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Standing Mat Fusion

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Get your body moving in this standing Mat workout with Tracey Mallett. She teaches a flow of Pilates, yoga, and dance for a beautiful fusion of movement. She starts with a standing warm up, moves on to the Mat for traditional Pilates exercises, and then finishes with exercises to challenge your balance. Have fun!
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Hey guys, it's Tracey Mallett here. We're going to do a fusion. A nice flow of Pilates, a little bit of yoga and just a little bit of movement just to feel good and get that body moving. Alright? So, let's put our feet together in the middle of the mat.

Okay, we're gonna reach our feet into second position. Just gonna take a deep breath in and out, a little plies. (breathing deeply) Do a few more. (breathing heavily) One more, and let's hold it here. We're just gonna reach and then come out.

And just a little reaches, a little circular movements. And if you wanna have music in the background, you can. Sometimes that's good, get your energy going. Or you can just listen to your breath, it's very relaxing just to listen to your breathing. Let's try it to the other side.

You're ready, other side. And breathe, circular motion. Side to side, you're rocking your knees from side to side. (breathing deeply) Deep breath. (breathing deeply) Just a couple more.

Reach up and out, contract forwards. Lift up, reach out, contract. Lift up, reach out, contract. Up, high release, and out. (breathing deeply) Reach up and out and in contract.

So you're lifting, out, contract, high release, out, contract. Last time, high release, out, contract, and just stay here. We're gonna do four more of these. Four, reach. Three, rounding through that back.

Feels good to stretch out that back. Last time, hold it here, we're gonna go over to the side. Bring it center, and over, pass through center and over. Four more, a little bit lower, in that plie, four. And three.

And two. And one, hold it here. We're gonna reach and then do little pulses. In pulse, in our position. Reaching out and four, and three, and two, and one, lift over, reaching our position, so you get that nice lateral stretch there.

Our position, four more, and four, and three, and two, and one, open, rotate, rotate, get that torso going. Working down the body. Rotate, are you breathing? Exhale, exhale. (exhaling) Two more.

(exhaling) Hold it here. Lift up, come back down. We're gonna extend a little pelvic tilt here. (exhaling) Now remember, tilt is the abdominals causing the pelvic tilt right? And that beautiful tilt, knees are bent and those thighs.

It's starting to feel very warm right now. There we go. Let's do four more and four, and three, and two, and one, hold it here, a little bit lower and then release, come back down. Hands are in the middle of your legs. I'm just gonna open and rotate the torso around, look up, feels beautiful in those inner thighs, back to center, rotate, pull your scapula down.

Back to center, one more, rotate. And center, and rotate. And then from here coming to the center, we're just gonna bend and extend. So bending your knees, opening your hips, knees going over the first and second toe. This is great to open up your hips.

Bend and extend making them a little bit bigger, gradually increasing as you drop the hips down to your mat. Let's just do a few more. One more, hold it here. And see if you can bring the hands to the knees and see if we can balance. Open in that position, reach out for the crown over your head.

Four, three, two, and one, come down, extend, wrap your hands around and pull. From here, I'm gonna go over to the right side, bring the leg in, and we're gonna stretch back in that position. Reach the outside arm, hold it there and now we're gonna bend your knee in. We're gonna bring it in and back out, in and back out, with a little balance. This is too challenging, put your hand down to the floor.

Four, three, two, one, hold it there. Rotate. Back to center, transfer into the center. Ready, extend and bend. Extend and bend.

Increasing the bend, increasing the range of motion. (breathing deeply) One more, hold it. Take hold of your calves, pull your upper body. Use your upper body to pull your upper body to your legs. Alrighty, come down, take it over to the opposite side.

Step the leg back, reach the outside arm, forwards. You're ready? Bring the back leg in. Tap in and out. Remember, if this is too challenging put both hands down.

Now for a little extra challenge then I'm reaching forward. Your hamstring and your quads are working. Four, three, two, one, hold it. Rotate. And that lovely stretch.

Take the hands, transfer to second position. Hold, elevate if you can. Hold that position. Four, three, two, one. Extend to lower.

Turn around and we're gonna slowly go into a lunge, come down and we're gonna transfer into child's pose. Slowly roll all the way up. And your feet hip width apart. From here we're gonna go on to a nice thigh stretch. So you're gonna go into your posterior tilt.

We're gonna reach forwards in that incline and then slowly come back. We're gonna inhale, exhale. Pull your shoulder blades down and moving one piece at your knee joint. Watch you're not hyperextending your upper body, hold it there. Pelvic tilts.

Tilts. (exhaling) Four. Three. Two. Hold it here, hold.

Slowly come back. Transition forward into quadruped position. Arch, release. Arch, release. Arch, release, hold it there.

From here, we're gonna bring your right knee in the middle of your hands. The left leg is extended. Pull your shoulder blades down. We're gonna push off and hold. And then come back down again.

Press scapula down, lift. And then down. Let's try that again. Deep breaths, pull those abs in, push, and back. One more time.

Deep breaths, push away, lift. And then back. Step, child's pose. Come back. Feet hip width apart.

Arch, release. You're ready for the other side. Arch, release. One more. Take the opposite knee in the middle of your hands.

Extend the other leg back, pull your shoulder blades down, are you ready? Deep breaths, reach out, push away, hold. And then back. Deep breaths, reach out to the crown of the head, ready, exhale, hold. And down.

And again, deep breaths, pull those abs in. (exhales) And then one more. Deep breaths, reach out, hold it. Drop down, child's pose. Slowly release, round, forwards.

Release, forwards. Release slowly roll all the way up. From here we're gonna flip the feet around, slowly, reach that right leg up and then down. Reach the left leg. And the right leg.

Each time you're pulling your leg towards your chest. Even if you're a little lower you're actively trying to get the leg a little bit higher. Four more. And four, and three, and two, and one, hold the right leg. Shoulder blades down.

And then come back, hold the left leg. Again that nice stretch. And then back. Inner thighs and slowly roll back. Bring the hands down, right knee up, left knee up.

Alright, we're gonna lift those legs up, bend your knees. Right leg on top. We go four, three, two, one, extend. Extend, four, three, two, one, extend. Cross, got that, and four, three, two, one, extend.

Extend, four, three, two, one, extend. Extend. Alright, now we're gonna lift your head and shoulders off the floor, nice and tall, ready. Four, three, two, one, and open. Open, four, three, two, one, open.

Open, four, three, two, one, nice fast feet. And four, three, two, one and open and open, hold it there, flex. Slowly draw the heels together. We're gonna come down for our little froggies. (exhales) Exhale.

(exhales) Keep the head lifted, look towards your pubic bone and (exhales) and (exhales) three more, (exhales). Two more. (exhales) One more. (exhales) Hold it there, lower your head. Reach the frog up to the sky, parallel, point the toes.

Head and shoulders come back off the floor. Slowly pelvic tilt. Imagine your feet are going straight up to the sky and that pelvic tilt. The abs are doing all the work. Tilt the pelvis up.

(breathes heavily) Breath. (breathes deeply) Four more. (breathes deeply) One more and hold it there. Hold. Bend your knees, knees, knees, and that tilt and tilt, and tilt and four, and three, and two and one, hold it, drop the tailbone down.

Slowly lower your head, bend your knees, release your hands. Lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor. Use your abs to roll up. Open up, roll down. Head stays off the floor.

Roll up, open up. Roll down. Roll up, open out and down. This time we're gonna roll up, hold. Reach, we go, four, three, two, one and open.

And open, four, three, two, one and open. And open, four, three, two, one and open. And open, four, three, two, one and open. And open, hold it. Yes, you got it right, hold it.

Ready, four, three, two, one and open. And open, four, three, two, one and open. And open, keep those legs up, four, three, two, one and open. And open, four, three, two, one and open. And open, hold it, lift up, roll forwards in that beautiful stretch.

And then slowly roll all the way back down. Reach the arms over your head, lift the leg up. Take hold of the leg and pull. Bend, try and get hold of your heel if you can and take it out to the side in that side stretch. If that's too challenging just put your hand here and go out in your stretch.

Some of you will be able to hold and that nice add up to stretch your inner thigh. From here you're gonna come up to center, moving your hand roll forwards. Circle, parallel. Parallel. Parallel two more.

(exhales) One more, hold it. Turn back, stretch. Are you ready, switch the other side. Leg, hold, and stretch that leg. Now if you can you're gonna try and grab hold of your foot and then slowly take it out into your add up to stretch.

Remember if this is too hard just put your hand down here. Okay hold this position. From here you're gonna come back into center. Reach the arm out, rotate, and circle. Circle, keep the hips as square as you can and nice and still.

You'll find one side easier than the other. You gotta maintain the stability in your hip. One more. Hold it, turn. Split, ready?

(exhales) Breathe. (exhales) Hands behind the head. (exhales) Four more. (exhales) Bicycle, and bicycle. Two and one.

Bring your legs up. Hold on. Bend your knees, roll up. Find your balance. Drop your knees down, give yourself a hug.

Release. Come into like a little diamond position here. Hands behind the head. We're gonna rotate and then rotate in that little diamond position. From here you're gonna be in active in that position.

Lift up, take the arms out, we're gonna rotate. Center, rotate. Keeping the nice lift. Rotate, two more. One more, hold it here.

Grab hold of the feet. Staying in that diamond position we're gonna try and open the leg up. So we're gonna reach that right leg up and then bring it back down. Left leg up, and down. So the arms are on the outside of the phase.

Lift up. So you're using your hands to assist you. Now remember, the leg belongs on the mat. And everything off the mat doesn't belong to you. And I have this famous saying, there's sharks around.

So if you take your leg off the mat, guess what, the shark is gonna get it. So, keep inside your little box. Let's do one more. Now we're gonna try and bend both knees and extend. Bend and back.

If this is too challenging, just come to a bent leg. So you guys are just gonna come to here. We're gonna extend and bend them back. And again, one, two, three, and down. Lift, reach, center, and down.

Two more, one, reach and last time. One, reach, hold it there. Now we're gonna round and extend. And round like a cat and extend. And round like a cat and extend, last time.

And round, now we're gonna bend your knees and we're gonna roll back. Everybody can do this and extend. There's not anybody watching this, doing this class with me that can't do this. Your knees are parallel to the sky, lift up and back. And if you want you can go to full extension, round, lift up and extend, and round.

And up, two more. Last time. Hold it. Close, flex and point. Flex and point.

Flex and point. Bend your knees, push forwards and reach. Slowly roll all the way up. We're gonna turn to the side, come all the way down your side line. Lifting that position up.

Now from here we're gonna lift your upper body and lower body off the floor and then down. Simple side line, lift up and down. (exhales) Let's do five more like this. Five, you shorten the distance when your ripped your hip as you lift up. (exhales) Two more.

One more, hold it here. Bend and extension. Bend and extension, yes, those hamstrings are working. Your heels are going towards your butt. And you're lifting, and you got balance challenge going on.

It's not that easy I promise you. Back, breathe, so keep your knees in line with your hip joint, two more. One more, hold it here and let's see if we can do a little balance. Hold it. Four, three, two, one.

Come down. Slowly roll on to your back. And then I'm gonna slow roll all the way up and round. Roll down again and then roll back up again. (exhaling) Back to an extension.

Turn your feet around to the other side. Come all the way down. Just move my little microphone there. Ready, we're gonna repeat, exhale. (exhaling) Think of reaching out to the crown of your head.

Someone's pulling your hand and then someone's pulling your feet in two directions. Let's just do a couple more. One more, hold it here, ready? Lift here, heels to your butt. Heels to your butt.

Heels. (breathing deeply) Breathe, hamstrings. Knees in line with the hips. Four, and three, and two and one. Hold it there, hold.

And try and balance in that position. And then slowly come down. Roll onto you back. Inhale here, exhale, roll up. Round, roll that part down again.

And again, inhale, exhale, roll up. (exhaling) And then slowly transfer coming over back onto your tummy. Ready for your mid upper back. Gonna pull your shoulder blades down, lift up into that outward dog And we're gonna slowly go into our swan. Rock and lift.

And rock and lift and rock and lift, you're ready? We go rock, and lift. Two more, one more, hold, down and relax. Pull all the way back into your little shell, we call it. Shell, child's pose.

It depends if you're doing Pilates or yoga to what we're gonna call it. And then curl the toes underneath. Now we're in our little downward dog or our pyramid position. Press the heels down into the floor. Press your palms into the floor and your chest towards your knees.

Nice. Inhale here, come into your plank position. Bend your knees, curl the toes back, outward dog. Curl the toes, ready to wind through those abs. Plank and let's try that again.

Plank, press your knees down, and then go into a beautiful outward dog. Curl the toes underneath. Plank position and then lift up. Push your heels down. Reach the arm in opposition.

Back to center. Reach the arm in opposition. Back into center. I wanna walk the feet to the hands. Bend your knees, roll yourself all the way up.

I'm gonna turn to the front, knees slightly bent. Reach that leg out, take the arms out. And we're just gonna into a little side like lift. Here, take the hands behind the head just to finish off here. A little balance, everything is parallel.

Your knees are facing forwards. Little glutes are working nice and hard. Your supporting leg is bent. One more, hold it here, hold. And then up.

Switch to the other side, ready? And lift. Good, keep nice and tall. Abs are pulled in. Elbows to the side of the body.

Feels good to work the glutes. Let's just do four more. I think we're good there. Four, three, two, hold it, hold it. Don't come down yet, I can see ya.

I'm watching you. And bend your knees, lift up. Contract, release. Contract, release, step out into your plie ready to finish off with the angel, your halo. We're gonna round, just with the should joints.

Let's go to the other side of your shoulder joint. Get deep into those legs. And now we're gonna go the other way. Pat the upper body, just move the body, feels good. Let's do one more.

And let's go to the side, forward flexion, lateral flexion. One more. Back to center, release. Oh, as I fall over. Contract, release.

Contract, release. Always gotta be on our balance. Last time. And bring the legs together. We're just gonna walk with our feet here.

How are you guys feeling? You have a nice flow. We worked total body. Get our heart rate up, I feel my heart rate's elevated. Maybe it's because I flew 17 hours yesterday from Dubai and I'm right here the next day.

Maybe that's got something to do with it. But anyway, it was a pleasure working out with you. And hopefully I will see you again. Remember check out, I have many reformer classes online. I'd love to work out with you.

Take a deep breath, last time, finish out. Exhale, thanks you guys. 2017 is here. It's time for you to make your New Years resolutions and stick with them. And hopefully that means, Pilates Anytime, yes.

Hopefully that means Pilate Anytime so that means you're gonna stick with us and we wanna hear from you. We wanna see how you're getting stronger. Remember we're on social media too. Check us out, alright, bye guys.


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Can't wait to try this class tomorrow morning. Love your work Tracey!
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That was lovely thank you! And I'll stick to my -almost- daily Pilatesanytime regime.
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Love the challenge of open leg rocker!
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Great class love the fusion workouts!
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Enjoyed this fusion class! Thanks!
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Fantastic exercises..many new moves for me....very energetic..smooth movements and progression. Loved it!!
Thank you so much, .Tracey
Lina S
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Thank you. I've enjoyed the class very much! Nice flow and rhythm.
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This workout is no joke! Something to work towards but good development for the open leg rocker. I'm really liking the fusion concept and like the addition of dance and yoga elements.
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love it!
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