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Meredith teaches a high-energy, accelerated BASI flow™ class. This class includes Side Bend, Twist, Control Balance, Jack Knife, and Side Kick Kneeling. This class worked hard but still has a lot of fun.
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Oct 17, 2010
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Alright, this time all okay. So let's just sit right up on top of the sit bones and with the feed just parallel to one another and maybe hold gently either in front or behind the knees and guide with your arms, your spine a little straighter. And as you breathe in and out, feel the rib cage expanding the abdominal, starting to dry and, and just kind of take stock with your body or link your mind and your body together. My intention for this class I believe is to, um, move pretty quickly and, and try to get a good flow and, and maybe there won't be as much queuing as usual, but I'm, I'm not ever very good at shutting my mouth. So that's the intention in, and let's see how we go. Breathe in. As you exhale, feel the pelvis move out from underneath you, press the abdominals into the back. Don't go very far back, maybe just a straight arms. And then in Yo, we're gonna rise back up, feeling the body moving like a wave. We exhale drawing the abdominals back in. That's going to initiate the movement of the pelvis or perhaps of hell of us initiate the movement first. Inhale to exhale. I Dunno, I just changed the breath and I'm going to change it again. It's an XL to go back. Okay, and an inhale to send the head forward first and shoulders come forward over the hips. And then we continue lifting until we're straight. Exhale.

One more time like that. Look for deck. Look for intention and look for focus in your own body and healing to lengthen the spine. Let's let the legs go and reach the arms forward and continue that same movement. Only this time we'll go a little lower. So we just curve the spine down towards the Mather as an inhale to pause and an exhale to roll back up, creating length. Let's reach the arms over the head as we extend up through the spine.

Exhale as we curve the spine, the arms drop slightly forwards. The shoulders get a little heavy, the abdominals get very heavy in the air to excellent. Follow the breath or allow the breath to proceed. The movement. Lift the spine, the arms reach back. See if you can get a little back extension there or upper back extension specifically. Rolling back and rolling up. Let's do that two more times. Rolling back.

How's the spine worms at the ABS? Warm ups even go a little deeper. Inhale. Exhale, lift. Reaching up for upper back extension. Last time we're going to stay down so this time continue rolling down until your shoulder blades are just barely off. Turn the palms down and slide your feet a little closer to your body. Back should be flat. We're going to pick up the right leg. Xcel to change legs, so the legs just hap and the arms reach actively in space with the shoulder blades reaching down towards the Mat.

So we are working our abs so we've also got a fair amount of upper back work happening as well. N H a n or h on one more. Hold both legs together. Take both legs to the mat and pull both legs back on and both legs to the mat, keeping the back flat. So if that means the movement needs to be a little, it will be. We go down, we go, we go down and we come up. This time we're going to put the feet down all the way, control it, inhale, and we're excelling to come lifting the spine up nice and straight. We're going to turn in my direction. Roll down that side of your spine.

Just stuff's off the side of this spine. Inhale, exhale. Just pick up the leg closest to your arms so it's maybe gonna even. Push into that inside arm. Inhale, reach down. Touch those toes. Exhale, pull it up. Inhale, reach down, touch those toes. Exhale to pull up with the thigh pressing into the arm. Perhaps you can challenge the abdominals in that way. Last two times.

And one more time that fit's gonna go down. Can track a little gently through the back sides of the legs. Rural yourself up that side. Oh, and sit center and turn the opposite direction. Exhale, the pelvis moves first. The shoulders are heavy, curling down just outside of the spine. We inhale, hold, exhale, pick up the [inaudible] inside leg. Inhale, reach down, tap the toes. Exhale, pull it up, reach down, tap the toes and pull and reach to pull. And just two more here. Reaching up, squeezing the back side of both legs.

I think this is our last one. We're going to put the leg down and keep it there and roll up on the exhale. Coming all the way around through center, raising the arms overhead, and this time we're just going to roll ourselves all the way down to allowing the arms to drop jungly down, sliding the feet a little closer to the body and let the arms rest down on the mat for the pelvic girl. Adjust your body if you need to on your mat. Inhale and exhale to Rola, letting the pelvis be the leader or the pubic bone. Be the leader in heel-toe. Pause at the top. Exhale, rolling down through the spine. The chest goes down, each rib comes down individually, all five bones of the lower back, and then the pelvis drops down into a neutral spine position.

Exhale we come up again feeling again the hamstrings or for the first time maybe the hamstring. Starting to connect in healing to hold and excelling, to reach the spy, mobilizing the spine from the front side of the body. As you roll up through your spine, send your knees in the direction of your toes or energetically pull your heels back towards your fingertips to get a little extra work XL to come down. We're going to do that just two more times. Using the front of the body to manipulate the back of the body. Press the arms into the ground. Get a little bit of tricep work, a little bit of upper back work and keep that consistent.

This is our last one here. Exhaling. We left inhaling. We pause at the top and excelling. We fooled ourselves back down. I'm going to pick up the left leg here. Pick up the right leg, glue them together for the spine. Twist supine. Inhaling, taking the knees over towards the window. Exhale, bringing the slugs back through center via the obliques. Feel free to flip your hands over or to bring your arms out into a t shape if you wish. Whatever's really comfortable. I think we've got enough space to do pretty much whatever we want. Inhale, feel it in that the knees are connected. They stay lined up side by side, just act or just moving with a little bit of a flow or a lot of flow in. You know, we come across an x.

How we draw back and inhale we come across an x. How we draw back gentle rotation of the spine in here we come across x. How we come back in here we come across an exhale. I'm changing it. Now we're going to come towards me again. As we exhale. We're going to stretch just the top leg.

Drag both sa or drag that whole shape back to center and bend the knee. Inhale as we take it to the back, take the top leg up, feel the whole spinal length and as the leg stretches the exhale to come back and fold the knee in in. You know, we turn, start excelling as a leg straight and continue excelling as you dragged back through center. Folding the knee back as you begin to in yellow and continue inhaling as you rotate, stretching the leg, pulling back to center, folding the knee in. And one more time just like so on either side. Searching out, pulling back, folding the knee, turning to the back, stretching the top, like bringing it home and bending the knee and placing the feet down on the ground. Hands behind the head for the chest, left, interlocking the fingers. The elbows are slightly lifted up off the ground.

Exhale as you pick up the head and chest, curling up off the shoulder blades. Look for a flat spine there. Inhale, pause and exhale. Feel work as you lengthen your spine into the ground. We just set, they had gently down and we're coming right back up on our next exhale. So although I did talk about inhale and exhale, stretch the spine down. Flattening the spine.

We're endeavoring to do that with a neutral pelvis position, meaning the tailbone stays down x. So we come down. We're going to lift up one more time and stay up this time. Reach the hands behind the thighs, guide yourself perhaps slightly more forward and deepening the abdominal contraction and let your hands go in heel. Raise the arms over your head as far back as you can and as narrow as you can without lowering your body. Exhale, press down in heel. They stretch up and exhale they press down. So the weight of the arms is trying to pull our bodies back, but we are not going to let that happen. We're going to do that two more times.

Try to narrow the EMF. Let's see if we can touch our thumbs and then press back. Arms way behind us. See if we can touch the thumbs and press back. Oh, I lied one more time. Up with the arms. Interlock your fingers. Put your hands back behind your head and turn to your left. Exhale. Inhale, come back to center. Lift up and across to the right. So feel the rotation in the trunk from around the rib cage. Find a mental focus of going forward as you lift, not just side to side, coming across and continue. Last one and very [inaudible] and back to center. We inhale, lift it, intensify it, and take it all the way down. Bringing up one lang, bringing up the other leg. Slide the arms straight out behind you.

Hover thing up, hovering them off the ground, picking up the chest. The arms will follow. The arms will end just near the hips. Stretch the legs out. Breathe in and hold and we pump. Exhale two, three, four, five and in an exhale keeping the trunk still. And exhale reaching through the arms. E. N I had four, two, three, curling the chest forward and then five, two, three, four, five in big and six two, three, four, five and then so nice tonight with the breeze and the cool air and focus on the long full breasts. Last two full cycles.

Last full cycle. Hold there. Pull the knees towards the body. Hold that. See if you can pick your pelvis up off the ground just a little and lower it down and pick it up. So the curl storage you, it's almost, it's like the beginning of a pelvic crow with the legs in the year and so it's oppressing into a posterior tilt or a flat spine. And lets do three and, and two and a last one for now. And Doug, I love the for now means there's lots more to come.

Stretch your legs out along the Mat, glue them together and press them down. Arms raising overhead. We pick up the head and chest, the arms come down just near the thighs. Start excelling now as you curl through your spine, think about a long spine but around spine. Inhale, exhale, folding yourself back down, feeling the movement of the spy, which the back of the head down the arms, overhead, ribs on the ground and he'll pick up. Exhale pole and inhale to exhale income down. So again I like the visioning a wave moving through my body, never really stopping in any position but always working to find more intensity and more depth. That's three more to go. We're rolling a long, long, long.

So how can you create a longer but a longer spine while staying? Rant. And to, I'm changing it. Come back again just to the backside of the pelvis or you're just right on the low, flat back, flat, low back. Pick up your right leg. Exhale, cross it over the left and put it down and pick it up to cross it over and put it down and pick it up to cross it over and put it down. Squeeze from the abdominals in the inner thighs is the late crosses. It's our last one. The legs are going to go down and we're coming up.

Oh, maybe and don't again, same thing Heather, like aren't you glad you only have two legs? Up goes the left end, cross and a and cross. Can you feel or see stability in the pelvis as that leg moves through space last to one. More leg goes down. Let's slower all the way down and come all the way back up. As we get to the top here, we're going to continue moving forward more than we normally would for a stretch. Flexing through the feet, stretching the spine forward. Take a moment or two to give yourself a little bit more of a stretch and then let's sit up and bring your arms. I think if candy you scoot back, we'll have plenty of space for arms.

You've got your tight stab arm straight out to the sides, palms facing up for the twist. It's a double pulse to them, window and back to center and a double pulls to the back and back to center. As everyone I think in this room knows and hopefully most of you listening now, the work comes from the waste. See if you can get a sense of getting taller as you turn. I said so again of heaviness in the shoulder blade area so that we're not lifting up into the neck. As we turn. Hold on my side, raise your arms overhead, grow the spine in the direction of your arms. Press your arms back down and get tolerant. Come back to center.

We're going to inhale over. Exhale, stretch the arm, stretch the spine. Inhale, the arms press down and we exhale to come home and we inhale and we left and we press and we come back to center and we here feel that the arms are a little light, the lightness of the arms like helium or like a balloon pulling the spine even longer, even taller, so there's no tension. We're growing up out of the tension in the legs. Maybe I'm back to center, let's say three more. Turn your reach, bring it home and last time for now, got to do the other side and coming home is our last one. Reaching out, bringing it back and taking it all the way back again. Stretch forward. Always a good idea to keep the abdominals pulled back.

It will allow you to take your body forward more. That's a guarantee and we're going to come up and separate the feet for the spine stretch. So a couple just regular sitting straight up and down through the spine. Breathing in to prepare. Exhale, allowing the head to drop as the ribs pull back. Then continue to round over following that movement. Stretch along the Mat. Inhale, pause, check in with the shoulders.

They should be pulled down. Exhale, roll yourself back up again and look for the length of the lightness in the body. Inhale, hold. Exhale, guiding the head forward. As that happens, the ribs pull back the abdominals, pull back as a forward curl and then a lengthening contraction of the spine. Inhale, pause, exhale, articulate the spine Baca and sit tall about one more, just like that. So we go when we inhale to lengthen and exhale to length in Baca. Adding on the extension starts to say, exhale to fold forward. Try to keep the low back as long as possible. Then Ian, he'll stretch out through the spine, bringing your body out into a flat, straight line. See if you can just press your chest forward a little tiny bit. XL reach all the way back down and up, and we go again.

Allowing the movement to just occur within us while we look for ways to challenge it. Inhale length and finding ease. Exhale, fold and bring it back and again, exhale forward. Inhale. Lengthen this time from your high position. Just allow your hands to find your ankles or calves or wherever they land. Give yourself just a little bit more energy towards a flatter spine.

Support that with your abdominals. Pick up the arms again, hold that turn towards me. Feel the spine reaching out and up. Inhale back and exhale. Turn keeping the legs still because I like pros. Inhale back and exhale. You are pros, no like about it and back and try and bring it home. One more time in either direction. How far can you go? Maintaining all of the integrity of a flat sign of the obliques working.

Let's bring it back. Stretch all the way forward and roll up. Once you get to the top, let's bend the knees a scooting a little bit forward. Or in my case, I'm going forward for rolling like a ball. Sliding the toes in towards the backsides of the legs. Elvis pointing out shoulders pointing down, abdominals in.

Reconnect to the ABS to pick the feet up off the floor and we inhale to roll back. Exhale to find your balance at the top. Inhale back and exhale. Trying our hardest to stay in that tiny collected, supported position, which I'm not doing a very good job aspect. That's all right. I couldn't forgive myself. Let's do two more. Inhale and yeah, and one way and exhale. Taking on hold of the ankles. Stretch the legs up. Pull a, this is what I think pulled down like you're trying to pull your thigh bones into your hip sockets. As you lift your chest up. Then we're rounding just the lower back. Here we go. I'm with Ya. Rolling back, rolling up.

And that sense of pulling the thigh bones deeper to lift the spine straight. Run just the lower back to rock back. Roll yourself out, analyst. And we go back again and we come and let's do three more. See about keeping the shoulders down. It's kind of a hard skill to master. They'll want to lift up. Last one.

Oh, this is my mic. Lower the legs, stretch them out. Take a stretch forward. So just go straight down the front first and then turn your body over your left leg and pull yourself down that side. Make sure that the right sit bone stays. Um, still. Okay. And then come around through center, not shifting the pelvis at all as we just stretch over the opposite leg.

And then we're gonna um, come back to center and we're going to roll up and we're going to go to the SA. So maybe it's slightly wider with the feet, just a little wider than the mat perhaps. Um, arms out to the side. Let's come towards me first. On the inhale. Exhale, take the outside hand outside that front foot. Push the other hand behind you. Inhale re lengthen the spine. Exhale, turn back to center over to the other side. As we breathe in and we exhale the arms, press and opposing directions. Inhale to exhale from the waist.

We turn as that front arm reaches the back arm, pushes back to increase rotation in the spine, lift and come back. As you're going to that forward place, you're trying to keep the spine as long as possible, so if you have the flexibility to go out flat and stay flat, that's what you should do. And the rest of us are just going to try for that. That's feels particularly good to me today. Bring it home. Let's do two more to return to lift. Using the breath as a rhythm in here. Exhale, press reach. Inhale, lift up and come home. Last time for now Natalie and home and here it is.

Two h two lift and bring it back. Bring your legs together, pointing your feet back. Support. I'm just going to fix this. You guys bring your hands behind you. Fingers facing in or to the sides. Straight arms, abdominal. Then yes, backsides of the legs active and here we go.

Press the hips up into the air. Tuck the pelvis a little bit to avoid overextending the lower back and look slightly up in slightly forward. Inhale. As the hips sit down, the chest reaches up. It's like you're trying to take as much out of your hands as you can. Xcel reach back up again, pressing the feet down into the ground, spiraling the knees inwards so that they pay. Say parallel to one another. Exhale, tilt in. How to sit down, chest goes forward, hips come down, hips come up, chest goes up and home. Let's do that twice more. Taking your time at the top to settle into the shoulders.

Stretch to look for the little nuances. How can you feel your abs more? How can you get a bigger stretch and sitting down? Let the hands go to reach forward over the leg. Yes. When you're ready, roll yourself back up to sitting up straight for the neck.

Paul. Hands behind the head, fully into locked fingers. Legs as straight as we can. You guys mad at me for making you do netball? Oh No, I love neck pull too. Not Money people do. Deborah, I think you and me are the only ones. Lean back. Tuck the tailbone under. Roll the spine down into the ground. Back of the head touches. We're coming straight back up in. You'll the chest comes up, curve the spine.

Send the body forward, lengthening the top of the head out towards the toes. You and he'll grow along through the spine. Sitting up straight. Hinge back on that same inhale. Exhale, tuck. The tailbone reached the spine down into the ground and you know we come up, head, chest, exhale. We curl. Stretching the abdominals back as the spine reaches long in growing taller each and every time. Lengthening back [inaudible] on the diagonal, the tailbone tucks as we peel the spine down into the ground and we left and we curl and we stretch and we peel that this is going to be our last one for the day.

All the way through, tucking under, try to avoid if possible, pulling the elbows forward. So although the name is Nick Paul, there's not a lot of neck pulling action going on. I've seen that and I guess we have to do one more to get down to me. So bring it all the way down and once you get there to spring your knees into your chest for a moment from the heart, we're going to push our knees into our hands, heading into the double leg stretch, pushing the knees into the hands, curling the head and chest. Sta finding depth through the abdominal, shoulders down and elbows wide. Inhale, reach the arms up high, narrow XL. Circle them around and bend the knees and how we reach, we press the spine down into the ground. So as the legs move out, we get heavier and heavier through our middle to support the weight and out. And then the knees pulled just to a 90 degrees.

We press our chest towards knees and our, and our and right. Let's do four more. Circling their arms around bed and three circling to feel that you're pushing against a resistance or like you have weights in your arms. Last count to one more. So hold on to your left knee. Stretch your right leg out. See that the toes are lined up, curl the chest a little high forward and change. And it's a pretty quick movement. It's blah, um, and change and change and reach. Reach. Fill the torso, steady as the legs move front.

And in that same thing we did with bringing up the knee and pushing into the arm in the very beginning of class, if you can get that feeling as you drag the knee into an imaginary brick wall, it would be good if I was counting, but I'm not. Let's bring the hands behind the head and turns the knee in the air or the leg that's bent for the cross. Elbows stay wide movements occurring all around the trunk. Thinking about coming up through center so there was no lowering of the body anytime and keep coming and get up and last for starting now for three left, two two [inaudible] both knees in and buddy down. Placing the feet down on the ground. One pelvic curl for free, excelling to PLM.

I can tell when I'm looking for a stretch to the front sides of the leg. Sit Flexes. Get a lot of work that you need to be opened up. Inhale and exhale, bringing it down, arms reaching actively into the ground. That was the one for free. We're going to do the shoulder bridge now. Exhale, we come up. Find an optimal position when to get there. Try to talk a little bit more and then pick up the right leg. Stretch it to the ceiling.

Take it as low as you can without arching your back or lowering your hip and bring it up and down and and three field equal weight on both sides of the body. Meaning both shoulders, both arms, both legs really even. And last four and three and two and one. Bring the leg up folded to a bent knee. Place it back down. Let's roll just to the bottom of the ribs.

Resetting the posterior to reaching the arms. Healing back at the top. Just look for a little bit of an additional Tuck. The left leg comes up off the floor. It stretches to the sky and we got down and pointing on the way down. Flexing on the way up to maximize the stretch to the backsides of the leg and working with control with precision.

Last three, two one. Lift the leg folded in, roll down. And how about a little hamstring pole? Let's stretch the right leg out. Bring the left knee in. Hold on to the backside of the leg first, right behind your thigh and stretch the leg over your head as much as you can. Then take the hands and walk them slightly higher on the leg. Curl the head and chest. Ah, bring the leg around right in, close to the body.

And we're going to bend that knee and stretch the other side as well. So just strips that leg out and fold the opposite like in, pull it into the chest. Try to keep the size as close as you can to your body as a leg stretches. And then just walk up the Ley guiding the lake towards you with your hands, but also with your abdominals. And while we're here, let's just hold the leg chains. Stay stable and pulls the bottom lake inkers into the ground as you're pulsing the top leg. See if you can find a, a feeling of trying to pull the legs away from your hands rather than yanking the leg into the body and using your hands to hold you up.

We're going to have to let our hands go in a minute. So that's what you're looking for. This is going to be our last one and hands behind the head. Same thing. Bottom leg down top like pulls and pulls and pulls and really pressed down and anchor seeing stationary through the trunk last too. And last one, go into rotation. Now turn to the left.

That's pulsing ink still anchoring the bottom lake. It turned through the trunk. [inaudible] this is our last one, bringing both like that. Bend the knees, lay the chest down, stretch your arms out along your sides for the rollover. All right, so as we know, as we stretch the legs out, the low back stays in control. We inhale to bring the legs up. We exhale to roll ourselves off.

Finding a parallel position to the floor with our legs. We flex the feet, separate them and keeping the spine still and long. Lower them down. With that, peel the spine into the ground. Press the arms down, one bone at a time, comes down, point the feet, circle them to touch. Inhale to vertical and exhale to rollover. Flex the feet. Feel the spine lift is the toes reached down and roll down. [inaudible]. Point the feet. Circle around lifter and rollover.

Flex feet. Separate the legs. Reach down and roll down. One more circle. Separate the feet. Lift them up. Reverse school. We use the likes together. Peel the spine down, keeping the inner knees connected. Inner ankle bones is connected as possible. Point the toes separate the legs.

Lift, rollover, flex. Squeeze lower if you can and lower down. Just one more time. Like that point. Separate lists or rolling over. Flex. Squeeze together. Lower and come down. All right.

Take a moment. Bring your knees into your chest. You guys that for control balance. Yeah. Okay. Um, do I need to show you or can I talk you through it? Here we go. Starts in a rollover. I know the one thing I know that you know at, but I'd need to say to you anyway is once your weight's on your next, not a good idea to turn your head so that we all know that. Let's go. Roll yourself over. So don't know. Looking at each other. All right, so you're in a rollover position.

Dropping your toes towards the ground. From there, slide the hands around in a circle, reaching for your toes. This is my thought process in this exercise from here, try to lengthen your spine up so you're trying to extend your back so you've just gotten longer than hold onto your left foot. Take your right foot towards the ceiling first. Reach it up like you're going to touch the lights and then try to push it away from you towards the ocean. You're into the parking lot. From there we let go. We change sides. That top leg is our active, like it's pulling the spine up and it's pushing away and we change as the legs move through space. We're trying to stay super stable through our trunk.

[inaudible]. Feel free to hang on relatively firmly to the foot that's coming towards you that will help you hold your balance as you post the top leg. We're going to do three more [inaudible]. I had to and theory draw up the leg that's in the air down into the hands and just I like to hold onto my feet. Roll down, bulling your legs towards you as you come, stretching through the back, the back sides of the legs. And once you hit a neutral, go ahead and bend your knees again. Since we've done that, we might as well do the Jack Knife. Here it comes. I don't know which one's harder. That's meant to be a prep for the Jack Knife.

So it's all the same rules that apply. We lift the legs, we roll over as you, you touched down and then you lift up. Think about back extensors. Hip extensors meaning squeeze your button, push your legs away from you and squeeze your hamstrings lifting up as you exhale. Peel down, starting the chest. Well, rounding down one vertebrae at a time, allowing the legs to finish at a 45 or 60 degree angle. Inhale, lift, exhale, roll. Inhale, touch the toes and extend up like you're trying to kick the person in front of you, Deborah, that's quite perfect. Maybe two inches forward and you'd be totally vertical. That's excellent.

Rolling Yourself, rolling down and allowing to like solo or slightly. Inhale, bring 'em up. Exhale, roll over and he'll go down and up and then exhale. Just slowly let the legs pike back over you. She use your abdominals to pull yourself down last time, lowering the legs, a little lifts or roll up in over. Reached down kind of energetically. Yeah, we're very energetically. Yeah, I got checked, I got checked and then slowly allowing the legs to come slightly back toward jewelry. Okay, and your feet, Benjamin is in mass cramping. It's the worst happens to the best of us over you. [inaudible] is that what happened when she said you were so hurtful? I had looked back.

How did you know if you weren't looking at her? I figured she always cheats. Alright, sitting up. Let's face me. Cross the top leg over the bottom like for the side bend. Do you or you are like, perfect. You did a really nice job with that exercise. All right, so fingers and thumbs together. Pull away from the arm for the side.

Bend the opposite arm straight down at our sides. We're going to use our abdominals to lift ourselves up. Straight line with the body from there. Exhale, make a rainbow. Then take the top arm overhead, stretch from the fingertips to the toes and you'll bring it back and exhale. Bend your knees to lower down. We're coming up straight again. Inhale, lift.

I don't know why I added that little fluff arm that it Kinda felt good. Inhale back and exhale. Squeezing the legs together. Pressing the bottom leg into the top like just that turns at the top. And we come back and we go down. We're going to go up one more time.

Everyone know can their risks speak now or forever? Hold your peace for the side kick. Dropped the spotting me down. Lift the top leg up. Bring the opposite hand behind your head. Push your head into your hands and look for stability there. Flex your foot. Think about pressing the pelvis forward. It's a kick kick and our reach back.

So we're bringing the leg forward, keeping it high. Think about stabilizing the bottom shoulder, but also not about about not putting a lot of weight on that arm and the body stays stable as we reached like through space and last five and hanging onto the abs is a leg travels behind us to support the back. Back to that, can we do the twist or do we need to come down? Come down, bend the knee, take the top arm over your head, stretch over to the side. That was a good idea. All right, and then just roll yourself up so you're back on your knees.

I'm going to give us a little bit more of a break and then we'll do that twice. I'm straight out to the sides a little bit and a little wider than my hips with my knees and we're just going to do some obliques. Let's go this way. For soon. You find a stretch. Keep the arm straight across the XL with those upper obe leaks, pull yourself back and taller. The arm stays straight across from one another. The other moving because the torso is moving and we left and we reach up.

It's not about going so much down as it is out. And exhale, bring it home and reach across and Xcel, bring it home. And last too and back and last one and back a setting up for the twist. We're going to go back to the same side we were on. So let's just go there. Stretch the leg out slightly, um, in front of what you perceive to be center. Slide the bottom leg out underneath and pickup the bottom side of the pelvis.

Lift the hips, reach under and come back. We're going to bend down now. Inhale, low Blake. Stable shoulders. Exhale, twist. Reach away from the arm. So go back into your feet, reaching under the opposite [inaudible] armpit. Inhale to come back and exhale to Ben coming down and big long straight spine. Lots of work through the ams. And let's come down just one more time for the day.

Her reach, yeah, back and just slide the bottom leg out from underneath the top like for the mermaid. Well, turns out to the side going in this direction and healing, but the hand come down perhaps sliding it a little further away. XL big rotation through the body, so the ribs turn around the shoulders, drop down, enjoy the stretch in here we come back. Exhale, using that upper waist to lift ourselves up. We're going to take it all the way over the top and then as we start to lift that arm, feel the spine.

Reach up as the arm reaches up, arms out to the side, lean over, place the hand down, turn the body, open the body and coming up and reaching off and coming back and lengthening. Head goes done. This is going to be our last one. Hold here, just a square. The shoulders definitely are the one that you're turning towards is the one that's kind of want to lift the most. Gently push into your hands and pull your chest between your arms so you're going into a little bit of extension and then curve the spine back. Unwind through the spine and lift up and take the body over.

Okay. Guess what we're going to do now? No hip circles, hips, hip circles. So you guys, if you face me, if you face me, you'll be good. I might have to face to the side just for spacial reasons. So hip circles, just the prep, hands back, fingers facing away. They are going to want to be back pretty far away from you and then press just a little bit into the hands to lift the chest. Warm with you. Windy, bring up the legs. We're stretching the legs towards straight. Let's go to the ocean first. Inhale. Exhale.

Make a small circle down around and pull. Ah, with the legs in Ya down. All around that and in, yeah. How stable can we keep our trunk as we shift from side to side along our pelvis and a couple more times reaching her and root chair and, oh, I think that's enough. No, no. Here we go again. You started at temporary. I think we're both in. I don't know. [inaudible] okay. Bend and that's, that's a rest. Take a stretch forward and then we'll change sides.

Yes. That was our transition. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I think there's a method to my madness. I'm not so sure sometimes. Okay. Ribs in. We all know how to pull our shoulders down and stable here. We go like squeezing together. We started with the side bend, so we lift up the waist, reached the top arm over your head, like you're yawning. Inhale, come back and bend the knees to come down.

Come straight back up as not really arresting lace more just to have a transitional phase. So as you're moving down, come away from your hand slightly. Restabilize the shoulder. We're coming straight back and over. Oh and bent. This is it. This is the one we're going to drop into the sidekick. So let's finish the side bend. Come out, bend the bottom and put it to the ground. Press the pelvis forward. Lift the top leg on, hand behind the head. Head in hand, flexed foot head. It kicks forward. Oh, I'm cramping hand.

It reaches back and it's a double kick and a single reach. The XL happens is the leg comes forward. And how happens is the leg travels to the back and, and five. Wendy, just put your head back a little bit. So you're looking somewhere, you look better now your neck looks better. And I have last count. Anyone else? Counting three? No, not ever. Just keep kicking that leg. That's it. Bend the knee.

Top arm is going to go up. We're going to sit in the direction of the hip. We just worked sitting right down onto it and taking the stretch, taking a couple of breasts thing. All right, and then we're going to transition into the sidebar. Uh, the twist, the same way we did before with just a couple of airplanes. Tick tocks airplanes. Oh, bleak reaches. Let's go to the left for us. So there's our [inaudible] and reengage.

Get longer. I got over to the other side, feeling the top of the head being pulled towards the ceiling. Buoyantly [inaudible] one more. Are we ready? Ready? Here we go. We go over. Slide the bottom leg out, top, leg out. Sorry. Slightly in front of center, the top a bottom leg, those behind. And right now, lift the bottom side hip. Turn the pelvis downwards, reach toward your ankles first and then start to reach underneath your arm pit with that free moving arm. Inhale, find your side plank and exhale, bend and lift and rotating the hips. Pressing the energy in the body back towards the feet as we turn around in the spine. Inhale back and bend. Lots of picture, perfect positions. So finding precision, precision in the stability of the shoulders in the rotation of the spine.

This is our last one coming up right now. Here it is. Yeah, next. Enjoy and inhale back and bring it all the way down. Sliding the bottom leg out from under the top for the mermaid. My favorite exercise, I think I teach this every class now because I loved him. Leave that the hand come down. Turn the ribs.

I'm just free flips and spaces. The body moves through space. You inhale, unwind from there. Exhale, the Reidel bleak springs out and we sit over, sitting heavy onto that hip, lift up from that side of the body, getting taller both times at lean and goes down. Big Rotation, dropping that back shoulder as the top arm floats around when you get home and lifting up. I think we just did three pretty sure. So this'll be our last one. Remember that at the end of this one we did a little tiny extension. So let's find our flection first. Plant the hands, turn the shower, square the shoulders. And then uh, I imagined pulling my hands towards me by pressing my chest forward.

That's my thought process. Abdominals. Absolutely. In pressing my back thigh against my front foot. I'm going to Rory round. From there, pulling away from the hands. Open up the arm, bring it up and stretch over. Okay. And then come all the way up. We're going to come a turn around onto the hands and knees.

Little leg pull front a little. Pull out these push up. This is what I'm thinking. So hands under shoulders, knees under a hiplet. Slide the feet back into a plank position. Strong legs is a super important thing to remember. A little bit of a Tuck in the pelvis. Let's go the right leg first.

Reaching it straight up and back. Just five and four and three. Great to [inaudible]. Hold the leg up, bend it, bring it across towards the left elbow for a five. Send it straight back and four straight back. Three to [inaudible], an old one. The leg go straight. We're going to lift the leg.

And the body pressing the leg up in space. As we exhale, we're going to bend that knee, shift the shoulders over the hands and curve the spine, bringing the knee towards the face. Inhale, we lengthen up reaching way back with that back leg, finding a long spine. Exhale to Curlin. Then in Hilty reach and exhale to Curlin. On this next one, we're going to bring the lake all the way through, so be ready for that. It's just going to step forward between the hands. Um, keeping the back leg straight for a moment. Just sink down into that hip and then gently drop it down just slightly in front of the kneecap and took the back toes. Push a little bit into the front of the hit with the back of the hip.

If you're wanting to take your hands off the floor, Nass time to do it, let's raise the arms out in front of us. Open them out into a t position as you lift up out of the hip, turn towards the leg that's bent. Take that backhand across towards the bent leg and just give yourself a little bit. I have an extra twist. [inaudible] and you yourself how? Let go. Bring yourself back suddenly. Arms forward again. Raise them up if you want.

Reach up with the spine as well as just with the arms and then press the arms back. Hands are going to come back down outside of the foot. We're going to tuck the left toes under. Step the right leg back. Find your plank position. Here's a Palladia push pushup. So we're going to do three shoulders down. Everyone feel your shoulders reaching down away from your groups.

As you bend in, press to the scapula stays as still as possible. Three, we're going to lift our hips up. Walk the hands to the feet. Try not to shift the pelvis from side to side. So there it's a pike like feeling and we peel up off the floor or roll up. Inhale tall. Exhale, roll down, lifting up further and further into the spine.

As the body goes further and further towards the floor. Three pigs walk, three walk. So one big one, two tiny ones. And here we are. Three more pushups, bending me, stretching, neon suits. I got two and three. And lifting the hips up. Walk the hands of the feet. One, two, maybe you're already there and rule, I don't know. Two more. Well, finding our way down towards the ground. Feel the shoulders stay down so that once your hands are there, they're ready.

They're ready to stabilize it. You know, to bring your body for three more. Two and three. Lovely lift. Walk the hands to the and roll. I don't know if I might've caught you at the wrong moment. Windy, but it looked a little chatter. Rongey so maybe a little bit of a Tuck. I'm gonna Watch this time.

Roll down everyone finding your way down to the ground. Well, not that there's anything wrong with the chatter, Ranga. Walk yourself forward. We bend the arms now. The pressure's on, Huh? Yeah. Just when you're coming back up, you're arching. Said go again. Maybe a little bit lower. That's better. You got it. Lift your hips up, ladies. Just stretch. Press your heels to the ground and then, uh, when you're ready, bring yourself back to plank and dropped down on Tunis for a moment and stretch your hips back. No, I haven't forgotten her other side. We're going there now. Everyone. All right, here we go. Hands under the shoulders.

Abdominals in one leg back, followed by the other. A little bit of a Tuck. Debbie, you can lower your pubs just to smudge right there and the left leg. This time it's five lists. One no arching, the back is a leg lift up, so that'll limit you if you're tight and your hip flexes specifically. Last one, bring the leg across towards the elbow hole on and stretch away. Back active supporting leg. There's two. Here's three, four. And so I've lifted the leg. Let the leg carry the spine with you.

Press your heel into the ground, coming into an upstretched Aribel desk. Exhale, bring the knee in towards the chest. Inhale up, stretch, Arabesque. We dropped that bottom heel down as we raise the top leg up. Exhale, pull. So that bending of the knee towards the chest is a deep contraction of the abdominals, a deep pulling down of the shoulders. Um, this is it. And on the next one we're going to step through. So here it is. Let's keep the back leg straight for a moment. It pushing back through the heel. Hmm. And then drop the knee to and then untuck. And then just squeeze the backside of that back way.

Find your balance come off. If you go into both arms, out to the side and lifting the spine up out of the pelvis, we're going to turn towards the leg that's bent on the front leg anyway. Take that outside, I remembering it across and just guide yourself. Don't throw or shove or go beyond what feels good to you. And then we're going to take, let go in the arms back, the arms are going to go forward. We're going to raise them up, lifting out of the hand, but at the same time pressing forward into the hip, if that makes any sense. And then we're going to bring in the hands back down to the ground.

And just use your hands to help you. Slide that leg back. And let's come down onto our abdominals for a little back extension. Um, how about the AA kick? Turn your face towards me. Hands interlock way up on the back or as high as you can with your shoulder flexibility. Gently drop the shoulders and gently drop the elbows. Then draw the abdominals and pressing the pelvis a little heavier into the mat.

However the length, and then it's three kicks. That's our XL one, two, three. We inhale to stretch. It's not about height, it's about length. Keep the legs relatively low as you lift the body and turn it to two, three and stretch. The neck is long. The eyes are on the ground. Every time you come back to that kicking position, try to bring your hands up high and your elbows down. Facilitating the stretch to the shoulders.

Cluck, cluck, stretch, kick, check and stretch. Couple more and stretch. One last check and stretch. Let the legs go down, recheck the pelvis, refine the habs press. Just the arms up and back. Maybe not so high, but more down towards the heels. So the reaching of the arms is giving you a stretch, but also potentially giving you a little bit more of a lift. Let's do two more. None. One more. Let go of the hands. Circle them around, forward all the way forward and down on the mat rests for a moment.

We're going to do swimming. So when you're ready, press into the arms that you just laid down. We want to be on the bottom most rim. We're going to hover the legs. Continue to stabilize with the ABS, however the arms, let's go. Left leg, right arm and change. One, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. The hype of anything is important. It's the height of the yarns. How stable can you keep your trunk and Allen? Two, three, four, five, two more breath cycles in know, and in.

And, and then let's lower everything down. Slide your hands down next to your body. I'm going to take us from the more intense ones into more of a gentle one. So, um, uh, forums just outside of upper arms. Maybe open up your hands a little bit. Perfect. Okay, here we go. So here's my thinking. Pull the abdominals and as always, maybe energize the legs a little.

Then gently try to feel the elbows dragging down towards the backs of the knees. That should help you tap into your upper back and then just guide the spine up. And for not putting a great deal of pressure on the arms, we're really targeting that middle band. And then just take yourself down, lengthening further than you were when you started. Reset abs a little bit of lengths, guiding the elbows down, right? Feeling that elbow movement, pulling the shoulders down, and then sending the chest between the thumbs and linkedin.

Let's do three more. Reset the ams. Guide the shoulders down. Don't think about height. Think about length and focus and release. And how about just one more hold at the top. Are you able to pick up your arms? Yes. Just checking while we're down. Um, let your back settle for a minute and then when you're feeling good and ready, help yourself up onto your knees, round your spine and sit down on your feet.

Just rest there for a moment. Breathing in and breathing out. Feeling the back of the body. Expand with our in here. So just here, allowing us to feel a stretch and then just gently begin when you're ready to roll yourself up. That's good. A tiny bit forward. So your feet are going to be on your mat and then just over your toes.

So right now we're putting the majority of the weight back towards our heels in. There's not a lot of weight on the arms, however, we're going to do a little rocking here. So as you rock your body for you, we'll put weight on your arm, stretch through your feet so you push on your toes and then you rock back, pull back with your dog and all as your weight goes off your arms, although you are using them for balance, rocking foe or letting the head go towards the Mat and rocking back. Let's just do that a couple more times. Rocking forward and rocking back. As you do. Put weight in your arms, make sure that your shoulders or your neck isn't bearing the brunt of your weight.

That's a little bit of upper back work there. And then back from here, just gently guide the feet down towards the ground. The hips are going to lift up. I'm going to hang the body forward. Let's spend just the right knee. Keep both feet on the ground, but jet the left tip out to the side and then change legs there, right? Like we'll straighten the left leg, we'll bend. We'll just push that hip out to the side. And then back towards center. Ben, both knees either keep your hands on the ground or hold onto your elbows. I think I'm going elbows. So here, um, try and get this visual.

Pull your abdominals in towards your spine so much that it feels like you could potentially pull deeper into your hip joints with your femurs. That should give you a little bit of space in your back to stretch. The head is heavy. Just allowing the back to length and to cascade to relax over the thighs. And then let's just bring the hands down.

You can put them on your legs or they can just be heavy. I'm gonna keep the knees bent while we roll up. We're just starting the movement of the pelvis first peeling up to the spine. Oh, Rolling Yourself, Huh? No worries. Yeah.

Circle the arms to the sides and raise the arms up. Feel the arms pulling the spine longer and as the arms heavily reached down, the body can be more buoyant. Let's do that just once more. I love that. My lovely friends is a wrap. Good job.


Great class - hard work but really enjoyable, thanks!
Sharon O
Yay! Thank you! Great strong class :)
i really liked the flow of this. More guidance on breath would be helpful for some of the more challenging moves.
Thanks ladies. Amy, I will work on cuing the breath better next time. I appreciate your support and feedback!
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I've got a new favorite!
Outstanding class! Great focus on movements and flow! Thank you.
This is the second time I have done this class, love it!
Loved it!!... challenging and thorough
That was challenging if I do say so myself.
Sarah N
Wow that was tough. Loved the hip circles.
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