Class #2919

Reformer Workout

45 min - Class


Flow through challenging sequences in this Reformer workout with Anula Maiberg. She uses the Pilates Arc to incorporate creative variations throughout the class. She reminds you to listen to your body while you are moving so you can do what feels good for it today.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Pilates Arc

About This Video


Hi guys, I'm Anula. And I'm going to be teaching this reformer class to these lovely people, Danni, and James. And what I'd like them to do is come down to lying on their backs, feet u...

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Wow Anula, that was GREAT! I love your sense of humor and also the independence that you teach with! Fantastic class! Hope to see mooore of you, much MOOOORE!
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Thank you Anula. I loved it! The tiny ball of pain series were great. Hope to see more.
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Really fun, very creative! What a treat!
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I absolutely loved this class! Loved using the arc on the reformer. You are such a great instructor, and made this challenging class fun! I'm going to check out your mat class. Please please come back for more classes!!
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Thank you so much Anula. I loved your creativity. FUN!
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Darn ! Arc doesn't fit over Stott reformer !
Loved the new ideas and your style.What ??was my fav ! Will get inspiration and hoping for Reformer class sans ! Arc.
Happy Valentine to all !
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Great class! Thank you so much. Quite the Valentine's treat. I did it with a bosu and sticky pads ( shoulder rests off) so it wouldn't slip. Worked very well however single leg bridge even more challenging due to instability of bosu.
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Just brilliant. Thank you Anula. Your mat class is also terrific! :)
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I used a ball and a foam roller because I do not have an arc. I LOVED these moves. Sense of humor is also critical.
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What a great class! That blue spring is very mean, plus extra abdominal work from all the laughs and giggles :) Hope to see you again soon!
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