Class #2953

Prenatal Reformer Workout

60 min - Class


Work on strength and endurance in your upper body with this prenatal Reformer workout by Leah Stewart. She focuses on mobilizing and opening up the upper body so that you will be able to find strength at all ranges of motion. She explains why it is important to target this part of your body during pregnancy and how it can help you during labor and birth.

Leah starts the first series on two red springs and one blue spring.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Fitness Ball

About This Video


Hi there I am Leah Stewart and I am here. I'm apple ids anytime from my third, um, which I'm so grateful for. My third pregnancy where I've gotten to come and do some prenatal Palazzos classes for you...

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Leah, you are awesome!!! So creative, so strong and doing all this while being 8month pregnant! I am full of admiration! I did this workshop without being pregnant because I like your pregnancy-classes for my clients with big bellies.. :) , - but I was really challenged myself! Thank you and all the best for you and the new baby!!
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Beautiful work Leah as always.. I also followed this for my older clients with bellies and think a lot of the work will be perfect for them . I was a bit distracted by the big waves going on outside!!
Thank you, Leah! I love your classes and your passion for pregnant classes. I would like to be pregnant again to see how it feels with a belly! I will definitely teach some variations in my Mat prenatal class! Thank you!
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Beautiful work, Mummy to be.
So helpful & supportive for folks with big tummies, lower back and shoulder pain as well.

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