I would push you all the way a little bit more. Yeah, I would. I'd, I liked that sense of pushing against the table cause that push for me makes me feel like I get more of my body on the map. Okay. Push. Here we go. Now change your breathing. Hold on. Inhale, exhale. I know. And exhale.

Good eyes. Eyes. That's too easy. Lower your legs. That looks too easy. So if it's easy, go lower with your legs. That's right. Summer. You're stable enough. Yes. One more time. You're going to keep your legs out. Exhale there another inhale and then start your circles out around and up. Up, other way out, around, up, out, around, up. So I want you just to keep moving like that.

Fluid circles, fluid circles. A little press with the hands into the table. Right? For more circle good. And I s it's an interesting thing. And around up. That was 12 other way. One, two, that's right. Three, four. I don't always do them.

This fat this fast as you might remember, but I kind of like it. I think you need it today. Some of the other things I've been a little slower. So this is good for you. Four, three, two and one. Okay. Legs Up. Turn them out. And a scissor without that little thing at the top. Ah, nice change. It's hard not to let it go back. So [inaudible] explore more out this way with your leg. Ready.

Go out. Nice. Summer out. [inaudible] to my hand. Push me. Thank you. Good down but out longer, longer, longer, yeah, and again longer and the hands pushing against the frame will help that too. There you go. I saw that four more push the challenge for you in a second. I'm gonna have you stay with scissors to pick up the tempo, but keep the quality out. Oh, that's it. Yeah.

And a four and three. This girl can focus like nobody's business. Two and one walking eight down, eight up. One, two, three, four, five, six. Quiet Springs, one, two, four, five, six and seven. Long and up to three for keeping the springs quiet. Go out, out, out longer, longer, longer, longer, longer. Up Three, four, two more sets for you. And eyes are looking good. Seven, eight and up and two and three, four, six, seven.

One more down in two and three and four. And you're gonna stay at the bottom. I'm going to throw one in. Turn your legs down and do some leg beats like crosses and breathe, right? We talked about boomerang yesterday and not crossing the ankle. Ankle, ankle thing. So we're working inner thigh. Inner thigh. Yeah, you're braiding a really tight braid. Sometimes counting doesn't matter anyway. Okay. Rest. Good summer.

Really Nice. Take your legs out of there. All right, let's go. Let me put the trapeze up. You're feeling ready? Okay. Okay, so I wouldn't, I'm going to make a decision here to do a little bit. I might want to move it. I'm going to move that way. I want you to be to look out that window instead of the parking lot. Okay.

Do to do, I mean, hey, you're welcome. Kind of about like that. Okay. Your turn and indulge me for a moment. Before you go all the way up, I want to get this down just in case you were to go through, you know, so here's the deal. Put One foot up and then, okay, when you go put the second foot up, I don't want you to this first round to let your bum drop. Okay? So as soon as you put this foot up, you're in your pull up. Let me see it. Go Bam. Now pull your hips up and do your swan.

Backbend yes. And here's your contraction. Some are beautiful. Takes a big breath. Your lungs are so spread right now. Your collarbones way back here, right? It's way back here. Yeah, that's right. Now your arms will stay straight and now your hips get to come down. Now they come down, hook those feet and try to send your sitz bones backward.

Now you can do your pull up. I mean your pelvic curl. Excuse me. Okay. It's harder to second go through when some pull-ups. Hmm. Good. Let me give you a little nice. How about five? And I'd see narrow elbows would give that a go. Oh, different muscles. One more. Do you have enough in you to do Backman? Okay, try it.

You want to rest your hands? Rest your hands. Good, good, good. The ring? Yeah, the rings all hurt. Awesome. Took a d in a suit in it. One more time. Do you like starting up and going back? I do. I'd like you to do the whole thing again. It's different load. I think it's harder. Well, it's relative, right? So you're in your muscles, your arm muscles and they help you.

You get [inaudible] good. It's going to do a lot less cervical and think more chest through to the patio. That was amazing. Chest to the patio. Chest to the patio. The trust to the patio. Do you see that happening? God. Amazing. Kay. Hips hang her Hanes are slipping. That's okay. We'll go one more time.

So you need some more pull-ups and then you're all we, we'll do a quick like add doctor stretch. Okay. Just cause you're up there. These are hard. Give it a go. Give it. Oh, you're going to slip. Okay. We're choosing not to do it. She's slipping. So you're going to face the window and put your left leg in the swing adductor stretch. Oh No, that's too easy for you not letting them get away with that. Okay. This is great. Now how about take your right arm up. Hold the table though with his hand. Good under him. Good and over.

Nice summer. Okay. So what I'm doing here, you guys can't see my spot. I've got my, one of my hands on her pelvis here and the other one trying to help her leg externally rotate. No, you'll, you'll face the camera in a minute. Yeah. Okay. And bring your body up, right. And do it again. Good. Different. Okay. Yes. She says good summer and all the way up. Right. And now take that leg down and turn the other way.

And you can face that way for the other leg. So we didn't really do side bending today or twist, but you did that in mat. She just did a back class. I'm kind of, you know, if she hadn't done a mat class just prior to this, I probably would have given some are more side Ben Movements and rotational movements to, to kind of balance her out. But okay, now this is a different hip and leg. So we're going to go like this up with the, we're going to go so that, that has more external. Do you feel, okay, so there's this going on and then some spots like this, we're going to open that hip. Good. And bring your body up right.

And one more time. Externally rotating. I'm trying to get this broad. Yeah, I push you too much. Okay, great. Yeah, two or three more on this side. Yes. Hope you all enjoyed your workout with us. Thank you. Summer, come all the way up. Right?

And of course not to feel too crooked. Take that leg out, step down on the table or to the, and just give yourself the standing roll down so you don't feel like you're wonky. So seven years of Pilati study, I mean that's a lot. A lot of time. [inaudible] yeah. Fantastic. You made a lot of changes. Thank you. You're so welcome.


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Great class! Congratulations Summer! Amy I love your teaching style. You are so warm and involved with each student. It was also evident, even watching on a tiny iPad, how just little tweaks to positioning make a difference in how well each exercise works. Thanks for your excellence!
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Thank youuuu Amy, ı will try the class tmrw, looking forward to it.
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Thank you for this wonderful class. Very comprehensive and loved your cueing.
You did a great deal of touching in this class. Do you have a license to do that? It was my understanding that pilates teachers don't have a license to touch. Does that vary by state?
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Hi Amy, would it be possible to experiment with the pelvic curl with the legs parallel? External rotation turns the piriformis slack does it not?
Hi Amy, would it be possible to experiment with the pelvic curl with the legs parallel? External rotation turns the piriformis slack does it not?
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This felt slow but I feel good after 👍
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I like the braid image!
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I love the way you teach. Very involved and a keen eye. I like the slow engaged pace as it allows for quality of movement and that is where the real meat of the exercise exists in my opinion. Slow helps to get it into the body to set up for the correct firing patterns to achieve optimal work! Great job as usual Amy!!!
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This sure felt like a private session. Thank you Amy.
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Great class! I will definitely be teaching this routine at my studio! Love the pace and the cuing!
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