Class #2950

Prenatal Mat Workout

30 min - Class


Learn about the breathing, relaxation, and imagery techniques that can be used during labor and birth in this prenatal class with Leah Stewart. She talks you through each of these techniques, explaining how each is useful for keeping you calm and confident during labor. She also shares how you can use everything you know from your Pilates practice to help you have a safe and beautiful birth.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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We are in our second class of our four part series for our [inaudible] burden class. So if you're joining me for the first time and you're interested in this class, but you haven't watched the introdu...

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Thank you so much))) to much important information not only for pregnant women but also for Pilates instructor
very informative video.
I just wanted to know from when the breathing practise should start during pregnancy.
Wanted to say thank you for this series. I practiced with you for the last 2 weeks and gave birth (3 weeks early) last week. I gave birth on my side using the hip opener movements. Baby basically moved down on own and I pushed for 15-20 mins. I do feel the muscle memory was facilitated through this practice. Thank you

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