Class #2917

Mat Workout

20 min - Class


Let go of the stress that your body is carrying with this restorative Mat workout with Amy Havens. She focuses on positivity and being grateful that you have a body that is able to move. She also works on bringing the spirit back to work with your mind and body so you can feel the joy of movement.
What You'll Need: Mat


Hi, everyone. i'm going to share with you just a short, very short, like 15 minutes worth of movement on the floor. All you need is your mat. There'll be a little bit of music as the background guide ...


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That was awesome! Great to just move, be gentle, present and flow with some music. Inspired me to teach this afternoon! Thank you ?
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Didn't mean the ? Haha
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That was unexpected and so very necessary for me today. Thabks!
Did this quick workout before I have an evening of teaching clients. Great for setting the tone for tonight. Thanks Amy!
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Thanks Amy loved this class just what I needed to do this morning 🙏🏻😊
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Thank you! Love to focus on the pleasure and joy of the movement, Wonderful!
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Thank you Amy, you always teach me something new.
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A lovely 15 min movement experience. Thx Amy
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loved it! thank you Amy - when the body and mind is calm the movement comes so naturally
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Beautiful ??
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